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*~*SNS Valentine's Day OS-Contest=VOTING!!!*~*

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Hello Saathiyans Hug

Valentine's Day OS Contest-Voting 

To make the valentine's day more lovely and romantic, we have received 5 beautiful one-shots written by the amazingly talented writers of our forum. It's time to unveil them for you to not just read but also choose one of your most favorite Entry and vote for it...

as always before we go to read and vote, here are a few rules to be followed in the voting process

Valentine's Day Dividers

quick glance at the  rules for the voting.

 Please do not vote for your own entries, else your vote will be disqualified

Please do NOT create multiple IDs to vote for your favorite entries, as it will disqualify you from Voting.

Advertising your work in anyway way, via this thread, or a post on the forum, or via PM will lead to an automatic disqualification

You may vote up for ONLY ONE  OS

Last date for voting is  22nd, February, 2013

Since the OS's are long, instead of accomodating in one post, spreading them randomly in two posts ...please do read all FIVE entries before you vote

Valentine's Day Dividers

Happy reading and voting Embarrassed

SNS Dev Team 
Valentine's Day Dividers

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OContest Entries 


The story starts with Gopi confronting Rashi about vansh. So here it goes!

Gopi-Rashi ben did mami steal vansh from the orphanage?
Rashi- Nahi toh kyun?(getting tensed)

Gopi-Please don't lie rashiben,I know the truth. And now I am going to tell the whole family about it. Gopi rushes out of the room and call everyone to the hall and tells them the truth. Eberyone shocked!Jigar speaks up,"Bhabi yeh kya keh rahi hai aap?"Ha devarji yehi sach hai,mami ne vansh ko anadh ashram se churake laya tha. Aur uska asli ma hai alka". Jigar gets very angry and yells at rashi,"Kya yeh sach hai rashi?"She starts to cry and say "Yes this is the truth and Why have I done this? Only because I wanted a baby, my baby par yeh gopi ne sab kharab diya." "Bas Rashi bas!" Kokila yells," I have been doubting you and alka from day one and now my doubts proved right. Alka vansh ko leke yahan se chale jao,if you need any help ask us. Sorry for the trouble our family had caused you". Alka leaves with vansh and rashi breaks down. Gopi comes near her but rashi yells," Gopi don't you dare touch me.How dare you disclose the truth to everyone, didn't you know how I would feel? You loved me right,oh yeah you don't love me now,before when you didn't have any family you used to be behind me and now since you have your own parivaar you don't care about me.Remember one thing Gopi you ARE AN ORPHAN'" "Shut up Rashi,Don't you dare calling my WIFE orphan"Ahem yells "What do you think of yourself? Firstly you make dirty mistakes and when my wife discloses the truth you call her an orphan?How dare you? She is not an orphan,till my death she has me,my daughter,my whole family and above all her kanhaji.So don't you dare speaking rubbish about your JETHANI!" With that ahem takes  gopi to their room who is completely shattered by what rashi said. Gopi sits on the bed and starts crying. Ahem feels very bad and guilty for what happened. Even he was once responsible for gopi's pain. So he thinks "I am sorry gopi,even I hurt you a lot na,I'll keep you very happy from now on". After a while gopi composes herself and goes down to prepare dinner for the family. In the kitchen,hetal and kokila are present. Rashi comes down and hetal yells at her"Please leave this kitchen,I don't want to see your face,I cant believe I chose to trust you over kokila when all the time she was suspecting something. Before I do something bad,just get out!"rashi is shocked to see her mother inlaw react like that and she runs to her room.gopi witnesses all of this but decides not to speak anything.They all prepare dinner and everyone have their dinner except rashi and jigar. Jigar is terribly upset and stays in study room,he thinks"how can rashi stoop so low?May be its my mistake to let her do anything she wanted.Its better I keep myself away from her for few days."

Ahem and gopi retire to their rooms and after setting everything for meera gopi directly goes to bed without speaking anything. Ahem thinks,"Mrs.Gopi Ahem Modi wait for my surprise tomorrow!" Its around midnight 12'o clock on 14thFebruary! VALENTINES DAY! Ahem takes a rose and a saree and set of matching accessories and put them near her side of the bed with a note

"Happy valentines day gopi,I want to see you in this saree tomorrow please and that to in the south Indian style!


Your love Ahem

and kisses on her forehead and says" Happy valentines day gopi" but gopi is in deep sleep and does not respond! Its morning and as usual gopi wakes up first and and looks at the gifts. She read the note,especially the last part"your love ahem". She feels very happy. She forgets all the pain and thanks her kanhaji for sending her real life kanhaji for her. She takes the saree and goes to the washroom for getting ready. Unknown to her ahem was all the time awake and he gets up after gopi goes in. he kisses meera and waits for gopi to come out.gopi is very nervous to come out in that style and the moment she comes out,ahem is mesmerized by her beauty! He doesn't have words to describe her,gopi looking all shy and red looks down. Ahem comes to her and whispers,"looking gorgeous my dearie wife,happy valentines day" gopi blushes even more but manages to say "happy valentines ahemji" ahem chuckles seeing her so shy and rushes to washroom to get ready but tells her not to go to down before he comes! After ahem comes out in his dashing 3-piece black suit,gopi is all lost looking her handsome husband. Ahem smiles at her and both of them go down with ahem holding meera, all the family are seated at the dining table and rashi is shocked to look at gopi in that attire. Ahem gives meera to kokila and says"mom take care of her as me and gopi are going out today.i have few plans with her.i am not going to office please don't say anything about it,this is important mom""ahem do you think I would stop you. No dikra,I know you and your prioritizations,mota bhabi and i will take care of meera,don't worry enjoy yourselves,and gopi vahu,you are looking very good.May you always be happy". They wish everyone and leave the house in ahem's car leaving behind a jealous rashi.

Ahem drives her to a restaurant for breakfast. And the restaurant is completely exclusively booked for them. The entire dining hall is covered with rose petals,and a welcome poster saying "happy valentines day gopi" is present. Gopi is astonished to see it,she looks at ahem who asks her to come inside. They go inside and order food.with the food,the waiter brings a gift and gives it to gopi. Gopi is surprised and about to refuse,when ahem says take it. Gopi opens the gift and is surprised to see a beautiful lord Krishna's idol in it. She smiles and keeps it with her.they finish the breakfast and ahem takes her for shopping where he buys loads and loads of sarees,chocolates,gifts etc for gopi and of course his little angel meera. Its afternoon by then and they go to a restaurant and gopi sees the same kind of welcome poster but with an addition to it,"happy valentines day gopi,you are my life!" gopi smiles at ahem with tears threatening to fall at any time.ahem gives her a side hug and takes her inside. Even here the waiter gets a gift for her and gopi readily takes it as she knows who sent it,and is surprised to see beautiful necklace set. She smiles at him and thanks him for the necklace. After finishing their lunch,they go to a movie of gopi's favourite hero, hrithik roshan. Gopi was enjoying all the time as there was never a time when she happily went for a movie in her life. And ahem was very content to see a very happy gopi.

Its almost dinner time by the time they finished movie and went to the restaurant. Ahem was very nervous this time as he decided to let his heart out today in front of her. When they entered the restaurant,it had no welcome sign and gopi was surprised.She turned to look towards ahem but he wasn't there. She gets worried and starts looking for ahem. In meantime she receives a note saying, gopi please come inside and sit at the table.Gopi though a little scared enters the dining hall wondering which table to sit on but to her surprise there is only one table in the middle of the room,with all the walls decorated beautifully and floor full of rose petals. Gopi nervously comes and sits down on the chair. Ahem holding a huge bouquet of roses comes to gopi and kneels down in front of her and says,"I love you gopi."Gopi starts to cry and makes him stand up and hugs him tightly and starts crying. After a while,she stops and says"I love you too ahemji". Ahem makes gopi sit down and even he takes a chair and sits down. He takes her hand and tells her that he needs to tell her something important. Gopi looks at him keenly. Ahem says" Gopi I have made many mistakes in my past""ahemji why are you saying all of this""please gopi let me complete,I have treated you worse,never bothered about you or your feeling,sent you out of our house and even slapped you.I couldn't believe I did all of that to the angel of my life, nevertheless I am very sorry gopi.I even brought anita's name and hurt you badly.I am very sorry gopi, but the fact is I have never loved her.Do you know why?"ahem takes out a small bracelet from his pocket and shows it to gopi,"gopi when I was in America I was a peer leader for which they gave me some money too,with that money I purchased this bracelet,I wanted to give this to the love of my life,though I was with anitha back then I couldn't give her and now I realize why I couldn't. gopi if you accept my apology and forgive me will you please allow me to put this on your hand?" "ahemji I forgive you,infact ive forgiven you long back. I have always craved for a prince and you came into my life,I never had any mother you gave me maaji,I never had any family,as rashi ben had said I was an orphan,but you gave me a family and above all you gave me a beautiful symbol of our love,meera. I am very grateful to you. You know what I have enjoyed myself like this,I was never treated special like this and definitely I was never loved like this,ahemji you gave me everything I have asked for. So I have nothing against you,I forgive you. Saying so ahem put that bracelet on her hand and hugged her tightly. They broke the hug and ahem kissed her and hugged her back.Gopi was very happy and safe in his embrace. They had their dinner and returned home only to find their love symbol happily sleeping with their mother.They returned to their room and slept on bed in each others arms.Ahem was very content for letting his heart out and making valentines day special for gopi and gopi was very happy and blessed for having such a husband who made her day or life as a whole complete.They were bonded for life and no one can ever separate them.

ENTRY # 2 

Be my Valentine's my love

Ahem sat back in his seat and waited. He had waited all his life. Now the moment was close at hand for him to grasp, to hold and to keep her forever.

What do you give your wife when she says that she has everything? This is what she had told him on her birthday. He had surprised her at midnight with a cake in their bedroom. The look in her eyes was enough to know what she felt. Her words merely crystallised this.

When they took their seats at the mandap, he remembered sitting there waiting too for a bride of his mother's choice. She came, abided and lived through his rage and anger. He refused to trust her of his things until she had won his trust through his means testing methods, only to learn that her ways were similar to his. The more he allowed her into his world, the more he liked her and understood her passivity.

It was through this that he learnt about her zest for life, the desire to be educated. He became the willing tutor who gradually fell in love with her. It was unlike anything other relationships he had even experienced before. There was a time when it felt that all his efforts he put in teaching her were in vain, only to wake up one morning to hear her sweet soft delicate voice recite the time tables. What a treat it was to wake up to such a delightful sound and sight!

Just thinking back to that time still affects him physically. An electric current zipped through him tightening his trousers. He shuffled on his seat adjusting his comfort level. If only he could wind the clock back to that time he would have grabbed hold of her onto the bed and made mad love to her just to show her what she made him feel ' a thought that crossed his mind a million times.

Since then he went soft on her. So soft that, during the last Valentine's Day he did not want to be away from her any longer that he picked her up and brought her home where she belonged. Along the way he could not resist giving in to her when she had seen the kulfi stall. To add to this the timing of the flower seller was impeccable. He gave her a red rose and wished her. Her blush, sparkle in her eyes with her reply were well remembered as though it happened like yesterday. What a magical time we had!

That magic amplified to him telling her how he felt for her and shown her just how much he loves her. This bore fruit in the form of their daughter.  His heart swelled with wondrous affection just thinking of both of them. Wasn't life so good, he thought? This is the best time to be alive.

"Ahemji?" he heard her voice in the distance, "I was looking for you."

"I have been waiting for you Gopi," he replied standing up.

"Is Meera asleep?" enquired Ahem.

Gopi nodded with a faint smile.

"Come sit over here," he said pointing to the chair that he was sitting on. "The air is so lovely tonight."

She walked up to him in the gazebo and sat on the chair, not leaving his curiously strange look in his eyes. What is he thinking of, wondered Gopi.

He knelt on one knee and took her hands in his.

"Gopi, I never got to tell you what a wonderful mother you are to Meera."

"Thank you Ahemji."


His calmness prevailed as he continued to gaze at her. He breathed in deeply and sighed.


"I want to say how sorry I am for our earlier days of our marriage. I was a fool not to see who you are and believe you ---"


"It's ok, Ahemji. What is past is past. What matters are now and our future," reassured Gopi.


"I have been so bad to you that you feared for me when I was hurtful to you. I gave you so much of pain and brought on unhappy memories when they could have been beautiful ones. I am truly, truly sorry to put you through this," spoke an apologetic Ahem in a calm, soft and gentle voice.


Gopi was so touched by his words and watched his eyes glisten and sadden. She lifted her right hand and placed it on his left cheek and continued to reassure him, "It is ok Ahemji."


He leaned his face into her palm taking the comfort she as offering him. He took a deep breath this time to calm his jagged breathing. 

"I feel so blessed to have you for my wife. Without you my world will not be so sweet and beautiful. Will you be my Valentine's my love?"

"Ahemji, I am your Valentine Ahemji today and forever. I love you," replied Gopi with tears trailing down her cheek.

Ahem rose to his feet, placed his palms on her cheeks and wiped her tears with his thumbs whilst he closed in a placed his lips on hers gently.

"I love you too, my love," he whispered.

She gasped parting her lips and he deepened the kiss. They came up for air. Ahem took her by her shoulders to make her rise to her feet. He placed his forehead on hers and looked deeply into her eyes wanting to see the depths of her soul.


This time with more confidence in his voice he uttered in a slight whisper, "We need to work on getting Meera a brother, what do you say?"


Gopi blushed and smiled shyly lowering her face. Ahem took this moment to place one hand on her back and moved her forward whilst the other held the back of her head so that she rested on his chest.


"You told me on your birthday that you have everything. You do not have this and this is my Valentine's present to you. This is something that you will need soon," Ahem chuckled whilst they made their way downstairs to their room.


Ahem realised that he had everything he wanted right next to him. There will be no waiting any more.

 ENTRY # 3

Os. Dil to Pagal Hai on Gohem

Dil to pagal hai dill dewaana hai

The heart is crazy the heart is insane.

Ahem whispered dil to pagal hai to himself and he remembered that Valenties Day was around the corner' So he drove around and saw a stall the young girl selling roses. Ahem decided to get out of the car and by roses for Gopi. Ahem thought, "Does Gopi like Roses?", "Yes, Ahem don't be stupid, of course she does." "Your, Gopi is very simple, the simplest thing will please her."

sine me.n phir aag lagaata hai

Its sets your chest on fire

dhiire dhiire pyaat sikhaata hai yehii

Slowly teaches you to love

Ahem knew that love can make you do crazy things, also that is sets your chest on fire. The name Gopi would just make his heart beat fast. He was glad that Gopi came into his life and taught him to love in the simplest ways. The way Gopi handles everything with love and respect and care. Love's everyone no matter how bad they are in realty. Ahem knew that not just roses will do for someone like Gopi so he set out to get some chocolates, he said to himself, "Who does not like chocolates?"

Ha.nsaata hai yehii yehii rulatta hai

It makes you laugh, it makes you cry

Ahem drove out to get chocolates and remembered the good and the bad times that he had with Gopi. Ahem knows love that love can make you laugh and make you cry but he did not know what exacalty love felt like. All he knew is that Gopi is the one, she makes his word complete, Gopi and Meera he whispered, he knew his world was complete when Meera arrive into his world and he was grateful to Gopi for being such a delight to his world.

Dil to pagal hai dill dewaana hai

The heart is crazy the heart is insane.

Saarii saari raat jagaata hai yehii

It keeps you awake the whole night long

So Ahem drove home with the roses and the box chocolates.. Ahem knew that today had to be special chocolates and roses where just the start of his romantic surprise for Gopi. Ahem knew that he would have to worry about Meera as she will be looked after by Koki, as he asked his mom to look after his dear daughter.

Ahem press the door bell and waited. Gopi opened the door, Ahem in his mind, oh no not the damn paalu why does she keep on doing that and only in my presence, I need to stop her doing that, she needs to stop covering her beautiful long black hair.. as Ahem thought about Gopi his heart started to beat faster.

Gopi stood there wondering what was her husband doing standing their on the one spot and she broke Ahem's train of thought with, "Jai Shree Krishna, Ahemji"

Ahem broke from his train of thought and replied, "Jai Shree Krishna, Gopi tell Meethi to grab my things from the car and bring them to me in our room."

Ahem rushed up stairs, and walked went shower and changed he wondered around the room around the room, "Where is Meethi?" he thought.  Ahem could not take more of the waiting he knew that today had to special no matter what.

By then there was a knock on the door. He said, "Come in." Meethi came in with the roses and chocolates and gave them to Ahem and then she left.

Ahem had the roses and chocolates and decided as today was a full moon he would take Gopi to see the moon like what he did previously.

So Ahem waited till later for his surprise.

aa.nkiyo.n se nii.nd churaata hai

it steals the sleep  from your eyes

sachche jhuuthe khwaab dikhaata hai yehii

it shows you true and false dreams;

Ha.nsaata hai yehii yehii rulatta hai

It makes you laugh, it makes you cry.

Ahem was waiting Gopi to return out of the bathroom to surprise her with the chocolates and the roses and then to show her the moon as Gopi likes simple things.

Gopi came out of the bathroom and was surprised that Ahem was there. "Ahemji, You here?"

Ahem said "be quiet, Gopi." He pulled out the roses and chocoltes and got on one knee. "Happy Valenties Day Gopi." "I am happy that you have come into my life, you have made my life complete, you and know Meera this is my only world, you and Meera are the channels that play in my mind all day, but today on this occasion, I don't know why but the song Dil to pagal hai has reminded me what love can do and how crazy the heart is."

Dil to pagal hai dill dewaana hai

The heart is crazy the heart is insane.

Is dil kii baato.n me.n jo aate hai.n

One who heeds the heart in these matters

Vo bhii diiwaane ho jaate hai.n

Becomes a madman.

"Gopi, I love you, my heart has become a drumming drum", he pulls Gopis hand on his heart "See."

Gopi stood there astounded, she was speechless. Ahem decided to lift Gopi and take her to the garden to show the moon.  After a while Gopi realised where she was, "Ahemji, where are you taking me." "Be quiet, Gopi it's a surprise, know close your eyes." Gopi closed her eyes wondering what her Ahemji is doing.

Ahem reached the garden and the moon was out, he set Gopi down and told to open her eyes, "Gopi. Remember I once showed you the moon today the moon is at it's best" he points to the moon Gopi looks at the moon and is pleased. Ahem gets a smile on his face and he was right that Gopi will be happy with his surprised but was worried as she did not say a word.

Ma.nzil to raahi dhuu.ndh lete hai. N

They manage to find their destination,

Raste magar kho jaate hai.n

But they lose their way to it

Dil to pagal hai dill dewaana hai

The heart is crazy the heart is insane.

"Gopi, I Love you and I mean it. The roses and chocolates and know the moon will not be enough to express how much you mean to me, you have given me Meera and Gopi, you have to taught me to love, I was always this anrgy young man, controlling and always working but Gopi you came into my life and changed it compelety I know I have not admitted but I'm glad my mom chose you for me, you are my saathiya you are the one I was meant to be with, your Kanaji has granted my wishes of a loving family which I got, but Gopi you have not said anything.." Ahem stood there desperate.

"Ahemji, I love you too. To hear those three words from you makes my world the happiest and I feel to that you and Meera are my only words, I have gotten everything and I'm very gateful to Kanaji to giving me such a beautiful family and you and also Meera.. I feel my world is complete know."

Ahem stood there with a smile on his face he went on his knee, "Gopi, will you be in my life forever, in this life and in the next life, I want to reunite with you in every life, I love you and I want to be yours forever if you take me"

Gopi went down made Ahem stand up and said, "Yes I will Ahemji .. I want that too" Gopi knew then she was complete.

Ahem went to hug her.. Ahem whispered.. Dil to pagal hai and he knew that was right.. Indeed the heart is crazy but he did not know how much love will change his mind set he knew his world was complete with Gopi and only with Gopi. "Ahemji, did u say something?" "No Gopi I did not'" They both stood there hugging this hug was enough to last for a life time.

Ahem broke the hug and kissed her on the forehead, he knew that tonight he was going to show her how much he love her, Ahem got a slight grin on his face  he was happy and he knew that his Gopi was happy, so his plan to make today special for Gopi was a success. He then went kiss her eyelids one after the other, at this point Gopi was starting to feel shy and her cheeks started to form a sligh red blush, Ahem knew he was right on target on teasing his wife.. one more kiss shall do it he thought. So Ahem moved slowly to Gopi's neck and nuzzled it for a while and he kissed it he started from the chin down landing on the shoulder where moved some of Gopi's blouse to kiss some of her shoulder. Ahem thought no Ahem control so he lifted her and took her to their room, to show her just how much he loved her.. The End.

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A single red rose lay on the dresser waiting for her as she came out of the bathroom, towel drying her hair.  She smiled shyly and slowly made her way to towards it.  Almost as if it held a thread to her heart it gently reeled her in. 

Afraid to pick it up Gopi sat down on the stool and caressed the petals.  Resting on pure white tissue, the contrast between the two, was stunning.  Next to it was the card.  Picking it up with a little apprehension she feared that she would not understand the message that was written within. 

"A wish for my Valentine.

My eyes will never stray from you,

My heart will never let you go."

Tears formed in Gopi's eyes. She brushed them away and smiled.  These were happy tears and no longer would she be ashamed if they fell.   She had been accepted.  She breathed in the fragrance of the rose then spied another card nestling under the tissue.

"Come with me tonight.  Will you be ready tonight at 7pm?  I will wait for your answer."  It was signed with a simple "Ahem."  Gopi raised the card to her lips and planted a kiss, leaving the imprint of her lipstick mark over his name.

"Gopi vahu."  The call resonated from downstairs.  Gopi shot up, replaced the card, put her pallu over her head and rushed out. 

"Gopi vahu," Kokila chastised her.  "Why are you so late?  We are waiting for you to perform the aarti.  Come quickly." 

"Yes Maaji."  She quickly picked up the thali, cast a shy look in Ahem's direction and began.  Upon finishing everyone took the blessing.

It was Ahem who noticed that she was without sindoor in her parting.  While everyone moved to the dining table for breakfast, he held her back. 

"You haven't finished dressing."  He whispered, leaning in close to her.  Gopi looked around her.  Her sari was fine, the doris of her blouse were tied.  Her manglesutra was around her neck.  What could it be?  She looked at him, puzzled.  He smiled and removed the pallu from her head, then took a pinch of red vermillion and applied a small amount to the front of her parting.  Not an "I have been hit by an axe murderer amount" but a respectable application.

Ahem could not keep his eyes off Gopi.  She had seen the rose.  He was sure of it.  Jigar watched his brother with a bittersweet smile.  Ahem spoke to him.

"Sorry Ahem bhai.  I did not get that." 

"I said that if you are ready now, we can go in together.  Kaka wants to take the other car to his meeting.  He will drop it off to us later."  Jigar stood up.

"I am ready."  Ahem downed his tea.  He looked around him.

"Let me go and get my case."  Gopi moved to get it.  "It's alright Gopi.  I'll get it."  He bounded up the stairs and re appeared moments later smiling.  He looked at Gopi and nodded.  He had got his answer.


The day seemed to drag forever.  Finally Gopi was able to find time to ask for permission and get ready.   She kept her make-up and jewellery simple, as he liked.  The sari was a deep purple contrasted by a lime green blouse.   A final look in the mirror and she was done.  Just in time.  Ahem's voice called to her from below.   He stood still as she appeared on the landing and made her way to him.  Appreciating her every step, every fumble as she tried to come down the stairs gracefully, in heels that she was not accustomed to.  He held out his hand to her and she gratefully accepted it.  He raised it to his lips and placed a kiss on her knuckles.  For her part she attached the rose that he had gifted her this morning to the lapel of his jacket and he held her hand just there as he had done last year when he collected her from her maami's house.

"Ready?"  He asked.  She nodded in reply. 

The surface of the lake rippled gently as they made their way to the boat that was waiting there.

"Ahemji?  This?"  Gopi had never been on anything like this before and there was a tinge of nervousness in her voice.

"Yes Gopiji.  This."  He teased her.  In the darkness she could tell that he was smiling at her.  Nonetheless, he put a reassuring arm around her waist and led her forward, helping her on, holding her close as the rocking movement caused her to stumble.  He led her to the centre of the boat, which was decked with cushions, throws around a low table which was set with candles flickering in the gentle breeze. 

Gopi was surprised as they sat down, when an attendant appeared and placed various dishes in front of them.  Aromatic and tempting.  Gopi's stomach growled. 

"Will there be anything else, Sir?"  The attendant asked.  Ahem shook his head.  "Very well.  Have a good meal."  He got off the boat.

"Ahemji? Where is he going?"  Gopi looked round.

"Don't worry Gopi.  I wanted to spend Valentine's evening with just you and me.  There will be no one to bother us or try to get in our way.  Just relax."  To prove his point he switched off his phone.  He picked up a stick of cucumber, dipped it in the humus and held it up to her.  "Humus?"  She smiled and tried to take it from him.  "No."  He held back.  "Let me feed you.  Every day you put food in front of me.  Let me do this for you."  Shyly she opened her mouth and took a bite.  Her eyes never left his face for one minute while he fed her.  Cucumber, carrot sticks, celery.  They fed each other the starter until it was no more.  They ate the main course from one plate, one fork and took it in turns to feed each other.    The meal was rounded off by plain and simple fruit.  But Ahem had one more thing.  He presented her with a heart shaped box of chocolates.  She opened it and gasped.  Lying entwined with the chocolates was a diamond bracelet.  He picked up the bracelet and placed it on her wrist. 

"A memory of this Valentine.  Bought with hope '."

"And worn with love."  Gopi finished off.  Ahem kissed her forehead and hugged her tight.  She hugged him also and then moved back.  Ahem was disappointed.  Was the evening to end so soon?  Gopi reached into the little cloth handbag she had brought along.  She placed a small box in the palm of his hand.   He looked at her, puzzled.

"Won't you accept a Valentine's day gift from me?" She asked.   He unwrapped a gold and diamond tie pin.  Almost the same design as the bracelet he had gifted her.  He leaned forward for a kiss, eyeing the allure of her full lips.  He made contact with them and was pleasantly surprised to find them warm and inviting.  Taking advantage of being alone he pushed her back onto the cushions and lay with her, moulding himself to the contours of her body, kissing her into breathless oblivion.


There was no warning to the rain that began to fall.   Large droplets, splashing onto the boat, on them and the surface of the lake.  They quickly sat up, flustered and gathered their things ready to get off the boat.


In their oblivion they had not noticed that the boat had slipped its moorings and by now was in the centre of the lake.  Drifting, aimlessly, leaving them stranded.  At first they thought to call out to the bank.  But it looked deserted.  Ahem looked about the boat, finally finding the set of oars and placing them in the brackets he started to row.

"Don't worry.  We will soon get to the bank."  The rain soon became a deluge and drenched the two in no time. There was no shelter, no covering on the boat that they could take refuge in.  Around them the lake sprung into life as the falling rain caused the fish to come to the surface. 

They reached the bank.  Ahem jumped out and tied the boat securely then held his hand out for Gopi.  Unsteadily she stood up and grabbed his hand for balance and stepped on to land.  They ran to the car.  He, running ahead,  Gopi just behind carrying her sandals.  She reached the car, stopped and looked at the state of her feet.  She remembered all too well the scolding he had given her when she had unknowingly taken mess into the last new car.

"Gopi, get in."  He urged.  "Don't worry.  The car can always get cleaned."  She slid into the passenger seat and shivered slightly.  With neither of them wanting to catch a chill they decided to head straight for home.


Luck seemed to finally be on their side.  Everyone happened to be asleep.  Quietly they tip toed up the stairs and into their bedroom.   Gopi pulled out two towels from the wardrobe and proceeded to the bathroom to dry herself.  Impulsively, he reached out and grabbed her pallu, stopping her in mid track.   Twisting the material in his hand he drew her closer to him until she was inches away.  His free hand went to her face and caressed her cheek, followed the outline of her lips to the skin of her neck.  He bent down and kissed those cheeks, the lips before turning her round and moving to the sensitive skin at the side of her neck.  Involuntarily she let out a moan, leaning against him as he kissed, lower still and placed his hands on her stomach, under the sari.   She moved against him, lost in the sensations that she was feeling.  The pin holding her pallu in place had ripped from the blouse.  He removed it and threw it towards the dresser.  The second pin offered no resistance and that too joined the other one.  The sari was gently unravelled, discarded.  Beginning to feel the cold himself he allowed Gopi to help him out of his wet clothes.  Together, they helped to dry each other before finally getting in to bed.

Pulling her close to him he revelled in the skin to skin contact they had.  Staring deep into her eyes he smiled.

"Happy Valentine's Day Mrs Gopi Ahem Modi."  She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

"Happy Valentine's Day Mr Ahem Modi.  Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful evening."   He looked at her in mock anger.

"Who says that Valentine's is over?"  He nuzzled her neck, pulled the blanket over their heads and moved in close'..


Valentine's Day - New Beginnings

"Jigar, let Gopi know that I will be late today. I have to get this file done." Ahem did not  even look at Jigar as he went back to his office, deeply engrossed in the file he was  holding. Jigar looked at his brother's retreating figure, shook his head in disbelief and walked back to get his files. 

Jigar walked out to his car still shaking his head in disbelief at his brother. It was Valentine's Day and his brother did not even realize it. He knew it would be a waste telling Ahem that. Ahem did not believe in all this.  Jigar rued informing his Bhabhi of the news. It would be sad to see her disappointment this year too.

At home...
" was very important.. So he will be late." Gopi nodded at her Devar and turned to go into the kitchen to get him his refreshments. "I am sorry Bhabhi." Gopi turned around and smiled at Jigar. 

"Its alright Devarji. I know Ahemji is busy and with Meera keeping us awake at night, he has been finding it difficult to bring the files home. I just hope he eats dinner. I will send something with Ramu Kaka.." Jigar saw Gopi walking away murmuring to herself about getting dinner ready for his brother. 

Gopi walked back towards the kitchen after giving Jigar his tea and some snacks. Her Devar had politely thanked her and had told her that he would not want dinner that night. She had 
not been surprised.

Gopi quickened her pace and immediately set to task. She put together all the items needed to prepare Kadi, Palak and sheera, her husband's favorites. She smiled as she thought of meeting him and serving his dinner. She had decided she would go to him as he was not able to return back home. She had missed him a lot lately. His work and her preoccupation with 
Vansh had made its mark. 

Two hours later..
Gopi's determination set as she looked at the clock. She had to hurry. "Bye Meera. Mummy loves you. Be a good girl with Daadi and badi Daadi ok?" Gopi kissed the sleeping Meera's cheeks and softly touched her head.

"Gopi vahu, if you keep loitering around her for more time, Meera will wake up and you cannot get Ahem his dinner. Now leave. We will take care of our pothi." Kokila lovingly chided her daughter in law once and then looked at her Jethani for confirmation.

Hetal said cheerfully, "We will take care.. Have fun beta" Gopi smiled as she heard Hetal Kaaki's voice in the end.

At office...
"Gopi?.. You here?" Ahem looked at his wife in surprise as she walked in with a bag in her 
hand. She was dressed prettily in what he immediately recognized as the red Sari he had got 
her and always insisted he loved.

"Ji, I got your dinner." Gopi smiled at her husband and slowly walked towards the table. She 
looked around and hesitated. Ahem met her eyes and smiled at her assuredly. 

"Thank God you are here. I was hungry and was about to ask someone to get me something to 
eat but.." He looked at the empty and dark office and suddenly grinned. "Just what time is 
it?" Gopi shook her head and smiled at her husband." I think around 9:30... Ahemji, you 
never take care of yourself." She chided him lovingly as he walked out of his chair to meet 
her midway.

"Am I glad to see you..." To Gopi's surprise and happiness, Ahem sighed and hugged her 
tightly, resting his head on her shoulders

The garden...
".. how is this spot for dinner?" Gopi looked around the garden, with all the lights switched on. It looked beautiful. The roses looked in bloom and the dew on the small buds looked spectacular on the flowers, glittering like diamonds in the light. Gopi laughed and clapped her hands in excitement. 

"This is just perfect Ahemji. I will lay out the food." Ahem grinned at her enthusiasm and took Gopi's hands in his. " Just Give me a couple of minutes Gopi. I will be back." Ahem rushed inside as Gopi continued setting the food on the lawn on top of the blanket she had brought with her. Time to time she looked around in happiness at the nature and its sounds. 

"Feeling cold Mrs. Modi?" Gopi turned just in time to see Ahem walking behind her. He turned 
her around and hugged her from the back and Gopi felt safe in the warmth that enveloped her 
completely. "Not now Ahemji. Not now." 

Both stood silent watching the night lights and sounds around them and Gopi slowly disentangled from Ahem's hug. Holding his hand she guided him to sit as she placed the food 
on the plate.

Ahem watched her, his eyes dancing with pleasure as Gopi opened one dish after the other. 
They were all his favorites. "Wow Gopi, Kadi, Sheera, Palak.. What's so special today?" 

Gopi looked up at her husband and shook her head as she proceeded to tear a piece of roti. 
She moved close to Ahem and faced him. His eyes widened as he saw her extend her hand and
feed him herself.

"hmm...hmmm..." Ahem sighed in bliss as he chewed on the first bite of his dinner. "hmmm.. 
now how did I get so lucky?" He pulled Gopi towards him and kissed her on the cheek. He 
laughed at her blush and held her close to him as he again opened his mouth to have the next 
piece of the heavenly Kadi.

".. That is it. I cannot eat another bite. Gopi, I have work to do. I do not want to fall asleep." Gopi pouted and brought another spoon of sheera to her husbands mouth and cajoled him to take more. Ahem gave in but stood up immediately. 

"Now, enough Gopi.. I will burst if you go on. By the way, why am I suddenly shown so much 
consideration? You are giving me one surprise after another? Finally found time for me away 
from Meera?" Gopi made a face at Ahem and turned to clear the items away. She had to pack 
everything and go home. It was late and Meera would wake up.

"Nothing special Ahemji. I just missed being with you. Alone, just you and me, that is all. 
After Meera came into our lives, somewhere, somehow, I have been remiss about taking care of 
you. I realized just how fragile relationships sometimes are and so..." Gopi's voice trailed 
and she quietly picked up the basket having packed everything into the bag neatly.

She turned to see Ahem staring at her and she gave him a reassuring smile. "You have been 
wonderful." Ahem walked near his wife and took her hand in his. "Have I recently told you 
just how lucky I am?" Gopi looked up and lost herself in Ahem's eyes and his silky voice as 
he closed in on her. 

"I have something to show you. Come with me." And before Gopi knew it, he had bound her eyes 
with a silken piece of cloth. GOpi fumbled at the sudden darkness when her husband's 
reassuring hand caught hers in his. "Trust me." He whispered and Gopi held on to his hand 
confidently as he walked them both into the darkness somewhere.

"Open your eyes but slowly." Gopi gently opened her eyes and then immediately closed them as 
she adjusted to the bright lights. She opened her eyes again and gasped. They were back in 
his office but only this time it was completely decorated with roses, candles, red and white 
balloons. A soft music played while a cake adorned his desk. There was no sight of any files 
nor any office work. It all seemed surreal.

In the midst of all this, her eyes searched only for her husband and she found him standing 
near his desk grinning at her surprise. "You thought I forgot, did'nt you?" Ahem laughed as 
Gopi sheepishly protested without actually protesting. 

"Oh Gopi. Happy Valentine's Day. I so love you." Gopi laughed and ran into her husband's 
outstreched hands as he enclosed her within his grasp completely.

"I love you too Ahemji. I love you." 

The music switched on and Ahem slowly led Gopi to the dance floor. "You remembered.." Gopi said blissfully as Ahem swirled her around once and then both swayed slowly to the music.

"I have been planning for this for almost a week now. My big surprise. I was so worried that 
you would not come. But mom said she would make sure." Ahem confessed and then gave Gopi a kiss on her forehead. Gopi rested her cheek on his chest and enjoyed Ahem's nearness as she inhaled his scent. 

"There is something else too. A small gift." Gopi looked up, her eyes questioning bu her lips broke into a smile. "I thought I would give it to you tomorrow but there cannot be a better moment than this." Taking Gopi's hand in his, Ahem pulled her with him to his desk and opened the first drawer. There was a box of chocolates on top and Gopi gleefully took it out.

"Roses and now chocolates. Thank you so much Ahemji." Gopi took the decorative box in hand 
and opened it eagerly as Ahem watched in disbelief. "Gopi darling, this is not it." He laughed as he watched her pop the first chocolate into her mom and sigh happily. Ahem took the first set of papers out of the top drawer. 

"Here. This is your present. Open it." Gopi looked puzzled at the paper bound by a red ribbon but she took the bundle in her hand and opened it slowly. "The Gopi Modi trust" was embossed on top.

Tears welled up in her eyes as Gopi read through the document. A trust for unwed, poor mothers who would be given a home and support until they could become independent. There were details and plans about making them self sustained. The trust had been set up in her name, in memory of Alka and vansh.

Gopi looked up gratefully  and Ahem gently caressed her cheek. "I know how you felt when 
Alka told her story Gopi. You did right and whatever your Maami or Rashi feel, I want you to 
know that I will always stand by you. Our family will always stand by you. From now on, you 
can do greater good, for many other girls like Alka. What do you think?" 

She stood speechless as Ahem stood smiling and expectant at her. He was the kindest man she had ever seen and he was hers forever. "Thank you so much Ahemji. I do love you so very 
much." Gopi hugged him tight as she shed tears of happiness. "Happy Valentine's day Ahemji."

Now time for Voting for the best OS...

hope you have enjoyed reading the beautiful writings !!!


SNS Dev Team 

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Thanks Munni for the contest Hug The thread looks awesomeStarStar

Every OS is beautiful and perfect for todayEmbarrassed and superbly writtenClap It really is very hard to choose the best among them. But I personally am partial Entry #4.

So my vote goes for Entry# 4Smile

A big ClapClapClap for every contestant. I loved them all.. And Thank you all for you beautiful attemptStarStar

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Thanks Munni for the awesome contest Hug thread looks hwat Smile

All OS are written beautifully n prefect for VD.. God its so hard to chosen among them.. I love OS entey #1

so my vote for Entry #1 Thumbs Up

all the best for all participants well done by all Clap

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Xarina IF-Sizzlerz

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Excellent entries Big smile.  They are all perfect.  I can't decide between two. Confused  Will be back when I can make my mind up.  Thanks for setting this up Munni.

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-Archana- Goldie

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Thanks for setting up contest MunniHug awesomeStar

Lovely and perfect OS entries for VD StarStar all the OS are written beautifully its really very hard to pick oneTongue but I loved entry#4

My vote goes to entry #4

All the best to all the participants Thumbs Up very well doneClap

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.ChammakChallo. IF-Dazzler

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All OS's are lovely hard to choose but i think i will go for No.4 ;)

Good luck to all OS writers

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