Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Devil's Paradise#58 Sherni Madhubala bounce back!!

-lazybee- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 8:13am | IP Logged
"MAin Aag to tum bhi kuch kam nahi
Main pagal to tum mujse bhi badi pagal"

This line of RK's confession is actually defining their relationship Embarrassed

She's coming out as different person after this revenge track..Madhubala who has strength of Shamini & stubbornness of BalluSmile She's completely different person when it comes to RK or her relationship  with RK..In process of facing the world or facing RK slowly and steadily she's turning in to her real selfEmbarrassedwhich she her self doesn't know abt...RK is throwing her in to aag ka dariya that she could have avoided  it  if she wanted and pick a different path but Madhu is Madhu anything that is related to RK she has to give her best & at the extremeTongueto prove him that she is not less than him in any way & its him who has lost equally at the endEmbarrassed...She didn't allow Paddo and Trishna to touch her suhaag ki nishani so it does mean that whenever it comes to relationship of Rishbala no one will have any right to interfere in it..Yest Trishna was right she referred Glycerine as dynamite...A Dynamite which only explode on RK as she knows only he can handle that LOL

RK(Rishabh Kundra)
As I said earlier his some actions/ dialogues r not going well with his expressions...He can still feel MAdhu's pain...He still care for Madhu & his eyes r always showing longing for her then what is bothering infact stopping him to accept it is yet to reveal Confused( I want to do murder of ST for creating so much confusionLOL)...He has been smart player so far very controlled person but not when it comes to Madhu...Embarrassed

A complicated relationship...They love to hate each other but never stopped caring for each other...Their junoon to destroy each other overpowers their love for each otherEmbarrassed

Ok...I can't write more than thisLOL

In today's episode DD was bang on & so does VD...Their intensity / passion comes out amazing in this type of scenes..EmbarrassedDD is looking beautiful with her new hairstyle in that gown too...And I want to say VD was looking good in that orange hood & poilce dressEmbarrassed

Will add some photos soon

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 8:14am | IP Logged

Devil Paradise's Members

aashuluvsmaan - Ashu
Aswathy - Ash
Arnav90 - Arnav
angelanki - anki
ankita24- Anku
an12345678- An, Dakku, Penguin
anji64 - Anji

colorsluv - mumu
Chinki_onlyme: Chinkz
Arabellapearl - Bella
bangalores - Bindu
chrys - asha
Cutieee1992- Madz
devikamd - Devu
-DamnedDrooler- - ansah
DDbiggestfan - Simz
-GhostOrchid- Ami
isadora- Hatziee
-innocent- - Jules
leelaa9 - Leela
leverne - Rene
manesha76 - Manu
Manonids - Nidz
mayamagic - Maya
mona1986 - Mona
 -nee- - Meenu
namita25 - Nami -Namita
nlm4 - Nimmi
-Neelam- - Neelam
nehakariba - Neha
padma - Padma
pennu - Pennu
priyachand -Chand- Priya
Priyadarshini64 - Priya
-sasi- - Sasi
Shahisthi - Shahi
shamon - Sam
suj01 - Suj
ThedarkKnight - shikha
Udhay - Uday

NB: Let me know if i need to add anybody's name in the list...! 

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leverne IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 8:58am | IP Logged
What an amazing episode...compelled me to go and watch it again...Wink

Chinki congrats on ur first DP..

ST ki time of 2 weeks comes to an end...and now he has made me all the more confused whether it is revenge or not...coz i saw the care of RK today at 2 instances...the moment when her tears fell on his hand he stopped taking off the stole...

Next when she was crying in the green room, he was upset and sad for her...

Third, when the lights went off, he ran to be with her knowing that she will be scared...

But then again...when she slapped him...he seemed pretty mad...

and when she took off the dupatta asking him to take the badla...he doesnt do anhything rather puts her in some roomEmbarrassed

So even after the completion of 2 weeks...the viewers remain confused ki revenge hai ya nai...Ouch

Now coming to the epi...

DD was fab today..the way she walked to the set...she looked like a elegant...the asst commented that she looked better than the original...Big smile
RK said he is majboor to touch her today..but there will be a day he will want to touch her but she will not be aroundOuch
The way he wanted to take off her stole in the name of continuity to make her lose...her tears compelled him to stop all his manipulations...
He packed the shoot agreeing to pay for the losses..
Then the scene at the green room...i felt that he CARED..she was sobbing bitterly...DD was best in her crying bit..i had tears in my eyes...
the chant she couldnt much ever she shows him that she is strong but when alone she cried her heart out...
The bittuji radha scene is irritating...dont want any cupid at this stage...
the darkness doesnt scare MB anymore...because she has seen worse darkness in her life...and the way RK was stopping her...i have my doubts on the revenge yet again...
but the tearing of the sleave was the last straw...though RK didnt do it intentionally but her patience was wearing out...and so that slap was fit...

But he was so mad after...Ouch and she mocked him that this is her 5th slap and now he will again take his revenge...she removed her dupatta...Ouch

All in all awesome epi...waiting for monday...

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MY-WAY IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Congrats Frnds

Wow!!! What a Fantabulous episode we have seen and y'day episode actually looking like a Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon...Everything was so balanced

Hats off to Drashti and Vivian for a brillient performance

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Chinks.. Congrats for the first DP opening...ClapClapClapClapClap

WelL it was an awesome Epi..ClapClapClap
not only bcos MB slapped RK..LOL but they maintain to reveal both of their conditions to us..

MB looked so Damn gorgeous in that Blue Gown...Embarrassed and even one of the crew meneber said..  Duplicate is looking more good than the original...

And then they went of teh shoot Mb wearing the duppatta... but later RK told in the continuation shot Heroine wasn't wearing it.. and that lady was about to take the Duppatta .. but RK stopped her... and said he will remove it... I don't think that RK had an intention to take that Duppata for humiliating her or to insult her in public...Ermm when MB's tears fall on his hand...  the moment he realized he is hurting/humiliating MB.. so he stopped it by saying Packup.. and announced to take all the loss on his payment...

But at the same time i feel really bad for MB...Ouch she looked so helpless and was finding really hard to be strong...Cry the way she tried to tell that prayer... she couldn't even able to finish it... the Man she loved at the most and was about to leave entire family for him.., was almost there to tear her in public...  DD was Superb in that scene..ClapStarClap

Bittuji and Radhaji 's conversation was actually we viewers doubt...LOL why RK is hurting MB and  getting hurt himself.. and why MB is letting him hurt her and even stop it...  Bittuji's  intention was to bring his Chef and Bhabhi together .. but the same way Bittuji said.. don't know what will be its consequences... will it go in a Rignt way or Wrong way...Ermm

At the same moment RK felt MB's presence and felt her tears too... and was worried for MB.. The moment current went... Rk didn't miss any moment to reach MB... He showed the light so that Mb won't be afraid of Darkness... But MB has face the most Darkest moment in her life.. that is RK... so she is not afraid of anything...

BUt the truth is she is still afraid of Darkness... but not before RK...Approve  RK insist and forced her to take his help.. which MB refused... Result.. He accidentally tore her sleeve... Thats it...  Few momnet earlier he was about to maker her kind of undresssed in public and now he is showing his power as if he is own some Right on him... ahich according MB he has lost long back...

So she couln't resist... gave a tight slap...Clap she is suffering all these torture from him bcos she once gave a slap to him... doesn't matter... he did something which desewrves a Slap.. She don't care about the consequences..bcos shje already faced the worst... What will he do to take revenge for this Slap... something which he stopped to do in public.. she ws even ready for that... and throwed her Duppatta away...

In precap:
MB is wearing Dupatta and holding her bag too... I think RK might have wrapped her with the Dupatta and and gave her bag to hold.. then he dragged her  out of the Studio... bcos he knows she is afraid of darkness and not at all in a mood to Liston to him... So i don't think he locked her in room.. Instead he took her out of the studio.. and locked the himself in the studio...

DD was at her Best today... and Vd gave a good support... since we are confused with RK intention.. we are not able to go into his charactor... So both DD an dVD ROcked..
and thus MB ROCKed...Big smile

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_Darling_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Congo Tongue!!

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-brokensoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Congo chinki for your first DP thread right.Smile

We sure is hyper active after the twist.

Tonight episode was awesome. The best episode we got after the twist.Clap

And the first time, I feel RK is not doing this for revenge. So I really want CV's to give us a realistic and good enough reason for RK's actions.

Well tonight is the end of two weeks ST promised we will get the answer OR maybe he was saying we will like the twist.

If it is latter, then sure we are liking the twist now after tonight hot and wild episode.

DVD was awesome, fantastic, mind blowing. These two oozes chemistry and hotness when they fight. I hope CV's keep them this way always. Show us the reason for RK's action, but don;t let Madhu know about the reason and keep RK stick with his decision of making Madhu away from him. This way we will get these kind fo awesome episodes.

DD always makes me cry when she cries. Even in her previous show too. And tonight she was just so cute and sweet, I feel like hugging her and say don't cry. the lyrics of the hum hai deewane song tonight too touched my heart.

She was so beautiful in that gown. But I agree with Chand, in one scene I feel it is not DD, when they show her back.

The whole set was mesmerized by her beauty they forgot she was wearing a stole over her gown and I have little hope for heroine track coming near by the words that girl said. "Wow first time duplicate looks much better than even the heroine". And RK's words saying she doesn't look like a heroine from any angle.

Well he will remember these words, if Madhu becomes a heroine would be through someone else other than RK.

I felt tonight CV's are trying to explain some part of RK's actions through Bittuji and Radhaji's convo.  But I don;t like how both of them are trying to patch up the problems between Rishbala. Why re they taking Madhu for granted??

All in all the best episode of this week and I am happy this twist is giving lot of different scenes and emotions for DD to portray and her character is getting its due now.

I feel they have justified the title of the show tonight.

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 9:14am | IP Logged
good evening guys!!! reposting my take!

i came pretty late to d forum today n i went thru d posts n got to know abt d new promo. now i wish i  had not done that!!! imagine if we had seen d epi without d promo, what a pleasant shock it wd have been!!!!

d epi was terrific!!!! i have been saying our lead couple fight with more passion than romance. dat convo before d slap was really passionate!!!!

i loved d scene where madu was crying like a baby n helpless reaction of RK. VD was good in his reaction. DD!!! what can i say! she makes us cry with her. i really feel like givng her a hug. i think even RK wanted to do that, but cant!!!! though i dont like s anthem, today d way DD told it with tears and ran away unable to complete (may be she rememberd 'RK ke sahare'), it was really touching. i loved RK's reaction to that anthem. so much painful history between them. d way they are showing RK caring for her, cvs better have believable reason not somehting silly.

And that movie scene, not as bad as they showed it in precap. it was much more decent. And RK saying i am sorry, i thought he never says sorry that easily!!!! And DD was so vulnerable!!! her eyes down, d slow walk, and that tear drops falling on RK's hand, was too painful to watch and it does affect RK so much he stops d shoot.

d guy deliberately creates a situation to embarass her but unable to carry it further!!! weird!! radhaju rightly says we can't understand them!!! but i dont want their intervention. todya it was ok as we got  a slap. i liked RK's anger aftr d slap. cvs didn't make him any mahaan (for he was feeling bad seeing madhu suffering)

loved madhu's angry questioning at RK. wish he answered her questions. but i doubt it!!! did he leave her out of the studio? even i think it is out only!

d scene where they showed madhu's back, was it DD's? it didnt' look like that!!! DD's back in her backless blouse looks even better. here it looked different!!! i might be wrong, but that is why i am asking!!!

loving this track!!! i don't want their fight to end immediately, in two weeks. they fight better than romance. wish they could take it to heroine track. if u remember d early interviews, DD n VD were telling d story is abt what happens bet d shoots. so i want them to act together n fight togetheer.

DD was fiery today!!!! both DD n VD were terrific!!!!

thank u cvs!!!

but they showed d promo just yesterday or today, n d epi aired!!! earlier we used to get weekly promo, now daily or once in two days!!! why???

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