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ll Dil Ki Dhadkan ll Aditya Shrivastav FC 21 !!!

Soni. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 11:40am | IP Logged

Aditya Srivastava doesn't need any introduction to the loyal TV viewers who follow the weekly thriller series CID on Sony TV.

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Soni. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 12:00pm | IP Logged

Aditya Srivastava is very private person so we hardly get to know about his personal details. Aditya Srivastava was born in Allahabad on 21st July. He's married and has two beautiful daughters. After living in Andheri for a couple of years, he settled for the peace and greenery of Sai Baba Nagar , Resident of Sai Baba Complex, Goregaon (E) when it came to buying his own house.

Starting with amateur theatre in Allahabad, Aditya moved to Delhi in 1989 to work with the Sri Ram Centre for Performing Arts. Mumbai was the next destination for this talented actor in 1995 where he made his film debut with Shekhar Kapur's Bandit Queen. He was seen in all the 3 Suspense/Super Natural type serials that came on the 3 major channels - Saturday Suspense/Thriller at 10 (Zee)[ The title was called 6 1/2 because the 7th lookalike was a child, hence called half], Aahat (Sony) and Star Bestseller (Star)[ The First episode called "THE END" of Star Bestseller was featuring him]. He was seen in a serial called '9 Malabar Hill' (on Zee TV) along with Renuka Shahane. He played the role of a fisherman (wearing triangular lungi and stuff). "Initially I did voice-overs for ads and promos. I had to choose television over theatre. I had to survive. That's why I did serials such as Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti, 9 Malabar Hill, Naya Daur, Saturday Suspense and Rishtey among others," says Aditya. Aditya soon graduated to doing films such as Satya and Dil Se. "I took a break from television in 1997 to do films. My film Matrubhoomi with Manish Jha was well received in the festival circuit," says Aditya, adding, "But it was only after my role as a police inspector in Satya that I started getting film offers." But Aditya refused the several offers to play cop as he did not want to get stereotyped and decided to wait.

Meanwhile, he shifted his focus to television once more. After a couple of episodes in BP Singh's Aahat, he was offered the role of a CID officer Abhijeet in the serial CID. "I joined the CID team in 1999 as second-in-command to Shivaji Satam." says Aditya.
Aditya Srivastava apart from CID has worked on big screen & small screen too...This Vibrant Personality has had a very vibrant Career also !!!



Star Best Sellers

Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti

9 Malabar Hill

Naya Daur

Saturday Suspense

Raat Hone Ko Hai

Byomkesh Bakshi (In one episode as Madhumoy Sur)

Bandit Queen (1996)
Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa (1998)
Dil Se... (1998)

Satya (1998)
Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar (2000)
Saathiya (2002)
Ek Hasina Thi (2004)
Lakshya (2004)
Deewaar (2004)

Matrubhoomi (2005)
Dansh (2005)
Darwaza Bandh Rakho (2006)
Dil Se Pooch... Kidhar Jaana Hai (2006)
Black Friday (2007)

Gulaal (2009)
Mohandas (2009)

Raakh (2010) (Post-Production)

Kaalo (2010) 
Paanch (Stuck/On Hold)

Let's Kill Veerappan (Stuck/On Hold)
Mohandas (2009)
Aalwar (Tamil)
Naalai (Tamil)
Hoping to see many more additions to the list !!

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Soni. IF-Sizzlerz

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Role of Sr. Inspector Abhijeet in the bi-weekly crime thriller CID is the most favourite and famous role which has given him a remarkable recognition.

His first played character in CID is Paresh , a criminal who stole the gun of ACP trying to murder his previous boss in the Case of Stolen Gun in 1998.
Aditya Srivastava as Sr. Insp Abhijeet has been integral part of CID since its initial days. Originally he joined the team as an Inspector. He lost his memory during a case which was aired during 1998. Even though his memory keeps testing him in many cases, he is still considered to be one of the best, intelligent and honest officers of CID . He is also the best shooter in CID and can shoot with his eyes closed - by only hearing the sound.He is a dashing, tough, suave and a handsome super detective of CID.

His each & every reaction is so different from other...He is MASTER OF EXPRESSION...

The Super detective appears in disguise in many cases of CID to solve the cases (near about 40 cases till now).

He had once been referred to as a "psycho patient" by Sub Inspector Sudhakar. When he gets extremely angry nothing can stop him. He is the second major character after ACP Pradyuman. He has a good rapport with other officers in CID...

Abhijeet's expressions are magnificent. His body language is just flawless. Sometimes we see so much great expressions with fewer words through his expressive eyes. His smile reaches his eyes, whenever he smiles the way his face glows is priceless. He is just brilliant whatever expression he delivers.

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Soni. IF-Sizzlerz

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His Jodi with Daya sir... (Daya Shetty) in CID has been loved by everyone... Big smiletogether they have solved many tough cases...& have been each others strength & support whenever required. They are often referred to as 'the DUO', and won the award of Sahasic jodi in Indian television awards 2010. The lovely comradeship between the two made the show more and more popularStar 

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Soni. IF-Sizzlerz

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It's hard to express what Aditya sir stands for me, but if I could I would say he stands for strength and a great human personality. Aditya sir is an amazing human being and I love him as Abhijeet sir. My weekend can never be complete without watching CID and CID is incomplete without Aditya sir. The best part is his and Daya sir's friendship and without their dosti I would never watch CID.
- KS_Shreya

When i first started watching CID i never noticed him only becuase i had never seen him before but after the case of Lapata Bache Ka Aditya Shrivastav had a place in my heart as well as in my life. He is the only person on who i have a everlasting crush on. He is the person i care for after my family and friends. His one smile means me a lot, i can shake earth and heaven to see him just smile! He is the person whose sadness or happiness is equal or more than important for my own sadness or happiness. He is the person whom i could not stop loving. He is the most precious person for me after my family and friends. He is the sign of perfectionist. For the first time in my life i found a man who was perfect in the way that i imagined my dream man should be...not chocolaty but manly and mature at the same time he doesnt look elderly..his voice when low becomes husky which caresses my heart and I totally adore him for that. My weekend can never be complete without watching CID and i just get a strange feeling in my heart if i miss it and CID is incomplete without Aditya sir which means if he is not there then no point of watching an episode. The best part is his and Daya sir's friendship and without their dosti I would have never watched CID becuase thats the perfect example someone could create. I must have watched Behrupiya and Iteqaam episode million times just for there dosti and ofcouse who can forget the famous lines from the episode of Man on the bus and the episode of CID ki kidnapping,

A poem for my dear Adi

Tumko jaante nahi, per chahate hain hum
Din bhar khojte nahi, per sochte hain hum
Tumhare dil mein rehte nahi, per tumhare hain hum
Tumko shayad paayenge nahi, per apnayen ge hum
Jeevan main shayad kabhi mil na paao, bas bichar jaao ge tum
Shayad humare na ban paao, per muskurao ge tum
Raat andheri hogi, phir-bhi jhilmilaoge tum
Humein aur koi nahi, bas yaad aao ge tum'
- Soni

i really don't want to write lengths and lengths of message for aditya sir...i really want it to be consized...he has always charmed me...always...be it his looks his brains or whatsoever it is...i have seen him evolve as an actor..atleast when it comes to be abhijeet... if i go to compare him the way he is now to something what he was 10 years ago..it has been tremendous...i really appreciate his hard work, the life he has breathed in abhijeet...so intelligent so meticulous and yet so down to earth...i am always spellbound by his emotional scenes...how much ever YSPT it is...such is the impact of his tears...

love you aditya sir
keep rocking as abhijeet till eternity...
 - rukhsar

It's difficult to me express in words what Aditya Sir is 4 me.
I would like to say that he is my ideal. My day is incomplete without a single veiw of him. He has placed in my heart. He is the most precious person for me after my family and some close friends. I like the way he face any problem. He is the main reason for which I got more interest in CID. Now I m a regular viewer of CID. I don't like to miss a single episode. Now i join India-Forums duo to him. I m very happy to be a small part of it.

And 2nd

What I say for U Sir
U R so dashing and cool Sir
CID is incomplete without U Sir
A closed eyes shooter U Sir
Sharp minded U Sir
A smart cop of our nation U Sir
U R best in ur profession Sir
One of the best intelligent officer Sir
A very honest inspecter Sir
A tough, suave and super detective U Sir
Ur body language is just flawless Sir
Ur single smile make us happy Sir
Ur friendship is very inspirable for us Sir
It is a list for U Sir
I know it's very few Sir
But it's my message for U Sir
Which I try to share with U Sir
My best wishes r with U Sir
             Master of experssion U Sir
             A sharp shooter U Sir
- Misha

ADI Sir, when I think of you, a smile spreads across my lips...It's for YOU and your FRIENDSHIP with DAYA Sir that I have continued to watch CID. I have watched many movies of you just because u have acted in them..!! You are a GREAT actor no doubt...You are a great inspiration to me...I admire, respect and adore u with all my heart...Hope you continue to succeed in all you do and keep making your PROUD fans happy and more Proud...
Proud to be your fan!!
Love you ADI Sir...!!
- Neha

Abhijeet is the most inspiring cop I have seen on screen. He fought a big personal battle of losing his memory, his own identity, yet made his way back into CID and became second-in-command. How he left his past behind and came into terms with the present is a big inspiration for me. I'll admire Abhijeet forever and ever.
If Abhijeet is Mona lisa, Aditya Srivastav is Leonardo daVinci. The actor whom I first recongised as the guy who gave me Abhijeet. His portayal of Abhijeet inspired me to look out for every other work of his and each of his other works is completely distinct from each other. Having played Abhijeet for almost 13 years now, none of his other roles have traces of Abhijeet and that's the mark of a great actor. Some of the fans on IF have met him in person and have given me an idea of what he is like in real life and that has increased my fondness for him. Smile
- visrom

Aditya/abhijeet sir stands for me...hmm... Everythng, he's reason to watch tv infact a main reason to watch cid too, his braveness n dutifull behaviour is smthng evryone learns from.

well...for the first time in my life i found a man who was perfect in the way that i imagined my dream man should be...not chocolaty but manly and mature at the same time he doesnt look elderly..his voice when low becomes husky which caresses my heart,when in high pitch so commanding and authoritative,his eyes are a mirror of his inner emotions,in every facet he looks befitting and his disposition and ways are a lot like "rhett butler",my fav fantasy hero from the novel "Gone with the wind"
Each day, come what may, I have to see him in action.These days the rerun hours of CID have been reduced so, I quench my need by watching some or the other case online. Abhijeet is a character who has brought about a lot of changes in me. There are many things which I would have not succeeded in doing had I not become his admirer. When I say this, there is not a single ounce of exaggeration in it. He has been the reason why I have been able to become more expressive than previously and he has also been like a life-saving raft for me when my personal life was in doldrums. He was the only silver lining in the dark clouds that had gathered over my life two years back. He helped me to emerge out of a state of depression.

I would like to say that Abhijeet is a blend of perfection and imperfection. While intellectually he is perfect, versatile, passionate and without possessing any glamour element he is the most attractive man that I have ever seen. When I talk of his attractiveness, I am not only talking of his physical attraction, I am talking of his abstract elements too. Also, the most beguiling thing is that one is compelled to love his imperfections too, his usually horrendous dressing sense, his rustic actions, foul and eccentric attitude, intimidating manner, obstinacy everything about him makes me love him even more. For me he is the most chivalrous and suave man who is vunerable yet the pillar of strength. I hope that he flourishes even more and always keeps inspiring his fans.
Big smile
- deepiika

Aditya srivastava has place in my heart as well as in lifeEmbarrassedBlushing. He is the person on whom i have everlasting crushBlushing He is the person i care for after my family and friends. His one smile means me a lot, i can shake earth and heaven to see him just smile!!!! He is the person whose sadness or happiness is equal or more than important for my own sadness or happiness. He is the person whom i could not stop loving inspite of having some characters or habbits which i don't like, i had to change my likingsEmbarrassed which i never did, i never brought change in my habits even for my family. He is the most precious person for me after my family and friends. He is the best person on earth not merely a celebrityBig smile 
- Mansi.

Abhijeet is the very essence of fighting against odds to become a complete human being. Regardless of the number of odds that life throws his way, he tenaciously holds on to the values he believes in and expects nothing in return from the people around him. He is ready to share both the stress and humour life gives. This core value is like the light house light beam in the turbulent ocean called life.

Aditya Srivastavji is that complete man who shows me that life should be faced with head held high, never forgetting that one has to occassionally bow the same head to acknowledge the various powers stronger than us in this universe so that we can come out stronger as individuals who are unique.
- malikaBalu

Well what Adi sir is for me is something I can't express in words. He has a certain magical presence in my life .. like a medicine for me. When I'm stressed out or sad .. I see him and feel better !! At times just sitting casually I imagine him smiling at me .. calling me "Bhavana Ji" .. and I blush .. and then I feel so better.
He's so much more for me .. an inspiration,guidance .. and much more. Someone I adore and admire .. someone who teaches me so much .. teaches me to face any tough situation bravely .. to never give up and always have a smile on your face.
I had never experienced the "crush" feeling as a teenager Tongue till I saw him on TV ... 
I am still surprised at times .. when I think that as a kid I supposedly 'lost' interest in CID because Viren had left and this harsh ruthless man had come .. never did I know that he'll be my all time favourite someday.
Adi sir is the reason I watch CID .. I love the show and trio .. but the first and major reason will always be my abhinava taara ( a term for shining star in telugu) .. 

In 2005-06 when I started watching CID Sr Ins Abhijeet was the main reason for which i got more interest in CID...I felt its not like other crime thriller rather it is more than that...I became regular viewer of CID...in that time I didn't know his real name & I didn't know anything about this in-born genius...but his friendship with Daya , his loyalty towards ACP sir , his friendly relation to other officer specially his loyalty towards his duty continuously impressed me a lot & all these things have a strong impact on me Embarrassed I never want to miss a single episode if any work suddenly comes i am feeling irritated LOLkya karun unhe dekhna miss karna afford nehin kar sakti thi Embarrassed
I was very internet shy person...in 2009 just to know about Sr Ins Abhijeet i was searching internet & got this india-forums website...from here i came to know about Sr Ins Abhijeet i.e., Aditya Srivastav & I became Day Dreaming Heart Blushing
What a person !!! What a actor !!! What a genius !!! What a handsome Guy !!! EmbarrassedBlushing
After knowing about him from all these sites & after watching this versatile enchanter i am totally crazy about him...I did lots of things for the first time just for him Embarrassed He is my strength, faith 
& inspiration...I respect him !!! Thank you sir for lots of things though you are not aware of it !!! Embarrassed


What does abhijeet stands for me...well the question is very small but the answer can't be expressed by words...it the hardest question for me as i myself m not aware of it...my heart knows the answer but my mind don't...for me aditya means abhijeet and abhijeet means ABHI...this name ABHI is the most beautiful name in the world for me...whenever i hear it my senses gets activated...when i see him in front of me my heart start pumping faster...my eyes don't want to move away from him...my smile don't desire to get away from my face...i am fully hypnotized and i make my way straight to my dreamland...

It was somewhat 5 years back when one day while surfing the channels i came across sony...there i saw CID for the first time...before that i didn't knew that sony even do exist...the first person whom glimpse i got was ACP sir...as i had watched him in some movies so i started watching the epi...it was "Yeh Phool Chaman Mein Kaisa Khila"...i was watching it and then abhi entered after a while...there was no effect on me but as the episode progressed his acting abilities left me impressed...i liked the epi so i decided that i should watch theshow...and from here the journey began...i became regular viewer and slowly slowly i was attracted towards abhi...after 1 month the first thing i used to think when the epi's starts was how much abhi will be there?...slowly slowly my attraction started becoming my liking and in 2008 i realised that its more than liking...i found myself fully affected by the man...i realised that i am having a crush on him...and i was laughing on myself as i was only 12 that time...but his charm was so much that i wasn't able to keep myself away...and now the condition is this that he is obsession to me...my day don't pass by without seeing him on tv...whenever i am free or sometimes when i am doing any task he is the one who keeps ruling my thoughts...he have become the air i breath and he is now the most important pillar and the reason for my living...now i can't imagine my world without him...he is the one whom i respect and love the most...my life revolves around him...for me abhi is aditya and aditya is abhi and they both are CID...

abhijeet sir.. the master of disguise & expressions with wonderful and too much expressive eyes. A wonderful actor. He is one of the reason i watch CID. His braveness, dedication & loyalty always inspire his fans to behave in that manner only.. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I think Abhijeet is the perfect example of an ideal, tough officer and a sharp sleuth. He is one of the most unique and impressive characters I've ever seen on Television - not only was his gripping entrance in "Stolen Dynamite" immediately captivating, but the progressive characterization we saw in the older episodes - from a stern, highly skeptical cop to his much more relaxed form now - has been well shown. Needless to say, his friendship and bond with Daya sir is stuff legends are made of and a true glory of our show. He's a profound example of a true friend, loyal officer, valiant warrior and caring senior. All credit to Aditya sir who, with his stunning performance, has been bringing the character to life on screen since fourteen years for all of us to cherish for eternity.

I don't watch TV shows much.

Abhijeet/Aditya is the reason to watch CID.

Abhijeet has gone through so much pain in his life and now he's smart, intelligent, strong & suave cop. His characterization is quite practical and it impressed me. We found this rarely in TV world.

Abhijeet's expressions are magnificent. His body language is just flawless. Sometimes we see so much great expressions with fewer words through his expressive eyes. His smile reaches his eyes, whenever he smiles the way his face glows is priceless. He is just brilliant whatever expression he delivers. His husky voice always mesmerizes me .Even a glimpse of Abhijeet makes me to sit through worst episodes. He is such a lovely unconventional handsome angry young man. It's a pleasure watching him in CID. I'm really inspired by his hard work, sincerity, and the way he worships his work. I'm addicted to his performances.

Aditya is very talented, amazing actor. I admire his work and totally a joy to watch. Inot only like him but respect him from the bottom of my heart very much.

In short Abhijeet/Aditya is my 2011-2012 year Amor.LOL

Aditya Sir's is a wonderful actor..Any viewer would definitely be amazed to see the skills he possesses as an actor,which indeed deserves a great praise.Clap
Abhijeet's a cop with great valour,wisdom and intelligence.I like a lot the bonding between Abhijeet and Daya...Abhijeet maintains a firm sense of justice and truth.He is a brave,dedicated & intelligent cop,a good human being and a true friend of Sr.Insp Daya.He has always supported his friend through the tough times!
and thank you Aditya sir for portraying the role of Sr.Insp.Abhijeet so wonderfully!

Aditya.. The name says it all.. He is the sun of versatility.. The brightest among them all.. Whatever he touches just turns into gold..
Abhijeet.. He is the character, the cop, i always would like to be.. not just now, since childhood.. I love his alfa male stance, the leader he is, the sharpshooter, the sharpest mind and all this with heart of gold.. He loves the life and the job.. He makes me feel whatever may come.. u can always face it, fight it and win it.. He gives me strength and whenever i am down.. just a pic of his brings smile on my face..

What can i say more.. Its just that what he is-- A debonair!! And i am and always will love,admire and be a pankhi of his LOL

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Soni. IF-Sizzlerz

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"The kind of personality I have, if I am there in a lead role, a film cannot be 100% mainstream" Aditya Srivastava 

By Joginder Tuteja, December 8, 2006 - 06:51 IST

In an age of popular films coming week after week and breaking the record of the last blockbuster in the way, there comes a small film like Dil Se Pooch,Kidhar Jaana Hai that takes an offbeat approach and narrates the tale of a couple that got separated post infamous Mumbai riots and met again in diverse circumstances. We get into an exclusive conversation with the male lead of the film, Aditya Srivastava, who has shown his mettle as a character actor in films like Bandit Queen, Dil Se, Satya, Ek Haseena Thi,Matrubhoomi and Dansh in the past.

You seemed to have a great start with films like Bandit Queen [1996], Dil Se [1998] and Satya[1998]. Why have you been not so high profile on the big screen even after being there for more than a decade? 
Well, I mainly look for interesting roles and interesting scripts. This is why I was there in films like Ek Haseena Thi,Deewar and most recently Dansh but then yes, they have been far and few. A lot of my time goes in my serial CID on television and hence until and unless I get to play a very special character, I do not really crave to be there on the big screen. 

So is your character that special in Dil Se Pooch & Kidhar Jaana Hai

Yes, thats true. The film has a backdrop of Mumbai riots and revolves around the characters played by me and Vani Tripathi. Both of us play husband and wife who get separated after the riots. What happens when we meet after years forms the crux of the situation. The irony is that while I am a cop, my wife is now a prostitute. How both of us decide to be together while being scared about the society and the fight that begins henceforth is the underlining drama in the film. 

Sounds rather interesting.
Yes, it is! Because while so many stories are told about people who died or got injured in the riots, there are so many terrible stories about people who were indirectly affected by these riots. 
Dil Se Pooch narrates the tale about two such people. 

But dont you think that a film with a subject like this needs to be promoted well for its target audience?
Yes, but then I may rather not comment on the films publicity. If my producers feel that they can get the movie in theatres after a 2 week promotion then they have their reason about doing so. I am not really getting into the whys here and would just want the film to do well whenever it releases!

Whats the relevance of the films title considering the subject of the film sounds dark? 
The idea is simple. Whenever you are on a crossroad, always listen to your heart. That's because the voice that comes from inside is never wrong. It never lies and always guides you well. This is what happens to the main characters in the film. When they are in crisis, they listen to the heart since it dictates what is right and wrong. 

For the first time in your career, you play a lead role. 
That's right and what an experience it was! In fact I was running away from the role but then it has turned out to be such an enriching experience in the end. Shrirang, the director of the film, had seen 
Satya and as per him, he had written the script keeping me in mind as the central protagonist. He was sure that he wanted to cast me in the role.

Most of your films have breached on being slightly offbeat. Is that intentional?
I won't say that I have a problem doing mainstream cinema. In fact I have been a part of such films like Lakshya or Deewar. But then let me be honest here. The kind of personality I have, if I am there in a lead role, a film cannot be 100% mainstream. It needs to have a subject which is different from what works as popular cinema. I can be cast as a villain in mainstream cinema but certainly not a hero. 

Is that a reason why you played the role of an evil lawyer in Ek Haseena Thi
True, the role was brief but was brought out pretty well. In fact I would also be seen as a villain in 2-3 Tamil films that I am doing. 

And release of Black Friday should be another example of that, is not that so? 
Yes, we all are quite relieved that the film would finally be seeing the light of the day after the Supreme Court judgment. With a Jan/Feb timeframe for the film's release looking probable, Mid-Day [the film's producers] would be devising a publicity strategy for the film and bring it to the audience. 

It could be a turning point in your career? 
Dekhiye aasha to nai hi rehti hai! 
There have been number of films that I have done with acclaimed directors in the past and I really believe that Black Friday by Anurag Kashyap would make its mark too. 

So what next after Dil Se Pooch and Black Friday
There is a film titled 
Raakh which I have done with director Hansal Mehta. It is a film in a complete commercial format with Sohail Khan and Mithun Chakraborty. I play a villain in the film. Beyond that I would be also be doing a film called Mohandas with Mazhar Kamran who is an established cinematographer. And no, before you start wondering, film Mohandas has nothing to do with Gandhi!!

Kaalo Movie Interviews

There are numerous reviews & articles on Sweet Heart & it is impossible to post all the articles & reviews...so only few reviews with relevant portion posted here...

The Killer' gang has a breather before the shoot
[Anupreet SandhuPosted: Fri Feb 19 1999 IST]
Aditya Srivastava and Niki Aneja, would play the lead roles for the first episode of the serial - "The End", which will be shot at Kufri. The two were camping in the township at the residence of a friend on their way for the shoot.
Aditya is the new actor who hit the Silver screen with his role as the first husband of Phoolan in the "Bandit Queen", besides playing the fiery Inspector in "Satya".
Produced by Felix Sequeira and directed by Rajesh Ranasingle, the serial's first episode "The End" revolves around a psychopath woman (Niki), who saves a writer (Aditya) injured in an accident...
Meanwhile, Aditya who has already done roles which demand sheer gravity of performance, considers cinema as the ultimate goal of an actor. Coming from Allahabad, he started off his career with an amateur theatre in Allahabad and later moved on to the Sri Ram Centre at New Delhi where he was spotted by Shekhar Kapoor for his "Bandit Queen". From then on, his journey in films went on. Aditya has also acted in tele-serials like - 9, Malabar Hills and Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti.
An interview of Anurag Kashyap and the making of 'Black Friday'
Anyways, while writing the script few actors i always had in mind..the ones who didn't have to audition..I wanted KK to play Rakesh Maria..Naseeruddin Shah to play Tiger memon and Irrfan to play Badshah Khan..Aditya Srivastava was to play Dangle..Nowazzuddin to play Asgar Mukadam and Pankaj jha to play theba and Dubyendu bhattacharya to play yeda yaqub..Siddhu was the only choice for samra..We got some..others we didn't..Naseer dropped out because he did not want to play a muslim terrorist ..it was a very sensitive time then..Gujrat was burning..and you know how in times like that anybody could have stood up and said anything..Its a funny country..same reason why Irrfan dropped out..Irrfan said he had no issues to play Rakesh Maria..that put us into a sticky situation..the finance was raised by selling these three actors together for the first time..the financiers were pressurising us to interchange the casting of badshah khan and rakesh maria..they also told me i had a KK bias..i tried to show them how KK had a close resemblance to Rakesh Maria..when pressure got too much..i put my foot down..AM stood by me..we got away...Now if not Irrfan then who for Badshah khan..i immediately thought ofAditya Srivastava..but i had to show them why i thought so..i hesitantly requested Aditya to audition for Badshah..he had no problems, and was very sporting..sometimes it gets embarrassing..an actor you have worked with and appreciated twice before, you ask him to audition..he rocked..i knew it..


Aditya Shrivastav's Black Friday

By Surendra Hiwarale [ February 11, 2007 at 11:39 am]

The film started and I was taken into the entire conspiracuy of the bomb blasts. Aditya Srivastav aka Badshah Khan was known to me as we had worked with him in Ek Haseena Thi before. Before that my memories of him were of the straight forward honest cop that he played in RGV's Satya. When I was watching it I was constantly pulled in by his performance. Never ever did I loose a single frame whenever he was on screen. What I had liked about the film was its innocent approach towards justifying what happened. And three cheers to Anurag he managed to achieve it.

Its interval, Aditya Srivastav is no doubt my hero, KK still I do not like. We have chai, cigrettes, samosa's, and go back again. The film begins, Pawan too has had an impact on me and he is consistent even today. Aditya I like much more than yesterday. He rocks; I start to feel after Amitabh Bachchan he is the one who has the caliber when it comes to performing.

I can never be wrong in my judgement. As the film unfolds, I am reminded of the scenes that I know. Aditya Srivastav makes me further respect him as the most convincing Badshah Khan. I love you boss as an actor. Whether, it's his gradual progression when he realizes that he has been cheated by Tiger Memon. Jusy check him out in the scene where Theba (I think) tells him that their passports have been burnt. The fight that ensues there, immediately the next cut is of Aditya standing in the bathroom and guys the way he has performed actually made me feel that, this is how real Badsha Khan must have felt. It's so touching.. the scenes where he is constantly trying to speak with Tiger Memon, where in he keeps asking him to move him from Bombay, and his conctant trips to Rampur to jaipur to tonk to again jaipur to Calcutta are amazingly performed, I just loved the way Anurag has designed his emotional graph, which ultimately leads to his coming back to Rampur Badshah Khans native place. It was so well done. Badshah Khan surrenders, his first meeting with Maria, and him finally trying to turn the state approver just makes you feel bad for not only him but for all the boys who were a part of conspiracy. Aditya's track gets over and so does chapter three.


Off Bollywood - A breed of young actors chooses variety in portfolio over superstardom and money[Track-II Heroes]

Aditya Srivastava: Black Friday, Satya

...And they aren't the only ones on the Bollywood horizon'actors like Ranvir Shorey, Deepak Dobriyal, Prroshant Narayanan, Aditya Srivastava, etc are all bringing fresh vitality, vigour and also money and success to the alternate, small film movement in the country.

"Opportunities for us are increasing," says Aditya Srivastava, seen recently as Badshah Khan, Tiger Memon's henchman on the run in Anurag Kashyap's Black Friday.

Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar! A bittersweet life By Hansal Mehta

...After much hesitation and awkwardness, my worst fears came true. Manoj refused the film. He wanted to be part of a much bigger film. He wanted to support me but in a bigger endeavor. In despair I approached the very gifted and under-rated Aditya Srivastava for Manoj's role. Aditya agreed. The producer backed out...Aditya Srivastava showed no disappointment when I told him that Manoj would be doing the role offered to him. He accepted the role of Tito for a pittance. He even contributed money towards making the film. I think Tito is one of Indian cinema's most memorable characters. It was a great performance by a very magnanimous actor.


Twelfth year, caught in the same case!
[Smita Roy, TNN Mar 15, 2009, 12.12am IST]

Having done a host of critically acclaimed movies, from Bandit Queen, Dil Se, Ek Hasina Thi, Black Friday, Aditya Srivastav is now excited about Gulaal in which he's seen portraying grey shades.
Besides films, Aditya is a known face on TV. But, incidentally, he has never done any other show apart from CID. "This is the 12th running year and somehow it's more of an emotional bonding I have with the serial now," he says. But why isn't he seen in any other show? "I took up CID because I simply loved the concept of the show. Today, its the only one of its kind crime thriller on TV. Unfortunately, this genre has not been tapped too much on television and the bandwagon runs after saas-bahu sagas or reality shows, either of which I'm not really interested in. If apart from CID there's something that I like, it has to be the movies I do!"
But unlike his counterpart and good friend Kay Kay Menon, who also arose from television, Aditya has not yet received the kind of appreciation and roles that he might deserve. To this, he says, "I'm doing this serial for so many years now, that I feel it would be unfair on my part to leave it just for the sake of films. In the process of trying to juggle both TV and films, it becomes a little difficult as I've dedicated 20 days a month to the show. That leaves me with 10 days for meetings, script readings or shoots for my films. But now slowly I'm doing some time management so I can work more towards films. Hopefully things should happen and by God's grace, I get more and better work."
Few people know that recently he had done a film as a solo hero called Dil Se Pooch Kidhar Jaana Hai, which he modestly confesses didn't work well at the box office and he wasn't surprised, as the marketing was next to negligible. But then he believes, "One should keep trying. I'm trying my best and what happens or what would happen would definitely be for the best. I don't lose heart and by the way there's another movie releasing this year with me as the protagonist. It's a daylight horror and a one of its kind... just like my show!"
Kaalo - Desert Witch Movie Review 
By Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham Editorial [ December 16, 2010 10:39:43 PM IST ]

Aditya Shrivastav (CID fame) gives an earnest performance. 
Kaalo Movie Review By Taran Adarsh

Speaking of performances , Aditya Srivastava does well some perfo
rmances as we've seen...

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Sweet Heart Aditya's Information thread @ CID Forum


CID team dedicates 'Thank U Mumbai' Anthem on 26/11

CID Pahuncha Adaalat Serial On Location

CID Team meets Lata Mangeskar : Video


Request CID Episode 2 (You can find almost all the episodes here)

SetIndia Youtube Links of CID


BYOMKESH BAKSHI- Kahin Kavi Kalidas


Naya Daur - Independence Eve 1947


Rishtey- Highway




[Password- visrom]








http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=woWPfXQu-cc&feature=related




http:// www.video247.tv/mv.php?id=8FDF47VN 





KAALO - Best Feature Film Winner @ South African HORRORFEST 


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