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Virman FF- US = LOVE Chapter 6 (Page 18)

Crazyvirmanfan Senior Member

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 4:16pm | IP Logged

                                               ~Chapter 4~

Heey guys, heres chapter 4 for you all :) I'm really sorry for keeping you all waiting and you all were asking me too update, i just got caught up with school. But finally here is chapter 4. Hope you guys like it Big smile

"Hi Dad, How are you? Hows everyone at home?", Manvi spoke as her dad picked up the phone.

"I'm good manvi and so is everyone else, How are you? everything going well, studying hard?", Manvi's dad said.

"I'm great and i'm studying very hard", She said.

"Well i obviously know you've called me not to only as how i am, but for something else also so hurry up and tell me", he said catching out manvi.

"Dad you know me so well, well basically like for the past two years the uni has organised trips and i've always gone but however the trips occasionally were very boring, i also did plan that i would not going this year but'They have planned a trip to Spain and i really wanna go", she said.

"Well then go, you know i've never restricted you to do anything", he said lovingly to his daughter.

"But i dad the fee is 455 pounds and'", She said

Before manvi could finish her sentence her dad cut in "You need money to pay for it, don't worry i'll transfer more than 455 pounds into your bank, you'll have them transferred by tomorrow", he said.

"Thanks dad, i love you and take care", she said happy.

"I love you too and take care", He replied.

Both hung up and manvi was more than happy, she was excited to go to spain with everyone.

"So finally got your money", Virat said who was sitting beside her while she was talking to her dad.

"Yupp like always dads the best",She said excitedly.

"You've paid right?", She asked.

"Yupp did this morning", he replied.

"Hope theres enough spaces left till tomorrow", she said a bit worried.

"Its not like another 100 students are gonna come and pay, its only been a day since we found out and i can guarantee not many people have paid yet so chill", he said.

Manvi looked at her phone and saw the time it was 1:35pm and her lecture was going to start in 5 minutes.

"Virat i have to go, my lectures going to start in 5 minutes i'll see you later bye", she said pecking him on the cheek and leaving.

As she was walking virat watched her, he saw a guy come towards manvi and put his arms around her waist and hugged her, manvi returned the hug smiling. Virat looked at her and shook his head.

"Hi Manvi", Greeted Mr kevin

"Hi Mr Kevin, i would like to pay for the pain trip",She said smiling.

"Suree", he said, taking the money manvi was handing to him.

"I'm glad your coming again this time, after the last outbreak you had not wanting to do anything on the scotland and refused to come to a trip again", he said.

"Well i guess this year the uni has organised a better rather than the boring trips we have like, stupid fielding trip", she said with a slight rude tone.

"Haha", he laughed

"Well i'm not going to leave out an opportunity going to a hot country, have you seen the english weather its just not hot 27 degrees is not what you call hot", she complained.

"Manvi i totally agree with you", he said.

"Anyways sir, have a good day bye", Saying that she left.

Manvi Got into her hostel apartment and flung herself onto her bed which was covered with a light pink silk bedcover. She lay flat on her bed and looked at her phone, she started to browse on Facebook, twitter and replying to texts. She got up after a little while and freshened up, she got changed into an over size baggy t-shirt and pyjama shorts. After doing her usual, stuff like finishing off essays, eating dinner, watching tv and cleaning up. It was finally 11:50pm she was laying in bed reading a novel and eyes about to close, when her phone beeped she picked up her phone from her bedside table and looked at.

V- Hottie whasup ;)

M- Why call me that?

V- Because i know your one, whats the problem in calling you that?

M- Never mind, why did you text me?

V- ATTITUDE! Just wanted to talk to you any problem? Did i disturb you? were you talking to someone else?

M- Its a very big problem, I can't believe your free to text me aren't you getting any other texts at the moment babes, How did you know i was busy talking to someone else? ;)

V- Baby i think there's something called texting 10 people at the same time, Ooo busy with an admirer i see ;)

M- Clever Eyy, Have to many hard to name ;)

V- Yupp Clever as always, you can talk always running to lectures incase your late, goody tooshoos :D Flattering yourself are we :P

M- :O Me a goody tooshoos? Remember the girl at the club or at most parties? Still think i'm a goody tooshoos? After your the one who's training to be an airforce pilot and keeps getting the highest grades. Look who's talking vain child :P

V- Uff you and the parties don't even get me started, Dayamm!  Haha alright your not a good tooshoos :D

M- Loool Crazy! Anyways i'm tired and its nearly half 12 so i'm off to sleep, and you go to bed too :D

V- Alright i will :) Night! xx

M- Night :) xx

The day for the trip to Barcelona spain had come and all  the 200 students with 5 teachers were at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 waiting for there gate to be opened. They were seated in at the departures near duty free. Manvi was wearing blue denim shorts with a white lacey tank top and paired it with a cardigan and wore Her grey vans, she paired her whole outfit with her Louis Vuitton Bag. She sitting down with her Beats pulled into her ears and listening to music. She had her favourite starbucks frappuccino in her hand and was sipping it now and then. Virat was wearing blue denim jeans with a pink polo, he paired them with his grey vans. He was sitting down surrounded by girls talking to them all. He looked at manvi who was too busy engrossed on her iPad and frappuccino. He decided to text her, he took his phone out while listening to all the girls talk and started to text her.

V- Look at me :D

Manvi's music stopped due to the text message she received, she opened the text and  saw it was from virat, she looked in his direction and saw him around girls, he saw her looking him and winked at her.

M- Is that why you told me to look at you so you could wink?

V- Of course :)

M- Piss off virat, you and your cheapness my music stopped because of you.

V- Haha Good! You know you love my cheapness ;)

M- I swear i'm gonna murder you, your such a flirt .

V- I know! :D

Manvi didn't bother to reply back to virat and carried on listening to her music and browsing on her Ipad. After a little the Gate No 17 Was opened and everyone made there way to the gate. As they reached to the gate they were lined up and handing over there boarding passes for the ends to be chipped off. Manvi went through the tunnel which was quite long for her liking. 

"Hey there madam could i see your boarding pass", said the air hostess who greeted manvi politely.

"Hey", Manvi replied and handed her boarding pass to the air hostess.

"Take a left and straight done your seat is 27J", she said pointing to the left.

"Thank you", Manvi said and as she received back her boarding pass.

She walked to her seat and found 27J it was a window seat and manvi was very happy, she loved looking out the floating clouds and the bright sky. The passengers loaded in, virats seat was opposite manvi's but 2 seats back. Manvi made herself comfortable, just then she saw a figure standing on the seat next to her. She looked up to see her Ex boyfriend Rishi just about to sit next to her. He turned to look at her and saw her looking at him with a confused look. So he cared to explain.

"Hi Manvi, how are you?",He said politely smiling.

"Hi Rishi, I'm good what about you?", she asked.

"Well i'm good, i guess my seat is right next to you 27K, hope you don't mind?"

"Nope not all, i didn't know you were also coming to the trip didn't see you at the departures", she said.

"I thought why not since there planning to go somewhere good, Yeaah was sitting in costa having a coffee with marine",he responded back.

"Ohh", she replied.

The seat next on the end was empty, no one had come to sit there so Rishi moved down and left the middle seat empty.

The pilot announced for take off and manvi pulled in her headphones and looked out the window enjoying flying up in sky to another level, manvi loved plane journeys she never was one of those people who felt sick or ill on a flight. She was fine she passed her time watching movies and listening to music. The plane had come so up high that only clouds could be seen, Manvi pulled down the shuttle and leaned back on her seat adjusting it back and pulling her feat up as it was much easier for her since she had a petite figure. The flight was for an hour and a half and it had only been half and hour. They air hostess gave out snacks to everyone. After a while manvi turned around to see virat sitting with 2 nerdy guys, she laughed and knew the teachers had deliberately chosen his seat to be with boys because if he was with girls he would go little too far. He looked at her and she saw his face sulking and he was annoyed, he had his head phones in his ears. Manvi pointed at him and mimicked a laugh and turned back round and sat comfortably. She took out her Ipad and started to play temple run one of her favourite games, she was so busy playing that she didn't even know that another figure had come and sat next to her.

"Jump manvi", He called out.

"I am", she responded not paying attention who had just said that too her, after 1 minute she stopped and paused her game. Who did i just replied too? that was the question that popped in her head, she turned to her right and saw two hazel orbs staring at her, it was none other than her boyfriend virat. She looked behind him and saw the seat empty.

Virat smirked at her gesture.

"I told rishi there was a empty next to marine and the guy sitting next to her wanted to sit next to the nerds i was sitting with", he explained.

"Ohh I wonder why they chose that seat for you?", manvi said smirking.

"Shut up", he responded.

"Anyways why you here?", she asked.

"You know why i'm here", he smirked tangling her fingers with his.

Manvi stared at him.

He leaned forward towards her "You were laughing at me right? i don't think you'll be laughing after this", he said smirking.

"Haha Whatever and don't you even try were on a plane", she said pushing him away but he was not ready to move.

"I really don't care if were on a plane or on top of a plane", he said with a slight passion in his voice. 

Manvi had lost her words somehow, she tried to say something but felt virat's lips on the side of her neck, he was placing

 kisses here and there on her neck. She was so lost that she didn't know she had tilted her head sides was to give him more access of kissing her. He moved back and looked her he leaned in towards her jawline and was kissing her jawline leading up towards her lips. He kissed a lips tenderly, softly and gently. They forgot about the surrounding around them, both for the first time were so into the moment, they had never been so lost in anyone before. Virats hands moved to manvi's things which were exposed because she was wearing shorts. He caressed her things gently and manvi caressed his cheeks. Manvi pulled away and pushed him. Virat groaned annoyed at what manvi just did.

"Manvi", He groaned.

"Thats enough for now", she said, suddenly she realised her last word and mentally slapped herself for saying it.

Virat moved closer to her "For now? so your planning for us to continue..hmmm", he said huskily.

"NO! don't take it the wrong way", She said hitting his chest and pushing him back.

He let out a laugh and leaned back on the chair. Her hands still tangled in his, They passed the time talking, teasing and annoying each other. They didn't know when time flew and the pilot had announced that he was time to land. Manvi looked out the window, chewing gum to prevent her ears from blocking and aching. She looked down from the window and saw, houses, beaches and roads. They finally landed with Grrr sound. And the weather outside looked amazing, manvi felt like jumping out the plane and running outside to feel the warmth of the sun. They were finally in Barcelona Spain.

How was it guys? Hope i kept to all of yours expectations Smile

Have any ideas what will happen next?

Keep all your comments coming in, i love reading all of them and i do reply to them :) I love all the long comments :) I pm lots of people but i only got 38 likes for my last chapter Unhappy 

Anyways i'll be updating next week for you all Big smile


P.s If you would like a Pm send me a buddy request Smile

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.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 5:54pm | IP Logged

Lol naught viraat it was quite hot
I m loving ths virman
Plz cont soon

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kulsum_virman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 7:17pm | IP Logged
virat kinda jealous haan Wink
flight mein hi itna romance to flight ke bahar kya hoga Tongue
its getting really interesting 
and virman in hot spain will be real fun haan Big smile
loved the update HeartThumbs Up
plss jaldi update karna and pm ke liye thanx alott Smile

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jia123sagar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
superb update
ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 7:43pm | IP Logged
Fab updateee Thumbs Up
Ritika_dogra Newbie

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
It's an awesome story dear...plz dear continue soon...
.Yamin. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
superb update...Clap
loved the whole update to the core...Smile
epically virman moment...both were lost in each other...Embarrassed...
so finally they have reached spain...looking forward for next update...
thank u so much for the pm...Smile

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Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update...! Virat taking the iniative to b around her n spk to her often...nice...n his little naugtiness during the plane journey was sweet...Will wait fr the next...thanks fr the PM...~!

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