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My TD Fast Forwarded.. enjoy! (Page 5)

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Part 8: ( i decided her name is Sia.. i dont kno i couldnt stop thinking about it!)

(Sia and Ved really like each other and they both started fall for each other.. but there is something that Sia has been dying to tell him but didnt have the courage)

Sia: (calls ved): Ved, Can you please come to the temple, i have to tell you something?

Ved: Any problem?

Sia: Just come and meet me!

Ved: Okay i will be there!

(Ved arrives as sia has already come)

Ved: What happened Sia, is everything all right??

Sia: Are you happy with us getting married??

Ved: Of course I am! Embarrassed Are you??

Sia: I want to tell you everything from my past before we get married! Then you can decide if you still want to marry me!

Ved: (Shocked) Okay Tell me!

Sia: Those two people that you met when you came to my house are not my parents, they are my aunt and uncle! My parents both passed away in a car accident when i was five years old! After that my aunt and uncle took care of me!

Ved: That's all.. thats what you came here to tell me!

Sia: Wait, theres more!! My aunt and uncle never took care of me properly! My uncle is an alchoholic  and has been abusive ever since i was little

(Ved is shocked and sad)

Sia: No one in that family likes me! My aunt doesnt say anything and everyone acts like they dont know anything! The other day wen we met you said what happen on shoulder and i told you i slipped and fell from the stairs that was uncle to beat me up!!

(Starts crying badly)

Sia; After knowing everything, if you dont want to expcept me as your wife i will understand!

Ved: What are you talking about?? I will be happy to except you as my wife!!!  Since you told me everything i will tell you everything about my life... (talks about what gargi did and how she killed her dad, etc.....  and how Sum is his Badi mom.. etc....)  So if you still want to come in to my house.. then your answer is:

Sia: (Crying and smiling yes!!!!!! I love you Ved!

Ved: I love you too!Big smile ( And they both hug)

After ved goes home and cant stop thinking about Sia! wondering if she is okay or not!! 
He calls her up

Sia: Hello?

Ved: Are you okay?

Sia: Yes, i am fine! Everyone is asleep!

Ved: I want to be with you and make sure that nothings wrong with you!

Sia: Dont worry.. OUr wedding is next week!! Okay i will talk to later! Bye

Ved: Bye! Hey listen..

Sia: Yes...

Ved: I love you!!!

Sia; (BlushesEmbarrassed) I love you too!!!

One week later: (Wedding Day)
Wedding preparations are being made! Disha is handling everything and Sum is taking care of Dhruv ... everyone is just about leave and goes to Sia's house!

Meaning Sia is getting ready and Sia's aunt has come over to talk to her..

Aunt: Sia, I am so happy that you are getting married today!!

(Sia is not buying it)

Aunt: Please do me one favor, please dont come back in this house (Sia's shocked) I dont want you to be hurt like that! I couldnt stop him because he would've done the same thing to me! Please dont tell him i told you!

(They both hug, and her aunt meant every word! thank god!Clap)

Sia's aunt's leave and she continues to get ready while she hears her uncle talking to her sons...

Uncle: Thank God she is leaving this house forever!! I hope she never shows her face again here!!

Son #1: Trust me! i dont think she ever will!! (Sia is crying)

Uncle: I cant tell you what a burden she has been to me after brother has died!!!

(Sia comes out)

Sia: Dont worry uncle... i will never step into this house ever again... and that is a promise!!!!

(Uncle gets Angry raises his hand but Sia grabs it)

Sia: OH NO!!! not today... you will not ruin the most happiest day of my life.... you have treated my badly through out all these years... i will let you touch me ever again!!!!! (And walks out.. While her Uncle looks shocked)

Everyone from Ved comes to Sia's house... and he sits on the Mandap....

Sia comes out and Ved is looking at her like What a babe!!!!LOL) And she smiles

The wedding ceremony is taking place.. From walking around the fire... ved fills her mang and everything......... And its time for her to leave!!!

Okay guys gotta go will continue later i have to go sorry!

ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 4:03pm | IP Logged
Its a great story plz continue
Angadzgirl IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 April 2005
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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 4:04pm | IP Logged

thanx. keep it up.


stonex IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 November 2004
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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
Great great story. Please continue
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
Part 9:

FInally Sia is going to leave her house!! They take blessing from everyone.. When she comes to her aunt and uncle... she fake hugs her Uncle but cries and hugs her aunt!! Cry She leaves from their.... Ved and Her are in one car while disha, dk, sum, and Dhruv are in another!!

Sum does a little aarti to welcome the newlywed couple... and she enters the house.... She goes inside the room and waits for Ved.............. Ved comes in....

Ved: (LIfts her Veil)  Today, I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world! I married the most beautiful girl today!!  Dont you worry becuase you will not have any problems in this house! Everyone will love you and take good care of you!  (She blushes they hug.. and you kno the rest)

Next morning: Ved and Sia are cuddled up she gets up w/o waking him up! Takes a shower and comes down.. She sees Disha

Sia: Good Morning Bhabhi!

Disha: Good Morning, you didnt have to wake up so early.. you shouldnt rest more!

Sia: It's ok! i am part of this family now and i have duties towards it too now!

(disha smiles) (Sia goes and pray and she starts doing aarti and is singing. Disha comes by her and joins in! Dk and Ved are still sleeping like babies.. Sum hears and comes out... after they are done turn around and Sum is standing there)

Sum: I think i am the luckiest person today to have two great daughter-in-laws who are well mannered and who i know that they will take care of my two sons very well!

Disha: Thanks Mummyji!

Sia makes tea for Vedand comes  to wake up Ved! She opens the curtains and Ved finds it to bright!

Sia: Good morning Ved. Wake up!

Ved: Let me sleep!!!!! (Puts the covers over himself)

Sia: Please get up!! I said please!

Ved: just 10 more mins!

Sia: No now!!! i hope i dont have to do this everyday!! Now get up!!!

Ved: No!!

Sia: Fine if you dont get up, (Takes a glass of water and pours it on him)

Ved: Sia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sia is laughing her heart out! and so is Ved who gets up finally)

Sia: I am sorry but i had no choice!!

Ved: You know just to see you smile like that makes my day!!! (She blushes)

Sia: Ok now no more sweet talk and get up!

Ved: Okay Okay i will get up!! (They both laugh)

(2 weeks later)

 (disha's and dk's bedroom)

Disha see's dhruv is awake and gives him a bath and feeds him. She takes him to Sum who is sitting in the living room and plays with him. Goes back to wake up Dk!

Disha: Dk!! Get up!!

Dk: Why do you wake up so early?

Disha: Why shouldnt I?

Dk: Because you wake up early and make me wake up too!!

Disha: SO?

Dk: Disha... Let me sleep!! Good nite!!

Disha: Dk!!! get up! please? i beg you!!!! Fine.. if you dont get up then i wont talk to you anymore! (She walks but dk grabs her hand)

Dk: Wha  is this? i dont do one little thing for you and you get so mad!! You know when you get mad.. you look so cute! Just to see that expression i will never get up!!

Disha: Embarrassed Dk!! No more sweet talking...

Dk: Hey!! i love you!

Disha: Embarrassed I love you too!!!! (Dk's phone rings and its the doctor)

Dk: Hello!

Doctor: Mr. Dk... i have some good news for you, you can come pick up Khushi  today if you want!! She has improved in this past couple of weeks!! (Dk doesnt have any reaction because he doesnt want to tell Disha so soon)

Dk: What? Ok then i will come Thank you!

Disha: Dk, who was that?

Dk: It was the doctor.. he was talking about Khushi...

Disha: What did he say about her? Is she okay??

Dk: He said that... (and gets up from the bed)

Disha: (Gets worried) Dk please dont play around with me? is everything okay? nothing has happen to Khushi right??

Dk: He gave me some shocking news!

Disha: WHAT?????????????

Dk: He said that.....

Disha: Please say something (starts to cry)

Dk: He said that we have to go to the hospital immediately!!

Disha: Why??

Dk: Because.. i'll tell you on the way!!

Disha: No tell me now!! please dk.. if anything happens to my daughter i will die!

Dk: Hey! You dont ever say that again! i cant afford to lose you! The doctors said that we can bring Khushi home!!!!!!!!!!

Disha: What?? TongueBig smile

Dk: (Smiles)

Disha: You scared me!!! (They both hug)

(they come to the hospital... its an emotional scene for both d's because they are happy that they can bring their daughter home... disha picks her up)

Disha: My daughter is going home with her mommy!!!

Dk: Hey dont forget she's my daughter too!!

(They both leave and Sum, Sia, and Ved are all happy to see them)

Sum: My granddaughter is finally home! (Disha gives Khushi to her)

Ved: What did the doctors say?

Dk: She is fine. she is still a little weak but its not that bad!

Sia: can i hold her?

Sum: Here

Ved: Brother and Dish... i have been keeping a secret from you guys for the past month! (Both are shocked... Sum and Sia smile)
Dk: What?

(Ved is quiet)

Disha: Oh come you started to say something you cant stop now!!!!

Ved: OKay both of you come here and close your eyes!!

Dk: What is this??

Ved: Brother, dont say anything just close your eyes!

Dk: Fine!!

(Both D's are anxious)

Ved:  1................ 2.......................... 3..............  OPen your eyes (he opens the door to an extra room in the house)

Both D's are shocked!!!!! Ved and Sia made a nursery for Dhruv and Khushi!!! With 2 cribs and stuffed with toys clothes and everything!!

Dk: OH my god!!! This is wonderful!

Disha: But how did you do it?

Ved:  Easy! We kept this door locked and no one comes in here and its a little gift from me and Sia!!!

Disha: Thank you so much Ved... You too Sia!!

Sia: It was Nothing! it was our pleasure!

Dk: Thanks little brother (both hug)

Sum: I knew this from day one too but i didnt say anything!!!

Dk: Ma, you too!!

Sum smiles!

Next day (Ved and Sia are talking)

Ved: Sia, we've been married for almost 3 weeks but you still havent told me where you want to go for our honeymoon? Embarrassed

Sia: Where ever you want to go?

Dk: Whos going on a honeymoon????

Ved: We're deciding where we should go?

Disha: How about Paris????????/

Dk: No Disha.. Germany

(Disha and Dk fight over this and go back and fourth while Sia and Ved look at them and are laughing)

Ved: Hey... who's honeymoon is this? Yours or Ours??

Dk: Oh sorry!!! So Sia where do you want to go i will arrange everything for you!

Sia: Well, i always wanted to go to Switzerland?!

Ved: Is that where you want to go??

Sia: If thats okay with you!

Ved: I dont have a problem! So Switzerland it is!

Dk: OKay i will book everything for you guys so dont worry!

Ved: Thanks brother!!! We will probably leave this weekend than!

Sia starts packing when Ved comes behind her and puts his arms around her

Sia: Ved, what are you doing?

Ved: Nothing just watching you pack!

Sia: How can I if your arms are around me?EmbarrassedLOL

Ved: Come on Sia, I am in the romantic mood!!!!!! Wink

Sia: Ved, you can do all of that wen we go on our honeymoon!!!!

Ved: I am start preparing!!!!!!!!

(Okay Guys!! thats it!! if i dont fall asleep 2nite... i will write next part "The Honeymoon"

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 6:19pm | IP Logged

lucky-moon Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 7:20pm | IP Logged
hey nice one ; excellent story and by the way if u wanted to add or delete something u may edit u post by clicking on edit button its on the bottom of ur every single post just trying to help hope u don't mind
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 7:23pm | IP Logged
i have tried that but it doesnt work...

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