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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG OS: -Truth or Dare-

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-Truth or Dare-


Standing in the chilly night with the whipping rain she begged for one of the many taxis she was hailing to stop. The pounding in her head and aching in her feet because of the towering heels was taking a toll on her. She looked behind once more and breathed a sigh of relief seeing he still hadn't caught up with her. Now if only a damn taxi would come she could avoid him like the plague she wanted to. But the universe doesn't listen to us humans, not even if you are one with the name Geet Handa.

And that's when she heard him. Geet groaned and begged why the universe was hell bent on torturing her today? It was already her least favorite day of the year, Valentine's Day. She hated everything about it. The mushy cards, snuggly stuffed animals, and pretty pink flowers were all a nuisance to her and they tortured her at every corner. Even the atmosphere around this time of year felt cavity inducing to her. The mere thought of all this caused her face to scrunch in disgusted annoyance.

"You'll never change Geet Handa." He smirked as he got closer. "Don't you remember what Mr. Lovins told you back in the day, 'Miss Geet making such faces is not good for your natural beauty. You'll be a victim of wrinkles.'" He mimicked in the teacher's perfect English accent.

Geet rolled her eyes. "His name was not Mr. Lovins."

Maan shrugged his shoulders, "It might as well have been with the way you girls swooned over him even when he spoke of the bloody and gory wars."

"Maan are you still jealous of our 10th grade history teacher?"

"Psht…jealous and me? No way was I ever jealous! I'm just pointing out the obvious."

Geet shook her head at him. "Six years have passed since that class Maan and you're still pointing out the obvious? Yah, you're definitely not jealous."

If only you could see the obvious Geet, he mumbled. She eyed at him curiously, "What did you say?"

Maan stuttered out an excuse. "I said you need to get out of the rain or else you'll get sick."

"Really Maan? Do you think standing near the edge of the road, enjoying the scent of exhaust fumes with this pounding rain slashing my face like blades is my favorite pastime?"

His shoulders slumped in defeat. She was extra bitter today. It wasn't anything new since bitter and sarcastic were her defining traits during the past few years. He tried to figure out for the sake of their individual sanities why the former appeared and the latter intensified but was yet to be successful. He looked up at the sky and thought maybe tonight he would have some luck.

Turning to Geet he told her to follow him. "Come on Geet I'll give you a ride home."

Her back was now facing him after that statement signaling the one thing she loved to do to him, ignore him. Maan was losing his patience and clenched his jaws. He tugged on her arm and made her face him. "Will you stop behaving like a spoiled brat Geet?"


"How about you stop behaving like uncivilized Neanderthal for once?" She screamed pushing his hand off her wet arm.

It wasn't the statement that bothered him but the tone. He stared at her peculiarly wondering what happened to them both. It had been four years since they broke away from each other. They were best friends since they were in diapers to the outside world but inside she always meant more than that to him. Watching her shiver in the curve fitting white dress Maan realized she still was. He ran a frustrated hand through his hair and decided he had to get to the bottom of this before he went crazy.

"Geet! I'm not repeating myself. Either you come with me like a normal person or else I'll carry you to my car just like a Neanderthal!"

She glared at him knowing full well he would do it because she had suffered through the same before. "You're an arrogant ass you know that?" Geet turned around towards the parking garage and stomped towards it. Normally, she would feel bad about sitting in a six figure car while soaking wet but today was an exception. It was her least favorite day with her least favorite person on the planet sitting next to her in the driver's seat.

Quickly she forgot all that and a smile appeared on her face while gazing out the window watching the city pass by. Usually Geet drove this route thus couldn't appreciate the beauty of her hometown city London like she could as a passenger. It appeared so different at night, transformed into a regal and elegant beauty. She could vividly imagine her favorite novel's characters here. Elizabeth Bennet strolling through the old streets with her arm wrapped around the elbow of her Mr. Darcy. The romantic notion warmed her insides more than the heated seats she was sitting on.

Maan noticed the change in her as he was glancing at her constantly. He couldn't hold back any longer seeing that beautiful smile she never showed and questioned its source. "Thinking of your Mr. Perfect on this not so fabulous valentine's day?"

If she wasn't feeling sentimental that moment Geet would have no doubt retorted back with a jab immediately. But all she could do was sit there and stare at him. How could she convey to him now despite years of not realizing it that there had always been only one Mr. Perfect she thought about every day since she understood what love is. And probably even before that. Feeling a sting in her eyes Geet snapped away realizing how stupid she was being again. Her Mr. Perfect didn't care then, so why would he now? She rubbed her temples. "Will you stop talking about nonsense and get me home before I strangle you?"

Maan obliged her but only momentarily. As soon as they reached Geet's house instead of driving away he followed her inside. Geet didn't notice until she was about to shut the door on his face. "What the hell Maan? Go to your house and do whatever. I want to sleep."

"And who said I came inside to talk to you? I just want to say hi to Uncle and Aunty." He retorted and pushed her hand off the frame that was blocking his entry.

She praised the man above for being on her side. "Lucky for me you'll have to leave because they went to some charity gala."

Her smile turned into a frown as he moved past her unfazed into the kitchen. "It's cool I'll just grab something to eat and wait for them."


Geet clenched her fists in disbelief. Gritting her teeth she curtly responded. "Fine, suit yourself."

She stomped to her room while he watched her retreating back with an aching pain inside. Why couldn't they go back to the old days? The ones where they laughed and fought but made up within five minutes? Most disappointing about all of this was that he had obtained everything in his life but her. And it hurt because she was the one and only thing he wanted the most. "What happened to us Geet?" He called out solemnly.

She stopped at the top of the stairwell and turned to face him with a mirrored pain etched on her face. "I'd think you would know better than me." With that she went to her room, shut the door and held back the tears.

Maan, on the other hand, couldn't wrap his head around that statement. Was she implying somehow the crack in their friendship or whatever they had was his fault? Finally concluding it was he stomped towards her room, "Geet I'm done with all of these games. Open the door I want to talk to you."

Surprisingly to him Geet didn't protest. He heard the click of the door and slowly opened it making his way inside. He hadn't been in this room of hers but it was the way he imagined it to be. Clean, crisp and fresh, she wasn't one of those frilly and pink type of girls.


She stood at the other end of the room watching the raindrops hit the glass door that led out to her balcony. He was making his way over but stopped midway seeing a wall covered in pictures. With the exception of a few, the majority were of them both. He grinned seeing the one of him at her 8th birthday party smearing her cake all over her face and her doll's. He got a good whipping at home for that one.


Then there was one of both of them with their separate dates going to their first school dance. That was the day where feelings of jealousy, protectiveness and intensifying love began to rouse. It was from then on that he started, truly started to make his feelings more open towards Geet. But he couldn't get to her completely and he wondered day in and day out why that was.

He glanced towards her and sighed. "Can you make me understand Geet? I've been raking my head for years and can't figure out why or how we grew apart." His voice softened and Geet could hear the hurt but why it was there she didn't know.

She turned to him with furrowed eyes, "You truly mean that Maan? You have no clue what so ever?"

Seeing him shaking his head Geet only admonished herself for getting into this situation with all those stupid expectations implanted into her had because of those too happily ever after Disney movies. She vowed to herself if she ever had kids they weren't going to be allowed to watch Disney movies.


In this trance Geet failed to notice that Maan now stood only a foot distance from her. Feeling his hand suddenly on her shoulder Geet jolted. He looked at her concerned and Geet couldn't mock or deny the trueness of the emotion reflecting back at her. She took a deep breath, "How can you forget you so conveniently played with my feelings in 12th grade and now say have no idea Maan?"

He was confused initially then turned red with anger rising. "What are you talking about Geet? If I remember clearly you were the one that did that!"

Geet narrowed her eyes at him. "I can't believe you just said that! You're such a liar Maan!"

"Whatever Geet, I'm not a liar! I remember clearly what happened. I asked you to go with me to prom that year and after saying yes you bailed on me the day of!"

"What did you expect me to do Maan after finding out you were just fulfilling a dare by asking me? Did you really think I would humiliate myself and go?"

"A dare, Geet how did you get such a ridiculous idea?" He asked thoroughly contemplating if she was crazy.

"It's not ridiculous! I heard it with my own ears outside the boys' locker room after school. You guys were playing truth or dare and Adi specifically said I dare you to ask Geet to prom and then all the other guys were cheering along with him."

Maan jogged his memory back to then and held his head in disbelief. His eyes widen and the vein in his temple looked as if it would burst. "I'm going to strangle you Geet! If you would have stood there long enough you would have heard what I said to them all! I told them not to bother daring me because I was going to ask you anyways because you were the only girl I wanted to go with."

Geet's mouth had formed a nice surprised oh. Boy did she feel stupid and angry at herself. Seeing Maan's face also not too happy she smiled cheerily trying to cover up her folly. "Well, aren't we glad we cleared that up Maan?" She wringed her hands and laughed nervously hoping he would respond and not burst.

"Cleared it up? Geet we've been at each other's throat for 4 years because you eavesdropping on a conversation and not even doing it right!"

Her mouth opened at the accusation. "It's not my fault! You should've not been discussing me in the first place."

"Maybe you shouldn't have been spying on boys in the locker rooms!"

She pursued her lips. "I wasn't spying!"

"Then what exactly were you doing there?" He questioned annoyed.

Gazing into his fiery eyes she went back to that moment. Geet lost herself in the process and gave away her secret for hating this very day every year. "I wanted to wish you happy Valentine's Day and give you your gift." Realizing what just left her mouth Geet lowered her eyes and tried to turn away.

Maan's expression easily relayed his surprise. He held onto her arm while cupping her cheek with the other and softly whispered, "I wish I got your gift then. I would've liked nothing else better."

She smiled thinking things definitely would be different. Suddenly she laughed slightly and looked at him, "Promise you won't make fun of me."

"I promise Geet." He amusingly agreed.

She went to her closet and from the corner dug out a dusty package the size of a book. Making her way back she cleaned it up and held it out towards him. It's a few years late but it's yours. She beamed at him with deep affection. "Happy Valentine's Day Maan."

He was speechless. Only after being nudged did he quit staring and took the box in his hands. He peeled away the faded wrapping paper and opened the box slowly. Inside was a brown leather bound album or what appeared to be one since on the front was a picture taken of both of them during a camping trip when they were twelve. He smiled remembering how he tortured Geet their first night there by filling her suitcase with frogs.


Tracing his fingers along the graceful hand strokes he read the quote and smiled deeply. "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." Maan opened the front cover and went through it page by page. He realized it wasn't just an album of randomly compiled photos.


It was organized by the trips they had experienced together from the time they were toddlers up until 12th grade. It was a mixture of a collage and journal that was created only for the two of them. Geet inscribed memorable quotes or drew bubble talks throughout it with their inside jokes. Once he reached a quarter of the way inside, he realized the remaining of it was empty.


Geet spoke up with a distant look in her eyes. "It's empty because I thought back then we would create more memories and fill with all the things the two of us would do together." She frowned realizing how the years slipped away. "I never expected us to…"


"…to become distant." He finished and Geet nodded dismally. Maan placed the book on the bed's edge and held her with both hands on her waist. "We can change that now Geet." She looked at him intently with hope rising inside but simultaneously scared because for so long they had only shared a mutual agreement to disagree and argue. But then again they had shared a mutual bond of friendship, trust, affection, and last but not least, love, for much, much longer.

Geet wrapped her arms around his neck and tilted her head with a grin. "Under one condition Maan."


He rolled his eyes at her but was grinning wide at the same time. "Which is?"


She traced a finger along his jaw and leaned into his ear seductively. "You are only allowed to play truth or dare with me from now on."


His eyes clouded with a heat that was always associated with Geet. He tugged her right against him making the distance between them non-existent. "I don't mind as long as I'm allowed the same privilege."


She shook her head at him. "Do you always have to have the last word?"


"Only when you are involved, now tell me, are you ready to play?" She sweetly smiled nodding her head. "Truth or dare?" he asked.


"Truth." She responded without hesitation. "When was the first time you fell in love?" He asked cheekily.


"The first time I fell in love might have been when the boy shoved the school's biggest bully into a locker for calling me four eyes. Or it might have been when I saw the boy dress up as Aladdin for Halloween just so Jasmine could win the best dressed couple contest. It could've also been all the back when the boy was 6 years old and he shared his favorite ice cream with me because I dropped mine in the sand. Then again it…"


Geet would have continued on and on if it hadn't been for Maan shutting her up with a long overdue kiss. He gently pecked her pillowy soft pink lips at first before plunging into her warm mouth. She tasted sweet and decadent like he always expected her to. Geet was startled by his aggressiveness initially but not long after was quickly an eager participant. Pulling away for only air Maan stared into her honey brown eyes happily surprised.


When he asked the question, the expectation was of a sarcastic reply from Geet not a recollection of their shared moments that even he held dear in his heart. He remembered each of those instances not because he was her prince in them but because she was his princess.


He pushed the stray hairs behind her ear then traced the sensitive shell of her ear. "I shoved him into the locker because the only thing you deserve to be called is beautiful. I dressed up as Aladdin for you because you deserve everything always. And the reason I gave you my ice cream was because I can't stand to see you cry." Geet smiled with glossy eyes and Maan pulled her tightly into his comforting arms. "The truth be told, I did all of this for only one reason, which is that I love you Geet…always have and always will."


She snuggled deep into his chest and kissed right where she could hear his beating heart. "I wouldn't dare to question your love Maan." She pulled her head away and deeply gazed into his warm eyes. "And I love you too."



Long time since I've returned to the OS world. I hope it was enjoyable! :)

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Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.

Happy are those who dare courageously to defend what they love.

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That is one hack of a writing Minal...

"Ko mab sub ni da"

My dare to you was to distract you from the crappy mood...and the truth came out in the greed to ask for something sweet.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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grt  part

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Wow ! truth n dare unique concept ,loved it

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that was so special valentine day for both as they reunited .  simply wow minal . 

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