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Mistress Against Her Will (ArShi ff) Part 9 pg 72 (Page 56)

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Pfft it's u who rocks! See how many pages u filled in my memory LOL muah I love it haha

Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 8

As soon the statement left his mouth, the tsunami of questions started. Mistress story already forgotten. The media was shocked to see the playboy tycoon finally admitting that he's about to tie the knot. The paparazzi went crazy after that. Pushing and shoving each other to get the answers out of Arnav.

Her jaw dropped as the impact of Arnav's statement finally sunk in. Did he just say she's engaged to him!  By some god's miracle she managed to give a tight smile and kept nodding but inside her head she had already punched Arnav three times.

After answering some quick questions, he put his hand up again saying he'll give an exclusive interview about his sudden engagement some other time and shut the door.

As soon as the door closed, she grabbed his collar and pulled him towards her.

"HAVE YOU FREAKING LOST YOUR MIND?!" She shouted with wide shocked eyes. "THIS WAS YOUR DAMAGE CONTROL?"

Lowering his head, he said calmly, "You had a better idea?"

"Yes! We could have just denied the accusations?" she shook her head unbelievingly. "Do you even realize what you have done?"

Arnav dropped her hands from his collar and moved a step back. "Like it or not, your name has been linked with mine'.again." His lips twitched in dry humour.

"You find the whole situation funny?" she asked huffing while putting her hands on her hips.

"Not funny exactly. Just ironic." He thought out loud. "This is just like college. Only on a larger scale."

"Oh yeah larger scale alright! Like the whole country knowing that I snagged one of Britain's most eligible bachelors."

Moving towards the kitchen, he filled up two glasses of water. Something tells him there's a lot of talking coming ahead.

Giving her water he said, "See that's where you're wrong. You didn't 'snag' me. I am only gonna keep you around for a while. Just until the press cools down. Then we'll silently break the engagement due to irreconcilable issues."

It shouldn't hurt that he's already thinking about breaking their engagement only after 5 minutes of getting fakely engaged but it still pricked her. Something was bugging her at the back of her mind but she couldn't remember what it was. There was a very important issue she's forgetting about here. What was it?

And then it clicked! Shyaam kapoor! Her actual fianc. She needs to ask him whether what Arnav saying is true or not.

Slapping the glass of water angrily on the counter, she stretched out her hand in front of Arnav and asked, "Give my phone back!" she narrowed her eyes thinking how it just disappeared from her handbag that day. Now she know where it went!

"Excuse me?" he raised his brow at her.

"Kutte kamine don't give me that look. I know you stole it from my handbag." She said hotly. Then muttering under her breath, "Kamina chor kahika."

"Okay first I didn't steal your phone." He replied back haughtily. Then he rolls his tongue in his mouth saying, "I only borrowed it."

Gasping, she jabbed her finger in his chest. "I knew it! You low ridden animal. Taking someone's phone is like'.like taking someone's baby!"

He snorted. "Hardly the same thing." Taking a few steps back, he said. "It's in my briefcase. I'll bring it"

As soon as she got her phone back, she quickly switched it on and saw about 50 missed calls and messages from Shyaam. They started out as worried and sweet but the most recent ones actually made Khushi gasp. It said,

"Bitch so you decided to go AWOL with that Raizada bas***d huh? You think you can just ditch my plan like that in the middle? I spent months planning for all this. Just because you didn't tell me about your little broken love affair with Arnav Raizada back in college, you think I wouldn't know? You think I actually liked you? The only reason I tolerated your crazy ass was because you were the only weakness Arnav Raizada decided to have and now you're ignoring me. I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOUR BETRAYAL SO EASILY! Watch what I do now."! That low ridden son of a bitch! She couldn't believe what she was reading! All these months she thought she finally found someone who actually loved her despite all her craziness and impulsive behavior.

Taking that glass of water, she gulped it down with a deep breath and actually looked at Arnav with shame in her eyes. She couldn't believe she actually thought Shyaam loved her. But no! she is so stupid that she not only got played by one but two guys! Arnav was also toying around with her from the past two days. She was so stupid!!! She could feel immense self hatred bubbling inside her. Only a nave and impulsive fool like her could be played with two guys at the same time.

Furiously wiping the tears burning in eyes, she looked away from Arnav's intense unreadable eyes.

"He finally snapped after not hearing back from you didn't he? He confessed in anger about how he was just using you and blah blah blah." He rolled his eyes. "That guy is an imbecile fool. Throwing an axe on his own foot. But I gotta admit calling the paparazzi here was a new low for him."

Laughing without humour she said, "If anyone's a fool here, it's me." Hot humiliating tears started flowing out of her eyes.  "You must be having a right laugh behind my back when I came there for the interview."

All this while, Arnav's sister was awkwardly standing there. Without looking back, he addressed his sister, "Simin go to your room. We'll discuss this situation in the morning."

When Simin left, he continued, "I was not laughing at you Khushi. Although I gotta say. You taste in men has gone down exponentially. From Arnav Raizada to that sewer's rat Shyaam Kapoor." He smirked while walking towards her.

Khushi's mouth dropped! Was he making fun of her? "For me, you and Shyaam are both rats of the same sewer!" she pushed him back angrily. "Goddamit stop coming so close!"

The impact of pushing his hard chest only made her stumble backwards. He caught her arms and steadied her. "Don't insult me like that sweetheart." His mouth kicked up at one side. "See now the difference between me and Shyaam Kapoor is that I would f**k you. But Shyaam Kapoor would f**k you and your mother."

"You son of a bitch!" she was about to slap him but he caught her wrist midair.

Snatching her wrist from his grasp, she tried to side step him. "I am done with you. Get out of my way." But he still remained in her path. Enraged by his persistence and crass comments, she gave him another push. This one more meaningful than the last. In answer to that, Arnav closed his hands around her waist and lifted her right off her feet.

"KUTTE KAMINE PUT ME DOWN!" Khushi shouted at the top of her voice, feeling very foolish with her legs dangling. She tried to kick him in the nuts.

"Not until you calm down." Arnav outstretched his hands as he held her back from him. "Did anyone ever tell you that you got some anger issues?" he studied her icy self-containment.

"If you don't put me down this instant, I will find you and I will kill you." She hissed. "I know where you live." She said unnecessarily.

"I'll be waiting for you." He silkily rolled the words out. "In my bed, all warm and naked."

Khushi tried to pull his hair but couldn't reach. "You're behaving like a bully." She snapped furiously across the narrow divide that separated them.

"You assaulted me." Arnav drawled, lowering his lashes above his eyes. "Twice."

Khushi didn't give two hoots about how she assaulted him. If it was up to her, his tally would go up to thrice. Her blazing eyes collided with his smoldering gaze and the air zinged with current. Suddenly feeling all hot under his stare, she flicked her eyes away from his. Warmth spread through her body as she said, "I am calm." Taken aback by the physical response that even rage couldn't suppress.

Arnav lowered her to the floor again with exaggerated care. Anger was storming around like a caged lion inside him. He planned to keep Khushi around only for a few days and now because of that Shyaam f**king Kapoor, his convenient plan to teach both of them a lesson was no longer possible. The whole country must have known by now that he's engaged. Anyway, what other option he had? A big scandal was about to break out if hadn't done this. Better to be an engaged guy rather than the guy who sleeps with engaged women right? What was even worse was that he'll have to keep the pretense in front of his ill mother. She was always badgering him to quit his playboys way and find a nice girl to settle down. Well now she'll be happy!

Khushi was already at the top of the curving huge staircase when Arnav came out of his thoughts. Marching towards her with purposeful strides, he said loudly, "By tomorrow morning the whole world will know that I am engaged."

Turning her head back, she snorted, "I really doubt the whole world will be that interested."

Opening her bedroom door, her thoughts got sidetracked. It looked unfamiliar. The bed had been stripped and her possessions were no longer in view. She could've sworn the bedroom looked different in the morning. Then she spent the whole day outside on the terrace reading a book. "Where have my things gone?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Half my stuff has vanished from my room!"

"Fiancees don't sleep on the other side of the house." He said smoothly leaning against the doorjamb.

Her hackles came up. "I am not your fiancee."

"You are now." His lean face granite hard. "Who knows maybe you made this twisted plan all along. Maybe it was the status of being linked with me again was what you wanted all this time." He turned his back to her.

Khushi discovered that she was fighting a very irrational urge to giggle! What the hell was he talking about? Has he lost it? "You're so distrustful-of course I didn't plan it! Why would I want people to know about us?"

"So that you could be my fiance in reality."

"In reality? Meaning?" Khushi queried as he strode down the passage, trailing quickly in his wake.

Arnav swung open the double doors of his master bedroom. "Plan B is about to go down."

"What Plan B?" she followed him into his master bedroom and looked around. A fire glowed in the giant grate below the stone chimney. His imposing four-poster bed sat intimidately in the centre of the large dim room lit only by fire and the moonlight spilling from the floor to ceiling windows.

"I never really understood why people would have floor to ceiling windows in their bedroom." Khushi said tad nervously. Making another attempt at small talk she added, "I mean whatever happened to privacy right?"

Turning around to face her, he replied, "That was one lame attempt at making a small talk."

Folding her hands, she gulped and asked bravely, "Why did you bring me here?"

"This is our room."

"" she did some signals with her hand. "What happened to my room?"

Arnav shot Khushi a long, lingering appraisal that made her skin prickle. "'You make the bed' lie in it'"

"That's a nice proverb." She laughed nervously. "Completely irrelevant to our situation but nice."

Tilting his head back he scrutinized her with lowered lashes, "This would be like our pre-marital bed."

"But that's the thing. We won't be getting married." An uneasy laugh was wrenched from her.

"Would you rather I call it an engagement bed?" his lips twitched in amusement. Khushi really didn't like his sense of humour.

"That would be wrong too'" she said stubbornly. "Because well...what would we do with one?"

"All the usual things honey," Arnav murmured lazily and Khushi felt a zing when he rolled out the word honey. "The kind of usual things engaged couples do at night."

"I know someone who plays checkers with his fianc at night." She said desperately. "We can play checkers."

"I haven't played checkers since I was thirteen." He smirked. "Definitely not the kind of game I would play with my fiance at night."

"There's always snakes and ladders."

"How about we play some games with those handcuffs?" he raised his brows in challenge. "Punish you a little for your bad behavior."

"Kutte kamine haath to laga!" she puffed her chest out anticipating a fight. Sliding his fingers into her hair, he eased her up against him.

Khushi could feel his hard arousal against her. Gasping she spurted out, "You're fiercely turned on."

"See now what you did to me?" he slid his palm down her nape and gently grabbed her hair. Pulling it down, Khushi's face was inches away from his. "It's a fiance responsibility to take care of her man's hard on."

"Pfft. Make me." She added feistily. Her heart was pounding, her breath fluttering in her throat. As Arnav slowly dragged her body backwards with his, licks of desires ignited inside her. She was so tense with the anticipation of his next move that she didn't feel the little tug he gave her as she fell on the bed. Climbing on top of her, he pulled the handcuffs from the side drawer and brought it in front of her.

Sighing fakely, he shook his head with a smirk. "You're gonna make me do all the work in our relationship aren't you?"

Wait what? "Oh no no no. I don't think so Mister." Khushi started to get up. "I've already done the mistake of sleeping with you once. Not doing it again."

He was already fiercely aroused: he wanted his little spitfire of a fiance. The angrier she made him, the more he wanted her and the more determined he got to stamp her as his. He didn't understand the connection but he didn't waste any time thinking about it either.

Ignoring her struggles, he pinned her down with his weight, captured one hand and held it securely.

"Arnav I am serious." Khushi said in a strict voice. "I don't want to hurt you."

Arnav just smiled at her as if finding her seriously amusing. Trying to yank her hand out of his grip got her nowhere. "Baby tonight is all about pleasure, not pain." He drawled out. Snapping a cuff on her wrist and another one on the heaboard, he moved back to admire his work.

Shockingly realizing he already cuffed her to the bed, she just kept looking back and forth towards the cuffs and Arnav. Whispering slowly so that he understand every single word that she is saying. "You're going to die a slow painful death Arnav Raizada if you don't unlock me right this instance."

"Not before I give you slow painful orgasms baby." He whispered back moving really close to her face.

She tugged the handcuffs and winced when the movement pulled her ribs. "I can't believe you!"

With her spare hand, she tried pushing him back but it was like pushing back a wall. Yup you got! Her fingers dug in his shoulders to stay upright. All his weight was making her lie flat on the bed. Which was not good. A battle was fought inside her. She knew she should retreat but the bold challenge of his dark eyes and the sweet torturing heaviness low in her pelvis kept her where she was.

He brought his sensual mouth slowly down hers as he started unbuttoning her shirt with experienced fingers. Ripping her mouth from his, she quickly spoke with a smirk, "You won't be able to get this sleeve out because of the handcuffs."

Her smirk dissolved as he removed the sleeve of her right hand but kept the remaining of the shirt hanging by the left shoulder. "I think I can work with this." He said mock seriously as his hands reached the waistband of her jeans.

"If you think you're seducing me, then you're so.."

"Right." Arnav finished her sentence with a one sided victory smirk. "I can hear your heart beating fast Khushi." He kissed the thumping skin just above her heart.

Rolling her eyes in pleasure, she struggled to keep her thoughts in control. His long fingers quickly snapped the top button of her jeans as he lowered the fly. A husky laugh sounded low in his throat as he felt Khushi arch her back impatiently. Without even realizing she was grabbing Arnav by his shirt collar and kissing him back with unstoppable passion. Seeing the change in her, he plundered her mouth with a passion that left her dizzy. The erotic thrust of his tongue as he dipped his hand inside her pants made her tremble and cling. As his fingers found her sweet spot, she nearly leapt out of bed with a firecracker energy. Moaning she twisted and spread her legs further making him settle down between them.

Her sensual moan nearly undid Arnav. So he pulled his hand out and between driving kisses , he shed his T-shirt and roughly pulled Khushi's jeans from underneath her.

A gasp escaped her as she realized that she is again left in front of Arnav in her underwear but this time she is also handcuffed. Ah wonderful!

Arnav moved back to sit back on his heels as he examined Khushi looking all wild and restrained. He liked what he saw.

Blinking Khushi said anxiously, "This can't be right-"

Nuzzling his nose against her cheek, he whispered, "What could be more right? You're my fiance." He bit her earlobe gently pulling it.

The truth silenced her for an instant. "But I don't feel engaged."

"You soon will." His arrogant mouth moved sensually over hers making her senses swin.

"But you think I am a liar and a cheat." She reasoned.

Arnav angled his wolfish smile down at her. "Nothing's perfect in this world."

His smile had a charisma that pulled her right into his magnetism. "Be serious. I don't even like you."

Arnav laughed out loud. "Yet you want me the same way I want you."

Khushi gulped and looked in his confident eyes. "You seem very confident that I want you."

Rolling his eyes, his hand came on top of her tiny panties and he mercilessly ripped them apart. Her stifled gasp of shock and pleasure as his fingers caressed her wet core made him smile. "You even need to ask that question? You're so wet for me'"

She was going to die: she knew it. Arnav Raizada will be the death of her. "Arnav." She whispered angrily as she writhed underneath him. He was just torturing her. "Please'"

He sucked on her neck licking the skin there making her body go crazy with burning desire. "Please what?"

"God dammit, Arnav!" she hissed as she felt his abs with her soft fingers. She wanted him, all of him. "Just do it!"

Smiling against her neck, he continued torturing her with his fingers as he was blowing feather light kisses around her face, never touching her lips. "I don't know Khushi. You seem willing right now but then get some kind of panic attack in the morning." He teased.

Gasping for air as her body was no longer in her control. "Pakka! I will not have a panic attack in the morning. I'll lie right here and we'll even cuddle and shit." She gritted her teeth. "God now just do it already. I am on the verge of exploding."

Getting up to quickly remove his trousers, he climbed on top of her again. Holding her still by her waist, he ripped open the condom and rolled it over his hard erection.

Khushi tugged at the handcuffs, "Unlock me. I wanna touch you."

Shaking his head cheekily, he air kissed her. "No ways. I love keeping you all angry and handcuffed like that."

  "Arnav!" she wined indignantly but then he thrust into her with one smooth motion and she saw stars. "Oh'!" she gasped as the onslaught.

"Oh'" Arnav mimicked wickedly, dipping his dark head to slide his tongue in a provocative invasion between her swollen lips.

Her hips jerked involuntarily and Arnav groaned. He sank into her again and again with long measured strokes. Sensation piled on wonderful sensation as she trembled with need. Her entire being caught up in the frantic climb to satisfaction. At the spellbounding peak, ecstasy consumed her in an explosive climax. Slumping back limp on the pillows, Arnav also lay on top of her being careful of not smothering her with his weight. They both stayed like that in a daze.

Arnav opened her handcuffs as he lifted her and draped her over his chest. Khushi could feel ribbons in tying around her heart at the sweet gesture. Her heart fluttering in the warm glow of aftermath. At this rate, she could guaran-goddam-tee it that she is going to fall for Arnav. HARD! He was the best lover Khushi ever had and yes she'll shamefully agree that after Arnav's betrayal in college, she was mindlessly sleeping with guys after guys just to feel that one minute of high and power. One night she got up from another meaningless one night stand and promised not to do this to herself again. She will not be that guy hating guy using bitch. Just because one broke her heart doesn't mean everyone will be like that. But guess one guy she thought of being serious with-Shyaam Kapoor- look how that ended? Now she's on the same path of self destruction with Arnav. Only this time when it all ends, she will be shattered.

Arnav was right about the panic attack thing because boy she can so feel it coming. She surrendered to the enemy and now he would never take her seriously. It's like she f**king turns into a mush whenever he's concerned. She thought with a cringe and self loathing. Well in her defense, he did catch her at a vulnerable time!

"I need a shower'and then'" Arnav murmured thickly, running an intimate hand down over the curve of her bottom.

Khushi rolled off him and flipped around. "And then'nothing!" she stressed in a tight voice. "This was the last time we're ever sleeping together. Please don't ask me to explain myself."

Arnav slapped a hand on his face. "f**k Khushi we talked about this. I swear if you're going to run and look for my keys, you'll be looking all night cuz I hid them." Arnav regarded her with scientific interest and considerable amusement. He knew she would get a cold feet once she wakes up the next morning but he wasn't expecting her to turn so cold that fast.

"Well you already think am a liar and a cheat so what the f**k." She raised her hands in question. "You can add unreliable to that list too."

Dark lashes low over glittering eyes, he murmured wickedly, "You were so hot-"

"Shut up-don't you dare gloat! I don't wanna talk about this ever!" Humiliating heat spread over her face. She scrambled off the bed and went in frantic searcg of something to wear.

"Where are you going?"

"Back to my room."

"That's not allowed."

Clutching his black T-shirt in front of her to shield her naked body, Khushi flung him an irate glance. "I am not really your fiance and we only have to pretend in front of others. In private we go along as if we don't even know eachother."

In a lithe lazy movement, Arnav leant up on one elbow. Sprawled naked in a tangled sheet, he was magnificent vision of masculinity. He regarded her with dark level eyes and a chill went through her spine. "I don't think that would be possible."

"Don't be unreasonable." She tried wrapping both her arms around the T-shirt and couldn't help wishing that she could find something more covering.

"You see sweetheart now that the whole world knows that I am engaged to you, I can't exactly go out and get some woman to warm my bed." Arnav stared straight into her eyes. "Like it or not, you're stuck with me for a little while."

Raising her brows she said with as much conviction as possible. "I will not sleep with you again. What you do with your never-ending sexual thirst is not my problem. You told the press that we were engaged not the other way round."

Dark eyes intimidating, he sprang off the bed and straightened to his full height. "Do I need to remind you who walked into my office that day with her little plan to steal information?"

Khushi's eyes flitted around nervously. He got her there. "No one would believe you. Shyaam himself refused to acknowledge me and you would't risk looking stupid by hiring his competitor's fiance." She added bravely. She was putting up a good front.

"Khushi." He said with a dangerously calm. "Because of your foolish ex fianc, I am having this inconvenience of an engagement. Don't cross me any further because trust me my little fiance, if I decide to expose you, it would be in the worst possible way. You would practically be destroyed."

Khushi clutched his T-shirt so hard her hands were hurting. "That's cheap! You can't do this to me!" Khushi snapped with a sharp shake of her head.

"I am going for a shower. When I return, I still expect you to be in this room." Arnav informed her lazily. "Oh and tomorrow you'll need to go shopping for some more appropriate clothes as now you're my fiance and she dresses in the most exquisite clothes money can buy."

Khushi glowered at him in frank disbelief. "You have lost your mind! I am not changing my wardrobe just cuz it doesn't match your'your status."

"You're creasing my T-shirt." He told her with a side smile.

When Arnav got out from his shower, she was sitting on the couch wearing her cow pajamas and a big scowl on her face. Khushi doesn't take well to being bossed around.

Giving her a once over he asked, "Do you not have like a sexy lingerie or something?" lying on the bed, he regarded her cooly.

Huffing she asked back, "What's wrong with my cow pajamas?"

Raising his brow he asked, "Well besides the fact that they're ugly cow pajamas?"

"They're cute!" she said defensively. "It says groovy mooo-vers on the front with these disco dancing cows. You have to be complete heartless to find them ugly. Oh silly me, I forgot you are heartless."

Arnav rolled his eyes and signaled towards the bed. "Why you sitting on the couch for? Join me."

Khushi froze. "No, I am not getting into that bed again."

"It's really nice and warm." He cheekily rolls the words out. "And it's got me in it. What more could you want from life?"

Jabbing a finger in his direction, she spat. "You're so obnoxious it's unbelievable."

Arnav just shrugged. "I am sexy." He said smirkily.

Groaning, Khushi wrapped herself in the bedspread and lay down on the couch. "Goodnight."

Arnav surveyed his defiant fiance as he made some quick calls to get update for their recent situation. Shyaam Kapoor's was labeled as an unreliable source and his scandalous claims were already forgotten. As  Arnav guessed, the whole country was buzzing with news splash of his sudden engagement. Everybody wanted to an exclusive interview with the lucky woman who managed to finally snag the playboy tycoon. He needs to prepare Khushi about how to handle the press and not blabber unnecessarily in front of them. But firstly, he needs to groom her properly to look like Arnav Raizada's fiance.

Five minutes later, he strode over to the couch, lifted Khushi off it and strode back to the bed.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she yelled

"Stop being silly. You're going to get back ache sleeping on that couch."

Khushi was too exhausted to fight. It had been a long day for her and the bed felt so good. "Fine but no touching." She warned before sleeping with her back to him.


Supermarket. f**king supermarket. Arnav stormed down the fluorescent lit aisle. His bodyguard following close at his heels. His John Lobb-clad heels. John-lobb, makers of some of the best dress shoes in the world. Meanwhile, his fiance was clothes shopping at a f**king supermarket!

When he called Khushi's newly appointed bodyguard for an update the next morning, he'd had to ask the man to repeat himself. He stupidly didn't bother going along with her when she grudgingly left for some future Mrs. Raizada appropriate clothes shopping. He should have known that this was Khushi he was dealing with. She would never do anything he asked her to.

He heard her laughter first, followed by the deep rumble of her bodyguard, Bob's reply. He pivoted in that direction, speeding up. Then stopped short, his shoes squeaking on the floor.

His entire body hardened. Khushi was looking as tiny, colourful and exotic as a tropical bird. Her make-up was dramatic and she had teamed a very short hot pink dress with fishnet tights and sparkly hot pink high heels. It was a bizarre outfit. He was busy in the study this morning taking care of business so he didn't get a chance to see how she was dressed before she left for shopping. His attention travelled from her enormous lilac-shadowed eyes to her glittering cherry red mouth. Heading down to the pouting swell of her breast visible from her plunging neckline. His anger kicked up with his libido. She looked surprisingly sexy in that bizarre kind of way.

As she reached to grab a toothbrush from the shelves, the tight dress pulled up. She laughed at something her bodyguard, Bob had said. Bob's eyes on her tight ass'

"What the hell are you doing?" Arnav roared.

A woman, turning into the aisle with her cart, backed out. His fiance simply smiled. "Oh hi baby." Baby? She waved. "I need a new toothbrush."

"Why are you dressed like a cheap hooker?" he approached her. "And when I said buy appropriate clothes, I am sorry did you somehow assumed I am talking supermarket clothes?"

"Arnav, my dear, darling fianc." She looked pointedly at Bob. "We talked about this. I told him that it doesn't make sense to change my wardrobe to designer now that I'm his fiance. He should love me for who I am and not what he wants me to be right?" she batted her eyelashes at Bob and the star stricken beefy looking of man just nodded. He needs to change Khushi's bodyguard, once he deals with Khushi himself.

She was  playing the doting fianc looking like hooker/tropical bird. Fine, he'd play along. He dismissed both their bodyguards to wait for them near the exit. "My fiance only wears designer clothes." He leaned against her cart.

"Well your fiance thinks designer clothes are a waste of money and she'll be leaving them behind when her darling fianc dumps her."

He wasn't going to dump her as she so crudely put it. They were just going end their engagement like two civilized people. "Are you done?"

"Not yet." She mumbled. "Hard or soft?" she held up the tooth brushes.

"Hard." Definitely hard.

Just as they were leaving the supermarket, they were stopped by a hoard of media reporters just waiting outside and Arnav swore. Khushi looked like a f**king s**tty peacock and the paps were going crazy snapping her pictures after pictures. Madam only smiled and waved giving the paparazzi air kisses acting like a tool.

Instead of ignoring the reporter's questions, she started yapping, "Arnav fell in love with me when we were in college. God it was so cute!" she fawned. "I am so lucky. Right now it feels like I'm living a fairy tale!"

She gave a Arnav a side look of victory. The bas***d threatened her yesterday!

"How does it feel like to be married to a billionaire?" the paps threw in a question and Khushi giggled like a school girl.

"Blissful." She touched her chest and sighed. Meanwhile Arnav was dragging her ass back to their waiting limousine. "He showers so much love onto me." She actually took a wad of notes out given by Arnav in the morning and fanned herself.

"Khushi not another word." Arnav warned as they got closer to their waiting car.

"But baby I am just telling them how much you love me." She innocently batted her lashes.

Giving her a little meaningful tug into the limousine, they sat together in silence. Now that they were alone in the close quarters of the car, Khushi was struck dumb and a little nervous.

Turning his head towards her he said huskily, "There are three things you need to learn to survive the next five minutes."

"And what are they?" she was nervous as a cat after that little stunt she performed. His scorching gaze connected with her and heat stirred within the push-up bra she wore.

"One. You don't talk to the press in any shape or form unless I authorize it-and I never will. As I didn't tell you that, I will not hold it against you this one time."

Arnav jerked loose his tie and unbuttoned his collar. "Two. You will not appear in public looking like a Thai hooker."

"I am wearing underwear." Khushi pointed out with a sniff.

In the act of removing his jacket, Arnav gave her a smoldering look. "Don't even think about going without it. Infact everything from the shoulders to knee should be covered."

Khushi was bewildered. She didn't know her showing that much skin would affect Arnav. "Why? I know that in the past you've hung around with women barely wearing anything."

"Don't be foolish." Arnav drawled haughtily. "You're my fiance and in a different league. I expect modest and non-impulsive behavior from you."

She was dumbfounded by that little speech which was filled with double standards and hypocrisy. What she was most amazed was that he was not shouting at her. "So what was the third thing I needed to learn to survive the next five minutes?"

"How to appease an angry husband." Arnav moved forward and scooped Khushi on his lap.





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The following 199 member(s) liked the above post:


prabha75 Goldie

Joined: 07 January 2012
Posts: 1805

Posted: 21 June 2013 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
excellent update
poonam.vijay62 Senior Member

Joined: 18 December 2012
Posts: 512

Posted: 21 June 2013 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
ur ff is so good.wht is arnav doing .is he really taking revenge from khushi .poor khushi.wt will she do now.
ajoop IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 October 2011
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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
loved it
thanks for the Smilepm
evydsena7777 Senior Member

Joined: 14 July 2012
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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
nice update dear
at the end
khushi came to knw real face of that shyam...
and khushi never going to bow in front of arnav and also she got the point...
amazing update

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ar_art IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 January 2012
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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
Tat moron shayam...
Anyway all for good arshi together... And arnav and kuShi are just awesome...
KuShi in tat dress and wow... Just couldnt stop laughing imagining how itwould hav been...
Lovely yaar
Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 March 2010
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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
Don't be stingy with comments guys! I stayed up all night to write this part. C'mon c'mon give me looonnggg comments LOL

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