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I must tell about this man I met at work today.

A nice, well-built man in his early 50s walked into the Emergency room and sat up on the bed.
The nurse told him to change to the hospital gown and lie down. The doctor will come and see him soon.

Well, I didn't see him so soon.
I had to sort out some very sick patients first.
By the time I came to him, he looked very irritated and annoyed.
"Just give me some strong pain killer for my splitting headache and I'll go home and have my tea. I don't want to waste my time waiting here."...he growled at me.

I apologised to him.
(Imagine the irony of my situation hereStern Smile...apologise to him for what??? For wasting my time and the hospital's time!?)

Well, I kept my professional manners intact and asked him what the problem was.
He came with a letter sent by his family doctor. He had acute sinusitis with worsening headache, which did not improve with pain killers and antibiotics. His family doctor was concerned he may have a more serious problem and had requested me to do a CT brain for him.

So I arranged for him to have a CT brain and gave him a strong pain killer.
I examined him and apart from his sinusitis and the headache it causes...I couldn't find anything wrong with him. I told him once he got the scan done, he could go home to his wife and follow up with his family doctor.
By this time, the pain killer kicked in and he was feeling better.
He looked less annoyed and he gave me a big smile...he had a lovely smile. He apologised for his abrupt behaviour too.

While he got his scan done, I continued to see other patients.
Half an hour later, I saw his CT images and report.
It was written in bold letters: "small meningioma seen in right parietal region. chronic sinusitis present in left ethmoid bone."
I discussed with my boss and the neurosurgeon.

I came back to him. He was smiling like a 1000 watt bulb.
"Hey, look at headache is gone now and I feel great!! Thanks for all your help. I'll go home now and have my tea."

I said, "Hold on...before you go home, I need to talk about your scan report.
I have some good news and some bad news."

His beautiful smile disappeared and he became apprehensive.
He composed himself bravely and said "Give me the bad news first."
"You have a small brain tumour inside your head" I told him.

He stared at if I just cracked the worst joke. Except I wasn't joking.
I could tell he was shocked.

Then I gave him the good news..."The good news is it's only 9 mm!!"
I said those words so cheerfully, he looked at me in horror...

"How the hell is that suppose to make me feel just brought back my headache again!!"

By this time, I broke into laughter. "The secretary actually made a typing error on the scan report. She wrote the tumour size as 90mm, instead of 9 mm. 90 mm is 9 would be in very critical condition if you had a 9 cm tumour inside ur head, you know!!"

He laughed with me. "Oh, 9 mm is not so bad as 9 cm...I didn't think of it that way..."
Actually, he laughed with tears in his eyes...happy tears.

I reassured him he was not in any danger, it was only an incidental finding, and to follow up with his family doctor and the neurosurgeon. He thanked me and left the hospital.

It is amazing to see how people walk into the hospital with such a strange attitude...that they have everything under control...only to be humbled that they can actually leave the hospital alive without losing their life!!
One numerical digit on one scan report can literally turn one's life upside down.

Have gratitude for what you have in your life - it is priceless compared to what you wish for.

Advanced wishes for a wonderful Diwali!!Smile

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This world is full of broken things. Broken hearts, broken promises, broken men, broken people. This world, too, is a fragile construct, a honeycomb place where the past leaches into the present, where the weight of blood guilt and old sins causes lives to collapse and forces children to lie with the remains of their fathers in the tangled ruins of the aftermath.
I am broken, and I have broken in return. Now I wonder how much hurt can be visited upon others before the universe takes action, before some outside force decides that enough has been endured. I once thought that it was a question of balance, but I no longer believe that. I think that what I have done was out of all proportion to what was done to me, but that is the nature of the revenge. It escalates. It cannot be controlled. One hurt invites another, on and on until the original injury is all but forgotten in the chaos of what follows.
I was a revenger once. I will be one no more.
But this world is full of broken things.

                                       john connolly
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 changing season and forever change

                 Lighting the lamp for the gods who reside in a complex inside my cupboard has been a daily ritual and somehow has become as important as brushing my teeth,bathing and fillingmy belly with breakfast.So i lifted the plastic bottle which calls itself oil meant for gods and tilted it towards the lamp and well nothing happened.the oil did not por out and wondering why i peered into the bottle and yes the oil was there but all white and solid.sighing i thought to myself oh well the seasons have changed and the terrible heat of the summer has finally eased and winter if you can call that is upon chennai.growing up we knew rains would come sometime during september and the skies would deliver their pregnant clouds and some would have premature rain babies in august and some would miscarry as early as july.but the times are changing and i wonder what chennai or the rest of the country is going to be like to live in another ten twenty,heat and terrible summers maybe and less rainfall and more demand for water.maybe someday soon water will be more expensive than petrol.

                               I remember some years back i bought a basket full of vegetables and it came to some 70 or 80 rupees.but it is different now very different.I bought a half kilo of the main stuff like potatoes,tomatoes,onions and
a quarter kilo of poriyal items like beans,kaaramani and a few lemons.well i shelled out 170 rupees.i didnt say anything cos there were a few women who stood not with a bowlful of vegetables like i did but a handful and  i wondered what they would cook or what they would.I closed my eyes and then looked up and sent a prayer sorry a foul petition to those who live above and quietly asked them what the f..k was happening.From rice,wheat,coffee to onions and most of everything is being exported abroad but there is nothing left for the home market and even those stocks are being hoarded and released as the demand goes up.i guess the people who buy,sell and dabble with essential commodities have to do what they can do and must do but what about the middle class and the lower middle class people.those people who live on a fixed salary and nowadays even that is in doubt.

                            well the proverbial shit is gonna hit the ceiling and i wonder how long is the mule called citizen of india going to keep crawling under this burden and mismanagement of the country.
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Hi everyone,

                             I wish you and your families a very happy diwali,I hope life brings all of us more happiness,peace and well.


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Hi everyone

                                     I am sharing this film script which i have written with all of you and dedicating it to our forum as a diwali present.It is more or less in its full form and my director friend who asked me to write it is sending it to a few heroes and it and give me your opinion.every word is from my thoughts and i hope you all enjoy it.

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                                        SCENE 1

                                   The night has fallen into silence except for the last shops downing their shutters for the night.A heavy wind is blowing and the streetlights dosen't shed much light on a lone person our hero who is walking the street which leads to a small but famous pub.He walks purposefully and yet with stealth of a predator and we don't see his face completely since the hood on his jacket is covering it.Shadows from the dark leave the walls and two more men join the first man.There is a brief conversation more like a hushed consultation and one of them peels off and walks into the pub.On opening the door and entering the pub he is told that the bar is closed and nothing can be served .The man says okay but lingers and his eyes travel around the remaining customers in the bar who are getting ready to leave.His eyes breifly linger one particular person and having made up his mind comes out and confers with the other two.The last customers exit  the bar and one particular man slowly makes his way towards his expensive looking car and getting into it starts the car when he hears someone knocking on his window.The window slides and the man irritatedly barks at the person on what he wants.The little light that is left in the parking lot reveals our hero standing there.His eyes eyes burn with a strong intense anger and slowly his right arm reaches backward and in one smooth motion he brings a handgun out and shoots the man in the car .As the man slumps dead  our hero removes the hood and we see his face in full light and without panic he cooly gets into a bike which comes upto him and speeds away and darkness again falls on the street covering the kill and the dead.

                                        SCENE 2

                                           It is a lavish house built in the most prestigious part of chennai and it is a brand new day.Inside the house a mother makes her way to her son's bedroom to wake him up.He is fast asleep and gently telling him it is time to get up she pulls the quilt that covers him.Groaning and moaning the son tries to pull back the quilt complaining that he wants to sleep for some more time.His mother says no and that is time to go to the office with her.When her son turns his face to reply to her we see that he looks like the guy who shot the man in the car the previous night.He mumbles mom i was out the whole night and came back only early in the morning and now you want me to come to the office.And he tries to convinvce her to go ahead and then mumbles that dad would understand and let him sleep for some more time.His mother laughs and says ram you dad left early in the morning when he got the news that some VVIP had ben shot and killed late last night.And you being the son of a police commissioner are wasting your time roaming the city with your useless friends.Ram fels ashamed and slowly gets up and goes to the bathroom.

                                         SCENE 3

               Our hero and his mother are in the car and they are being driven to their offices.The heavy rain that poured a couple of days earlier is still stagnating in muddy pools along the roads and should soon dry up under the blazing sun.As their car is passing along the busy city road one of the wheels runs over a small pool of water near a bus stop.Our heroine is waiting with her friends to board a bus and she is carrying a few paintings which she has painstakingly sketched.Our hero's car runs over the water near the bus stop and it splatters on the heroine and most importantly all over the sketches she is carrying and in the process ruining it.Our heroine priya yells at the car which stops immediately and our hero ram and his mother get out and come towards priya and on seeing that their car had accidentally splattered water and destroyed her paintings,ram's mother offers to pay for her loss and brings out her checkbook and says she is willing to pay anything to compensate for her loss.But priya calms down and says it is  ok madam,it was just an accident and i am not willing to take money for it.And moreover no money can compensate an artists mind for i draw for my own pleasure and would sell my paintings to only those who would appreciate my talent and creativity.Ram and his mother are impressed with priya and ram's mother remarks in the car that priya was really a wonderful human being and would be a great wife for someone.

                                             SCENE 4

                      Ram enters his office and sits by himself in his cabin.His mother comes and tries to talk to him about some import deal and he just mumbles something in reply.HIs mobile rings several times but he is just not there for his heart and mind are lost and somewhere else.He seems dazed and his heart is racing.He realises that it is priya who is having this effect on him and that if it felt so good it must be love and that too true love.Ram is a grown up guy and has been around girls and that too very good looking girls and yet he feels drawn to priya and he decides that he has too meet her again for more than anything he feels nice when she is around  and realises that she is  the woman of his dreams and going to be the only woman of his life

                                                  SCENE 5

                                  Meanwhile it is lunch-time in the gallery where priya is working and she and a few of them are having lunch together.Priya's friends keep teasing her and tell her that she should have taken the money which the lady in the car had offered her for compensation  for destroying her paintings.Priya has a co-worker called vivek who is really funny and swwrt guy but has a very sarcastic tongue and he says at least then you could have sold some paintings and the gallery could have made money.vivek who secretly has a crush on priya starts a useless conversation that men are better than women.The arguement heats up and finally vivek challenges that while he can go dance on the road priya will be not be able to that.

                                                SCENE 5-A

                         Ram is in his car when his mother calls him and asks him to join her for a business lunch for she is meeting some top company executives from europe and if he was there he could meet and also learn something.But ram lies that he has to meet some friends whom he is going to see after a long time and that he will not be able to meet them again soon.His mother says ok but it is high time you started concentrating on you priorities and responsibilities towards your family and buisness.Ram says a hurried ok,whatever mom,whatever you say for his thoughts are all on priya and just as his car nears the gallery where priya is working he sees that the traffic is jammed up and then sees priya dancing on the road.

                                                   Scene 6 SONG NO.1

                      Priya accepts the challenge and starts dancing.Vivek did not expect that priya would be as good at dancing as she was in painting.Ram watches priya dancing and thinks she must be some kind of angel who has come down from heaven.He knows for sure that priya is the only woman for him and decides that if he marries it will be priya and no one else.Meanwhile the whole road jams up due to people stopping their vehicles aand admiring her dancing skills and beauty.Finally someone calls the police and just as they arrive  priya's friends warn her by calling to her and she runs back into the gallery.Ram returns home day dreaming about himself and priya.

                                        SCENE 7

                          Ram is lying in his bed  imagining himself and priya dancing together totally in love with each other.Rams father comes into the house and we understand that he is the city commissioner of police.He asks his wife where ram is and she tells him that he is in his room.Ram's father is surprised and and wonders how come that his son is in the house and that too in the evening when he is usually out partying with his buddies.He then tells his wife to check and see if ram is sick or feeling unwell for otherwise he is never in his bedroom.Ram's mum says he must be just tired and taking a nap or watching something on television.

                                        SCENE 8

 Next day ram comes to the gallery where priya works just to se her and to try to talk to her.He buys a few paintings which he knows is priyas work and requests that he would like to meet and thank the artist personally.Vivek dosen't like this one bit and feels jealous that ram is trying to meet priya.So he sarcastically comments that what next would you like to meet m.f hussian,picasso and van gogh.And says that one has to be dead to meet all of them and tells ram that it is not possible to meet priya.But ram meets the gallery owner who calls priya in and ram congratulates her for her skills.Priya feels shy and as is her habit starts to chew on her fingernails,seeing which ram says it is not a good habit and leaves more in love than before.

                                     SCENE 9-MONTAGE

                        Ram uses the pretext of buying paintings and keeps visiting the gallery and ends up buying all her work.He hangs all the paintings in his bedroom and soon all the walls in his bedroom are covered by priya's paintings.Just to impress priya he starts reading a lot about famous painters and various styles of painting.He uses this information and  priya tells that it is good to know about the artists whose paintings are purchased.But she says sadly most people buy paintings just keeping their future value in mind and most buy it just for a investment.Ram tells her that if she could recommond any books about artists he would buy them and learn more.Vivek sarcastically hears this and says soon you will become a painter and try to compete with us when as it is we are not able to sell our own paintings.Vivek says you buy only priya's paintings why not buy my paintings and tries to pass of his amateur stuff.He has sketched a donkey which looks like a dog and a woman who looks like a monkey.Everybody laughs at vivek and sya that he is a better at working in the gallery rather than trying to paint.

                                SCENE 9-A Establishment of new characters

                               Just off the busy main road it is a shop which sells small provisions like paan,cigarettes,soda and tamil magazines and news papers.adjoining the shop is the shop owners house and a sorry looking middle-aged man is being yelled at by his short tempered wife.The wife's equally timid and nervous looking brother watches on and both men are literally scared of the the terrible woman who nags for nothing and everything.The womans brother speaks his mind aloud and says to his brother-in-law,this is how she kept nagging and nagging and finally unable to bear it anymore her first husband ran of to kasi or probably committed suicide.Apart from small items which were being sold the secret is that the shop on the sly sells po*n story books which has a regular clientile but most men avoid coming to the shop when the man's wife is there for everybody feared her harsh words and nature.

                                     SCENE 10

                         Ram comes to the gallery and vivek seeing him sarcastically says,boss you have purchased all the paintings done by priya,why you have been mad enough to buy paintings which in fact where canvasses which priya accidentally spilt paint on.So you see there is no point in you coming here anymore and we will inform you if there are any more paintings being done by priya,so until then please don't come and disturb us.But ram says that he wants priya to do a portrait of him in a natural scenic background to which priya agrees .vivek is really upset with ram for finding a new excuse to be with priya again and curses him.Ram and priya agree that they would start work on the portrait from tommorrow and saying bye ram leaves and come down to his car.His plan is to slowly become friends with priya and later develop it into love and marraige.

                                      SCENE 11

                           Ram comes to his car and is surprised that the art gallery owner is there waiting for him.The owner a kind and soft spoken man tells ram that he understands that ram is in love with priya.But explains that priya is an orphan and has come up inlife the hard way and that ram shouldn't cheat her and break her heart.Ram assures the gallery owner that he comes from a very decent family and that his dad was the police commissioner and that his intentions are honorable and  if priya is not interested in him he would leave her alone and would never disturb her again.

                                     SCENE 12

                      It is nighttime and priya is chatting with her roommate in the ladies hostel where she stays and comes to work daily.Priya mentions that she is meeting Ram the next day to draw his portrait.Her friend teases her and says that this love starts and asks her to marry and settle down for ram is a well of guy.But priya bluntly refuses that there is anything betweer her and ram and that there will not be anything like that in the future.She stresses that her life's goal is to work hard and make something out of all the hard work she has put in her career and that she will not love come between and her and her career.

                                         Scene 13

                    It is the next day in a quiet scenic place and priya is getting ready to sketch ram who is just sitting there and staring at her.Priya asks ram on what kind of sketch he would prefer to which ram replies in a mischievous way that he would like her to sketch him a in a romantic mood.Feeling a bit shy and uncomfortable priya begins to sketch when ram abruptly declares that she is very beautiful.Priya stops and glares at him and asks him if there is anything connected to his observation and to the job she has come to do.Not knowing what to say ram sheepishly says sorry that was a bit out of line track.After a few minutes He slowly asks priya if she has in love with anybody and priya says no and questions on his doubt.Ram says that priya being so beautiful,lot of guys must have propsed love to her and chased after her.Priya keeps sketching and replies that there is nobody in her life and that nobody had proposed to her for none had the guts to approach her with those kind of things in their mind.Ram dosen't know how to proceed for priya seems to have an answer for everything.

                                         After a few minutes priya feeling bad for ram asks him if he is in love with anybody and ram immediately looks at her and replies yes.Ram then ask priya on how long it has been since they first met each other and priya replies that it is nearly three months to which ram says he has been in love since then.Priya angrily asks him what he means by that and ram quickly replies that he was not talking about her.So priya asks ram if he has told the girl that he loves her and he says that he is yet to tell her for he feels that time is not right and asks priya if she thinks it is time to tell the woman he loves her.Priya replies on why is he asking her for permission to tell the girl of his dreams that he loves her.

                          SONG SEQUENCE

                        Priya sketches ram and it is in different places with different back grounds and slowly their love develops

                                         SCENE 14

                    After the song sequence ram and priya are returning to the car when they come to a bungee jumping spot and ram excitedly tells priya that he wants to try bungee jumping and goes of to do it.After finishing ram asks priya to help him climb back and reaches out his arm to her.Priya catches his arm and as she is pulling ram up he asks her if she will marry him.Shocked at this sudden question priya abruptly lets ram's hand go.Seeing this ram joke's that she has let him go so quickly even before their marraige.Priya smilingly reaches out and pulls him up.Ram happily tells her that he will immediately inform his parents about their decision to get married.To which priya smilingly says that she has yet to say yes to the proposal to which ram says i will take your silence as a sign of your acceptance.Priya shyly  smiles and acknowledges with a nod.Ram says that tomorrow is a friday and an auspicious day.i will come and pick you up and we will meet our parents together and inform them.Priya requests ram to take her back to her gallery because she has lot of work pending and she might have to work until late in the night.Happily and in love they return back.

                                                SCENE 15

                          It is getting late in the night and the timid and hen-pecked husband gives a parcel to his brother-in-law and asks him to deliver it to certain persons and gives him the directions.And as usual his loud mouthed wife starts screaming that he is making her brother work too hard and asking him to go out late in the night.Her brother laughs and mumbles to himself that already one husband had run off and very soon this one to will run to kasi or rameswaram.The timid husband tells his brother-in-law that the box contained po*n books and that he has to be careful and helps him to tie it to his bicycle and sends him off.

                                          SCENE 16

                    Priya finishes off her work and realises it is late in the night and so leaves the gallery.Struggling to find an auto she starts to walk and remembers that there is an auto stand a few kilometers away.She reaches a subway and goes down for it will save her a few minutes and help reach her destination sooner.And at the same time our hero is standing on the other side with a friend waiting for someone or something.He hears a woman scream and comes into the subway and sees a woman being harassed by a few drunkards.It is priya who has got into trouble by taking the subway as a shortcut.Our hero tells the rowdies to let the girl go but they don't listen and a fight takes place.Our hero nearly kills  two of them and they fall down bleeding and the third guy runs away.Priya thanks our hero and says that she is shocked and surprised to find ram there at this time of the night.Our hero calmly looks at her and says i am sorry but i have never seen you before and i don't know who you are.Not knowing how to react to this priya tries to talk to him when he angrily pushes her away and asks her to leave before he gets angry with her too.

                                       SCENE 17

                           Just as priya is leaving the subway the man with the parcel tied to his cycle is circling the road trying to find the people to whom he has to deliver the parcel.True to his nature he carelessly dashes against a parked tempo and the parcel tied to his cycle explodes with a huge bang killing him instantly.At this exact moment priya and our hero rush out of the subway and witness the scene with shock and fear.Our hero turns towards priya and with a real expression he warns her to leave the place at that very moment.Just minutes later the police arrive and soon followed by an ambulance.

                                          SCENE 18

                     Priya is unable to sleep and has nightmares in which ram seems to haunt her as a vampire and other evil personalities.

                               Song sequence-3

                                      Priya wakes up from her dream screaming and it is already bright and early in the morning.Priya's friend comes and informs her that ram is waiting downstairs for her.She then teases priya saying,yesterday you said let him talk about love and such things then see how i will react to it and now you are ready to go out with him.Priya replies that she said those things only if ram had proposed love but i did not tell you what i will do if he proposes marraige which is honorable and shows that he is a decent man from a good family.She leaves the hostel and joins ram and they drive towards his home.

                                        SCENE 19

                        Ram and priya are in the car travelling when priya says slowly tells him that she saw him last night.Ram turns and jokingly asks where in your dreams.Priya is confused and dosen't know what to make of the whole incident and wonders what ram is upto.Ram turns to her and says.priya you are coming to my house for the first time,so please have a better and sweeter expression on your face rather than the lost and confused look you have right now.

                                              SCENE 20

                         Ram brings priya and introduces her to his parents.Ram's mother says to her husband that she has already met priya and that she is happy that ram has met such a wonderful person.Ram's dad although being the police commissioner is a very down to earth and simple person and enquires about priya and what she does.Ram tell's priya that his dad came from a poor family and he had worked very hard to get to where he is now and that is why he appreciates hard working people and is not bothered about their family status or what religion they belong to.Ram further tells priya that although his mother came from a very wealthy family she fell in love with my dad for his integrity and humble personality and didn't mind even if she would have lost all her family wealth.Ram's mother says all that is enough for now,but if you want our permission to marry priya,you first have to go abroad and finish your management course in america and then come back and take charge of our company buisness.As they are taking ram's father the police commissioner gets a call and as he is talking his expression changes and leaves abruptly saying that something serious has happened.

                                         SCENE 21

                                Times have changed all over the world since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in america.Even though india has been at many wars with pakistan and china our security alert has not been at such a high since the past decade.The reason being the terrorists have become more smarter and organised.So even if many people die by killing each other with knives or other weapons it is not given much notice by the state or central intelligence wing.But a bomb blast or in event if guns are used then the highest priority is given to the crime and finding out who were behind it.

                                          So a high level meeting was taking place in the commissioners office and the forensic teams were producing what evidence were found at the scene of the crime.The forensic and bomb expert reported that rdx or plastic explosive was the cause of the explosion and that four people had died in the blast.Three who died were pavement dwellers and the one final one who died was the cause of the explosion.The commissoner asked if it was some sort of suicide attack to which the expert laughed and said i don't think so sir.It was just an accidental explosion while the explosive was being transported and many terrorists die or lose limbs while making a bomb or while transporting it.

                                        The forensic team further reports that a piece of the cycle frame was recovered from the blast and it had a shop address and the name of the shop.The shop was called kandan waste paper mart and it was situated just of royapettah high road.The commissioner plans immediate action and says that all people belonging to the shop and a few houses should be arrested and questioned thoroughly.And he says that it must take place in the next hour before the accused make their escape.Since the blast happened in the middle of the night he informs the department that no news should be given out to the newspapers of tv crews and if they force the issue tell them that a propane gas cylinder exploded.So a special task force is readied and sets out to carry out the mission.

                                                 SCENE 22

                                      Meanwhile in the small shop the timid husband is worried that his brother-in-law who went with the bomb parcel has not returned.And now his wife is screaming at the top of her voice that her brother is missing and soemthing has happened to him.She calls him an useless fellow and hurls abuses at him.The poor fellow tries to calm her down and says that everything is allright and he will come home soon.Just then the doorbell rings and a voice yells out post.The wife confused and worried goes and opens the door and the postman says that there is a telegram.He further enquires if there are any males in the house.The wife already worried about her brother starts blabbering that apart from her, her useless husband and her brother live with her.But now her brother has been missing from last night.The  postman requests her to call her husband to come to the door.She goes and tells her husband that a postman is waiting for him.The timid husband looks at her curiously and says he will wear some clothes and come to which the wife tells him it is just a postman not some actress for you to wear clothes and show off so just come as you are.After a few minutes the husband comes to the door and looks at the postman and realises that he is a policeman in disguise.And just as the policeman reaches into his bag to bring out his handgun the husband timid until now changes into a total different man.The stumbling,clumsy and hen-pecked husband in a split second reaches behind his back and brings out a gun and shoots the policeman in his forehead and shuts the door.His wife screaming comes out and sees her husband with a gun and before she can ask what is happening he places the gun on her forehead and shoots her point blank.Blood from his wife splatters on his face and he coolly wipes it away and says loudly,i had been waiting a long time for this and i feel sorry that i could not torture you for some time before killing you.The going to the window he randomly shoots here and there so thus scattering the advancing police force.He then removes a AK47  machine gun from under the sofa and hiding behind the window proceeds to unleash a hail of bullets.Caught unawares at this sudden onslaught 3 policemen die and in the confusion the man escapes from the house.

                                       Slowly but surely the police team advance from all sides and break the doors and enter the house.They realise that the accused has escaped but not before killing his wife.The house is thoroughly searched and huge stockpile of handguns and explosives are found.

                                           SCENE 23

                               The man who escaped is sitting in an abandoned house and is surrounded by lots of other men.They are heatedly discussing the events which led to their leader nearly being captured and they all decide that sethu is the reason for the whole disaster.
                                     Our hero sethu comes to meet the leader and he is informed about what all had happened.The leader blames sethu's stupidity for them losing their secret identities and a huge expensive stockpile of guns and explosives.Sethu boldly says that he was sorry for what had happened but that he could not just standby and watch a young girl get molested.And further more the man who was driving the cycle should have been more careful rather than carelessly going and getting into an accident.If the choice of selecting a stupid man to do such a dangerous and delicate job was done by the leader then the he is the one who should be held responsible for the whole fiasco.One man in particular who is called maaran has never liked sethu and immediately screams that sethu is talking against their leader and that he should be punished by being shot.Maaran moreover sarcastically says if you wanted to have sex or if you are feeling horny you could have told us rather and we would have arranged something rather than trying to pretend to resce some stupid woman in the middle of the night.And if a woman is stupid enough to walk alone in the night then she deserves to be raped or worse probably she was prostitute who was looking for customers.Sethu and maaran nearly get into a fight but their leader separates them and says no our fight is against the government and the rich and we will take our revenge on them.

                            The leader then warns sethu that if he does any further stupid actions on his own then he will be severely punished for his actions affect all of them.Sethu asks what he should do,just stand by and let innocents suffer.The leader says our cause is more important than the lives of a few innocent victims,be it man or woman.He says that they are in a war and that a few lives will be lost and that should be considered a sacrifice to save the lives of millions.He proclaims that if the police wanted a fight then they would get a fight and will be taught a lesson which they will never forget.He reveals his plan that by attacking the police commissioner they can show what they are capable of and the police will realise what kind of men they are dealing with.He orders his man to gather all the information about the police commissioner and his family and their daily movements and when they are unaware we will make a move.Sethu is stunned and feels guilty but he has no choice other then to follow his leader's orders.

                                         SCENE 24

                          A few weeks pass and ram is getting ready to go to the airport for he is flying out to america to complete a small course in buisness management.This trip is more to show his parents that he is serious about his future and his responsibilities towards his family buisness and also in the process to get married to priya.Ram and priya keep looking at each other and both realise that this brief parting will be very painful and also how deeply they have become attached to each other.Ram's father assures his son that both will keep an eye on priya and se that she is safe.Ram tell priya that they could keep in touch via facebook,twitter and video chatting.Vivek who has also come with them jokes that ram should stay back in chennai than go abroad if he was just going to be chatting with priya rather than working when in america.All of them laugh and ram boards the flight and leaves.Priya sheds a few tears but decides to remain strong and concentrate on painting more until ram comes back to her.

                                               SCENE 25

                               Priya returns to the gallery when she is called to her boss's office cabin.He tells her that some art work from an european artist has been sent by ship and requests her to go to the port trust office and collect it and gives her the required documents.He asks her about her plans after ram comes back and priya says that she would like to continue to work in the gallery if her boss has no objection.He says that he will be happy to have her to continue to work there and that he treats priya more like his daughter.
                                                    SCENE 26

Thanking him for his confidence priya takes the office vehicle and reaches the port trust office.The consignment officer asks her to wait for ten minutes before he arranges the goods to be brought from the holding shed.Priya is waiting and getting bored she wanders around the compound and slowly reaches the consignment area when she sees ram working there hauling some goods and loading it into containers.Shocked and confused for just a couple of hours earlier she had sent him off to america on a plane priya goes near him and says hello.The man sethu refuses to recognise her and says she has mistaken him for someone else.Priya finally starts realising that this guy is different from the ram she loves and that they are also miracalously similar in looks.Priya decides that she must get to the root of the matter and confirm once for all that this man and her fiance are different.But the man is very rude to her and when priya tries to remind him of the subway incident he rudely asks her to forget the incident ever took place and that it is for both their good.Afte that he leaves without even a look towards her.Coming to back to collect her goods for the gallery she strikes up a conversation and tells the duty officer that she just saw soemone who resembled a classmate whom she knew very well but had lost touch.She begs and finally the officer makes a few calls and tells her that the man's name is sethu and also gives her his address.

                                                 SCENE 27-FLASHBACK

                               Priya totally confused but determined to know more about the mysterious man who had saved her comes to the gallery and delivers the goods which she had been sent to collect takes permission and goes in search of the address given to her of sethu.She locates the house which is slightly far away from the city and where small independent houses still go for little rent for they are so far away.There is a middle aged man sitting in an old bamboo chair and when the house gate creaks open he looks up and asks priya who she is and what she wants.Priya says that she knows sethu and that she has come to meet him.Relaxing the man invites her in and slowly get up using a pair of crutches and asks her is she knew sethu from school or college.He further says that it has been quite some time since sethu's friends came to visit him and asks her if she wants anything to drink like water or coffee.Then he repeats the question about how she knows sethu and priya tells him the truth that she did not to school or college with him and she knew him only a few days ago when he had rescued from some rowdies.Sethu's dad laughs and says that is so typical of him and he is so similar to me in his actions.

                           Priya asks  sethu's dad on why sethu is so detached and never talks much and moves away when she tries to be friendly with him.Sethu's dad says that life had dealt lot of bitter blows to them and they had been betrayed so many times that he had lost trust and faith in humanity.And now they both just get on with their lives and are happy with things are progressing.Sethu's dad mani says that a few years back sethu had joined law college on merit and a scholarship but all that changed because of fate.When priya probes for more details mani leans back in his chair and his eyes wander into the distance and he tells her their story.

                                Mani was a labourer in the harbor docks and although work was hard the earnings were decent for both of them to live and for sethu to continue his education.Sethu's mother had passed away after a brief illness when sethu was in his teens.After her death both mani and sethu put all their energies in their work and studies and endured on.But things were going from bad to worse in the harbor when some local goondas infiltrated their union and started to take on new laborers for lower salary.And mani had just become the local area's communist party leader.

                                       SCENE 28-FLASHBACK

                           The rowdies and their men although few had secret support from some big politician with whom they were conducting smuggling and other illegal activities.They kept bringing in lots of new people when there wer not enough jobs for the already working people.Soon work was allotted by throwing job tokens in the air and people had to scramble like animals scrambling for food and everyday things got tougher and tougher until people started fighting and hurting each other which resulted in the death of an old man.Since things had come down to such an inhuman and cruel level mani knew and then decide it was time to make a stand against all the atricities.

                                       SCENE 29-FLASHBACK

                          Since mani was a communist party member he used his party power and organised a strike in the harbor and very soon lot of other unions joined the strike and work came to a standstill.Mani spoke to all the striking members and said that rather than live and struggle like animals everyday they would strike and die of hunger boldly and bravely like self respecting men.Mani declared that until the government intervened and put an end to all this rowdies and goondas running the unions no work would take place and the news reached the labor minister.Although the strike started small and was only reported in small columns in some unknown newspapers it assumed huge significance and it the tv channels.Reports started reaching the public about lot of other illegal activities and people vanishing from the harbor work place.The minister knew that news like this would in the end damage his reputation and decided enough was enough.

                                       SCENE 30-FLASHBACK

                           The minister calls the local don or dada who is behind all this trouble and asks if the union leader is in charge or if he is in charge.He asks if he can handle the problem or should he bring somebody from outside and once that move is made then he won't be in charge anymore and will have to become the new don's assistant.The local dada is a brave man and nobody talks to him like that or threatens him like what the minister was doing but still people like him survive only with the goodwill of the people in power.And although power in the state changes every so often it would never be good advice to antagonise powerful people for they would come back to power soon and f**k up their lives.So he said i am sorry sir but i will handle the problem but i am just worried about mani for he also belongs to a party and they have strong connections to all the labor unions.

                                  SCENE 31-FLASHBACK

                            The local don records mani's speeches and comes to meet the minister in a hotel and they discuss on how to handle the problem.They both know that if something should happen and mani died then the problem would become even bigger and then the government would directly take action and they wouldn't have control of the goings on.So they make a plan to just get mani injured somehow and take him out of the picture.And with him out of the picture then they could place whomever they wanted as a new leader of the union and bribe him and get the problem solved.So with that course of action decided they start planning on how to go about it.

                                                SCENE 32--FLASHBACK

                           Mani finishes discussing with his striking members and leaders of other unions and it is dark when they decide to meet the next day.They have come to a conclusion that they would go as a team and meet the chief minister and show all the evidence which they have gathered.The dada's men hear this and immediately alert him about waht they had just heard and he realises that if he didn't act now then everything would be lost.Mani takes leave and starts walking towards the cycle stand when a small container being lifted by a crane on to a ship breaks a chain and falls down.People scream to warn mani and before he can jump out of the way of the falling container it is too late.He manages to evade and save his life but his left leg gets trapped and is instantly crushed.

                                           SCENE 33-FLASHBACK

                    Priya is shocked to know that sethu's dad had lost his leg in such a horrible accident.Mani continues to tell his story.I was in the hospital for nearly a month and the port trust took care of my medical and hospital expenses but it was not enough for my therapy and sethu was just beginning his college studies.Lot of friends tried to help me with daily expenses but how long could they help when they itself were struggling to run their family and meet the expenses.Mani continued that come what may he would help sethu finish his studies and become a lawyer and not let him know on how bad their money problems were.The house owner asked them to vacate and they come to this present place for it belonged to a fellow party member who gave it to them for very less rent.Soon the situation became so bad that mani came to decision that no father should ever make and that changed everything for sethu.

                                      SCENE 34-FLASHBACK

                           Sethu and his friends are walking along a busy main road after college and are going towards the bus stand when a person who is in a hurry pushes a crippled beggar who falls to the ground and hold his leg and cries in pain.Sethu rushes to help the man and lifts him up only to see his father who has become a beggar.Sethu is shocked and heart broken to see his father begging on the streets and hugs him tightly and cries why,why are you doing  this and what made you do this.Mani's father cries and says that he did not know  what else to do for nobody would give him a job and he  didin't want to trouble his old friends anymore.So he had decided that he would turn to begging.He further breaks down and cries that he had begged and had collected nearly 200 rupees.Sethu is not able to take it anymore and both hug and cry.

                                      SCENE 35-FLASHBACK

                              Sethu comforts his dad and heartbroken asks him what he thought was doing by begging.He asks his dad how he could hide all his suffering from his own son and go around begging showing his handicapped body.And while you were doing this i was happily going to college without a care,so what kind of son does it make me and how do you think i feel about this.Sethu says that enough is enough and from that moment on he would look after his dad.But mani refuses his offer and says no i beg or borrow i want you to finish your studies.Sethu cries and tells him,you want me to study while you continue to beg on the streets.If that is the way i have to studie then hell to my studies and to hell to my dreams.I would rather be uneducated rather than be a son who let his dad beg on the streets.But sethu's father says son listen haven't you heard of the ancient proverb that it is good to study even if you have to beg and do it.But sethu replies that if he has to educate himself then he should do the begging and not make his dad beg for his education.

                                               SCENE 36

                      Mani looks at priya and says to her now do you understand why sethu is like the way he is.He was such a happy fellow but fate dealt us both a cruel blow.He tells priya that sethu got his old job at harbour and he goes about his work quietly without involving himself with anyone or other unwanted affairs such as politics or union problems.Priya consoles him and says don't worry uncle everything will be all right.If there is anything i can do to help please don't hesitate to ask me and is about to give her mobile no when sethu walks in and says stop.Sethu says that they dont want anybody to help them out of pity after hearing their story and they will be happy if people mind their own affairs rather than rudely invade their privacy.Sethu questions priya on how she got his address at which point sethu's father intervenes and says you should be ashamed of yourself for behaving so rudely to a person who is being nice to us.He then tells priya that it is getting late and asks his son to go with her until they reach the main road and put her in a bus.

                                                 SCENE 37

                       Sethu and priya are walking together and both are quiet and lost in their thoughts.Priya slowly tries to talk to sethu for she realises that he and his father have suffered a lot and that they have become bitter and withdrawn.priya tries to convince sethu not to lose hope and try to complete his education.She tells him that she understands how much they have suffered and lost but asks him to stay positive and not to give up hope in life and its destiny.Sethu smirks and says,it is okay for well sttled people with good jobs and living in good houses to give free advice but they will never understand the depth of pain that poor people have to go through and people who have suffered tragedies in their life.Priya knows that sethu is being sarcastic and she says she understands for she is also like him.Sethu laughs loudly and asks her what she knows about suffering and what right does she have to talk about it.Priya looks at him and her eyes fill with tears which she gently wipes away and she replies, at least you have a father,at least you had a mother whom you knew.But i am an orphan and grew up in an orphanage from the time i was two years old.Everything i have, i achieved by hard work and nobody gave me anything.From the beginning everything has been a struggle for me and then again there are lots more people who are in far more worse situation than me or you.Sometimes i wish i could give up everything just to spend one minute with my parents,to see them,to lie on her lap.But this is the life god has chosen for me and i am thankful for it and will do the best with what  has been given to me and also do my best to help others in their struggles.Saying this priya breaks down and sethu breaks down with her and both talk about god and his sometimes cruel plans for everyone.Somehow both feel their hearts are lighter after sharing their problems and just then they near the bus stand.Priya turns to sethu and thanks him again for saving her that night in the subway and gives her address and contact no and requests him to call her whenever he feels like talking.They gently shake hands and priya leaves.Sethu stands there and watches her leave and sighs in sadness.He feels strangely lighter as if a heavy burden has been lifted from his soul.For the first time in many years sethu smiles and slowly walks back to his home.

                                                      SCENE 38

                              Sethu is sitting alone after lunch and is waiting for the shift to start and he slowly closes hie eyes loses himself in his thoughts of priya.Nowadays whenever he is alone all he does is dream of himself and priya together.Her strength,her positive attitude and her kindness are like a magnet drawing a piece of iron like him towards her.With a smile on his lips and the shade of the tree playing shadows on him his dream becomes a song.In the song  sethu is watching priya helping his father cook in the kitchen and talking to him.She says something funny and both roar in laughter.Sethu feels happy to see his father finally smiling and enjoying himself and he remembers him that day begging in the street.Now all this has changed because of priya.Whenever sethu feels the urge to see priya he goes to her hostel and hides near a shop and watches her going inside.He feels happy just to watch her and dosen't want to disturb her in anyway but he knows now that he has totally fallen in love with her.The song ends.

                                             SCENE 39

                          Sethu and priya are coming towards the bus stand from his house and sethu thanks her for taking so much pains to come and visit them and spend time with them.She has gifted a sketch to sethu's dad of him sitting in the chair which was realy good and made him very happy.Priya says i feel very comfortable with you both and treat you like you are part of my both are alone and i am alone but together we are able to forget our sadness and be happy.Suddenly priya asks sethu why he shouldn't get married for if there was a woman in his life she could look after them both and help his father more.Sethu says true for my dad's cooking is really bad and if a woman came into my life she  could at leas tmake better food than what my dad makes.Both laugh and then sethu sadly says who will be willing to marry him when his income his not much and most importantly who will be able to understand them and live with them.Priya says why didn't i understand you and aren't we friends now.So maybe there is a good woman out there waiting for you,searching for a man like you.Sethu thinks in his mind,priya i have already found you and is about to say something to that effect when priya tells him there is a surprise waiting for him tommorrow and sethu asks what surprise.But priya says no,just wait until tommorrow and you will see for yourself.She says bye and leaves in the bus and sethu stands and watches her go and feels that each time she leaves it is like she is taking a part of his soul with her.
Scene 40

                           The next day priya and rams parents are waiting for ram to come out for his flight has already landed.Priya's heart is beating and it is as if she can hear it above all other noises.She looks at everyone and everywhere and then ram comes out dragging a suitcase and for priya the whole world stops turning.It was like only ram was  walking towards her and her eyes could see nothing else.Ram comes towards them and touches his parents feet and then happily and smilingly turns towards priya.Both look at each other and rush into each other's arms and for that moment the whole universe disappears.Ram and priya realise that only together they feel complete and whole and how much they suffer when they are separated.Ram's dad clears his throat and says can we leave now or will there be some song sequence in switzerland for ten minutes while we wait in the airport.Everybody laughs and they get into the car.A man hiding from their view has been photographing the whole incident and calls somebody on the mobile.After listening to some instructions he replies he will do exactly that and get on to his bike and follows the car.Ram turns to his mother and says i have done what you wanted and will do more of what you want but at least now fix a date for our marraige.She says patience and that she has arranged for the engagement in two days time and once that is done she will talk to the josiyar and fix the wedding date also.Ram is really excited and turns to priya and asks who and all she is going to invite for the engagement.She jokingly says the first invitation will be for you for without you there is no engagement.Then she continues and says her list of invitees will be restricted to her hostel mates and her gallery colleagues and her boss.Then she gets excited and says that there are two more people who will come for the engagement and wedding .When ram asks who they are priya says no i don't want to spoil the surprise which i have for you.Let them come and then we will talk.Ram says whatever the surprise as long as you are with me i am not bothered about anything else.

                                                SCENE 41

                            The photos taken of ram and his family along with priya have been spread on the table and the leader of the naxalite group is staring at them.He picks up a close up photo of ram and says this guy looks so much like our sethu.If we give sethu the same clothes and a haircut then he can pass off as the commissioners son.He chuckles and says maybe our good times are about to begin and we can plan something bigger with this new discovery.The leader asks his people if anybody had seen sethu recently.One guy says that sethu has become more worse than before and is even more moodier and totally keeps to himself.Just at this moment sethu walks through the door and the leader asks him to come and take a look at the pictures on the table.He goes through the photos and then to surprisingly asks what his picture is doing her.The leader laughs and says it is not your photo but soemone who looks like you and he is also the commissioners son.The leader asks sethu if he knew or had any information about why ram looked like sethu.Sethu says no and continues to stare in shock and confusion at the photo of ram.The leader says well they say that everyone has nine others who look just like them and they are all around so maybe it is just a co-incidence.Maaran who hates sethu sarcastically says maybe sethus father worked in the police commissioners office.Before he can finish his sentence sethu pounces on maaran and smashes his face to the wall and starts beating him.The leader and the rest of the gang struggle hard and finally separate sethu from maaran.Sethu fixes him with a stare and says this is the last chance i am giving you,one more word from you about me or my family i will kill you but slowly,separating one limb at a time.

                               Finally everybody calms down and the leader says to sethu that he is got a job for him.But sethu says sorry i don't want to be part of this gang anymore.The reason i came now is to inform you of my decision and leave quietly.But the leader says that it is not so easy to leave them and asks him to do one final job and then he could leave and none of them will disturb him or his family again.Reluctantly sethu agrees for he has no choice but to do what the leader wants.He decides if i finish this job then they will let me be in peace and then i can live happily with father and priya.The leader tells sethu that he wants him to kidnap ram and asks him how he will plan this.He tells the leader that there will be too much security at the commissioners house with police patrol and cameras watching the area closely.So the best way is to do the job in public and so quickly before people can react to what is happening.Sethu says that he will follow him and if an oppurtunity comes he will take it.

                                       Scene 42

                       Three naxalite teams consisting of two members each start following ram the next day.They maintain their distance and take turns following him so as not to arouse suspicion.Thye know how important their mission is and take utmost care not to act suspicious and catch anybodys attention.

                                               SCENE 43

                              In the art gallery priya call all her colleagues and informs them of her engagement with ram and requests all of them to come for the ceremony.Everyone rush and hug and congratulate priya and she tells them that she will be continuing to work in the galelry and that she will be the same priya as before.Vivek feels a bit dissapointed that his heart his broken but jokes that if he was rich then he also would have purchased all of priya's paintings earning her good will.priya tells viviek that anybody can purchase paintings but there is no price or enough money to buy true love and only another true loving soul can purchase that.She jokingly tells vivek that she will advise her husband to buy all his paintings and arrange for an exhibition .

                                          From one of the gallery windows on the first floor priya sees ram's car pull into the gallery parking lot and jumps with joy.But then she sees a maruti van pull in right behind ram's car and two men get down from the car with their faces masked.As ram is getting out of the car he sees priya in the window and waves to her and she waves frantically that there are two suspicious men behind him.Before he can turn back one of the naxalites smashes a gun into rams head who falls bleeding and unconscious to the ground.Priya screams loudly and runs down towards the the parking lot.Just as the two naxalites are lifting ram into the van,a few passerbyes ask what happened to ram and where they are taking him.One man says that it is live camera shooting for a new action thriller and that if they disturb them then they will have to do the whole thing again.The people laugh and say ok and the naxalites leave with ram in the van.Priya comes rushing to the spot and asks the people there if anybody knew what just happened and everybody laughs and says that they just saw an action scene being filmed for a movie.Priya knows that seomething bad is happening and looks at the blood spilt from rams head.Tears pouring from her eyes she kneels down and picks up a few spots of blood and smells it and knows immediately that it is real blood.She starts screaming and finding a traffic constable she tells him to call the police control room and inform that ram has been kidnapped.The constable is confused and asks her to explain carefullu and clearly what had happened.Priya slows down and says that th epolice commissioners son had been kidnapped by two people.The constable knowing that this is really serious imediately calls up the control room about what had taken place.

                                                     SCENE 44

                        Ram's father the commissioner is surprised at first but realises that a kidnapping has taken place when priya explains the whole incident.He calls the chief minister and informs her of what has happened and she  issues complete power to take whatever action needed to get back ram.Ram's cell phone company is informed to keep watch and tell them from which area tower ram's cell phone signal is active.Then the commissioner makes a call to ram's mobile.He knows that if whoever has kidnapped his son picks up the phone and makes a converstion then there is a chance that can find out in which area ram is and concentrate on that area rather then run around the whole searching for clues and thus wasting time.


                                                      SCENE 45

                         In the van which sethu and his team have kidnapped ram a mobile rings and sethu picks up the phone from ram's pocket and looks at the screen and then switches of the mobile and removes the battery and throws it off.For he knows that cell phone companies can triangulate the position of the mobile and thus alert the police where they are.The police are now equipped with all the latest techniques and equipment to nab criminals but nothing can be done if they don't know who the criminals are or where they are.

                                             SCENE 46

            Not getting a response the commissioner knows that the kidnappers have dismantled ram's mobile and knows that they now mean buisness so he has to play with the cards left.He immediately orders check points to be erected at all routes which lead in and out of the city.All the police stations in and around chennai city area are given strict orders to stop and thorougly check all vehicles even if they belong to vip or vvip vehicles.He calls the intelligence wing and orders them to get in touch with all police informers hoping one of them would lead them to the kidnappers or at least give some clue to who they are.

                                          Scene 47

                        The van with sethu and the kidnapped ram reach a small traffic jam and looking to see what the cause was sethu realises that a check point has been erected and all vehicles were being thoroughly checked.Sethu is confused and realises that the element of surprise is gone and that ram's disappearance has been known and that the police are now searching for him.Sethu curses his luck and realises that another ten minutes and they would have reached their hideout but now it was too late and a new plan had to be made.So he tells the guy who is driving the van to slowly turn around without alerting the poilce and find an abandoned place nearby so they can plan on what to do next.

                                                  SCENE 48

                        In the commissioners office rams mother is totally heart broken and worried sick about her son and she cries to her husband to do something soon and get him back safely.She says being the city police commissioners wife she has met a lot of people due to her husband's job and consoled people whose families had met with tragedies but now when she is faced with a problem she is not able to remain calm for now she is just a mother like everyone else crying for her missing son.She says ram could have stayed back in america instead of coming back so soon.Both priya and her husband  console her and tell her to be strong.Ram's father says the police have started a door to door search and will soon find where ram is being held and bring him back safely.But inside he is also worried that the people who kidnapped ram might just do something drastic if threatened too much and with their backs against the wall.

                                                SCENE 49

                          Meanwhile in the abandoned building sethu realises that they cannot stay hidden for long as the police will first go through places like where they are presently hiding.So coming up with a plan he tells one of the members of his gang to go to the nearest government hospital and get a death certificate,a mortuary van with a coffin to carry a body in and come back immediately.When the man asks what all that is needed for sethu just yells at him and says just do what i have ordered you to do and sends him off.Then he asks the other gang member to inject ram with another dose of sedative and make him unconscious and then tie bandages around his head and make him look like a person who had died of an accident.The man roughly takes a knife and cuts ram in a place who screams in pain.Sethu screams at the guy and asks him to first sedate ram before doing the cutting.Once the sedation is given ram slips into a deep sleep and sethu picks up the knife and gets to work.

                                              Scene 50

                        Twenty five police teams each headed by an assistant commissioner start the door to door search in every area inside the city.They know by experience that the kidnappers must be hiding somewhere at the edge of the city for it is difficult to do that inside the city since the police informers would have told them the same.They began their intense search in the godown areas near mint,royapuram and thiruvottiyur.The police commissioner had called up local  goondas and told them that he would forget their petty  cases if they helped the police find his son.So even the criminals were hunting for the naxalites and it was just time before they would be caught.

                                             SCENE 51

                                   Sethu's gang member comes back with a mortuary van and with a death certificate and complains that he had to hold a gun to a medical officer in stanley medical hospital and threaten him that if he called the police then he along with his family would be killed in a bomb attack.So frightened he gave the necessary documents and also helped arrange a vehicle with uniform for me to pose as a mortuary van driver.Then they load the unconscious ram into the coffin who with all the bandages really looks like a person who died of an accident.Sethu warns his mates not to resort to violence until the last moment and if there was any trouble he would be there to handle it.Just as they leave the abandoned building  via the back entrance they hear the police arriving at the front gate.Sethu and his gang members quietly but hurriedly take off into the night and just then it starts raining.

                                                SCENE 52

         The mortuary van carrying ram in the coffin is driven slowly for they don't want to get into any unnecessary trouble or accident and invite trouble which is the last thing they need.But their way out of the city to their forest hideout is again blocked by a checkpost and there is huge contigent of policemen armed with machine guns.They reach the checkpost and a head constable comes and asks where they are going.The gang member says he is carrying the dead body of an accident victim which is at the back and that the rest of the people are the dead mans relatives.The constable opens the door and shines a torchlight and checks the coffin.But the body is totally damaged and bloody and he knows if it is not  buried fast it will start stinking.So he checks the death certificate again and allows the van to leave.But just as the vehicle is about to make its escape an assistant commissioner a very senior officer stops and checks their details again.The naxalite members know that their time is up and get their handguns ready in case they have to shoot and make their escape.The assistant commissioner says that since the missing person is the police commissoners son they have to do their job properly and asks them to remove the body and unwrap it.The gang member who is acting as the driver says but sir the body has been through an autopsy and heavily damaged and if i unwrap the bandages then who will prepare the body again to hand it over to the family.There is an argument but the assistant commissioner refuses to budge and says that the body has to be checked and the identity confirmed with the death certificate or else they will not be able to leave.Things get heated and just as the gang members are reaching for their guns a voice calls out UNCLE.The assistant commissioner turns around and sees ram there and surprised  asks what he is doing here when the whole police force was searching for him.Ram is surprised and says what is this and why is the police force searching for me.The AC says that his dad got a message saying that he had been kidnapped and his fiancee to witnessed the whole incident and when they tried contacting him via his mobile but were unable to do so.Ram laughs and says,uncle i am really sorry for this whole confusion.It is just that i lost my mobile or it was stolen today and i was with my friends partying and did not realise that the time had flown and then decided to head back home when we  were stopped at this checkpost.Everybody are relieved and the assistant commissioner asks ram to talk to his dad through the wireless handset.Ram speaks to his dad but there is too much disturbance because of the rain and lightning and ram comforts his dad and says he will there as soon as possible.With ram safe the check post is removed and everybody is allowed to go.The assistant commissioner tells ram to come with him and he will drop him off at his house but ram says no  he will manage for his car is there.The assistant commissioner comes to the car and sees off ram who drives off.

                                            SCENE 53

                            In ram's house everyone is really happy and relieved when they get the news that ram is safe and is coming back.Priya sits quietly thanking god with tears in her eyes when rams mother comes and sits next to her and holds her hand.Priya says only now i am able to breathe properly and feel alive for i was numb with fear of what might have happened to ram.Rams mother embraces her and says nothing will happen to my son,nothing will happen to my ram and he will surely come back safely to us.

                                              SCENE 54

                       The mortuary van is abandoned near the highway and ram who is now conscious is shifted to a maruti gypsy and the whole gang disappear into the rugged forest.Ram is now totally alert and is aware that he is in real danger but is smart enough not to make any stupid moves and make the kidnappers angry.He acts as if he is still slightly groggy from the sedative and waits for the right moment to make his escape.He closes his eyes and thinks of priya and immediately feels better.His thoughts turn towards his parents and is worried for them for he knows how much they love him and will be  really heart broken when they know he has been kidnapped.

                                               SCENE 55     

         Time passes ram does not turn up and now the assistant commissioner and his team arrive to report to the commissioner.They swear that ram was the person they spoke at the check post and also the car he was driving.Everybody is confused and are not able to make sense of what had happened and slowly the tension starts mounting again.The assistant commissioner says his suspicions are on a mortuary van which i was about to check but could not do it for just then ram appeared.With this added information the confusion increases and a search alert is put out for the mortuary van.

                                                  SCENE 56

                            Deep in the forest and in their well hidden hideout the naxalite leader is preparing a video to be delivered to the police commissioner.With his face covered and facing the camera the leader places a knife on rams neck and says,once this video reaches you in the next 24 hours a sum of 5 crores should be delivered as ransom to a place they will inform just before the money is going to be dropped.If the money is not delivered then rams dead body will be left in the city piece by piece and who knows maybe even a year later we might decide to send his head in a parcel.So just follow the instructions and don't get smart and do anything stupid.The recording is made and the leader instructs his team on how it should reach the police commissioner.

                                              SCENE 57

                          The next day a courier comes to the police commissioners office and delivers a parcel containing the video.He is questioned thoroughly but is unable to give any vital clues about the whereabouts of ram.The police realise that he is innocent and has nothing to do with the kidnapping but still detain him for further questioning.The video is played and everyone watch it and feel terrible for rams parents.The assistant commissioner swears that it was ram  to whom they spoke to at the check post but there was something different about his voice or the way he walked.He says he can't be hundred percent sure but repeats again and again that it was ram that he and his team spoke to and saw him leaving in his own car.At this point priya starts suspecting something and just to make sure leaves the house and goes to sethu's house.

                                            SCENE 58

                     Priya enters sethus house and sees a tamil newspaper lying on the table which is carrying the  headlines of the kidnapping of the police commissioners son.She picks up the paper and is going through it when sethu comes out of the bedroom.Priya looks into his eyes and then stares at sethu intently and realises  that there is something  different yet familiar about him.She slowly walks towards him and shoves the newspaper into his face.Sethu is stunned and dosen't know what to say or how to react.He mumbles priya what has happened to you and why have you come at such a 
time.Father has just gone nearby and he will be back soon.Priya screams loudly asking himto shut up for the minute she saw the guilt in sethu's eyes she knew he was somehow involved in rams kidnapping.But she is not sure on how he was involved or with whom he was involved.At this moment all she is wants is ram to safely return home unharmed.

                                    Priya grabs hold of sethus shirt and shakes him and asks him to tell the truth on why  he was involved in rams kidnapping.With tears in her eyes she looks at sethu and says all this years i had no one to love me and grew up alone and now when i have finally found someone to love and who loves me in return and are about to be married you break us up by kidnapping him.She looks at him crying and continues,i thought i would die an orphan but all that changed when i met ram.But you have made me an orphan again.Sethu is shocked and he just stares at priya not knowing what to say or how to say what was in his mind.Priya slaps sethu and tells him,i trusted you like my family and you have betrayed that precious trust.She cries why,why did you do this terrible thing,why are you hurting me like this.Who are you and what evil in you has made you do all this.

                                           Sethu looks at her and says,you only know what happened to my father in the harbour but you don't know what happened to me after that.

                               My father sacrificed his leg,his job and was finally made to beg on the streets for a  living and then i got the job and saw with my own eyes what was going on and how badly people were being treated in the harbour.

                                            SCENE 59-flashback

                       Sethu continues My  father fought and lost so much to prevent such atrocities and to free people and to stop goondas and politicians getting involved in our labour unions.But it all started again and everyday people scrambled and fought for tokens which were thrown in the air by those goondas.And just as my father could not just watch and do nothing i too fought against such activities and corruption.And when i got into a fight with those goondas one of them warned me that my father had not listened to their warnings and had lost his leg.But he was old and it did not matter  but you are young and have a future ahead you,so don't unnecessarily fight with us and lose your legs too.Sethu says he was shocked to hear that his father had not lost his leg in an accident but that someone else had planned the whole thing.He fights wand beats up the whole gang and then catching one guy tells him he will break both his legs if he does not tell him who was behind the plot in which his father had lost his leg.But the man had refused to reveal the name and finally sethu pinned him on the train track in the harbour and just as a train was about to run over the man screams the local dada's name.

                                         Scene 60

                   Sethu meets the local don who was behind all the atrocities happening at the harbor and fights with him.He beats him up and just then the police come and arrest him and take him to the police station.

                                         SCENE 61

                          Sethu is charged with lot of cases like attempt to murder and is also charged under the goondas act.He is beaten up mercilessly and the police who are under the influence of the local don and the minister say that they are going to finish his story and make it look like he was trying to escape the police and was shot to death.He is kept in the jail for many days and beaten up cruelly and is near to death.At this point a group of people led by a man come to the police station and get sethu released on bail and they spend a lot of money to the bail to get sethu out.

                                        SCENE 62

                    The leader of the group who got him released on bail take him to their hide-out and nurse him back to  health.When sethu thanks them and asks them why they took the trouble of getting him out and who they were.The leader explains that they belong to a party which works for the welfare of poor people and that they belong to the wing of the  party which takes direct action when the government or police fail to do so.The leader says some people call us terrorists and some call us naxalites but we are just soldiers without identity like the indian army has and yet we do the same duty they do and that is protecting our country against enemies that want to invade our motherland.The indian army stands at the border to fight and even they cannot do what we do and that is take action against the politicians and rich men who cheat and prey on poor,innocent and hard working people.

                                        The leader continues that their life goal is to  rid  the society of evil men like the harbour don and his political connections.He tells sethu that he has one man cannot single handedly fight with them and says that if he joined their team then they would help him to get justice for what had happened to him and his father.Saying this he places a handgun in sethu's hands and says get well soon and get your strength back and then we will go hunting for all those who hurt you.Sethu is mesmerised by the leader and swears loyalty to him and his gang.The leader says that as a mark of faith and to join the gang he has to kill somebody.Saying this he tells sethu don't worry you are not going to kill some innocent unknown man but the don who detroyed you and your happiness.Sethu agrees and after careful planning sethu shoots the don dead in the parking lot.Flashback ends.

                                         SCENE 63

                           Sethu finishes his story and looks at priya and says after i shot and killed the don i thought i would feel better that i had taken revenge for my father's sake.But the feeling was temporary for deep in my soul my conscience was telling me that i had committed a sin.I don't know why i felt like that but my anger went away but along with it went my peace of mind.Since i had sworn loyalty to the gang and because they had helped me to take revenge on the don i worked with them and committed more sins.Well i call it a sin and amistake but most people would call it justice.For the people whom we killed or beat up were cchild rapists,murderers and land grabbing mafia.After i shot the harbour don  police came in search of me but could not do anything since i had a strong alibi and our gang has a very famous and successful lawyer. When i started feeling really bad about going against the law and committing crimes in the name of justice and revenge i decided to stop all this and go back just doing my work at the harbour.And then i met you and everything changed and become clear to me.For the first time in my life i felt i had a purpose and that was to love you,marry you and live happily with you.I misunderstood your kindness and gentle soul for love and i fell deeply in love with you.So i decided that i would cut off all my naxalite connections and even leave my harbour job and probably work  somewhere else.I met my leader and explained my intentions to him and although he was slightly upset at first he later relaxed and said okay but i will call you soon for there is an important kidnapping to do and only you can do that.Do this for me and you are free to go and nobody will bother you again.In my mad love for you and only thinking about my future with you i decided i would do this kidnapping of ram as one last favour to my old gang.

                           Sethu pauses and looks at priya with tears brimming in his eyes and tells,I lost faith in myself,i lost faith in everything that is good in this earth,i lost faith in humanity and my soul was dead.But you came into my life and taught me how to live,gave me the strength to live,showed me the way to live with your courage and healed me with your kindness.And i in return have ruined your life but i promise i will change all that and see that you and ram are together again.Priya looks at him with doubt and sethu says don't doubt me for i am being honest with you and will not tell anymore lies.Sethu swears that he will return ram safely to priya and asks her to go home.He also tells her that only he can rescue ram from the gang and asks her not to tell anybody about his plan for it might bring danger to ram's life.

                             Priya agrees and turns to leave and sethu calls her name and when she turns he says  thanks.Priya asks what for and sethu says for everything.Sethu tells her that even if she does not love him or will not spend her life with him he has lived with her in his dreams and that is enough for a lifetime.He tells her jokingly,don't  forget to send a invitation for your wedding for if i can't make it at least my father will definitely attend for he cares for you deeply.Then he requests priya for a small favour and when she looks at him enquiringly he tells her should anything happen to me,please come and visit my father once in a while for he will be very lonely.Priya gently smiles and leaves.Just at the gate sethu's dad stops her and asks her to come in and have some coffee but she says sorry,i have lots  of work and rushes off.

                                                  SCENE 64

                           A press conference is arranged in the commissioners office and ram's father the commissioner and his wife are seated and around them there is total confusion with dozens of tv crews,still photgraphers and journalists  fighting for positions.Slowly the commissioner starts talking and a silence falls with only his strong but sad voice ringing in all the speakers.The commissioner announces that he is talking as not only a cop but as a father.He tells that a 5 crore ransom demand had been made for the safe return of his son ram.But he says i am going to make a counter offer .I am willing to give 10 crores for information that will help us  capture  the naxalite gang who have  kidnapped my son.I am doing this because if i give in to these kind of people it will set an example and tommorrow everybody who are in my situation will do the same thing.So me and my wife have decided to do this although it breaks our hearts to do so.

                                               SCENE 65

                   In their forest hideout the leader flings the remote at the televison set and screams in anger.Then he calms down and looks at his team and tells them that the commissioner has started a dangerous game of wits which he is going to lose.He thinks that he can bribe and corrupt our minds with money but he sadly does not realise that we do this for a noble cause and not for money.He continues that if he was older he could have been used as a pawn and handed over to the police and in that way at least their gang could have made money by his sacrifice.Immediately his gang members scream  that they would rather shoot themselves than sacrifice him and that he should stop thinking on those lines.The naxalite leader takes a deep sigh and says the commissioner has started this game and we will finish it for him.He orders that if by tomorrow morning the ransom money is not delivered to them then they are supposed to shoot ram and the killing should be recorded on video and the tape sent to the commissioner's office.Just then sethu enters the hide-out and everybody including the leader is surprised to see him.

                                 The leader questions sethu on why he has returned after telling him that he wanted to cut all ties with them and their activities.Sethu replies that since he resembles ram,he is scared that people might recognise him and the police would be informed and things would become very messy for him and his father.So he has decided to spend a few weeks lying low in their hideout and once things cool down he would go back to his job.

                               The leader says ok and tells everybody to be alert and that they might have to move in any given moment if the police should arrive.So he orders his team to post sentrys about a kilometer away from their hideout in all directions so that they will have enough time to getaway after being warned.The leader tells sethu to watch over everything and see that the orders are being carried out properly.

     Sethu walks around the hideout making changes here and there and exchanging  plesanteries with some of the gang members.He finally comes to the place where ram is being held and notices that maaran whom he really hates is the one gaurding ram.Ram is being held in a cage which is immersed inside a tank and he looks pathetic and yet there is a strong gleam in his eyes which tell that he would not give up without a fight.Maaran looks up at sethu and tells him to go away and that but for him and the leader no one has permission to be around the prisoner.Sethu smiles and says i know but our leader has asked me to check all the security once more before i go to sleep for tomorrow morning everything will be over.And sethu says i have one more thing i need to do before all this over and when maaran gets up and comes towards him asking what the one more thing was ram punches him in the throat and in one motion puts his arm around his neck and breaks it.He slowly lowers the dead maaran and spits on him and says well that one last thing was killing you for talking filth about my family.Sethu then looks around an sees if anybody had heard anything and hoisting the dead maaran onto his shoulders he walks quietly into the forest and throws it over a small waterfall nearby.He realises that he should have instead buried the body somewhere in the forest.But he also knows that time is running out and that even if the body is discovered it would be late for anyone to do anything.All he can feel in his  heart is his strong burning love for priya and the resolution to see her happy and do anything for that to  happen.Strangely he realises that for the first time in his life he feels a purpose and also happy about what is going to happen.

                                                   SCENE 66

                         Sethu comes back to the place where ram is being held in a cage and for the first time both stare at each other intently and calmly.It is also the first time ram is seeing sethu properly for he was under sedation or half unconscious when he was being kidnapped.Ram jokingly asks sethu if this was like a bad tamil film where lost twins separated at birth meet for the first time and where one is good and the other one evil.Sethu replies and says that they have little time and that he was going to save ram by making him escape from there.Ram is confused and in a voice mixed with sarcasm and anger asks him,first you kidnap me and now you want to save me.Sethu irritatedly says yeah i kidnapped  you for that is what my leader wanted me to do for the cause of our gang but now i am saving you for the sake of love.Ram is surprised when he mentions love and asks whose love are you talking about.Sethu says priya and the love she has for you.Ram gets very angry and says how do you know priya and why are you talking about her.If you do anything to hurt priya i will kill you and destroy everybody here.Sethu says calm down ram or else people will hear us and then it will be difficult to save you.Sethu tells ram to listen and do exactly what he tells him to do or else he will never see priya again.Ram calms down and asks sethu why he is betraying his gang and their beliefs.Sethu says that it is a big story and maybe one day ram will come to know about it but he doesn't have the time to tell it to him now.
                      Sethu tells ram that the whole forest is surrounded by spies who are loyal to the naxalites and if he has to esacape he has to do it quietly.Sethu tells ram that the only way out of the forest is towards the east,so follow the sunrise and after about fifteen kms you will come to a train track and a train passes there everyday sharply at about seven a.m.I f you miss that train then you will lose the only chance to escape from the forest for in the end the people here will find you.Ram asks sethu what about him,it is obvious that he is going to escape with him and maybe together they can beat the gang and make good their escape.Sethu sadly says that ram has to go by himself for he will be taking his place in the cage.Ram is shocked and refuses angrily for if he escapes then he might be killed instead of ram.Ram says i rather die than have an innocent man's death on my conscience.Sethu tells him that he is not innocent and that right now there is no other way.Both argue and sethu slowly realises that priya has made the right choice in choosing ram for her life and now is more determined to protect and defend them.

                                                SCENE 67

                                 Ram's mother is unconsolable and she fears that the worse is going to happen.She dreads that she is never going to see ram again and starts screaming at ram's father.We have all thsi money and for whom are we running the buisness.It is for only son and now you would rather sacrifice him for the sake of honor.Ram's father calmly replies that he loves his son as much as she loves him but the kidnappers are villains and there is no gaurantee that even if they get the money that they would return ram safely.He tells his wife that by kidnapping the police commissioners son they have thrown a challenge to the whole government and thats it is not money they are asking as ransom but the honor of the entire police department.He says that even ram would agree to what he is saying for he is a brave and honorable man.

                                  Priya sitting quietly comes and consoles ram's mother and says everything is going to be all right.She says she can feel it in her soul that ram will soon come back safely and unharmed.She closes her eyes and prays to god to bring back ram safely but all she sees is sethu and his promise that he would save ram and she knows that it is going to happen but does not understand how.

                                          SCENE 68

                  The dark of the night is slowly giving way to the pink and orange of the coming day and sethu realises it is time for ram to make his escape.He asks ram to give his clothes and wear his clothes and start running towards the east.But ram is hesitant and is still undecided when in the end sethu calmly lies to him that nothing will happen to him when they realise that itis sethu in the cage and not ram.He might be beaten up but somehow he will convince his leader on why he did it.Only after hearing these lies from sethu is ram convinced and after changing 'clothes he leaves.But he suddenly turns back and comes rushing back and hugs sethu tightly and thanks him.Sethu tells him that all this while i thought you were the lucky one but i guess really priya is the lucky one.Just as ram is leaving sethu tells him to do a favour.Ram asks what and sethu says that if he dies there wont be anybody to lok after his dad and who is alos handicapped.So just watch out for him.Ram with tears promises that he will do that and sethu tells him to hurry and leave the place before someone catches them.After tying sethu up in the cage ram leaves quietly and makes his way towards the east in the direction of the train track.

                                              SCENE 69

                      The mortuary van which was abandoned near the highway by the naxalites is found by the police and using sniffer dogs the police find out that the kidnappers had escaped into the nearby forest.They convey the news to the commissioner and he orders all the teams to surround the forest and search the entire area.He also requests the air force and coast guards to send a few helicopters to do an aerial search of the forest.

                                          SCENE 70

The naxalite leader looks at his watch and announces that time is up for their prisoner and it is also time for the commisioner to learn his lesson and not play mind games with the naxalites.He asks his men to go and bring the captive ram and get ready to execute him.The men drag ram who is actually sethu from the cage and take him to the leader.One guy tells them to go ahead and that he will finish nature's call first and then join them.He walks towards the waterfall and unzips and takes a leak.But then he sees a body floating down in the water.It is floating upside  down and so he is not able to identify from up here.But the clothes and the shape look familiar.He is not sure if he should go back and report to his leader or go down the slope and identify the dead body.

                                                SCENE 71

The leader looks at ram and laughs at him and asks him if he was a bad son to his parents.Otherwise why would they refuse to pay a paltry sum of 5 crores to rescue him when he was worth nearly 500 crores.But anyway it is too late and tells ram that he is just going to finish the game which his father had started.Maybe after seeing his son's dead body he will realise his mistake and suffer forever from that pain and guilt.Sethu looks at him and calmly tells him not to feel proud of himself thinking that he had already won.Sethu tells the leader even if i die i will win in my death.All the naxalites laugh at him and the leader tells you are really a brave guy to speak those words knowing these are your last minutes in this life.Maybe you could have been a part of our gang for we need brave people like you.

                                                SCENE 72

                         Meanwhile the naxalite who went to take a leak goes down the slope to identify the floating body and realises that it is maaran one of their gang members.He knows that this is important news and has to be immediately conveyed to the leader for their hideout could be in danger.So he scrambles up the slope and rushes towards where they have all gathered.
                                                 SCENE 73

Sethu is tied to a post and all the naxalite members including the leader take out their handguns and get ready to shoot sethu still thinking it is ram.Sethu stand straight and closes his eyes and talks to his father and  whispers sorry dad,sorry for all the wrong things i have done and i hope you will forgive me.Opening his eyes he thinks of priya and says softly i love you and i want you to be happy and i hope by sacrificing my life i have set right the wrong i have done you.He closes his eyes and says i wish you the best.The leader screams fire and shots ring out and sethu  is killed.And just then the man who discovered the dead body comes rushing and finds them all standing around ram's dead body.

                                                     SCENE 74

The quiet of the forest is shattered by the gun shots and ram turns back and looks in the direction of sethu and knows in his heart that he is dead.Tears gush from his eyes and angrily he tries to return towards the naxalites with vengeance in his heart.But a voise whispers in his head and he hears priya calling to him,calling him to come back and come back now.Knowing it is too late to save sethu ram resumes running towards the train track as sethu had advised him to do so.The sacrifice of sethu gives him new energy and fire to his body and he runs faster with tears pouring out of his eyes.
                                                                       SCENE 75
The gang member reports to the leader that he had found maaran's body near the waterfall and that his neck was broken.The leader immediately knows that something has gone terribly wrong and his suspicions are aroused.He asks them where sethu was and the team replies that they last saw sethu the previous night when he was inspecting their security arrangements.The leader looks at the dead body of ram and asks his team to take of his shirt and when the shirt is removed they find the body has no marks of the beatings they had given him the past few days and realise that the dead body is of sethu and not ram who has managed to escape.The leader screams in anger and looks around crazily as if he is going to kill them all.Then he takes a deep breath and calming down and starts thinking.He looks at his men and smilingly tells them that sethu must have helped ram escape and the only way out of this forest is the train which passes through at exactly seven a.m.He couldn't have gone too far on foot so take your jeeps and bring him back dead or alive.

                                            SCENE 75

             Ram is out of breath and getting tired when he hears the train'cry in the whistle and he imagines the sound to be the cries of priya calling him towards her.Catching his breath he pauses and sees the naxalites jeeps racing towards him leaving a trail of dust clouds.The forty minutes to one hour it took for ram to get near the railway track is crossed by the villains in fifteen minutes of high speed driving.Ram knows that he has just a small incline to climb but just as he scrambles up the slope five naxalites reach him.Now there is a common misunderstanding that rich people are weak and maybe most are but lets not forget that ram is a police officers son and hence knows how to defend himself.His sensei would have been proud of his kicks and rapid punches he throws at the villains.But they are also well trained and although not as well trained as ram they have strength in numbers.It is going against ram and if he dosen't finish it in the next few seconds he is going to taken down for apart from his training he has not eaten and was badly beaten up while being held captive.And then the train turns the bend and runs towards them at high speed.The naxalites get distracted for a second and ram uses this oppurtunity to finish the fight.He launches himself and using punches which were taught by his sensei for only life threatening situations he breaks a few hands and necks and with one last punch to the throat of the last naxalite he dives bungee style using a hanging creeper of a tree and lands on top of the train.Passengers inside are alarmed at the loud noise they hear as ram lands on top of the train.

                                                  SCENE 76

                          Once inside the train he realises that the next station is just a few minutes away and grabbing a cell phone from a passenger he calls his dad and informs him of his situation and the station to which the train he is in is heading.But ram does not realise that the naxalite leader is following the train in a jeep and relaxes a bit.The train soon reaches the station and hurriedly ram runs towards the station master to alert him and request for the railway security force to come there immediately.But it is too late and ram realises that the leader is just behind him and turning rapidly he confronts him.The leader taunts him and says that even if he dies he will see to it that ram wil only reach home as a dead body.A fight starts and ram avoids which irritates the leader who teases him and says that it is sad that sethu sacrificed his life for a coward like you.Ram laughs and says i am sorry but you are mistaken,i was just wasting time and playing with you for my hero to come so turn around and meet the big boss.The naxalite leader confused turns and rams father shoots him in both the knees and the rest of the police surround the fallen leader at gun point.

                                  With tears flowing in their eyes ram and his father hug each other tightly.Ram with tears flowing whispers,thank you sethu,thank you i owe my life to you.

                                                      SCENE 77

                                Sethu is buried with a quiet funeral and only his father,priya and ram attend the funeral rite.At ram's request his parents dont insist on being there with them and realise it is a personal moment which only three want to be in.Sethu's father breaks down and cries and kneeling on the ground he says my son is gone and he will never come back.Sethu kneels next to him and says Appa sethu is not dead for he is here next to you and they both hug each other.




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                    The Prelude

            Dust as we are, the immortal spirit grows                
          Like harmony in music; there is a dark
          Inscrutable workmanship that reconciles
          Discordant elements, makes them cling together
          In one society. How strange, that all
          The terrors, pains, and early miseries,
          Regrets, vexations, lassitudes interfused
          Within my mind, should e'er have borne a part,
          And that a needful part, in making up
          The calm existence that is mine when I
          Am worthy of myself! Praise to the end!                    
          Thanks to the means which Nature deigned to employ;
          Whether her fearless visitings, or those
          That came with soft alarm, like hurtless light
          Opening the peaceful clouds; or she would use
          Severer interventions, ministry
          More palpable, as best might suit her aim.

                                     by William Wordsworth
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                         The Waste Land

Who is the third who walks always beside you?
When I count, there are only you and I together
But when I look ahead up the white road
There is always another one walking beside you
Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded
I do not know whether a man or a woman
But who is that on the other side of you?
                                                           By T. S. Eliot

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