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for girls cid team

PG 1    1. Poorvi in danger ShockedCry
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PG 34
. 10.ASHA IN DANGERShockedCry

the Starcast-

acp ashaEmbarrassed

senior inspector AditiEmbarrassed

inspector poorviEmbarrassed

inspector tashaEmbarrassed

inspector muskaanEmbarrassed

inspector shreyaEmbarrassed

inspector kajalEmbarrassed

hi friends well i have opened one common thread for all my stories, so here are my second, third n the most recent stories and i will post even my future stories here. Here they are

 Hi friends my first attempt with a comedy story was not so funny or interesting so here is my second aatempt. It is not comedy but opposite of what my last story was it was based on fights between cid cops and this one is on teamwork read on i hope this is better than my last one...

Poorvi in danger

starring - poorvi , tasha , muskaan , kajal , shreya

scene 1-

 inspector poorvi is sitting in her qualis parked on the side of road. She is peering through the half open window, waiting for someone. While she is waiting she pulls out a photograph from her pocket and looks at it. It is of a man wearing white tshirt, his hands crossed over his chest and his hair coming right down to his shoulders. He has a stern face with uneatly shaved beard.
 Poorvi puts it back in her pocket hoping that no passersby saw it and then placing both her hands on a stirring wheel begins her long wait. While she waits she recalls why she was there

 that very morning DCP chitrole and paid the cops a surp[rise visit. The cops were not so cheerfull to see him but they were not as unhappy as he was.
' i am very disappointed in you young ladies i thought in the absence of the male cops you would take over well enough.' Poorvi and all her collegues- muskaan, tasha, kajal and shreya bent down their heads.
' i am giving you one last chance to prove yourselves ladies i am here to appoint one of you to arrest a famous drug dealer whois in town' all the cops looked up ' one of you will be enough. You could trace him easily as hehad a big gang at first and many of his memebers are under arrest. Some are even your informers they might be having a idea and here i have his photo' saying so dcp had removed the photo of the man in white shirt with shoulder length hair'
'sir' poorvi said before any of the other cops could speak.
' i volunteer' poorvi says confidently
'all right inspector poorvi here take this picture. Best of luck.' saying so dcp hands her the photograph and leaves.
'poorvi are you sure you can do this on your own?' kajal asked her friend
'yes kajal dont worry i have a informer who must be knowing him' poorvi said
'okay poorvi best of luck if you have any problem call us infact keep us updated about your locations and discoveries' tasha said
'sure tasha dont worry' saying so poorvi gave a smile to all her collegues and left.

 and now here poorvi was waiting in the qualis for her informer. She looked down on her wristwatch just then her car door opened and a man with filthy clothes and an unpleasent appearence enterd
'yes madam tell me what work do you have for me?' ravi, the informer asked
'ravi do you know him?' poorvi showed him the photograph
'yes mam this is mannu bhai a very big drug smuggler'
'good do you know where he is'
'indeed i do have his adress but i dont know if he shifted'
' never mind dat just give me his adress.
Poorvi takes the adress, gives the man a few notes and he walks out then poorvi pulls out her phone calls tasha and tells her everything and then drives off to the adress

scene 2-
 the white qualis stops in front of a old building and poorvi gets out. She approaches the watchman and shows him mannu's picture
"yes madam he lives here inflat number 203"
"thank you" saying so poorvi walked to the stairs and pulled out her gun. She slowly walks up the stairs trying her bast to make sure she is not making much noise and then there she is in front of flat number 203. Poorvi pauses for a while and then says to herself
"kajal you are not the only female who can break a door" poorvi moves and comes forward pushing the door with her body she does that two times and then gives it a swift kick and the door breaks open. She walks inside with her gun pointed. In front of her is a room. She slowly walks towards the room. Her heart is beating at a really fast pace.  as she enters the room. She moves her sight and gun in all directions she does not spot mannu but she does catch a glimpse of a small pocketbook on the floor beside her. Keen to know its contents she picks it up and just when she is about to read it someone snatches her gun and pushes her to the floor. She then sees standing in front of her is mannu.
Who are you how did you get inside my house?' he asks
"cid inspector poorvi, Mr. mannu you are under arrest."
"oh really an unarmed cop is here to arrest me.LOLhe laughs loudly while poorvi moves back still on the ground and slowly stands up. She then pick up a clay pot and knocks out the gunfrom his hand and kicks it out of the room both she and mannu then make a dash for it but before mannu can reach it poorvi throws the pot on hi head and he falls down poorvi picks up the gun and points it towards him.
just when she is about to injure him she fells something heavy knock her behind her head. The gun flies from her hand and she falls to the floor with her hand on the back of her head. Everything appears haezy to her. She pulls out her shivering hand from under her head and looks at it. BLOOD! that is the last thing she sees before she faints.
 Mannu stands up holding the gun and looks at the old lady in front of him who had knocked out poorvi
"i am sorry my son i did not mean to hurt her. When i saw her pointing a gun at you i thougt she will kill so i hit her on the head."
"thank you aunty. I do not know who she is but she was trying to kill me."
"i heard noises and when i came outside i saw her entereing your house with a gun so i thought."
"thank you aunty sorry for the trouble and dont worry i am taking her to the police."
" okay my son as you wish."

 tasha in moving back and forth in the cid bureau trying to call someone. She is a little tense seeing which kajal asks her
"what is the matter tasha i see you are very tensed."
"i indeed i am kajal i am trying to call poorvi for so long but she is not picking up my phone."
"she must be busy" shreya said
"or she might be in danger needing us
"i hope not." muskaan said
"poorvi gave me the adress of where she was headed to come on team i think our collegue needs us."

the other girls reach the building and the first person they interogate is the watchman. shreya shows him poorvi's photo and he immediatly recognises her and gives the cops mannu"s flat number. The cops go there with guns in their hand. The door of the flat is broken they walk inside but do not spot anybody. But in the corridoor kajal sees a pool of blood. She calls her collegues and they are all stunned.
"it could be mannu"s" muskaan says with a smile
"or not" shreya says picking out a long hair from the pool of blood. All cops are deeply sadened
"this cannot happen"tasha says " nothing can happen to our poorvi"
"tasha if her phone is still switched on then we could trace her before this mannu or anybody can cause our sister any harm. 

 the speeding qualis comes to a stop a little distance from an old factory.
"this is where poorvis phone was traced" shreya said
"come on team for poorvi" tasha said loading her gun."
 all the cops step out and walk towards the factory. Inside mannus men spot them and report it to him
"they came pretty son i thought they would take time" mannu said proudly
"you expected they would find our hideout." one of mannus men asked
"they had to because of this." mannu removed a cellphone from his pocket.
"this is hers." he said indicating towards poorvi who was lying on the floor. Hands and legs tied and a hanky around her mouth.
"i did not switch it off because i wanted them to come so i could finish all of them. Nosy cid."
"leave it on us boss." saying so the men run to the entrance./ The cops are about to enter when mannus men started shooting at them. All four of them took cover kajal behind a cement mixer, tasha and muskaan behind two separate pillars and shreya behind an old rotten car.
 the cops are firing at the men and the men at the cops. Firing continues for a while while when suddenly kajal screams loudly
"oh no she is shot on her hand." tasha says
"wait tasha give me cover."
saying so muskaan runs to where kajal is.
"i am okay." she says feebly
"no you are not you have been shot." muskaan says kajal moves her eyes around when she spots a hole in the wall of the factory beside her. Muskaan is busy shooting but then she turns towards kajal and follows her gaze and notices the whole. She then exchanges a smile wirh kajal and then signals tasha and shreya about it. The three of you go first i wil join in a while."
" thanks shreya be careful."
 shreya gives the cover while the cops un in kajal being supportd by muskaan."
they enter straight in front of mannu. The moment they see him they take cover and start shooting at him.
 all his men are shot by the end of fifteen minutes and he only remains. He then points the gun towards poorvi and says he will kill her if they dont surrender. The three cops step out about to surrender when shreya shoots his arm from behind and his gun goes flying to the cops.
"good work shreya." kajal cheers her.  mannu runs out shreya, muskaan and tasha follow him while kajal goes over to poorvi brings her around, unties her, assures her that she safe, accept poorvis gratitude and the help her walk out. Meanwhile tasha gets hold of mannu and reds his cheek with a tight jhaapad[slapWink]

 dcp chitrole pays another visit to the cops the next day.
"good work girls i am proud of you all."
 all the girls smile :poorvi you were very brave and the other four of you also very good i am impressed."
:thank you sir ."
" and kajal take care of your hand and poorvi even you look after you injuries."
thank you sir we sure will." poorvi said
"good" saying so dcp walked out
"girls thank you so much." poorvi said with tears in her eyes
"aww come on we were just doing our duty." muskaan said with a smile
"but i am angry." shreya said
"why shreyu dear what did i do?" poorvi asked a little tensed
"poo yaar i told you before friendship mein no thank you." shreya said and everyone smiled
"sorry shreyu i forget." poorvi said
"i am angry again" shreya said
"now what did she do?" kajal asked
"poo yaar friendship mein no sorry no thank you." everyone bursts laughing
"wait a minute guys we are not friends." muskaan said
all the cops got serious
"arre we are sisters." all the cops have  big smile on the faces. Just how they should be.Smile

the end
thank you for reading hope you liked itWink

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HI FRIENDS I AM GLAD THAT YOU ALL LIKED MY SECOND STORY. But as the famous saying goes " NO ON IS PERFECT' my story too was not perfect so i asked for suggestions and from suggestions by my friends-visrom di , debasree di, padmapriya di and mano I have come up with a third story, hope you find it as intresting or maybe more intresting than the second story
 hope you enjoy...


(I mean no offence to any of the cops however i might potray them they are all equally brilliant actors and i respect them)



 The dark, starry sky reflected it's shadow on the small lake lying just beside to the cid beaureu. The night was very quite not even where the dog's howling. The streets were empty not even a single car ran on them. All the shops were shut not a single house was lit. Even the street lamps were flickering two of them and even switched off.  soft wind blew, pitch darkness on the streets in front of the cid beareau. the glass windows on the beareau was shinig because of the light from the stars. Yet there was not a single soul anywhere. Execpt one, the watchman outside the beaureau. He was sitting in his small cabin wrapped in a shawl and yet shivering (it was the winter season).
 He was sipping his tea slowly to keep himself warm and of course kept an eye on the gates of the beaureau and in intervals even turned to see if everything was alll right in beareau.
 He had served the team for the past five years and never fell asleep on duty but that day he felt ill. A strange dizziness struck. Slowly his eyes began to shut and finally his head collided with his desk, his eyes shut tight.
 Just then a black car drove in front of the beareau, disturbing the peace of the night. A lady wearing black trousers and a black coat and a creamish shirt stepped out. Her hair was opean and reached a little below her shoulders. She looked at the watchman and then scanned his cabin till she spotted a bunch of keys hanging there. She walked towards it and pulled it out. She then unlocked the gates and enterd the beareau.
 Switching on the main power walked towards the lift. The pitch darkness was gone with the beaureau emitting it's light in all directions.
 The lady entered the lift and pressed the botton for the third floor. The silver lift carried her up and then opened in front of the glass room. The main place of the cidians. She enterd the room and scanned it with her bright brown eyes. She then walked about the room touching the computers, and all the trophies and medals awarded to the brave team. Even on one wals was hung three pictures of the cid team. She looked at all of them very carefully and then turned her eyes towards acp pradyuman's cabin. It had been shut as Pradyuman sir and all the men of the beareau were not in town, and the female were handelling the beareau.
 She then turned towards his cabin and started walking towards it. On reaching it she put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a key , the master key. She inserted it in the key hole and turned the key. The door unlocked and she entered. Turning on all the lights walked straight towards Acp sir's little cabinet, unlocked it (with he master key) and pulled out a file from between the four. She then pulled acp Pradyuman's chair, sat on it, opened the file and began reading it. It was the file which contained all details about the female cid copsOuch

INTERVAL, get yourself more popcorn and drinks and then scroll down to find out who the invader is. Take a break this thread is not going anywhere (hopefully)Big smile

scene 2-
 INspector poorvi had finally got a peacefull sleep after a week. After the men left the girls had been solving cases all by themselves, and were doing well. After their last case, DCP chitrole had been very impressed by all the girls and especially by her and her best friend and collegue TashaSmile. Infact he was so happy that he had promoted both of them to senior inspectors.  They were in shock for the entire day not able to believe that they had actually ben promoted. After their promotions they had to be in the beareau all night doing all the pending work all by themselves, works like feeding the information of the previous case in the computers and files. Muskaan, kajal and shreya insisted on lending them a hand but they refused politely saying it was no big deal and they could do it by themselves but when they started they repented what they had said.
 That nght finally poorvi was  home.  very peacfull night with no disturbance, but only till four in the morning, that's when she recieved a message from the DCP stating that a new acp would be leading them, the gils were doing fine by themselves but they needed one leader to guide them. And with two senior cops there was sure to be quarrels and someone was needed to decide who was right. The new acp would be arriving that day at any time, so dcp asked Poorvi and Tasha to be at the beareau by maximum five in the morning. Poorvi had been both shocked and upset after reading the message. She put her head in her hands and gave a deep sigh. She wanted to fall back on the bed and sleep till at least the next afternoon but what could she do, it was dcp chitrole's order and unwillingly she had to follow them. After she recieved the message she called up tasha, who gave the same reaction as she had.
" subah subah paanch baje kaunsa acp aata hai yaar." Tasha told poorvi in a sleepy tone
"i agree yaar, par kya kar sakte hai dcp ke orders hai mante to padenge he. Tu ready ho jaa main tujhe 15 minutes mein pick up karne aati hun theek hai."
"theekh hai yaar aaram se aana."
"soo mat jaane uth jaa abhi"
"haan haan theek hai tu bhi"
 poorvi wanted to lie down on the bed for some time, but if she did that she was ought to fall asleep. Her eyes were not opening, but what could she do, she had to get up.

 Poorvi drove the car very lazily that morninG. The had not rose yet but the sky still became lighter than it's usual shade. Poorvi's bright and shinybrown eyes were looking very sleepy. She was yawning every two minutes, and her eyes would begin to shut every second. Her cute dimples had faded away. Tasha, who was sitting on the passengers seat beside had fallen asleep. Seeing her made poorvi jealous but she did not want to wake her friend up.
 After a twenty minute drive poorvi drove the car in front of the cid beareau.
"tasha uuth jaa yaar pahunch gaye."
"itni jaldi."
"itni tez gadi kyun chaalati hai tu yaar thodi aur deer sone deti."
"o madam mujhe bhi utni hi neend aa rahi hai jitni aapko. Aap ko to thodi deer at least sone ko mila mujhe to vo bhi nahi."
"theekh hai baba uth gayi."
 poorvi did not reply her instead looked about. Her eyes fell on the watchman.
"Ramesh she said approachin him."
"ramesh." she shouted again but he did not wake up. She shook him, still his eyelids were shut tightly."
"poorvi." tasha shouted
"kya hua."
"bearau ke light chalu hai."
"kya!!!!!" poorvi turned towards the beareau, her friend was right. Tasha pulled out her gun and walked up to poorvi
"andar kuch gadbad hai."
"haan tasha ye deekh ramesh ko kuch ho gaya hai aur iske cabin se chaabiyaan gayab hain!Ouch."
"chalo dekhte hai."
 Poorvi also pulls out her gun and both of them walk upstairs. The check both the first and the second floor and then finally reach the third floor.
"sambhal kar." tasha tells poorvi
poorvi replies her with a nod. Both the cops walk in skillfully holding their guns tightly.
poorvi enters the room first and tasha follows her very closely. Meanwhile the lady who had come was still sitting in the cabin, and hearing the girls enter she looks up.
 Tasha hold poorv's arm and whispers in her ear.
"acp sir ka cabin khula hai, wahan paar definatly koi haiShocked."
"shayad tum sahi keh rahi ho check karte hai."
 both the cops walk towards acp pradyuman's cabin and open the door. It is dark. Poorvi immediatly switches on the light. There is no onebut an open file and a cup half filled with coffee. Both the cops walk towards the table. There is no one underneath the table. Tasha slowly walks towards the cabinet. It is open.
"yahan koi to aaya tha." tasha says
"aaya th nahi aayi hai."
both the girls turn behind and the lady walks up to them. Both of them immediatly point their guns at her but she only smiles.
" Mujhe lagta hai ki shayad tum dono mujhe pehechante nahi, main hu..."
"ek jasoos jo yahan se zaroori information churaane aayi hai." Poorvi interupts her
"yaafir cid ke kisis dushman ki saathi."
"galat, dono galat mein.."
" to tum jo koi bhi ho khud ko kanoon ke ke hawaale kar do, warna.." poorvi threatened
"warna kya."
"hum yahin paar tumhara encounter kar denge." Tasha said
"senior inspector poorvi and tasha kya mujhe kuch bolne dooge?"
"adaalat mein yahan nahi." tasha said
"theekh hai magar uske pehele tum dono ki naukri jayeegi."
"tum hoti kaun ho hume humari naukri se nikalne wali."
 The lady smiled and then said
"ASHA, acpo asha. She pulled out her badge from her pocket and placed in on the table in front of the cops. She then walked towards the wall on which hung the pictures of the team the pictures. Asha then looked at the two cops. They were pale."mamm
"mam, we are so sorry." sha cid team photographs, followed by the two cops who felt as though they would faint. The lady,towards the wall on which hung the photographs, followed by the

"mam we are so sorry."
"tum dono chate ho ki mein tumhe maaf kar dun."
"pleasee mam jabki humne jo gaalti ki ve maafi ke kabil nahi hai."
"poorvi, acp pradyuman sir se mein kuch din pehele mili aur unhe mene bataya ki mein tum logon ki acp banne waali hun. Vo bahut khush huye. Unhone mujse bet lagayi. vo bet tha ki- acp sir mujhe hamesha yumhaari kisse sunaate the poorvi, tumhaari bahaduri ke aur tasha tumhaare akaalmandi aur clever planning ke. Mene unse bet lagayi ki unhone mujhe jitne tum dono ke kisse sunaye usse kai jyada mein unhe sunaun. To dikhaoo ge aapni bahaduri aur akalmandi mere under? madat karoge mujhe bet jitne mein tum dono aur tumhaare teen saathi bolo?"
"of course mam hum itni bahaduri dikhaenge ki aap acp sir ko batate batate thak jaayenge." tasha said with a smile
 Asha smiled back tumhara naam mujse kaafi milta hai umeedhai tumhaara kaam bhi."
"yes mam."
"good. You both look very sleepy right now main bhi ghaar jaa rahi hun dum dono bhi jao. Uss watchman ko bhi bhej do aur sirf ek aakhri kaam kar do kajal, muskaan aur shreya ko phone karke kaho ki kaal chutti."
 poorvi and tasha brighten up and a huge smile draws on their face. Poorvi's bright shiny black eyes and cute dimples are back, ad so are tasha's.
"ek din araam kar lo, magar ek pending case hai parso no chutti. Mein yahan aayi thi tum logon ke bare mein un files se janne ke liye. Mera kaam ho gaya. Tum log bhi ek din aaram kar lobahut thake hue ho." Saying so asha smiles and walks out followed by poorvi and tasha's gaze.
" Tasha inke saath kaam karne mein maza aane wala hai."
"haan poorvi, bahut maaza. Chaalo abhi ghar chalte hai ek din mila hai aaram karne ke liye uska ek second bhi waste mat kaar."
"haan tasha let's go."
                                                       to be continued...
hope you liked my third attempt

pleasee give me your suggestions and ideas for my fourth story in this thread
hope you enjoyedSmile  "all's well that ends well"

- poorvisinghcdBig smile

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scene 1-

 inspector kajal started her day like most of the common people, with her newspaper. She did the same that day. But unlike every morning when she would just sit back relax, read just the headlines, today was different
she read the first page as usual all right but just when she opened the second page her eyes widened, and she literally jumped up. A  curious and shocked expression on her face. She immediatly picked up her phone with impatience scanned through the contact list till she finally reached the name 'tasha' she pressed the call button and waited impatiently for tasha to pick up the phone.
 Tasha on the other hand, after the previous night was very sleepy. She was very glad that their new acp, asha mam. was kind enough to give the team off. The phone irritated her and she did not want to answer it, but when she saw it was from kajal she answered it in a sleepy tone
"good morning tasha, am i disturbing you?" kajal asked
"no not really yaar kya hua, koi case to nahi aaya naa?"
"nahi nahi yaar vo hua yun ki.."
"aire by the way poorvi ne tujhe new acp ke baare mein bataya?"
"haan asha mam na, poorvi ne mujhe pura bataya ki kal kya hua aur mene muskaan aur shreya ko bata diya ki aaj chutti hai."
"good girl, to chutti ke din subah subah kya kam aa gaya kajal."
"subah subah, tasha time nahi dekha kya 11 baj gaye hai, tujhe 11 subah subah lagta hai?"
"agar tu kal raat , ya aaj 4 baje mere aur poorvi ke saath aai hoti naa to tujhe bhi subah subah hi lagta."
"theekh hai theekh hai tu soo jaa baad mein batati hun."
"nahi yaar abhi tune phone kar hi daya hi to bata do kya bolna tha."
"pakka na?"
tasha yawned "haan yaar, aise bhi mein abhi uthne hi waali thi."
"okay, aaj ka a2znewspaper ka second page khool?"
"kya chapa hai?"
"khol to sahi."
"bata na yaar, mene vo paper issue nahi kiya hai."
"arre usme silghi fort ke baare mein diya hai."

tasha sits up with an as shocked expression as kajal had had.

"what silghi fort, tumhaara matlab vo haunted for?"
"haan tasha. Vahan par ek aur dissapearence."
"wow yaar 1960 se uss fort mein jo bhi insaan suraj dhalne ke baad gaya, kabhi vapis nahin aaya. Aur to aur kuch gaon waalo ne vahan paar ek bhoot dekha aisa wo kehte hai, of course ye bhoot ki baat mein nahi maanti magar ye case vaakai mein strange hai"
"haan, aur din mein jab log unhe dhoondne gaye tab bhi un gayab logon ke koi traces nahi mile."
"yup aur to aur government tak ne uss fort mein raat ke baad jana manaa kar diya hai."
"to aab kaun gayab hua?"
"ek journalist kritika, aur unki teen saheliyaan uss fort mein raat ko gaye the teen din pehele aur abhi taak gayab hai."
" kajal aaj ki chutti cancel"
"kya!!! par kyun yaar ek hi din to chutti mili hai aur vo bhi..."
"theekh hi yaar chill, din bhaar araam kar le, aaj shaam 4 baje cafe kapadia mein milte hai."
"vohi cafe naa jo beareau ke paas hai."
"haan, tu shreya aur muskaan ko bata de, mein thodi der baad poorvi ko call karti hun, kaj raat bhaar bechaari nahi soo payi."
"thekh hai or sorry tujhe disturb kiya."
"kya yaar tu bhi, bhul gayi shreya ne kya kaha tha, friendship mein no sorry, no thank you."
"tasha hum friends thodi naa."
"to kya hai??"
"yaar hum beheno ki tareh hi to hai, aur behena mein sorry thank you to chalta rehta haiWink"
"wah kajal maan gaye tujhe aab phone rakhu."
"haan baba, bye aaj milte hai, aur poo ko yaad se phone kar deena."
"okay yaar."

scene 2-

"winnie the poo kahan reh gaayi?" shreya asked as she, tasha, kajal and muskaan were sitting in the cafe waiting for her
"wah kaafi aacha naam rakha humaari poorvi ka." muskaan said
"uski personality ko suit karta hai winnie the poo." tasha said
"kaise?" kajal asked
"humaari sabse cchoti saathi hai na isliye."
"aacha mujhe laga ki to bolegi kyunki vo bahut cute hai?" muskaan said with a smile
"cute to shreya, kajal tu aur mein bhi hun muskaan."
"thank you tasha." shreya said with a smile
"vo to hai tasha." kajal said
"vo dekho aa gayi." muskaan said indicating towards poorvi who was crossing the road and comming towards them
"hey guys, sorry mein late hun."
"lol winnie the poo aa gayi." tasha said
"winnie the poo?? kaun mein???"
"haan shreyu ne tujhe naya pet name diya hai- winnie the poo" kajal said
"aww thank u yaar shreya, paar iski kya jarurat thi i know i am cute."poorvi joked
"ok guys anyways joking wagarah baad mein pehele case ke bare mein baat kare." kajal said
"ek minute, acp mam nahi aayi?" muskaan asked
"nahi mene unhe jaan bujhkar nahi bulaya, ho sakta hai ki vo busy ho isliye aaj chutti de di ho, plus hume jo baat karni hai uske liye acp mam ke hone ki jaarurat nahi." tasha said
"ok to hume yahan uss silghi fort ke baare mein kuch baat cheet karni hai." kajal said "vo case itne dino se police handle kar rahi hai magar aaj taak vo gayab log ya unke baare mein koi saabut nahi mila." kajal continued
"to kyun na yeh case aab cid solve kaare." tasha added
"tumhaara matlab hum uss fort mein jaakar chaan been kare?" shreya asked
"haan magar din mein nahi raat ko." poorvi added
"okay magar kya vo safe ho gaya." muskaan asked
"risk to lena hi padegaa muskaaan, after all aam janta ka saavaaal hai, government ne uss fort mein raat ke bad entry baand kar di phir bhi log wahan ghuss jate hai aur phir gayab." shreya said
"to kaab jaye" Kajal asked
"how about aaj raat." tasha said
"itni jaaldi are you sure." poorvi asked
"poorvi 32 log vahan se gayab ho chuke hai, isse pehele ki aur bhi log gayab ho jaaye hume vahan jaana hi hoga, aur kajal mujhe lagta hai aaj traat perfect ho gaya." tasha said
"pehele thodi planning to kar lo." a woman said, all the cops turned behind and whom did they see there, none other than their acp Asha. And all of them immediatly stood up
"mam aap yahan?" poorvi asked
"haan poorvi, apni ek dost se milne aayi to aachaanak yum loon ko dekha, do cops se mil chuki hun, soocha bakiyoon se bhi mil lun." Asha said
"mam yeh hai kajal, ye muskaan aur ye shreya." tasha said
"aur guys yahi hai humaari nai acp Asha mam." poorvi added
"m.. Mam, hello mam." kajal said shaking hands with her
"ahh kajal, tumse milkar bahut khushi hui, acp sir ne tumhaare bare mein bhi bahut batay."
"thank you mam."
"good evenng mam." shreya said
"shreya, tum new ho magar tumhaare bhi kai kisse sune mene, tumse milkar aacha laga."
"mam, aapse milkar bahut khushi hui, hum lucky hai ki aap hume lead karengi."
"tum logon jaisi fabulous group ke saath kaam karne ke liye mein lucky hun" Asha said
"arre, thank you soo much mam." Poorvi said
"Tum logon ki dosti kaafi aachi hai, bhale hi mein tumhaari acp hun, mujse ek dost jsise baat kar sakte hai, vaise tum log aaj raat ko silghi fort jaa rahe ho aur mujhe nahi bulaya."
"mam vo hume laga ki aap shayad busy hoongi isliye, sorry vo."
"Koi baat nahi, magar ab mein tumhaari acp hun, akele kuch bhi karne se pehele mujse puch lo, mein jaanti hun tum logon ko aadat nahi, magar sorry tum logon ke paa aur koi rasta nahi."
the cops smiled
"to hum log jaaye mam?" shreya asked
"haan magar mein bhi chalungi, tum logon ko ye risky case akele sambaalne nahi dungi, tum logo ke paas guts hai vaise."
"thank you mam." poorvi said 'aap abhi kuch planning ke baare mein keh raahi thi na."
"haan haan, mein ye keh rahi thi ki bina kisi planning ke tum log ye case kaise solve nahi kar sakte, vo fort bahut bada. Ek kaam karo, uss fort ka mam le kaar aayo."
"mam mere car mein ek laptop hai, usme hum uss fort ka map dhund sakte hai."
"haan bilkul, apna laptop lao kajal, fast, aaj raat ko hi jaayene."
Kajal brings her laptop, puts in on the table n searches in google maps for the silgha fort
"there it is." she says
'kaafi bada hai." shreya says
"okay, hum log teen do-do ke groups mein bat jaate hai"tasha said
"haan tasha, tum aur kajal, poorvi tum aur shreya aur muskaan tum mere saath chalo."
"yes mam." she says
"tasha aur kajal, tum dono ho group a, poorvi auir shreya, tum dono ho group b aur mukaaan, hum dono group c, theekh hai."
"yes mam"
"good" Asha, in the map, points outdifferent routes in the forts and assignes each group a particular rourte and area.
"walkie talkie paas rakhna, aur saath rehena, yeh case thooda risky hai."
"ok mam"

scene 3-

 Pitch darkness surrounds the silghi fort. The only noise heard is of the sea waves lashing against the shore and then slowly being pulled back in again. The waves could not be seen in the pitch darknes of course but tby hearing the waves you could say when it crashed on the shore and when it was being pulled back. Owls flew over the old moss covered fort which, everyone said was haunted. The moon was hidden behind the clouds highliting them with the bright light.
The village lay a few kilometers away from the silgha fort, yet the fort which was situated at one of the peak of a hill
 The white qualis of cid drives right in front of the fort, just then a slight wind blows and the cloud covering the moon slowly blows away with the wind. It is a full moon day and hence themoon reflects plenty of light on the fort, it looks as though even the moon wants to help the cops.
 The ladies step out of the qualis holding their guns and torches.
They all slowly climb up the old chipped off stoned staircase. Their footsteps can be heard as they slowly walk onto an open grassfeild inside the fort. All the cops hold their guns tightly and keep moving their eyes from one dirction to another. Their hearts beating at a faster pace than usual.
When they reach the point of diversion the cops signal each other a 'best of luck' and walk in the three different diversions.
Fifteen minutes pass, all the cops move about and excavate the fort well, it is a very big fort and they know that if they have to check the whole fort they will be there for about five more hours at the least.
Kajal and tasha are excavating the part near to the sea and though the sea is far below they can still hear its waves and feel the cool sea breeze, which refreshes them. Finally after walking a certain distance they stop. Inform the others via walkie talkie that they have not found anything yet and ask them about their processs, even the others teams have not found anything.
Tasha bends down, her hands on her kneees and gives out a sigh while kajal sips some water.
"Hum yahan par kabse hein abhi tak kuch nahi mila." Tasha said
"I agree." kajal said "magar itne saare log gayab hue hai to kuch to gadbad definatly hai."
Tasha bends down again but this time she spots something under a leaf which blew away by the wind. Kajal picks it up.
" a handkercheif." she says and then she does something she should have not, she smells it, a strange, sharp smell hurts her nose. "iski smell baadi ajeeb hai." kajal said
"dikhana jaara." tasha said and she too smells it. But just when she takesin the smell kajal crumples on the floor beside her
"kajal!" she says and bends down just then she too starts feeling dizzy
"oh no." she whisspers as she fells her eyes about to shut and within a second or two she too falls on the floor beside kajal.

poorvi and shreya on the other hand have also take a little break. Shreya stretches her fingers while poorvi yawns
"yaar mere naseeb mein sona likha hi nahi he." she says irritated  as shreya smiles. They both dont realize that someone is watching them. They are both in aa part away from the sea and hence are not getting the breeze. A man is watching them from a little distance. Poorvi turns away and walks to the other side and walks a little ahead towards the wall while shreya does nt move from her initial position. Just then the man inserts a needle inside a strange shiny liquid and puts it into a small tube, the size of a cigarette. He then pulls in air, presses the tub between his lips and blows hard, sending the needle until it finally lads on shreya's neck
"owww." she says softly and pulls the needle just then she begins to feel dizzy. She places her hand on her forehead, she is sweating. Just then porvi turns away from the wall and walks back to her friend
thee man is still standing there
"shreya." poorvi says as she hold her hand "are you okay?" She asks
Just then shreya falls to the ground, poorvi catches her but it is too late shreya has already fainted."
Poorvi pulls out her walkie talkie and is about to inform the team just thenshe spots the man hiding. he shouts out to him, he runs away and she after him.
Poorvi runs behind him until she looses trace of him. Just when she is about to give up someone grasps her from behind, covering her mouth and nose completly. She struggleslike a fish removed from water, but without any success falls to the ground, fainted due to suffocation.
 Asha and muskaan are excavating one of the points of the fort. Asha did not interact much with muskaan neither did she with her, both of them were absorbed in the case. Just then asha felt a presence behind her. She turned, no one
"any problem mam?" Muskaan asked
"nahi vo mujhe laga ki koi humaare peeche hai."
"oh okay." Muskaan said and they continued going ahead
Asha was right, there was indeed someone following them, They reached a point where their shadows were most elongated, thats when asha spotted a shadow of a man. She walked a little ahead casually but suddenly within a second she turned and she shot the man on his leg. He fell to the floor with a scream. Muskaan turned back shocked, all this had happened within a minute.

On one isolated part of the fort stood a man wearing a brown coat and a black hat. He had rings in all his fingers and two men tood beside him. Both of them ponting their guns towards tasha, kajal, shreya and poorvi, who were on the floor with their hands and legs tied.
"HAHAHA" the man laughed
"tune ye bahut galat kiya hai." shreya said gritting her teeth "jaane do hume varna."
"varna!" The man interrupted and laughed "warna kya haan, kya kar log gi tum bolo bachaa kya kar lo gi tum."
"tum ne hum logon ko bhale hi pakad liya hai magar humaare saathi tumhe nahi chodenge ge"
Kajal said
"oh really suna tum logon ne, yaar tum cid waale joke bade aache maarte ho."
"ye joke nahi chaetavni thi." poorvi said
the man laughed again
"tum hi ne maara na un 32 logon ko?" Tasha asked
he laughed again
"ye aadmin bahut zaada hasta hai." kajal said
"haan mene hi maara." the man said
"magar kyun?" poorvi asked him
"hahaha vo ek bahut laambi kahani hai magar abb marne se pehele agar ye tumhaari aakhri icchaa hai to suno..
Almost 50 saal pehele mere dadaji uss gaon mein rehte the." he said pointing towards the village "unhe jab ye malum hua ki iss jagah par bhuton ke hone ki aahva faili hai to vo yahan par aaye, jab vo yahan aaye to unhone aapni aakhon so dekha to unhe malum pada ki aisa kuch nahi ye jagah bhutiyaa nahi hai, magar phir unhe aur unke doston ko ke idea aaya unhone ne ye baat ki yahan bhoot nahi hai ko chupaaye rakha aur yahan ke paas ke jungle sejanvaro ko maarkar uski khaal samundar ke jaariye exporting karte the. Saal bete dadaji ka yeh bussiness papa sambhaalne lag gaye, janvaroon ki khaal ke baad dhire dhire lakdi aur ivory jaisi cheezo ka export karne lag gaye, aur phir drugs papa ke jaane ke baad ab yeh karya mein karta hun."
"yahan jitne bhi log aaye unhe mene maran kyunki mein chatha tha ki yeh baad logon ki dimaag mein bani rahe ki iss jagah par bhoot rehtee hai taaki vo yahan se door aur upar se jo bhi log yahan aaye unhe mere business ke baare mein pata chaal jata to."
He started laughing again
Just then both his men were shot right in the heart at the same time. The man looked ahead and saw no other than acp Asha and inspector muskaan standing in front of him holding their guns ponting towards him and beside them the man whom both of them had shot came drag his leg and his face bruised and fear in his eyes
"murkh!!! ek chotta sa kaam bhi nahi kr paya." his boss shouted at him but before he could reply muskaan interrupted
"kahaani badi aachi thi chalo aacha hai ki tumne aabhi bata diya varna maar khane ke baad bolte samaye bahut dard hota hai."
"hey." he shouted and pointed his gun towards poorvi who was on the floor beside him. "guns neeche varna yeh maaregi." poorvi looked at asha's face, she tried to lock eyes with asha. She realised asha was trying to signal her something using her eyes, but what?
"guns neeche mene kahan." The man shouited again. But asha and muskaan did not move. Asha continue sinalling to poorvi. Poorvi was confused but then she got it. She smiled and turned towards the man. He was looking at asha and muskaan's direction
"gun neeche." he shouted again
"haan haa theekh hai." Asha said as she and muskaan began to lower their guns. Just then as thge man was looking away, poorvi with all her force with both her tied legs kicked the gun out of his hand. It flew high up in the air. Just as poorvi kicked it muskaan ran forward, Elbowed the man in the stomach and caught the gun. The man moved a little back with the blow. And behind him was a stone. He tripped over it and fell onthe table. Asha picked him up and then after a very long she slapped a criminal hard on the face.

in the beareau...

"i am so proud of you all." DCP said with a small smile "acp asha you are doing a fine job and now.."
his phone rang "excuse me" he said and went outside
"yaar dcp sir abhi ek aur case denge." Kajal said
"mere naseeb mein sona likha hi nahi hai. Mujhe koi sone dega hi nahi never." Poorvi said angrily
"beechaari poo." Tasha said
Acp aha bent a little towards the girls and said
"don't worry iss case jke bada pakka treat dungi aur jab ho sake ek din ki chutti bhi relax but philall aam janta ki sayva jyada jaruri hai ok." asha said kindly and then returnd to her initial position as the dcp came in ready to hand over to them their next case.
but at the moment all the girls had only one thing in mind which was- "we are going to have fun with asha mam."

the end



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Steamjobs Newbie

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cid ,it is as a  program that our society can lesson some thing . as a result i don't mess this program . not only lessionable but also it is a place of intertainment . this episode is so popular . thanks for all.

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Originally posted by Steamjobs

cid ,it is as a program that our society can lesson some thing . as a result i don't mess this program . not only lessionable but also it is a place of intertainment . this episode is so popular . thanks for all.
do u mean to say writing stories on cid is messing wid it??????
If thats so then u must be new cause many people pn here write stories including members of d if development team
And i also mention before starting any new story that i dont mean any offence to any of the actress
We write stories just to enteryain the members and have been writing since this fprum was made
Still if u have any problem talk to pur bpss visrom di
She herself posts stories hete

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Padmpriya IF-Rockerz

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Good job puru dear...Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by Padmpriya

<font color="#6600cc">Good job puru dear...</font>Thumbs Up

Thanks di btw how did i suddenly become seniour member
Just joined last month n m juniourmost in age out here yaar
I love d name puru di thanks

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Padmpriya IF-Rockerz

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after completion of 200 posts you become senior member of forum...
like after completing 100 posts you become groupbie...
it dosent depend on ur age or something...

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