OS : Sacrifices [COMPLETE]

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Hey everyone! Pakka sirr nahi khaungi...just give this OS a read! I guess, I won't end up disappointing u guys! Smile

                                          ArMeer OS : Sacrifices

"Sikandar!!!!!" he shouted.
"Arjun, sambhalo apne aap ko..."
"Kaise sambhalu Aayesha? Kaise...pehle Roshni aur ab..."
"Sambhalna hoga...tum uske piche jao...mein lekar jaati hunn..."
"Koi faayda nahi Aayesha, tum yahin ruko iske saath...mein Sikandar ke piche jaata hunn..."

Arjun entered the same lane, which 'he' told him.

She sat there on the ground, wondering why Arjun didn't let her, take 'him' to the hospital. She checked 'his' pulse. Now she realized, why he asked her, not to take 'him' to hospital.

Suddenly, the duo of Shree n Chotu reached the spot,

"Aayesha, Arjun Sir...yeh kya? Rathore Sir ko kya huya?"
"He's no more..."
"Mazak kar rahi ho na? Rathore Sir ko kuch nahi ho sakta..."

She moved a bit, as the duo of Shree and Chotu, noticed 3 bullets in 'his' chest. He laid there, lifeless.

"Chotu, iss waqt tumhein Arjun ke saath jaana hoga...woh...uss gali mein gaye hain..." she said, as she pointed towards the lane, where Arjun entered few minutes back.

The duo had tears in their eyes. But she was correct too. The duo too entered the same lane.

Few minutes back,

"Rathore kahan gaya hai woh?"
"Woh...uss taraf..."
Arjun looked at 'him' suspiciously.

"Zindagi bhar tumne mujh par trust nahi kiya Arjun, lekin iss baar karlo..."

'He' knew that Sikandar wasn't there, where he was pointing, but was at some distance, in some other lane. All his men were dead, and he was trying to find a place where he could hide himself, because he was pretty sure, that Arjun would reach him any moment. Why was 'he' pointing towards the wrong side? Because 'he' knew that Sikandar was aiming his gun at Arjun, and 'he' wanted Arjun to be safe. All 'his' life, 'he' sacrificed everything, just for him to be happy. Him? Arjun. 'He' could even 'Sacrifice''his' life for him.

'He' noticed Sikandar. Arjun didn't.


Sikandar fired 3 shots, towards them. 'He' pushed Arjun away, as those 3 bullets hit his chest.
Arjun didn't see Sikandar running away.

"Rathore! Utho Rathore..." he said, as he patted his face.
"Arju...Arj...Arjun...woh...woh...uss ga...gali mein...bhaga hai...go now..." this time, he didn't lie.
"Nahi, mein tumhein aise chodke nahi jaa sakta..." he said, as he placed Sam's head in his lap.
Rathore held Arjun's hand closer to his chest, "nah...nahi...marna toh sabko...hota hai...ik din...shayad...meri kismat mein...maut hi din...likhi hai..." he said, as he closed his eyes.
"Nahi...Sam!!!" he shouted.


He was running behind Sikandar. Earlier, the only reason of killing Sikandar for him was to avenge Roshni's death.
But now, he had to avenge Sameer's death too. His whole life, he had hated Sameer. But now, he realized that he was wrong. Sameer always sacrificed 'his' happiness for him [Arjun] to be happy.

After a long chase, in those lanes of the 'chawls', Arjun finally grabbed Sikandar. He grabbed him by the collar of his long kurta, and kicked him hard in his stomach. He kept on beating him, until, Sikandar was almost unconscious. Minutes later, the duo with some back up force reached the spot.

"Kutte, teri wajah se kitni zindgiyan kharab huyi...iska andaaza bhi hai tujhe? Jinn ladkiyon ko tu apne human trafficking racket ke liye bhejta tha...unki aur unki families ki zindagi...woh bache...joh tere drugs ki wajah se...nashe ki latt mein choor ho chuke they...aur na jaane kitni zindgiyan...tunhe mujhse meri Roshni ko cheena...jaanta bhi hai kitna pyaar karta tha mein uss se...pyaar...tu toh shayad iss lafz k matlab tak nahi jaanta..."

"Arjun...mujhe maar kar kya milega tujhe? Dekh...mere pass...bahut paisa hai...jaane de mujhe...mein tujhe malamal kar dunga..."

"Sikandar, galat aadmi ko paise dene ki koshish ki hai tunhe...mein unn officers mein se nahi paise lekar apna imaan bech de...Sikandar, har officer bikau nahi hota..."

Before Sikandar could speak up anything else, Arjun shot the remaining 4 bullets of his pistol, in his chest. He picked up the swiss knife, which was lying at a distance, as he slit Sikandar's throat.

He finally avenged the death of his wife, Roshni. He stood there, as he looked at Sikandar's body being taken away.

"Aakhir tumne Roshni ki maut ka badla le hi liya Arjun..." the commissioner said, as he placed his hand on Arjun's shoulder.

"Par Sameer ki maut ka nahi..." Arjun replied.

"Kya? Sameer..." he asked Arjun, as he wasn't aware of the fact that Sameer was no more.

"Yes Sir, Woh mar chuka hai..." he said, as he lowered his face.

"Arjun.." a voice came from behind.

He turned around to find Aayesha standing at a distance.

He walked towards her and hugged her tightly. For a fraction of seconds, she didn't knew what to do. Seconds later, she placed her one hand on his back, and the other, caressed his hairs.

While the duo of Shree and Chotu, were standing at a distance, sobbing, mourning the death of their senior.

"Arjun...sambhalo...sambhalo apne aap ko..."
"Nahi sambhal sakta mein apne aap ko Aayesha..."
"Sambhalna hoga Arjun..."
"Kyun sambhalun mein apne aap ko? Aur kis ke liye sambhalu?"
"Mere liye...apne parents ke liye...aur khas kar Roshni ke liye..."

He looked at her. Yes, she was correct. He had to be the attitude king Arjun and not the one, he was at the present moment.

"Chotu...aisa nahi ho sakta..."
"Par aisa ho gaya Shree..."
"Nahi...Rathore Sir humein aise akele chod ke nahi jaa sakte..."
"Sambhal apne aap ko hona tha...woh ho chuka hai.." Chotu said, as he wiped his tears, and placed his hand on Shree's back.

Few hours later,
In the evening,

Arjun rang the doorbell. A lady, in her late-50's opened the door.


The lady didn't reply.

"Vasundhra ji, kaun aaya hai?"
"Arjun aaya hai..."

Mr.Suryakant Rawte, hurriedly walked towards the door.

"Ab kis liye aaya hai tu yahaan? Chala jaa..."
"Baba, ik baar meri baat sun lijiye..."
"Sunn ne layak reh hi kya gaya hai? Phir se Sameer ke baare mein kuch kehne aaya hoga? Kab tak uske baare mein humein jhooth bolega? Humare ilawa uska hai hi kaun? Bechare ka hai hi kaun iss duniya mein humare ilawa. Kyun tu humein usse dur karne ki koshish karta hai humesha?"

Arjun was silent. He looked at Aayesha, expecting her to handle the situation.

"Uncle woh..."
"Aayesha beta, aap pehle meri baat suniye...iss ladke ki baaton mein mat aayega...bahut jhooth bola hai isne humse...bahut..."
"Uncle ik baar humari baat sun lijiye..."

Mr.Rawte looked at Mrs.Rawte. She nodded in positive.

"Boliye beta..."
"Uncle woh...Sameer..."

Mrs.Rawte spoke in between, "Kya huya usse? Woh theek toh hai?"

"Aunty woh...Sameer ab iss duniye mein nahi rahe..."
"Kya mazak hai yeh? Aayesha beta, humein aise mazak bilkul bhi nahi pasand..."
"Baba, yeh mazak nahi hai...Sameer sach mein marr chuka hai..."

The parents had tears in their eyes. Mrs.Rawte almost fainted. Aayesha grabbed Mrs.Rawte. Arjun tried to step inside the house, but,

"Rukiye, shayad aap bhul gaye hain ki iss ghar mein aapka aana mana hai...Aayesha beta, Vasundhra ko chod dijiye...mein unhein khud le jaunga..." said Mr.Rawte, as he called out for the servants. The servants took Mrs.Rawte in the room, while Mr.Rawte,

"Aaj ke baad yahan mat aana Arjun, tumhare liye iss ghar ke darwaaze humesha ke liye band ho chuke hain...humesha ke liye..." saying this Mr.Rawte shut the door.

"Baba..." he said, but he was too late to say these words.

"Chalo Arjun, hum log chalte hain..."
"Aayesha, ik baar baba ko kehdo ki woh mujhse baat karlein...sirf ik baar.."
"Don't worry Arjun, dekhna, ik din woh khud tumse baat karenge...Abhi ke liye chalo..."

Few minutes later,
ETF Office

No one in the office was working, no one. Everyone was sad, hearing the news of their Chief's death.

Arisha walked into the office. Everyone looked at them. Even Arjun's eyes looked from right to left, and vice versa.

They entered the conference room. It was such a lonely feeling. It was lonely, from the moment when Riya died, and now this loneliness hurted even more. They found Choree sitting next to each other, crying.

"Chotu, Shree, sambhalo apne aap ko..."

They wiped their tears. Shree stood up from his place and handed Arjun, an envelope.

"Rathore Sir ke baad aap ETF ke new Chief hai...Arjun Sir...aur Aayesha, Second-In-Command"

Arisha looked at each other. Shree handed him 2 more envelopes.

"Aur Sir ye..."
"Yeh kya hai Shree?"

Shree looked at Chotu, as Chotu spoke up, "Sir, yeh...hum dono ke resignations hai..."

Aa : "Kya? Tum log resign kyun kar rahe ho?"
Sh : "Kyunki hum log yahaan aur kam nahi kar sakte..."
Ch : "Haan, Shree sahi keh raha hai...hum dono yahan kam nahi kar sakte..."

Before Arjun could speak up, the duo said Sorry and left the office.

He always did sarcasms on Rathore, made fun of his leading capabilities. But now he realized his mistake. It was Rathore who made ETF a more successful team and not ACP Mehta who headed ETF 4 years back. Only now, he realized that why the duo resigned. They didn't have any problem working under him, but they can't forget Rathore as their Chief. The 4 people : Rathore, Riya, Chotu and Shree, shared a beautiful bond b/w them. 2 n a half years back, they lost Riya, n now, Rathore. It was difficult for the duo, to work under any other Chief now. Even if it was Arjun. From the start till now, none of the 4, got themselves transferred. Why? Rathore loved his team. Yes! 'His Team.' Riya saw Rathore as a big brother, and the Choree were her besties. Choree, too saw a caring chief in Rathore, and how could they leave Riya? their bestie!

Aayesha placed her hand on Arjun's shoulder.

"Kya soch rahe ho Arjun?"
"Yehi ki meine aaj tak Sameer ke saath kitna bura behave kiya hai..."
"Kyun...aisa kya kiya tumne uske saath aaj tak?"
"Usse kabhi zindagi mein khush hone ka mauka nahi diya...balki tumhein bhi usse durr kar diya..."

She removed her hand off his shoulder and moved away.


He walked towards her and placed his hand on her, as they looked at each other,

"Kya meine yeh galat kiya Aayesha?"

She didn't knew what to say. Yes? Because he took her away from the guy she was getting married to? or No? Because she was now standing next to her love, Arjun.

"Shayad haan, shayad na..."

He understood what she meant.

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In parking lot,

"Yaar Chotu..."
"Haan Shree..."
"Tujhe pata hai...mein Rathore Sir ko bahut miss kar raha hunn..."
"Tu akela nahi, mein bhi...Pehle Riya, aur ab Rathore Sir..."
"Aaj toh akdu bahut khush hoga, ik toh apni biwi ki maut ka badla liya, uppar se Rathore Sir ke jaane ki bhi bahut khushi hogi usse...Kabhi kabhi toh mera mann karta hai ki akdu ko marr hi dalun, 3 saalon se humari jaan ke pichey hai...jab aaya, uske 6 mahine baad Riya humse durr ho gayi aur ab Rathore Sir..."
"Kya faiyda uss akdu ke baare mein baat karne ka...acha hai ki ab hum log uske under kaam nahi karenge..."

The duo kept on talking, unaware of the fact that someone was listening them.

The duo left on Chotu's bike, while that 'someone' moved towards the ETF SUV with her.

"Dekha Aayesha, ab samjhi ki inn dono ne resign kyun kiya? Kyunki yeh dono mere under kam nahi karna chahte..."
She just kept on looking at him.

Aayesha's place,

She opened the door, as both of them went inside.

None of them was in a mood to have dinner. So both of them went towards their respective rooms.

Few minutes later,
In Arjun's room,

He sat on the rocking chair. Finally, he avenged Roshni's death. But what about Sameer? The guy whom he hated his whole life. He hated him from the moment his father brought him home, when he saw him as ETF Chief, when he was getting married to Aayesha.

"Roshni, mein bahut bura hunn na? Meine kabhi usse khush nahi hone diya...baba usse ghar lekar aaye they...taaki mein usse apna bade bhai ki tarah treat karun...par mein...Woh chahta hi kya tha...bas ik family...thodi c normal khushiyan jo har ik normal insaan chahta hai...par meine...mein humesha usse jalta rehta tha...humesha usse nicha dikhata tha...usse humesha mera kaam karne ke liye kehta tha...hum dono ka ik hi kamra tha...phir bhi usse humesha mere attitude ki wajah se niche sona padta tha...jab AC chalta uska kamre mein aana band tha...mera homework woh karta tha...aur na jaane kya kuch...humesha takleef di hai meine usse...humesha...meri wajah se usse mere parents se alag rehna pada...woh log jinhein woh bhagvan ki tarah pujta tha...woh unse durr hokar bhi unke kareeb tha...aur mein kareeb hokar bhi hazaaron mil durr...How bad I wish ki meine yeh sab n kiya hota...He sacrificed every single thing for me...every single thing...Sameer, ho sake toh mujhe maaf kardena..."

"Tumne kabhi kuch galat nahi kiya...tum bahut ache ho Arjun..."

He moved his eyes from the photo frame, which he was holding in his hands, and looked towards the door.

"Haan Arjun..."


He looked at those souls. The souls of Roshni and Sameer. Both of them looked at each other and smiled.

"Arjun, kabhi mat sochna ki tum bure tumne mere saath bahut bura behave kiya...tum sach mein bahut ache ho..."
"Arjun, aaj mein bahut khush hunn...aakhir aaj tumne meri maut ka badla le liya...mein bahut khush ho Arjun, bahut khush..."

He just looked at those souls, and sat there speechless. He didn't knew what to reply.

"Kya huya Arjun...chup kyun ho?"
"Meine zindagi bhar sirf tumse nafrat ki...phir bhi tumne humesha meri care ki...kyun Sameer?"
"Kyunki tumhare parents aur tumhare ilawa mera iss duniya mein tha hi kaun...jisse mein apna kehta? Bas tum aur tumhari family thi...jinhein mein apna keh sakta tha..."

"Arjun, tumhein pata hai...jab bhi tum Sameer bhai ko tang karte they...mujhe bahut bura lagta tha..."
"Toh Roshni tumne kabhi kuch kaha kyun nahi?"
"Kyunki mujhe lagta tha ki ik din tum khud hi samajh jaoge...par shayad mein galat thi...lekin tum apni galti samjhe zaroor...par samajhne mein tumne bahut der kardi..."

"Oh...aap log toh mujhe bhul hi gaye..."

The duo looked back, as they found her standing behind.

"Aisa kabhi ho hi nahi sakta ki hum tumhein bhul jayein...specially mein...kyunki pichle dhai [2 n a half] saal se toh tum mere saath ho..."
"Aur mere saath toh tum pichle char saalon se ho Riya..."

She flashed her cute dimpled smile, as she stepped forward.

"Arjun Sir, kaise hain aap?"

He didn't knew what was happening. First Roshni-Sameer and now, Riya...Hallucinations?

"Mein...mein theek hunn Riya..."

"Kya huya...mujhe dekh kar itne shock kyun ho gaye aap Sir?"


Suddenly, the door opened.

"Kis se baatein kar rahe ho Arjun?"

He looked at her, then again noticed the room. They weren't there. Was he dreaming? Or it was reality?

"Kissi se nahi Aayesha..."
"Toh phir akele akele lage huye they kya?"
"Haan...kuch aisa hi samajh lo...kuch kaam tha kya?"
"Haan, mujhe actually bhook lag gayi thi...toh meine khaana order kiya hai...tumhein khaana khana hai kya?"
"Nahi, It's ok"

She smiles and nods in positive, as she closes the door.

"Bhoot hone ke faayde...kahin bhi, kissi bhi cheez ya insaan ke beech mein se nikla jaa sakta hai..."
"We are not Bhoot Sir, hum log souls hai..."
"Aur bhai, hum log nikle nahi, balki deewaar mein chup gaye they..."

"Kahaan gayab ho gaye they tum teeno? Aayesha ke samne kyun nahi aaye?"

"Abhi toh bola ki hum bhoot hai..."

"Woh kya hai na Arjun Sir, hum log normal logon ke aage nahi aa sakte..."
"Haan Arjun, sorry, ki mein apni sautan ke aage nahi aayi..."
"Ahaan! Sautan...great Roshni!"

"Nahi, Roshni woh tumhari sautan...or wtever...nahi hai..."

"Sorry, hum dono ko jaana hoga...humara abhi waapis jaana zaroori hai...tum Sameer bhai se baat karo, mein aur Riya chalte hain..."

"Roshni..." before he could say anything else, the souls of Roshni and Riya were missing.

"Sameer, woh..."
"Actually yeh heaven ke logics meri samajh se thode bahar hai...khair agar tumhein kuch baat karni hai toh bolo...nahin toh mujhe bhi jaana hai...woh actually, heaven mein abhi dinner time hai.."

Arjun smiled. Yes! He did smile.

"Acha...toh kya issiliye woh dono bhaag gayi?"
"Vaise tum swarag mein kaise pahunch gaye?"
"Mein itna bhi bura nahi hunn Arjun, ki marne ke baad narak jaunga..."
"Aur mein?"
"Hmm...tum bhi jab maroge tab swarag hi aaoge..."
"Par mein toh bahut bura hunn na?"
"Nahi...agli baar yeh mat kehna..."
"Mujhe maaf kardena..."
"Kis liye?"
"Ki meine itne saal tumhare saath bahut bura behave kiya..."
"It's ok Arjun...tum aaj guilt feel kar rahe ho...mere liye wohi bahut hai...tumhein iss baat ka pachtava hai ki tumne shayad mere saath rude behave kiya...mere liye wohi kaafi hai..."
"U don't have to say Thanks..."
"Toh kuch aisa karne ko kaho...jisse tumhein khushi mile..."
"Tum aisa kuch karoge Arjun?"
"Haan Sam...mein karunga..."
"Teen kam hai..."
"Haan theek hai..."
"Pehla...kal subah meri body ka antim sanskar hai...oh my's so awkward! Mein khud keh raha hunn ki kal meri body ka antim sanskar hai...Khair, kal jab saari rasam puri ho jayegi, toh raat ke 8 ya 9 baje papa ke ghar jaana...unhein sorry bolna...kal ke baad, woh tumse kabhi gusse nahi honge..."

Arjun laughed! Yes! He did laugh.

"You are so funny Sam..."
"I know! Ab mera doosra kaam suno..."
"Haan bolo..."
"Ik orphanage hai, jiska naam hai 'Hope', yeh wohi orphanage hai, jahaan mein tha kuch saal pehle...actually mein humesha wahaan donations deta hunn...and I want you to continue this..."

For few minutes, Arjun was lost in his thoughts. He always thought of Sameer as a devil, a bad person. But, in reality, Sam was an Angel, and one of the beautiful creatures of God. He felt too bad, too bad, reason being, his hatred for Sam.
{Angel doesn't always mean fairies, pariyan and all that. Sometimes we call some perfect people, an Angel too!}

"Kahaan ho gaye tum Arjun?"

Arjun snapped out of his thoughts...

"Haan bolo Sam..."
"Pehle yeh batao ki mere ye doh kaam tum karoge?"
"Haan zaroor..."
"Pakka na?"
"Haan pakka...ab teesra kaam bolo..."
"Teesra kaam bahut hi important kaam hai Arjun..."
"Haan...lekin batao toh sahi ki itna bhi important kya hai?"
"Tumhari aur Aayesha ki shaadi..."
"Hmm...woh important hai? I can't believe it! Mein wohi insaan hunn jo Aayesha ko tumse durr lekar gaya...aur tum..."
"So what? Past ko kabhi badla nahi jaa sakta Arjun...khair, listen carefully. Kal mere ghar jaana...ghar ki chabi tumhein door ke aas pass milegi...uske baad mere kamre mein jaana...actually it's a 2BHK, aur mera room dhoondhne mein tumhein itni difficulty nahi hogi, room mein jaa kar, bed ke saath waale drawer mein se almirah ki key nikalna, uss almirah mein tumhein ik platinum ring milegi, woh ring meine...Aayesha ke liye choose ki thi...par ab toh mein usse pehna ne se raha...iss liye ab uss ring ko tum, meri jagah Aayesha ko pehnaoge..."

Arjun nodded in positive. Sameer's soul stepped forward, as he placed his hand on Arjun's head, and patted his head.

"Apna khayal rakhna Arjun..."
"Stay here na? Don't leave, for the first time in my life, I'm feeling happy to talk to you...please don't go..."
"Sorry Arjun, mujhe jaana hoga...par don't worry, hum teeno bahut jaldi waapis aayenge tumhari zindagi mein, bahut jaldi..."

Arjun blinked his eyes. Within 1 second, Sam's soul disappeared. He looked here n there, but he wasn't there.

Next day,
Cremation ground,

ACP Sameer Damsingh Rathore's body was being cremated. Mr.Rawte stepped forward to give the agni to the body.

Few minutes later,

Everyone present at the cremation was either crying, or had tears in their eyes.

Chotu and Shree were busy sobbing, while Mrs.Rawte would end up fainting.
He wasn't her own son, but was like one. And the sudden news of his sudden death had affected her.

Mr.Rawte couldn't believe that Sameer was no more. He remembered the scene when he first met him at the orphanage. So sincere and respectful he was. How happy Sam was, when he came to their house. How happy his wife was, when she got another son in the form of Sameer. But, Arjun's hatred towards Sam didn't go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, in the heavens,

"Uff! It's so weird, mein khud apna antim sanskar dekh raha hunn...Why god?"
"Mein answer karun Sir?"
"Yahaan heaven mein perfect logon ki kami ho gayi thi, iss liye aap aagye"

P.S. : Next part coming soon! Smile
Why I killed Rathore? God knows! I mean, i myself cried last night, when I was typing this...but kya karun, plot toh plot hai. My most fav character is Rathore, and guess, mein khud kitna dukhi hongi Cry


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Res2 to continue OS  Smile


Still in the heavens,

"Main perfect hunn?"
"Yes Sir..." she replied with a smile.
"Par phir bhi, Riya, I miss them..."
"Aur woh bhi aapko aapko bahut miss karte hain..."
"Wohi toh's so awkward...I mean..."
"Hota hai...jab mein bhi yahan aayi thi mujhe bhi bahut bura laga tha...par phir yahaan mujhe Roshni di mili..."

Few hours later,
In the afternoon,

Arjun with Aayesha, visited Sam's home. He searched for the key, in the flower pot. He found it!
He opened the door and went inside. It was a simple but beautiful 2BHK flat. He asked Aayesha to wait for him in the living room, while he entered the room on the right.
It was Sam's room. The wall had pictures of Arjun's parents. Arjun had tears in his eyes. He searched for the key in the drawer next to the bed. He found the key and opened the almirah.

He found they ring lying there.
The ring was something like this :

He picked up the ring and looked at the room once again before he went outside.

Few seconds later,

"Kya huya Arjun? Hum log yahaan kyun aaye hain?"
"Iss liye Aayesha..." he said, as he showed her the ring.

"Yeh...yeh ring...kiski hai?"
"Sam ne tumhare liye pasand ki thi..."
"Hmm...achi hai..."

He bent down on his knees,

"Aayesha, will u marry me?"

She nodded in yes. He slipped the same ring in her finger.

Few days later,
In the morning,

He knocked the door. This time Mr.Rawte opened the door.

"Andar aayo..."

The next 3 hours went like that. For few hours, they forgot every bad thing. For few hours, the 4 people behaved like a family. Arjun told his family about him proposing Aayesha.

They were a bit happy.  It had been a week since Sam left them. It was indeed a good news for them, that Arjun has moved ahead in life.

Arjun n Aayesha left, while Mr. and Mrs. Rawte kept on talking.

"Aaj Sameer yahaan hota toh kitna khush hota..."
"Bahut khush...usse iss baat ka gham Aayesha ne uski jagah Arjun ko chuna...par mujhe pakka yakeen hai Vasundhra ji, ki woh, Arjun ke liye bahut khush hota..."

"Arey! Mein yahin hunn mumma papa, bas farak itna hai ki mein aap logon ko dekh sakta hunn, sun sakta hunn, par aap log, na mujhe dekh sakte hain, na sunn sakte hain... par don't worry, hum log bahut jaldi waapis aayenge..."


Arjun was driving the ETF SUV, while Aayesha was sitting in the passenger seat.

'Thanks Sam, teri wajah se aaj mujhe zindagi jeene ki ik aur wajah mil gayi...mein bahut khush hunn, bahut khush,mein uss raat ke agle din nahi gaya...aaj hafte baad gaya...aur baba toh sach mein bilkul gussa nahi thay...aur Aayesha ne bhi shaadi ke liye haan keh diya...jaldi aana meri zindagi mein vaapis...please...'

She was just busy looking at the ring. Beautiful ring!

"Kya huya Aayesha? Kahaan kho gayi?"
"Woh...kuch nahi...hum log kahaan jaa rahe hain?"
"Ik orphanage hai...'Hope'...wahin jaa rahe hain..."

Few minutes later,

He stopped the SUV in front of the orphanage. Arisha stepped out of the SUV and went inside the orphanage. Cute kids, teenagers, played in the garden. He smiled, so did she.

"Aapke saath woh uncle nahi aaye?"

They turned around to find a cute girl, aged 5 asking them, about some uncle.

Arjun sat on his knees, as he held that little creatures cute little hands.

"Kaunse Uncle beta?"
"Ik uncle hai, woh issi waali badi car mein aate hain humse milne..."

Arisha understood about whom that girl was talking about. 'Sameer'

Aayesha had tears in her eyes, she turned away her face. Even Arjun controlled his sobs.

"Aapka naam kya hai beta?"
"Mera naam Kanishka hai uncle, uncle aap unn waale uncle ko jaante ho? Woh waale uncle ke baal brown color ke thay...aur woh humesha humare liye chocolates leke aate thay..."
"Beta woh uncle ab aa nahi payenge yahaan, woh bahut durr chale gaye hain...par unki jagah ab hum aaya karenge...theek hai? Agli baar se hum humesha aapke liye chocolates lekar aaya karenge..."
"Theek hai uncle...thank you!" she replied, as she rose to her feet, kissed Arjun's cheeks and ran away.

"Aayesha tum theek ho na?"
"Haan Arjun...andar chalein?"

He nodded in +ve and started walking along her. He noticed Sam's soul again.

Sam motioned Arjun to check his pocket and pointed towards Kanishka...Arjun checked his pockets and found a Dairy Milk in his pocket, but when he looked back again towards the same direction, where Sam was standing, he found his soul missing.

Aayesha noticed the chocolte in Arjun's hand,

"Kya Arjun, chote bache ho jo chocolate khaoge..."
"Nahi, yeh toh woh...uss bachi ke liye hai..." he said as he pointed towards Kanishka.

Arjun marched towards Kanishka,

"Yeh lo beta aapki chocolate..." he said as he handed her the chocolate.
"Aap mere liye lekar aaye ho?"
"Haan beta..."
"Thank you!" she said, as she blew him a fly kiss. He captured it.

Few minutes later,

Arisha was walking in the garden, along with the care taker of the orphanage.

"Thank you so much Sir, sirf aap jaise bhale logon ki wajah se hi, hum inn bachon ka khayal rakh paate hain..."
"It's ok Mrs.Shetty...vaise Sameer aapko donations kab deta tha?"
"Har mahine Arjun ji, har mahine ke aakhri hafte mein, woh yahaan aate thay...hum sabse milne...pura din toh rukh nahi sakte thay, iss liye thodi der ke liye aate, bachon ke saath khelte aur phir chale jaate...khaas kar Kanishka...Kanishka ko bahut pasand karte thay woh...even Kanishka bhi unhein bahut pasand karti hai..."
"Sameer, Kanishka ko adopt karne waala tha?"
"Arjun tumhein kaise pata?"
"Aayesha, uss din jab hum, Sam ke ghar gaye thay, meine uss ki almirah mein kuch papers dekhe, woh papers, Kanishka ki adoption se related thay..."
"Ji haan Arjun ji, woh Kanishka ko adopt karne waale thay...unhone adoption ka process shuru kar diya tha...par ab..."
"Don't worry Mrs.Shetty, ik din Kanishka ko bhi bahut achi family milegi..."

Few months later,

Aayesha weds Arjun, read the banner outside the palace.

Inside the palace, pheras were taking place. After the marriage, the couple took blessing from their parents.

Meanwhile, in the heavens,

"Aaj Arjun ko khush dekh kar mujhe bahut khushi ho rahi hai Riya..."
"Woh toh hai...dekhiye na Roshni di and Sir, Dono kitne khush hai..."
"Woh toh hai Roshni aur Riya...mein bhi bahut khush hunn aaj inn dono ko khush dekh kar..."

Some years later,

"Damn it! meine bola tha na ki meto yeh waali penchil chahiye, toh matlab yehi waali penchil chahiye...yahi waali penchil lekal aao diver untle...chamjhe ya chamjaun?" a cute 4 year old boy, who almost spoke all the words wrong, and moved his hair from his forehead in style, ordered the driver.

"Abhi lekar aaya Samar baba..."

On the other hand,

"Haww! Roshni, yeh Ciya ke chehre ko kya kar diya?" she asked her daughter no.2, as she ran towards the dressing table.

"Roshni, Ciya abhi choti hai, uski skin kharab ho jayegi baby, aage se aap mumma ka make up aise kharab nahi karoge...theek hai?" she said, as she wiped the face of her daughter no.3.


"Ishka, aap toh bahut genious ho...papa ko chess ki game mein hara diya?"

"Woh toh hai Baba, aakhir mein Arjun Suryakant Rawte ki beti, Kanishka Suryakant Rawte hunn..."

Finally, it was an happy ending for Arisha. They were proud parents of 4 beautiful kids.

A 15 year old daughter named, Kanishka Suryakant Rawte. Yes, she was the same girl, whom Sameer wanted to adopt. But now, Arjun fulfilled Sam's wish, by adopting Kanishka.

A 9 year old daughter named Roshni Suryakant Rawte, her name was kept Roshni, in memory of Roshni Arjun Suryakant Rawte.

A 7 year old daughter named Ciya Suryakant Rawte, her name always reminded Arjun of Riya. Why? Because her name almost sounded like Riya.

And last but not the least, the trouble maker in the Rawte mansion, Samar Suryakant Rawte. He indeed had Sameer's soul in him. Pura ghar ko apni ungliyon par nachate the, Arjun ji ke laadle. Yes, he was apne mummy papa ke aankhon ke taare.

**********Happy Endings!**********

"Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to."

Waiting to know ur views! Please lambe waale comments! samjhe ya...? Wink
Sorry for the mistakes! Haven't checked properly after typing. Tongue

PS : I never had, never will like n support Arisha [I guess!] [NO Offence Arisha fans], acc to story plot, I had to get Arisha here.

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kunchu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 February 2013 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
hey me first!!!

read part 1...OMG...
too touching yaar!!
cant wait for the next part!!
the way you portrayed it... loved it...
are apne tho rathod ko hi maar daala...CryCry

and yes without him the ETF is incomplete.. and now without sree-chotu too...

and what did that last line mean?? pls clear soon and further comments after reading fully

part 2:
ok that was cute talks with the souls and Arjun.
so Sam wants Arjun to marry Aisha..
hope evything clears of soon...

part 3:
that was a great ending, with all 4 kids at home.
good job dear!!

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Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 February 2013 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
dear too emotional
rathod omg killed..
chotu n shree!!
jaldi continue kro dear

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princess_pari Goldie

Joined: 27 January 2013
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Posted: 20 February 2013 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
you made me cryCryCryCry... i was sobbing all the while i was reading it...  CryCryCry
mere jiju ko maar diya...Cry
cant wait to read more dear...
update soon...

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...Mithuz... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 February 2013 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
This was the most superb OS I have read since quite a time..!!

The most emotional one..!!

I had tears in my eyes reading this..!!
Superb ..!!!

Please continue soon..!!!

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alee001 Goldie

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Posted: 20 February 2013 at 11:13pm | IP Logged

very emotional OS!!!!

update soonn!!

PART2 was amazinggg its well writtenn Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap!!

the way led d conv b/t sameer and arjun is superb!!!! hats off to u!!


wow!!! arjun proposed ayeshaaa!!! awsomeee!!!

kanishka is lovely!!!

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!! samar is sooo cute!! chamje ya chamjhaun!!!

wow sameer kept his promise and returned back.. now he can take d revenge on arjun!!!  LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

arisha ki 4 kids!!! awww... happy ending for happy family!!!

u r fablous writer!! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

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