Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #5, Epi 70, Pg 125 (Page 7)

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Originally posted by chalhov


58 59 60

Unfortunately, it was the unplanned that stole the night and made it unforgettable...not all of it in a good way. Yes indeed and future tracks falling in place.

His night had started with finding Khushi in his wardrobe, not planned, His girlfriend La, over whom his relationship with Nani is strained, decided surprise...rather shock everyone with a dance to the song "Character-Dheela (Loose Character)", his Jijaji left his own party leaving his Di heartbroken. To top off the night, he found his girlfriend, passed out in his arms, only after thoroughly insulting Naani, embarrassing herself and the entire Raizada family...definitely not the way Arnave pictured this night. A happening party indeed, bridging together the next chapter.

After a passionate, "no batameezi spared" confrontation by the pool side in secrecy, loved how Arnav keeps seeking Khushi out at this party the way he looks at her, how his eyes follow her as she tries to avoid him everywhere UFF! UFF! UFF!... a picture saying thousand words



lovely way of expressing  and picture

For all this he did not really take anyone to task but the entire thing he blamed scolded and made a scapegoat Khushi though taking it in a different way after all usually you take your rant and anger on whom you feel closest to the heart Di he cant take out that leaves Khushi (aww both of them yet unaware that they feel close to each other.ASR you keep saving her and then insulting her why since you feel she has taken control of your senses)

Shyam and his bhagambag (running away) from his party lol he knows how to twist his sweet innocent wife around his finger and her weakness. Grrr

Arnav taking over to put balm over Di injured and sad feeling getting the cake cutting ceremony done and Khushi telling Anjali that don't take to heart the superficial things but importance of love in a husband wife relationship a sweet scene which nani and Anjali liked very much observed closely by ASR. A sense of trust and a sense of oneness is taking shape...its quite gorgeous Loved this expression.

La and her drinking goof up calling Nani Gabbar lol Arnav bitwa knew la and his traditional family he brought her to the RM so ab bhugato though mad cant even yell only can look droolworthy with simmering anger which put both Ami and La in a good mood ''.headache disappeared

"Ek taraf Khusi hai, itni samajdaar, itni sambli hui, har shabd maapa hua, har kadam socha hua aur doosi taraf "Ek taraf Khusi hai, itni samajdaar, itni sambli hui, har shabd maapa hua, har kadam socha hua

Nani Nani she is so with you and family and with ASR she is nowhere near to her sambli hui self either in gestures or words

I like it how Shyam always is instrumental in bring Khushi closer to RF and in doing so still closer to ASR I really like it.

ASR looking at Payal

Meri payaliya geet tere gaye striking straight to his heart hide it ASR so that you can keep observing   it from time to time and do your research later. (this bit is from a show I like)

Ami Yes the drool corner don't you ever ever stop giving the drools LOL 



Thanks Chalhov for the  wonder in-depth input. very true what you say about "you hurt who you feel closest to" and you're so right the bhagambhag still continues with Shyam.   you'r line in red, so perfect the song words heheh, that payal wanted him soo bad!...i don't blame it, he's pretty irresistible. 

though mad cant even yell only can look droolworthy with simmering anger which put both Ami and La in a good mood ''.headache disappeared


and don't you worry about drools stopping, late yes but gone...never!LOL

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha





Circular pickle jars ,circular plates ,and circular Laddoos,Circular diyas ,circular globes on the tables,waking up early for round round,half circles,full circles ,Moon , Sun,..Uhhh'... Why the heck so many circles now.


Symbolism: Circles are frequently used as sun symbols, as well as representing things associated with the sun like Moon. Circles are often seen as protective symbols.

Ancient African, Japanese, Germanic, and some Native American tribes all hold the sun as a feminine energy.  in Hindu mythology the sun is the eye of Varuna, and is also considered the "divine rejuvenator.".Sun also symbolizes for fixidity, steadiness, firmness, and strength of purpose and Circular Moon is to rule the senses and emotions.  I learn alot from reading your posts!!!

REMEMBER:In IPK Moon and Sun are important Symbols because they are associated with all the emotions as described above in the Symbolism. 

Connection : Anjali is in Khushi's house  with all of  her famine energy is a divine rejuvenator  and a protector as she is here to rejuvenate and protect the relationship with Khushi which Arnav crippled  but it is for Arnav for rejuvenating his relation with Nani.Khushi is going to rejuvenate and protect the relation with La and they will be friends and with Arnav as we all know but also with everyone in the long run.She is going to rejuvenate and protect her family by accepting that deal.How ironic as Arnav is a protector of her and her family through Payal which she left there and She is protector through Anajli for Anjali and Arnav along with everyone through this bitter DEAL .Just amazing. WOW, nice connection here!!!!!


The circle of attacking and counter attacking by Buaji and Mamiji was the most charismatic scene I've ever seen in IPK.Just outspoken. "Mamiji aur Jewelry  ki dukan" [Mamiji a jewelry shop] and Raizadans clowns of circus were keeping me in the circle of giggles and proud of my Buaji.The scene was too hilarious! THese two ladies are something doubt that when they are together that there will be a riot and crack us up...they are comic relief and they add drama/masala to the show


Anajli proposal for  Khushi  to train La as a job was misunderstood as a marriage proposal for Khushi by everyone .hmmm... Don't worry this is going to happen twice for both of your nieces.  Anjali  rectifies and clear their spinning heads over this lovely propsal. Mami's sarcasism over Maids was too shallow and indeed she always treated Khushi and her family like that BUT Buaji is always there for "Hisaab Braber"[balnce her witty and evil steps]Anjali actually came on behalf of Naniji as Khushi's impression left a mark as Perfect Bahu on her.SmileI think khushi was flattered by this, she kind of smiled when she heard this

Khushi's  abhorrence was beyond imagination as she did not want to work for ASR. Anjali blackmailed Khushi to train La when she alienated for the propsal to work for Raizadas.She brought the contract card of paying  one  lac rupees of ASR into this game.  Anjali left GH leaving Khushi in predicament and clutch of pain. Khush is like WTH, what should i do now...


Shyam and his sticky ,stingy ,slimy and twitchy games are circling around Khushi so she can't make her happy and joyful circle in the RM.He is willing to circulate the money from Anji to him, from him to Khushi and then from Khushi to Anji.Uff... my head is spinning in the circulation of  this "Money Drive of Rani Sahiba."Confused I know right!!! i guess anything to save his lying self


He is right about one thing Khushi "You will be there" when he will need you.HE is going to use this innocence of yours after Terrace night and YOU will bring him back in the RM against all the odds for Anjali.These circular games are just getting into action."Bara hi dohke bazz hai yeh pair bar bar larkhra jata hai"[My foot is very unreliable and deceivable]Well said dear but just remember one thing DM is with Khushi's innocence and SHE had her protector ARNAV the ocean of wilderment which is going to gulp you with all of your deceits and craftiness.Just wait...Angry Random fact but arnav means i like this comparision

AngryAngryAngryAngry at Khushi for touching that filthy piece of dirt...AngryAngryAngry  Me too!!!

Pause here:Communication is off as all the communications will happen but timings will be odd as he will be aware and unaware at the same time.He calls but disconnects before Payal finishes telling him about Khushi's decision of RM.Excellent move DM...Clap DM is just awesome...she knows what she is doing



The other side he is putting circular Laddoos of his schemes by calling Anjali Selfish.Look who is talking."You are Mahan" [ great] Shyamji"ClapAngry

Anajli you are making me so proud  these days by not listening to this "Schemey Laddoo" with full of dusty particles . Just thoo thoo...ClapSmile


Pause here: Anjali  is making Laddoos for Raksha Bandhan which is a "Bond of protection" in between brother and sister. No doubt this relation is above and beyond.

The circle of protection goes from Anjali to Chote,from Arnav to Khushi and then Khushi to Arnav and then to Anjali  unintentionally as a forced marriage then intentionally during kidnapping and onward to Anjali.

But La couldn't make any circular Laddoo has no protection of her dream to get marry with LADDOO ASR...Embarrassed


In Rm Arnav is lost in "Khushi's Khiyal" while being lost in his Laptop apparently.He is running up all the beautiful moments which he spent with her. As "tumhare saath bitae huwe moments yaad rehne lag gyey".[I onlyremember the momemts which I spent with you]He can't get away from this "Sehar" of Khushi.La comes in and brings him back from this spell and he steals eyes like someone got caught red handed doing something wrong.La Seeks forgiveness and promises to make everyone happy .He tells her just care about Di and not anyone else.He turned around to hide his tears as he is having a vortex of enthralling emotions going on in him after yesterday's incident as Di was extremely upset which is the cause of his distress as "aagar Di khushi nahin tou khuch bhi theek nahin".[If Di is not happy ,nothing is perfect]  I thought shyam made some good points...i know he is trying to save himself but i agreed with what he said

Pause here:La,"Joh tumhare liye important hai woh mere liye important hai"..[the person who is impt for you is impt for me] ..indeed When she will find out Arnav's intention for Khushi she will set her aside for him.

La's question about the importance of the person after Di  is painful for him as he closed his eyes and the true answer is right there but he dejects himself with ASR BG score "NO" .Well ok run as much as you can but this "Sehar" is coming towards you to wrap you completely and spell caster is no other than your Di who is right "You don't say anything When Khushi is infront of you " .She saw her in her tigress mode while returning her resignation and Lion in his silent mode though she used the same arrow on Khushi today to bring back TIGRESS in the Lion's Den.Game is so ON.I am loving this one...ClapSmile


Pause here:Two pickles jars on the table refers to someone as a treasure in your life.AS Today Arnav is acknowledging it with his closed eyes as khushi is the treasure of his life ."Tum meri Zindagi ki sab se bari deal ho" is going to be at the end.He will treasure her more than Anjali.The table will turn and inclination of his heart will be heavier towards Khushi.Di will be important but Khushi will be one step higher than her as"Khushi mein tumhare bina nahin ji paoonga".


Till now Arnav and Khushi  came close enough that their hearts are beating for each other but their minds are beating the odds against each other.


Pause here: By closing his eyes He remembering her by treasuring her life,her tears, her belongings ,and her essence.YES indedd these all are important just like Di or may be more than that but realization and acceptance is far from here right now.Keep lying Mr Akhroo Yummilicious!!



PONDERING POINT: He expects from his partner to treasure his Di as he does.Khushi is going to do more than him and will go even against him to bring Shyam for Anjali's happiness.She will treasure her more than he expects.ClapClapClap

 Heart and mind game in between King and Queen associated with their loved ones is above and beoyond .If Arnav's heart and mind brings tears and make him do anything and go any extent for his Di  as She is his family[ "aap meri family ho kyun keh aap ne mujhe khabi bhi mam aur dad ki kami mehsoos nahin hone di" ] .The same is with Khushi as her Amma's voice is attacking  her heart .Khushi is in the middle of the vortex of roaring issues as she is in the processes of consuming all from everyone .She seeks answer from DM as She is her final resort...Smile

 As Khushi always takes decisions under pressure of her family's issues .From here and onward her whole life will be under this Pressure as she is orphan and this is her payback to Guptas.After all this is her family.

She accepts Anjali's blackmailed proposal  but at her own terms[Not to see her Arnavji...yeah right ..just let him find out .you think he will spare you as he is your possessive protector...]BG music was adding melody with this "Jashan" of Bride's arrivalClapSmile


Pause hereAs Mami mentions the time in between 2 and 4 as Sun down slowly

:Symbolism Sunsetting....beginning of a time of trial (night can be equated with trial). Also, it can represent the end of a chapter in someone's life.

2nd Symbolism:Two is the number of discord and conflict, but also of balance and marriage.Yin and Yang.and Number 4 is associated with the Earth[4 elements fire,air,water and earth]  and with completeness.

 Connection : The chapter of Arnav and Khushi to come close for forever in beginning from now on ,no matter how many times he is going to throw her out with his anger and rage but her "Sehar" is impossible.. to throw away isn't it Mr Akhroo .You will be completely one soul after the discord.It will end the chapter of all the PAST pains of Arnav with his Khushi to be his Khushi for eternity with the help of HIS mother.(My Other Bishop) WOAH!!!! that is for all the symbolisms and the connection

It also will end the chapter of Shyam while bringing those two souls together.Anjali will open her eyes by paying BIG price at the end.Cry


La's reaction is quiet normal but She can't beat the circle of Chamkilli's shining wisdom and got agreed as "Iss mein hum dono ka fayeda hai"[We both have profit in it].Nice victory Khushi as Nani says "La is out after sacred steps of Khushi in RM" So true every "bad Omen" will be out of RM as thals of happiness and joy with this BRIDE has entered already and made her marks basically at each and every corner of this "Shativan".Jalaibis are circling around  ecstatically.ClapLOLEmbarrassed


La's complaint "poof" down in the air by ASR's cold and lackadaisical attitude.BUT this dashing hunk was YUMMILICIOUS in his avatar.Just Drooling[Ami's speciality]  over him is not enough sometimes.Heart you got that right...arniekins looks good in anything


Sorry Guys 'This one does not need any analysisWinkEmbarrassed



 Buaji and Mamiji cat fightLOL just love it .Thumbs Up




nice analysis...comments are in different colors

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Awww.Just lovely and thnx for deep analysis.Loveee the second song .Thnx for the description of upcoming epis.Really nice.

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@ Anita

Thnx for reading and commenting in detail.Yes Shyam's motives are creepy but his words and moves are helping ARSHI to come closer after all he is our cupid.

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Originally posted by BarunDiwani

Originally posted by mashira

Hiya all here! I haven't commented here before but I have been silently and loyally stalking from day one. Tongue (and seeing the episodes too just like you all) It's been a wonderful thread and it is only getting better by the day. Love to read the analyses here, the collages, the droolworthy corners, the VMs... everything that was brilliant about IPK, that is being celebrated here. Thanks for doing such a great job. 

Hiya!! thanks so much, it means alot. we really do have a blast in this blast. Don't be so silent, we like it loud here LOLWink
Welcome Mashira
Sadda haq (to the Curtain!)
 ithey rakh!
Big smile
(Lay your claim to the Curtain in ASRs room on this thread!)

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@ Indi : Please is it poss to make an index of the birthdays of the people on this thread, so that we don't miss out on anyone's special day?

@ katelyn : You met Sanaya! Lucky you!  And u have her autograph n pics too! Awesome!
I too have something of Barun's! I swear!

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episode 60

so re do so fa mi do so... piano notes tip toe in. lilting, dreamy, breaking the bounds of hard reality. and we enter another space within, perhaps without. wherever this place is, it is precious, not often accessible, and when once reached, it's hard to leave. lovely that it is, and so so real.

that's where asr finds himself now, as he comes back out into the night, after all the drama and tension, the drunken girlfriend, the disappearing jeeja... to touch what's pure, untainted. just an emotion. one which doesn't even have a name.

it is felt. it is known. it will not be denied.

asr is not unaware that an ahsaas is swamping him. he struggles against it, making futile promises to bury it, to throw it away like those helpless little pearls. believing that is a sign of strength. yet his heart knows it isn't. it leads him back to the corner where he saw the payal drop from her ankle. he bends down and touches it, and the whole world changes in an instant.

hey... hey... is the warmth of her being still clinging to the moonlight hit metal? does it feel as though he is touching her, not her anklet, does it remind him of that night in the guest house when he caressed her hair, stroked her cheek, that very first time, almost hypnotised unable to control himself?

rabba vey... he stands there for nearly two minutes of serial time, not a word spoken, no disturbance, no noise. just him, his memories, her payal, their intimacy, and the night. the moon and the breeze play with the water, reflections undulate across his visage. a hint of the ankh micholi his mind played with memories running out of hidden corners, dupatta flying.

he remembers her by the pool, disturbed... her payal falling off as she walked away...


he had seen it on the floor but kept quiet, perhaps not knowing what to do do then, yet knowing he wanted it to stay close by... there she was in his cupboard uncovering one eye cautiously... and... why did i get the feeling, this is it?

this is when he fell for her. completely, just like that. many things had changed and gathered tinges of all kinds of emotions through their meetings. but if there's one moment where all of it came together, the whole array of sensations and feelings; and crystalised into a single sharp phenomenon, it was here. he fell.

"kahaan gir gaya hoga..." where could it have fallen, she'd wondered about her missing payal, and at that moment the director took us adroitly to the silver ornament being picked up by him... but in a lovely layered communication, i saw him fall at that spot too. the payal took him pronto to that lovely sight of ms khushi kumari gupta sitting pretty inside his most personal world. she was so khushi there, fitting he should just flip for her right then.

a delicate, malleable, happy, sparkling skein of silver, with little bells that make the prettiest of sounds, a simple innocent anklet. but in the moonlight, suddenly sultry, sensuous, sylph like. is this a little glimpse into the girl who wears it? his fingers don't want to let go.

andthe payal that he was engrossed in. that couldn't run away. that didn't even seem to want to, how resolutely it left the ankle it had been around for years and settled into this place, as though it had a right to be here. it wished to be here. it was her mother's payal. a sign of her amma.

much later, when anjali set off to persuade her "solution" her "key" to all problems to buy into an idea, and with that bring khushi right back into rm, into his home, "mere paas, mere saath" near, i couldn't help but notice the red roses scattered across her verdant green saree. roses red. didn't we find out later that was something he associated with his mother? a sign of ma.

so were mothers trying to be mothers even from far away and working to get the two together? there are timesin life, i do feel this happens, mothers never go away, never abandon you. whoever wrote these bits possibly had a similar inkling, and let it in gently, without making too much of a point of it. or maybe not. i saw what i wanted to see.

but again, as life and a great ad campaign has told us, perception is you may ask, which reality, indi. this 3 dimensional restricted one or the one in which asr is lost right now?

he recalled how she'd stopped and looked at him when she leapt out of the closet before disappearing without a word, he'd held on to her without knowing why, just needing to i guess, she'd said she was going away forever, and now she was here, oh the feeling of it all. he clasped on to each of those unsaid, unspoken inner meanderings now and stayed on. no hurry, no running away, just for a while asr submerging slowly into the depth of an ocean, exploring, wandering, just letting it be.

very unusual. lights like fireflies sparkle on the water, camera tracks over them and up to see a man no longer struggling.

i have loved this quiet, penetrative side of asr always. man of action, but man of introspection, and an ability to dream. only that his trust is broken, and something must restore it.

8:42 to 10:10, really caught me this episode. while a lot happened to take the story forward, and it was told with style, great dialogues that neatly fitted into each other, clever connecting of dots, and i thoroughly enjoyed myself, yet it was always for moments like this that i stayed on to get attached to a serial. this understanding and exploration of a feeling we've come to call love. and its expression in what is often called romance and we have less and less space for it in our lives.

if i think about it though, this is what makes us feel alive. just feel. feel the spark of life itself. and without that, can we be human?

other thoughts
three womenwith head in hands and two pickle jars framing them. while biuaji and girls were despondent, and most unlike themselves in the face of this loss of money and work, why were two piclkle jars so prominently displayed? story still pickling slowly, taste seeping in, ufff point getting ready? or maybe with all the connotations of "achaar" and purity, etc., associated with it, it has deeper meaning.

la and shyam will become instrumental in bringing khushi into asr's life. when something must happen, and if it's to be for the good of two innocent clear hearts, even the devil will become nursemaid. and every adversary turn friend. such i guess is the power of an idea whose time has come.

of course nani, and di ably help in this mission. right in the nick of time nani says, "ek taraf khushi hai... itni samjhdar, itni samhli hui... har shabd mapa hua... her kadam suljha hua." on one side is khushi... so intelligent, together and measured... every step thought out...

"aur doosri taraf? woh mees kassyap... agar ek pratishat bhi agar woh khoosie ki tarah hoti toh..."
on the other! that miss kassyap, if she were only one percent even like khushi...
shyam was lost in his dingy dream of khushi and talking "wise," having completely failed with naniji this time (yay yay yay clever nani), his besotted wife pondering his words (dialogue writer filled thi
s bit with leads, clues, hintwas galore), when the truth slipped out,

"khushi ke liye kuch toh samadhan dhoondna hi hoga..." he was looking for a solution to his problem, wanting to find a way to khushi.

"ji?!!" jumped in his wife... and he showed her the way...

"aisa koi upay jisme sabka khushi ho"... a solution that would make all happy, he stuttered in looking to cover his gaffe.

and she got it. the key is khushi. shyam unlocked the door and held it wide open for her. bless the snake. in lucknow style though, i want to kick him out with of the same door with a "pehle aap," first you, sir.

khushi is deep in devi maiya conversation and tells us a bit about herself.
"ek aap hi toh hai dm joh hamare iss hasin ke peechhe ki pareshani samajh sakti hain?" you are the only one who understands the tension hidden behind my smile. so that's her defence... humour. we'll see plenty of it. some of it delightful. the rest, ah well.

aisa kyun hota hai...
asks anjali and my heart skips a beat, remembering holi.

"himmat... ab kauno heel tap se kude ka padi ka?" courage... do i have to leap off a hill top, screeches mami. again my heart goes zzzup. don't tell me the 3 july 2012 cliff top scene was already on the cards almost a year before that? her words like a payal bring on a tumble of flashbacks. mami is a sweet one, i say.

shyam tried his best to "hide" khushi, but she refuses to budge from delhi and run to lucknow...
"devi maiyaa ka ishara galat nahin ho sakta...
upay khud chalkar hamare paas aaygi"...
the solution will walk over to us.

wrong khushi, it will race to you on wheels.

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
~~~ e e cummings~~~

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Indi  58 & 59

Indi today since morning I am catching up with my comments and hubby is simmering in anger thinking I am a workaholic and doing my work at home asking me to go slow wink wink if he hears music and dialogues he knows I am relaxing and watching some silly show but when he comes near I put my word document where I am writing the comments see how we camouflage things he is sweet and does not really peep in.Smile

Lemon is so much in demand these days to spoil things and create future tracksWink

so, after meeting her favourite rakshas whom she can't leave alone and go away from "hamesha ke liye," and all the upheaval of him catching her, metaphorically as well as literally, the tension of confrontation, the irritation of being interrupted by a possessive la, plus the thick swarming of emotions within as a result of not knowing what's getting to her really but something certainly is, khushi decides the way out of this situation is to concentrate on the work at hand and get into the party mood.



Quite a enterprising/mature/childish girl/woman of substance madam we have here sachayi se jee todh mehanat karne wali,sab ko Khush karne wali bringing all the sunshine in Letting the blessed sunshine in everyone's lives despite her Raskshas, insulting laad Governor who keeps saving her,and the problems her family are going through.

khushi at her most resolved, beautiful, convinced, convincing, sanaya spectacular in portraying this innocence and ingenuity. her beautiful lilting voice spectacularly well modulated in this scene. and how lovely her wide, fearless smile, eyes clear... untouched by the material world, spirit shining through.

Very well put and to think whenever ASR mets her he rubs her as money minded how far from the truth he is all thinks in terms of profit and loss. Business.

i loved khushi's deep understanding of relationship. it is indeed a bit above and beyond the sanction of rituals and customs. which is why the later khushi, who loved her arnavji possibly more than she loved herself, yet couldn't accept her relationship without rituals, seemed odd. especially since asr said they were legally wedded. i bet in the original plot, the story was somewhat difference. the girl who had a valid point against crackers one diwali was saying just the opposite the next year. same with riti riwaaz and marriage. khushi loved the idea of marriage and its customs, if asr devised it on his own to make her happy, one thing, but what was shown was strange, if we are to believe in these beautiful characters that make us think and feel so happy.


Iss CVs ko kya naam doon jaane kyun ek chehare par doora chera laga lete hai log(why people change their face)very well put.

khushi is managing to make anjali happy, a job asr depends on himself for. he sees her doing this, she's taken aback, immediately worried. doesn't take a second for him to unsettle her completely, get under her skin. same with him, looks as though he wants to say something but, ah, the words just don't come. "usski shakti toh pati patni ki aankhon mein hoti hai... unki chupi main hoti hai... aur mushkil waqt mein chehre pe muskurahat laane mein hoti hai." the smile has been brought back, though the relationship is still sitting quietly in a closet behind lots of brown black grey navy blue and refusing to come out.

Using their dialogues to describe the feeling of ASR and Khushi wah wah wah what the '.. what a analysis.

Yeh mamiya is very bad but then otherwise how will Khushi come back to RM but then as they say every action has a reaction.and life is Khabi Khushi Khabi Gum

Liked the way how you compared the mess both Khushi and La were in and how they need each other to come out of it.

in a bit of a clinch. maybe her sixth sense picked on the attraction that no one was ready to face. so she was even disturbed about that.

She has seen it in the office and now at home how extreme not normal asr behaves with Khushi too much feelings and emotions with others he is just emotionless .


Devi maiyya working for her fav bhakt who also plays roota rooti with her so also Devi maiya.

So her anger made her make jalebis and also take care of the situation by having the mithai for guests who all loved the hot and fresh jalebis served after dinner praising the maker and La drank and made a fool of herself calling Naniji Gabbar making her mad others shocked including mami and also making ASR angry.

The street smart Khushi's reaction is something which is helpful for all yet La has to learn lot of things from Khushi finally she will also act in a way getting the appreciation of all when she leaves RM

Shyam a big crook two timing his wife but he is also instrumental in bringing ASR Khushi waiting for him to reap what he is sowing now.

Thanks Indi for your indepth analysis love reading your posts.

ASR (mane na mane)whether he wants to accept or not this is what is happening A song for him and Khushi
Aane se uske aye bahaar 
badi mastani hay meri mehbooba
meri zindigani hay meri mehbooba

iss hawa ko mein to us ka lehrata aanchal kahooon ga
iss ghata ko mein to us ki aankhoon ka kajal kahoon ga
kaliyon ka bachpan hay phoolon ki jawani hay meri mehbooba, mehbooba
badi mastani hay meri mehbooba

beet jate hein pal kat jati hein barkha ki raatein
ham na jane kiya kiya karte rehte hein aapas mein batein
mein thoora diwana thoori si diwani hay meri mehbooba
badi mastani hay meri mehbooba

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