AnyaFF:Luv In Singa-Ch:14(pg:65-on 9th may)updtd!

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Hello navyians! I owed to give u this valenine gift yesterday that is on 14th of feb  but due to some problems i couldntConfusedbut never mind...better late than never rite?LOL

with that lemme introduce u all to a new concept and love sotry of Anant and Navya! I sincerely hope u all will like the change i have made in my ff...its alot different from the original storyTongue2 completely different individuals! one story! the story which is all about:

Love! That's a pure feeling and everyone gets the chance to experience love atleast once in a lifetime! This Valentine's season let me introduce you to a different love story of our favourite and most loved Anant and Navya! An unusual love story set in Singapore; we get to see Anya in different circumstances and locations. An unusual first-time meet that start away while she is eloping from the house on the day of her wedding! He is depressed while she is excited! He is not at all pleased to meet her and ends up hating her forever! But what happens that his hatred converts to love for her? Something he never expects would happen to him! Is navya having any strong reasons to run away from her own wedding? How does she reach Singapore and what is anant doing there? Destiny has been cruel to them but what is its new scheme for them?

Now guys! Pls don't throw chappals to give such a heart-wrenching start to this new ff' LOL

But i would like to remind u all that this FF is a romantic comedy genre'i know u won't believe me coze i have got melodramatic on the start! But since u know how i write my ffs'.pls have a little faith in me and my story! I promise i won't disappoint u!

Another thing i wanna say! Anant and navya won't be having a love at first sight love story here! They will be have their own love pasts! But u have to wait on how it unfolds without affecting their relationship which is gonna form in the future chapters. See this is a difference i had made deliberately coze we had many ffs that showed anya meeting and falling in love and it was their pehla pehla pyar!

Now after reading this post and the character sketch! Pls tell me if u will accept this concept and my chapters. It's completely depends on u! If u say the concept is bad and cannot suit any then i promise I'll stop everything here itself Ermm

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...Character Sketch...

Navya Mishra:

Ever watched the film Jab we met? Know the character of Geet played by Kareena Kapoor in this film? Our navya is completely inspired by Geet and will be a bubbly, talkative, chirpy and always cheerful girl with a smile on her face! She loves solving problems of others and thinks that's the best quality one should have! Due to this, she ends up taking psychology as her main subject and wants to become a counselor one day.  She has her own list of problems but doesn't like sharing or talking abt it with anyone! She loved Rohan a lot without knowing that she is just one of his time passes during college! Till date she hasn't found out that Rohan has been cheating on her, even though he is dead! She has a reason to elope her wedding and go to Singapore! What is it?

Renuka Mittal:

She is navya's elder sister who got married to a guy of her dreams Gautam. He loves renu very much but navya's parents don't accept their relationship so she leaves the house to marry him. Their dadi supports renu in her decision and thus leaves the house along with renu! Navya was not at home during these events so she has no clue what exactly led dadi to leave the house with renu. Actually renu is settled in Singapore with dadi along and this is where navya goes to. Renu will be a big support system to navya.

Navya's Dadi:

She loves her granddaughters a lot and can do anything for them. When Deepak and meetha refuses to accept renu's marriage she decides to leave the house with them, to prove that they are wrong in their thoughts. She has given values to love and relations more while her only son Deepak spent most of his life in the business he set up. Even meetha was with him in this business and thus it was dadi who brought up renu and navya! Even though dadi hesitated, Deepak went on to send navya to hostel saying that dadi won't be able to take care of two children at a time and this will help navya to become self confident and all.

Deepak Mishra:

A very possessive father and husband. He loves his family a lot and has struggled a lot in life so feels that he needs to make enough money for his family to lead a tension-free life. But in this due course he forgets that his family, that is his kids need him. Since meetha was also with him, the kids were used to not having their parents with them always. However, Deepak is always concerned about his children and wants to do the best for them but renu and navya thinks that Deepak is just pretending to care of them and often do exactly the opposite of what he tells them to do. Navya had always been angry to her father for sending her to hostel even though she cried hard to let her stay back. Possibly this was due to a lack in communication and love that developed in the growing stage of the renu and navya.

Meetha Mishra:

She is a loving mother but same as mentioned above, get busy with her husband in business so she is unable to spend time with her children. Due to this, she knows her kids very less (This kinda relationships are common in India nowadays rite guys?). She often wonders why renu left with dadi even though she knew this would hurt her parents. Now things will worsen when navya also leaves the house, that too on the day of her wedding without even bothering how her parents would be humiliated. Again due to an incomplete and less strong relationships.


He is navya's boyfriend from college. He is more of a flirt type and navya knows it. However she believed that he had true love only for her. Even when he was detected with cancer, he decided to leave India and pretended b4 navya that he loved her but he doesn't want to die b4 her so leaving the country. Navya really didn't know where he went and always loved him. However, she was forced to agree for marriage but something made her to elope. In a dramatic twist it will be revealed that Rohan is actually alive. How will be navya's reaction to know this?

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Anant Bajpai:

        He is a young businessman of Singapore who made his name in just a span of 4 years. However he is known for his arrogant and ill-mannered behavior to people around! Quite selfish yet loves his sister and family and can go to any extend for them! He thinks that money is more important than anything in the whole world! Probably coze he was rich but things changed when his family lost all their money and assets to cover up the loss their chain of hotels ran in loss, 4 years ago! So he had to start his new business from scratch and become strong for his family. He was ditched by his girlfriend Tina because she said he was no more capable of fulfilling her wishes and fancies. From that day he thinks money can buy anything and even love too. And he hates navya from her first meet due to some reason which will be revealed later but then becomes friends with her!

Guys Guys Guys! Don't get tensed by reading anant's character sketch! He won't be that bad as i described''u know i have the habit of exaggerating things more than it usually is!LOLLOL


Ritika Bajpai:

She is Anant's younger sister and navya's best friend! Anant has never met navya though they were thick friends from school. Probably coze ritika and navya were in girl's boarding school together from 5th grade till high school and then again in hostel in college too! However, since 4 years they have no contacts and probably this brings a major change in their close friendship. However, how will ritz react by seeing navya after 4 years that too in Singapore? She is studying for hotel management as she wants to help her brother in handling the 6 luxury resorts they own in Singapore. She is engaged to Anant's childhood pal Ranbir.

Ranbir Raheja:

He is Anant's childhood pal and Ritz's fianc. He is an engineer by profession and works for one of the renowned companies of Singapore. He is settled with his family in Singapore from the time Anant shifted there. He is a positive guy and loves ritz a lot. He knows his friend more than anyone and very well understands the reason why he is acting a bad boy though he is good at heart. He always tries to get back the old anant who was very energetic, chilled and kind to people with his ritz. This is when he finds to about navya and plans to take her help to change anant's mind set!

Om Bajpai:

He is a very caring and loving father and husband who knows how to balance his personal and professional life. He knows what is best for his kids and is a very out to out positive person. Rather than comparing ad pointing out the negative aspects of a person he loves to appreciate the good things of a person. This makes him a successful business man and human being. He believes in strong relationships and loves to have good rapport in the family. He loves all his 3 kids Mohan, Anant and Ritika and does anything to spend quality time with them.

Suganda Bajpai:

She is a housewife and a caring mother. But she makes it point to accompany her husband to important meetings around the world coze she knows her kids are smart enough to help each other out at any situations. Mohan and anant loves their only sister and this shows a comparison between anant and navya's families. She is a complete positive character as well. It will be shown that though anant is rude to navya, she is very good to her and scolds anant for being rude with her.


She is anant's ex-girlfriend from college and will only be shown in flash backs'.don't worry im not gonna make any entry of tina in anya's life anytime. She is a closed chapter but anant remembers her as his mistake that he committed to fall in love with. However, he will be shown mentioning that Tina is married to a rich businessman from India who is double to her age and settled in USA. This makes him feel angrier as he had loved a money-minded lady who never valued for true love.


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So in this loveless and unfaithful life of anant's make the entry of the lively and highly spirited navya! Her presence annoys him initially but he starts liking her positivity towards life. Even anant's true devotion and love to his family inspires navya and she feels guilty for not thinking of her family. She starts realizing that she has never tried to understand her parents. So she goes ahead to solve the problems that revolved in her family. All thanks to anant! So all in all, they start a new journey of trust, friendship and finally love which is set in the beautiful locales of Singapore.

Shown in a light-hearted and comic way, here begins

Luv In Singapore.


Sio Cool


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now guys...comment everthing in detail and tell me if i should continue...and then later pls dotn blame me ki why anant and navya had to have a boyfriend and girlfriend in their lives and all...ur the readers and it all depends on u wheter u accept it or not...Big smile

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This is completely different and fresh! From reading the character sketch I feel that this FF is going to be a hit! It is not a typical romantic story but there are elements of all emotions which will help the story to shine! I can see you Anya will probs have a love hate relationship?
However, I feel you should definatly write this FF because I am going to be pestering you until you write your first chapter! Only joking! LOL I think this is a super se upar idea so please go ahead you have got me down as an ardent reader! Waise I don't need to tell you how much I love your other FF and stories! You are an entertainer on this forum and it is a pleasure having you writing such amazing stories! Hug You go girl! Heart

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Carry on Siona... seems very fascinating...

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plz do continue.d whole plot is very intriguing n interesting.i think u've planned lots of nok jhok of Anya from d time dey meet??dat wud b an interesting give a chapter at d earliest possible Smile

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