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She Walks In Beauty...Chap 19 pg133-21.07.13 (Page 5)

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Originally posted by pansy123

"originally posted by nandinibose"

thanks dear! how can i feel bad if ur appreciation can boost my morale ur criticism can polish my writing. Love u all
gmji weekend bhi ho gaya...kitna wait karwaoge?

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waiting for the update...you said weekend...

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waiting...Day Dreaming

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Big SORRRYYY for being late. I couldn't read final time so every possibility of having lots of mistakes. A big sorry for that too.


Thank you sir! I called on twice but you're not in your cabin. Realizing where he was and what he was doing he looked towards Dr. Behl and Dr. Malika. Dr. Behl was checking on the boy but Malika was staring at him as if scouring about his intent gaze at Nidhi. He awkwardly looked back at Nidhi and uttered yeah'.. back-to-back surgeries kept me busy anyways thank you''. and turned to leave. He moved fast to his cabin, his heart was doing somersault with joy that was hard to contain and hide from others. He opened the door of his cabin with a big jolt and mumbled taking a few exciting strolls around his cabin 'u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e! she is here'a doctor'and..and in the same hospital'I can see her as and when I wish'she is around'Aha! He threw himself on settee resting his head on its back and closed his eyes murmuring softly N-i-d-h-i'.as if soothing the tempest in him.


Dr. Malika was looking blankly thru the window in her cabin she was lost'.fighting her own battle inside her. Ashutosh's glance at Nidhi ran chills through her spine she was dreading the worst for herself. She was madly in love with him and the thought of seeing him with some one else broke her heart into pieces. Life wasn't easy for her she was going through a hell yet she was putting on a brave face and a facade of confidence on her personal front, she was broken and living in only one hope that one day fate may turn wheels in her favour and he may feel same for her as she was feeling for him. In a social milieu she was living, it wasn't easy for a woman to keep on impeding her marriage.  Everyday she had to deal with the proposals coming her way, referred by every tom dick and harry. She was not even ready to think of sharing her life with anyone but him, and people around her were very keen to tie her knot as if they had no other job to do.

Though her love was not responded, some twelve years back when she proposed him he had made it very clear that the only relation they can share is'.friendship but she had hope'. Hope'that some day he may reciprocate her feelings. He hasn't married all these years. He was waiting for the love of his life----Yes thatz what he revealed to her when she stole a chance after three years of her proposal, to ask why he wasn't marrying hoping she might get a clue whether he has changed his mind or still feel same for her. She hasn't forgotten his words'.

"Malika I would like to marry the love of my life.   I would prefer to remain bachelor all my life rather than marrying for the sake of doing things just because the right time is fleeting "and When Malika asked shouldn't she be doing the same thing he took a deep sigh and continued'

"Some things are destined and beyond our control how I wish I could feel same for you as you feel for me'.can't help, I Just can't feel same for you'just can't!!!!!!!. I'm sorry'. I feel'.I'I understand what you must be going through, please try to understand and move on. Settle down in your life. Even if I force myself we won't be able to share an honest bond. Sharing life is an amazing experience but only when you are cared and loved by the one you share your life with and your feelings are responded the way you offer them otherwise living together would be ineffective to enjoy that eternal bliss and joy of togetherness-the heavenly communion called marriage."

Malika remembered how she couldn't utter a word in response her voice got strangled and she wept her heart out on reaching home. She felt disappointed again at that time yet the pain was not as severe as she was feeling today. She couldn't bear Ashutosh's gaze on Nidhi. She was feeling deep pain only visualizing the way Ashutosh was looking at her. She saw something in his eyes 'the way his pupils dilated '.that softness'that'she always wished to see in his eyes for her. His eyes were so expressive'and delving into those expressions was so scary that an immediate respite from those thoughts was her only help. She wiped her tears and thought to get back to her work. Work is the only thing that can afford to keep her sanity alive she needs to keep her thoughts at bay.

As she refreshed herself up and laid those flooding thoughts at rest wings of hope caught her again. Dread and despair had taken over her and she was making out too much out of a simple glance. Perhaps she was anticipating too much due to her insecurities. She began to feel the hopes that were dashed a few moments before, has reclaimed her again and with a sigh she looked up towards heaven as if asking a question uttering a line from her favourtie  ghazal sung by Jagjit singh while exhaling out a sigh ''''.Aas Jo Toot Gayee Phir Se Bandhaata Kyoon Hai!


Nidhi too was mesmerized by the much awaited sight. She wished so much to see him again since that day but she never expected it to be the way it turned. Chief of staff of KGH oh my god! She did not know KGH had the most handsome Chief of staff.

"Bad Dr. Nidhi! Very bad. You cannot ogle your senior this way and he must be someone's'..nidhi couldn't utter the word husband'.she felt a tinge in her heart'.. but whatz bad in admiring loveliness around you 'he has a charm, a well developed muscular physique, height, piercing eyes, pleasantly emphatic style'"

Dr.Nidhi!...Nidhi! '

Dr. jyotika's words broke her trance. I'm sorry'.I was just'em...everything okay!

 Yes I thought we can have a cup of coffee in common room if you have nothing serious to do?

Oh, sure let us go.


In common room-- "So you finally met Dr. Heartstone"

Dr. Heartstone! Nidhi was surprised now whoz that?

Dr.Ashutosh! ma'm the great Neuro surgeon you have met a few minutes before, pronounced Dr. priyanka.

What????????? But what sort of a nick name is that for a smashingly hot and dashing young man, exclaimed Nidhi.

"Now what do you know about this dashing young man. Thatz the perfect name symbolizing all his qualities-a perfectionist'disciplinarian'.fastidious...solemn'and'.and what not'. he can never ignore negligence and lack of responsibility''..oh he is a hard task master. No doubt he is very handsome' Nidhi' I was dead the very first time I saw him but'.. aah!!!!!!!!! Whatz the fun he hardly looks at any body." Was Dr. Ahana's retort.

"Nidhi starts pondering''.now thatz not the fact'.didn't she find him staring at her unblinkingly...or was she an exception but why ???"'.she is not the one who forms her opinion on other people's assumptions she believes in evaluating things in her own way...She was deeply engrossed in her thoughts...Soon her pager buzzed and she had to leave'"okay guys got to go."


Dr. Ashutosh has been pondering about the situation he has been caught in for the last thirteen days. He had no doubt that he has found the love of his life- he was waiting for all these years. He was aware how he was being allured by the young women wherever he would go but no one had that magnetic appeal that he would have plunged deep into. She has made him to fall for her but she is so young what would be her reaction'

"No I don't want to think about that'I want to enjoy the moment'my heart had been in torment'and it has found that unimaginable bliss'.i want to cherish the moment'my heart has found its solace'.I am at peace" His reverie was broken by a knock on door.

He straightened himself, "yes whoz there". Oh, Malika! Come on in.

"Whatz up? Why are you here?"

Oh! just nothing...I was feeling tired a bit'so'! What brought you here?

"Nothing serious needed your signatures on the file'you take rest I"ll come later"

"No it's okay I'm fine"

She passed on the file but her eyes were glued on his face she was trying to read him but found nothing she should be concerned about- she perceived.

Her inquisitive glare didn't go unnoticed but thankfully he has composed himself -his heart was brimming with happiness but the solace in him has made it possible to confine his joy within himself.

He has to get back to his work as the standard of professional ethics he has set for himself and for the whole of KGH demanded him immediately to be back in his elements.


 How long are you going to take to cut these vegetables? Asked Anji Dr. Rangnath was cutting vegetables on dining table.

"Just done I chopped them finely so that you can cook them fast wifey"

Anji raised her eyebrows in response and tossed vegetables, what a precision!

"Doctor's precision Anji you don't know" both turned towards the voice, oh Nidhi come on what took you so long we were waiting for you. Sorry Anji I was caught up at the last minute but I'm not so late the dinner is not ready yet. Nidhi was invited for dinner by Dr. Rangnath and Anji. Anji was Nidhi's childhood friend they were more like sisters.

"So you intended to come when table was set, fool me...I thought you'll come early and we'll have a nice time together after a long time"

"Sorry Anji you know itz only my third day at hospital how could I have left early"

Yeah I know with Dr. Heartstone as Chief of staff how can one even dare to think that. He loves to stay at hospital all the time.

Come on Anji! How can you?? He is a nice person whatz wrong if one loves to work-work is his passion" Rangnath butted in

No I've no problem let him work 24X7 but he should think about others whom he love to keep on busy with him---griped Anji and left for kitchen.

Jeej it seems Dr. Ashutosh is very famous as Dr. Heart stone.

"Yes that he is. I respect him a lot and not only me he is being admired by everyone in medical fraternity. He is a gentleman personified. His work is his passion...he treats his patients with compassion...he has a very compassionate heart. The paediatric ward in our hospital has few beds reserved for orphan kids and thatz all because of him. I found him many times paying for the medical bills of destitute. He is a disciplinarian and whatever status the KGH has achieved thatz all because of him. He never tolerates negligence and lax approach towards work and doesn't our profession demand zero tolerance for that'we can't put lives at stake."

Anji came back with three cups of coffee and offered two to Nidhi & Rangnath "Enough of glorifying your Mr. Heartstone. "

He doesn't need my glorifying Anji...He is having something in him if he is holding the title of Lucknow's most eligible bachelor.

What??? What did you say? The most eligible bachelor!!!!

Yes Nidhi...the most eligible bachelor...mumbled Anji.

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Anjani9 IF-Sizzlerz

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So you do not have plans to make Mallika negative???

pansy123 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Anjani9

So you do not have plans to make Mallika negative???

No I think her character was butchered in the show. I don't think every one facing rejection resort to negativity some really spread goodness around and of course we strive hard to elevate our souls to that level.

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Originally posted by achiever

aaah.. tht was a beautiful narration.. i luved the way Ashu was flat seeing Nidhi so luv at first sight.. something tht none of Ashu's ever on any FFs has ever admitted in the first ever stare!LOL.. Luved tht!  and Nidhi wow a peds from US.. she is hell of a lady i can tell... so the sparks fly rightaway..Embarrassed
waiting for nxt update!

Sorry for responding late and thank you for liking Ist Chap. yeah you are right here Ashu is different.
Veni-Vidi-Vici IF-Sizzlerz

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wonderful dear... so is Ashu the most eligible bachelor in Lucknow...wow...and Nidhi is already impressed by him and she didn't want to think of him being someone's hubby...but when will they confess their feelings?????/ dying for the next update

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