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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

The Bhatnagar Chronicles #1 - Tu Jaahan..

bahi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2013 at 8:10am | IP Logged

he Bhatnagar Chronicles:  Tu Jaahan..

We are proudly opening our first newsletter of NBTNMMK 2

Song of the week: Baki
Summary of the week: polly_03
Picture of the Week: Amisha.Laher
Rating of the Week: Samilicious
Sad scene of the Week: Lekz
Romantic Scene of the Week MohanKiMeera
Awwwish Scene of the week: Fari
Videomix of the week: -RD-
Best Character of the Week: _saumya_
Funny Scene of the Week: polly_03
Video avi of the week, Samilicious
Siggy of the week: OnlyHope
Best FF of the Week: SilentPromises
Best OS of the week:OnlyHope
Video siggy of the week/ Icon of the week: SilentPromises
Most Active Thread of the week: -RD-
Most Active Member of the Week:Baki
Fashionable One of the Week: Baki
Dialogue of the Week:
Message to CVs: misty85
Bheja Fry scene of the Week: CheetahsTopper

Banner, animated logos and winner signatures: Baki

Thank you everyone for supporting us sooo much. Its all due to your support we have opened our 1st NL.

-RD- and Baki

on behalf of NBTNMKK 2 Dev Team

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bahi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Rimjhim tells Mohan that her kathak teacher had gifted her flowers to woo her. Mohan mentally thanks the teacher for helping his daughter. Navika meets Beera who's completely smitten by her charm and manages to obtain a 2-day interview date with Daddaji at the ashram. Tannu steals money from Renu's purse to pay for Aarti's bills. Next day Megha teaches Rimjhim kathak steps through stapu. Guru goes to pick up Rimjhim and discovers that Megha is her kathak teacher. He narrowly escapes being seen by her and is worried sick. Rimjhim assures him that Mohan had never met her but only interacted through sms. At home, Guru tries to convince Mohan to change Rimjhim's school but Mohan refuses. He tries to talk to her directly but disconnects the call before Megha could receive it. Later Guru switches off his phone. Nanhi tells her mother about the sting. Beera calls her up saying he's preparing for the interview. His sister Ragini realizes that he is in love with the reporter "Rabdi Ji " and advises him to declare his feelings openly on Valentine's Day.

Navika reaches the bus stand but misses the bus since it was hijacked by some local goons including Tannu. Beera arrives there and offers her lift to Rewa which she had to accept. On the way, Beera drives blindfolded through the busy highway in a reckless manner to prove his trust on Navika. At school, Rimjhim throws colored water on the girls who teased her about her mom. Mohan gets a call from Rimjhim's principal who requests him to be the chief guest at the school's annual function. Mohan accepts and sms Megha requesting her to get his daughter ready for the function. Megha replies that "good things happen to good people " which makes him nostalgic. At Rewa, Navika is welcomed by Ragini. She discovers Tommy, her cameraman gorging on food and instructs him to focus on work. Daddaji arrives and everyone hails him while Navika spots a gun in his pocket.  Her words and attitude arouses his suspicion and he tells Beera to keep an eye on her. Daddaji tells her to shoot and record what she's allowed to and nothing else. He spins charka and distributes money and blankets to the poor, but Navika isn't convinced and tells Tommy to record anything fishy. She goes to the terrace and spots cartons of alcohol being unloaded.

In Awaz India, Mohan tells his team to focus on Janardan's case. At school Rimjhim feels lonely on seeing mothers feeding their daughters at lunch time. A lady lectures her on her food habits and she yells at her. Later she shares her food with a puppy. When school gets over, Rimjhim tells Megha that she punished her for no fault. In the car, she calls up Mohan and tells him to throw out the girls from school. Mohan wants to order pizza for her but Rimjhim insists on having healthy food. Navika checks Tommy's recordings and sees that Daddaji's men have snatched away the blankets and money from the poor. Ragini tells her brother that Rabdi Ji hadn't done anything to prove her trust on him yet.

Tommy warns Navika of the dangers ahead. Beera arrives and asks them if they are comfortable. A servant brings buttermilk for him and he mixes pesticide in it and asks him to drink it in order to prove his trust. Navika is shocked but Beera stops him in time. The servant then offers to drink the entire pesticide and Beera stops him saying that he trusts him. Navika tells him that this is not trust but fear. Navika calls up Megha and tells her that she's safe. Tommy tells Navika that Beera is in love with her, which she shrugs off as mere attraction. She says that she doesn't bother breaking his trust because she cant let a criminal like Daddaji be the MLA.

In Awaz India a gang of goons barge in and demands Project Talaash be stopped or they will burn down the office. Mohan challenges to do it right then and orders the guard to lock the door. The goons flee in fright. Everyone applauds Mohan and he in turn congratulates the team for being on the right track. A reporter brings him a letter from Janardan's postbox signed by some Shekhar Sharma from Rewa threatening him to stay away from Indore. Anu calls up Navika to get details about this guy and tells Mohan that she's in Rewa to do a sting on Daddji. Mohan is mad at her to run her into such a risk. He says that she will be killed right away if she gets caught but Anu expresses her faith on her " best reporter". Mohan is worried sick for her. Navika records Daddaji's secret meeting with his associates in which he instructs them to do whatever it takes to win the election, even if it meant killing people. Navika drops a vase accidently and everyone gets alerted.

Who said that romance is possible only when two people are together ,touching or hugging each other? Oh well ,it's also possible through kismat connection. Yeah right ,the romantic scene of the week definitely has to be MegHan's text conversation. Well well ,people do say right. Children do keep their parents united ,and this is what Rimjhim is doing at the moment ,unknowingly ! Embarrassed

The scene started with Mohan sharing his desire of seeing his daughter perform in the Annual Function and worries about her with Megha through texting ,while she replied ,assuring him that his wish will be fulfilled ,all will be fine ,and that he should not worry because good things happen with good people ,making Mohan feel nostalgic and go down the memory lane. He was confused ,but eventually ended up reading the text twice ,and smiling in the cutest manner. *sigh* Day Dreaming

Sounds simple ,right? But this "Text Wala Love" did manage to bring huge smiles on our faces ,seeing how a whole new relationship was created between Rimjhim's father ,and jaan's kathak teacher - the relationship of trust and the unsaid bonding that made Mohan reluctantly share his worry about his daughter with Megha ,and Megha ,smilingly ,comfort him ever so sweetly without any second thoughts, even though they did not know who the other one actually was ! Embarrassed

Their journey has begun all over again with this ,and the fate is all set to make them cross each other's paths after 12 years. We all are so waiting for that ,aren't we? So yea ,this was one awesome scene ,totally in NBT flavour ,and definitely deserves to be in the romantic category since ,for sure ,love was in the air once again ,and this time, through being SMS chat partners ,if not neighbours like how they were in their beautiful past Day Dreaming

With so many nonsensical scenes of Beera-Navika and endless stupidities of Tannu-Aarti this week, it was quite difficult for me to choose one "bheja-fry" sceneLOL However, after a lot brain stormingTongue, the scene that has managed to win this prestigious none other than.. the roller-coaster ride of Beera-NavikaSleepy The scene made no sense..and instead made sure we pull off our hairs as Beera continues to prove his madness..Pinch

The Funny Scene of the Week goes to scene from the 13th February episode where Beera asks Tannu to search for Tommy in the bus. Actually Tommy was Navika's cameraman who was supposed to go with her to Rewa for interviewing Daddaji. When Navika mentioned abut him to Beera, initially he mistook him for a pet dog by his name. Later on when Navika clarifies facts, Beera gets worried wondering what if "Rabdi Ji" likes Tommy. He immediately calls up Tannu to check if he's in the bus. Tannu whistles and barks as if he's calling a dog and then replies back "nahi bhaiyya , yaha par toh sab insaan hai"LOL. Beera clarifies that he's talking about a guy named Tommy and tells him to asks him if he likes Rabdi Ji. Both Tannu and Tommy mistook Rabdi for the dessert Rabdi and Tommy replied in the positive. Beera then instructs Tannu to torture him for it and poor Tommy gets to suffer without knowing what the entire matter is all about.

Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
Now this one had been really hard to choose. Everyday we got some really adorable scenes but the one scene that really touched hearts was when Rimjhim applied medicine on Guru's hand in the 15th February episode. As a child Rimjhim had grown up devoid of a mother's love but that didn't make her any less caring and sensitive to others. Guru had burnt his hand while cooking. When Rimjhim came to know of it she not only applied medicines on his hand but also gave him a day off from kitchen. She was willing to let go of a whole sumptuous meal for her lunch just because she knew Guru wont be able to cook with burnt hands. Now how many kids are that much sensible and understanding in real life Embarrassed? not many I guess. The scene made me feel like giving her a tight jhappi.Hug

There weren't many sad scenes, thankfully last weekhowever these 2 instances were all that I could think of .  

"Kabhi Aisa hua hai jise apni zindagi se jyada chaho usi ke saamne na ja sako "

Zyaada kuch na kehte hue bhi, bahut kuch keh gaya..Mohan said it all in those few words. Its not funny how life could play such games.12 long years and he still yearned to be with people he loved the most.. A wave of distant memories engulfed him momentarily, he longed to get back to her, recall to her those moments, wipe off the years of dull existence away from one another and remember only their moments of ecstasy.  In the split seconds that I could read his expressions this is what it meant.

"Agar Mamma hoti toh kabhi nahi hasti"

There was something about the yellow roses that drew Mohan Bhatnagar to them, as he continued to gaze fondly, his thoughts threatening to go back to memories in the past, Rimjhim averts his attention.  He watched his daughter practice the dance steps she picked up in school a sigh escaped him unknowingly. Something about the teacher intrigued at the same time comforted him. As Rimjhim falters with her steps, he tries to hide his chuckle "Agar Mamma hoti toh kabhi nahi hasti": she blurts out.The chuckle soon turns to a lump in his throat wondering what made Rimjhim remember her  Mom. Rimjhim the smart child she was brushes it off. "Mamma loved u the most but have not loved u any less.haan" he reminded his daughter..his attempt to make sure that he does nothing that will have history repeating, his insecurities as a father, love for this little one who gave a meaning to his life, were too much of emotion to handle as he let Rimjhim resume her practice.

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bahi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Mohan To Rimjhim:
Maana Teri Mummy Tuj Se Jaada Pyaar Karti,Lekin Main Kam Nahi Hoon Haa...Unke Hisse Ka Pyaar Bhi Maine Kiya Hai.

  Even though the whole week was full of Navika-Beera scenes, Megha's character made an impact. Be it the scenes where she was showcased like the one in which she gifts yellow roses to herself Wink (RJ's mom) or The ones in which she wasn't... Like when Mohan got thinking about her during the SMS conversation (achhe logo ke sath hamesha achha hi hota hai )... Even RJ's dismaying words that her mother would never laugh at her screamed of Megha's importance... and the most impactful when Mohan says that Rimjhim might not notice but he can already see that she is really helping his (her own Wink ) daughter... Megha herself isn't noticing how close she is getting to Rimjhim... She is almost behaving like a mother to RJ, she does simple things like making her play stapu to learn about beats, scolding RJ for her mistakes and at the same time not letting anyone make fun of RJ. Best comes when Megha gave the tabla master a winning smile like a proud mother and the sighed expression of hers when she saw RJ with the puppy. Closing lines would be a Navika- Megha conversation where Megha tells Navika that RJ's mom doesn't look after her (oh no Mrs. Bhatnagar, as of now, she does a lot Wink ) and Nanhi says that not every mom is like Megha... Well, RJ's mom certainly is and hence is the character of the week Big smile

The credits goes to non other than our Mohan Bhatnagar.
With his new look in season 2, he looks more handsome than ever.
This specific black jacket, white t-shirt and jeans looks good on him.

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by -krazyriya-

Here is your gift:

These two avis below which I really really liked and I couldn't choose one Embarrassed

by Baki

Here is your gift:

by __Shruti

Here is your gift

Direct Link:
by Sidra

Here is your gift:

by -MohanKiMeera-

Here is your gift:

FF Teri chahat se jyada
 by poojaluvnbt

Here is your gift:

New Promo 14th Feb Mohan Tense For Awaz's Reporter
by Amisha.Laher

Here is your gift:


Here is your gift:

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So finally the Bhatnagar chronicles begins, this week has been a fine week for NBT we've had amazing moments as well as average moments.
Even though the pace of the slow is quite slow I'm going to give this week 9/10 because all the episodes during week were balanced with everyone. I know Mohan was shown less but our hero was back in action in todays episode and I'm sure we'll be having dhamakedar episodes. Big smile

Will be back with my rating of the week!!
Samiyah Embarrassed

These days Mohan & Megha are not getting enough screen space. I wish that creatives focus more on Megha-Rimjhim, Mohan-Megha and Megha-Navika track. Siddharth is good actor but not in comic scenes. He should be given some serious scenes. The pace of the show is little slow. One month has passed but Mohan-Megha haven't met each other. At least some more SMS kind of scenes should be given.

Megha-Rimjhim scenes seem to be dragging. Why Megha doesn't talk with Rimjhim? She keeps observing her all the time. She didn't even stop the kids who were abusing Rimjhim.

Overall tracks in the show are good' but story needs to pick up some pace.

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bahi. IF-Sizzlerz

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First of all thank you to all the people, who are taking part of NBT 2 NL.
I want to inform everyone, that there are still two sections in remain: Sizzling scene of the week and blooper of the week.
We would be very happy if some of you could to take these sections.

Personal informations:
  • Summary of the week: next time please make it more short. A tip: You can right max 5 lines to each epiosdeWink
  • Romantic scene scene of the week: It could be nice if you could add a picture of the scene (but if you have more than one scene, then leave the picture)
  • Funny Scene of the week: It could be nice if you could add a picture of the scene (but if you have more than one scene, then leave the picture)
  • Awwish scene of the week: It could be nice if you could add a picture of the scene.
    (but if you have more than one scene, then leave the picture)
  • Sad Scene of thee week: It could be nice if you could add a picture of the scene.
    (but if you have more than one scene, then leave the picture)
For the week: 25.2 - 1.3.13
you'll get a PM from BCNLTeam

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Awww the much awaited Newsletter is here.
Great job - fantastic edition. Great efforts, thanks to all behind the effort.
Loved everything about it, great articles, siggies and VMs.
Congratulation all estemeed winners.ClapClapClapClap
Feel proud.Big smile
Edit : I did plan to post a pic ...oops missed last moment.
Next week for sure.

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sakhisangni IF-Dazzler

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Wow, this is awesome and great effort by everyone. Congratulations everybody who contributed. News letter has comeup really nice. Once again kudos to every member for putting in so much of effort. Clap

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