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BalikaVadhu Times #7...New Start with New Hope...

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..::BVTimes office::..

Khushi storms into office angrily

Don looks on. .she knows reason behind this anger.

Khushi looks so sad and emotional

 Khushi: I wont do nl this time

 Don: why!

 Khushi: pratz is leaving.

 Don:I know its bad news for all of us. But doesn't she deserve decent good bye from all fans       

Khushi: so we are going to do nl for her

 Don: right! its for her.. we ansh fans will do this for her.. for best wishes for her life..

 Khushi: sure.. we will do it..  

 Don: its new beginning for ansh and bv.. but we will go for this.. after all show must go on

Khushi & don : Lets present our monthly newsletter...

BalikaVadhu Times #7
New Start with New Hope...


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(BY vedo)

Note from Vedo: Once again to make things fun, I've hidden a question in the summary! The question has two parts...find it and pm me the answer. The first person who does so correctly will get a prize siggy from me!! :D



Week 1:  Feb 01 to Feb 09


Jagya comes back to the Haveli and tells everyone the story of how he met Ganga. He is feeling guilty and responsible for the condition she is in. He vows to get her justice. All the family members are proud of him. Sumitra comes to know from Bhairon that Basant and Gehna want to have another baby. She is happy and tells him she wishes for happy news for Anandi soon. In CH, Anandi finds a gift from Shiv under her pillow. Its gold bangles he got her in celebration of their first Sankranti together. She is happy and he convinces her to wear them. As he is about to go to sleep, he finds a gift from her under the quilt. He is overwhelmed with her gesture as it is the first time she if gifting him something. It is a blue hoodie sweater. She cutely convinces him to wear it and after he dons it she goes close to him and zips it up fully then reaches to straighten the collar. Shiv is totally overwhelmed with her proximity and keeps staring at her. She too gets lost in his eyes.


AnSh keep staring at each other. Shiv, totally mesmerized cups Anandi's face and is about to kiss her but then he regains his senses and apologizes to her. He puts her gift away and goes to sleep. Anandi is visibly upset. Later in the night, Anandi is standing by the window crying. She is with odds at herself for not being able to return Shiv's love. Shiv wakes up and sees her. He sits her on the bed and consoles her. They have an emotional convo and then share a side hug, comforting each other. Jagya realizes the missed calls on his phone were from Ganga and feels even guiltier. Ganga wakes up and tries to leave the hospital but Jagya stops her. A ward boy recognizes her and informs Ratan Singh. Ratan Singh tells him to kill her.


Shiv wakes up to Anandi sleeping close to him. He is overjoyed at this. Seeing that she is about to wake up, he pretends to be asleep. Anandi gets up, stares at him and then leaves to go to the bathroom. The Singhs find out that Jagya spent the night in the hospital taking care of Ganga and praise him. They decide to pay Ganga a visit. Sanchi and Meenu find out that Anandi doesn't know about a scar on Shiv's leg. The ward boy is successful in injecting something into Ganga's IV. She wakes up and tries to get away. Jagya tries unsuccessfully to pacify her. AnSh arrive there and Anandi talks to Ganga.


Ganga tells her story as to how she was orphaned at an early age and then married off to an elder Ratan Singh and all the atrocities she suffered. Daadisa and Anandi console her. Daadisa gets flashbacks of how she used to mistreat Anandi and looks at her guiltily.


After telling her story, Ganga once again gets restless to go to her son and tries to leave. She cries inconsolably and then looses consciousness. She flat-lines and the ward boy thinks his work is done. Somehow LS and Jagya manage to revive Ganga. They find the medicine and injection the WB left behind. Anandi vows to do everything in her power to get Ganga's baby back and seeks Shiv's support which he readily gives.


Jagya grills the nurse and finds out that the WB is the one who tried to kill Ganga. He and Shiv go after the WB as the Singhs and Anandi leave for home. Jagya finds the WB on the roof and chases him but he gets away. Shiv leaves to inform the police while Jagya and LS speculate why the WB would want to kill Ganga and conclude that it must he Ratan Singh who is behind it. Anandi tells CM and Saanchi Ganga's story. Saanchi says Ganga is to blame also because she stayed in the abusive relationship. Anandi tells her that it is not so easy to move on. CM wonders if Anandi is talking about Ganga or herself. Shiv talks to police regarding Ganga's case and police assures him that they will nab the WB soon. Jagya talks to a semi-conscious Ganga, telling her that maybe by helping her he will wash away some of his past sins towards Anandi. In CH, Shiv is working on some files. He gets a call from Jagya asking about the WB. Shiv assures him that the police are doing their best. AnSh share a sweet moment. Shiv tells Anandi he is waiting for the day when they will know each other 100%.


Anandi falls asleep on the bed diagonally and not wanting to disturb her, Shiv sleeps on the couch instead. When CM comes to their room the next morning she is shocked to see the sleeping arrangements and is worried that they're not sleeping together. Taking tea for Shiv, she wonders how to bring up the issue in front of him. She makes up a story about Anandi having a rash and Shiv falls for it saying that the rash is better now. Anandi comes there and Shiv isharoes her and says CM was asking about her rash. Anandi understands his ishara and says it's better now. CM asks which cream she used and both A and S take different names. AnSh nervously leave from there. CM is now more worried. The Singhs come to visit Ganga and check up on Jagya. Shiv tries to smartly console Anandi not to feel bad about lying to CM. She isn't fully convinced. LS does some tests on Basant and Gehna and advises her to rest. Jagya repents in front of the Singhs for having hurt Anandi and them so much. They decide to keep Ganga with them in the Badi Haveli.


Jagya takes care of Ganga. The police catch the WB and arrest him. Shiv is informed and he immediately goes to meet Jagya. Ganga overhears them talking and is shocked that Ratan Singh actually tried to kill her. Shiv promises to bring her son back to her and J decides to go with. Ganga also wants to go. ShaYa try to dissuade her but her unsuccessful. Shiv calls up Anandi and informs her that the trio are going to get Ganga's baby. Anandi wants to go with them too but Shiv firmly and sweetly explains why it is not possible. Jagya overhears their cute convo and is sad. Shiv, Jagya and Ganga leave in an ambulance to RS's haveli with the police in tow and along the way Ganga reminisces about the times spent with her son. CM tries to talk with Anandi but seeing A nervous she is unable to do so. The ambulance and police pull up in front of RS's haveli. Seeing her son, Ganga is unable to control herself and runs to him. RS's comes to know she is there and locks the haveli door before they can get in. He then informs his family that Ganga is outside with the police and they all hurry out the back door.



Week 2:  Feb 11 to 16


Ganga bangs on the door and is crying out for her son. Shiv goes around to the back of the house to secure it whilst Jagya breaks down the front door. Seeing Ratan and family escaping in a jeep, all run after them with Shiv in the forefront. They chase RS & family until unable to anymore. Shiv leaves Jagya to console Ganga and goes after RS in the police jeep. Anandi tries to call Shiv but his phone is unreachable. She calls Jagya, who assures her that Shiv is fine. Jagya took Ganga to the Badi Haveli and all welcome her warmly. Anandi, who is watching a movie with CM and Saanchi, is very worried for Shiv. She imagines him getting shot and screams out for him. In this scene, what exactly does Anandi scream out and what movie were they watching? Sanchi and CM are stunned. She assures them she is fine and leaves for her room.


Sumitra expresses pride on Gehna and Basant for deciding to have another baby. Anandi is worried for Shiv. In haveli, all assure Ganga that Shiv will bring her son to her. Unfortunately Shiv comes there empty handed.  Ganga is inconsolable. Shiv is ashamed and leaves from there. He goes home and informs everyone that he failed before going into his room. Anandi follows him and feeds him a morsel of food forcibly. Shiv is feeling very guilty and tears flow from his eyes. Anandi consoles him and caresses his hair to make him sleep. Next morning, Ganga wakes up and starts crying out for her baby. Jagya consoles her. In CH, Anandi who slept in a semi-sitting position wakes up to Shiv clutching her hand. Shiv wakes up and they smile at each other. She asks him if he slept well and he says if it was not for her, he wouldn't have slept so well. She leaves to go prepare breakfast.


The Singhs convince Ganga to sit and eat with them. Ganga tries to call RS on his phone but it is unreachable. Sumitra soothes her and takes her to help with the cooking to divert her mind. Sanchi is packing to leave and asks CM to go with her. CM finally has a talk with Anandi who inadvertently realizes she is in love with Shiv. CM is very happy to hear this. Anandi is overwhelmed by her realization. She remembers some moments with him and dreams a beautiful confession. She decides to take lunch for him.


Anandi does a mini-make over and all decked up, she takes Shiv's lunch. Shiv hears her anklets and gets up, surprised to see her there. She indicates to him that she brought lunch. Shiv asks her for a few minutes as he wants to finish his important meeting first. Slightly disappointed, Anandi agrees to wait. Later Anandi feeds Shiv as he thoroughly engrossed in his work. She is sad as this is not what she had expected. As she is leaving Shiv tells her that he liked her gesture of bringing him lunch and will try to come home early. Anandi is all smiles. She arrives at the Haveli, all glowing with happiness. Everyone is surprised to see her like this. She chats with them all. Ganga laments her fate and Anandi consoles her. Nandu convinces Ganga to play catch with him but she can't play properly which upsets him and he leaves from there. In CH, Anandi has cooked a veritable feast for Shiv and is excited for his arrival. Shic calls to inform her that he will be late in coming as he has another important meeting. Anandi vouches to take his dinner to the office but he says he will eat with the visitors. Anandi is disheartened and informs CM & Saanchi. She sees the Ipad of pictures which the duo was previously watching and asks to borrow it.


Anandi is sitting on the swing going through all the pictures. She stops on one of a grown up Shiv and very cutely pours her heart out to him. She holds the Ipad close to her and reminisces on some moments spent with Shiv. Jagya has a heartfelt talk with Ganga where she comes to know that Anandi was married to him. She also comes to know about Gauri. She makes him realize that he has wronged Gauri too. Jagya thanks her for opening his eyes in this regard and leaves.


Jagya decides that he needs to ask forgiveness from Gauri too. Shiv changes into his nightclothes and comes out to a smiling Anandi who has a bowl of kheer in her hands. She cutely makes him sit and feeds him a spoonful. During their convo they're interrupted by a call from his cell. Afterwards Anandi sees Shiv rubbing his neck and excitedly offers to give him a head massage. He says he's noticed some change in her and asks what the matter is. Anandi blurts out that love happened. Shiv, totally shocked, springs up and asks who is in love. She avoids confessing by saying her friend. She then asks him if he has any suggestions to help her friend. He is cutely embarrassed as he tells her if it wasn't for Mahi he wouldn't have been able to confess his love for her even! Anandi is disappointed and tries to get the courage to confess only to be interrupted by Jagya who has come to inform them that he is going to Mumbai. Anandi misunderstands him and begins to blast him but Shiv cools her down. Jagya tells that he is going to ask for forgiveness from Gauri and will be back. Anandi is impressed and lets him go. Shiv supports her and to divert her mind asks her to continue telling him about her friend who is in love. She is not in the mood to confess anymore and says she'll tell him later. The next morning, Daadisa is worried about not finding Jagya anywhere. Everyone tries to console her in vain. AnSh arrive and Anandi tells her not to worry as he has gone to Mumbai to ask forgiveness from Gauri and will be back soon. Daadisa is furious and blames Anandi for letting him go.



Week 3: Feb 18 to 23


Daadisa is super worried that after meeting Gauri, Jagya will change for the worse again. Again she blames Anandi for letting him go. Anandi is sad. On the way back home she asks Shiv if she was wrong. He consoles her say she isn't and that he can understand her family's POV because where there is a lot of love there is also insecurity. He tells her when their marriage was planned during that time he also used to feel insecure. She tells him that he has no reason to feel that way. He assures her that he doesn't anymore but during that time he did so he can understand where DS and the others are coming from. Where there is more love there is the fear of losing that love. Jagya calls at the haveli and assures Sumitra that he will be back. Ganga is missing her son. Saanchi taunts Anandi for interfering in the Singh's family matter and she is sad. Shiv scolds Saanchi, telling her there was no need to be so blunt and leaves to pacify Anandi. CM is amazed at his trust and faith in Anandi. Saanchi wants to leave for Udaipur but CM refuses saying how can they leave when such a big thing has occurred in the haveli. Saanchi is irritated but agrees to stay back. Sumitra informs DS of Jagya call but DS is still very skeptical. She says that Jagya's real test starts now. Jagya tries to meet Gauri but is unsuccessful.


Daadisa continues to blame Anandi for Jagya leaving. Ganga breaks the news that she is the one who told him that he wronged Gauri too and apologizes. DS continues to feel angry and insecure. Ganga very cleverly explains Jagya state of mind and why he needs to ask forgiveness from Gauri before he can move on. The others are somewhat consoled but DS is still unsure. Jagya is still trying to meet Gauri, who has him waiting for a long time. Anandi calls up Shiv and asks his permission to visit the haveli. He says that ideally she should wait till the situation to boil down before going there but she convinces him otherwise. He agrees with her and gives his permission. He says the only thing he does not want is for her to be unhappy.


DS hallucinates of Jagya coming back with Gauri. Anandi comes there and tries to soothe her but is unsuccessful. Jagya keeps trying to meet Gauri but is unsuccessful so he writes her a note apologizing for his behavior. He leaves the note with the nurse and leaves from there. He comes back home and all are relieved. He apologizes to them all for causing them to worry and explains what happened. Anandi returns DS locket and tells her to give it to its rightful and deserving owner. DS blesses her.


DS gives Anandi some money to donate to the temple. Shiv gets an important work call and has to leave. He tries calling Anandi to inform her but she cuts his calls. She is all excited to tell him how she feels and wants to talk to him face to face only. He keeps trying to call but she cuts the calls. Unable to do anything else Shiv informs CM & Saanchi and has to leave. As he is leaving Anandi comes and sees him driving off. She runs after him and tries to get his attention but to no avail. He leaves and they don't get to meet. Wondering where he has gone, Anandi sadly goes inside and CM informs her that he went away for two day for work. Saanchi taunts Anandi that Shiv tried calling her but she was too busy with her family and ex-husband to respond. A very upset Anandi informs them she was at the Mandir and hence couldn't answer his calls before running off to her room. She falls on the bed and cries looking at Shiv's photo. She is heartbroken and guilty for cutting his calls. She calls him back to apologize but since Shiv is at the petrol station he can't answer his phone. Seeing that Shiv is not cutting her calls Anandi is even more heart broken and thinks he is angry with her.


Jagya, Sumitra and Bhairon bond. Anandi finds the nightie that Ashima had sent for her and is sad. She thinks to herself that when Shiv was yearning for her love she wasn't ready and now that she is, he isn't there. She then has her first romantic dream of Shiv hugging her and coming close to her. She snaps out of her dream and puts back the nightie sadly. Ganga accidentally switches on the tv and becomes engrossed in the cartoons show. Jagya passes by and watches her childlike excitement. Anandi lies down on the bed with Shiv's hoodie and reminisces some of their moments spent together. She caresses Shiv's side of the bed and kisses his pillow. Shiv, who is driving also reminisces some of their moments and stop the car to call her. Either A is too engrossed in her thoughts or the phone is on silent due to which she doesn't hear the phone ring. The next morning, Ganga does some chores around the haveli to pass her time. Anandi sees the missed calls from Shiv and realizes that her phone was on silent. She calls him up to apologize but his phone is out of range. Jagya and Ganga have somewhat of a moment when she takes his phone for him.


Anandi is absentmindedly making tea for Shiv. CM sees this and teases her if she will take the tea for him all the way to Jaipur. A lawyer comes to meet Shiv and Anandi, though nervous, calls him up. He is seen rushing from one place to another and cuts her call short. Anandi is upset. We get to know that Ganga has only studied up to 3rd standard. Jagya takes her to meet the policeman who's looking after her case. On the way all the villagers stare at the duo, who are riding on a bike. The villagers start to taunt and ridicule them. Jagya tries to shut them up but it is Ganga who manages to do so. Anandi visits the haveli and informs Ganga to take up her studies once again.



Week 4: Feb 25 to 28


Mahi calls Shiv and gives him some tips to spice up the romance in his and Anandi's life. Anandi is lost in Shiv's thoughts and isn't able to eat. Saanchi is surprised at the depth of a village girl's love. CM sets her straight. Anandi runs off to her room and cutely talks to Shiv's picture. At the same time Shiv calls her and they have a lovely convo. She apologizes to him and he assures her that he isn't mad at all. He then explains what happened. Anandi asks him when he will be back to which he remembers Mahi's advice and lies that he will be back late in evening the next day. Anandi is saddened by this. Ganga is all ready for school but is nervous. DS boosts her confidence and Nandu gives her a school bag which he packed for her. Sanchi talks to Ira and raises her suspicions that AnSh are not intimate as yet. Ira shares her fears with the rest of the family. The next day, Anandi is all ready for Basant Panchmi but is sad that Shiv is not there with her. She gets a sweet surprise from him in the form of a bouquet of flowers.


Anandi and all the others arrive at the school. She wishes everyone and introduced Ganga. They all do Saraswati Pooja. Shiv comes there and surprises Anandi. She is thoroughly excited to see him and barely controls herself. Anandi instructs Ganga to write something on her slate to which she writes her son's name, Mannu. All are emotional. DS gifts Ganga a pen to which Anandi says it's not merely a pen but DS's blessings. Daddu, Mahi and Alok have a grave convo about AnSh. Shiv goes to his car to get something. Seeing this Anandi quickly follows him. They have a very cute convo where he tells Anandi that she is his personal, private magnet and she teases him asking if he is made of iron! Then they talk about the surprise some more and how the idea was given to Shiv by 'love guru' Mahi.


Shiv gifts Anandi a small teddy bear key chain and says 'I Love You' to her. She replies with a 'Thank You' and Shiv is slightly annoyed. He coaxes her to say ILU back to him but during a series of trial and error they keep getting interrupted! The final interruption comes when Anandi gets a letter from her teacherjee inviting her to a function which she has to leave immediately for. Shiv encourages her to go and makes all arrangements. They say goodbye where Anandi tells him she does not feel like going but he convinces her saying that they'll finish their talk when she returns. He tells her to come back fast. She shows him the teddy and waves bye.  Shiv leaves for his office. Mahi calls up Shiv and is happy to know that his plan was a success. Saanchi cribs about having to attend Anandi's school function. Ira comes there. She is upset when Saanchi tells her about Anandi having gone and left Shiv behind to be bored. Ira asks Sanchi to leave them alone as she has to talk with CM in private. Ira expresses her concern about AnSh not consummating their marriage as yet. She is having doubts for agreeing to marry Shiv to Anandi.


CM tries to change Ira's POV and soothe her to no avail. Shiv tries to call Anandi but does not get through. He texts her and tells her to sms her feelings to which she sends back a blank message. Shiv thinks that once she returns, he won't let anything come in between them. Ira calls up Sumitra and informs her about the situation between AnSh. After Sumitra leaves, Shiv comes and overhears him mother voicing her fears. He very respectfully but firmly explains the satiation and tells her to trust him to make his own decisions. He praises Anandi and voices his trust and faith in her. CM supports him.


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(BY 2arna)

This week's emotional scene was on February 12, 2013.

The scene: when Shiv, unable to reunite Ganga with her son returns from badi Haveli with the utmost disappointed look on his face. He refuses to eat dinner and goes into his and Anandi's bedroom where Anandi tries to feed him his dinner. Before he even refuses Anandi says please and feeds him anyway.  Shiv truly disappointed with himself ' let's Anandi in on his feelings. He tells her how he had failed Ganga, a mother and that this was the first time he ever failed at anything in his life. A lone tear escapes Shiv's eye ' a truly powerful moment. Anandi consoles him and puts him to bed as she puts his head. They both wake up the next morning in a haze of their love, stronger now that each one has seen the other's venerable side ' comforted by the other's presence.

The scene where Sid lets a lone tear escape his eyes is truly powerful. All the viewers agreed that the acting was spot on and Shiv's inner feelings were brought to life perfectly


(BY tista)

Episode 22/02/2013


Poor Makhan was searching for his favourite weapon''the  Broom... for cleaning the haveli.But he couldn't  find that anywhere in the haveli. Dadisa saw that and asked him what was he finding and Makhan told her that he was finding his broom for cleaning the haveli and then Dadisa saw that Ganga was cleaning with that broom but Dadisa got the naughty thought and she decided to tease Makhan and she told him that may be there is some ghost who is doing all his work.Makhan got scared like hell after hearing this shocking news from his badi hukum and started chanting Hanuman Challisa ''.watching his pathetic condition Dadisa revealed that it was Ganga who was cleaning the haveli by his broom''.. Makhan was totally stupefied by Dadisa's naughty teasing that day and all the haveli member got a good laugh'''Poor Makhan Kaka  LOL



(BY nniks )
This month was very dreamy...coz we got most romantic moments in dream LOL
Anandi is waiting desperately for her husband...She had to confess her feelings and take their relationship to the next level.With a sullen face Anandi decided to arrange her cupboard and out came the satin pink nighty.Which was gifted by Ashima.Looking at it Anandi had a sensual day dream...She was dressed un pink nightgown niharofying herself in the mirror.Shiv came in smiling cutely and hugged her from behind.Anandi asked "You came" n he whispers in her ears "U called me how could I resist"Blushing
Anandi blushes and runs to the window.Shiv follows her and tucks a strand of hair behind her ears...Hugging her again he said "Ur as beautiful as a dream"Blushing
He engulfs her in his arms drawing the curtains leaving the rest to our imagination.WinkDay Dreaming

(BY AryaS)
The Saddest Moment was when Ganga came to know through Shiv that Ratan managed to escape with Mannu. She was waiting with hopes that she will get her child back soon...but all the hopes shattered in that moment. And the whole pain came out through her shriek really portrayed the pain any mother would feel at that moment. Sad!!!


(BY Malika)
Well once again a month without much substantial bloopers...woww BV is improving!!WinkBut of course there was one which we can though not forget but easily forgive Bcoz it lead to Anandi's realization.Embarrassed I am talking about the 11 Feb Episode.

When Shiv learns that Ratan Singh has eloped with the baby he follows him with the Police.Now who has ever seen a District Collector being a part of a live rescue operation?And that too himself being totally unarmed!! No doubts his Ajee was hell worried for him.Ouch


(BY ritzi12)

Its of ganga  she says the following dialogue wen our beloved J was gone to mumbai and DS was all restless  to pacify her she said 

" dadisa iss glass ke vare hue pani ki tarah  doc sahab ka maan pach tave se bhar gaya tha  aur kisi aur ke liye jagah  ko na thi !" 

it was a symbolic dialogue which was well written  it shows how ganga in such short time understood J EmbarrassedLOL


(BY khusi_*)

Irawati Shekhar
Being a mature lady...she openly discussed about his son and daughter in law's bedroom secrete...that made her the most irritating character of this month...she won over daughter in irritating people


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(By  Suchi-Virmanian)

Its time again for the BEST EPISODE OF THE MONTH Announcement

Balika Vadhu has been a show that has been solely about the lives of the victims of the cruel custom of marrying children at young age. 
It shows how this custom effects the lives of those young children in turn their worlds upside down. Ruining their dreams and stealing their chance to have a normal childhood.

This show has stuck to its theme from the beginning. In between the beautiful budding romance of AnSh, the self realization path of Jagya and Ganga's plight the message of Balika Vadhu unlike many other shows did not get lost. 

Rather they were on the dot! 
The best episode for me is today's episode, Feb 26th 2013 where Anandi and the Shekars along with all the singhs come to support Ganga start her path towards gaining education. The right that was so wrongly taken away from her due to child marriage. 

Today's episode highlighted all the beautiful moments of Balika Vadhu that has been going on.
1. AnSh Romance- Anandi finally moving on and craving for her husband's love 
2. Ganga's desire to study so that she can provide a better future for her son
3. The Singhs support 
4. Dadisa's turn around. The woman who was solely responsible for the misery of  Anandi, who had once told Anandi to burn the books now is in full support of educating girls. 

Perfect show, Perfect episode :)
(By khusi_* )

Worried haveli ppl...suspense of gauri's return or not...Anandi's concern over the blame game...shiv support...n with no hight point... the filler episode of the month is on

19th feb 

(By khusi_* )

This month we got two key turns in balika vadhu...Anandi's realization and ganga's study resuming....with these high points...we got the failed attempt to get ganga's baby back by jagiya and shiv...shiv's vulnerable state...AnSh's closeness ...jagiya's soothing words to ganga...with some OTT discussion abt AnSh's bedroom secrete...Anandi's half confession...

This months ranking is 4Star out of 5Star


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(By  dixie123)

Jagdeesh Singh for recognising the evil with in him, trying to overcome it and wanting to become a better person.

The remorse and guilt that he had been experiencing was indeed genuine. He has realised the extent of damage he has caused to his loved ones with his acts in the past and is now honestly trying to make up for all that and wants to give them all the happiness that they are entitled to. Knowing that his past mistakes with Anandi cannot be undone, he truly wants to help Ganga in every possible way thus helping him soothe his guilt to some extent.He accepted his role in the failure of his relationship with Gauri and showed no bitterness towards Gauri when Ganga made him realize what he did with her. He then did the right thing by taking a step forward wanting to bring closure to that relationship from his side.


(By  khusi_*)

This month we got the most awaited phase in anandi's life'her realization for shiv n her dream confession...and here the the picture which is very close to the dream but a reality...her almost confession...

Kuchh adhuri si baat...puri hone ko hai...

(By 55Shobha) the dream seuence...


(By  surabhi01)

After remarriage faith in couples leads to begining of happy married life .Doors of heart start opening and distances start decreasing.

On 26th feb


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>>::FOR AnSh::<<

(By ritzi12)

The winner siggy is

(By vedo )

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  DonIsback)

The winner avis is...

(By Vedo )

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By VerboseG )

Its a tie between Vipansh n sou

1) Vipansh: Anandi from Rejection to Realization

2) Sou: Kuch Khaas Hai:
AND here is the prize of the winners



(By  surabhi01)

The Winner is 

Name of topic- maafi maangli bas 

Name of topic maker -Suchi

Date of posting this topic -20 -feb - 2013

Time of posting this topic -8:32 am

this topic has get 37 likes and run till 10 pages

and here is the prize


(By roberoi )

Here is my selection for ss of the month

By Gina (VerboseG)

But I would definitely like to mention one more OS which was just took my heart away by  Malika

And then the best FF by Neha


AND here is the prize


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>>::FOR JaGa::<<

(By sidra08  )

by Dr Nix 

AND here is the prize


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Let Me introduce 

summary of the month(short summaries of 4 weeks)- Vedo(back up-piya_anshian)
Best episode of the month-
Suchi-Virmanian(Back up-payalibm)
Filler Episode of the month-
khusi_* (back up Suchi_Virmanian)
Rating of the Month-khusi_* (back up - adi2512)
Emotional scene of the month-
piya_anshian (Back up-payalibm)
Funny scene of the month-piya_anshian (back up - tista)
Romantic scene of the month-nniks (back up- bhavi_shiv)

Saddest scene of the month-AryaS(back up -Malika)
Blooper of the month-Malika(back up-dixie123)
Dialogue of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Irritating character of the Month-
AnjanaYYZ(back up-Don_theEvil)
Best Character of the month-
dixie123(back up piya_anshian)

Picture of the month-monamie111(back up -vedo)
Best costume of the month-
55Shobha(back up monamie111)
Siggy of the month-ritzi12(back up-  monamie111)
Avi of  the month-Don_theEvil(back up - AryaS)
VM of the month-
VerboseG(back up - adi2512)
Most active thread of the month-
surabhi01(back up- aparnauma)

Best voiceOver of the month-surabhi01(back up -nya_ansari)

Best FF/SS/OS of the month-roberoi(back up-tv_princess)

Golmal award of the month-payalibm(back up-don_theEvil)
Siggy of the month For jaga-monamie111(back up- Ks_shreya)
Avi of  the month-Ks_shreya(back up - Hina13)
VM of the month-
saraluvRaghaVi(back up - Sidra08)
Best FF/SS/OS of the month-Sidra08(back up-saraluvRaghaVi )

Main siggy- khusi_*

Winner siggies- vedo, khusi_*,KS_Shreya

Banners/logos- -shivu- , rashu ,khusi_*

Help in categories , NL, intro OS- Don_theEvil

Special thanks - BV Times Team 


 Our team will present the Newsletter Of Balikavadhu times Monthly. Its going to publish on date on 2 of every month alternately by khusi_* & Don_theEvil . Please drop to give your opinion and participate in NL activaties as much you can.. and support us as well to reading our updates. We ensure you all of you, will love this newsletter for sure.


******Announcement for BalikaVadhu Times*******

 You all have to send buddy request for balikavadhu times for anshbalikavadhu id account

 From this month all entries must to reach this account (anshbalikavadhu)till 30/31 end of the month of midnight. 12.00 IST

Any person who is unable to send us section. Need to send us pm  .. in 12 days to reason of back off.. Before 12 days with reason mention.. if your are unable to send us reason or you pm us after 12 days for whatsoever reason we will cancel you your volunteer sheep  and found another volunteer for that.   

Any person who is unable to send the section within the prescribed time (12 days from start of the month) will be called off from Newsletter team & Back up will step in.

Any queries regarding BalikaVadhu Times Newsletter.. pm us khusi_* orDonIsback or anshbalikavadhu. But section only to be send on anshbalikavadhu only..


Heartfelt Apology for not presenting all categories in this newsletter due to some unavoidable circumstances...As per the latest news...this will be the last newsletter with Pratyusha as Anandi...So with lots of wishes for her life is her farewell newsletter of this month...
Kuchh gile...kuchh sikhwe..
Kuchh kahi ankahi si baaten..
Kuchh nayee purani si yaaden...
Kuch dukh...Kuchh khushi
And with hoping for best...

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