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Friday 22 feb update


Scene I

Devi  theru vilayadal continue. The poor gardener makes tea and gives to her and asks her whether is nice. She sarcastically tells him its nice and throw the hot tea on his face. Pavam that durai uncle., he thudichipoi with the hot tea and standing there crying. But the worst scene is, all the family member just comes and visarchi n let him stand there helplessly.  Santhosh laughs at him thinking that he pour the tea on himself!!!!. Barathy asks sorry due to her earlier action, this is the reaction from Devi. Nat wife also apologise on devi behalf and Chid just shake his head. Nat on his side, ask him to be more careful with Devi.

Scene 2

At Santhosh office… All staff gives Barathy respected welcome and start calling her madam. She tells them to accept her as same Bar not as the boss wife. Santhosh allocated Bar office in his room but Bar refuse as she still love her old cabin. Chids also offer director job to Bar and this too rejected by Bar citing that she need to work to support her family and se wants to do it as previously. Chids accept her decision. On the way from Chids room and Santhosh and Bar hugs and talk romancely. Chids is very happy with Bar way of handling Santhosh but Nat who is watching this ore vaitherichal. Both Santhosh and Bar go to motthaimadi to look at their roses and starts the romance again. Santhosh  a bit confuse with Bar attitude but anyway look like he like it.

Scene 3

At Bar house, Mahati make morning coffee and offer to her mum. Her mum scolds her and asks her to serve Bar first. Mahati confuse but her mum just bring the coffee and goes in Bar room and start to call her. Everyone start to come out and puzzle over their mum includes their dad. After sometime, mum realizes that Bar is no more there and she is married. She cries but tells them that this is happy tears and asks all of them to continue with their chores.

Scene 4

Dinner time at Chids house, Nat wife and Bar serving Chid, Santhosh and Nats. Sivagamy asks Bar to sit with Santhosh and eat together with her husband. But Bar ask her to sit she will serve all of them and Chids ask Siva to sit beside her husband. Bar enquire about Devi absent and Sivagamy said that she will bring it over to her room. Bar tell Siva not to do that but Nat said, if Devi missed her dinner, Chis will be very worry and ask for his support. But to Nats shock, Chids supports Bar decision and ask them to accept whatever Bar suggest. Nat left to think….


Sorry , I f I missed anything




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February 26 

Aattam 89

Devi chokes. Barathy comments that rat will eat anything if it's hungry. Devi puts the plate in wash basin, tells Pongal is similar to Sivagami's face and leaves the kitchen. Sivagami goes behind her. Chidambaram congratulates Barathy as she came down for the first time to have breakfast. Barathy tells it's just a step Devi had taken but she needs to come down many more. Chidambaram feels bad as Devi will be hungry and was just eating Pongal. Barathy agrees it's even difficult for her and she is doing it with a stone-heart as her opponent is also a stone.  She tells it's necessary to take strong actions which will make Devi understand. Chidambaram asks her to continue.

In Barathy's maternal home, Malathi is teasing Saravanan.  She tells that she couldn't understand whether it's a dream or reality as he is going for a job.  Saravanan pinches her to make her realize. Malathi comments that it's going to rain heavily. She asks whether he is similar to Thangavelu's character in Kalyanan Parisu film where goes to job at Mannar and Company but in reality roam in park.  Mahathi hands over an ironed shirt to Saravanan. He asks Malathi to learn something from Mahathi. Malathi makes fun of him and asks Mahathi to bring a rose and pin it in shirt so that her brother will look like a Nehru.  Mahathi runs but Malathi stops her. She comments that Saravanan might give it to some office girl. Saravanan counters saying to bring 4 or 5 roses. Kokila tells she has packed his lunch as she is not sure whether he will get proper food at new place. Malathi asks him to have food in canteen as it's decent but Mahathi says his health might be disturbed if he eats outside food.  Dhandapani asks Saravanan not to promise anything for Malathi as he will be forced to spend his entire salary for her later. Saravanan stammers and says it's a supervisor post. Dhandapani advises as how to behave at work place.  Kokila takes him to pooja room and blesses him.

Saravanan sees Mahathi opening his bag to keep the lunch box inside. He gets tensed and threatens to break her hand. Kokila interferes to solve the matter. She asks Mahathi not to touch without permission and assures Saravanan that it will not happen in future. Mahathi cries as Saravanan scolds her once again.  He asks her to behave properly as she is a good girl. Malathi says its just a few days they were free without Barathi's lecture but now he started. Saravanan says Sorry to Mahathi. He asks whether she is crying as he scolded her. Saravanan says it will not be good to see her crying when he is leaving for the job for first time. Both smile.

Barathi, Chidambaram and Santosh are discussing office matters. Saravanan enters the room after seeking permission from someone (don't know his name). Santosh and Chids want to offer a job in their company but Barathi refuses. Saro tells them that he just came to inform his sister about his new job. Barathi seeks permission to talk to Saro in private. She takes him outside. Barathi asks Saro about his job and he says the same as he said at home. She advises him to behave in such a way that their parents gains confidence in him. Barathi assures to support him always and gives him some money.

Two auto drivers are discussing if it's better for them to go back to their native and look for job as petrol price is to rise once again. Saravanan meets them. They think him to be a passenger and say that the minimum charge in thirty rupees. Pari who knows Saro tells them that he had come as a replacement to Kabali.  Saro says that he will leave this job if he gets a better one as he is an Engineer. The driver asks him not to tell owner as he might not give the auto to him. The owner enquires whether he has license and uniform. He advises him to be courageous and speak boldly.  The owner wants him to talk to persons according to their behavior and hands over the auto keys before leaving. Saro is included in their union and assured that they will support him. He remembers Barathi's advise while leaving home. Saro goes on his first trip to Mylapore.  

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Wednesday, February 27th, Episode 90 - by atina
Santhosh is in the garden doing excercise. Devi comes there and asks," How come for this outhu maapillai...looks very happy..!! dont you know what is happening around you?...your wife is my problem...she makes new rules like I can not have my food in my room? who is she to do all these?" Santhosh tells that it is appa's rules only but Devi replies," no...appa tried but that never worked out..until yesterday I was getting my food in room...only?"

Here comes Natraj and starts telling the same thing to Santhosh. He suggests that Santhosh should stop Barathy treating Devi like this. Devi finally tells," What so better ask your wife to keep away from me...she has so much of thimiru Chithaqppaa...since she married into such a wealthy family...she is dancing like better tells her okay.?" She walks away from there. Santhosh karumameh kannaaga...he is concentrating on his "punching bag" skills...Nats again tells him to support his sister and tells," DEi she is your wife daa...when you say she should stand and sit...mind it"

Santhosh replies," Do you think if I tell she will listen to me? no way...even my first night until niow never happened...what to do ..what ever I tell...she gives me a convincing answer..." Nats gets shocked," dei...what are you telling daa? you are a man who did so much to all those girls who came to your guest house...?but now...che better do not tell anyone else about this...romba kevalamaa pogum...Now I understand why she is not listening to you better go and prove that you are a aambilai...go" Santhosh agreesd to this idea..

Santhosh is sitting in his bedrrom and goes on recollecting what Nats told him. Meantime Barathy is in the kitcfhen thinkiing what to tell Santhosh tonight and escape from him. He takes the milk from Barathy and asks," what I like you are not giving me but this milk...I dont like...anyway give me" He drinks that and tells Barathy that he will let her sleep down on the floor. Barathy smiles and tells," no problem..I will sleep here in this bed in one corner"
Santhosh is happy to hear this and tells," look here Barathy...I can not wait anymore..I do not have that kind of pateience too"
 Barathy asks," that meaqns are you going to force me tonight? You are not that kind of a person Santhosh...Imagine Kathal Mannan Gemini raping girls..? This is also like many girls were in love with you...why because of your soft nature are such a sweet romantic person...not only that for five years you have been loving me...right...?So please let us love...only love...for some more time "
Santhosh is upset and tells," Barathy please give me a break...why are you torturing me like this?" Barathy answers," Santhosh...this is not torture but like a training period...that is all...I know all your past with so many girls...but I should fell that my Santhosh only loves me sincerely and not anyone else...and that minute I will become your wife in all means..I promise...For now good night"
Next morning...Barathy lights up lamp in from of her mamiyar pictures and notices santhosh sitting at the dining tabloe. She asks him, "Santhosh how come you got up so early?" Santhosh replies," I never slept at not pretend as if you do not know the reason okay?" Barathy smiles and tells," Aya yo...just for that if you are not sleeping like this..then when I am ready one will start sleeping...I am not  resposible for that okay" Both of them starts laughing...Seeing this from the ktchen Sivagami tells Banu," look sweet they both look...I am so happy for them"
Santhosh holds Barathy's hands and asks," nee kindal pannariyaa? lovce pannareeyaa nu theiryalai Barathy" Barathy happily tells him that she loves him...and she was about to kiss him on his forehead but moved away quickly from Santhosh as Sivagami came there. Barathy tells that syhe will help her in preparingt breakfast buit Sivagami tells her not to bother as she will do everything. Sivagami gives Santhosh coffee. Barathy takes it and aathifies the coffee and gives him.Sivagami  smiles at them and moves away from there.
Here comes Nats...and Sivagami stops him and tells," not go to the diniong tabkle right now...look at them how cute they look.." Nats see Santhosh and Barathy happily talking...Barathy taste his coffee and gives him and he starts drinking it. Barathy asks," aya are drinking the coffee which I tasted paravaa illiyaa?" Santhosh sayss it is okay...and Barathy tezases him<" do not know how to you should tell me that...ippo taan coffee innum sweetaa irukku nu..." Both of them laugh...Seeing this JNats talks to himself," Oh...that means what I told Santhosh has done it already...may be?"

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Thursday, February 28th, Episode 91 - by atina
Still Barathy and Santhosh Konjals continue at the dinning table...seeing this Natraj comes to them..Santhosh quickly pushes Barathy's hands from his face. Sivagami comes there and complains to Barathy not to give him coffee as he does not walk as muich as the doctor asked him to do. But Barathy tells," it is ok athe...I will give you coffee maamaa" B & S go to the kitchen.
Nats asks Santhosh, "Dei nee killaadee last night...all is finished right? see from now on Barathy will listen to you without any question daa..." Santhosh stops him and tells," no chithaps..nothing happend in between us...naan meratti paarthen, kenji paarthen, chance ...she does not agree and gfives so many reason..and makes me feel like oru maathiri...what to do ?" Nats replies," IS it? why is she doing like thism daa santhosh...she is over aa konjifying with you in front of everyone but...never allows you to tuch her in your bedroom/...mmm...what does this mean...she married you with some other plan be like this and let mne find the real reason sariyaa?"
Barathy and Chid are in the office discussing about their 20 customers who walked away from them. Chid tells Barathy to find why they wnet away frpom them. Nats calls him over the phone and asks whether he can talk to him and Chid asks him to come. Here comes Nats and  seeing Barathy," anneh I will come later to talk to you" Barathy undersatnds the situation and goes out.
Nats informs CHid about B&S.." paavam anneh santhosh...he complained to me about this...every day Barathy avoids him telling some reason aam...anneh she is acting in front of us just to get good name from us but really disappointing Santhosh every night...anneh call her and talk to her" Chid tells," How can I talk to her about this delicate matter paa...why dont you ask Sivagami to talk to Barathy...wait ...wait...even she will feel bad...ok do one thing...ask Sivagami to talk to Barathy's mom" Nats agrees and goes. Worried Chid sits and recollects whatever konjal scenes between B&S  so far he has seen.
Sivagami goes to Dandapani's house to meet Kokila. She talks to Malathi and Dnadapani. Malthi is about to go t0 her com0puter class...she talks to Sivagami athai briefly and leaves. Kokila is in the kitchen and Sivagami goes to the kitchen too. She starts with some common topics and comes to the point about Barathy and Santhosh. Finally she breaks the matter to Kokila who is so shocked to hear the news...

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