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#2Arshi FF:- "KTTR" Epilogue page 106 10/30/213

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All characters r same and all the incidents are almost same except some'. Payal and bua ji don't love khsushi much the reason is becoz shashi ji always treated her more dear than Payal'. shyaam n khushi didn't met in lukhnow it was some police men who saved khushi from goons. Khushi got job in AR because of her friend's preetu's fianc n all other incidents as u know m not describing the scenes which I changed in details so giving a brief description shyaam met Khushi in RM and fell in love or lust coz her beauty n bubbly nature. Khushi unaware of this fact treat him as his brother'Shashi's shop was sold out because he was unable to repay the loan. Khushi and Payal brought their parents to Dehli'.On the day of payash wedding when shyaam saw Arnav behaving a bit different towards khushi he sensed that he is going to propose her so he decided to show his feelings and then all things happened just as in drama except tht Arnav asked khushi tht she will take all the blame on herself of this sudden marriage that she wanted to marry him the very moment as payash. She did as were asked and got a slap fro garima but the most sad incident which happened was the attack of Shashi as a result of which his half body got paralyzed. Both the families consider khushi for this '. When she went for pagphera to her home they treated her bad and insulted her. She ran to the room of her babu ji who was sleeping and sat down on the floor near his bed and hold his hand and start weaping and in a trance she spoke all the truth of her forced marriage when she felt the grip of his father hand on her hand. She looked towards her father and she was shocked to see that his father's face was drenched in tears . so thts it so the remaining scenes and incidents will b described in upcoming chapters plus there will b flash backs full of inner feelings


"Have u asked her about anyone in her family" asked the head nurse to the junior

She is saying she has no one" the nurse replied

But we need a sign on the papers n her condition is not good"

She is saying she will do it herself

Ok let me talk to doctor"

She left for the room of doctor n knocked it

Come in"

Sir the patient in emergency no 2 saying she don't have any relative so she will sign her papers herself"

Doctor was really worried about it as it would b a police case n he didn't want any mess in his career but he also knew tht the patient's condition was not in a state where he can argue or reject her signature so he asked to let the girl sign those documents stating tht I fully understood the risk of this operation n  I m giving my permission to do it"

The head nurse took the paper to the patient n told her to sign. When she was signing the papers she was still for time after writing her name but then completed the sign with a grief sorrow on her face n after signing she held her head on pillow. Nurse took the papers n saw the sign n again saw the poor creature laying on bed" she was a pure beauty except for her color which was turning from pale to white due to blood lose. She was such a fragile creature n after wht had happened to her n her condition the nurse was terrified for the 1st time in her life tht may b she wont b able to pass through the surgery. She again look at the paper n saw her sign n read it a bit loud

"Khushi Kumari"

  Thread Two

New readers kindly comment and add me

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Thank you all who liked and commeneted in last update ok so  questions asked and a special sorry to Mahnoor for not updating as I told her I will try

1) she said that in lakhnow it was police who help her not shayme
Yes! in this FF it was police as I really didnt feel it natural that after she came to RM to train La she never saw Shyaam's pic in Anjali's room while she visit every room freely and there were times when they showed her in that room too
2)for job appointment letter it was someone of neibour not shyame

Ans. Yes!

Originally posted by uzam818

is there any chance of settlement

It was the cutest question Uzam really I cant say much on this but I will try to do my best
@shah.123 I am glad you told me what u felt I am really sorry for the slow pace of story but I cant help it when I start writing on those days my hands dont stop and words just came rushing so sorry
@Fruti Hun! ur res is yet to be un-resSmile

For the rest of ur previous comments I love reading all of them but yes I do love long comments more...

Thank u so much for the bannerAppy_IndyHug

Chapter 18-C
Khushi paused to drink some water as from now the real story was going to unfold.She started speaking
"The day of wedding came and I was so happy." her eyes had a distant look as if recalling all the moments
Flash Back
Khushi wake up from a peaceful full of happy dreams sleep. The whole night she saw dreams of her and Arnav. Both are making jalebi's while she complaints that he is not giving her proper time and mostly busy in WHT THE WHT on his KAAN WALI MACHINE (Bluetooth)... She also saw how romantically her Arnav ji fed her golgapay and how he wiped the chatni from her lips and then licked the same finger. She kept smiling to herself thinking about her dreams and about Arnav's behavior from past many days. She had a hope in her heart making her walk with a skip in step. She literally was feeling herself on cloud nine. If her perceptions and assumptions were correct Arnav was in love with her too...

Arrey O Sanka devi eeihan baithay baithay muskuray hi jawo gi yan hamri kuch madad bhi kro gi hai rey Naand Kishor. Koi chinta bhi hai k naahi aj Payalia ki shadi hai aur tm apnay pagal panti main hi waiast ho (array o snaka devi would u just sit over there and smile or u would help me oh NK. Do u have any concern. Today is Payalia's wedding and You r busy in your stupid antics.)

Khushi jumped off of bed and hugged her buaji

"Buaji kahay ko itna chinta karty ho app. Hum hain na hum sub sambhal lain gay." (Buaji why do u worry so much I will handle everything.) And just like she said she indeed started doing work and by the time Raizada car arrived they were all set to leave the house as the marriage was in Shantivan later in evening. Once reached they all were welcomed by Nani ji, Anjali ji, a very grumpy Mami ji

And what surprised her was that Arnav her laad governor was there to welcome them... No her her heart said with a skip of beat when she saw his eyes staring only her intently. Warm blush crept to her cheeks causing their natural rosy cheeks to become more rosy. She averted his gaze only to see her mother and buaji dabbing their wet cheeks with their pallu and her heart pricked. Her jiji was going to leave their house, she will not return with her to their house and as on their own will tears found ways to her eyes and falling to her cheeks. A handkerchief appeared in front of her eyes and made her came back from her thoughts. Arnav was extending his handkerchief towards her. He smiled at her and she forgot why she was weeping.
''tum theek ho?'' he asked and she nodded wondering how can such a simple question always made her heart skip.
He came closer and said,'' I wanted to talk to you''
'' Ji'' was her prompt reply but he was called out by his jija ji.She squirmed when she saw Shyaam shamelessly watching her. She quickly left to the guest room where she and payal were to stay. When Payal went to take bath she went out to search her mother to ask something. When she came back she saw a message on mirror using lipstick asking her to come to terrace. She blushed thinking it to be Arnav. She hurried out towards terrace. Then everything went in a haze. She reached there with a beating heart feeling nervous and exited both at the same time. But she got the shock of her life to see Shyaam there. He told her he loved her and that he was fallen for her at their first meeting. Everything he said made her feel more disgust for him. When he hugged her forcefully saying it was she he loved not Anjali ji and confessing that he can do anything for her she pushed him with her full force and said that he should leave Anjali thinking it to be better for Anjali. She then ran away towards her room and took a long bath to stable her nerves.She just wanted to be in the protective embrace of Arnav's arms but he was no where to be seen. Feeling defeated she came to her room to get ready for the marriage. She took out the sari Arnav had chosen and the bangles he gifted along some other sets of bangles and jewelry. She got ready thinking about Arnav and wondering where was he. It was time for the ceremony and they all gathered in living room. Her eyes were searching Arnav and on locating him she smiled shyly but a look again to his face made her frown. He was looking at her with anger in his eye. Anger why anger she wonderd.The anger is his eyes was way more than what she has experienced in past. The look was mingled with sheer haterd and disguest which made her heart sank. Everyone moved to mandap for the marriage and so does she. Suddenly she felt Arnav walking beside her but with each passing secong slowing down his pace. Unconciously she too slowed down so that they could walk shoulder by shoulder. Once most guest moved ahead of them she winced as Arnav caught hold of her hand in his steel-like grip not bothering by the pain he was causing her and dragged her with him to the pool side.
''What are you doing Arnav Ji? Choriyay hmain dard ho raha hai!''
she pleaded but Arnav was no where near to understand. On reaching the pool side he just made her face him and asked her,"Do you love your sister that much that you can do anything for her?" Ignoring the sharp pain in her wrist she just looked at him. Why the hell was he asking such questions and that too at this time.

"What are you trying to say I cant understnad you." saying this she tried to move when he caught her hand and brought her back.

"Tum apni behan k liyay kuch bhi kr sakti ho? Uski ki khushi uski shadi bachany k liyay?"(can u do anything for your sister? to save her happiness her marriage?" He sneered down at her.

"What kind of question is that? Off cource I can do anything for my sister's happiness" She replied back.

"So agar tum chahti ho k tumhri behan ki shadi mery bhai Akash k saath ho to tmahain meri baat man'ni ho gi" he said coldly.

"Kya krna ho ga hmain batayi hamain?" (What will I have to do tell me)

"Shadi krni ho gi mjh say abhi 6 mahino k liyay warna main apnay bhai Akash ki shadi tmhari behan Payal k sath nahi honay don ga"(You will have to marry me for 6 months right now otherwise I will not allow the alliance of ur sister with my brother)

Shocked would be an understatement what Khushi felt at that moment. "App yeh kya bakwas kr rahy hain hmain samjh nahi a raha" she said and again tried to escap but just like before he pulled her towards him with force.

"Look at there Akash will never begin the pheras till I will be there and if you want this marriage to happen you will have to agree to my proposal."

As if on a clue Akash started looking here and there in search of Arnav and on failing to find him he said those words to Payal,"I am sorry Payal ji I cant marry you without presence of Bhai"

"So what is your decision? "He asked her with mocking glint in eyes as if he knew the answer.

"Never I will never do such thing" she said in a broken voice

"Fine with me," he said while moving away, "just make some excuse which you will have to give to your family why this marriage is broken because of you."

Khushi was feeling like she was losing it. She kept glancing from the mandap where everyone was looking here and there and Di and Mamaji were calling Arnav to the retreating back of Arnav and she felt fear clutched her heart. Once again she was going to be the reason of Payal's broken marriage and may be this time it would be unforgivable mistake. She had to decide between her life and Payal's and decision was made.

"Rukiyay" she screamed,"I am ready to marry you. She said while breaking down.
"Great so we will get married right after Payal and Akash's wedding and we will say you were insistent on getting married the same day as your sister or else you know what will happen. We will be husband and wife for world but I will never give you that place. Its just a compromise I am doing for next six months. I will not touch you as a husband and you will also not think of me as one."
"Why are you doing this Arnav Ji?" she asked in broken voice unable to hold herself and started weeping.
They returned back to the mandap and the pheras was done. Soon the couple starting receiving blessing from every elder member of the both the families. Khushi was feeling more frightened with each passing second. When Payal came to hug her she hugged her with all her force. Her insides were screaming to her jiji pleading her to hide her somewhere anywhere where neither the Laad Goernor nor that leech Jijaji of his could find her. Her eyes shed tears for the great sacrifice she was going to make. After everyone got busy in different rituals Arnav signaled her to follow him. With each step she took,she kept wishing the time go back to when she was 8 and that she died with her parents. Wishing it all to be a nightmare and hoping she will soon wake up by Buaji's shrill voice but alas no wish came true and soon she found herself back outside the house wearing the flower garlands and mangalsutar in her neck and red blood-like sindoor in her mang. Everything was what she wanted but how differently each action was performed. She wanted to ran,ran as fast as her feet could move away from everything. At the precise moment she felt Arnav's hand clutching her hand and he started dragging her towards the lounge. The laughter which was soon subsided when everyone saw them. Everyone gasp loudly and it was Di who came out of shock and came towards them asking what it was and they told everyone what Arnav said they will. Every question was answered by same words and then a tight slap echoed in lounge when Garima slapped Khushi hard and said "You have proved you are not our blood. From this moment we have no relation with you." saying this she left the house alongwith her father and bua ji.
"Khushi bitiya I am sad to know that I was so wrong about you" saying this nani ji too left the room and soon everyone left the room giving both the bride and bridegroom angry and hurt looks. When everyone left Arnav also left leaving behind a shattered soul trapped in a body of a person called Khushi who was under turmoil of emotions and thoughts.
Dreams... Was it her mistake to dream? Was it? When she was 7 n a half years old she dreamt of her birthday gift to be the new doll n doll house she saw few days back. She was never a stubborn child who insist on getting every thing she liked and which r latest. She knew her parents cant afford the newest barbies in market but this one would get old enough to be purchasable by her parents. But she might dreamt big that was the reason that her parents died just two days before her birthday and the space which she had vacant for doll was covered by their pic with flowers adorned showing that they were no more with her. After that for a long time she just sleep praying to her DM to keep happy her Amma,Babuji both of the pair in this world and the world here-after and to give jiji good marks in daily tests. She never prayed or dreamt anything for her. When she toped in her 8th standard she wept her heart out
remembering her parents and they dreamt her to be a doctor and thats when she dreamt of making their dream came true. But again due to her bauji's poor wealth condition she couldnt make her dream come true. She didnt cry she didnt wail but she felt it and shatter a little from inside but she again became the chirpy girl of her bauji and her buaji's sanka devi. With every shatter dream she shattered a little very little from inside and then she used to make jalebi mountains of jalebi and by the time of dawn when she return home giving the shop to her bauji the wound had always healed leaving behind a small scar which didnt hurt but remind the wound once been there. Yes she was a fighter and very brave one. Both of her bauji's made her so. No nasty comment and double meaning joke had a long time effect on her. But then he came in her life or she her or its was her who accidently brought him be it either

Her jiji's marriage was broken because of her one clumsy move which though she made out of pure love to this family but it over burst with such force which made her whole being to crumble. Her Amma admitted that how bad she had felt that they had adopted her and told her that by her this action she had proved that she was not their child.

Since her childhood she had dreamt of having a big grand wedding with lots of fairy lights and flowers adorning the place. Her jiji used to laugh on her saying (u r crazy khushi). She laughed aloud not noticing her laughter echoing in the so empty area. "I will apply lots of mehndi on my hands and feet both sides of hand till my elbows" she looked at her hands the mehndi was done no doubt it was but just like she would have if she had attended any other marriage. It wasnt a bride's mehndi. "i will have lots of bangles the more the better and that too those which were be sent by my sasural which will show m suhagan" she looked at her arms here there was a little exception she was wearing the bangles given by Arnav and Nani ji but again were they given as shagun no off course not. She smiled mockingly on herself. Every damn thing was mocking at her. A slight breeze touched her face and she just looked

The living area of her so called sasuaral was empty except her being there. How she dreamt of a grand welcome. My sasuma will be showering her love every now n then. My sasur ji will place a loving hand on my head. My devar ji will sharing information about my WO and my nanand ji teasing me n my husband for stealing glances every now n then. And what did she got an empty room a slap on her face keeping the sasural aside she had lost her parents again. She was an orphan again last time she had lost her biological parents n now she had lost those who had adopted her and a sister too.

Yes she had done a crime in dreaming to have a  wedding.." DM I wished I had never dream of a grand wedding. How I wish now to have a wedding in simple and respectful way with the blessings of her elder. She sighed and a lone tear escape her tear. What a wedding she got no parents, no sister, no family and heck not even a husband. Was it a marriage she doubted. She laughed again making the lounge echoing with her laughter where she was living again in some dreamland? Arnav ji had told her in clear words never to think of this wedding as a real wedding, that they will act as husband wife in front of family and as strangers when alone.
Taking a deep breath she got up from floor and made her way to HIS bedroom with shaking legs why HIS why not their? Because it was HIM not them. They were as separate as any individual could be. Yes she had to go to this room in night will have to rest there but
she could never in her wild dream would do any of such mistake which she had done in the past. Mistake of allowing herself to dream, mistake of thinking his nice behavior his small caring gestures his gift of bangles, his decision for the dress which she was wearing. Her biggest mistake ever guessing it all as a sign of his love. She stammered a little but hold the railing to stop herself from falling. Suddenly she was feeling suffocated but she kept moving.

End of Flash Back

Tears were flowing down not only from Khushi's eyes but from the other four pair of eyes... three inside the room and one outside... Arnav was standing by the door hidden from the eyes of others.


Here u go a long update for a long break I wont be able to update before May so though I will try to give u atleast one but I m not giving u false hope so it might happen or might not for now take care love ya all do like and comment if u feel soo

Chapter 18 D

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yeyy..!!! Dancing
m the first one on thread 2...Big smile and chapter 18C as well..!!!Wink
well deserved place for me , i would say...,,,,
arre haq banta he yar, m a damn good stalker ...LOL

now coming to the main topic.,,,
m sure the story will have many more threads ,, after all it's well deserving...!!!

eagerly waiting for the next part , pls update soon...

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Congrats on the new thread

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hey congratulations on your second thread...this FF is awesome plss update soon nd DO PM me...!!! HeartHeartThumbs Up

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