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My TD Fast Forwarded.. enjoy! (Page 6)

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 6:19pm | IP Logged


lucky-moon Goldie

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hey nice one ; excellent story and by the way if u wanted to add or delete something u may edit u post by clicking on edit button its on the bottom of ur every single post just trying to help hope u don't mind
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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i have tried that but it doesnt work...
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Part 10: (Honeymoon)

Ved and Sia are in Switzerland and check in the hotel and they go in their room

Ved: My, My, My brother has done it!! Our Honeymoon Suite!! I love him!!

Sia: More than me!! Embarrassed

Ved: I love you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Heart

Sia: Wow! it's so nice! ( She looks outside the window and can see a nice view)

Ved: i will be right back, let me go freshen up!

Sia: Okay!

(Ved is the bathroom and Sia hears a noise from the bathroom and gets worried)

Sia: Ved, are you okay???? Ved how come ur not replying??? (she opens the door but doesnt see him( Its a really big bathroom)

Ved sneaks out of the bathroom  w/o Sia noticing and Sia gets frightened and comes out!!

Sia: Ved, i dont like jokes, please where are you?

(Ved sneaks up behind  Sia and  picks her up and spins her and they are both laughing like crazy!!!!)

Sia: Oh ved you are so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ved: I know!!!!

Sia: Where do you want to go??

Ved: We just got here we still have 6 more days, i thought we just stay here tonight!

Sia: But what are we going to do?

Ved: Just wait and watch!! go freshen up!

Sia gets freshened up and finds Ved sleeping on the bed!

Sia: Aww... how cute!!! (she looks around and goes by the fridge and finds some ice) Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grabs a couple of ice cubes, comes towards Ved and sticks them down his shirt and Ved gets up and Sia is laughing her eyes out!!

Ved: SIA i am not going to leave you... come here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sia runs while Ved tries to catch her they run around the whole room, until Ved catches her hand... She gets away and she runs again theres something on floor which she trips over but in the knick of time Ved catches her they both land on the bed...and they stare into each other's eyes!!!!!!!!!! He kisses her all over!

Sia: Ved, what are you doing?

Ved: Time pass! Its only me and you and no could disturb us!

(There's a knock on the door)

Ved: Now who could that be??/

Sia opens the door and its the bellboy bring a candle light dinner for the newly weds)

For the next couple days they go site seeing have fun with each other and buys gifts for everyone!!

Back at home:

Its late in the night disha and dk are cuddled up after so long cuz dhruv was always sleeping in the middle and Khushi is crying (Now they decided to use the nursery so thats where they are sleeping and Dhruv is a deep sleeper it's Khushi who is the problem, anyways Disha goes in the room and tries to calm her down

Disha: (picks her up) What's wrong my baby? Cry Please dont cry!!! Disha is really tired and is about to cry too!

Dk hears Khushi crying and doesnt find Disha next to him and he wakes up and goes see..

Dk: Disha, whats wrong with her?

Disha: I Dont know Dk, but she wont go to sleep, i fed her changed her  i dont know what else to do... i tried everything

Dk: Here give her to me..

Disha: No it's okay you go to sleep i will handle her!

Dk: I cant leave you like this, look at you here give her to me and you go and go to sleep!!

(Disha agrees and gives Khushi to Dk)

Disha goes to her room and is worried whether Dk can handle the situation!

Khushi realizes that it is Dk.. (Senses) and begins to Calm down afterwards she goes to sleep in his arms... Disha is surprised and goes back to sleep. Dk holds her for about another 10 mins or so and puts her down gently he starts walking out the door when khushi starts bursting out again! Dk is surprised at this and picks her up and she again calms down..

Dk: (To himself) I think the only way she wont cry is when i am close to her. Maybe the only thing is to make her sleep by me..

Takes her to his room and Disha is fast asleep and Dk puts Khushi in the middle and sleeps towards her and she is fine until next morning!!! (DADDY'S LITTLE GIRLEmbarrassedLOL)

Back in Switzerland:

It's the last day of the Honeymoon

Ved: I dont want to go from here its like being in heaven when i am with you!EmbarrassedCry

Sia: We have people who are waiting for us and Disha cant take care of everything on her own. It is also my Duty as Choti Bahu and take care of my in-law's house!

Ved: And your doing a fine job!!!

They finish packing and come back home!!

Mean while:

Rano gave birth to a baby boy! Inder found a better job somewhere else and they all moved there!!! (I cant write about them) sorry!Confused thats the end for them!!!!!!

Back at home:

Disha and Sum are talking (Sum is holding Khushi while Disha is holding Dhruv)

Sum: What Khushi Okay in the night?? She was crying a lot!!

Disha: I dont know what happened to her all of a sudden but then Dk came and she got quiet!

Sum: Maybe she is attached to him!

Disha: I think so too! (Dhruv is crying and Disha starts putting him to sleep!)

Disha meanwhile goes to the room and puts Dhruv to sleep!

Dk comes home from work... and Khushi starts crying again because she knows that her daddy is somewhere around! Disha comes out and gives a glass of water to Dk and later he holds her... and by miracle she calms down again!!

Ved and Sia come home

Disha: Are, Ved and Sia your back?????????

(Takes Blessing from Sum)

Ved: Hey Dish!! how are you??

Disha: I am fine! How are you Sia?

Sia: I am excellent Bhabhi!!

Dk: How was your honeymoon??

Ved: Brother your fantastic!!!!!! Everything was just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: I am glad you too had fun! Now Sia, dont spoil him too much he still has to grow up a little!!!

Ved: Oh come on Brother!!

(All laugh..... Sia and Ved give everyone presents like clothes and stuff, etc... they brought some clothes for the kids too)

Next Morning:

Disha and Sia get ready and let their husbands sleep like babies Wink and they both come out of their rooms at the same time

Disha: Good Morning Sia!

Sia: Good Morning Bhabhi!

(They both do Aarti and sing and both are cooking in the kitchen)

Disha: SO how was your honeymoon???

Sia: (Blushes Embarrassed) It was great i had loads of fun!!

Disha: Did you see everything you wanted to see?

Sia: Yes!! I have never been outside this country ever!! It was like being in a whole new world!

Disha: I know what you mean!!!

Sia: But coming back here, i was so happy!!!

Disha: Why did Ved say anything?

Sia: Oh no, it's nothing like Bhabhi. coming back to your loved ones its such a beautiful feeling!!

Disha: I am sure your parents miss you too!!

Sia: What parents??? (Disha is shocked)

Disha: Your mom and dad!!
(Sum comes and starts listening to thier convo; shes not spying)

Sia: Listen Bhabhi, those two people are not my parents they are my aunt and uncle! my parents died when i was a little girl. I explained everything to Ved before he took it into consinderation if he still wanted to marry me or not! (She starts explaining everything to Disha what she told Ved...... Both Disha and Sum are shocked and Sad)

Disha: WHat???

Sia: Yes, thats the truth.. after coming here i finally got  the love that i always wanted! Only few people are lucky to have relatives like you!! I am happy that i got my happiness in my life again and that is because of Ved and all of you guys!! God Finally gave me everything i wanted! i have never seen my mother but i know she was probably like Mummyji (Sum)

(Disha and Sum are happy)

Disha: We all love you here too!

Sum: Yes Sia, (Disha and Sia turn around and Sia wipes her tear) You will always be loved in this family! I will give you the same love which i gave to Disha!!!

Sia comes closer to Sum and Hugs her and cries loudly!!!!

Meanwhile Dk was also listening

Dk: Yes Sia, We are here with you.. and remember if Ved does anything to you let me know i will straighten him up!! By the way, where is he??

Sia: He must be still sleeping!

Dk: Still??? Go wake him up! that man will never learn!!

Sia: I will be back!!

Sum: What a lovely girl!

Meanwhile Ved wakes up and everyone has breakfast  and Dk and VEd leave for work!!! its the afternoon time and Disha needs to go shopping....

Disha: Sia, i have to go to the market, would you like to come?

Sia: Bhabhi, why dont you take mummyji, both of you get out of the house for a while! I know how much you take care of Dhruv and Khushi, let me take care of them! Since i am back, i can handle the responsibility!

Disha: Sia, are you sure? I dont want them to be a burden!

SIa: What is this Bhabhi? I am no stranger go w/ mummyji i will take care of everything here!!!

Disha: Okay if you say so!!!

(Disha and Sum go out and Sia plays with the babies for a while and she puts them to sleep)

Sia is just cleaning the house and humming tunes and the doorbell rings.....

Sia opens the door and is shocked to see who is at the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well good nite guys i will continue tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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Posted: 21 May 2005 at 9:24am | IP Logged

heya guli444

just got to read ya fastforwrd reall good

doo continue

Love Asian Princess

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Part 11

Sia opens the door and is shocked to see who is that the door and it is none other than her uncle!!!!!! Angry

Sia: Uncle, you here? Angry

Uncle: You think i am going to forget you so easily???????????

Sia: What do you mean by that??

Uncle: I got you married into a rich house and now its time for you to pay my debts!!!

Sia: What debts? i dont owe you nothing!!

Uncle: Mind your language!!!!! I have been taking care of you all these years i want you to pay me back!!!!

Sia: How dare you come into my house and say something like that i am not going to give you one penny!!!

Uncle: (grabs her by the hair) Hey girl!!! you dont know who you are messing with?? are you going to give me money or will u make me do something that you'll regret??

Sia: I said it once and i will say it again, i will not give you nothing!!

Uncle: (calls his two sons and they hold each arm of hers) Dont try to act smart with me! Your lucky that your alive today or else i would have killed you too!!!!!!!!!

(Sia is horrifed and shocked)

Sia: Me too???????

Uncle: Yes, it was me who killed your mom and dad! Brother had everything and i didnt have nothing so there was only one thing i could do so i killed both of them and took everything that belonged to them!!!!

Sia cant believe what she is hearing!

Sia: I will not spare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle: Hey shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!  why do you think i made your life a living hell!! now again for the last time are you going to give me money or not???

Sia: Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her uncle goes up to her and is about to hit her  when some1 stops him from hitting Sia.. and its none other than Ved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and Dk is also behind him)

Ved: How dare you enter my house?

Uncle is like scared to death

Ved beats the crap out of all three and  Dk calls the cops and the cops arrive and they all go to jail!

Dk: Lets go inspector, i will write the complaint!!

Inspector:  Lets go Mr. Dk!

Ved goes by Sia

Sia hugs him quickly and she cries a lot... more than she ever did!!!!

(ahhh got to go bye!!) will cont. tonight

*lucky_karen* Goldie

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hurrry!!!!!!!!!! im dyin here!!!!!Cry
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Its is just too good please write the next soon

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