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Mistress Against Her Will (ArShi ff) Part 9 pg 72 (Page 3)

Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 2:49am | IP Logged
I'm gonna kill you for not telling me about this... but yeah res Angry

shreesharamesh Groupbie

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 4:22am | IP Logged
hey tat was really interesting plz do Pm me abt the updates...
Sweet_Ashum IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Damn u woman!!!
U left sooo many of ur FFs incomplete
Complete them...I dont care

N Wow!!!
Im loving this!!!
Hope u dont run away AGAIN n leave this incomplete
Coz if u do, Im coming to hunt you

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Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 2

Khushi tripped on her foot as she heard that but Arnav kept a firm hold on her waist as he practically dragged her out of his office.

"Bu-But. Mr. Raizada." Khushi tried. "What do you mean we have leave now? You just appointed me." Her eyes fell on her stilettos still lying on the rug and she dug her heels in the ground.

Arnav stopped and turned around with cool eyes. "Didn't I mention that I urgently needed a secretary? Do you have someone special here stopping you?"

Seriously! So when he mentioned urgent he might aswell has said ASAP! Khushi had to inform Shyaam about this sudden change of plans. Bless him! He'll be waiting for her to call him and here Arnav is all set to whisk her away without any warnings.

C'mon Khushi think think think. And her gaze landed back on the heels! "Offcourse I don't have any problems getting whisked away by my brand new boss." She tried to keep the sarcasm out of her voice. "But can I atleast get my shoes out of your rug before you drag me to some airport bare feet?"

Arnav's expression was his usual expressionless and for a second Khushi thought he didn't quite understand what she was saying. So she tried again and exaggeratedly pointed towards the rug, then at her bare feet and hopped around to emphasize her point. "I am wearing no shoes." She pointed at her feet again and nodded like she is talking to a dim witted child.

A cool brow raised on Arnav's forehead as his jaw ticked in annoyance. "Do you always waste people's time speaking so much unnecessary junk or does my friendly company brings this side out of you?"

Khushi snorted. "Did you just call yourself friendly? Is that what you used to write on your resume to get a job?" and then sniggered while turning her head. "And here I thought I was the only one who lies in their CVs and resume."

Arnav huffed and rolled his eyes. This unbelievable! "Khushi!" he glared at her. "You will now shut up. I can already feel a headache coming on."

Khushi glared back. "Arnav!" she huffed. "I am not wearing any-"

"Yes yes I know you are not wearing any freaking shoes. I got the first time you said it." He threw his hands up and looked at the ceiling as if asking god for some holy intervention.

"Then why didn't you just say it!" Khushi looked indignantly and then muttered under her breath. "Aur khama kha mujse itni mehnat karai dumb charades khelne mein. Huh!"

"That's because it just hit me that I hired the clumsiest secretary in the world who can't even take two steps without getting her heel stuck in the floorboard or something!" then he grabbed her hand and started walking again. "And you call that pointing and acting like an idiot dumb charades? I felt like I was watching cartoon network!"

Khushi didn't know which insult to pick first. So she just opened her mouth and let a little hiss out in anger. "And my heel got stuck in the rug not floorboard. Get your facts right." She pulled her hand out from his hold and marched in front of him while huffing and puffing.

As soon as they reached her elevator, Arnav pulled his phone out and pressed speed dial. "I'm coming down. Get the car ready and yes..." he looked at her pointedly while talking on the phone. "Please keep those shoes ready I texted you about. The lady here is getting awfully cranky considering it is my rug she ripped with her heel."

OMG this is sooo embarrassing. She cringed and looked away. So he already texted someone to get new shoes for her and here she was making the biggest scene in his living room. "You should've said something about it rather than just staring at me like I belong in the zoo." She gritted her teeth.

"Unlike you, I only open my mouth to say important things." And he rolled his eyes. Argh! Seriously why did he even hire her if he thinks she's so stupid?! Kutta kamina, I only open my mouth to say important things! She mimicked under her breath. Kyo khane ke liye IV drip chadhata hai kya kamina? Doesn't he open his gob then?

 He placed his hand on her lower back as soon as the elevator door pinged open and they were greeted by the most beautiful pair of diamond studded black stilettos.

"Be still my heart!" Khushi grabbed the shoes with a wide smile. "Arnav you can't be serious?"

He raised his brow in answer. Seriously would it kill him to communicate verbally more often?

"These are Manolo Blahniks for the love of Holy stilettos!!!" Khushi quickly wore them and did a little twirl in front of the mirror next to the elevator. "Even if I sell myself, I won't be able to afford these."

Arnav looked bored as he did another eye roll. "Biggest drama queen." He muttered under his breath.

Suddenly a tube light went on in Khushi's head. "OMG I got the best idea! Will you take instalments?"

"Excuse me?" Arnav shook his head and started walking towards the exit motioning Khushi to join him.

"For the shoes. D'uh!" Seriously for the reputation this guy has got, Arnav is a right tube light.

He placed his hand lightly on her back again. "They are yours. You don't need to pay back."

"Why? It was my fault, my old heels got stuck and I damaged your rug." She said as they sat in a sleek black car with tinted windows.

"Offcourse not Khushi. It was the...rug's fault that it came in your way." His lips twitched and turned his head away from her. "You don't need to pay for anything."

"So you're not going to ask me to pay for your expensive rug then?"

He rolled his eyes in answer.


Khushi was still trying to figure out how to inform Shyaam that she's going somewhere with Arnav Singh  Raizada when the car stopped in front of Khushi's apartment. Looking shocked she faced Arnav in panic. He knows! Oh god he know. Why else would he know about her apartment?

"What?" he looked confused at Khushi's reaction.

"Why are we here? And how do you know where I live?"

"Don't you have to pack anything for our trip? And your address was in your resume where else?" 

Sighing a big relief she opened the car door and felt a bit stupid for reacting like that. Seriously at this rate, if he wasn't suspicious before, she'll drive him to suspicion in no time.

To her surprise Arnav followed her inside her apartment and made himself comfortable in her living room. Khushi felt a bit awe struck watching Arnav, one of the biggest businessman of UK sitting comfortably on her ratty couch looking around her small place. Shit he's the most expensive thing to ever come in her apartment.

"If you're done staring at me then could you please hurry up? We're on a tight schedule here." He tapped his Rolex to emphasise.  Leaving her handbag on the table, she went in the bedroom and started packing. She did think of calling Shyaam from here but the walls of her apartment was so paper thin that Arnav will definitely hear her. No shit sometimes she could even hear her neighbours having sex from next door! *Cringggeee*

Deciding to call Shyaam from the flight as she clearly doesn't have any other option left, she left for the airport with Arnav.

Dodging long queues, they were immediately ushered to a private jet which was so luxurious that Khushi tripped on the step while looking around with crazy eyes.

"Typical." Arnav muttered while taking his seat and flipping through a magazine. "I should just get used to her tripping and falling in random places."

Manolo blahniks on her feet, chauffeured cars with tinted windows, private jets with unlimited free food!!! was not normal. She better not get used to all this luxuries and keep her feet planted on earth. Remember Khushi you're here for a reason and darn it Shyaam still doesn't know where the hell she is. She has disappeared from the face of earth for all he knows.

"Um Arnav can I use the washroom?"  she asks hopefully.

"What am I? Your teacher that you're asking my permission to use washroom?" he looked up from his magazines with annoyed expression. Oooh okay sorry then! That'll teach me not to be polite in front of some assholes.

Huffing she stepped into the furthest washroom from Arnav and started digging in her handbag for her phone. After a few careless sweep, when she still didn't see her phone, horror started to unfold as she quickly emptied her whole handbag in the sink. No! Where is it? I could've sworn I kept it in my bag this morning. Oh my god! how am I going to inform Shyaam?

Calming herself from the verge of panic attack, she put the contents back in her handbag. How the hell did her phone disappear like that from her handbag?!

Taking her seat in front of Arnav, she dejectedly looked outside the window.

"That took you long. Everything okay?" he asked looking genuinely worried.

"My phone..." he had to physically stop herself from jumping up and screaming in frustration. "It's not in my bag."

"Oh that's a shame. You can use mine anytime you want." And he went back to reading his kamini magazine!

"Yeah thanks." Oh yeah like she is going to call Shyaam Kapoor from Arnav Singh Raizada's phone. She might aswell chose a casket for her funeral.

Now she was bloody depressed! Even the idea of free unlimited food in the jet didn't cheer her up so she just started at Arnav with blood thirsty eyes!  It was all his fault that her life just fell from its axis and she has no idea what she could do to bring some kind of control back in it. Right now believe it or not she was at Arnav Singh Raizada's mercy. She can only hope she gets out of this whole mess in one piece.

Looking at him sitting all relaxed with his coat thrown casually away, his sleeves rolled up and his tie loosened around his neck, he looked exactly like he used to look back in college all those years ago. She could still remember her first day in college when he she saw him for the first time...

He walked like a tiger taking slow but powerful strides, his lips twitched in a wolfish grin as he takes his designer sunglasses off and coolly pass his fingers through his hair slightly ruffling it. He got his automatic reaction as the girls around started gasping and sighing seeing him.

"damn he's HOT!"

"He looks good enough to eat"

"yumm his perfume, Gucci or Armani?"

"how can someone manage to look so irresistible like...everyday!"

"tell me about it"

He slung his bag over his shoulders and started walking ahead in his usual cool stride while chewing a gum. All this while Khushi was running in his direction to get to her first lesson oblivion to royal welcome the king of college was getting.

"Oh wow Khushi! You are freaking unbelievable. You are late again!" she chided herself while tugging her bag higher on her shoulder. "They should seriously put me on the Guinness book of record man. I mean like who gets fired from three part time jobs for coming in everyday? I have the worst punctuality in the history of punctualities!" and she crashed into someone as she turned a swift corner without looking. Who looks around when they are late anyway?

"Oi watch it!" someone growled in a clearly annoyed voice.

Khushi's head hurt for crashing into something so freaking solid. She looked up and saw that someone was a very well built guy who was currently giving her right evil looks. She would have taken a moment to check his pretty face out if he wasn't being so annoying right now. Iski maa ki! It wasn't just my fault!

"No you watch it!" she pointed at his face and barked. "Blind Asshole!" he was wearing some stupid designer glasses which probably cost more than she ever earned in her whole sixteen years of life.

The look of utter disbelief on his face would have been funny if Khushi wasn't so angry herself.

"What?! The nerve of you-" he was probably going to say something totally horrible so Khushi brought her palm up and stopped him mid sentenced.

"Save it hero. I don't have time to argue with you." She was about to be a bigger person here and walk off but then he caught her arm and pulled her back in front of him. The cocky smile that he was wearing before she crashed into him, now all gone. Rather he looked downright pissed.

"No one talks to me like that." He bent down and brought his face closer to hers. "And of all the people, not some tiny arrogant-"

"Bitch? Yeah well you aren't some prince charming either." Khushi retorted and stopped the urge the stomp her feet realising how late she is getting for her first ever lesson. Seriously who the hell does he think he is? All this just cuz she bumped into him by mistake! "And you haven't seen my arrogance yet."

With that she snatched her arm out of his grip, not that it was very hard anyway and pulled his designer sunglasses from his face. "This." She pointed towards his glasses in her hand. "Is true arrogance, the only way to make you understand." And she snapped his glasses in half and threw it behind her casually walking off with a big victory smile on her face.

Take that cocky bas***d! She thought as she looked over her shoulder to see him still standing there with a look of utter disbelief on his face. Like he couldn't believe what the hell just happened.

Khushi was so proud of herself! She could just bet her pocket money that no one has ever treated Mr. High and Mighty like that before. Yeah well she would be doing humanity a favour if that little incident brings him on track. And teach him some polite manners!

You know how they say that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Khushi should've seen it coming but no she actually thought that she taught Mr. Hot Shit a lesson and now he will be a better person. The whole first week, Khushi could feel his eyes on her whenever she came in the same room as him. She ignored him most of the time cuz let's be honest, he usually surrounded by a big group of people also known as Arnav's worshippers. *rolls eyes*. He used to look straight into her eyes like he is just waiting for god to give him an opportunity and he would destroy the existence of her with his bare hands. Yeah well he can dream! Khushi thought gritting her teeth. Okay now he was seriously making her uncomfortable. Why can't he just forget the little incident and move on?

And finally Arnav got the chance he was looking for all week. Khushi has always been a slow coach in life. Everywhere she goes, she's always the last one to pack her bag and leave the room so today was no different as the bell rang after the last lesson, all students filed out of the class and Khushi was still running around the class finishing her experiment for chemistry.

The teacher told her to take her time and submit the data collected from the experiment tomorrow as even left the class. She was merrily writing her final piece of data when she felt someone entering the class. Looking over her shoulder thinking it's the janitor or something, she did a double take when she saw it was none other than Mr. Hot Shit locking the door behind him. f**k!

"Wh-What the hell do you think you are doing?" Confident Khushi! Appear confident. Standing straight she folded her arms and looked around for another exit, you know just in case. But all she saw was window and conveniently (for Arnav) they were on the third floor. So jumping from the window option was out. Right.

He casually leaned against the door folding his legs in front of him and smirked. "Hello Khushi."

"Wow! I never in my life thought a 'hello Khushi' would sound so creepy." She laughed nervously looking around again. "How do you know my name?" ugh voice came out in a little squeak instead of a confident growl! Way to go champion.

"I asked around. I had to know the name of the brave little girl who dared to snap my favourite glasses in half and throw it away." He unfolded his legs and stood up straighter. "You got some major balls I gotta admit."

Watching him stand Khushi's resolve to stand her ground and look confident slipped a little. "If you expect me to buy you a new pair then you'd be waiting a very long time."

He laughed humourlessly, "Somehow I knew you'd say that. But no that's not the reason I came here." He slowly slowly started walking towards her and with a little yelp of panic, Khushi lost all her cool and calm composure and ran around the lab to stand in the far corner of the room.

"I don't want to listen why you came here." She squeaked. "I have better things to do."

She could see the glint in his eyes as he made his way towards her. "Why are you getting so scared for? I only came here to make a truce" he had the f**king nerve to look innocent but the glint in his eyes screamed at Khushi that she's in trouble.

"Yeah like hell I believe you." Khushi decided to stay strong and fight whatever the hell is coming on! She can't out run Arnav so she'll stand her ground and make him look stupid!

He gives a mock injured look, "It hurts that you don't believe me Khushi." While still advancing towards her corner.

"Don't make me hurt you in real Raizada. It would be a right shame if I permanently injure your goods."

Laughing he came and stood right in front of her not leaving a breath's space between them. She was sandwiched between Arnav and the wretched corner. Whose bright idea was it to stand her ground and stay in the corner rather than running around screaming like a headless chicken?

Keeping his both hands on Khushi's waist he pulled her closer and nuzzled her neck. Her traitorous body reacted completely opposite to how Khushi thought it would! She actually felt freaking butterflies in her stomach and her heart was by god having an Olympic race.

"God Arnav stop it." She said breathlessly. "What are you doing?" she brought her hands in between them to push him away but instead laid them flat on his chiselled abdomen and felt him up and down.

In return Arnav started flowering her neck and jaw with feather light kisses which was doing something to her legs making it hard for her to stand straight. "I am just making truce." He bit her lobe then kissed it, pulling her closer to him.

"There are other ways to make truce you know." She tried to control her erratic breathing but no point.

She felt his hand snaking up her inner thigh and making light circles on her sensitive skin. She will not moan! No! But then he cupped her in between her legs and let out a big moan. Before she could think, Arnav brought his other hand to her nape and pulled her up on tip toes as he smacked his lips on hers devouring it. Her eyes widened in surprise and a sudden burst of pleasure as he massaged her most sensitive area with his hand through her jeans and his tongue was playing another game in her mouth. She was goner. Suddenly he pulled up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and thats when she felt it. His erection poking her right between her legs and they both gave another growl of pleasure. Something was building inside her. She could feel it. Her breathing got erratic and her mind was in tornado and Arnav was doing crazy things to her. Some kind of pressure was building up and up and she had to let go but she had no idea how. Arnav got her frustration and started rubbing her against him. Bloody hell he was dry humping her in the middle of her chemistry lab!!! And then all of sudden Khushi felt something burst inside her and she saw stars as she threw her head back and completely let go. Slowly Arnav let her slid down from his body and like a rag doll she fell on the floor. She had no idea what just happened.

"Don't tell me that was your first orgasm." She heard his voice over the hum of her own brain. Blinking open her eyes she looked at him with confused gaze.

"Huh?" and then it hit her. Snapping her head down she saw that OH MY GOD!!! SHE JUST HAD A F**KING ORGASM IN HER JEANS!!! A loud sob broke out of her mouth as tears started misting her eyes. Looking up at his smirking face was like tight slap on her face. Nothing could control her now. He did this by purpose! He humiliated her in front of herself. Khushi saw red. Blind rage. Standing up with blood shot eyes she grabbed the first chemical bottle that she saw on the rack next to her and splashed it on his face hoping against hope that its some concentrated acid that burns his face!!!

A loud gasp left his mouth as he blinked his eyes a few times. Touching his face, he glared at her. "What the f**k?" he snatched the bottle from her hand and checked the lable. His sigh of relief told Khushi that it wasn't some life threatening chemical she just threw at face rather its some sissy one that brings shame to the chemistry subject!

"That was low!" they both said at the same time.

"WHAT?!" Khushi barked while pushing him back. "Throwing some random chemical at your face was low?"

"You could've seriously f**ked up my face!" he growled.

"WHAT YOU DID TO ME WAS BEYOND..." ARGGHHH Khushi control yourself! You can't give this son of a bitch the satisfaction of undoing you so easily! Wiping her tears, she faked a confident smile and said, "On second thoughts, yes Arnav that was my first orgasm and thank you for giving it to me. Quite a relief when it comes I tell you." She tip toed and pecked his lips and winked. "You have fun taking a cold shower." And just for kicks, she lightly grazed his erection with her palm and walked off blowing a kiss over her shoulder.

All my darling arshi fans,

I hope all of u are fine with a bit of kutta kamina here and there cuz thats like my signature writingEmbarrassed and stay tuned and leave looonnnggg comments LOL 

and all the silent readers: I will find you and I will drink your blood with my strawWinkLOL


sexy churel, sani


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ifsaal044 Goldie

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
interesting storyline. Please continue real soon.

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blek Senior Member

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
realy intrstg ,,,so khushi and arnav know each other VERY WELLWinkcont soon
thanx 4 the pm

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Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by blek

realy intrstg ,,,so khushi and arnav know each other VERY WELLWinkcont soon
thanx 4 the pm
LOL ur VERY WELL cracked me up LOL well it has been 10 years so khushi is not sure whether he still remember her or not Wink
JCJS IF-Dazzler

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intresting.really expecting more.pls pm me yaar

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