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AshNI FF: ~Bribed Bride~ Intro+Chapter 1

..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 February 2013 at 11:44am | IP Logged
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Nidhi and Ashutosh were a happy couple. There life was perfect. And the addition of the twins, they were expecting, was a cherry on the top. They both were planning to get married after 3 months of Nidhi delivering there babies. But what happened when all there future plans get destroyed by evil destiny. How did they cope up with that evilness and how did Nidhi took a bribe, just to get that perfect life she and Ashutosh imagined once?

Read On...and I will try not to disappoint you guys... :)

Guys, I am writing this story on wattpad.com too. There will be some content that will not be appropriate to write here. I will publish that there but it will be just readable to my fans. I will inform you guys about those parts when they will came. If you want to read that you have to become my fan in there. Later on you can unfan me also.

That's My Wattpad story Link.

Please if you are a member there, do vote for the updates. That will be really encouraging.


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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter One


Nidhi  (26) opened her eyes to  the beautiful sun-rays, getting in through the  open glassed windows of  there room, making it more perfect than  anything.

She smiled, stretching her arms out, welcoming the new day.

As   she tried to get up while rolling her hairs to push them off her   shoulder, when white duvet, which was her savior in last night's cold,   slipped a little down from her bare breasts, She realized how naked she   was.

She  strongly caught a hold on the duvet with one hand and  turned to look  at the man, sleeping soundly beside her, who was truly  utterly  responsible from her current state.

Leaning  down on one  elbow and turning her body towards him, she started  inspecting his  features which as always left her spellbound.

Ashutosh (30)...

He was perfect. He was just so perfect.

May be this beautiful morning is just not as perfect as this man.

His hairs were deep black and messy, just the way she liked. They kind of make him look more hot than usual.

His   hazel green eyes were hidden from her vision due to his closed  eyelids,  but she loved there perfect almond shape and his thick  eyelashes.

A soft giggle escape her lips seeing him sleeping with an open mouth. He was such a baby but looked adorable.

Moving   forward slowly, she lifts up her hand to close his mouth, which shut  up  for a minute and again opened, making her shake her head.

This man is unchangeable and so does his love for her.

His jaw, rigid, with perfect stubble was making him look mouthwatering.

Her eyes traced down his bare body as the duvet on his part was only covering him to his navel.

His rusty skin was glowing under the effect of golden sun-rays. His breath was evenly rising up his chest in intervals.

His   hands were carelessly falling on the bed, making her giggle as the  most  organized businessman and person she knew, was a careless sleeper.

A   little down, his perfect abs were begging her to touch him just the   way, she did last night. She couldn't forget the moan that escaped his   lips with her small action and that prompt her some more to do it again.

With a teasing grin on her face, She moved closer to him and blow on his face a little in order to make him irritated.

He   moved his hand on his face in a try to get rid of this irritation  while  still totally engrossed in his beauty sleep and was again calm  as  before.

Right  next, her finger moved up to trace his all too  inviting abs and as she  run her index finger on his stiff rigid skin  almost scraping it with  her sharp nail, She again heard it.

The sharp intake of breath.

Lifting   up on her face, she placed a soft kiss on his forehead, letting her   lips lingered for a moment before she leaned on his body to get to his   side table and grabbed his shirt that he threw there last night before   making her feel so loved in his arms.

Buttoning  up the shirt,  leaving the upper two undone, she glanced his way last  time before  moving away to leave the bed when his hand grabbed hers and  pulled her  back with such a force that made her fall on his naked  chest.

Her   hairs fell over his face, tingling his cheeks and neck with there  ends.  His eyes were showing his desire and lips were curved in a  breathtaking  smile.

"Good Morning" He whispered in his sleepy husky voice.

"Good Morning" She replied sweetly and tried to move away when his arms made a strong yet gentle hold around her bulging waist.

She looked at him with a raised brow while he looked back at her with a "YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT" look.

"I already gave you your morning kiss" She explained but his fingers started making circles at her back, making her arching up.

"That   was barely a kiss...and by the way...I was sleeping at that time so   it can't be counted as a kiss" He said with a raise brow, proving his   point.

"And secondly, You are forgetting maam that you need to   give me three kisses everytime now..." He replied mischeviously while   caressing her huge belly which was nourishing his twins.

Nidhi looked deep into his eyes which was showing affection and love for his unborn babies and a deep emotion for her.

She caressed his cheek with her thumb, rubbing it against his little stubble.

"You   can demand kisses from them when they will arrive... For now, they are   hungry and need their mother to get something for them"

Her   statement make him lose his grip. She grinned while moving up a little   and quickly placed a small peck on his lips before getting out from  the  bed.

Ashutosh sigh seeing her entering bathroom. The smile on his lips didn't leave for a moment.

"A   life with you, is gonna be so beautiful" He whispered as he too gets  up  and wore his jeans. Zipping it up, he moved towards the closet to  get a  shirt and was off to kitchen to check on the breakfast made by  his  servants.

Ashutosh Mathur  was a man of will. His father was one of  the leading businessman in  USA and being the elder son, he took hold of  the company just at the  age of 20 after working 3 years under the  guideline of Rahul Mathur, his  grandfather. He was brought up with love  and care along with his  brother Zayn who was 6 years younger to him.

Ashutosh   was just 17 when his parents died in a horrible car crash in Virginia.   His grandfather became his legal guardian. Though he was a retired  man,  but for Ashutosh, he had joined his business back and helped him in  settle  down.

He  never let his brother feel any kind of loneliness. He  was his constant  support and encouraged him throughout his life and  helped him to  achieve his goals.

At the age of 15, Zayn  left to  take part in a talent hunt show and became successful and  famous just  in a span of few months. He was a budding singer and was a  craze among  teens. Ashutosh was so proud of his little brother and his  achievements.  Though now Zayn mostly stay on tours but he kept on coming to meet  him.

Ashutosh  has done his masters in business management while he  was handling the  business. He had his number of flings. He was smart and  attractive. But  he was never in a serious relationship till he met this  amazing girl  in a fashion show, he went to see with his girlfriend at  that time, Kysie.

Nidhi  was a famous model with the perfect  figure. Ashutosh couldn't stop  himself from praising her beauty, her deep  killing eyes, her bare long  legs which stylishly had a pink heels,  matching with her designer's  flip flop dress that she was wearing, when  he saw her first time. Her  perfect breasts and cute curvy butts were  just additional charms to her  already perfect persona. Her graceful  steps surly kill many outs there  but there was something dinstictive,  something unusual, something...


Surly spicy about her, which pulled the great Ashutosh Mathur to her.

Its   been four years to there relationship and three years to there live in   relationship. Over the period, they had realized how strong there bond   really was...

And now, there is just forever...They want to spend with eachother.

The cook has made a strong cup of coffee for Ashutosh and fresh orange juice for Nidhi.

Ashutosh   gave his cook, Smith a polite smile as he entered and get a hold of   onion, throwing it above in the air before catching it back in his   strong hand.

"Sir, May I help you..." The aged cook Smith asked humbly.

"Nah..."  Ashutosh shook his head before getting hold of the cutting board and  started chopping the onion after peeling off its cover.

"Just please take out two tomatoes and eggs from the fridge..." He instructed as Smith nodded and went to refrigerator.

"And Please take out the cheese too..." Ashutosh called a bit loudly

"My   baby needs a heavy breakfast..." He mumbled with a smile before  working  on that cheese omelet, he planned to make for  Nidhi today.


"I can get use to this Ashutosh..." Nidhi said with a raised brow, warning him before handed.

She again took a deep breath before taking out a huge piece of omelet and started eating it lavishly with her fork.

Ashutosh leaned forward a little and looked up at her with an awe look.

"You   don't worry Madam...This Man is always at your service..." He made  a  pose of his body with his one hand was humbly placed on his stomach  and  other was striking against his temples, saluting her that made a   chuckle erupted from her before she took another bite.

There  mornings till now, were always filled with love, humor and happiness  except a few when Ashutosh  must be worried due to his business and when, just  because of his busy  schedule, he missed on attending a party with  Nidhi who was  highly sociable.

"So what's the plan for today?"  Ashutosh  asked casually. He took a week off before he had to fly to England  for  some contract and Nidhi was just not allowed to travel in  her  condition.

"I need to go for shopping...I am  seriously  getting out of clothes now" Nidhi whined while looking down   to her yellow sleeveless dress, falling to her thighs.

It was a perfect fit to her and that's why, was making her conscious of her looks.

Being a model, she was pretty much obsessive about her looks.

"Don't   worry...Just one and a half month left before you will be back to your   normal self Nidhi..." Ashutosh said while chewing on his food.

"Beside I don't mind you wearing my shirts..." He said with a sly smirk that was gracing the corner of his lips.

"You   look pretty sexy in them..." His comment made her blush before she   grabbed the napkin and throw it at his face so he could move away his   passionate eyes from her.

"Shut up Ashutosh...and  eat" She said  biting her lips, still blushing before taking out  another huge piece of omelet and get on with her  breakfast.

One thing that Ashutosh  surly  loved about his girl was that she wasn't fuzzy. She ate food to  her fill  and was never so diet conscious as she was naturally blessed  with a  perfect body.

Even during her pregnancy, she hadn't gained much weight on her body else than her huge bulging out tummy.

The swelling breasts and feet were also a part but that was known to Ashutosh.

"We   will go out today for the shopping after your appointment with the   doctor...You sure you don't want to know what are we expecting?"  He  asked.

"No...Let  that better be a secret...We are  having twins so there are  many possibilities that we will get both of  them...A girl and a sweet  boy" Nidhi said with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"A   beautiful girl..." Ashutosh corrected her quickly while holding her  hand  that was placed on the table, rubbing it softly wit his thumb.

His eyes hold a beautiful image of there future, of course with there twins.

Nidhi smiled affectionately at Ashutosh before her other hand moved down to caress her tummy.

"For   sure a beautiful girl...An amazing daughter" She agreed before  looking  up at Ashutosh with a promising look and that just made him fall all   over in love with her.


So here this ends...

I am just gonna show a small back drop of Nidhi and Ashutosh's life before actually moving up towards the real story...

Do Comment/Criticize/Suggest...Hit LIKEEmbarrassed

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she and Armaan imagined once?
Did not get this?

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I'm  not. A member  there...bt would like to read it...nd U wrote armaan instead of ashutosh ! Pls check.. :):) 
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Originally posted by Anjani9

she and Armaan imagined once?
Did not get this?

edit mistake...
corrected thatSmile

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Originally posted by Ena292

I'm  not. A member  there...bt would like to read it...nd U wrote armaan instead of ashutosh ! Pls check.. :):) 

no problem if u are not a member...
i corrected that mistake...thanx for indicating :)Embarrassed

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nice start ana continue karna...

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