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Hello SaraswatiChandra Forum Members,

Before reading the rules specific to this section further, please go through the Code of Conduct  for IF, which is in effect at all times in addition to the following rules.

Moderation: Not everyone on Development Team is a moderator. Coolbies and Videobies do not fall under the category of Moderation as they only provide written & video updates. The Moderation chain ladder is as follows: Viewbie >Moderator >Channel Moderator >Global Moderator.
a)     Your first point of contact would be the section's Viewbie/Moderator as they take care of day to day activities on the forum. If you have any complaints or are unhappy with daily moderation by VB or MOD then direct those to CM.
b)     In case if any members feels that a warning being given is not justified or there is an error then please pm the DT member first to sort the issue, but do not argue on the respective post and cause disruption. If you are not satisfied with the answer then please direct the concerns to CM.  
For any moderation issues please contact:
Channel Moderator :  *Resham* (Incharge of StarPlus Channel)
Moderator:  -Deepzz-
Viewbie:  DiorRouge. ( Looks after  forum on day to day basis, promote discussions & activity ,moderate i.e close/delete/ sticky topics,resolve disputes , increase/decrease Warning Levels)
Introduce Yourself : As members join every day, rather than cluttering the forum with "Hi I'm New Here" threads, please introduce yourself in a single  intro thread  || Members Intoduction ||
Help Desk :  Please post all questions/queries regarding the show, the forum, actors or characters etc. in the  || Saraswatichandra Help Desk ||  . Rather than posting new topics asking for something, all questions can be directed there and a fellow member will reply to your query.
Updates: Updaters are volunteers who take time out of their busy life to provide one. In case the written update is not posted on any particular day, please be patient for the back-up updater to fill in.Do not post topics demanding updates. Also, do appreciate the updater's efforts by 'liking' them and post a comment to encourage them if possible.
If you want to do written update for the show any particular day then please PM the respective updater a day in advance & take their permission so that the updater's efforts don't go in vain. Anyone posting the updates without DT permission, post will be trashed.
Organizing Contest/Activities: If you want to organize any Contest/Activities in the section please consult with the Dev Team & take their permission. Don't post any contest or conduct any activities without taking DT's permission.
New Topics : Members are requested that before posting a new topic, please check at least 2-3 pages back to see if a similar topic has been posted. This reduces the number of repetitive posts.  
Repetitive  topics: Many times it has come to the attention of the DT that members create topics, that have already been discussed. For example, if you see that someone has already opened a post on SBS/ SBB segment, there is absolutely no need to create a separate topic for them as anything related to the segment can be discussed in one thread only which will also keep the forum clean. In such cases, repeated threads may be closed, and you will be directed to existing discussion thread.
Chatting/Spamming/One Liners : Chatting , spamming and one liner topics are not allowed. Topics posted on the forum are for the purpose of discussing so stick to the topic at hand. Threads that no longer serve that purpose will be closed. Posting just to say "Thanks", "tfs" , "agree" , using emoticons only etc. is also a form of spamming and instead, use  the "like" button to express your gratitude if you have nothing to say . If you wish to chat or converse with someone, then use  Saraswatichandra Chat Club#1 JOIN IN , the PM feature or go to the Chat Club Forum .
Advertising: Posting videos from other competing sites as well as anything that contains a logo/link are not allowed and will be trashed.
Caps: Posting in CAPS is considered shouting and is therefore not allowed.
No Comments: Threads that say "No Comments" on them such as the Article Archive/Picture Gallery/etc. mean only those items are allowed. Any comments found will be trashed.
Quoting Posts: Don't quote long posts especially when it messes up the coding which makes it look bad. If you want to reply to someone use the @ format like @membername, @B: & so on.
Creations/Signatures : All creations (siggies/avis) are to be posted in  || Saraswatichandra Creation Gallery || . Signature size are to be 550x500 max. Members are allowed to use three  550x500 siggies as well as one small siggy. To know more in details you can read ATTN: Signature/Avatar Size - Guidelines of Avatar & Signature Section.
Please don't carry any signatures which are provoking or instigating any fan group or indirectly making fun of any member , actor or character .If DT finds any member carrying such siggy ,then the profile of the member will be edited to remove the offensive siggy and the member will be sent an official warning PM for it . All hate speech signatures will receive immediate warning level raise.
Multiple IDs : Members are permitted to have one ID only. Those found using another ID will have it banned immediately as well as receive a warning and may also receive a raise in their warning level.
If members are found guilty of making MIDs to bash other members, creative, actors, characters or advertise other websites; be assured of facing severe DT action such as straight ban in worst cases.
Articles: All articles should be posted here  || Saraswatichandra Articles Archive ||. Also, when posting articles, refrain from posting articles from sites such as TellyChakkar as they are in direct competition with I-F. When posting articles from TellyBuzz, post the link only, rather than copying+pasting  the whole article.
Pictures: All pictures  of the cast must be posted in the  || Saraswatichandra Picture Gallery || . Unless they are caps related to the show (epi caps, SBS/SBB/interview caps) or from an event during the course of the show (i.e. they perform in an awards show etc), they are to be posted in the picture gallery only. What is NOT allowed to be posted in the forum is, pictures from the cast's previous shows or their personal pictures which would violate their privacy.
Appreciation Threads: ATs of the cast/characters are allowed, but keep in mind no bashing or discussion about other actors is allowed in them.  If any AT is seen to breach the rules, there will be consequences including permanent AT closure. Also take the DT permission before opening the ATs.
Language: Please refrain from using swear words like 'W*F, WTH, What the Fish, BS, F words etc.  . IF is a public forum where we have members of all ages come to read and discuss their favorite shows .Please do maintain decorum of the forum. We want to invite members here not drive them away with usage of inappropriate language. 
Comparison : Topics/Polls comparing two actors, shows, or anything that can lead to fights are not allowed. Any thread found doing so will be closed immediately and a PM warning will be sent.
TRP threads: Members are allowed to discuss performance of TRPs released weekly in a dedicated thread.Comparisons of numbers between shows in the same time slot will be allowed provided its limited to this thread and there is no unnecessary bashing of other shows.

Bashing/Name Calling/Personal Attacks/Sarcasm
Bashing or any types of name calling towards a member/actor/character are not allowed. It is offensive as well as disrespectful and can hurt the sentiments of the person/fan groups it is directed at. Anyone found doing so will receive a warning.
Criticism towards a character and the plot are allowed and can be discussed .
India-Forums allow freedom of expression and so everyone has the right to speak out and give their POV, but keep in mind, you do not cross lines and get personal in heat of argument. If you disagree with a Topic Maker's opinion , simply state your own POV saying "I disagree with you for so and so reason" instead of saying "Just stop your nonsense" , "change channels" etc which comes under personal attack. If you cannot be civil in a discussion, please ignore that thread, and find another thread to discuss your views.
Making indirect attacks on a Member's family or upbringing or questioning their qualification in a particular field during a heated debate just because their views are different than yours will not be tolerated.
Bashing vs. Constructive Criticism

Bashing: an act of verbal abuse or the use of foul language that can be provocative or offensive!

Constructive Criticism: any feedback that is purely intended to improve someone else's work in future endeavors! Code of Conduct strictly forbids members from bashing celebrities, the characters they portray on screen and fellow members! This includes the use of foul language, as well as any personal remarks, i.e. how the actor looks like, as they have no control over it! We welcome members to share their constructive criticism on the absurdity of the series' story line and character, as well as to discuss the actor's talents, however, please refrain from engaging in any kind of bashing, which may have severe consequences.
(Credit: MP_Radha)
No Moral Policing: Please refrain from engaging in any moral policing in the forum. India Forums platform allows everyone to express their opinions freely within the COC and respectable limitations. Members have the freedom to express their own perspective, which may contradict someone else's POV. 

Privacy : Posting Email addresses or Private information about the cast of the show or members of this forum is not allowed.
Actor's Private lifeAny discussion about an actor's life, specifically their past or personal lives issues is strictly prohibited. Discussion of events/articles with valid source post the show launch will only be allowed. Remember we are here to discuss their show not engage in gossip about their private lives, which we have no right to interfere in. We will strive to keep reel and real separate.
Fan Fictions/ OS : At all times the most recent rules of the Fan Fiction forum apply to your creative works. Please refer to the plagiarism, graphic mature content & blog rules  *Fan Fiction Forum Rules & Regulations* and get familiar before you start posting your creations.
Don't open multiple threads for writing your single FF or OS parts unless the thread completes 150 pages . When the forum traffic activity increases in near future, then Dev team will be shifting the FF/OS threads to the Fan Fiction section once it crosses 30 pages. Rest assured Writers will get advance notice, when we decide to start moving them.

Issues on External Sites: Please keep away all issues on Twitter, Facebook or blogs away from India Forums. This means that ALL topics which involve members, personal lives of actors, anything that may lead to chaos, they WILL be closed.  
Please see the site admin's note on this concern:External Content from Social Networking Sites
Last but not the least : If you find anyone violating any of the rules, please use the Report button and refrain from replying back directly as it can add fuel to the fire. Keep in mind that DT cannot be here 24/7 as they too have their personal life. Please allow a reasonable time frame of at least 24 hours before escalating the issue and PMing a moderator. 
( Credit for some rules : Ravjot & Jyoti06)

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Reminder : No Comparisons & Keep other show discussions away 

Hello SarasChandrians .

Here I am with my first pravachan session.LOL I did not expect to do this in the first week.Ouch  But after seeing a few red flags in our forum, thought better to address the Do's and Don'ts while everyone are getting to co-exist with each other.

First of all Jennifer & Gautam are the leads. We should accept SLB after much thought process and negotiating a contract has signed them up. So no point wishing..ermm demanding for other actors to replace them. You know where I am getting at.Ermm Please leave IPK and other memories associated with the show when you participate in discussions here. You have an existing dedicated forum to discuss Sanaya and Barun.

Come to this forum with a clean slate and fresh perspective. Give Jennifer & Gautam a chance to grow on you before you begin to make judgments. Please be cognizant of other members who may be fans of them. Just because you are unhappy or the show did not meet your expectations on day 1, it does not mean you make post after post finding faults and cribbing. So much negativity starts to become unpleasant after a while. If it is necessary, we can open a Frustration thread to keep forum clean & healthy.


 1)Keep IPK related discussions away & Absolutely No actors comparisons.


   2) Refrain from personally attacking someone who has a different opinion or criticizes your favorite celebrity. Just use the report button, and we DT will decide what is bashing & what criticism is.Do not retaliate and aggravate the situation.


     3) This forum is for everyone, not for a particular fan group. Be respectful and tolerant towards other's POV. Agree to disagree if your opinions do not match.


SaraswatiChandra Dev Team

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After the recent state of unrest in this forum, there are a few things I would like to remind you all.

This forum is for everybody not a particular fan group. You may or may not like others opinions , but please learn to respect their views. You do NOT have any rights to tell others what to do. Exercise self control and please STOP telling others what they should do..Whether to change channels or keep them from posting their views. In case you need a rule refresher here it is Forum Rules & Regulations. Read Them .

I will not tolerate any Moral Policing anymore. You do not like if someone criticizes your show..Then do not read their posts ..Simple. Every person is allowed to write about their show , their likes and dislikes. Attacking , being sarcastic, mockery and plainly bullying each other to prove themselves better than others in this forum is not allowed. Learn to coexist with each other. 

If some one compares your show with some other show or says I would rather watch something else..Its their opinion. It may be the topic is make to provoke fights rather than falling for obvious bait and start arguing with the TM, kindly report them and DT will do the needful. Stop taking criticism personally and get into fights. Then you are held equally culpable for breaking rules.


Saraswatichandra Dev Team.

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Hello SC Forum Members,

We are all aware that Saras and Kumud's much anticipated wedding has made everyone pleased; ad mist all this we also need to keep in mind that each story needs to move on and we can't always have happy scenes going on. Introduction of new characters and antagonists happens in every show, but that does not give anyone the liberty to engage into the use of derogatory terms, or as we say "bash" the actor/character. 

Lately, the forum has become a mess with a rise in abusive posts against the track of Gumaan and Kabir. Hence being the DT, we feel the situation calls for immediate measure. We are going to outline the forum rules for you once again; as a reminder as well as a method to clear out the strand of ongoing negativity.

No form of bashing will be tolerated; whether it is done against an actor, character, or even a pairing (as of now: Gumaan-Kabir). You are definitely allowed to voice your opinion and cite criticism;but this does not give allowance to any sort of derogatory name-calling (Gumaan = Goo), excessive mockingsarcasm, use of foul language  there by hurting sentiments of other members/fangroups.

We have Gautam and Jennifer fans in the forum and similarly there are Ashish and Monica's fans too. The show gives an equal chance to all actors on the screen, whether it's Gumaan or Kumud; so bashing on the basis that "Gumaan and Kabir are getting more screen space than Saras and Kumud" won't work. We are here to discuss the show and it's storyline in a friendly manner, so be it; let's not try to make ourselves the directors of it.

Do not try to play the blame game. Just because person X posted an abusive comment, does not allow person Y to respond back in a similar tone, and then argue that "he started, and she started". In simple words, do not make an attack in return for a similar attack. As soon as you retaliate to a negative post, you become a part of the fault, and give further rise to the issue.

Bear in mind that the Development Team has been allocated for a reason, and use of the "Report" button has been made available to members as well. All you have to do is hit the "Report" button, add a brief reason for reporting it, and the rest will be handled by the DT. Do not engage in moral policing other members as this also spaces out to unnecessary and unwanted arguments.

The issues mentioned above will absolutely not be tolerated in the Saraswatichandra Forum. The DT has been quite lenient with this, but it's about time to buck up. Any violators who are found to be participating in these actions, or even instigating such retaliation and fights will be penalized. After a thorough check of the matter, violator(s) will be sent a Warning PM. If the same behaviour is repeated by the member(s), he/she will directly receive a Warning Level Raise without discussion. The negativity ought to come to an end immediately, and these rules are going to be effective starting Wednesday March 3rd 2014. 

Lastly, remember that the DT has their timings. We cannot hover around the forum 24x7, but we do try to be as frequent as possible in order to make the forum a better place for friendly discussions. Having said that, please rest assured that your reports will be checked and dealt with in a timely manner.

We will now assume that every member of the SC forum has read the above stated rules, and will oblige to them. Any further queries or opinions on this matter can be sent via PM to
DiorRouge., -Deepzz- and/or *Resham*.

Looking forward to your cooperation,
Saraswatichandra Development Team

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The current Development Team of the forum consists of DiorRouge. (Viewbie), -Deepzz- (Moderator), and *Resham* (Channel Moderator). If you have any concerns you can revert them to the Viewbie < Moderator < Channel Moderator. If any or all are not available, you can only then contact Aahaana*Shruti* or gk_09 (Global Moderators).

This is the umpteenth time that the DT has to intervene in a post to either stop a fan group argument or to edit out posts that are bashing another character or actor. The following are new and revised rules that need to be followed, and are effective starting today (22nd March 2014).

Karan Singh Grover and the Saraswatichandra Forum

Karan and Jennifer were seen together in Dill Mill Gayye, and whatever happened in that show, remains open to be discussed in the Dill Mill Gayye forum only. Do NOT bring KaJen discussions in the Saraswatichandra forum. Karan is not a part of this show, and he should not be discussed in the forum henceforth. Any topics or comments made on Karan without prior permission or authority from the section DT will be automatically deleted, and members giving rise to such situations will be warned separately.

Jennifer Singh Grover's Personal Life

Yes, Karan and Jennifer are married, and they lead a personal life. If they have offscreen interviews, they are not meant to be shared or discussed in the Saraswatichandra forum, unless and until the interviews are somehow related to the show, and are given a green signal from the DT. All other generic posts will be deleted. Certain members tend to badmouth the personal life of Jennifer, and her husband, claiming that their relationship is affecting the show. This topic is NOT a matter of discussion for the members. We are simply here to watch the show, and appreciate it. If the actors or the Creatives frame a scene in certain manner, they may be reasons to it. NO member will be allowed to make any sarcastic mockery or direct insults on this.

Comparison between JeNam and KaJen

Whether it is about going for an outdoor shoot, or attending an event together, under no circumstances will any comparison between JeNam and KaJen be tolerated. This forum is entirely for the discussion of SaMud, let's keep it there. It has come to the DT's notice that are members who are constantly comparing JeNam's offscreen and onscreen chemistry with that of KaJen. This is strictly NOT allowed henceforth. Members seen to be behaving in this manner will be leading themselves to a raise in Warning Level without prior discussion since this matter is going out of control and has been repeatedly practiced in this forum.

Comparison of Gautam Rode with another Actor

Any generic comparisons made between Gautam and another actor, whether he/she is a part of the Saraswatichandra or not, should be limited to being an onscreen comparison. Posts discussing how Gautam is better and best than actor XYZ are NOT allowed. The DT will be keeping a close watch on posts that are being made in the name of general discussions, but are actually targeting or mocking other fan groups either by bashing or name-calling. Members practicing this behavior will be dealt with according to their past record.

Criticism VS Bashing

Criticism is more than welcome in the forum. You don't like the show/actor, sure, go ahead and state it but don't try to instigate members against that actor. Direct or indirect bashing will NOT be tolerated in this forum under any case. We, as the DT have been very lenient with members, but the moment a thread about criticism is turned into bashing, it cannot and will not be appreciated. Bashing and making personal attacks against any actors/members/characters etc. is NOT allowed. A critic is one who discusses things in perspective, never loses objectivity and states his/her opinion in a logical and constructive way. But a basher is one, who states the points too heavily, and in such a manner that it no longer looks like criticism but becomes an indirect attack.

Ashish Kapoor and Varun Kapoor are very much a part of this show as much as Gautam Rode is. Everyone has their own point of view, let's learn how to respect it. You have right to raise your opinion against the current storyline or track but one ought to see that the lines of limits are not breached. Avoid making posts that are abusive, derogatory, insulting or even sarcastic enough to affect the sentiment of another member or fan group, who are a part of this forum as much as Gautam Rode's fans are. This is against the general Participation Guidelines & Rules and won't be tolerated in this forum either.

Reporting Topics

Bear in mind that the Development Team has been allocated for a reason, and use of the "Report" button has been made available to members as well. All you have to do is hit the "Report" button, add a brief reason for reporting it, and the rest will be handled by the DT. Do not engage in moral policing other members as this also spaces out to unnecessary and unwanted arguments.

Disappointed with the DT or Moderation Method

Are you not satisfied with the way issues are being dealt with? Approach us via PM, and let us know. If you have questions and queries that you'd like us to answer, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to look into any matter that comes forward. As a reminder, we the DT, are also forum members and the 'no bashing' rule applies to us as well. If you have problems with the DT, please talk to us first. We may be able to resolve the problem. However, if you still are not satisfied, then escalate it up the chain (outlined above). In addition, we will NOT be entertaining any questions about moderation or DT decisions on the open forum. If you need any explanations or have any concerns, please use the PM feature. Any posts or comments made about the DT on the forum will not be replied to.

Repetitive Topics and Pictures

Of late, various topics with the same content are being made on the forum. Yes, everyone wants, and appreciates a good Chaskmeter Rank, which results from increasing forum activities. This does not give liberty to opening topics which have already been opened just a few hours ago. The same rule also applies to pictures. You are very much allowed to share pictures and caps from the episodes. However, such posts are meant to only discuss that particular scene, or appreciate the actors in the scene. Going overboard to having personal discussions and chatting is NOT allowed. If you want to chat and spam, feel free to guide yourself to the Saraswatichandra Chat Club, but making private conversations in any show-oriented threads is not permitted.

Appreciation Threads

ATs are given permission to be created for the appreciation of the actor. In at AT, you are permitted to discuss any and all events that are related to the actor ONLY. You cannot discuss another actor, even if it is his/her co-star since that AT is specifically made for one actor. Yes, if you are posting in a couples AT (for example SaMud/DanSum AT), then you are free to discuss their onscreen chemistry. Therefore, if any specific character/actor AT violates any of the following rules:

1. Personal attacks on other members
2. Discussion of other fan groups
3. Discuss an actor not in the show/dig into personal lives
4. Other forum issues or DT notes

Then the DT will pushed to leave a warning. After 3 consecutive warnings, the AT will be subject to closure for 24 hours. If such behaviour still continues, the AT will be moved to the CFC section and not be allowed to reopen in the Saraswatichandra forum.


The DT does not encourage or allow anyone to use the forum as a platform which promotes hatred, involves derogatory speech or unnecessary name calling against any individual or group. After posting warning notes in various threads, it was assumed that such practice would come to an end; but with each passing day there is a new thread which involves the same. Do NOT even quote a member's comment which has violated a forum rule. You are unnecessarily involving yourself in the issue and taking it further. If you do so, and your reply is deemed to be an encouraging one to the rule-breaking comment, you will be penalized as well. Take note that henceforth severe action will be taken against any member(s) who are seen to be involved in discussions that mock, bash, or name-call an actor or an individual.

On this note, we are going to assume that every member has hereby read, and agreed to follow the above revised rules.


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