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A Swaron OS ( Valentine series )

Nehal92 Goldie

Joined: 09 September 2011
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Posted: 13 February 2013 at 11:54am | IP Logged
                            A  SWARON ONE SHOT ( VALENTINE SERIES )

1. L' AMOUR FAIT MAL  ( Love hurts )

Note:  It contains kriyaansh part too with Swaron. Wink

Part 1 : Page 1

Part 2 : Page 5

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Nehal92 Goldie

Joined: 09 September 2011
Posts: 1534

Posted: 13 February 2013 at 11:55am | IP Logged
                                  L' ARMOUR FAIT MAL ( Love hurts )

                                                  PART 1 

"I just used you to become popular!"

Her words rang in his ears and tears flowed from his eyes and he covered his ears placing his hands on his ears and shouted loudly in an empty basket ball court.

One side his team had lost the footloose competition' and his illusion was also cleared.

He cried bitterly slapping himself on his cheeks thinking how idiot he was to think that she too loved him as the way he loved her.

He was lost and broken'he had lost her. The girl whom he loved beyond limits had betrayed him.

She liked Swayam'.His best friend. He banged his hand on the steel net of the court causing his hand to bleed.

The pain in him blinded his thinking capabilities. All her knew was the girl he loved the most is the now the person he hates the most.

Not only her but the whole darn weakling team..who according to him were not worth of his or any of the dazzlers friendship.

He rubbed the tears flowing from his eyes and shouted.

Those weaklings can't affect me like this' Kria Ghai. You and your darn team can never match our standards.

Sharon was always right, those low life creatures can never stand equal to us


Rey walked out of the court determined not to allow any weakling to come near him our any of his friends.

Specially, his best friend Sharon..He will protect her from the Swayam who have his eyes on her.

He thought he too will use Sharon for his benefit and leave her all broken just the same way his Best friend did to him.

On the other hand one more heart was feeling immense pain...pain of separating from her love, pain of hurting him so much.

Kria cried her heart out thinking about how her life had turned upside down' just 24 hours back everything was fine.

She had her team, her friends, her love everything and now she had nothing.

In matter of hours she will be leaving everyone behind and returning back to Dehradhun.

How she wished she could make her mom understand that what dance meant for her, what Rey means for her.

But to her fate, She had to dump her feeling in one corner of her heart. She wanted him to move on in life so she did this to him.

She wanted him to hate her forget her, so that he could move ahead in life where he could find a better girl for him who would love him back with equal intensity.

One side one relationship broke, leaving behind just pain and pain.

Other side a relationship was building, letting go all the pain and allowing just love to settle in them.

After the competition, things had really changed between them when she had got real angry on that B*****d Shivam and had followed him to teach him a lesson.

He was worried for her, so he too followed her. Apart from him who could know how vulnerable and sensitive she is.

The loud sound of the slap rang in the whole cafeteria, as she slapped hard on that creep's face.

He giggled seeing her hitting him with such a force. But what he heard next made his eyes moist.

You jerk! How dare you betray my team? And what do you think I am mad over you that I won't do anything against your cheap antics.

I was trying to be close to you just to get my Swayam back with me. And you think I like you.

And Sharon slapped Shivam again and threw milkshake on his face and started hitting hard on his chest.

Oh no! My Siren would burst any moment.

Giggling he went towards her and picked her up from her waist and she shouted.

How dare you touch me?? You'

She stopped when she found Swayam standing behind her holding her.

Relax Siren! It's me your Swayam.

When she heard my Swayam from his mouth tears flowed from her eyes. He wiped it from his thumb indicating her not to cry.

Swayam gave a glare to Shivam'he too wanted to hot him but seeing his condition he thought his siren has done the deserved damage.

He held her hand in his and pulled her out of the cafeteria. He stood in the middle of the road and stared at her.

What?? She asked

Will you mind giving an explanation about what happened inside?

Swayam'did you want me to just cry over the fact that my team lost footloose because of that jerk. She asked frustrated

Huh! I am not talking about it. What was all that'you going near to him to get me back in your life. He asked

Don't look at me like that. Its your mistake not mine'you were not giving me attention and I hate it.

Why? He asked smirking.

Because'I L'..

Say it Sharon please. I have been dying to hear this.

I love you Swayam.

And the next moment he pulled her in a bone crashing hug and said those magical words to her.

That night changed the life of the 4 persons. 2 hearts were ending their journey of love and 2 marked the beginning of their beautiful journey.

Months passed and their love grew deeper and Rey's protectiveness for Sharon and distance from Swayam increased every single second.

He wanted to stop Sharon the day itself when she had informed him about she being in love with Swayam and they are a couple now.

But the look on Sharon's face stopped him from telling her anything about it.

Though he distanced himself from Swayam'he sometimes felt that Swayam loves Sharon and maybe Kria's liking towards him was just one sided.

He had witnessed Sharon getting more and more close to him. She didn't stay a second away from him.

Her day started with Swayam and ended with Swayam. Rey tried his best to keep her away from Swayam. But their love was strong for each other and they were able to ignore all the hurdles.

He had once spotted Swayam and Sharon in kissing position and he had literally dragged Sharon from there away from Swayam.

He warned Sharon to keep a distance from Swayam and not to cross any limits with him as any weakling was not trust worthy.

Swayam heard all this and was left all broken hearing his best friend saying he don't trust him and he doubted his love for Sharon.

Swayam left that place when Rey said him on his face that he hates all the weaklings and him too'he is just being nice to him because of Sharon.

After Swayam left Sharon confronted Rey about his behavior towards Swayam.

Rey didn't tell her about him and kria and just avoided the topic and asked Sharon to be careful with Swayam.

Sharon told Rey that Swayam is the person who will protect her from the world and she don't need to be careful from him as he can never hurt her.

Leaving behind Rey..she went in search of Swayam and after continuous searching for 2 hours she found him sitting in the BB court in the rain completely wet and crying.

She quickly ran towards him and sat next to him. On seeing her he threw himself on her and cried like a baby in her arms.

Sharon tried to pacify him'she even told her Rey is just going through a bad phase and no matter what the world says she will never leave him and always belong to him.

Swayam got up and cupped her face.

I Love you Sharon! I really do. He said.

I know Swayam'You don't need to prove your love for me. Sharon said.

Swayam took her back in a hug and placed kissed her all over her face. He placed his lips on her and took her in a passionate kiss.

He proceeded placing kisses all over her shoulders and simultaneously tried to untie the strings of her dress.

Sharon held his hand and shakes her head in negative.

Swayam'this place is not right. She said

Swayam held her hand in his and kissed on her palm and then took her with him.

They both entered a hotel and Swayam booked a room in the name of  

Mr and Mrs Shekhawat and took her to the room.

Soon, they were no barriers between them and they were making love to each other pouring their love for each other.

Sharon remembered his words which he said during the special class took by the principal.

" S** It is an act which can bring two people close to each other which anything else can't, The best way to express your love for the other person!"

A lone tear made way through her eyes because of the pain but she smiled and his every action showed how much he loves her and how lucky she is to have him in her life.

The morning rays bought smiles on their face as they woke up in the arms of the person they loved.

Time passed and they became more close to each other with having no barriers between them.

Their life was beautiful until one day when Swayam just walked off from her life leaving her all broken just saying that he had enough of her and don't love her anymore.

Sharon broke down completely and had got all numb she didn't eat for days'.when Rey returned from his trip he came to know about Swayam leaving Sharon.

When he saw Sharon in such a state'.she didn't even talk to any one of them and just kept crying.

Rey saw her sitting in one corner like a lifeless body and he remembered the day when Kria had left him in the same state.

He walked towards Sharon and kept and assuring hand on her shoulder'.

Sharon'. Rey said.

On hearing Rey's voice she just buried her in his arms crying out loud.

He left me Rey'He left me'.. get him back Rey Please get him back'..I can't stay without him..get him back. She pleaded.

Tears flowed from Rey's eyes and he cursed himself for allowing Sharon to go near a weakling after what happened with him.

Rey'I need him. I am pregnant with his baby. She confessed.

What?? Rey asked, Shocked

Rey please get him back..I don't want to lose our baby. Dad won't allow me to keep this baby. Get him back Rey please' She cried more.

Tears flowed from his eyes as he closed his eyes.

I love you Sharon' I really do Swayam said and then he was pulled in with a force and his whole body went numb. 

So, How is it guys?? Embarrassed I hope you all like this one. Do hit the like tab and leave your comments too. it means a lot. Embarrassed

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Nehal92 Goldie

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Posted: 13 February 2013 at 11:56am | IP Logged

Hey Partner Hug

Good to see u..i missed u whole week..u know thatEmbarrassed..tumhari aadat ho gayi he...u r addictive...just like ur writing...u dont have any much I love to be the 1st one to read ur update..and it kind of gives me satisfaction /assurance as a writer if u like a certail piece of my write up...ur feedback/opinion means the most for me...i hope our bond will grow stronger(as frnds & partners) ...though we both r busy in respective works...may be weont get time to interact with e\ach other like before..but that won't make our bond weak...Smile
Coming to the i told u ..every creative wonder from ur side is a pleasure ...i loved the way u started from kriya's depature and u connected the real story with ur imagination so beautifully...Rey's pain..his bitterness was understandable..the way he lost hope in love..and weaklings...
The way SWARON became one was beautiful..after the shivam fiasco i really wanted to see this..i was HER to confess the reason behind her getting close to shivam..This part was was amusing n amazing as well...loved the slip off tounge which lead towards the confession..

I was trying to be close to you just to get my Swayam back with me. And you think I like you.

And Sharon slapped Shivam again and threw milkshake on his face and started hitting hard on his chest.

Oh no! My Siren would burst any moment.

Giggling he went towards her and picked her up from her waist and she shouted.

How dare you touch me?? You'

She stopped when she found Swayam standing behind her holding her.

Relax Siren! It's me your Swayam.

When she heard my Swayam from his mouth tears flowed from her eyes. He wiped it from his thumb indicating her not to cry.

Well as i knew the concept before ..i knew whats coming ...loved the way u treate SHAREY characters..i always loved their bondings..and i know u r fond of them...i loved the way treated this OS..the 1st part...m waiting to see the next chapter..i know it will be amazing n explosive...

U r one of the best writers on SWARON..n my most favourite writer..a special OS from u is like a beautiful gift...i dont want to give any adjective for u..because awesome..amazing..beautiful..all fall short in front of ur writing skill...u r one of a kind..luv u partner..

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-.Nisha.- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2013 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Mine Embarrassed
Wowww !!! Awesome is the least i cud say Clap
U are one hell of a writer woman..
starting mein i thought its a kr os...
bt fir achanak se kb swaron pe aa gya pta hi nh chala.. LOL
os ekdum flow main tha.. Embarrassed
Awww poor rey.. Ouch
He was trying to protect his bestfriend
n unintentionally hurts swayam..Unhappy
Wats wid this swayam guy ?? Angry
I know fir se kisi ki problem main bhaanji maar raha hoga..
kya karu main is chore kaROFL
hmesha saint bana firta hainn.
fir clifghanger ?
Theek hi hain..ATL , WGRL , LMW nahi to...Os se hi logo ko tadpa le..
U darn woman !!
Better update the next part soon..
or else ...u know it better !!
Thanks for the pm !!
Happy valentines day

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megsy Goldie

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Posted: 13 February 2013 at 12:05pm | IP Logged


nehuuu...what a story! pehle mujhe laga - ayii yeh to swaron pe hona tha na but yeh to rey ke jaisa lag raha hai...phir aage padha to kriyansh tha...and i started wondering yeh kya ho raha hai...but u blended the 2 stories so so well...
i am so so so eager to read the next part...os mein bhi koi itna bada cliffhanger chodta hai kya??

and sharon reciprocating the same intensity of love is just hayeee...mashallah!!

part 2 wanted now now now!!!

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--Rose-- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 August 2011
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Posted: 13 February 2013 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Wowww Its Awesome dear:-) Loved it:-)

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 March 2010
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Posted: 13 February 2013 at 5:04pm | IP Logged
Nehal, amazing and heart-wrenching piece, albeit, flawlessly written! You expressed the feelings and the emotions of the characters so well, I feel like reading it all over again! Continue Soon and Do PM me! :)

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 August 2012
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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 1:32am | IP Logged
will send my comment by evening..i hate myself for not coming online last nightCry
sorry..light ka prob u know thatOuch...this post is just to keep a bookmark on this threadEmbarrassed
I LOVE THIS an was my idea to give the cliffhanger joote chappals on meEmbarrassed...nothing to my lovely partner ..chalo enough bak bak..will see u in the evening (onlineTongue)..may b with a V-day surpriseEmbarrassed..m not sure

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