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ff-destiny calls!!!! (Page 2)

amandadsouza95 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 February 2013 at 12:27am | IP Logged
Nyc start!!!!Smile

anvikaatti7799 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 February 2013 at 12:41am | IP Logged
very interesting pls continue
nikzz13 Groupbie

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Posted: 19 February 2013 at 1:48am | IP Logged
nice !
pkanchan Senior Member

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Posted: 19 February 2013 at 7:19am | IP Logged
nice start...plz continue
seetu1 Groupbie

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Posted: 04 March 2013 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
nice start please continue and i'm wating for the next part of story.i think itsquite interrsting ho gi.plz plz plz plz ...
laxmii Senior Member

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Posted: 16 July 2013 at 7:29am | IP Logged

hey ,everyone..i m back
i m sorry i m updating after ages..
hope  u will like it..
please do comment and hit like button
for pm please buddy me..

chapter 1-
in malik mansion-
madhu was in her room looking over some photos...
roma,her assistant came to her...
roma-"madhu,i don't understand why u did this??u married rk??he was marring pia but how come at mandap u were seated beside him??please tell me..what are u upto??u know media is going bizarre with this..they are assuming god knows what shit??"
madhu(still looking at photos,completely ignoring her question)-"u remember 2 months back when i won best actress was truly one of my best  night of my life not because of that award but(smiles)this award(pointing at rk photo) which is now mine..(smiles)it was the night when i first saw him..."
2 months ago-
after winning a award for best actress for the third time...madhu decided have a party of her own where the host and guest will be one..i.e herself,so she went to nearby pub after wrapping a scaf so that no one will recognize her..
after making herself comfortable at the corner with her drink so that she had a whole view of pub...she was lost in her  thoughts..when she was brought back by the voice..the voice full of life,happiness,softness,carefree nature..she looked at its source and found a gang of boys and girls over the other table celebrating...they all were laughing.but madhu was busy in locating that voice which intrigues her so much...after a while she could see him..he has his back towards her and he hugging the girl next to her..may be his girlfriend(madhu frowned)..she tried to hear them..she don't know why but she wanted to know why he was so happy..
that guy-"okk guys!! when ur dear friend and my best friend,misha(from pkyek) has decided to became a mytre(misha punched him,madhu smile listening to him,she was relax to know that the girl next to him was her best friend)ouchh!! i mean she is going to get married...i never thought this tomboy would be the first among us to get hooked up for rest  of her life..(refers to misha) but i m happy for u..that u found ur love,kabir(from pkyek)..though i pity him(signs)and he has my sympathy and my home whenever mish will throw him out after their least i could do this much for him.."(madhu smiles listening his leg pulling)
misha-"rkkk!!shut up..thank  ur stars that i m in good mood otherwise u won't be in one piece,standing here. even kabir is not here to save u"
rk(innocently)-"aww..mishu darling is missing her lover boy ohh yes!!why not it was such a good chance for u to have him all yours and have ur own little party in private with him while we all here drowned ourselves in drinks,right??"(hi-5 with his friend)
misha(glares at him)-"ohh u are so dead..."
and soon they both start running around table,rk hiding behind his friends,passing comments at misha and escaping from her,while misha curses him and runs behind him to catch him..
in all this,madhu was amused,intrigued to see this guy,she wanted to meet him,know him.. and finally she could see him..he was very good looking,handsome,charming..but what captivated madhu was his smile with dimple ,the smile which reaches his black eyes...she doesn't know what took over her and she secretly clicked his simling photo in her mobile..she looked at the photo..
madhu(smile)-"rkk!!..hmm initials"
and than look at him...
rk-"okk mish i m sorry..i m sorry yaar!!..truce! truce!!"
and soon everyone was enjoying,laughing,pulling legs...and madhu was busy in observing rk!!she even forgot why she came there..
flashback ends

madhu-"that day something happened,something changed..u know.."
roma(smile)-"u  fell in love with him.."
madhu-"nahh that was too soon to say it love but now..yes!! it is love..i love him..and i get what i want and see now he is mine(smirks)okk leave that tell me why were u here??"
roma-'i came to ask what you did??and how?/ i mean today was his wedding with pia but how come at last moment u turn up as his bride??"
madhu(smirks)-"well that is secret between me and my husband..i can't disclose it..u see i can't go against my husband wish(smiles evilly) the way where is rk??is he back??"
roma-" he isn't..i will see and let u know.."(and walks out of room)
madhu was again looking at photos and smiles remembering their second meet or better to say when she saw him second time...
it has been week since madhu has last seen him...she would go every night to the same pub in hope to see him and talk to him...she was disappointed but didn't gave up..
she has just finished her shooting and has 15 days for relaxing before getting busy in promotional was evening time,when madhu was going back her mansion...seated at back seat of her car,she looked outside,observing the people around as they were in traffic jam...she looks around and all she could see was over-crowded streets,roadside stands and stalls,slum beggars..all pathetic,unhygienic and disgusting..madhu makes faces but her eyes stop at a particular spot.she couldn't believe whom she was searching like maniac was standing across the roads having pani puri with girl...with a girl!!!(madhu glares at her)she could see both were talking,laughing,enjoying themselves...madhu couldn't help herself with her anger.
madhu(yell)-"stop the car!!"
the driver stops the car and madhu rolls down the glass of window and look at them...
on ther side-
rishab-"umm..i love them..u know these are the best pani puri of the world,pia..i could eat them whole day"
pia-"and spend rest of night in washroom,right??"
 rishab(glaring)-"very funny"
pia-"no rishi.i m serious.u know u don't have good immunity and u are favorite and regular patient of doctors.and if aunty gets know..."
rishab-"if she knows but whose gonna tell suck it take one more(and puts in her mouth,madhu sees from far and rolls her finger in fist)are bhayia ek aur lagana.."
pia-"ek aur...nahi no more rishi(snatches his plate)"
rishab-"arre..but(pia glates at him)ok fine but last one with your hands please(lovingly)"
pia(melts looking at him)-"u will be death of me(smile)ookk have it(and feed him)"
rishab(holds her by waist)-"and u mine"(kisses on her forehead)
both smile at each other..
pia(blushing)-"rishiii..not in public.."
rishab(smirks)-"okk than lets find some private place"(and sits on bike)
pia(blushes but still glare)-"mr.rishab kundra!! u are so pervert"(sits behind him)
rishab(pulls her hand and wrap them around his abdomen)-"and u love this pervert cum fiancee"(smiles)
pia-" what to do(sigh)did i had a choice??(smiles)"
rishab-"nope..because i m to good to be left(turns backward so he could see her)and let me tell u there is no one in this world,who would meet me and not love me..u see i m soo lovable personality(smirks)"
pia(flicks his nose with her finger)-"mr.lovable lets move before aunty start calling search party for his missing son or better word daughter(points to him)"
rishab(glares)-"oh shut up!! stop calling me mumma's girl.."
pia(laughs)-"oh that u word to deny it..u see u r soo...umm(thinks) yes!! girly..softy-softy(pinches his cheeks which turns red )see..ur skin is so soft and delicate like girls..u r a girl in disguise of boy..admit it"
rishab(angry)-"oh please..whats the issue if i have sensitive skin..its not big thing"
pia(laughing)-"oh yes it is"
rishab-"okk than i will show u what kind of man i am??"
rishab(smirks)-"ohh patience baby patience..let the night come and when we will meet at terrace than i will show u"
pia(blushing)-"shut up"
rishab(mischievsly)-"see ur cheeks are red even without tell me who has delicate skin??"
pia-"no one can win with u..fine..lets go now"
and soon rk drove off leaving behind angry,hurt,ferocious madhu behind..she couldn't hear them but seeing them in each other arms..madhu knows who was she...
madhu(angry)-"bloody girlfriend!!..its not over yet..(calls roma)roma,i m sending u a pic...get all  information about him..his name is rk!!and i want all details by tomorrow morning"(cuts the call and drove off)
flashback ends-
madhu was seething in anger remembering the past,her eyes were full of rage
but suddenly she smiles..
madhu-"it was a past,a memory which is lost in the table has turned"(smiles looking at all photos of rk)

on the other side-
rk was walking on streets suddenly a car stops beside him but rk didn't acknowledge it and kept walking lost in his thoughts...
roma(walks out of car)-"rk!!.where were u??i was searching like maniac for u..and u are roaming in streets...come lets go..its too late.."
rk didn't speak a word and sat in car..
roma kept looking at him but shrugs off and sat beside him and drove off..

in malik mnsion-

rk and roma entered  the living room..
roma-"i will just tell madhu that ur are back"
madhu-"no need..i m already here"(madhu walks upto rk with a drink in her hand)
rk didn't looked at her...
madhu(looks at him while gulping last shot)-"roma,u can leave now..i want to have some private moment with my husband(rk shot her a look,madhu smiles)"
roma leaves..
madhu-"so are u feeling after getting married to a superstar(no response from rk) hubby is angry on me(while cupping his cheek,rk jerks off her hand)hmm tough problem i would crack it soon"
rk without looking at her moves forward...
madhu holds his arm and pulls him back..
madhu(gritting her teeth)-"no body walks out on me!! body not even u"
rk removes her hands,look at her  without any expression and walks away in guest room.
madhu-'how dare he" throws the glass on floor smashing it in pieces..
rk entered the room,closing the door behind him and slides down on the floor,tears threatening to spill but he soon wipe them not letting them fall..
rk-"i won't cry..i won't shed a single tear until i destroy u,madhubala!!u snatched everything from me now its my turn...u played ur dirty game now my turn..beware madhubala!! ..beware"

rk confronts his family
party at malik mansion
rk in jail

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Sh_Abhiya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 July 2013 at 7:55am | IP Logged
update was intresting
so here is role reverse , madhu is fulltoo love with rk & wanted rk in any cast , finaly rk is husband of madhu
I like this tigress madhu
waiting nxt update how rishbala lovestory take a new turn & how both will fall in love with each other
Continue soon & thanks for pm

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ainanwer Goldie

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Posted: 16 July 2013 at 8:59am | IP Logged
v nice update and different concept

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