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~~<<Happy 1st Year Birthday Punar Vivaah >>~~

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Day by day.. week by week.. month by month ..

Growing along with you...

Learn new things through you...

Being so rational and mature because of you...

Sometimes become crazy coz you...

And yet the love always there between you and me...

What else I will ask ...What else I will ask.. 

Rather than being with you together and forever...

What I can do for you...What I can do for you...

Besides wishing you on this lovely day...


20th February 2012, start of the journey of two souls who decide to unite in marriage and the soul reason of their marriage is to give parents love to their children...

Yet, the biggest Question ???


Shaadi dobbar ho sakti hai...lekin...

Marriage can obviously happen again...But...

Kya vishwaas dobbar ban sakta hai?

Can Trust be initiated the second time?

Kya sapne dobara sanjoye ja sakte hai?

Can Dreams be Conceived again?

Aur kya pyaar dobara ho sakta hai?

Can Love Blossom again ?

Punar Vivaah, a unique show now completes 1 year run and ready to continue its journey for coming years...

Let's join hands together for this celebration and walk down the memory lane of our one year journey...

 Punar Vivaah is a story about two individuals who are heartbroken, two individuals who have shared their lives with some else earlier, who have shared those magical moments of first marriage with someone else yet due to circumstances now they are bonded into the holy institution of marriage for a second time and from there begins the journey they embark upon thereafter.


This unique and magnificent show is initiated by our lovely Sashi Sumit Production Pvt Ltd.

Shashisumeet Productions Pvt Ltd, a vision shared by the two legendary creative talents of Indian Television & Films: Writer Shashi Mittal & Writer & Director Sumeet Mittal with cast and crew gives us PUNAR VIVAAH.

Throughout this one year, they had given us splendid episodes and the efforts that they putting to entertain us really appreciable and we are proud of entire Punar Vivah cast and crew.

We are proud you.


We would like to congratulate to the entire team of Punar VIvaah who effortlessly giving us each and every episode memorable and make Punar Vivaah a huge success together spreading a social message. We will always thankful for that.


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Lets recapitulate  the show

Love was not on the cards. It was an arranged marriage for convenience between two individuals who became single parents through different circumstances purposedly to provide a responsible partner for the childrens' sake on both sides.

Aarti Dubey was handed the divorce papers at the most crucial time of her life, four months pregnant and left at her kind in-laws house. Luck must have played at Satyendra and Shobha Dubey by providing him with an only child completely
opposite to their kind and calm demeanor. Prashant had his own agenda from the start he was molded into this world.  The same parents-in-law strived to seek a remarriage for her. But when the proposal came from a well-known Bhopal family, it was coupled with an impossible heavy requirement that was not to be ignored but was taken into silence: Suraj and Gayatri Pratap Scindhia wanted and specified a widow for a daughter-in-law.
Yash Scindhia was a widower with  two young daughters, Palak and Payal. The unexpected death of his first wife, Arpita, left a void too hard to forget and too deep for time to heal. Vowing to himself to remain loyal to the dead wife, he agreed to remarry for his young daughters' sake and to break his younger brother's promise of never marrying if his elder brother won't do. So it was all set that the remarriage will take place with the youngest Scindhia son, Prateik, with Paridhi, a budding journalist.
Obeying with reluctance, both accepted the remarriage with heavy heart and to make it a goal for the children.  On the day of remarriage itself,  Aarti found out the confusion of the requirement but it was too late to tell the truth. Much as she wanted to tell the thruth, she was sworn to secrecy by her former in-laws until the right time comes for revealing.

It was human to defy but fate  decides otherwise...
As in every beginning of relationships, adjustments in all aspects almost proved to be hard but sheer determination of making the remarriage work for the children made the
compromise a bittersweet in the struggle of acceptance. Slowly but surely, Aarti and her young son Ansh, were carving a niche in the new home and in the hearts of the Scindhia family
except for Yash's widowed aunt, Maya Scindhia, who was vindictive for not being allowed to remarry when she lost her husband years ago. Now, she has vowed to make the
remarriage suffer in her own terms.
It might have been the fullhearted goodness and acceptance of Yash Scindhia of her son, maybe the unavoidable togetherness of being married or simply that what was written in the stars eons ago has to happen now.  Aarti was the first to feel the warm tug of love in her heart when on an unfaithful chain of events, she was faced with the possibility of losing this good man. Blessed was the path that lead her to rescue him herself and confirmed what her heart has been beating for.

Romance was dead and gone in Yash Scindhia's mind. To provide an exemplary mother figure for his daughters, Palak and Payal was all he wanted and being a good father to Ansh was one he fulfilled without hesitation. A complete family in many sense except that the love that should be there between the parents has yet to come defined. The enthusiasm of having  a full set of parents was something the children have come to accept gradually. Whims and wants by the children was natural and a family trip out of town couldn't have been more the perfect idea.
Away from the rest of the Scindhia clan, Yash and Aarti strived to show the children that they could be one happy family after all. It also provided a perfect atmosphere for them to discover more about each other. Somehow, somewhere, deep in their subconscious were those basic feeling of being wanted, to be needed and loved, screaming and reaching out for each other. And so it happened, influenced or not, body met soul.
Yash Scindhia cannot accept that his physical side succumb to
that basic instinct. It was a serious blow to what he has
guarded for a long time. Deeply resentful of his action and
angry at himself, he took it out with the people around him. To
Aarti, Yash hurting himself was more painful than his
treatment towards her.  Her discovery that she was pregnant made her even fearful of what he can do to himself. Unable to
tell him of the pregnancy, she took the hardest decision of sparing him another truth and  decided to leave with her son
without anyone knowing about it on the very night of Yash's
birthday celebration.

That escape proved to be the path that would bring back what she has been trying to bury alive from the start of the remarriage. Prashant Dubey, the ex-husband, was touched enough to extend help when Aarti, due to complications with her pregnancy fainted in the middle of the deserted highway with Ansh calling for help.
It took all the proddings and hinting of the guest for Yash to realize that amidsts his anger and cold treatment , his wife has been trying to tell her something very important. The very thought of the new life he is part of helped  him realised that Aarti was not at fault and neither was he. It was simply a culmination for all the edgy tension and longing that was present in their subconscious. Finding them almost proved to be futile.  And so it was deemed that the paths of the one-time and current husband should cross without knowing about the other. Yash in his unbearable grief put in an ad on national broadcast to locate his missing wife and son which was how
the ex-husband learned of Aarti's predicament.
Whatever touched Prashant to say something auspicious for a moment, at the behest of Aarti wanting to meet the good samaritan in their moment of trouble, Prashant instructed Ansh to met them at a temple. Truly, God only cries for the living, for in that same temple was Yash offering his earnest plea to find them. And find them he did with the vow to be responsible with everything especially with her pregnancy. Once back in Bhopal, Aarti also told Yash that her pregnancy has complications. Yash assured her that he willbe there for her and everything will be fine.
Just as Yash brought Aart and Ansh home, so did Prashant made way back to his parents' house.  Ailing with malignant disease and left by the woman he chose over Aarti, Prashant had no other support. It was a shock for Shoba Dubey but not as much for Satyendra Dubey. What will a parent do? A child is flesh and blood after all, even if the treatment included the grandson, Ansh. Prashant was diagnosed with cancer and the nly treatment that can help was a bone marrow transplant from the nearest kins. As the Dubeys were not qualified, Ansh was the only consideration.
Meanwhile, Paridhi who has no desire to give up her former job, continued with the knowledge of Prateik and Vidhi and kept secret from the rest of the family.Soon, she attracted the fancy of a producer she was working with who succeded in seducing her once.   In her attempt to dissuade the producer's further advances, she accidentally hit him with a vase, causing him to die, or so she thought.
The timely return of Yash and Aarti soon had the police alerted to a murder case. A necklace borrowed by Paridhi from Vidhi, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Scindhias, lead the suspect to the mansion. Paridhi, having been forewarned by her mother, plans a vacation with Prateik to Switzerland with the intention of never returning. As the case was to be built against Vidhi who was equally surprised at the horrible event, she had no choice but to piece the events and tell the truth about Paridhi secretly working.
In the midst of this scandal, Yash and Aarti decides to bring the kids over at the Dubeys, while busy trying to help with Paridhi's case. It became an oppurtune time for the Dubeys to go on with the treatment for Prashant. Prashant seemingly turning a new leaf refuses but Satyendra was desperate to save his life. Here, Aarti discovers Prashant's presence at the Dubeys but mistakes his come back as another try to usurp the family property. Knowing that Prashant was close by, the old fear has now become strong within Aarti. 
Gathering enough courage, once in the privacy of their room, Aarti confessess the truth to Yash only to find that he fell asleep. She then vowed to reconfess it as soonas possible. It was unfortunate that she couldn't do it as in the middle of the Karva Chauth celebration, she receives a call form Ansh informing her that his new bestfriend uncle has fainted and there was no one at home as the Dubeys went to the temple for their own celebration of KC. Aarti in fear of what is happening rushes to the Dubey's residence without informing everyone. From there, she learend the truth about Prashant's condition.
Yash follows Aarti to the Dubey residence and completes the ceremony for her and finally bringing mother and son home. The new knowledge that Ansh is needed for Prashant's treatment puts Aarti in an even precarious situation as she hasn't told Yash the truth yet and now,  Ansh is to be involved with the same person. Somehow, Aarti and the Dubeys managed to keep the whole thing secret.
In the Diwali event that followed Yash and Prashant again crossed path. This time, Yash offered friendship and invited Prashant home. In the presence of everyone including the Dubeys, who were invited to the celebration, the children innocently stated that Yash's new friend is staying at the Dubeys house to which the Dubeys countered that Prashant is a a paying guest and a friend's son.
 Aarti, unhappy with the way things are turning, doesn't fully enjoy Yash's care and thoughtfulness. Once Yash resolved to amend and make everything right, he redecorated their room with Aarti and the kids' picture to which she did not notice at first. Yash, though hurt, did not give it so much thought as he could see his wife often tense or lost in thoughts, thinking it must be due to the pregnancy complications. 
Meanwhile in Paridhi's case  Yash was  the first one who came to know of the truth and he was unsure  how to deal with it. Aarti finally noticing the changed in the room decided to surprise Yash with a romantic dinner in their own room. Here Yash tells her about Paridhi's extent of lie and how he is unable to tell the family as it is shocking and scandalous in nature especially to Prateik. Aarti, in her self-thought compares her situation and Paridhi's, says she will speak with her.

As Yash and Prashant's friendship, so does Aarti's loathing of Prashant became evident. In a joking manner, Prashant tells Yash that no wife would want to see her husband spend more time with his friends. Soon, the time for Paridhi's case was set and created a tensed environment for all as all evidence pointed out to Paridhi. Yash and Aarti desperately sought out for the widow of the dead producer and convinces her to tell the truth, thus saving Paridhi from being judged guilty.

In all this happening, Yash started to acknowledge his feelings of love for his wife but unable to say vocally. Aarti knows Yash loves her but needed to hear him say the words, with all the insecurities and fear gnawing at her very soul.
Prashant getting attached to Ansh day by day, has now started entertaining thoughts for his own benefit. In a brazen move, he invited  the Scindhia family to the Dubeys surprised anniversary party. That same time, Taiji, a sister of Satyendra Dubey shows up, threatening to ruin the whole party. Taiji
with her traditional thinking voices her disgust with the idea of remarriage. Satyendra fakes alliance with her to control the whole situation which Aarti overhears. Yash had his own plans for an after party with the help of Shobaji. Yash plan surprise dinner and that time Aarthi reveal her past to him thinking Prashant is the one. Yash, who earlier was excited, stood in shock and disbelief understanding most of his wife's uneasiness  around Prashant. The truth about Aarti's status caused a rethinking for Yash's feelings towards her.
Aarti noticed the change in Yash but could not make out what could be the reason. Yash on the other hand, is torn between his deepening feelings for his wife but is troubled that aarti might still be inlove with Prashant. But Aarti learned that it was not Prashant who was in that room that night. Fearful and panicked about the whole truth, Aarti promises to tell Yash the whole truth. The good news about her pregnancy being finally okay coincided with the New year's celebration, thus making
Aarti adamant to tell Yash the whole truth.
 After much convincing Aarti told the truth to Yash and why she was still meeting Prashant. Yash still not convinced remained livid. Aarti invokes the help of the goddess of her truthfulness and gets the answer in the form of the red veil flying blown to cover her. Yash sees the what happens and softens his stance. Shobahji fearing Yash and Aarti's
destruction of marriage orders Prashant to leave. Prashant having the support of Taiji becomes rude and demands to stay and fight for what he presumed is his right over Aarti and
Ansh. Taiji provokes the matter further by promising to help him .
Prashant and Taiji with full conviction goes to the Scindhia Mansion to take Aarti back.  Yash still rethinking the whole thing gives Aarti the cold shoulder to which she tells him she will confess the truth to the whole family as well.  The duo arrives at the mansion and were ushered in just as Aarti was about to tell the family. In the process, Taiji reveals their purpose first before Aarti speaks up. The whole Scindhia family was shocked hearing the purpose and were angered when Aarti reaffirmed the truth. Suraj Pratap Scindhia then issued his ultimatum that Aarti will no longer live with the family. Yash comes forward and says he supports his wife .
Seeing that Yash and Aarti are ready to leave everything
behind, the elder Scindhia salvages the situation for the sake
of the family's prestige and name by assigning a small room
situated upstairs for the family of five. He clearly instructed
that the others are not to maintain any contact with them.
Hurt but with reverence to the elder's decicion, Yash and Aarti
oneys and makes the most of what they were assigned.
On the other hand, Prashant has gone full in his destructive
mood and vows to get back what should have been his. Suraj
Pratap Scindhia's anger was nowhere to simmering and
considers the divorcee truth too much for his consideration. He
joins hand with Prashant to put an end to the matter. 
On a family outing in Mangalpur, Yash and Aarti figures in a confusion following another couple. In the chaos, Ansh was
kidnapped by Prashant who has been tailing the family. Yash and Aarti tries to sought the help of the local police but were stopped by Prashant saying Ansh will be fine as long as Aarti returns to him. Yash and Aarti decides to go with his plan in order to save Ansh. In his sick mind, Prashant forces Aarti to have an abortion but Yash stops it on time and in the fight that follows, Prashant gets killed. 

With Prashant's death, he took the secret of Ansh's whereabout leaving Yash and Aarti with empty-handed. Not knowing what else to do and where to look further, the couple and remaining kids returns home to wait dejected. Yash soughts the Dubeys forgiveness and asks to stay with them as they are at lost and have no elders to fall for support. At this time, a new driver named Aakash has been hired by Suraj Pratap Scindhia.
A CD with clue on Ansh's whereabout was left on the mansions doorway. The demand for Yash to divorce Aarti and marry another for Ansh's return on the wedding day itself shook the couple to the core. Trusting in their firm and true love for each other, Yash and Aarti finally gave in but not with Yash making one last bargain to be allowed to gift Ansh before being returned. Unknown to the mastermind of the kidnapping, the ball serving as gift was chemically treated with temporary effect to whosoever touches it.
In the wedding that followed, Yash and Aarti communicates via bluetooth to scan the crowd for possible suspect. After many attempts Aarti finally finds Satyendar Dubey as the mastermind behind kidnapping of Ansh. Satyendra Dubey admits to his wrongdoing and Ansh soon was returned by
Aakash. Disgusted and humiliated, Shobha Dubey decides to leave for a pilgrimage .

Yash remembers the girl he left on the bridal canopy and apologizes to the family that he is refusing to complete the marriage. The bride's father prods his daughter to shoot Yash but Ishita refuses saying she better be the one dead as no one will marry her anymore. Aakash, watching all the drama and having an eyeful of the dowry, takes a brazen step and puts on vermillion on Ishita's forehead.  The family impressed by the thought that another Scindhia does them justice were almost happy until Suras Pratap Scindhia tells them that Aakash is a driver of the family. In his anger, he slaps Aakash collaring him to the ground and was about to drag him out when Radha, Aakash's mother suddenly comes in and tells SP Scindhia to stop hurting his own son.  
With the revelation out about his father, Aakash vows to make Suraj Pratap Scindhia own him and give him what rightfully belongs to him. He makes his intention known with the help of reporters and camping on the grounds of the mansion until the DNA test conducted would prove his claim. Ishita too, stays with them, though Aakash loses interest in her wealth with the new consideration that he is about to have more.
Aarti cannot stand seeing the worried state of Yash and decides to make some investigation of her own. She found Radha's old home and breaks inside looking for clues. In the altar, an accidental uncovering shows old pictures of Yash during his growing years. 
Meanwhile Suraj Pratap Schindhia forgives Yash and Aarti and tells them to stay in their old room.
As a thank you gesture, Aarti prepares Yash and Suraj's favorite dish. unkowingly Yash was served on a bowl with a dead lizard but Aarti thwarts it. She is convinced that someone is trying to harm Yash indirectly but the family attributes it to natural occurance. In the still of the night,
Aarti again feels someone's presence in their room. She wakes up to find no one but feels there was a presence. Yash, alarmed by her frenzied voice calms her but Aarti insists on feeling someone was there until Yash notices a knife under the
bedroom couch and was convinced of aarti's fear.
The next morning, Yash readies to go to the dargah for a special prayer offering. Aarti suggests going with him but Yash insists she stays as the children are on holiday. She finds the children are play  when Aarti notices Palak holding a a piece of broken bangle different from what they wear. She takes it and forma distance, compares it to what Radha was wearing.
Convinced that it was her, she approaches the tent in the presence of Aakash and Ishita and accosts Radha. Aakash sides with her mother and manhandles Aarti, Yash sees this and fight ensues between the two. Pankaj joins in pulling Yash away but it wasn't until Radha slaps Aakash to stop him that the fight was broken. Aakash, shamed by being slapped infront of everybody, burns with revenge even more.  Ishita reading Aakash's mind and remembers how Yash turned him down adds more biting words to Aakash.
With Yash continuing to the dargah, Aakash follows with an evil plan. Radha alarmed at seeing Aakash gone asks Ishita and tells her the truth. Aarti comes to know that Radha has gone to dargah and  Aarti starts to follow her.  Akash tries to kill Yash by bringing the snake towards him.But still he cannot do it.Seeing no option, he leaves it inside the car,
directly under the driver's seat.
 Finally arriving, their two cars meet on the road but before Yash could safely edge on the side, the snake bites him and Aarti sees the car swerving on her side mirror. Yash stops inches away from a tree and comes out of the car in pain. Aarti runs and asks him what's wrong. In his wavering
consciousness Yash mutters a snake has bitten him. Shocked with the possibility of the poison spreading fast, aarti tries to
call for help but signal was proving hard so she moves away.
At this point, Radha arrives seeing Yash writhing from the
ongoing effect of the poison.  She tores a strip from her saree
and ties it on the affected part to prevent the poison from
spreading further. She goes of in search of some herbal anti-venom. Aarti comes back with some locals and helps her carry
Yash to a safe shade. Radha comes back with some ground leaves but Aarti refuses to let her near yash remembering about the threat that happened. Radha challenges her by swallowing some of the ground leaves and hurries off to yash who was turning a dangerous color by then. Aarti follows and sees the fear and genuine love emanate from Radha while applying the crushed herb on the inflicted part.
Satisfied that Yash was beginning to stabilize, Radha starst to walk away but Aarti stops her demanding to know the truth.
Radha hesitates until Aarti tells her she is under Yash's oath.
Radha acquiesced and says Yash is only hers and SP's son.

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Yash Suraj Pratap Scindia 

(essayed by Gurmeet Choudary )

The male protagonist of the show and the second son of Suraj Pratap Scindia. He runs his own Wedding-Planning business and loves his children dearly. He has found his love and life for the second time in Aarti with whom he got remarried after his first wife's death.He and Aarti have together overcome obstacles and have given their life a second chance.

Aarthi Yash  Scindia 

(essayed by Kratika  Sengar)

She is the second wife of Yash, the female protagonist of the show and is shown to be carrying a burden of her bitter failed marriage. Her In-laws get her married for the second time and she makes all the efforts at winning everyone's heart. She finds a friend and eventually her love in Yash and he too reciprocates her feelings.they thus embark the journey called marriage and parenthood together.

Suraj Pratap Scindia

(essayed by Chetan Pandit )

The Patriarch of the Scindia Family, everyone considers his decision as the final one. He has earned respect through his years and years of worship towards his work and ethics. He hates lies and deceit and sticks to his principles. He is shown to be married to Gayatri Scindia and has three sons.

Gayathri Suraj Pratap Scindia 

(essayed by Zahida Parveen )

She's the wife of Suraj Pratap and a mother of three sons. She respects her husband and never dares to go beyond his decision. Yash is closer to her among the three sons and she cares for his happiness too. She is shown to be a strict yet tenderhearted Mother In Law and Grandmother. Also she tends to forget a lot.

Maya Bua 

(essayed by Ananya  Khare )

Suraj Pratap's Sister and Female Antagonist. She is shown to be a widow who dislikes Aarti and leaves no attempt at creating rifts between Aarti and the family. She was never let to remarry by her brother and that's her reason behind hating Aarti. Her attempts turn out to be futile whenever Suraj Pratap turns a deaf ear towards her please.

Pankaj Suraj Pratap Schindia 

(essayed by Rakesh Kukreti)

The eldest son of Suraj Pratap and a father to two. He feels neglected by his wife Vidhi. He is equally responsible as his younger brother and is shown to be an advocate...Their children Vedant and Vedika are shown to be studying in a Boarding school away from their house

Vidhi Pankaj  Schindia 

(essayed by Samragyi Nama)

The wife and mother of two of Pankaj. She is often shown to be occupied in the house chores. She is supportive towards everyone in the family and neglects her own self and marriage for the sake of her family. Her children Vedant and Vedika are shown to be studying in a Boarding school away from their house

Prateik Suraj Pratap Schindia 

(essayed by Dishank Arora)

The youngest son of Suraj Pratap, he is shown to be a loving bother and uncle. The family calls him Masterchef for his proficiency at cooking. He is married to Paridhi and they are shown to have overcome the initial complications of their marriage. He also is the most emotional among the three brothers and is closest to Yash and Aarti.

Paridhi Prateik  Schindia 

(essayed by Leena Jumani)

The bubbly Daughter In Law of the family, she is an ambitious young woman and desires to break the code that the women in the house are not allowed to go out and work..her marriage with Prateek is shown to have passed through its initial rough patch. 

Prashant Satyendra Dubey 

(essayed by Vineet Raina  )

Main Antagonist and Aarti's first husband. He abandons her while she is carrying his child. Is shown greedy for money. He turns up again when Aarti and Yash have moved ahead with their lives and demands his rights over Ansh. His efforts turn futile and the chapter closes with his accidental death in an attempt to kidnap his own son Ansh.

Arpita Yash Schindia  

(essayed by Swetha Munshi)

Yash's first wife and his love..she is the mother of his two daughters who dies in an unfortunate accident one night. She now appears in the show only through her photos

 Satyendra Dubey 

(essayed by Amit Singh Thakur)

Prashant's father and thus Aarti's Father In Law. He is the one who initiates the thought of getting her remarried. He is shown to have a soft-corner for his son and does lend his supportive hand whether financially or otherwise towards his stumbling son.

Shoba Satyendra Dubey 

(essayed by Geetha Thyagi)

Satyendra's wife and a woman of Ethics...she considers it her duty to get her Daughter In Law remarried. Never stops supporting Aarti in whatever she does and also, never lets her son's faults jeopardize or affect her daughter's married happy life.

Ansh Yash  Scindia & Palak Yash Schindia & Payal Yash Schindia 

(essayed by Divyam Dhama, Palak Dey and  Dhriti Mehta )

Ansh, Palak and Payal, the three children of Yash and Aarti from their first marriages...they both love the three equally and have garnered the same love from the children

New Entries 


(essayed by Akshay Dogra)

Son of Radha and husband of Oshita.

Claims for his rights as  Schindia waris. 

Ishita Akash  

(essayed by Heena Parmar)

Wife of Akash.

she is in revenge mode against Yash.


(essayed by Dolly Minhas)

Mother of Akash.

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First Impression of Punar Vivaah serial

Journey of yours along with Punar Vivaah serial and forum

The thing you like most about Punar Vivaah serial and forum


I thought Punar Vivah was different and was fresh. It was a love story with a twist which made me addicted to watching it from day one.

I have been watching and loving Punar Vivah since day 1 and I joined PV forum about 2 months approximately back and I am loving both and enjoying the love I receive from my fellow PVians.

What I love most about both PV serial and forum is the maturity of both which is fantastic.

I did not really know what to expect, i only thought i'll watch to see how Kratika Sengar will transform into the new role and i was amazed right from the start. There was retention of interest when it came to all the characters. So i said to myself, let me see how the other characters will fare and before i knew it, i was dying for every episode. One year later, it has become a crazy weekly addiction. It's like death by chocolate watching it and still death by chocolate missing it on weekends.

This was one big discovery. I never thought that such forum like this existed. When i used to have Fb account, one PV page shared profiles of Gurmeet and Kratika, so i opened it with the intention of leaving a comment only in their profile. Haha, the rest became history, sweet, sweet history and continous to be in the making. Like vintage items, the more episode it goes, the priceless every episode becomes in my memory.

 I like the different ways our members' minds work and and how we see humor in everything. I love that there is no such thing as gossip-centered talks/thread about the lives of our stars and speculations, negative innuendos and most of all, we genuinely appreciate every talent that comes in the show. We have an outstanding cast and characters in the show and we have amazing members who love every bit about the show. I hope to be with all members and many more to come as long as Punar Vivaah continous this  journey in reel love and life.


 I started to  watch pv after watching 1st episode  in tamil
i started to watch pv : 15/09/2012
and join pv forum: 27/10/2012
i watch pv only for GC and KS

Very intriguing Big smile

It's been a wonderful one, I joined the forum about a month after the show debuted but I have been watching the serial since the beginning and I can actually count the number of times I've missed the PV...5 times Embarrassed
I love the people I've meet here those who know me know that I do anything to get to watch PV even change my work schedule and reach late to family gathereing sometimes Tongue LOL 

The concept and the uniqueness that PV bring to my daily serial watching, it's a mature love story...You don't need to show romantic scenes to know that the leads are in love, you can feel their romance in their touches, looks and body languages. Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary have an undeniable chemistry that no love scenes are require cause they just sizzle together Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
All the friends I've made here...Punar Vivaah have brought of all together Heart


Wow GC is back...

when i saw the first promo i was like OMG GC is back with a bang...
i liked the way CVs are showing us the bonding between each family members  who lives in joint family be it the bonding of three brothers yash,pankaj,pratiekor the three D-I-Ls aarti,vidhi,paridi
the whole concept is amazingthingS 
I like the friendly environment of the forum an it s a peaceful place and second home for me.
punar vivah serial started from the very first epi and i just fall in love with the character shobha who is a strong lady who stands with truth and leave her own son who is at falseClap and later on i just loved the show and i m addicted to it badly by now

my journry here started on the very first day the forum opened
i still remember the days when we used to wait for the day when forum will open...and when the forum opened we just hurriedly bumped in and started chit chating about the serial which was about to begin
but now after a year is passed things have changed now we all are fighting bad to make our forum at number 1LOL
here i have meet many friends who re so close to my heart
cant name bcoz if i missed someone s name then i will be death for sure

 It has GC and come what may I gotta watch it how much ever slow it might be... LOL

 I have matured as a serial audience with PV... from being only a drooler audience, I have turned into an involved audience... Smile

about the serial, I love that it has GC and the etching of the storyline... Big smile About the forum, I love it that its welcoming and peaceful... Smile


I started with mixed emotions. Though I was very happy That Gurmeet was returning so soon as I was a die hard Gurmeet fan , I was not so pleased to see him as father initially but his powerful acting as Yash blowed me! Im so happy Punar Vivah happened that gave Gurmeet so much to do! Anger , Love , Care , Innocence , Maturity all at once. 
Coming to the beauty , Kratika. I never knew much about her , all I knew was that she is a powerful actress and I became a Kratika's fan after the first episode itself. 
What made Punar Vivah worthy of so much wait were the beautifully executed promos. All were lovely & significant.

Im a part of the forum since the very beginning in fact this is my debut forum therefore very special LOL
The journey has been very special , the love & care I received from all is just amazing...will always cherish!

About forum : The warmness! PV forum rocks & is tied with mutual understanding & concern.

Serial : Every damn thing! PV is a masterpiece Clap

The show is very realistic..
I started watching the show for both Gc and Ks..Eventually loved the storyline.I liked all the characters depicted ...Punar vivah is the best,unique and interesting show forever

It has indeed been the most beautiful journey.
I am totally addicted and crazy viewer for punar vivah both serial and in forum

Punar vivah serial- understanding,sharing and scarifice
Punar vivah forum-Unity among forum members

>>>Not my favorite genre and quite different show to me! Interesting concept with my favorite actor! I gotta see this show! That was my first reaction!Big smile

>>>Already have wrote so much above about my journey with show! Now I shall talk about my journey with forum. PV forum is surprisingly first mature forum I have came across in my entire IF journey! I have met some really cool IFians here. They aren't impulsive, they aren't blind, they aren't defensive but they are rational and matured! I seriously love the peace and understanding level of this forum! it's my second home on IF and I love it!Big smile

About Show- Yash Scindhiya!
About Forum- It's sincerity level!
Congrats Punar Vivah and PV forum for one amazing year!Party
Happy wala birthday PV!Party


Everything about Punar Vivaah is very impressive Thumbs Up...starting from the casts to the sets...
But mainly Gurmeet - Kratika Pairing is the one which dream forDay Dreaming 
I have never been a fan of any mature love stories but GurIka / AarYa made me wrong... 
Thier simple, sweet , Hot romantic scenes made me go..Blushing

Though at first, I started watching PV only because of Gurmeet Heart (because i know his way of choosing characters and moreover being his hardcore fan whatever he choose I would follow him)  but slowly and steadily Kratika Day Dreaming grew on me and have to mention the wonderful concept too StarStar..

And what to say about ma PV forum...HeartHeart It is definetly ma second home Hug...I have come across 3-4 forums in ma stalking IF Career LOL but never seen a positive and united forum like this before *nazar nahi lage raho*EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Each and every member of PV forum is so united and we cant differentiate who belongs to which fandom...Because here every PV ian love AarYa / GurIka Approve the most..  Blushing
Absolutely our AarYa EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Gurmeet and Kratika...Heart
And I have to thanks to Gurmeet and Punar Vivaah serial because of that I come to know about a GORGEOUS DIVA Approve Kratika (I haven't noticed her serial beforeErmm)..
 HeartI love You Gurmeet...I love You Kratika...Heart

About ma forum..Tongue..  ...I have got lotz and lotz of monkey mates here ROFLCant imagine a single day without them and they are definitely a part of ma life  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...And i have encountered many beautiful moments here which I have to cherish for life long Day Dreaming...Though we are living here in a virtual world but our love affection towards each other s real...Heart
So thanks to Punar Vivaah forum...Last but not least we are the only forum members who whole-heartedly welcome our so called care taking bashers evenROFLLOL
Hope we all stay like this forever and Wish we celebrate more and more PV Anniversaries together with our AarYa...Hug



My first impression was that its a very interesting concept since love in remarriage while u r carrying past baggage is a very complicated concept and so it will b interesting to see how both the leads fall in love amidst all the hurdles and past baggages Thumbs Up

Quite a positive and pleasant journey right from the first episode since myself and Samana already thought of opening the Dragon club thread where we can hv peaceful discussions about the show and in no time the thread gained immense popularity and love in the forum Embarrassed... Best part about our forum is that we all r together .. there is no division among fan grps and whoever tries to put down our show or actors , wetogether stand unite to answer back to those members Approve... Overall I love the positivity and unity of our forum which makes my experience with the serial and forum both very positive and exciting Embarrassed

About PV serial , I love AarYa chemistry and characterisation plus class acting of every single actors from Gurmeet to Kratika to Chetan to Vineet to everyone else .. ClapClapClap.. About the forum , like I said above , I love the unity and positivity of our forum Thumbs Up


First i read the article that Gurmeet is going to play male lead of Punar vivaah.I was excited.I wanted to give this show a chance.Then i saw bathroom wala promo of Punar vivaah.It looked very interesting to me and then i watched yash's entry promo.I became damn excited to watch the show for Gurmeet.

 I joined the forum from the first day.First i thought this forum will be bashing forum but then my views changed.I'm soo happy that GCians and KSians did not divide into groups.There is so calm atmosphere of the forum.We all have different opinions but we respect each other and we unite on one couple/show i.e: aarya and PV.I hope PV forum remains same till the end.Lovee u guys for increasing the activity of the forum without fights and also love the mods for maintaining the forum peace.Abt Punar vivaah,Initally i watched the show for Gurmeet.But then i started to love every character/actor of Punar vivaah even negative characters.It took time for aarya as couple to grow on me.But they touched my heart b/c of the hardwork of both GurIka.I used to like KS as P2.But now i love her as aarti.I really love the respect and love between whole the cast of Punar vivaah.I hope no buri nazar fall on them.

I love Punar vivaah serial b/c of amazing chemistry of aarya along with all the cast with each other.We should thank the cvs for selecting that much powerful actors/actresses even in cameo roles.Love the way cvs handled the story.Few times i was disappointed but no one is perfect.Even in PV,No one is perfect :D and Abt forum,I love the peaceful atmosphere.Members r friendly and also helping.The chemistry between our forum members is also good!

 I hope all remains the same!



when i heard about the serial and their leads i was excited because i was fan of both the leads.and when i heard a promo on radio i thought we are going to get a show with nice concept but felt sad hearing the date of launch because i knew i will not be able to watch due to my board exams

 i couldn't watch the show from starting as i said.I started watching it from April and then watch old episodes online.It has been great journey with one of the best shows.

i came across PV Forum in July and i found it interesting to discuss about show and characters daily so i joined it and i should say it is one of the best things in my life to get a chance to watch this show and discuss it on IF.

  I love maturity & reality in serial.I love the way they come up with every issue and handle it so nicely.And of course chemistry of the leads, Yash & Aarti is splendid.Thanks to Gurmeet & Kratika for this.

PV forum is a peaceful place and i love it the most.Thanks to mods & all members for that.


The show itself interesting and unique due to its concept.

journey with PV serial is really very exciting.   every day I sit in front of the Television with anticipation what will happen today and next day. But the thing I forgot to mention is this show is expert in giving us shocks

Journey with PV forum is really great. actually this is my 2nd home (for which i always get scoldings from my parents) and this the forum where I fist made a post and also got promoted from groupbie to sizzlers .

oh not to forget I also made some crazy friends here

 Serial: (1) The characters are close to reality not perfect and superhuman.

(2) The story is unique and new.

(3) The love story is also unique.

(4) Unpredictable..

 Forum:(1) Most peaceful and friendly forum .

(2)Mature people stays here.

(3) always stay united not matter what.



i was silent admirer of this forum from oct and joined in dec'12

well i have missed feb pv just some tits and bits  due to my Nephew was born on 21st feb so busy ...but i like the promos..n was very curious to watch, me statred wacthing PV..


 Show i have been following up since march.. was so much impacting me that one night restless tried to check any article on PV .. and then i found this Forum..and the journey so far is awesome.. trust me after my montonus office life as me individual are just living in this virtual world on forum and PV that i have not been so active in FB or orkut .

 What i hate or love about this show and forum is they made me addicted to it.. on TV i dont wacth anything now with so much interst which i use to as ii was a BIG TV buff

 One more appreciation note to ppl like you who make this forum experence blessed 



Not something I would watch...I was pretty doubtful about this show to be honest.

 The journey has been Fantastic! I'm so glad I watched Punar Vivah and am a part of Punar Vivah Forum! <3

In the beginning it was for Gurmeet, I had arrived here only because of him. But gradually I began liking the show and the people that are part of it. Kratika & Gurmeet are two gems I have found in this journey of 1 year. Sigh...Got into so many fights in my own forum LOL but it's all worth it LOL

I like how progressive the show has been, a few slips and trips here and there but overall I like the fact that the makers have taken this concept of remarriages seriously. It's a good message.

And what I love about this forum is that, we all are UNITED everywhere <3

There are NO Fan wars apart from the lame outsiders, No GC fans Vs Ks fans which is AMAZING!

And TOUCHWOOD We will stay united <3



i feel that punar vivah is realistic And Great Show To be watched !!!

i started to see pv late coz of no channel...but had updates 

about what was going on ...

after that .i really felt more for aarya 

yash is superb human !

aarthi the lovely women ...love their bond with their family , kids and family ...



The first scene of the show that I  watched was Aarti's disbelief expression watching the sangeet put up by Prateek and Paridhi...

And from her expression I could tell that something was just not right!!

Since my elder sister was watching the serial, she filled me in. She even said that after the guy knows the truth, they won't get married...

                       And  the precap made it look like she was gonna tell him the truth about her being a divorcee.

So I was curious to find out!!!

The start of my PV journey!!! My first Indian Serial...

 Serial :  OMG!! What is gonna happen to this gal and her child when the guy's family found out she is a divorcee instead of a widow..She is gonna tell him like per the precap rite...Will he still marry her???

OH NO!! She did not tell him!! Now I need to watch to find out how he reacts when she tells him...And her child is adorable..

WHAT?!?! How come the daughter-in-laws are not seated at the table with everyone else?!?!

This awkwardness between Yash and Aarti.. I am a sucker for these scenes!! Why are Aarti and Yash scenes together so few?!?!?

What is THIS?!?!? The other daughter-in-law is not allowed to work?!?!? HUH?!?! FOR REAL?!?!

 Seriously?!?! Ansh is kidnapped?!? This is kinda OTT drama rite?!?!? 

They are gonna divorced?!?! This is really OTT drama!!!

Shoba is the LOVE GURU?!?!? OMG!! What is everyone so nosey about Aarti and Yash's love affair?  Myself included!! 

 Aarti is in love with Yash?!?!? Aaawww!!

How awesome were the kids' speeches?!?!?

 WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! I am just loving it!! They need to go Mumbai more often!!!

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I need to know what Aarti did in Mumbai!! Like ASAP!! Why is Yash so ANGRY???

OK, dragging...SIANZZ... WHAT?!?!? Went to Korea for a week and when I come back...They are still trying to figure out what happened in Mumbai!?!?

You gotta be kidding!! This is not possible..NO!!

OH GOSH!! It is real!!  She cannot remember they had sex?!?!? HUH?!?!? Do they have sex fully clothed?!?!?

What is this MAHA thingy?!?!? Do people out there stay glued to it for the whole 3 hours?!?!?! Hmmm...

 Prashant is back?!?!? Great my mom did not even realise it is a different guy...she thought he slimmed down?!!?

More lies and missed truths!

OMG!! Loving all these Aarya moments!!

Though some scenes seemed a little contrived. But who cares!!! I am just a sucker for them!!!

Pankaj is a lawyer?!?!? Did I miss something along the way?!?! I thought he was part of the wedding planner business!!!

Paridhi is now a contented housewife?!?! I was expecting something else!!!

What is up with this BMT?!?!? Why do the CVs treat the viewers as ignorant beings?!?!

More misleading precaps ...I am not gonna fall for them!!

How come there are always characters missing that is not explained?!?!? AARGGHH!!

Yash is in love with Aarti...Aaawww...

But do people really daydream and see their lover's face EVERYWHERE?!?!?!?

WOW!! The whole purpose of me watching the show was just revealed!!

That is a storeroom?!?!?

Love this family of FIVE!! They are just TOO adorable!!

MAHA something again... WHY?!?!? Great mom thought those are new characters and she is all confused!! Like is she kidding me?!?!? Thank god for IF to explain all this MAHA!!! My mom needs an account!!

Court Scene is a joke!! But this is not LAW and ORDER so whatever...

HUH??? Ansh kidnapped again?!?!

They way they try to find the kidnapper is a joke!!! But this is not CSI...I get it!

They are getting divorce again?!!?!!  Yash is gonna marry again?!?! Are we going in circles?!!?

OMG!! Is that like real?!?! Love the song and that scene!! So heartbreaking!! Love Love Love!!!

New characters are introduced?!?!? Akash could be the son?!?!?

What is happening to this show?!?!  

 Watching it again!! Googling the song meaning!!! Why cant the WU translates the songs too!?!? I am impossible I know!!! Embarrassed

IF Journey

Joined IF for an entirely different reason...

After I watched PV for a while, started coming to PV forum to stalk the DC thread for live updates and the analysis

Checked that my first post ever in IF was "I like her acting too!!!" on 30 April 2012

I watch the show for AarYa's journey!!!

Great analysis of the show and gain some perspectives!!!

All the FF/OS/SS

Finding out spoilers abt the show and then rue that I have watched the scenes on SBS/SBB while watching the scenes on TV!!

Get translation/analysis of songs/interviews/dance sequences

Love the dedication and unity of the members to try to bring the forum on




Interesting to watch because of its matured and unique concept

I just recognized Punar Vivah when I saw the promo showing Kratika Sengar. I have watched her once in JKR on it's final episodes, and it seems very different to this new one. Got curious and started watching when it first aired. And I find it good, the concept is unique and the actors and actress were phenomenal in every scene. Since then, I start following it.

Zee TV in our cable channel was removed, so I began searching on net for a site where I can watch PV with English subtitle. Then I found this site, the forum seems to be cool and lots of topic regarding the show and my favorite Kratika. At first, am hesitant to join here, coz am not used to it (this was the first time I actually join on a forum). I became a silent watcher/reader but for some reason and because this forum seems to have lots of friendly, matured and loving members, I began to come out on my stalker mode and then started my PV journey along with the others.

About the serial, like what I've said, it is realistic and unique. It tackles different issues which can be seen and can relate the viewers in the society.  
Of course the chemistry between Kratika and Gurmeet is what I liked the most in this serial. This two really go beyond being an actor and actress itself. They are far beyond amazing! They can really set the screen on fire. They always make us smile whenever we watch them on and off screen. And I loved them!!!
I liked the forum for being the most peaceful, discipline, respected and loving forum. Most members are matured enough to know what is right and wrong. Every member knows their boundary and knows where to stay, their limits. The reason why am still here..


well to be frank... i wanted to follow the serial for gurmeet... after watching the first episode i was spell bound by the grandeur of the sets and the cast they had roped in...kratika was also my favorite telly actress... though am not an ardent follower of her serials... i have seen a few episodes of jhansi ki raani... it was then i mind wave hit me... i was like how is she gonna act in a romantic love story kinda serial... LOL i know it was a silly thought... but bingo!!! she was there with gurmeet in the serial!! my favorite two people coming together in one show and how can i stop myself from watching it?? and those promos they attracted me... with what ever serial knowledge i had... generally i have observed one thing... that hero and a heroine after falling love and confessing their feelings and get married... there will be no story left... first it is love then marriage and then saturation... but here it was different... firstly it was a marriage and to be precise a marriage for the second time with leads having their  own past baggage and with lot of insecurities coming together for the sake of family and finding love... out and out different from what i have been watching... that made an instant connection to me... well may because i wanted to watch something different...

well i have to say a lot about it... but i really am not getting how to fix my words here...the concept of punar vivah itself was a social stigma... it was and still is a taboo in many ares... well firstly i found it be a progressive when they have started this campaign of counseling people about remarriages... the production house took an initiative here and i really hope they made an impact... this initiative of the PH made me a fan of them... and their detailing about the fact that it is not always a fault of a divorcee to get divorced... especially the woman who got divorced were seen as faulted persons... this was dealt with subtlety and then i saw a lot of social issues being discussed with in the serial... the name changing of the second bahu in a remarriage and it was dealt with a serious note... and also they gave a detail about working women... and they are also dealing about fairness and transparency while  dealing with relations... especially wife and husband relation needed to be more transparent... this was shown too with much more emphasis... well i still wanted to say more... but as of now i take rest here...

PV forum... my peaceful abode i tell ya... people here are so friendly and this forum is the most sanest or the only sanest forum present in IF i can say that profoundly... i love the fact that we never indulge into any gossiping and name calling of other serials or forums... and even we are instigated by other nonchalant people... we stick to our principles and rules and we maintained our rank... sanest forum ever maintaining its  top rank with no fan wars and nothing... just discussions happen here and nothing more nothing less... comrade-ire every where... every nook and corner of the form is filled with friendliness and love..
everything as in everything about the serial... the cast the crew members every one... i love love love gurmeet he is the reason it got hitched with the serial and eventually fallen in love with the serial in totality... and i love the way the things are being detailed in the serial with maturity written all over it...
i gave me more friends and it also made me explore my new hidden talents... an writing now... ain't it good?? i really love this forum a lot... 



I saw the promo. I liked it coz of its song and Kratika sengar in itEmbarrassedClapClap 
but when I saw Gurmeet Choudary in that promo. 
I was like why him..ShockedShocked 
I hate this guy..oh no... Dead

I like the heroine but not the hero when saw the promo but I start to watch the show because of its unique concept and my JKR. But the twist in me that  I fell in love with GC after seeing his entry in PV and head over heels over  GC and KS.

PV Forum = magnificent

Punar Vivaah Rockz.. 
Gurmeet Choudary Rockz.. 
Kratika Sengar Rockz...
PVians Rockz...


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What is celebration if there is no wishes in it...

Lets get through all the PVians wishes one by one


Many many Congrats to the entire team of Punarvivah for completing a successful 1 year of fabulous journey and still going strong Clap... There are shows which mostly loose momentum after few months but punarvivah is just getting stronger and stronger every passing day with fabulous direction , screenplay writing and so flawless acting by the all the talented actors in the show Star.. Punarvivah show has got a powerhouse of talent and its amazing to see such class actors like Gurmeet , Chetan Pandit , Kratika and all sharing the screenspace together and daily giving out their heart soul to every single scene in the show ClapClapClap... Many many congrats to Shashi and Sumeet Mittal too for achieving grt success via this show and successfully giving out a positive social msg on Remarriage by showing how Yash-Aarti continue to lead by example as an ideal couple despite all the hurdles and opposition by the society Thumbs Up...

I hope and pray that Punarvivah goes on to complete many more such Anniversaries and soon reach the landmark of 1000 episodes too PartyPartyPartyParty...Once again congrats to the entire team of Punarvivah for this glorious achievement and spl shout out for Mittals , Gurmeet , Kratika , Amit Sir , Geeta tyagi , and Chetan Pandit Clap



Congratulations Team PV for completing one glorious yearPartyParty
Keep rocking as ever... You guys are doing a Fab jobClapClap

I wish the entire team of Punar Vivah "All the Best"...
May they celebrate many more such glorious years



P U N A R   V I V A A H

Congratulation to the entire Punar Vivaah Parivaar 

Thank you Mittals, Kratika Sengar, Gurmeet Choudhary and the rest of the cast and crew for 365 days of pure brilliance and for all your hard work ...To all the naysayers out there, never judge a book by it's cover...and to all those who believed in the serial all I can say is that WE MADE IT 

Here's to many more to come! 



Wishing PV and PVians 

Many more happy returns of the day...

Punar Vivaah Rocks !

PVian Rocks !




Thank you for coming into my life! I have been introduced to some fantastic actors through this show and for that I am so thankful. The people behind this show, the producers, writers, director, all other crew and the cast have done an amazing job. While there may have been some shortcomings, the good things outweigh the bad and I commend you all for keeping with the vision of Punar Vivaah and not resorting to gimmicks like other shows. I am also super thankful for joining this amazing forum and meeting some great people here who actually engage in thoughtful discussions and it's all thanks to PV. I have never been so enamored with a Hindi serial until this show came and I give credit to you all for putting forth terrific episodes, one after another. And lastly, I am grateful to Kratika Sengar for whom I had decided to give this show a try and have never regretted for doing so. She is a phenomenal actress and through her I have come to appreciate and love an actor like Gurmeet and appreciate the rest of the PV cast as well as the crew who have delivered consistently wonderful episodes. OK I feel like I'm repeating myself, so I'll stop here LOL. I hope you have a few more amazing birthdays PV! Congratulations on successfully completing your first year and congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen! 



wishing this forum and PV all the best and congrats and thanks for bringing so much happiness, emotions...and warmth to people life



Well.. Punar Vivah has been a learning experience for me.. I have learnt to understand and deeply see whats being shown.. It has taught me to look into more than what is just obvious.. Thumbs Up
I would wish Punar Vivah all the success and fame because I have grown with this show... I hope Punar Vivah does really get all the fame and name that it deserves because it does deserve recognition and applause forits brillinat storyline, social step up and the brilliance of its actors.. Big smile

I would hope that Punar Vivah sees all the required episodes ahead.. I am sure not the kind of audience who would want the serial to keep going on and even reach 500 episodes... LOL so yea I would wish Punar Vivah successful episodes with unstretched and only required stuff.. so I hope it ends max by 400-500 episodes...LOL

Love Punar Vivah and wish the team a very happy 1st anniversary... Big smile Party


Against a social stigma,
For a second life in life,
Spreading love and need,
Speaking for the right.

Punar Vivah is the show,
That does it all,
Stands strong with story,
That is etched along.

First anniversary is right here,
It's time to enjoy,
For a milestone is reached,
Without the story turning into a toy.



Happy Anniversary for all pvians and aaryans and to the entire team of  punar 
vivahParty Partyfor completing first year successfully..ClapDancing
God bless the entire team.I am sure it will go on to touches 1000 episodes for sure..We will celebrate like this more..Big smile
All the best for furture episodes ..Gurmeet and Kratika rocks
Aarya rocks and forever!!!Star Clap Star



I wish Punar Vivah a very Happy 1st Birthday and many more to come. The storyline, cast, crew and drama in Punar vivah cannot be left unappreciated. I love Punar vivah and hope for many more episodes in the future. Punar Vivah is my favourite show and will always be!LOVE YOU MY BELOVED SHOW!!








What a journey of hearts! It has completed a year and it's still feel like so new to me!Smile Journey with Punar Vivah started from my extreme love for "Gurmeet" for whom I started watching it and then it became a integral part of day to day life! EmbarrassedHeated debates, discussions and thoughts after every episode with my mother and sister is now a part of life!Approve  PV hasn't been a cake walk for me as viewer. I still share my part of dissatisfaction with it but I can't deny the fact that this show has introduced with me a totally different genre!Embarrassed
My extreme craving for witnessing phenomenal acting skills of Gurmeet is well served by this show!Clap I have came to know about some amazing actors like Kratika, Chetan Pandit, Zahida Parveen and Ananya Khare! This show is combination of powerhouses of acting world! Clap
Being a part of Yash and Aarti's journey was amazing experience! Now they are a part of my life about whom I think, reason and analyze in my routine! Smile

Congrats Team Punar Vivah for splendid one year! Party

Many more to go! Thanks for this amazing show PH! Thanks Gurmeet for making Yash a guide in many ways in my life! Hug





HAPPY 1st Year Anniversary PUNAR VIVAH!

May you continue to spread different story which conveys good message to the society..
CONGRATULATIONS and More Power to the show'
Wishing you more years of service and many episodes to come!!!

KRATIKA, GURMEET and the entire cast for giving us happiness and keeping us amaze everyday with your superb talent..
MITTALS and the entire team for the efforts and knowledge that you've shared and brought us in this serial'
May you all become successful on every journey that you are up to..







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 Poonam Garg             

Today It's The Historical Day In Our Life
Feb A Very Happy 1st Birthday 
Punarvivah Jindagi milegi dobara

The Day With Full Of Excitement,eager and happiness we are observing as its not less than a Festival. Yes It is a Big Festival For All Of Us WhoWatches 
Today is the where we have started our journey of life with
Punarvivah of yash n arti
The magical show, where there is all treasures for you 
The show where you can laugh , cry ,feel love and get angry at the same time.
I would say Whatever Arti Does 
Thats my way of taking steps in life
Whatever Yash thinks and decides in that way i decide and think
Again I wanna Wish you Punarvivah team.. 
Happy Birthday
May God Bless you
May you grow all the years ahead 







Har Uljhan ko Suljhaye...
Kasak Meethi si De Jaaye...
Aakhir Dil he na...
Dil he Na...
Ye Dil he...Ye Dil he...Ye Dil he...
Sab is DIl ki hi to Mushkil he... HeartHeart




Here is a Small gift I made for the Anniversary!


Hope this serial lasts forever
i just love this serial and wish u all happy 1st anniversary



A very happy 1st Anniversary to the entire cast and crew of Punar Vivaar... This is one of those very few shows on air which has such well written characters that have depth and are realistic... with a wonderful group of very very talented actors who play these characters so well and convincingly... huge congratulations to the whole team for completing a year and still going strong...

Thank you Sumeet and Shashi Mittal for giving us such a fantastic show and for the wonderful casting - not just of Gurmeet and Kratika who have made Yash and Aarti so loveable and relatable - but of each and every character... I hope the show reaches many more such milestones in the coming days...

Also congratulations to all the members of the Punar Vivaah Forum who with their love and enthusiasm for the show and the actors have made this the best forum on IF!!!




Im wishing whole Punar Vivah team for completing a year and wish them to complete more and more years like that.Punar Vivah is the great show.GC and KS whom i used to love as Ram,MSk & P2,JKR respectively now i also love them as Aarya.I am in Love with the pair of Yash and Aarti thanks Gurmeet & Kratika for giving us a splendid pair of Yash & Aarti. Congrats to all cast & crew of PV and keep giving us a treat of watching. Hats off to  whole team of Punar Vivah.



I want to congratulate the lead actors Gurmeet Choudary and Kratika Sengar for portraying these characters so perfectly and want to applaud their efforts for giving us more things to love about Aarya day in and day out <3 ...No one could have done it better than you two...You have breathed life into these fictional characters and made them real...and the writers for creating such mesmerizing characters and etching such a beautiful story for Aarya <3 
Congrats Punar Vivah and PV forum for one Wonderful year!PartyYou Guys Rock !! Big smileand i Want to Mention the all the Beautiful People who watches Punar vivah on  Forum who make watching this series even more interesting  by their brilliant analysis and interpretations ClapClapClap , beautiful VMs and stories Big smile...This journey has been even more worthwhile because of all You Guys ... applause  to each and everyone for all your efforts and ther hardwork ..  ClapClapClap



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Punar vivah is the first show I have been attached and addicted to from the first day it aired . The unique never before seen concept , where two lead characters who were left bereft of their companions in life , came together to form a unit only for the sake of their children. The concept was so refreshing for those of us who were fed up with run of the mill , Mills & Boon love stories and looked for something close to reality for a change. 

The whole credit for the success of the show , which completes its one year goes to the master minds Shashi Sumeet productions , their entire team of creatives , technicians , Cast & Crew. Clap

The ensemble cast led by Gurmeet Choudhary , Kratika Sengar , Chetan Pandit , Zaheeda, Sweta, Sarwar , Vineet , Dishank, Leena, Dolly , Akshay , Heena, Rakesh , Samragyi , kids - Diyam , palak, Dhriti , Geeta & Amit Singh Thakur . Apologies if I have missed a few actors

We thank you for your hard work & dedication to keep us entertained. Hug

May Punar Vivah  have several more anniversaries and the creatives never run out of muse. Party

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Fan Made Trailer

The Journey Of Two Hearts To The OneNess 

Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai


Kal Ho Naa Ho

The Beginning 

Happy AarYa

Sad AarYa

Vintage AarYa

Romantic AarYa

Beautiful journey

AarYa And Kids

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