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SS:Pheli Nazar mein note pg 27 11/5

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Hey all you arjunains Happy ISHQ WALA LUV DAYLOL 


ENJOY N COMMENT Embarrassed 

Chapter 1 : Home Coming

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining overhead, making every single dew on the plants in the huge yard, surrounding the beautiful white building, glimmer like stars brought down to Earth. It reminded everybody of the famous movie's name, 'Taare Zameen Par'.

It was now the most awaited time of the college. Summer Vacations. The only thing that every single student of this college waited desperately to come, but at times, dreaded it. Dreaded it because it was time to go back home, far away from the place, where they could be together with their friends all the time and have fun all day along, regularly. Amidst the hustle bustle, and completing slam books, exchanging phone numbers, there were flashes of bright lights coming from their respective cameras, as they took a snap of each of them and together. The teachers were all meeting and chatting up and sharing some gossips, as usual, while at times each of them would be dragged by the students to make them a part of their group photo, and/or present them with a gift, in order to show their gratitude for their hardwork paying off in making them achievers in whatever field they chose. Seeing such stuff, brought tears in the teachers' eyes, and would go and hug them straight and share some parting words with them. Promises were filling the air to meet up again, with the teachers and also friends. Final Year graduates were bidding each other and their lovely teachers good bye and promising to come back to visit them. Hugs and kisses were also filling in the slots. 

In a dormitory a girl clad in a white dress, with shades of brown, lining the left side of it

stood in the middle of the battle ground, which was turned totally upside down by its occupants for packing. She took hold of her belongings and packed them in, when she lifted her amber eyes to a shrieking sound of another girl, which seemed to be closing in. Her elegant eyebrows furrowed to see who it was, and she saw a flash of blue and white and a few tinkers of a pair of bracelets. She instantly realized who it was and shook her head, when suddenly she was grabbed by the shoulders and ordered to by the hands movements to stand erect.

Girl1: (turning her head to see the girl behind her; twitching her lips) Aisha?! What the hell?!--

Girl2: (cutting in and in a worried voice, induced by a bit of naughtiness) Riya Puh-lease!! Hide me, or Moti will kill me!! (swaying here and there)

Riya: (sighing exasperatedly and forcing Aisha to leave her and turning to face) Now what? What did you do to Sister Lovely? Even today you didn't spare her, poor her! (shaking her head in disbelief)

Aisha: Come on, Riya! (resting her hands on her smooth hips) I just gave her a (raising her hand and waving it nonchalantly) Karele ka juice [Bitter Gourd Juice], that's all!! (hunching her shoulder slightly and back; laughing to conclude it)

aisha: What?! (eyes widening) You did What?! (stepping forward)

Aisha: (shaking with laughter) I said it's a special juice... to lose weight...*giggle* And she..believed me!! Poor, poor Lovely!! (giggling)

Riya: You are an IMP!!! You know that? (making a gesture to as if crush her and then slapping Aisha's shoulder)

Aisha: (rubbing her shoulder) Ow! That hurt!

Riya: (smirking) Yeah! As if! (jerking her head to one side and resuming packing) I'm gonna miss you so much!! (smiling longingly)

Aisha: (stretching her arms and then hugging Riya from behind) I know, my Anarkali!! I'll miss you too, and way more than you do!! (spreading her arms to show how much and then back to hugging her) Who willYou joke with when you are back home (resting her cheek on Riya's shoulder) Hmm? (twitching her lips) Why did wehave  graduate so early? (whining)we will barely meet each ither now ! (turning her head to face her with her chin still on her shoulder)

Riya : Aww... (cupping Khushi's cheek) So you really gonna miss me, huh?

Aisha: Of course! (breaking away from Riya) Why wouldn't I?

Riya: I thought you were just saying, to be kind to me!! (hunching her shoulders)

Ashai: Haww...How could you? (turning away in a huff) Hmmph! Go, I'm not gonna miss you! I won't even remember you! 

Riya: (trying to turnAisha to face her) Aisha? Aisha?? Look at me na! (sticking her finger down Aisha's chin and making her look at her) Okay, you're gonna miss me! I know!! I was joking! (seeing Aisha turn away again) *sigh* (holding her ears) Sorry? Please? (trying to get her to look at her) Please na? I was joking!! Sorry na!!

Aisha: (chewing her cheek and then laughing) What did you think I was doing, eh? (wiggling her eyebrows) Jhalli!! (flipping Riya's hair and running away from her)

Riya: Haw...YOU!!! (insantly breaking into a run)

The ran around the whole dorm, dodging each others weapons being thrown at, climbing beds and jumping around, when they finally gave in and threw themselves on one bed, trying to catch their breath.

Riya: I really am gonna miss you, My Munni! (hugging her and dropping a kiss on her cheek)

Aishai: (huffing and hugging Jeevika back) Me too, Anarkali!

And the two broke into the other's songs to tease the other.Aisha sang Anarkali Disco Chali, while Riya sang Munni badnaam hui.

Aisha: (straightening in a jerk) Hey!! Why don't you come home with me? (eyes glinting with an idea)

Riya: What? How? (straightening herself)

Aisha: (twitching her lips) My best friend is getting married in Chandigarh yaar! (seeing Riya's bewildered expression and trying to correct herself) Arre! Meaning my other best friend there! Fiza! She's getting married to my Cousin  bro, Sameer !! (grinning) Shaadi ka ghar hain!! So you can come home with an excuse of attending the wedding!! Well, you don't really need an excuse to meet me or come home with me, but you know what I mean! (winking)

Riya: But Aisha...Urm... (biting her lower lip) I don't know, yaar! I have to ask Bhai! It does sound like fun to me...But...I haven't brought any dress either for such an occasion... (raising her eyebrows in anticipation) They're in Mumbai, not here, in Lucknow! (pouting slightly)

Aisha: (waving her hands in front of Riya's face) Hello?! Wedding means shopping, Love! It'll be fun!! Come on... (chiding her) Please?? (showing her 32 teeth and pleading while holding Riya's nervous hands)

Riya: (smiling slowly a tAisha) Okay!

Aisha: (jumping on the bed, making it creak at the pressure) Yay!!! Then it's decided!! You are coming home with Me!! Yippee!!! (hugging Riya and simultaneously falling)

Riya: let me just call bhai and let him know that im going with you (she pick up the cell and calls her bhai

in Mumbai in a big huge glass buliding Vadehra  enterprize in big big AC office sat a Lean ,Tall,  Dark Handsome Man.

If looks could kill all the woman in his office would have been dead by now ...some about him was just so uff...from his walk ,to his talk his dressing sense or his street smart attiude ...his pressence let alone oozed of confidence along with bit of egedy arrgance but thats what made him so damn attractive ...

he sat in the middel of his office in front of his cherry oak wood custom made designer desk which was imported from france. he was in MIDDEL OF A MEETING Which ment no disturbances what so ever ...

Guy: imran , Tarun..this is not done how could you do that to mr. Waila he worked with us Vadehras When papa was here this not done ... I want both of you to says orry ti him ..and tell him he will get  10x as much money of his salary every month asa pention and with all the company perks as well he is still very much a part of the Vadehra company and i want it done now! understood .

suddenly his cell rings

Guy: Imran i have take this you better understood i mean business now leave we will contiune this later

Guy: hello Chutki how are you my lil princess im so proud of you im sorry right after the gradution cermony ihad fly back ...anyways forget all this you called anything important . are you ok ?

Riya: Bhaiya so many questions please give a chance to answer all perfectly fine.

How can  Viraat Vadehra's sister not be fine huh ? ho hi nahin saktha?

there is nothing to worry about in fact i called to ask you something bhaiya

Viraat: anything chutkii your wish is my command have i never said no to you ? what do you want

Riya: bhaiya um i wanted to ask if it was ok if i can go to Chandigarh with my best friend Aisha .she is going home for summer break and her bhai 's and friends shaadi is happening she invited me ...please say yes bhai know how i love shaadi's

Viraat (standing up from his chair ):Chandigarh ? Riya how are those people you barely know them. and you are going go to Chandigarh

Riya staring at Aisha indecating a i dont think so look )

Aisha grabs the cell

Aisha: hello Riya's bhaiya

Viraat: hello Riyu ?

Aisha : ji nahin im Aisha ..Aisha Rawte  

im personally promise you that your babysister urf my best friend will be perfectly fine ...i will take good care of her she will come back to Mumbai i in1 piece i promise now please agrreee please

Viraat (:a small smile appears on his face when he is talking to this strange girl on the cell)

ok fine im much more a peace  hearing you...

Aisha: huh what?

Viraat(meantally slapping him self for his slip of toung ): i mean my mind is at peace hearing you reasuring words of taking good care of lil glass dolll Riya

she may come with you now please hand her the cell

Aisha gives the cell to her in a sad experssion on her face shaking her head ina no

Riya: yeah bhaiya so ...i gusse ill be coming home right ?

Viraat: ofcourse not ..enjoy your self and take care and haan call me and Viren bhai  everyday infact twice to let us  know how you are ok and if you need anything just ring me up love you chutki

Riya: bye bhaiya i promise and thank you..

she cuts the cell

Riya looks at Aisha: you Munni i uff you sacred me i was so sad thinking i couldn't come..teri tho ruk ..she chases her ..Aisha jumps on her bed and starts throwing pillows aRiya

Aisha: oye be thankful anarkali that me Aisha Rawte 's charm and baatein worked on your bhai

Riya dodgeing the pillows ..

and jumping on the bed and pinching Aisha's arm ...

thats for throwing the pillows at me

and then she hugsAisha

Riya: and thats for convicing bhaiya

Aisha: your most welcome my jaan e maan the way ..i must say your bhaiya has a sexy voice

Riya looking at her wit her mouth open in a O

Aisha: oye if you your mouth like that a fly will get in there ..what i ddint say anything wrong

Riya : aye haye ...if you like my bhaiya's voice im sure you will love him in person , after your bhai's shaadi why dont you come to mumbai... maybe who knows your shaadi will get paaka laughs Riya

Aishai: no thank you but you never know Riya i swear by my flimy mom Kadhambari  Indar Rawte ...i bet that there will be a love story in this shaadi alawys happens in someones shaadi ..someone or another fall in love who knows i bet you might even with my bhai

Riya : oye chup kar ..just shut up ... he is getting married you want me to fall in love with the dulha

Aisha :what hell no or my other soul sista my sissy from another missy Fiza chaudary will kill me have you lost it woman. i was saying my other big bro Arjun Suryakant Rawte Not My  Sameer bhai he is Cousin brother  my Bua's son after he was born bua passed and phoopa left way before so dadaji brought  him up he is just like  my arjun bhai   ...

So  just to clear it no im not setting you up with the dulha but im telling you will fall flat for  My arjun bhai 

he is a ACP Just like my Sameer bhai . you see looks we are gifted in my family jokes Aisha

Riya :i bet but so sad na god gave you looks but not the brains haha laughsRiya

Aisha goes to hit her

Riya : comeAisha enough masti ..we will be late

Aisha: see just talking about Arjun bhai giving you butter flys huh cant wait see him?

a little while later they leave for the airport and board their flight

Chandigarh Airport

They got off the plane in Chandigarh and rushed to get their luggages, and walked out the Arrival gates.

Aisha: (to Riya's questioning look) It's a surprise yaar!!

Riya: (raising an eyebrow) As if they don't know you're coming home for the Summer! (rolling her eyes)

Aisha: (laughing) They know it, baba! Only that I'll be coming home the next week!! Not...thisweek!! (wiggling her eyebrows and grinning)

Riya: Oh! (following Aisha to the cab stand)

Rawte Mansion, Chandigarh

The two girls step out the cab near the iron wrought gates of the maginficent palace like house. Palace-like?! This is a palace!, she thought smiling. Not that her own house wasn't huge like this. The two looked more or less the same, but she just wanted to stay grounded now. She smiled to a grinning Aisha and followed her in.

A guy in a blue check   T-shirt and faded jeans, sat on an elegant couch smothered in gold and cream. A leg resting on his other knee, and eyes trained at the local news. He turned to the other page, when a splash of cold water hit his head, threatening to seep into his skull and kill his brain by freezing. He jerked out of his seat and looked around to see which buffoon had did that, when his ears caught a distant laugh going farther away. He turned to the direction to see a slim figure running on her long legs, with a familiar laugh and glint on her face, running away from him.

Rathore: Aisha?! What the HELL!!! (instantly breaking into a run) Teri toh!!

Aisha: SURPRISE!!!!!! (spreading her arms and laughing again)

Ratore: What?! (pausing and running again) Come here, You!!

Up somewhere inside a study, two men sat on two couches facing the other discussing about the wedding peprations , when the noise from down there, pierced the silence of the whole room. They stepped out to see who it was and climbed down the winding stairs.
They see Aisha, the apple of their eye, running towards them, looking behind her, and to see who it is behind her, they crane their necks to see Rathore running to catch her, in a state to quote 'Bheegi Billi'.
Mr. Vijay  Singh Rawte , grandfather to Aisha, Sameer and Arjun, smiled at his grand-daughter, and turned to see his  grand son grinning at his two siblings.

Dadaji: Arjun? Did you know Aisha was coming home?

Arjun: (nodding in negative) No, Dadaji! In fact, she had told me that she would be coming the next week! (with a lop-sided smile)

Dadaji: A good surprise though!! (chuckling at his other two grand children laughing and dodging each other)

Arjun's eyes caught a glimpse of another white against the dark teak wood of the main door and turned his attention to it. He saw a female figure standing with her hands clutching to her hand bag and her dark black hair swaying in the wind coming in through the open doors of the mansion. He frowned in thought, but before he could think or do anything else, a forceful push came to his chest and the next thing he knew was falling. But in the nick of time, he balanced himself, only to bend to his side to hold something from falling.

Riyaa felt someone looking at her and was about to turn to see who it was, when Aisha crashed into her and she felt herself being pushed back to a great distance. She panicked and tried to grab onto Aisha for support, but nonetheless she realised Aisha, herself, was falling faster than her. She closed her eyes awaiting the floor to contact with her back, when she felt  something wrap around her. She waited, and waited.. but nothing happened.
She slowly opened her eyes only to look back into a pair of light brown orbs, peering into her face, curiously.

Arjun saw her features and was stunned to see a perfect pair of eyebrows, encasing the upper part of her eyes, that were closed still, and then her straight nose, which had a bulge right at the line of her eyes, and a pair of quivering lips, that were a colour of pink rose. And he saw her open her eyes slowly, and was mesmerised to see a pair of pure Ambers staring back at him. He couldn't help but gape at her, when he heard a voice floating into his ears.

"Sorry!" says Riya

everything Aisha had said about her bhai Arjun was spiining in her head , her heart was pounding so hard she felt if it was gonna jump out of her ... the butterflys Aisha had mentioed  were flying at the speed of light


 chapter 2 will  be posted next post  till then comment Embarrassed

chapters 1 and 2 pg 1
chapter 3 pg 4
chapter 4 pg 7
chapter 5 pg 11
chapter 6 pg 14
chapter 7 pg 16
chapter 8 pg 19
chapter 9 pg 21
chapter 10 pg 22

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CH 2:Jab we Met   

Arjun's hands where still wrapped around Riya to make sure that she didn't fall. It was as if time had suddenly slowed down and they were floating somewhere above the ground.

He wasn't able to take his eyes off this angelic face of her's. Her Amber eyes were so captivating that he felt as if he was imprisoned in them. 

Riyaa looked on into his browns, about to apologise again, with one hand around his neck, while the other held his shoulder. She was so lost in him, that her breath hitched and whatever she was about to say died on her lips, when he smiled slowly at her. She continued to look into his eyes. They were so familiar. She could see her own reflection in them. They also mirrored his own heart. And she could read it so very well.

But they were brought back to reality when a slight shrilly voice cut through their thoughts.

Kadambari : Aye Haaye, Arjun!! My Arjun Rampal!! (clapping her hands once) Yeh kya hai? (with a faint tease in her voice) Ek dum Yash Chopra ka film ka scene lag ra hain!! Hain na? Kyun ji? (turning to her husband) 

Indar : (shaking his head in disbelief) Tum toh har cheez 'film ke jaisa' hi lagta hain?

Riya blinked hard as she looked away from his face, and blushed a cute pink, as she tried to straighten her legs. Arjun realised it too, and swallowing hard, helped her straighten up. 

Riya: Thank you! (ironing her dress' skirt trying to hide her embarrassment)

Arjun: (leaning in a little and whispering) Pleasure is all mine! (noticing her cheeks darken a shade)

Aisha dusted her shorts and straightened her top, and aplogised to both, Arjun and Riya. She went on to touch her granddad's feet and smiled and straightened on receiving his blessings and leaned to hug him fully.

Kadambari: (clasping her hands to her chest and excited) Haye ni! Dehko Indar humaare ghar ki geet aagayi hain!! (spreading her arms wide)

She strode to her father-in-law and her daughter, breaking away from the hug to face her. 

Kadambari: (lifting up her saree) Meri bachchi!! Meri Geet-u!! (almost jogging) How are you ?


Indar: (perplexed and following his wife) Geet?! Yeh toh humaari 'Aisha' hain! Geet nahin!! Humare beti Aishai hain! (his hands waving in the air) Uff! (shaking his head in disbelief) Tum bhi kaddu!! We have 3 kids 2 of our own! Arjun and Aisha and Sameer who is just like arjun to us  ,

 Kadambari: (pausing near Aisha; offended) O ji! I know how many kids I gave birth to!! (placing her hand in front of him to make a point) Tum bhi na.. I meant 'Jab We Met' ki 'Geet'! (hugging Aisha and dropping a kiss on her head) Aisha toh same to same hain!! (swaying her a bit)


Aisha: (breaking away a bit and looking up and down at her mom) My filmy Ma... Aap bhi kuch kam nahin ho! (giggling on being hit on her arm) How're you? I missed you!! (hugging her again)

Kadambari: (hugging her back) Aisha!! Ab ghar kitna acha lag raha hain! We all missed you very much!! (breaking away from her)

Aisha stepped forward to hug her father, Indar.

Aisha: Papa! (hugging him tight) How are you? How is your BP? (looking up to his smiling face) I've told you already! No stress!! (raising a fair finger to warn him) Now since am back, I'll handle everything for Sameer bhai's wedding! You just relax! (smiling and straightening his collar)

Indar: (continuing to smile at his youngest daughter and chuckling) Now I'm totally relaxed seeing my princess here!! (kissing her forehead) *sigh* (realising her surprise and raising his eyebrows in amusement) What a wonderful surprise!! (side-hugging her)

Aisha giggled and then went to her grandmom, whom she called 'Beeji'.

Aisha: (hopping with excitement and holding her Dada's hands) Mere Rajesh Khanna!! I must say, you are looking dashing as always!! (holding her index finger and thumb together, while the 3 other fingers stood out to indicate her like)

Dadaji: (laughing) Kyun nahin Aisha beta!! Otherwise mere Anjum Mihdur kaise milti, huh? Aap ki Beeji ko aise hi laga tha!! (winking at her)

Beeji: (smiling to hide her blush) Chodo ji! Tum bhi na! (moving forward to hug Aisha) Aisha, meri Laado!! (dropping a kiss on her forehead)

Dadaji: But Aisha? (keeping a hand on her shoulder) What is this? (looking her up and down) What kind of clothes are you wearing? (seriously) I don't mind if u wear modern clothes but this..! (shaking his head slightly in disbelief)

Aisha was wearing this

Your friend is wearing such a decent dress and look at you! (tilting his head)
Riya was wearing

 your friend is wearing such a decent dress and look at you! (tilting his head

He pulled her ear, making her wince, when suddenly he winced in pain. He looked back to see his own mother pulling his ear.

Badi Beeji: (shaking her finger in warning) Vijay! Leave Aisha's ear right now!! (twisting his ear harder on seeing him not loosening his hold) Abhi abhi aayi hain meri bachchi! Koi nahi mere beti! (nodding in assurance and giving a flying kiss) Kuch nahin bolenge! (turning to her son) Aur tum! Buddhe ho gaye ho! Yeh aaj-kal ka fashion hain!! (nodding once to prove her point)

Vijay: (still wincing and wincing even more at her tight hold) Beeji!! Ow..Acha! (leaving Aisha instantly and folding his hands in front of his mother) Meri ma bachchon ke saamne toh kaan mat kheechiye? (hissing even more as she left his ear with another twist)

aisha turned to her great grandmom, or better known as 'Badi Beeji' to all her and her siblings. While Dadaji nursed his ear, going to his wife.

Aisha: (jumping and hugging Badi Beeji tight) Badi Beeji!!! (breaking away ad teasing) Aye haaye!! My sexy! How are you, my Heroine? (pulling her cheeks)

Badi Beeji: (chuckling and resting her hands on her hips like a famous celebrity) I'm hot as always!! (raising her chin) Pata hain? (coming nearer and winding her arm around Aisha's shoulder and walking) Woh Amit ke dadaji, roz line maarte rehte hain, muhje dekh kar!! (nodding in pride)

Aisha: (raising her hand to her mouth to hide her giggle) Ooh la la!! (turning to face Badi Beeji and holding her by her shoulders) Badi Beeji? Kya baat hain? (wiggling her eyebrows) Aap bhi virat bhai ki saath shaadi kar lo!! (winding her arm around her shoulder and walking again) Amit ke dadaji ke saath!!! (teasing and laughing altogether)

Laughing hard, suddenly she noticed Riya standing silent there with her brother near her. She walked up to her.

Aisha: Arre! Riya? (beckoning and walking up to her as well) Why are you just standing there? Come!

She traced her steps to Riya and Arjun and stopped near them.

aisha: (whispering so only Arjun and Riya could hear) Chup-chup khade ho zaroor koi baat hain, Pehli mulaqat hai ji, pehli mulaqat hai!! (teasing and trying to contain her voice) Chup-chup khade ho zaroor koi baat hain, Pehli mulaqat hai ji, pehli mulaqat hai!! Chup-chup khade ho!!

Riya stood still and blushed harder on hearing Aisha. While Arjun smiled at his baby sister, and turned to see Riya blushing more and more.

Arjun: (smiling and chuckling at Aisha) Shaitaan!! (leaning forward to hug her)

Aisha hugged him back tighter, and dropped a kiss on his cheek, while feeling him dropping a kiss on hers. She broke away from him and turned to take Riya to meet her family.

Aisha: (grabbing her hand) Come on, Riyaa! Let me introduce you to my family!! (grinning) My Amazing family!! (turning with a serious expression) But I warn you, (smiling widely) they are a bit crazy!! (winking and bursting out in laughter)

Aisha went on to pull her up in front of all of them. Riya, was greeted with a lovely warmth of love, oozing out of everybody. She bent down to seek the elders' blessings.

Dadaji: Beta, daughters of the house, dont touch the elder's feet but... (hugging her close to indicate what he means)

He broke away and caressed her hair lovingly.

Dadaji: It is a pleasure to get to know our Aisha's best friend! Nice meeting you, dear! (smiling tenderly; turning to Arjun) Arjun, take the girls' luggage to their room... (nodding once and turning to Aisha) Aisha! Try and explain your Sameer bhai to not meet Fiza till the wedding!! (shaking his head in disbelief at his other grandson) Yeh nalayak koi baat hi nahin sun raha hain!! (hitting Rathore's head playfully)

Chuckling at the two siblings fighting silently, he tried to get their attention by pooping another thing.

Dadaji: Sameer, Aisha? Come to my study, please! (turning to Arjun) Arjun? Show Riya Beti  to her room, okay? (nodding and smiling)

Arjun: (instantly alert at the mention of Riya's name) Ji, Dadaji! (nodding obediently) Of course! (turning to Riya and asking softly) Shall we? (with a lop sided smile)

Riya a nodded silently, with her head bent down, focusing on the furnished floor. She raised her hand to move a few strands away from her face, and settle them behind her ear, when..

Arjun: (huskily and teasingly) Haaye! Kya adah hain! (smirking)

Riyaa didn't know what to do, other than blush again. But she tried her best and looked up to smile slightly at him and continued to walk. 

After a few moments..

Arjun: (with his hands behind his back) You came at a wonderful time!! (nodding in approval) We are sure to have loads of fun and masti!! (his adam's apple bobbing up and down, while grinning) You will love it!

Riyaa: (smiling sweetly and nodding in approval) I bet, I will! I love weddings! There just something so lovely, that I can't help but love them! (hunching her shoulders, clasping her hands and her eyes slightly dreamy)

They walked into a fully furnished room, with lovely bedspreads, curtains, furniture and a beautiful dressing table, along with a dark coloured, multi-doored cupboard.

Arjun: (stepping into the room) This is the guest room! Uh...Your room! (turning to look around) I must say, it has never looked as breathtaking as it does today! (blinking innocently an turning to her) Must be your presence! (smiling casually)

Riya looked down and away from him, trying to hide her blush, but in vain. She looked back up in anticipation, when again everything went fuzzy all around, with him only in focus.

Just then, Rathore and Aishs walked in, arguing about something, and throwing weird looks at each other, including anger.

Aisha: (eyes widening) Are you crazy? (nodding in negative) No! I will not sneak Fiz into our house!! Dadaji will kill me!! (bewildered)

Rathore: (twitching his lips and looking back again) Please meri sweet little sister!! (folding hands in front of her) Maan jaao na? Please? (begging)

Aisha: (sighing exasperatedly) No!! I can't!! Ple-- (realising something and slapping her forehead) Oh shit! Fiz will kill me!! I have go meet her!! (raising her eyebrows in anticipation) Riya.. (grabbing Riya's arm and pulling).. Chalo!! 

Aisha suddenly stops in her tracks, to see Rathore with his hands held up to stop them. She looked at him in question.

Rathore: (nodding in disbelief) God!! You make the devil look innocent!! (raising his voice slightly) You always get things done the way you want!! (kneeling in front of her) Please agree, Aisha!! (begging and in a teary voice)

Aisha: God! (gasping) My bro, the ETF CHIEF ACP SAMEER DHAMSING RATHORE has become a 'Majnu'?? In my sweet Fiz's Love? (grinning in amusement) Hmm... (looking back at Rathore's sad expression) Kuch tho karna hi padega!! (biting her lip and nodding in approval) I'll see!! (raising her chin in finality) Any message? (leaning forward)

Rathore: (jerking his fist in the air in happiness and straightening) Tell her to meet me! (excitedly)

Aisha: (pouting as if thinking seriously and nodding in negative) Nope! Not done! Anything else? (crossing her arms on her chest)

Rathore: (raising his hands in the air and making a gesture to kill her by her neck) I will kill you, damn it!!

Sighing, Arjun walked up and placed his hands on his brother's shoulders in assurance.

Arjun: Sam, mere bhai! Forget about what Dadaji said! Everything is fair in Love and War!! (saying it wisely) I'll help you! (keeping hand on his own chest) Main hoon na!! (imitating SRK's action, keeping his other hand behind his head and sweeping a bit of his hair)

Riyaa: (seeing Aisha like this and chiding) Come on Aisha!! Help your brothers na? In college, you use to plan all kinds of stuff! And here, you can't even think of anything to help Sameer ? (her voice turning disappointed) You know what Sameer? (turning to him) I'll help you!! (nodding and smiling)

Rathore : (smiling widely and in surprise) Really? Wow!! (grinning) Thanks.. (suddenly astonished) But how did you ever become this chhipkali's friend? (hitting Aisha playfully) And you know what? Since you are helping me meet my love, I bet God will help you find your's!! Do you have any one, by the way? If no, can I be of any help to you and him? (blinking and pursing his lips)

Riya: (blinking and blushing at his question) No! Not that lucky yet! (smiling sweetly) My prince charming took a wrong turn and is too stubborn to even ask for directions, I think!! (nodding with a tease in her own voice, chuckling)


Virat chuckled with Khushi, while Viren kept on looking at her closely.


Arjun: (casually) Maybe... (pursing his lips) Just.. maybe.. You were supposed to find him instead! (hunching his shoulders)

Aisha: (sighing in exasperation) Whatever!! I have to run next door to Fiz's!! (hurrying and grabbing Riya's arm) , come on!!

They started off, while the two brothers watched them run off in the other direction and the out of their sight.

Rathore: (pursing his lips) Damn It ! (resting his hands on his hips) Ab kya? Kuch soch, mere bhai!! (his hands in a begging-like position while turning to face Arjun)

Arjun: (nodding, and closing his eyes in positive) Hmm... (suddenly) I got it!! (smiling widely and ushering Rathore) Come with me!!


Chaudary's House

Girls walked into the beautifully decorated house. After all it was a wedding, and they could see all the walls covered in flowers and fairy-lights.

Aisha: (approaching a man in his mid fifties) Hello Madan uncle!! (grinning at his surprise) How are you? And where is Pinky Aunty?

Before, Madan could answer, a burst of pink, blue and green came along, hugging Aisha.

Pinky: (excitedly and hugging her tightly) Aisha, meri bachchi!! (breaking away) Tum aagayi ho na, ab meri Hh-help kar do!! (smiling sweetly)

Aisha: (smiling and chuckling) Ji Aunty! But let me meet Fiz first!! (giving a fly kiss to her)

The girls ran up the staircase. RIYA followed AISHA, wherever she went, since she was new here, of course. Aisha saw the room and walked up right to it, when she saw a geeky four eyes  boy, who was busy on his ipad , standing in front of Fiz's room.

Aisha: (calling out) Oye shree, the tecno geek !! Move! (pushing him away lightly) Let me meet Fiz now! (huffing)

Shree: (countering her) No Fiz  has given me Strict instructions to not let you come in!! (nodding his head in negative)

Aisha, at first gaped at him, but as an idea struck her mind, she smiled evilly. She reached out and started tickling Shree, incessantly. And in no seconds, they were in a lovely room of yellow, with a huge bed in the middle and a dressing table alongside it, with 2 cupboards on the other side.

They see this girl, 

wearing this

in this, sitting on the bed, arguing with her older brother, NK a.k.a. Nandkishore.

Girl: For the last time NK bhai!! Learn Hindi for God's sake!! (yelling in frustration)

Grinning and biting her lip, Aisha broke into a run and grabbed and hugged the girl tightly. But in the next second, she found herself being pushed away. She looked at the girl questioningly.

Girl: You late latif!! (annoyed) Get out!! Is this the time to meet your best friend? (furrowing her eyebrows and furiously) I'm getiing married in a few days!! (yelling a bit)

aisha: (sighing and closing her eyes briefly) Oh Fiz, please!! I came a week early, so chill!! (her hands waving in the air) Please, my sissy from another missy! Hmm? (leaning forward) Cheer up, my Chhamak Chhallo!! (chiding and at last) Now I want you to meet my Bichdi hui Behna, jo Mele main kho gayi thhi!! Riya!! (her hand outstretched indicating her)

Fiz: (her mouth forming a weird pout and perplexed) What?! Hae? Hello? (turning to Aisha) I've known you since your Diaper days!! (her hand in front of her to make a point) You don't have a sister!! (nodding as a matter-of-factly)

Aisha: (twitching her lips) Arre! I know baba! I was joking!! (smiling widely) This is my other best friend, Jeevika!! Urf Anarkali!! (grinning)

Fizi: (looking at Riya from head to toe) Oh ho! Other best friend? Achcha! (smiling widely) Nice to meet you Anarkali!! (extending a hand to her) Welcome to our group!! (grinning' indicating herself) I'm Chhamak Chhallo Urf Sam's Chickni Chameli!! (nodding)


While later..

NK: (spreading his arms wide) Aisha!! My Peer!! How are you?? (excitedly)

Aisha: (nodding in disbelief and smiling) Uff! NK, its 'Heer', not 'Peer'! And I'm rocking!! (hunching her shoulders)

Suddenly, two Sardars jumped into the room, from the balcony, scaring them all, out of their wits and the only thing that they knew to do was scream and started off instantly.

The screams moved them so much that they had duck down and cover their ears. And on getting a chance, they ran to them and covered the mouths of Fiza and Riya, respectively, with their hands.

Sardar1: (turning to Fiz) Oye meri soniye!! Meri Dream girl !! No fear when your hero is here!! (Winking) I missed you so much!! (leaning forward to kiss her forehead and hug her tightly)

Here Rathore  was lost in his actions, while Fiz could only blink her eyelids in shock. And as the man's words sank in, she broke away and pulled off the beard from his jaw, only to realise Rathore being there in person.

Rathore: (at the sudden pull on his jaw) Ouch!!

Arjun: (teasingly) Pyaar mein kya kya karna padta hain!! (nodding his head in disbelief)

Riya turned to look at his face, on hearing it all, stunned.

Arjun: (clearing his throat and correcting himself) Uh...I mean, Sam ko!! (indicating with his head) Waise, do you believe in love at first sight? (frowning casually she just staired at him and smiled )


Mean while, aisha, who was hugging NK due to the fear of the strangers jumping into their room, was now shaking her head in disbelief at her 2 stupid brothers for scaring her to death.

NK: Wow Aisha! You look hot!! (smiling a lop-sided smile) Sacchi!! (nodding in positive) I'm the luckiest guy right now having you in my arms!! (looking at Aisha's stunned expression) I swear! God promise! (pinching his throat) You are beautiful!!

Here the two couples are lost in each other's eyes, while NK stood there admiring the beauty of the beauty in his arms.

While Aisha was lost in thought of Riya's brother. She could still hear his voice ringing in her ears.

Rathore (hugging fiz tightly): I can stay like this forever my princess he said while dropping a peck on her lips


Riya was looking at fizmeer and smiled  

Arjun  noticed her looking at them and just kept looking at riya


Arjun:Har kiska story hota hai jab do loh mil the na they meet for a reason my sure we too will have a story he whispered without breaking the eye lock


Riya didn't know what to say she just blushed she became crimson red  


Arjun:You know what your name is just like you beautiful but I feel that your name should have been Gulabo itna blush jo kart hi ho he said flirtingly


Riya smiled: and aap ka name should be mr. sweet talker she said teasingly


They were just stairing at each other


Do comment will update next parts soon 

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Devilicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 5:59am | IP Logged
So lovely...
Amazing fiza di !!!Thumbs Up

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Arya1991 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 6:50am | IP Logged


V-day SS LOL
Awesome Smile

Great story it seems to be...
This sweet talking avatar of Arjun is OOH-LAA-LAA!
And rathore romanicing your namesake is HAWT.
I'm also looking forward to Aisha meeting Riya's Virat bhai...

Looki g forward to your next update, and hope it comes sooon.

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shuruli Senior Member

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Helo fiza di Happy vday...dis is 1st tym i am commenting on your post sry pehle se agar koi gadbad ki toh maaf kardena:)-
Haye ni... 3 ka tadka was awesome Aisha virat ya NK...Manvi ji , jeevika ji,arnav ji nahin aye...:)...BB,beeji,dadaji wer hillarious aur kadambari chachi ke movies wale dialogue aur indar chachu hamesa confused hehehe...but mere ko ye samajh mein nahin araha Ye bich mein khushi kahan se agayi she aint introduced in the story...!!!...Fizmeer ki jodi mashallah balayein lelo kisiki nazar na lag jaye!!!
Ariya love at first sight main marjawan gurh khake romantic arjun attitude wala viraat mujhe diabetis ho gaya ...!! Ye ss toh mere liye bahut special hone wala hai...
1stly itz my birthday
2ndly my 3 dream heroes ek saath Virarjen:)-
Mast concept hai di...dil khush kar dita..:)
Continue soon...n pls pm me:) luv to read...:)

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yas23 Goldie

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awesome update
love it
continue soon

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