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hello everyone...
I'm back again with a small OS...
it was requested by my Choti... Payal, whi is deeply and madly in love with Arni... 
so Choti... and all others... ye chota sa OS lelo... apni Kunchu ke tharaf se...



Its 4 pm. The bell rang much to the joy of the kids. After a quick prayer, started the National Anthem and that followed the buzz. Kids started running over the corridors after their allotted hours of the so-called 'torture'. Its time to go home after the day's class. But the younger kids were not so lucky to run by the corridors. They were asked to follow a line to their respective buses, escorted by their uncles. A small girl of 1st Std-B stayed back in the class as it was her daily routine. She waited for her favorite teacher to come to her class. Mam was never late for her and it was not different today too. She came in a cute smile that brought a smile to little girl's face too. "Chale… Sweety??"

"are Mam, meine kithne bar bola hai apko mere naam Sweety nahi, Swathy hai… Swathy Bhosle!!"

"oops, sorry aage se nahi confuse karungi Sweety!!" the teacher said with a smile again. "Oho… Mam! Aap teacher kaise ban gaye?? Aapko tho thab rhymes bhi yaad nahi hoga na??"

The teacher smiled at the little girl's innocence and took her to the cabin. Daily Swathy will wait in the teacher's cabin till her mom comes to the school to pick her up. She loved being with her Sweety, she was so cute. By the time her Mom reached school, she would give the running commentary of her day's activity. Be it a fight with Kishan or sharing of sweet with Rakhi. And the teacher would hear all her stories with great interest. After a while her mom came and took Swathy home.

The teacher walked to her way to the bus stop and got her regular bus. Today she got lucky and got a side seat too. "lucky me…" she smiled to herself. The bus reached a traffic junction. She looked at her side and saw a lady in the driving seat of her car waiting at the signal. A smile spread on her lips. She could hear his voice so close to her. His naughty looks, him putting his hands in a frustrated manner. His eyes…. The smile was spreading up so much.

"yaar Roshni… driving ithna bhi tough nahi hai!! why don't you give it a try?? Mien sikha detha hu. Kab thak aise dhuup mien bus chadke jaoge? Wo bhi iss haal me??  Ok ab scooty se dar hai tho ok… car tho seekh sakthe ho!!"

"Arjun… mujhe driving nahi seekhna… bas baath khatam. Are bus pe chadna ithna mushkil tho nahi hai. aur waise bhi mere driver banke aap hai na??"

"oye…. I'm your husband… not your driver!!"

"acha… tho mere husband cum driver… ab koi behas nahi. Mujhe driving nahi seekhna. Mujhe tho bas apke saath drive pe jaana hai. akeli nahi. Aur jab aap drive karoge tho mien aise hi aapko dekhthe rahungi…"

"Kabhi mujhe bhi aise mauka do… ke tum drive karo aur mien apko dekthe rahu…" he was looking at her with a naughty face.

"ab ye romantic looks dena band karo ACP saab, aur drive pe dhyan do. Warne uppar hum me se koi ek, dusre ko dekhne thadas rahe hoge…"

"khabardar aise kuch kaha tumne (his face changed. and she regretted saying it) agar chaloge tho ek saath… mujhe akele nahi rehna…"

She knew she had taken the wrong track now. So she switched the topic to lighten the atmosphere.

"are na ACP… mien tho akeli hi jaungi… kam se kam waha mujhe apke cutting chai se tho chutkara milegi…" she gave a naughty smile and he smiled back too.

"thera kuch nahi hoga Roshni… tumse baath karke jeethna mere bas ke baath nahi…" though he was smiling,  she knew he was hurt. She mentally hit her head hard and decided not to repeat it.

"ab aise kaha kho gayi ho sahiba?? Ghar jaana hai ya… isis gaadi me sona hai… waise mujhe dono me koi problem nahi hai…."

"hat besharam… she hits on his shoulder, but he was too quick to hold her hands and give a small peck on it. she closed her eyes blushing.

She could feel herself blushing now. She was smiling. Then she woke up with a start and looked around to look if someone had noticed her. A small girl in the nearby chair smiled at her. Oh no… she was caught red handed. She just winked at the girl and turned her head.

She reached the stop and got down; she was walking towards the home and went towards her vegetable and fruit vendor on the side of the road. "Kaka zara wo fresh Palak dena." she checks the leaves and buys it and something more. Then she saw some good oranges on the side. "are unke oranges tho khatam hogaye hai!!" she remembers it and buys it too. Now she walks towards the home. Its just a few minute walk.

He loves a fresh orange juice during breakfast, after his jogging.

Jogging…. Well he never miss it.

He walks in his track pants and T-shirt towards her. She was sleeping calmly hugging onto the pillow as if its him. A smile came up to his lips. Whenever he gets up, he would take up the pillow and place it near to her. As she senses him going away, she would make up a face and then hugs the pillow, instead of him. And today the pillow was squeezed by her. He sat by her bed on the floor on his knees and gently stroked her cheeks with his thump. She smiles and slowly opens her eyes. "Roshni… mien jogging pe jaraha hu. Ok??"

She holds his hands and nods no. "Kyu?? Nahi jana hai mujhe??" he asks her.

"pure din bhagthe rahthe ho aap!! Tho ye jogging ke kya zaroorath hai!!! thode aur sojana!!"

He strokes her face with a smile and places his head in the side of hers. "agar ithne pyaar se keh rahe ho… tho ok…"

She looks at him and smiles happily. "nahi Arjun, mien tho aise hi keh rahi thi. Aap jayiye. Its your routine. Aur wo badalna nahi chahiye. Go…"

"Roshni… chalo…. Saath chalthe hai…"

"are na baba… mujhe sone do… warna class me, mujhe  meri bachonke saath sone padegi."

He nods his head and places a kiss on her forehead. He gets up and wraps her in the blanket and walks towards the door.

"jaldi aana ACP…. Apke fresh orange juice apke intezaar kar rahi hogi!!" he smiles and sends her a flying kiss and she captures it in her hands and places it near her heart.

She reached the home and went to the kitchen to place the things. She opened the fridge to get a bottle of water. And then she opens the freezer to let the chilled air reach her face. She closed her eyes enjoying it. she could feel a hand around her waist and a breath at her shoulder. She opens her eyes and turns around. There is no one there. She smiles and hits her own head. "Roshni ab tum sachme paagal hogayi ho!!"

She reaches her room to selects a dress for the day. She looks everything and decides a sky blue colored simple salwar. She goes in to get fresh up and comes back with water dripping from her hair. she sits in front of her dressing table, drying her hair and looking at the mirror.

"A…CHI…" she sneezed aloud.

"ayi na cheek??? Kyu mien tumhe yaad kar raha hu" he said it from the mirror. She turns around and saw an empty bed. "Oh God… ye Arjun mujhe paagal kar denge…." She dries her hair and puts a pinch of sindoor on her forehead. She smiles at herself and goes out.

She makes a cup of coffee and sits in front of the tv.  As usual, news channel. She runs away from that channel and put on some music channel.

She listens it for a while and goes to kitchen. "chalo Roshni… janab athe hi hoge… bhooke sher ko ghar me palna achi nahi hothe…"

She takes the wheat flour and gets ready to make chapattis. And in between she hums the same song that she heard just now. She makes balls of rotis and one of them roll off away from her. "ha… aap bhi bhag jao… aur mujhe pure tharah se pagal banado…" she complaints to the dough ball and puts it away. After that she makes palak paneer for him and also kheer. All the way she keeps on talking to the palak, the paneer, even to the chapattis that puffs up when ready. And she was singing too.

By 8 30 everything was set on table and the bell rang. "are wah kya timing hai Roshni?? Tussi great ho!!" she pats her own shoulder and rushes to open the door. She smiles and opens the door and is shocked.

"Sam?? Aap yaha??"

Sam: kyu nahi aana tha?? Ye kya hai Roshni? Apne mehman ko aise invite karthe ho?"

Ros: oh sorry… come in. (she moves aside and lets him in. and then checks for Arjun)

Sam: wow kya khushbu hai?

She smiles and looks at him. "Arjun…??"

Sam: oh ha… usse ek zaroori kaam tha. Isilye mujhe bhej dia tumhe company dene keliye…

She raises her eyebrows. Sam watches it and laughs out. "just kidding yaar. Wo mere piche hi hai. baahar hai. ek call agaya tha. Lo aagaya janab!!"

He walks in saying the last words to his caller. "ok Sir, sure I'll look into it. bye good night sir." he cuts the call and looks at her. "hai Roshni, kaise ho mere jaan?"

she smiles and widens her eyes and also slowly nods at Sam's side. Sam was not at all hiding his smile.

Sam: excuse me, family drama shuru karne sa pehle mere kaam kardena please…

Arjun rolls his eyes and walks in only after pecking her forehead. She was feeling hot with embarrassment in front of Sam. "Its ok Roshni… meine kuch nahi dekha… so just relax. Mien tho bas ek file lena aya tha. Lekar chala jaunga."

"are Sam, iske koi zaroorath nahi. Khana khake jayiye."

"wow that's so sweet of you Roshni. aur mujhe patha hai ke tumhare dil saaf hai, isiliye bol raha hu. But mujhe tumhare pati parameshvar par uthna viswas nahi hai. agar usse patha chal gaya ke mein tum dono ke romantic dinner ko disturb karna wala hu, tho wo mujhe zinda chaba denge."

"I heard that…" Arjun announced as he walked in. and hits Sam's head with the file. He then gives the file and gives a knowing look.

Sam: Dekha Roshni, meine bathaya tha na ke ye mujhe bhaga denge. So dinner next time, when you actually invite me for it.

He goes away and Roshni closes the door. She was pulled towards his chest and was hugged. She hugs him back and hides her face in his shoulder.

Arj: missed me??

Roshni nods no.

Arj: acha?? So you didn't miss me huh??

Roshni gets up and cups his face. "kaise miss karu aapko Arjun?? aap tho har aahat pe, har saans pe, har dhadkan me mere saath ho!! Tho mien kaise miss karu apko. Aaj pure din me ek bhi pal aapse juda hua hi nahi. Har lamha… har pal… aapke saath hi the… aur ab jab apke ansh mere paas ho… (she gently touches her stomach) tho jaise miss karu apko?"

Her eyes meet his moist eyes. She gently stroke his cheeks and nods no. he smiles at her and hugs her warmly.

It was true. They could never miss each other. They were one for a life time. and they do believe in living happily forever and there after...


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Ah di kya baat hai..
oye hoye itna romantic..
blushing ha..
oh to my rosh bhabi gonna becum mother n my bro father..
yahan bi yadein har pal hehe
my bhabi ryhmes ni janti oh oh
mere pas bhejna hehe
truly loved it di
thank u fr d beautiful os
well palak paneer ok ok
i love kheer.!!
roti mujhe bi ni bnani ati theek se rofl..
driving try to learn bt unable to do so!!
claps di
p.s. me running di
love u..
di pari ne mere khne par os likhi h beetein lamhe padhna..
i m proud to be a crazy lover of arni di..
thanku fr d fulfilment..
amazing suprise di

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lovely update...

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It was so sweet 

loved it 

the whole story was picture perfect 

Roshni's daily routine...n seriously he was dere wid her throughout ...

not a single second wen she was not thinking about him 

really liked her cooking k time ki self talks

sameer's entry n his talk with roshni 

arjun n sam 's convo was damn gud ...

amazing story n thank u  payal Tongue

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so sweeet!! Hug Mujhe kahi Diabetes na ho jaye!

Very well written Clap such an adorable couple they are! I loved it! Big smile

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Aj kal sab payal ki request pori karte hai humari toh koi sunta he nahi

awesome update..i love to read arni works,thanks fr PM.

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Loved it. Awesome update

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