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miss_neha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 6:22pm | IP Logged

Alternative view to the scene on Feb 14th 2013

Heyy guys, I have re-written a scene from today's episode, I have no clue how it came in my head, but when I was watching it, I couldn't help but think of this, and since there are clearly not enough Taarey scenes these days, I guess I have to imagine my own loll. Anyways this is set from when Rey goes up to talk to the presenter about letting the girls perform for the event.

  It is posted in the next post.

Also I will be updating my FF and SS soon.

If anyone wants PMs for when I update or start something new, please add
to your buddy list.

Neha Smile

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miss_neha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 6:22pm | IP Logged

The gang is walking around trying to find the venue for the Bollywood dance, when they see the presenter arguing with the crew of IndiaFest.

Presenter (P): No, no we have the timings..

Crew: Yah, yah its changed

P: No, no, that's not possible

Rey (looking at his friends): Guys, joh meri bahot strong si feeling aayi thi na, positive wali, mujhe lagta hai usne kaam kardia hai

The gang looks at him with confusion in their eyes.

R: You guys wait here, I'll be back, yah?

Rey walks off towards the presenter, with the gang watching behind him wondering what he is up to.

V: Yeh Rey karne kya jaara hai

Sw: Pata nahin, par Rey hain, uske dimaag mein kuch toh chal raha hoga

P: No, no we don't have time, the crowd is waiting, everything is ready

Crew: OK, we can take some 10-15 minutes to..

P: No, no, no

Crew: We can assure you to..

P: No, no, no

Rey: Hi guys, excuse me; can I have a word with you?

P (adjusting her hair and smiling flirtatiously): Yah, you guys were superb yesterday

R: Thank you, uh actually I have seen you discussing with your people, can I help?

P: Yah, one team has cancelled on us, (stepping closer and lightly touching Rey's arm) now I have no clue what to do.

The gang is staring at the girl who is openly flirting with Rey.

N: Oh my god, she touching Rey's arm

Si: She's toh openly flirting yaar

All the gang looks towards Taani, and see her fuming with anger and jealousy.

Sh: Taani, don't worry, Rey is used to this, he can handle it

T (shocked): Used to this??

Sharon looks at Taani and realizes she obviously said the wrong thing.

Sw: Taani, what Sharon means to say is, umm, umm..

Ashi: That the girl flirt types hai, not Rey

The gang goes back to look at Rey and the presenter, but Taani is still angry.

R (nervously laughs and takes a step back): Umm, that's great

P: What??

R (realizing what he said): No, no, no, I'm just saying ki (pointing to the girls) I have a girls' team ready over there. Trust me, woh bahot superb hai, you'll get full on entertainment.

The presenter is thinking.

R: So, agar tum uski jagah pe, humari team ko in kardo..

P (taking a step closer to Rey and stroking his jacket lightly): OK, agar tum keh rahe ho, toh, OK, but I can't promise that the judges would be ok with this.

Meanwhile Taani and the rest of the gang are shocked to see the presenter so close to Rey.

R (Laughing nervously/uncomfortably) Umm, no, no, I know that OTS mein 100% judgement nahin hota hai, but we're okay with it.

P (flirtatiously): OK, cool, you've got a deal, please bring them in.

R (smiles, takes a step back and calls out to the gang): GIRLS, LETS GET READY, COME ON!!

The gang get all excited, run up to Rey and one by one go past him to get ready.

R: Come on, come on

The gang all leave, only Taani is left, who was walking behind everyone, when she reaches up to Rey, he gives her a light smile, knowing she would be angry, but she just glares at him and walks off. Rey knew she would be angry because she obviously saw the presenter flirting with him, even though he wasn't flirting back, he knew how sensitive Taani was.

R (thinking): Mujhe pata tha, ke yeh Goa ka trip meri relationship ki band baja ke rahega.

Rey is about to walk off behind Taani to apologize when the presenter calls him from behind.

P: By the way, mera naam Meera hai, and yours? (holds out her hand)

R (shaking her hand): Hi, I'm Rey.

Meera (not letting go of Rey's hand): Nice name

Unfortunately for Rey, Taani had not gone far, and when Meera called Rey, Taani stayed back to eavesdrop on their conversation. Seeing both of them holding hands, just made Taani even angrier.

R (trying to get his hand out of her grip and finally manages to): Uhh, thanks

M: So would you like to get a coffee after the performance?

R (shocked): I'm sorry, what?

M: After the performance, would you like to get coffee with me?

R: Look Meera, I'm flattered, really, but I have a girlfriend.

M: So?

R (even more shocked): Im sorry, so?

M: Yeah, so, look (stepping really close to Rey) I think you're hot, and one date with me and you'll forget all about that girlfriend of yours.

Before Rey could reply, he was being pulled back and the next thing he knew Taani was standing in between him and Meera.

T (angry): Excuse me, if you want a guy so badly, go and look somewhere else, Rey is off limits.

M (full on attitude): Really? And who the hell are you?

T: His girlfriend. Agar dusre logo ke boyfriends pe nazar rakhne ka itna shaunk hai, toh kissi aur ke boyfriend ko dhundo, (grabbing Rey's hand in hers) Rey sirf aur sirf mere hai.

While Taani and Meera continued arguing, Rey was totally lost in Taani, he had never seen this side of hers, and he loved it. She continued to surprise him, whenever he thought that he had her all figured out, he saw another side to her personality. He loved this possessive nature of hers, so while she held his hand and told Meera to basically back off, all Rey could do was stare at Taani with a huge grin on his face.

T:  Aur iske baad Rey ke aas paas bhi mat dikhai dena

M (insulted): Whatever (walks off)

Taani let go off Rey's hand and turned to look at him and saw him standing there with a huge smile on his face.

T: Aap smile kyun kar rahe hai

R: Tumhari yeh jealous side dekh ke mujhe bahot mazaa aaya

T: haan, aapko toh mazaa ayega hi, itni saari ladkiyaan aap pe marti jo hai, aur aap toh bahot used to hai na ke girls aap ke saath flirt kare.

R: Yeh tumse kisne kaha, dekho Taani aisa kuch na…

T:.. Mujhe kuch nahin sun na, mujhe sharon bhabhi ne sab kuch bata diya, mujhe aap se koi baat nahin karni (walks off)

R: Yeh sharon bhi na (running after Taani) Taani, Taani, suno toh

Rey catches upto Taani, and pulls her to a secluded place, pushes her up to a wall and blocks her in with his arms

R: Meri baat toh suno

T: Mujhe aapki koi baat nahin sun ni

R: Sun ni paregi

Taani just looks away

R (goes close to her ear and whispers): I love you

Taani looks back at Rey stunned

R (puts his hand on her face and lightly strokes her cheek): Taani, koi bhi ladki mujhse kuch bhi kahe, kuch bhi kare, mujhe koi farak nahin padta, agar iss puri duniya mein mujhe kissi ki baton se yah kissi ke actions se farak padta hai, toh woh sirf tum ho

Taani looks at Rey still stunned

R: I love you, aur koi bhi humare beech mein nahin aa sakta, main aane nahin doonga.

Taani smiled, and Rey smiled seeing her smile

R: Hassi toh phassi

Taani laughed

R: Im guessing that means I'm forgiven?

Taani nods her head.

R: Good, because I don't think I could stay away from you any longer.

Rey put his arm around Taani's waist and pulled her to him, she crashed into his chest. Rey slowly tucked strands of Taani's hair behind her ear and rested his hand on Taani's cheek, and Taani's eyes slipped shut. Rey softly stroked Taani's cheek, and softly stroked her lips. Rey rested his hand on Taani's neck, and kissed her opposite shoulder, Taani leaned into his hand to allow him better access. Rey moved his face from her shoulder up to her neck, feeling her smooth skin, and then softly kissing her under her ear, and then placing kisses down her neck to her shoulder once again. Taani was breathing heavily and her heart felt like it could jump out of chest at any moment due to the sensations that Rey was creating within her. Rey moved his hand from her neck to her face and placed kisses back up her neck, to her cheek, then her chin, getting closer to her lips with each kiss. He stroked her lips with his thumb once again, before placing a soft kiss right next to her lips. Taani had never felt this way before, she was thankful that one of Rey's arms was still around her waist supporting her and her arms were around Rey's neck, or she would have been on the floor, her legs had given out, there was no way she could be standing if it wasn't for Rey's support. Rey started slowly leaning in towards her lips, but he was unsure whether she was ready or not, just then he felt Taani pulling him closer, that was all the invitation he needed. Both of their eyes were shut, and Rey's lips were about to touch hers when,


Both of them snapped out of the moment, Taani brought her arms down by her side, and Rey let Taani go from his embrace. They both took a step back and composed themselves. Taani was blushing and looking towards the ground. Rey quickly picked up his phone, it was Swayam.

Sw: Rey, kahaan hai yaar tu, aur Taani bhi nahin dikh rahi hai, yahaan girls ka performance shuru hone wala hai

R (brushing his hand in his hair): Hmm, yah main aata hoon

Sw: OK, bye

Rey hung up the phone, and looked towards Taani, she was still blushing and looking towards the ground. He took a step closer to her, and placed his hand on her face and pulled it up so he could look into her eyes, but before he could say or do something, she said

T: Hume chalna chaiye hai, sab humara wait kar rahe honge

Rey sighed and leaned his forehead against hers and closed his eyes,

R: Yaar, bhagwaan ne yeh phone kyun banaya

Taani let out a little laugh

R: Tumhara bhai, ek din meri jaan leke hi rahega

Taani started laughing.

Rey opened his eyes and looked into hers,

R: Ab aise hasogi, toh main tumse door kaise reh sakta hoon

Rey started leaning towards her, but Taani placed her hand on his chest.

T: abhi nahin, sab humara wait kar rahe hain, chaliye

Taani stepped back, and took a hold of his hand and tried pulling him but was unsuccessful.

T (looking at Rey) Chaliye

R (giving a teasing smile): Mera mann nahin hai

T (pretending to be angry) REY (laughing) ab chaliye na

Taani pulled him and he came along, both walked to see the girls' performance hand in hand.



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iamursforever Senior Member

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
Lol...Meera!?...gosh!!...Taani was so jealous!!<green><green>..:P
It was amazin:))
Thnkz for the pm:)

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sreeja_rox IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 7:05pm | IP Logged

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salta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 7:13pm | IP Logged's something which i always wanna see...
taani jealous...
thanks for a wonderful story.

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Mon_tr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 7:22pm | IP Logged

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Lachu. Goldie

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
loved  d jealous taani...n swayam beech me
thanks for d pm.,..

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nene1709 Groupbie

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
Please, Please become one of the screen writers Tongue
I really enjoyed your OS

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