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Arhi FF Dream Meets Reality Thread 5 Thd 6 lnk pg1

verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 10:55am | IP Logged
 PartyThread  Five ShockedTongue.. ****Faint ***** Dhak Dhak**
Thanks for the all the comments and likes by the readers...You are our support and encouragement..
Enjoy Rabba veys ,cute couple, Bromance & More romance!
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verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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Update filled with BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing by kiddo and ShockedShockedShockedShockedby me .. EnjoyWink


Marriage preparations of Raizadas were on a full swing. Three marriages at one go that too India's one of the richest family, the bridegrooms being the Owners of India's largest fashion House.Gupta's and Kapoor's were also no less. The priest had given a date for the marriage after One month that to be taken place after Payal's exam.


Payal was sent back to hostel as she had to finish the exam which irritated Akash even more as he had a fair chance of  calling her and meeting her when she was staying in the guesthouse. He was wandering like a love deprived soul.


Dhruv who believed that  luck is on his favour since his bhabhi entered his house was having a good time in his courtship period with Shraddha. Phone calls and meetings were on full swing. He didnt leave a chance to meet her outside with the pretence of attending a meeting with clients – a lie informed to his di and parents. But his bhais were brilliant enough to catch this lie and drag  him to work in AR as he had to take up the responsibility in office.


Arnav on the other hand was busy from the day of engagement as he has to finish up most of his important deals and projects before the marriage. He hardly had time to meet Khushi but he couldnt sleep for even one night without talking to her. Khushi was also busy with her office work and both had more reasons to fight with each other which would turn into some more mushy talks. Though they met each other once or twice which turned to be rather just a one or two minute meet that wouldn't satisfy their long scale meeting.


Arnav  : Akash, make sure that Mr. Sen gets the copy of the deal which clearly implies our conditions. And Dhruv you have meeting with Mr.Sinha on the Naintal project, take the initiative from our end and try to compromise them with our quote. Otherwise we would be losing it.


Dhruv : Let it go baby.. Dont take tensions...


Arnav and Akash looked up with a raising eyebrow from their files to see Dhruv flirting with Shraddha on the phone. Arnav had a what the expression but it soon turned out to a serious how dare you expression. Dhruv was oblivious of these stares from his bhais and continued his interesting phone conference.


Arnav snatched the phone and hanged up the call.Dhruv got irritated.

Dhruv :Bhai. What the?? Why did you do that?

Arnav: Dhruv I have told you to listen to me when Im talking to you. I have brought you here to work not to flirt.

Dhruv : Oh come on bhai.Im fed up with this work. Eeks.. let me get some break..

Arnav: Break?? What did you really do that you ought to get a break from your hectic schedule ?

Dhruv  : Of cz I had to watch you both working like this which is very stressful and strain to my eyes. Of cz I cant give rest to my eyes but let my ears enjoy that rest.

Akash (raged) :Bhai. Throw that mobile in the dustbin. He always talks to Shraddha and I hardly see him work. I m getting pissed off.

Dhruv : Some one is really Envious.. You are truly envious that I could talk to my fianc while you cant.

Akash : Don't be stupid Dhruv. I m not...  His face fell thinking about Payal..

Dhruv : See bhai his face tells clearly how much he miss bhabhi..

Arnav: ok enough.. Are we getting back to work?

Dhruv: Bhai.. just spare ten minutes. I have an important discussion.

Arnav and Akash closed their files and listened to him..

Arnav: tell me whats that?

Dhruv: Have you guys planned on honeymoon?

Akash  had a fair blush on the mention of it.

Dhruv : Oh stop it Akash. I hate to see that blush… Payal bhabhi is right. You are worser than ladies.

Akash : Shut up Dhruv.. Ok bhai you tell me what plans?

Arnav : Dhruv, if that is your major concern, I have planned something for  you guys.

Dhruv & Akash : What ?? You planned it..

Arnav: Yea actually I wanted to gift something for my brother's marriage.So instead of some gifts I thought of presenting a honeymoon trip package.

Dhruv : You know bhai you are the best brother in the world.

Akash : Where have you booked bhai ?Are we all going to the same place?

Arnav: Akash its not a family picnic to go together. It's a honeymoon. You have to have some quality time spent for Payal alone.

Dhruv : Right bhai.. Leave him. You tell me whats the plan?

Arnav : Ten days in Switzerland Honeymoon package for Dhruv & Shraddha . Honeymoon package to Maldives for Akash. I selected this because Akash love to enjoy the peace and serene place while you love a little adventure and fun. And your partners are more or less similar to you both.

Akash : Wow. Excellent bhai. How thoughtful of you? What about yours?

Arnav : Mine? Im planning to go back to London with Khushi.. We have the new venture starting the next month. Khushi is needed in her office. Its long time she had been to the office. Once you guys come back we will leave.

Dhruv : What  ? That's so mean bhai? I mean London that too as an official trip? Bhai seriously as bhabhi says you are so unromantic..Ten days just to spend on official matters?

Arnav : Really ? Did I tell you that Im staying for ten days? Did I tell you that Im not going for honeymoon ? Dhruv its my father in law's house, we both are alone there and Im planning to stay for minimum one month.What else can I get other than spending time with Khushi alone? You can call it an extened honeymoon stay plus my official trip.

Akash : Bhai. You are really smart eh…

Arnav: Yea I am..

Dhruv: I wish we also had sasural somewhere outside India to spend an extended honeymoon stay like bhai. Sigh.. We can hardly go out of this Delhi now.

Arnav: Don't worry Dhruv, once we are back you both can plan your trips.

Akash: Brilliant.

Arnav: Now get back to work..

Dhruv : oh no.. Not again.

Arnav : Shut up Dhruv. Do as I say.. And all these must be a surprise to the ladies.ok?

Akash & Dhruv : Of cz as u say bhai..


Raizada mansion was getting ready for the marriage preparations. The rituals before the marriage had to be decided by three families. Guptas and Kapoors joined Anjali and Nani in deciding the venue while mamiji was busy in catering orders. Mamaji who remained whose face looked confusing came near his wife. He had loved the way she took initiative for the first time in her life in doing some work with responsibility.

MAmaji: Manu.. wow. You also can do some work. Good.

Mami : aww. Why did you say that? Its my son's and daughter's marriage. Why shouldn't I do?

Mamaji : Its surprising that you call someone new as ur daughter.

Mami: Bhat? Never call Khushi as someone.. I don't know why I consider her as my daughter from the day I saw her. You know we wished for a girl when I was pregnant second time. May be God has given me my daughter in the form of Khushi.

Mamaji sighed in disbelief as he couldn't further talk to mami who was so emotionally attached to Khushi that too for the first time in her life. He could witness his friend happily sitting with Mr. Kapoor deciding on the various arrangements. He left the place to give way for their discussion.

Anjali was with Nani near the temple. Her happiness knew no bounds as it's a rare occasion that every sister cant get to attend three brothers wedding at one time.

Anjali : Nani, I am so happy that we are going to have such a wonderful wedding time here. My little brothers are going to start their new life..

Nani : yea Anjali. I was really doubtful chotte would agree to get married. But like God had already decided his partner Khushi bitiya came into his life and made him change his decision. I m so happy to have Sashi's daughter as the eldest bahu of our family.

Anjali : Now like papa and mama wished, we should conduct chotte's marriage in grand style which should make everyone happy.

Nani and Anjali did their prayers and moved towards the list for shopping for the marriage.


Khushi was getting tensed up with the problems in office. Eddie had started the problem of creating differences of opinion among the older clients which is half way sorted out by Arnav. But after Hamptons her company had lost a major project during her father's death the main reason which made her father dampen his spirits. She was getting each and every complicated issue sorted out in a better way making it possible to clear airs between the clients and other customers.

She closed her eyes to think about Arnav which is the only solace for her as his thoughts and presence could only provide such peace and happiness in her mind.

After the engagement one day when she had visited Raizada mansion to have a look at her legal husband's khadoos face who was irritated at her acceptance to stay with Buaji.Arnav was yet to be back from office which irritated her more and when she saw Pari sitting on the stairs when khushi came down from up and saw Pari sitting there.. She was confused to see this little angel in white frock sitting here.. She took a few steps down towards her and sat besides her on her right..

Khushi-hey doll, what happened? Why are u sitting so alone?


Pari-mami..don't talk to me.. I don't like u..

 Khushi-ha? Why beta? What did I do?

 Pari-see, since u came into his life, my mamu is not giving me time.. His love is parted.. No more snikers too..:(

She coughed and Khushi rubbed her back.. 

Khushi- no Pari dear, its not like that baby.. Mamu loves u.. U have cough and cold na, so snikers are not allowed to u at the moment baby..

Khushi tried explaining Pari with all her sweetness possible..

Pari-Then why mamu always is after u or at work? Why not me? He never kisses me too.. He does not take time for me even! 

Khushi-no baby, its not like that. U know, he does not kiss me either.. He is s working too much now a days..I will join ur club, I too hate him..

Just then Pari saw a pair of rough hands holding two sniker bars right 5 inches away her eyes.. Her eyes sparkled and she looked up grinning to jump in her Arnav mamu's arms.. She kissed his nose and hugged him tight…. Seeing her husband after a long time made Khushi blush and what else? **** Dhak Dhak****

PAri-Thanks mamu.. ur the best…

Arnav kissed her cheeks and said..

Arnav-I know I am..

He carried her and sat on Khushi's left on the stairs taking Pari in his lap..

 Arnav-hmm, so who does not love me?

 Pari- I love u mamu.. But she said u don't love her..

Pari pointed at Khushi, and Khushi's face hung down as Arnav looked at khushi with that naughty grin on his face..

Khushi-erm, no Pari.. I was just making ur mood by joining ur team.. I don't have any complaints now.

Khushi tried to smile and sound simple, but did she?


Pari-Mamu u kiss me again, then only Khushi mami will forgive u..

Pari called her mami, and Arnav and Khushi both looked at each-other and smiled.. Arnav bent to kiss Pari, when she got out from his lap ..

 Arnav-what happened baby? 

Pari-not like this mamu..

She settled in between her Arnav mama and khushi mami..

Pari-Khushi mami, u kiss me on my right cheek, and mamu, u at my left… both at the count of three, ready?

 Both smiled and nodded..

Pari- Okay then. One.. Two.. Three…

Both Arnav and Khushi bend to kiss Pari, But.. Just then Pari saw Dhruv teasing her with 2 more sniker bars in his hands, and forgetting to receive any kiss, she ran for Dhruv who chased her out.. Obviously Arnav and Khushi ended up kissing each other on their lips.. Her eyes popped out and his heart skipped a beat.. She immediately pulled out, and stood up.. He held her rushing form at her wrist and got up.. 

Khushi-Arnav Leave me..What if someone see us like this?

She was blushing hard..

 Arnav-so? U already kissed me.. And ur my wife, right? 

Khushi-Shut up Arnav.. u know how I kissed u..

 Arnav-how? I forgot..Can you show me again?

Khushi turned around and looked into his eyes and he was already lost.. She pushed him out of the blue and ran from there showing her tongue to him. In the process she hit SHekar who was getting ready to leave as it was already late. Arnav stood up only to stare at her for wasting a precious moment which they got to spend together.

Khushi giggled at the thought of this scene where she had to mentally ask him sorry with a pout which he didn't readily accept. She had to call him day and night to convince him and how could he deny such sweet requests from his wife. The smile brought some freshness in her and to compensate for all the missing moments she decided to visit her husband in his office with the new venture details. Scanning through her closet she selected one red saree which is his favourite colour but more dangerous was the saree. She bit her lip thinking about the effect it would have on him and got ready.

Arnav was on a conference call when Khushi entered his office. He could feel some difference in himself but he concentrated on the call. She wished his receptionist and Aman who were surprised to see her. She carried on to move to his cabin on the way meeting her Devarji who was totally shocked and surprised too.

Akash : Bhabhi. You in office? Does buaji know this? I mean this is against rules. You are violating the rules na?

Khsuhi : aww. Who told you I came here as your bhabhi? I m here to meet the CEO of this company who is the Business partner of Gupta holdings in our new London venture. I have to meet  him to discuss on the brochures. So doesn't that make sense Mr. Akash Raizada?

Akash : Ok Madam. I surrender. Vaise when did Ms.Khushi Gupta start wearing sarees for formal meetings? I mean that too your business partner's favourite colour?

Khushi hit his harm with the file she had and glared at him.

Khushi : Mr.Akash, did you forget that he is my legal husband too ? Why cant I wear my husband's favourite colour?

Akash : Okie… I understand. Let me make a move, I have an important appointment today.. Uff but Im yet finish this work given by bhai.

Khushi : I know my sister is will be waiting for you. Leave now. I will convince your brother.

Akash : wow, that's like my bhabhi. Thank you soo much..

Akash left Khushi who entered his cabin to see his chair flipped on the opposite side making his back facing her.

Kushi clearing her throat : Excuse me Can I get in Mr. Raizada?

Arnav had finished his call and turned his face by looking at his mobile.

Arnav : Yea come in.

Arnav lifted his face to meet his drop dead gorgeous wife in Red saree which made him drop his jaw and he even forgot to blink his eye. He scanned her from bottom to top making his mobile fall from his hand. Khushi could feel the heat emanating from the stare. She couldn't do much than blush at him but her heart started to beat faster and faster when he stood up to come near her. His each step forward making her move backward. She looked at everywhere except his eyes. He had a naughty smirk when she got hit her back in the door. He pinned her on to the door sending shivers through her spine. She could predict his next move and she tried to hide her blush from him which would increase his intensity more. Looking at the heaving chests and her difficulty to breath he loved this sensation which tickles his eacn and every senses.

Arnav  lifted her chin with his thumb : Welcome to AR Ms. Gupta..

He moved sideways to give her way  : Have your seat please.

Khushi let out an angry glare at him for teasing her. He smiled at the cute lioness who is ready to eat him up. He held her on the shoulders making her sit on the visitor's seat. He kneeled  down before her keeping his hands on her lap to meet her face to face who still had that anger expression on her face.

Arnav: aww my wifey. Don't be angry. I was just kidding.

Khushi fisted her arms giving a light punch on his face.

Arnav : Oh… Its paining.. please. Forgive me my lord.

Khushi ( pouting): I thought you would say I look beautiful in this saree. I should have worn a salwar then.

Arnav keeping his arms around her neck keeping his forehead on hers.

Arnav:  No baby. Did I tell you that you don't look beautiful? You look deadly seductive and gorgeous. If you continue to pout and seduce me like this I m scared that I will lose all my control now.

Khushi with a blush pushed him on his chest making him fall back. He smiled at her reaction.She pulled him and made him sit on his chair to carry on with their official work.

Arnav was trying his best to concentrate on his work while stealing glances on his wife drifted his attention at times. But Khushi made sure he was fully attentive on what he did.

She was with him in his office.. It was time to leave, they were a little late.. he was winding it all up, and she was waiting..

Khushi-Arnav, hurry up.. Its already quarter past eight.. we are late!OMG I promised to return by 7 to buaji.. Now they will be waiting for me.

Arnav-ya baby, am just winding it up, pass me that file and we are done..

Khushi had a look at that file it was the same Hamptons file but she didn't have the thought to ask him about it. She knew whatever he did was right and gave him the file with a smile.He pushed the same in the drawer and banged it..

Arnav-lets go.. Wait..

Khushi tunrs..

Khushi-now what??


Arnav goes close to her and pulls her on him holding her waist..

Arnav-hmm… did I tell u that ur looking too sexy in this Saree?

 Khushi-hmm..thats why we are late, eh? And hmm.. I know u love red.. Now lets go Mr. Raizada.. I am so hungry..

She giggles pushing him away.. She tangled her arms around his to move near the car.She satin the front passenger seat and Arnav sits besides her.. He holds her hand and starts the car..


The drive was long.. And she was bored of the silence.. Suddenly there was a big sound of thunder & lightening, and Khushi tightened her grip on his hand.. He was multi-tasking by holding her hand and managing to change the gear with the same hand..

Arnav-I am right here Khushi..

He assured and she smiled..

Khushi- looks like it is going to rain..I feel like singing..

Arnav : who stopped you?

She started singing out of the blue making Arnav surprised at the sweet song.

Khushi : saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zara
dheemi si dhadkan ko badhne do zara
lamhon ki guzarish hai yeh paas aa jaayen
hum.. hum tum..
tum.. hum tum..

He was lost in the song and it attracted him more towards her without releasing the other hand from the steering  he pulled her hand to kiss her knuckles and nodding her to continue her song..

She blushed and repeated.. Suddenly the car screeched to make a sudden halt and she looked scared.. He remembered the first time he met her, she was the same, to be precise, more scared..The same accident scene appeared in his mind. The way she got hit on her car and the accident on a lonely road almost the same situation. His thoughts were broken by her scared voice and tightened grip.

Khushi-what happened Arnav?

Arnav-Hey relax… . Let me check..

Arnav got down on the empty road and opened the front bonnet, and so much s hot smoke came out, his face became all black, and he started coughing.. Khushi got out with a bit of worry, but started laughing as she saw his black face..

Arnav-What?? Why are u laughing??

 She went close to him, and wiped his face with her Saree's free pallu and laughed again.. He pulled her on him with a naughty smirk and she stopped laughing and started struggling..

Khushi-Leave me Arnav.. What are u doing?

He closed her lips by his index finger on them, and they shared an eye-lock..

aankhon mein humko utarne do zara

There was another lightening, and she hugged him tight…

baahon mein humko pighalne do zara

It suddenly started raining, and he smiled and hugged her back and sang..

Arnav (singing) :Lamho ki guzarish hai yeh.. Hum.. hum tum.. tum.. hum tum…

She pulled out of the and blushed assuming some meaning out of his words.. He assumed some blush on her face as she turned her back on him..

salvatein kahin karwatein* kahin

He went walked in front of her and made her look up..

phail jaye kajal bhi tera..

He brushed his thumb on her smugged kohl..

She cupped his face and sang..

Khushi- nazron mein ho guzarta hua
khwabon ka koi kafila

She blushed and turned.. He held her wrist and dint let her move.. His coat drenched, and still dripping under the rain.. Her Saree sticking to her perfect figure, hugging her at the right places and he felt lucky that she was his.. He felt so TURNED ON to see this.. He went near her, and breathed on her nape.. Hugging her from the back. She was already breathing hard as the cold wind and his warm touch sent shivers to her heart.. She listened..

Arnav-jismon ko ruhon ko jalne do zara
sharmohaya* ko machalne do zara
lamhon ki guzarish hai Yeh paas aa jaayen
hum.. hum tum..

He made her turn and pulled her face up holding her chin.. her lips quivered..

Arnav- tumm… hum tumm.

He bent down to kiss her lips, but she was fast to escape.. She giggled and let him chase her.. He chased her, and she was quick to escape from his grip a few times, but atlast, he caught her to hit her back on his front.. His hands inside her saree in the front, tickling around her belly.. Her eyes closed feeling him. Rain still wetting them, but the heat between them was more.. he nibbed her ear-lobe and she hissed..

Chu lo badan ..magar iss tarah.. jaise surilaa saaz hoo..

Andhere chupe.. teri zulf mei.. kholu ki raat aazaad ho..

He turned her and tucked her locks.. Her closed eyes showing how much she was affected.. Her heavings and gulping not helping him but to smirk at his wife.. She opened her eyes and saw him, she blushed as he cupped her face and wiped the water droplets from her face, rain was still on, but..

She hugged him pulling him into her and he blushed hugging her back..She was listening his heart beats, and he was just enjoying her touch and very satisfyingly cherishing the moment..

Khushi-Aanchal ko seene se dhalne do zaraa.. shabnam ki boonde phisalne do zara.. Lamho ki guzaarish hai yeh.. Paas aa jayeee.. hum… hum tum…

She pulled out of the hug and stared in his eyes, so did he..resting his forehead on hers..

Arnav- tum.. hum tum…

The rain was falling and the silence was disturbed by just some whispers of find.. Their bodies hugging each other, distance still maintained. Both dripping, yet lost with their senses moulded into each other.. She was just about to kiss him, when his phone rang breaking their silence and improving their distance…

They pulled apart and the phone call ended too.. Arnav saw his battery went off.. Khushi was facing her back at him now.. He saw her shivering, and pulled out his coat to cover her then.. He put the coat on her bare white shoulders.. The lightning came and khushi jerked just to be held by her husband.. She looked at him from side ways and he assured he was right by her side.. She smiled..

Khushi-Arnav.. the car..

Arnav-Its ok khushi, the engine was hot, its cool now I guess.. Lets go..

She made her way to the car and arnav too went to the drivers seat not before closing the front bonet.. He tried turning on  the engine and all seemed normal.. They started to travel as she had to reach the guest house before buaji informs RM.

They stole glances in between and their song sequence they just had a moment ago, still ringed their memory to make them blush and smile.. Both were so in love..

Arnav stopped near the guest house and waited to bid good bye to his wife. She blushed and looked down thinking about their day. Truly she had a wonderful rain experience with her husband. She felt the warmth in his coat and clutched it tightly. No one could give her such a warmth and care in his life. Arnav took her hand near his cheeks and caressed it on his cheeks.

Arnav : Thanks Khushi..

Khushi : I should thank you Arnav..

Arnav: hmm that's all? Anything else?

Khushi understood what he wanted?She took her other hand on the other side of his cheeks and moved near him making him expect something intense. She suddenly kissed his forehead.

Arnav : ah forehead? Too much expectations on Mrs.Raizada I guess.

Khushi :hmm. You too tease me like this always so tit for tat.

Arnav : Ok bye..

Khushi ( giggled) : Bye Arnav.. Take care … Saying she naughtily pecked his lips and ran from the car not to meet his naughty smirk again.

Arnav shook his head at her crazy antics and left for his house.


Khushi was sitting on the couch with her laptop in the morning sneezing from last night making her getting advices from Buaji not to get drenched in rain as she is going to get married now. The thought of getting drenched made her think of their closeness leading to a deep blush in her cheeks.

Suddenly she got a call from her spy in London who used to give information about Eddie… She attended the call eagerly to learn the new updates.

Khushi : yea.. tell me.. What????? I don't get you… Are you sure.. I think you are mistaken.

Khushi was literally shocked to hear and her eyes swelled up with a sudden burst of tears..


To be continued..


Source : Yes madam.. I m sure that Eddie got a call from AR office and he was addressing the caller as Mr. Raizada. I would say you better deal cautiously with Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada please Madam.

Khushi : I will call you back.. Thanks..

Saying she broke down by kneeling down hiding her face and crying her heart out.

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                                          Congratulations on The Fifth Thread!!!

Loved the update

I knew the Hampton' s file will create some problem

I have a strong feeling that Mamaji is behind all this...he is the Raizada referred to here...although I am not sure of his intentions1he doesn't seem all that bad!

hope this doesn't create problem in the marriage

would love it if khushi shows her trust in arnav and asks him directlyabout this!

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Loved the update...
Rain sequence was best...
Precap scared me...
Hope there will be no misunderstanding...
Congrats for new thread... Clap

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Congrats on new thread.
Beautiful update. Dhruv s so naughty and easy going. Poor akash missing payal. Pari's part was so cute. Last part was really beautiful and romantic. Precap seems scary. Hope nothing goes wrong between arhi. Thanks 4 pm

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congrats for the new thread
waiting for the update
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