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Mistress Against Her Will (ArShi ff) Part 9 pg 72

Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2013 at 12:30pm | IP Logged

Mistress against her will

Part 1

She sat in the car and fiddled with the contents of her handbag. The car jerked to a stop and she looked towards the driver seat and saw her fianc smirking to himself lost deep in his thoughts.

"I don't think I can do this." She stammered and he turned his face towards her.

"What crap Khush? You promised me baby you'll do this for...for us." He gripped her hand and squeezed it tight. Khushi stifled a gasp and tried to smile.

"He is really clever Shyaam." She tried again. "I don't even want think what will happen if he finds out that the girl who will he be interviewing for his personal assistant is actually his competitor's fiance"

Shyaam  kapoor stifled a growl of annoyance and tried playing this a different way. Softly he kissed her and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Sweetheart, why don't you trust me? I have had everything planned. Arnav  Singh Raizada won't even know what has hit him until too late. You just have to get that job and snoop through the rain project's file. Once you've got the confidential details about that project, you give them to me and I'll make sure Arnav Singh Raizada won't ever see your face again. We can get married after that sweetheart. You and me." He kissed her again.

Khushi felt nothing. I mean aren't you supposed to feel some kind of tingles when your fianc kiss you but she felt absolutely nothing besides nervousness and guilt. Shyaam was making her do something which was not only immoral but also dangerous. She'll be entering the tiger's territory and she can only hope to god that he doesn't recognise her. After all it's been a good 10 years since she last saw him. She looked up and saw the giant building twenty-five stories of ASR Industries standing proudly on the most expensive area of the city.

She can do this. She told herself. She has to do this for Shyaam, her love of her life who also loved her so much that he already decided to marry her. She looked down at solitaire shining on her ring finger. She met Shyaam at her previous office where he used to be a client of her kind old boss. He used to flirt with her where she was just a mere secretary and one day asked her out for coffee. Days passed to months and she was more and more besotted by his charming ways. But she has to admit that she wasn't in love with him yet. After all her heart was already taken by the devil. The devil who she was going to be meeting in fifteen minutes, who has no idea what's coming his way. Once Shyaam gets the rain project file's details, the ASR Industries would suffer through millions of pounds of loss...all because of her. No no don't think it that way. Shyaam always gave her everything and never asked for anything back and this is the first time he ever asked for something.  He asked her to destroy the biggest thorn in his way to success.

"But you do know that Arnav Singh Raizada and I used to go to the same college." Khushi tried for the last time to back out. "What if he recognises me?"

"Nonsense. That was ten years ago and no one knows that we're engaged so even if he does recognise you, it's no big deal. Just play innocent." He unclipped her seat beat and opened her door. "Now go baby, make me proud"

Khushi stepped out of the car and waved goodbye. Her stilettos clicked on the concrete floor as she crossed the road and made her way towards ASR Industries. She will be finally meeting Arnav after ten years. Surely he can't still make her heart race like he used to. I mean that was 10 years ago when she was a young naive teenager of sixteen. She checked her reflection in the mirrored wall of the building and nodded contently. Dressed professionally in grey business suit perfectly creased and black killer heels. And just for kicks, she also bought those cheap glasses from the pharmacy. No way Arnav will never recognise her. Back in college, she had a slight accent and now all traces of accent were gone.

She asked receptionist about her interview and she chirpily took her in the elevator.

"Mr. Raizada instructed me to bring all the interviewees up in his penthouse at the top floor. More cosy there you see." She went on and Khushi gulped. Shit in his penthouse? Cosy?

"err okay."

The elevator door pinged open and they stepped out in front of a large mahogany double door carved with gold royal patterns at the frame. It was all very intimidating. The woman turned the key and the lock clicked open revealing the most extravagant surrounding she has ever seen in her life. The living room had floor to ceiling windows and the floor was covered in lush cream carpet. She looked around at the black leather couches and 50 inch plasma TV on the wall with a large, elegant bookcase at another wall.

"Mr. Raizada will be with you shortly. Good luck with your interview." And the door slammed shut. Now she was alone in the lion's den staring straight at the closed bedroom door, knowing very well that Arnav is in there.

Okay Khushi, just control your nerves and rock the interview. You'll have to get this job for Shyaam's sake. But if Arnav rejects me for his assistant's position then you can tell Shyaam that you tried your best but it didn't work. And who know will know? She doesn't even have to give this interview. She should just run out of here as quietly as possible.

Just when she was about to run out of the room, the bedroom door clicked open and her heel got stuck in the rug in all the rush.

"Shit." She whispered just as she lost her balance and fell face first on the floor. So much for running without a noise. Great, now the ground should also open up so she can bury inside and die.

Since she can't just lie there forever, she slowly lifted her head and looked straight into the eyes of the devil himself. Arnav Singh Raizada stood there with his arms crossed leaning on the door frame.

So he's just gonna stand there and look at her? Won't he even help? She tried to get up but her stupid heel was still stuck in the rug. Oh god why me? Somehow she twisted her body around and sat up and slipped out her feet from both stilettos. She stood in Arnav's penthouse in bare feet with her heel still stuck in the wretched rug. And to make it even better, Arnav Singh Raizada was still staring at her as if she didn't belong on planet earth.

Life wasn't fair.

"Good morning sir." Khushi licked her parched lips. "Sorry about that rug. I'll bring you a new one. Promise." She blabbered on. Oh god why did I need to say that? The damn rug looks expensive.

"Interesting." He raised his eye brows and Khushi stifled the urge to run out of the door screw interview. No way in hell she's getting this job now. "If your antics are over then can we start the interview?"

"Huh? Interview?" and here she thought he was going to kick her out of the door.

He moved and signalled her to follow him towards his study. "You're not housekeeping are you?"

"No no. I am Khushi gupta." And she crossed her fingers behind her back praying that the name doesn't ring any bells.


Yessshhh. "I..I..meant I am here for interview." And she quickly sat down in front of his plush leather chair.

He gave a barely perceived nod and his face was still devoid of any expressions. Gee a small smile wouldn't kill. He was dressed in black dress suit, his hair cut short and slightly gelled up. And he still looked breathtakingly hot with a dark aura of danger around him.

Arnav was staring straight into her eyes and she was shifting uncomfortably on her chair. Then slowly he brought his hand towards her and picked up her reading glasses from the bridge of her nose and started assessing them.

"They're cheap reading glasses." He stated with a raised brow. "Why did you wear them to the interview?"

The lid of her voice box snapped shut in Khushi's throat. "Aaahh." Was all she could gag out.

"You were trying to be someone you aren't." Arnav said. "That's deceiving."

Khushi's lid blew off. Had hoti hai! Ek reading glasses par kitna tak tak kar raha hai. "For god's sake they are just glasses. I just wanted you to take me seriously." And he shut her up by snapping the glasses in half and casually throwing it in the bin like it's some wad of gum not her glasses!

"Mr. RAIZADA!" she shot up pushing the chair behind her. "What the..." she stopped herself just in time and muttered a little 'f**k' underneath her breath.

"Yes? Why are you standing?" he barely raised a brow as he leaned back in his plush leather chair with a hint of smirk hovering over his mouth. "Sit back down. The interview hasn't even started yet." And he went back to checking her file with his classic blank expressions again.

There was so many things Khushi wanted to say and so many ways Khushi wanted to hit him that she stood there twitching in her place making tight fists to stop herself from jumping across and smacking him. 

"I get a feeling that you want to say something but having trouble communicate." He said calmly while still turning pages of her resume. She could think of ten things she wanted to scream at his face but her mouth was still unable to form words. Then he looked at up and all her breath left her in a big huff. "Is that true Ms Gupta?"

"Mr. Raizada-"

"Yes I understand that's my name. Now will you please take a seat so we can continue with the interview Khushi?"

She should have left then. Left her most expensive stilettos on his damn rug and legged it while she still could but she couldn't. There was something so powerfully attractive in the way he said her name like he was rolling it off his tongue, that she lost all control of her body and slumped down on the chair in a daze.

He gave her a barely perceived nod as his lips twitched a bit. "Finally." He murmured to himself and switched back to his business mode. "From your resume I can see you have been a secretary in Mr. William's company from the past six years?"

She cleared her throat and answered, "Yes, first I was an assistant secretary but then I got soon promoted for my efficient work. For the last two years I was actually Mr. William's secretary."

Her former boss Mr. William was a very well known business in London and had a huge construction firm spread all over England but then suddenly something went awfully wrong and the whole company went into irreparable loss. Fortunately her fianc Shyaam Kapoor was kind enough to take over the company from Mr. William and the employers could still keep their jobs. She still couldn't figure  out what suddenly went wrong that over night the company had to be sold. So when Shyaam took over her former boss's company, she thought she'll just carry on with her work as is it, she was very shocked to see her termination letter on her desk the next morning. When she asked Shyaam  about it, he cajoled her with his new plan to make her Arnav  Singh Raizada's assistant as his was going on a maternity leave. Shyaam and Arnav's former assistant used to go to the same gym and that's when Shyaam told her that Khushi is currently looking for a job and she had great secretary experience. So here she is.

She shook out of her thoughts and noticed that Arnav was staring at her. Shit! She must have missed something. "Sorry?"

"I was just wondering how come the new owner just kicked you out of the job and kept the rest of the employees in Mr. William's company?" , He folded he arms and leaned leisurely back in his chair again. He suddenly looked more hot and intimidating.

'Be still my heart!' Khushi gritted her teeth and tried answering the question without wavering. She knew this question was coming and she has prepared herself. So with a deep breath, she said, "As you can see, that I was in that company for six years and felt part of it. So when it went down, I just couldn't connect with the new employer like I could with Mr. William. He was great boss. Kind, Patience, understanding and great business man."  She really does miss her old boss.

"All the things Mr. Shyaam Kapoor are not. Right?" Arnav asked with raising his brow and Khushi's breath hitched in her throat. Calm down Khushi, he doesn't know that Shyaam is your fianc. Keep it together. But she couldn't help but thinking how unprofessional and harsh Shyaam has been to the employees now that Arnav has put it that way. Giving them unnaturally long hours, cutting down their annual bonus, screaming and shouting if someone makes a little mistake and finally flirting with good looking female clients. She tried ignoring it all this time but damn Arnav!

"Yes. You are quite right. I personally didn't approve of Mr Kapoor's work ethics." She could feel the heat creeping up her neck. She could have never thought Arnav would turn her against her own fianc's work ethics using so few words! He's really good. No doubt about that. No wonder he's one of UK's top businessman. 

He gave her a knowing nod and closed her file. "I could ask you all those typical interview questions but looking at your references, I am quite happy with your experiences." He said getting up and Khushi just looked up wondering what is coming up. "Since I quite urgently need a secretary, I'll make you a job offer here. Miss Khushi Gupta, the job is yours if you want to take."

She opened her mouth to say something but was so shocked that nothing came out. What? Just like that he'll give her the job? She had a fleeting thought at the back of her mind to refuse the job proposal and lie to Shyaam that she got rejected. Just imagining being with Arnav Singh Raizada day and night makes her heart race so fast.

But then Arnav came around the table and stood over her looking so strikingly handsome that all rational thoughts left her mind and all she could think of what it would feel like to be kissed by him again? To lose herself completely under his spell that she wouldn't even remember her last name if someone asked that time. KHUSHI! Stop it and think think think. She shook her head and look away from those magnetic black eyes. She could lie to Shyaam and say that she didn't get the job but what if Shyaam finds out from his gym friend that Arnav Singh Raizada did offer her the position but she refused? He'll be so mad and feel betrayed. No, she can't let Shyaam down. They're going to get married! Who starts their foundation of married life on lies and deceit? Damn it Shyaam put her in an awful position. You know what Khushi? You shouldn't worry about Arnav Singh Raizada at all because clearly the attraction between the two of you is one sided and he would never try to seduce with his employee. He is known for his excellent work ethics. I can do this Shyaam! I can keep my hormones in control!

"I'll take it." The answer was supposed to come out confidently but it came out in a nervous squeak.

His face broke into a grin and her heart beat picked up new momentum. "Welcome to ASR Industries." He brought his hand in front of her and pulled her on her feet. "We have to leave now. We have a flight waiting for us."

Hi ARSHI Fans!

Well let me introduce myself first. I'm Saniya and I usually write AR ffs but recently i hunted down IPKKND episodes and am also a crazy Arshi fan!!! well who isnt? LOL so I decided to post Arshi ff aswell. Hope u all enjoy it!




P.S- If you want PMs then send me a buddy request xx











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annab Goldie

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Very interesting concept..pls continue soon and pls pm me...thanx..

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Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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C'mon silent readers, atleast leave a little (or looonnnggg) comment hehe.
it really encourages me!!

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interesting start

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Look who is back...:D
I see the snapping trace of urs in khushi too here lols...
Great start...
Hope you dont go gayab this time. 

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.Sandal. IF-Rockerz

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Well loved the concept.
I think shyam is using her for his benefit.
He bought mr williams company in same way he is planing to ruin Ar industries.
Poor shyam doesn't know Arnav is much clever then Him.
aww Khushi love him or attract to him datx cute frm last 10 years

Well i guess Arnav already knows abt this plan
He might have known Khushi being shyam's fianc
He might have remember Khushi from college as well.

Add me to ur pm list do pm
Continue soon

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this was totally breath taking nd outstanding...I jst loved it...
plz pm me nd update soon

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