~** Birthday Bash of Blazing BEHZAAD KHAN **~

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**32 Years Ago, during the early hours of 28th Feb, In Heaven** 


 An angel comes running towards the God's special chamber (its God's most favourite room... he uses this room to do all his special and important works) ...

 She was about to open the door, when the guard stopped her.. 

 Guard : You cant go inside. God is busy doing some special work and has told me not allow anyone enter the room and disturb him...

 Angel : Oh, you don't know me. I am god's loveliest angel. He loves me a lot...

 (saying this she entered the room in one go... 'GOD'...

 **oh my goodness** ) 


 There in God's chamber, few mins ago...

 (It was full of light as usual ,, but today there was some etra rays.. some extra happiness in the atmosphere...God was doing some work with some magical liquids and pixi glitters... and in front of him lied a very cute, sweet and a lovely baby with his eyes closed... a single look of that child could fill one's heart with joy and love) 


 God : Here finally comes the day , when I will send my special and most adorable child to the earth.. this is going to be one of the most valuable gift to them. TODAY, he is going to take birth in earth... 

 I have these liquids and magic glitters.. each having diff qualities and nature... like Good nature full of talent, chivalrous nature, fun loving nature, awesomeness, sexyness, hotness, loveliness, etc...

 I will put few drops of everything in him...

 Lemme start...


 Oh My Goodness...


 Angel : See, what I brought for u,, ur fav flowers,,, Big smile GOD,,, what happened,,, why are u standing still nad stunned...Confused 


 God : Because of sudden call, all these components for the good qualities and nature fell from my hand into him... I was already making him special with all these qualities.. but after this... 
Shocked Shocked Shocked 

 OMG. . . now who will save the people of earth from his charm... Confusedextraordinarily Good and talented character & from the extra added hotness and sexyness . . .. 

 Even I cant save the girls over there now... Ouch 



 And then, on the very special day , 

 28th Feb , 1981 


 The sweet and pure soul took birth in the earth . . . with all those above mentioned qualities . . .  

. . . Who was named . . . 


 B  E   H   Z   A   A   D       K  H  A    



NOTE : Behzaad Khan has post a message for all his well wishers... check PAGE - 26 

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 B  E  H  Z  A  A  D   Heart   K  H  A  N 



A man who in no time grabbed so many attractions towards him. He is also referred as the 'Rowdy Rathore' ,, for his no non-sense Rowdy attitude in his show Arjun. We can easily see his versatility as an actor from his shows; in Geet he played the role of a (most hated)villain of the show, where as in Arjun he is the cop whom every city needs. Making people fall in love with him; who once used to hate him the most; is not at all difficult for him... , its his 'Baaye haath ka khel'.. (and the example is me LOL)  

In reel, he is famous as the angry young man... or u can say anger is his synonym. But in real life, Behzaad is a fun-loving person, who always tries to make people around him laugh. If you are with him, then you cant resist yourself from laughing on his sarcasm. He is calm and composed in real life and the type of a person who is always a fun to be around...

Behzaad (born on 28th February, 1981) is a well groomed guy who respects women and likes all the attention from the fairer sex. He is very much a family person and is closest to his mother. He has a big family and are seven siblings, three brothers and four sisters. And no wonder, he is a super cool brother to his sisters (very much unlike his character in Geet).

Many of you may not know this but he is one of the most chivalrous men around. He gives his chair when a lady is near by. He asks them if they have eaten and then very readily orders food. We have seen this happen not once but many a times. He is soft spoken and courteous. Does he get angry? Only when something has really gone wrong. And one can expect a few choice words delivered not with a bark, but there would definitely be a sting.

His camaraderie with Shaleen Malhotra, who plays Arjun, is amazing. The way they discuss their lines, what scene is coming up next shows a friendship that has grown. One can hear him say, "I am going to add this line here, as Rathore would say this." That is Behzaad Khan. As handsome he is to look at the person within is equally or even more so beautiful.

The bonhomie with the rest of the cast, the way he lounges in a chair nearby as he waits for the shot along with other artists is something one should not miss.

Behzaad Khan, the cool suave man who is as involved in the character he plays as the people who have created it and that is what makes him ACP Sameer Rathore of Arjun ' Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek  


. . . S  H  O W  S . . .

    Yeh Hawayein    as   Haraan

     Khwaishein    as  Mazhar

    Geet Hui Sabse Parayi    as Brij

   Veer Shivaji   as  Noor khan

   Har Yug Me Ayega Ek - Arjun    as  ACP Sameer Damsingh Rathore


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So here we all have gathered to celebrate the 32nd birthday of our very own
Behzaad Khan

so first of all let's welcome the special guests of the party...  

so here comes...  
the Dashing... the supercool dude...
(girls... hold your breath)  

Shaleen Malhotra...
the very good friend and co actor of Behzaad

 The sweet and cute guy
Siddharth Sen

Siddharth Sen  

The muscle man...
Ketan Karande  

 Ketan Karande 

Beautiful Shital Shah  

Cute Sana Khan  

Sweet Sameeksha Singh

The Lions... Gorky, Gul and Nissar  

The rocker duo - Anshul n Debashish  

Gurmeet and Drashti... co-actors from GEET

and many more...

Thanks guyz for joining us in the gala birthday party of our Rockstar Behzaad Khan... Big smile  Hug 
your presence means a lot... Smile 

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Ok guyzzz...  
all of us are here... finally gathered
so what are we waiting for...  
Lets cut the cake...

 For some extra added madness... and fun
we have more than 1 cakes to cut
 (I fear ki kahin BK ka haath dard na ho jaaye LOL )
Here are the yummilicous cakes...

 30+delicious chocolate cake pictures you love 14 30+ Delicious Chocolate Cake Pictures You Love 

30+delicious chocolate cake pictures you love 32 30+ Delicious Chocolate Cake Pictures You Love  




 Orkut Scraps - Happy Birthday 

Wish you many many manyyy happy and lovely returns of the day...
May you reach the zenith of success. and may all your dreams come true...
 Wish each and everyday of yours ne fulfilled with smile and joy...

Now whenthe cake has been cut...
what are you waiting for...  
Lets move on to the dance floor... woohooo...  
we are in a full mode of partying todayyy...


All I wanna say is turn the volume up on your speakers 

 Pump up the bass like this 

Aaj hai Thursday night mein chalun apne friends ke saath 

 Random spinning wheels meri boom boom car 

 Laga ke CD player hum toh chale hain tayaar 

 Speaker maare bass karde sab ke kaan faadh, say what 

 Hello Mr. DJ, mera gaane please play 

 Aaj no wine, aaj no lager, aaj peeyenge champagne 

 Ba ba ba boozing dancing and we cruzing 

 Bouncer panga leta hai toh, gotta keep it moving 

 Char baj gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai 

 Ba ba ba .., with the booze ae 

 Taare ghir gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai 

 Ba ba ba .., just loose there, just loose it 

 Mere daddy hain naraaz lekin party abhi baaki hai 

 Ba ba ba .., with the booze ae 

 Party ho gayi toh after party abhi baaki hai  


 Maine pehne party shoes  

 Gonna let my body loose 

 Karli hai thodi booze 

 Let's party on my mind 

 Hai horsey horsey ride 

 Cause Saturday hai night 

 Aur music bhi hai right 

 Let's party on my mind mind mind... 

 Yun karte party-sharty ae o aa ae ai o 

 Jaise ho pehli bari ae o aa ae ai 

 Saansein thak jaayen jo kehle chal ghar let go 

 Chilla chilla kehdo ae o aa ae ai 

 Masti ki kholo khidki ae o aa ae ai o 

 Jaise parwaah na kal ki ae o aa ae ai 

 Kadmo ko khidki do haathon ko upar lo 

 Aankhen do band karlo ai o aa ai ai 

 Meri aankhon me hai bling 

 Aur dil ko lag gayi wing 

 Baby I'm just gonna sing 

 Let's party on my mind 

 Karti hai humko tease 

 Ye halki halki breeze 

 Baby going to yourself to ease 

Let's party on my mind 


the most awaited dance no. ... a special treat to all of us...from our very own Birthday boy Behzaad and Shaleen

Oo motoron mein dhik-chik dhik-chik, gedi-shedi maare hai 

 Fursaton ko dhuaan dhuaan, kar ke shaam udaa de
 Kar rahe badmashiyan bole Uncle-Auntiyaan 

 Apni asi yaariyan duniya pe mitti paaye 

 Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki 

 Assi kehnde rehnde, saanu ki 

 Inna shining shining future saada bright si 

 Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki 

 Bas kehnde hi rehnde, saanu ki 

 Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si 

 O tadi-tadi apni aisi hai, ke tuk-tuk saare dekhenge 

 -badi aankhein kholenge, deewana humko bolenge 

 Yaar hai apne favour mein 

 Ghoome hai phir toh tevar mein 

 Changi saariyan apni yaariyan hai forever hoye 

 Oye bottle'on mein peg-sheg daale, karobar bana ke 

 Vekhenge hum totta-shotta pee ke do Patiale 

 Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki 

 Assi kehnde rehnde, saanu ki 

 Inna shining shining future saada bright si 

 Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki 

 Bas kehnde hi rehnde, saanu ki 

 Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si 

 Oh dil mein topein chalti hain 

 Oh dhadkan gote khaati hai 

 Oh vaare nyare hote hain 

 Jo humse ankh ladh jaati hai 

 Karti hai kissy wissy oye 

 Kehti hai miss you miss you oye 

 Dil ki haarti jaan nisaarti  

 Sab mutiyaare hoye 

 Ladkiyon ke nedhe tedhe 

 Gaddi tez chala ke 

 Karte hain hum hello bye bye po po horn baja ke 

 Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki 

 Assi kehnde rehnde, saanu ki 

 Inna shining shining future saada bright si 

 Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki 

 Bas kehnde hi rehnde, saanu ki 

 Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si 
but this not the end...wooo  

 Kudiyan de dil utthe rule karaange 
 Ehi bazaaran vich phaili hai hawa 
 Todaange Romeo de love da record vi 
 Likhange ishqe da paath nawa 
 Hum yaaron bigde hain 
 Dil apna hai shareef bada 

 Make some noise for the desi boyz 
 One, two, three..Go! 

 English thumke, dil ki rhythm pe 
 Maare jamm jamm ke, Desi Boyz 
 Sohne mohne Bannke, chhaati dole tann ke 
 Nach jamm jamm ke, desi boyz 

come on...evryone... join them on the floor...  


 English thumke, dil ki rhythm pe 
 Maare jamm jamm ke, Desi Boyz 
 Sohne mohne Bannke, chhaati dole tann ke 
 Nach jamm jamm ke, desi boyz 


I made you all dance and party hard... hope you all are not going to beat me up Wink Tongue 

[center] everyone : No Anks... It was fun indeed... Party [/center]

Oh really... Big smile 
Okiez... am not that bad host... coz... after this...
am gonna take you to another fun zone... that is ... the FOOD ZONE..  
lets...come... Wink 
and enjoy... whatever you want to...
this is all yours now Wink 



















Enjoyyy... Party 

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 Orkut Scraps - Happy Birthday 


 :: From ANKITA (ankita2804) :: 


 On your birthday, may you experience joy 

 On your birthday, may you experience love 

 On your birthday, may all your dreams come true 

 On your birthday, may all your desires be filled 

 As you wish upon a star, your life be starlight 

 As you wish upon a star, your life be star-bright 

 As you wish upon a star, zillions of stars gaze over you 

 And a wish upon a star, made come true 

 Happy birthday, to a beautiful soul 

 Happy birthday, to a wonderful you 

 Happy birthday, to a gentle soul 

 Happy birthday, to a great you 

 Happy happy birthday to a once in a lifetime kind of person 

 Happy birthday to you


On this special day of yours, I wish you each and every happiness in life...
May each star of every night brings lots and lots of joy to you...
May all your dreams come true... and you become the synonym of success...


I don't know when and how you become an integral part of my life... Hug But now when you have become so, I really cant afford to loose this part.. Embarrassed


I could never imagine that I will fall the person whom once I used to hate the most (and now I regret very badly)... but all this goes as good remarks to you... cause even being so dashing and handsome... you and your superb talent of acting forced us to hate Brij (GHSP) ... Embarrassed Embarrassed 


Each and every work of you makes me love and respect you more and more...Your humorous nature adds cherry on the cake... Can't simply stop admiring you.. You are indeed the BEST person I ever came across Day Dreaming 
You might find all these emotions funny or whatever... but these are something very true...Embarrassed
something which I feel from the bottom of my heart... Heart Embarrassed 


Heard that your health is improving and you are little better now... we are praying for you day and night...
you have to get well soon... cant see my star like this Smile 


I was , I am and I will always remain your biggest fan ever...
and will always keep loving and respscting you
Its my promise to you... Wink 

 ...Keep Shining...
...Keep Blazing...
...Keep Dazzling...


 :: From Anika (zebbie) ::

 Birthday OS :  Happy Birthday, Rathod

Riya: Look,everyone.Kal humare Rathod sir ka birthday.So,main chahti hu ki hum sab celebrate kare.Who are with me? Raise ur hands.
Shree: Yes,Ri.Main pakka help karunga tumhe.
Chotu: Main bhi,Ri.
Riya: Aur mere pyaare patidev,ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte?
Arjun: Aapka har hukum,sar aakho par,Madam. So,its done that,ki,hum sab kal Rathod ka birthday celebrate karenge.Plans kya hai,Riya?
Riya: Come here.
(Arjun,Shree and Chotu gather around Riya and discuss their plans in secret).
Riya: Done. Arjun,aapki zimmedari hogi ki aap Rathod sir ko thori der se office le aaye,thik hai.Aapko toh pata hai,kya karna hoga?
Arjun: Yes,Riya darling.
Shree: Buy all the decorative items and make sure,to keep it simple.
Shree: Yes,Ri.
Riya: tum aur main khane ka intezam dekhenge,thik hai.
Chotu: Ok.Par,khane se yaad aaya,mujhe bohut zoro ki bhook lagi hai.
Arjun: Saach mein.Aaj Chotu ne akal ki baat kahi hai.Hum sabko bohut zoro ki bhook lagi hai.Riya.kya tum khana laga sakti ho?
Riya: Sure.You guys wash ur hands,till then,main table pe khana lagati hu.Arjun,Ankita ko include karne mein maat bhuliyega.Aap toh jante ho na,ki,Ankita ki jaan Rathod sir mein basi hai,and,same with Rathod sir.
Arjun: Ok.

Next Morning.
Rathod,as usual,woke up for his daily jog.As he went downstairs,he was shocked.
Rathod was shocked to see Arjun in his track suit,infront of his house.
Rathod thought, "Zarur mujhe wish karne aaya hoga."
Arjun: Hey,Rathod.Good Morning.
Rathod: Good Morning,Arjun. Aaj kya suraj paschim disha se utha hai? Dekhna parega... Waise,aaj mere ghar,woh bhi,itni subha subha?
Arjun: Teri yeh adaat kabhi bhi nahi jayegi.Bas,aise hi chala aaya. Bohut arse hogaye hai ek saath morning jog pe nikle huye.Chal,aaj sab woh haseen dino ko yaad karte hai.Chal.
Rathod: Chal.

Arjun and Rathod went for jogging in Juhu Beach.They had a great time over there,reminiscing the old memories. 
Arjun texted Riya that they will be in office within two hours.

In Arjun's house.
Shree,Chotu and Ankita gathered in Riya's house..They all planned everything for the party.
After a while,all four of them left for the office.

In Rathod's house.
Arjun and Rathod enter the house.
Arjun: Bohut dino baad,aaj mazaa aaya hai.
Rathod: Haan yaar.bohut maza aaya.Accha,Arjun,are u forgetting something today?
Arjun: Kya??? Aaj kya hai??? Oh... Aj toh Commissioner sir ke yahaan jaana hai.
Rathod: Oh,haan. Chal.Taiyaar hote hai.Office nahi jana kya?
Arjun: Haan,chal.

Both of them go to seperate rooms to take shower and change.In the meanwhile,Arjun texted Riya that they are going to leave for office in two hours.
Meanwhile,Arjun gets ready and goes down to get his cutting chai.
While sipping his tea,an idea struck in his mind. After finishing the chai,he quickly went infront of Rathod's car and punctured his car's tyre.
He gave a sly smile and said," Aab ayega khel mein maza,ACP Sameer Rathod".

Arjun quickly went upstarirs and Had brekfast with Rathod.They quickly had breakfast and left the house.
As Rathod went near his car,he flared up in anger.He banged his fists in air and said,"DAMN IT". Aab yeh hona baki thha.
Arjun: Hey Deva... Yeh kya hogaya? Aab hum office kaise jayenge? I didnt bring my SUV as well. Wait,main Riya ko phone karke bolta hu to send her SUV.
Rathod: Jaldi karo,Arjun.
Arjun called Riya and said,: Riya,sab prepared hai office mein? Riya: Haan.Sab kuch ho chuka hai.Bas aap aur Rathod sir ki aane ki der hai.
Arjun: Great.Send ur SUV with Shree.
Riya: Ok.

Riya tells Shree to take her SUV to Rathod's house.
Within half an hour,Shree reaches Rathod's house and picks both his seniors'.
Shree texted Riya that they are on the way.

In ETF Office.
Riya,Ankita and Chotu run around to check the last minute preps.After everything has been checked,the trio sighed in relief.
Suddenly,the intercom rang up.
Chotu: Kya hai?
Receptionist: Sir,Rathod sir aur Arjun sir aa chuke hai.
Chotu: Thanks.

Chotu informs Riya and Ankita.They switch off the lights and hide in their respective places.
Rathod,Arjun and Shree enter the office.Arjun signalled Shree to move on.
Arjun: Arey yeh kya? Bijli nahi hai kya?
Rathod: Let me see.
As Rathod switched on the lights,everyone shouted in unison,"HAPPY BIRTHDAY,RATHOD SIR".
For the first time in his 27 years of life,he was surprised out of his wits.
Riya came to him.
Riya: Happy Birthday,Sir.
Shree: Happy Birthday,Rathod sir.
Chotu: Happy Birthday,Sir.
Arjun: Happy Birthday,mere yaara,Sam.
Rathod: Thanks,everyone.toh,yeh sab tum sab ne plan kiya hai. I am really touched. Thanks for the surprise.
Rathod hugged everyone.
Ankita: Happy Birthday,jaan.
Rathod: Ankita... My love... Thanks for the wish... I love you.
Ankita: Bhagwan tumhe saari khushiyaan de.
Rathod: Thanks,Ankita.

In the meantime,Riya brought the cake and Rathod cut the cake.
Everyone clapped and wished him.
And,at last,they had a scrumptious snack and tea party in the ETF office.
Rathod: I am really touched,guys.I am so thankful to all of you. Always support me and be with me.
Arjun: Anytime,Sam. We are all with you.
After the conversation,Shree clicked photographs of all in crazy and funny poses.
After the photography session,everyone presented Rathod their gifts.
Arjun gave Rathod a brand new watch.
Riya gave Rathod a brand new shirt and tie set.
Shree and Chotu gave a photo frame which had the photo of Shree,Chotu and Rathod.
Ankita gave him the best gift,their engagement ring.
Rathod was really grateful to Bhagwaan for giving him such a great family.


:: From Samiya (samiya.059 ::



:: From 123pritha :: 



 :: From Hosh_04 :: 



:: From Akangshya (...Mithuz...) :: 


 Ab baaki ETF waali mug bhul jaao..!!
Aaj ke baadh coffee iss mug mein pina...!!!


 Happy B'day!!!!
Surprise Gift...!!!




 :: From kashishk ::

Part 1 :

Part 2 :


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To you Behzaad sir!!
You are truly being an awesome chief..
Keep it up...We love you sir :))

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Res res res res res.
MissRight IF-Dazzler

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wow Ankita Di... Apne Rowdy Rathod k birthday ki kafi acchi taiyaari ki hai!!!

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