Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

SNS - short WU - 15/02/2013

Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Hi Guys.. In a hurry and cannot make a long update till much later. So please bear with a short one for nowEmbarrassed Will update the longer version laterSmile

Rashi is worried about Alka and she tries calling Urmi. Urmi is in MM for going to temple. Urmi insists that the only way to get out of the mess is by asking Alka to take Vansh away. Rashi first disagrees as she loves Vansh but then her mother convinces her that she will not be able to give Vansh the same love when she gets her baby. Also Alka will be there all the time taking money. 
Both make a plan to make Alka take Vansh away herself.

Here Modi family goes to Mandir and leave Gopi and Rashi home. Rashi does as Urmi told her and leaves vansh to cry in the hall unattended. Alka is worried but remembers her mother asking her to get enough money for Vansh's care and then getting away. Rashi is also watching Alka make her move. So both play mind games with vansh in the middleDead

Gopi finally comes there and soothes Vansh. She accuses Rashi of being partial as she has become pregnant herselfStar  Rashi calls her mom and tells her that the plan failed and Urmi asks Rashi to fire from Gopi's shoulders i.e, make Gopi ask Alka to take Vansh awayAngry

Rashi tries talking to Gopi but Hetal comes back just before she can. 

Here Dhawal surprises Kinjal with a nicely decorated room and Kinjal super happyEmbarrassed As Dhawal leaves the room to get a present, Kinjal picks his phone to read an incoming message. Falguni has sent a message to remind Dhawal of the hotel reservation and Kinjal misunderstandsLOL She is completely angry now.Cry

Urmi comes to MM and tries to talk to Gopi in the kitchen. Gopi completely ignores herClap Urmi sweet talks and tells gopi that she wants to correct her mistake and asks Gopi to tell Alka to take Vansh awayShocked Gopi looks shocked and distressedSmile

(On the whole, it was an ok episode. Rashi talked big but when it came to action she was ready to send Vansh away. One protest and nothing else. Hated that Alka and Rashi are putting Vansh in the middle and making him suffer.Cry)

Precap: Gopi brings a big scale and tells Rashi, Alka, Latha to say what the price of Vansh would be? Should they find out by weighing piece by piece (my King SolomoinDay Dreaming). How much would they expect for his day to day care. Alka and Rashi both have tears in their eyes. Maybe, just maybe the track will end next weekSmile


Detailed Update:

Rashi's room:

Episode starts with Rashi worried and trying to call Urmi after Alka left yesterday. Urmi reaches there right at that time and rashi tells her about the blackmail. Urmi is horrified and she tells Rashi to immediately send Vansh away with Alka and see the end of this issue.
Rashi protests. She says she loves Vansh and he is hers. Urmi disagrees and questions why Rashi needs Vansh now as she is pregnant herself. Rashi again protests and says that Vansh is as much her own as the child she will give birth to. 
Urmi disagrees. She tells Rashi that she can never love Vansh the same way she does him now when she gives birth to her own child. She also asks Rashi if she will give everything away for Vansh. Rashi asks Urmi not to compare Vansh with monetary things but Urmi tells her that Rashi will and cannot see vansh the same way when in a few months she holds her own child and also Alka will always hang over her head. 
Rashi frightened asks Urmi what they should do. Also she tells Urmi that she is afraid Koki will get to know everything. Urmi assures her that she will think of a way and says something.

MM Hall:

Ahem, Jigar, Baa, Naani, Hetal and Gopi with Meera are in the hall with Chirag. Naani is in her absent minded stupor and asks if Rashi is pregnant and Gopi's daughter is Meera, who vansh belongs to. Baa banters with her and all smile. Naani asks for Champ and KodaLOL Mota Bhabi informs her that the dogs are in the vehicle. Jigar tells them that they will all come to the temple and he will come back to get Naani to the railway station.

Koki asks about Urmi, Dhawal and Kinjal. Gopi informs that Urmi is with Rashi. Dhawal comes then and Hetal asks about Kinjal. He stammers and is about to say that Kinjal has not come when Kinjal herself arrives.She hugs her Kaki and then Jigar (Embarrassed She really was happy) and says congrats. Jigar congratulates her too. Kinjal is happy that something they all so much wanted happened finally. 
UrShi come down and Kinjal slowly congratulates Rashi too. Rashi accepts her wishes. All get ready to go but Urmi asks if Rashi can stay back as she is feeling weak. Hetal is worriedOuch and asks if the doctor needs to be called (poor brain dead Mota BhabhiCry). Rashi says no and says she just wants to rest. Koki tells her that it is all right and she can stay back and rest wellEmbarrassed
She calls Gopi and Rashi asks immediately if Gopi is also staying back.
Koki looks at Rashi and says that she was about to say that but then thought Urmi may want to be with Rashi. Urmi says she wants to go to the temple.

So Rashi and Gopi get Naani's blessings and all leave. Gopi goes away with Meera. Alka has come inbetween and she starts to sweep the floor. Rashi places little Vansh on the floor, leaves his bottle by his side and goes out and hides behind the big MM door. Vansh starts crying almost immediately.
Alka hears that and wonders where Rashi went. She sees if anyone is watching is then starts towards Vansh but then stops as she remembers her mother tell her that she needs to get out of MM with enough money to take care of vansh. Alka stands there unable to go to Vansh and yet unable to see him cry. There Rashi is standing behind the door. She looks put off by Vansh's tears but she also stands her place. When she sees Alka is  not picking Vansh up, she moves in but she also stops remembering Urmi tell her that to get rid of Vansh she needs to let Alka take him away.  (horrible womenDead)

Here Vansh is cryingCry Gopi comes there and she picks him up and gives him the bottle. She also wonders where Rashi went and is worried. Vansh calms down and Rashi comes in. Gopi asks Rashi about her absence and tells her that Vansh was crying for a long time. She asks why rashi did not even leave Vansh with Meethi. 
Rashi tells Gopi that she went out as the signal was not there and lies that vansh was sleeping when she left him in the hall. Dead Alka is surprised. Rashi tells Gopi that small children cry all the time anyway and Gopi is shocked at rashi's words. Then Rashi tells Gopi that she wants to sleep for some time and as vansh has quietened, can Gopi handle him.  Gopi is hurt and worried and she tells Rashi she knows why she does not want to take care of Vansh anymore. She tells Rashi that now that she is herself pregnant, she no longer wants vansh right? (Amazingly well done scene. gopi and Rashi were excellent in their emotionsStar)
Rashi protests and takes Vansh with her. In her room, Rashi calls Urmi and tells her that the plan failed. Urmi is at home where she came from the temple. She wonders how long the Modis keep doing PoojaLOL
Rashi tells her that Alka did not catch the bait and never picked Vansh up. Urmi is surprised. Rashi tells her that their plan to make Alka take Vansh herself and then inform everyone at home that Alka stole Vansh and disappeared may not workShockedAngry Rashi complains that now Gopi also joined this and she gave Rashi a few good words about her way of handling Vansh.

Urmi tells Rashi that they will have to use Gopi and pull her to help them. She tells Rashi that she is a cunning fox and Gopi being a cow, it will be easy. They will make Gopi tell Alka to take vansh away. Rashi asks if this will work and Urmi tells her to leave everything to herDead

Rashi comes down and Gopi is in the hall with Meera sorting clothes. Rashi decides that she will try talking to Gopi already but just as she nears Gopi, Mota Bhabhi comes back.  Rashi asks what happened. Hetal informs that her sister's daughter is getting engaged. Chirag comes in talking about tickets for two (I think this is Chirag bhai's surprise VD plan for his wifeEmbarrassed). Mota Bhabhi asks Rashi to help with the packing and Gopi and Mota Bhabhi go upstairs. Rashi is left alone in the hall.

In RN..

Here Kinjal comes home and Dhawal opens the door for her. She is put off by Dhawal but comes in. Dhawal tells her that he has a surprise for her and he takes a silk red cloth out and requests permission from Kinjal to tie it around her eyesLOL Kinjal is pleased and says yes. A nice moment as Dhawal blindfolds Kinjal, holds her hand and walks her to their roomEmbarrassed Kinjal is alll smiles.

In the room Dhawal opens the blindfold and Kinjal completely surprised and happy to see that Dhawal decorated the room with roses, hearts and balloons. she is all Blushing and Big smile.. Dhawal then takes a single rose by its stem and gives it to Kinjal and stammers happy Valentine's day. Kinjal accepts and is all Blushing again. Dhawal tells her that he has another present and goes out of the room. Kinjal looks around pleased and extremly happy. The cell phone message sound comes up and Kinjal sees that Dhawal received a message from Falguni asking Dhawal not to forget the reservation at the hotel in an hour. Kinjal becomes extremely angry from extremely happy and crushes the roseCry 

In MM...
Gopi is working in the kitchen and UrShi come there. Gopi sees them and turns her head away Clap Rashi signs for Urmi to go talk to Gopi.
Urmi comes and tells Gopi that she will help her. Gopi looks at her and silently moves to the pot. Urmi asks where Meera is. Gopi tells her that Meera is with Meethi in her room and then continues with her task. Urmi tells Gopi that she will take care of work and asks Gopi to rest. Gopi just ignores Urmi and keeps on workingStarStar 
Urmi then in that sickly sweet voice tells Gopi that she knows Gopi is angry with her Maami but that Gopi should give her a chance to correct her mistake. Gopi looks up. Rashi adds that Urmi has a good plan. Gopi stands there listening.

Urmi tells Gopi that she, Gopi should tell Alka to take Vansh and go away. Alka will listen to Gopi. Gopi looks at UrShi, hurt and shocked.


Gopi holds a weighing balance and tells UrShi and Latha with Alka standing in MM hall that they place Vansh on the scale. She wonders why they are all looking bewildered. She accuses that the four were doing nothing but actually doing auction of vansh. Alka looks horrified and Rashi has tears hearing Gopi's words. 
She asks what price they would ask for Vansh?

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Xarina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Thanks Harini.  So good to hear that Gopi ignored Urmila.  There is a sort of peace in my heart and you are right.  It is wrong for both Alka and Rashi using Vansh as a pawn in their stupid mind games.  Dead  What type of women are they?

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 8:06am | IP Logged
I have no idea Xari.. these women were just the limitDead
Urmi atleast was frank. She told Rashi that now that she is pregnant she will never have the same love for Vansh. Rashi protested one time but yet was so easily playing mind games with Alka who was also doing the same.

I think the only true human in all this is Gopi. She was not just distressed for the child, she was seeing through UrShi's actions and change too without believing what they said. If not for justice, I think atleast for today.. CVs made me applaud GopiStar Watch for that Xari if you decide to watch

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Ritu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Rashi and Urmi are the limit. Dead Since she got pregnant she has started to ignore Vansh. Angry How low can these two Censored stoop?! Rashi is really disgusting and to be honest she doesn't deserve to be a mother. Ouch
Thanks for the update. Smile

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Thanx 4 the short wu dear

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-nilani- Goldie

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Thanks for short update Tongue
felt bad for VanshCryCry 

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Xarina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 8:33am | IP Logged
Sometimes out of the darkness that is Urshi's mind Gopi comes along like a beacon to try and put some sense into them.  So want to see the tide shift in Gopi's favour.

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NazimKiDewani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Thanx Harini Tongue

Urmi n Rashi are the limits... Rashi is so mean yaar with in scenod she forgot her so called mother love n own son.. Rashi is disgusing Dead i love Gopi glad her not convince from eveils.. n now she give them reality check love how determinded n strongly she show them mirror superb but the sad thing is no one was there from family beside them.. I want whole family listen Gopi n others convo Evil Smile

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