Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG FF: Love and Revenge pt 21 pg 17 14/03

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A man is sitting in the car checking mails in the laptop. His face expressions are tough n there is some rage in his eyes. He is in his office attire with black n black. He is looking damn hot. Once he reached office, the car halted n one of the bodyguard opened the car door. He came out with full attitude n put the goggles on. His attitude n royalty is oozing out by his walking style. His 6 bodyguards followed him. He reached the elevator n pressed the 5th floor.

Here inside the office all the staff became alert with the siren indicating that their boss may be here at any time. All are running here and there with the files. Girls are having their final touch up to impress their angry boss.

He came out of the elevator n entered his office. All the gents staff are hell scared seeing him. All the lady staff are drolling over their boss. Once he is walking to his cabin, all the staff started wishing him but he just ignored n entered his cabin.

Once he entered in his cabin all of them sighed in relief. But here his face became red due to anger. He took the phone n called his secretary in his cabin.

She nervously knocked the dorr. She is shaking from top to bottom literally.

Come in.. he told angrily.

She entered the cabin. S.. sir' u' u ca.. called me.

He looked at her angrily n roared like a hungry lion.

Where is my black coffee?

So.. sorry.. sir i.. i.. am pre.. preparing now stammered that poor girl.

I don't need any explanations, I wont tolerate any mistake. U r fired.

Tears formed in her eyes.


I said GET OUT.

She ran out of the cabin crying. All the other employees felt bad for her. So one more employee is out from KC (KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS). Yes he is none other than MAAN SINGH KHURANA, the most eligible bachelor in india. Hot, rude, arrogant man. All the people are afraid to even look at him except one, his friend arnav singh raizada. He is maan's friend from childhood, he knows maan from inside out.

Arnav n maan are best friends from childhood. Only arnav knows the reason behind maan's rude. Only he is the person with whom maan shares everything. They both are in different streams, maan is owner of construction company where as arnav is a fashion designer. As their professions their nature is also quite opposite. Maan is a angry young man where as arnav is a jovial type guy, flirting around n making all smile.

Here maan is doing his work in his cabin. Just then he heard a knock on the door.

Come in told maan.

A tall, handsome guy entered into his cabin with a smile on his face. Maan saw him n his face expressions are a bit relaxed.

Hey dude wished that person.

Hmmm' replied maan.

Again u started with hmm n ha.. told that person.

Maan looked at him angrily n told shut up n tell me why u r here?

He sat opposite to him n told seriously I came here to meet my friend.

Maan rolled his eyes seeing his nautanki n shouted ARNAV'

Arnav laughted out loud n told nothing yaar, I have some work here n thought to have lunch with u.

Maan looked at him n told no I don't want to have lunch.

Maan u first relax. I know what u r thinking but'

No arnav I don't wanna talk anything about that told maan sternly with pain in his eyes.

Arnav stood up n went to him n put his hand on his shoulders n told maan we will search HER, don't worry. We all will meet her one day. I am sure about it.

Maan looked at him with pain in his eyes. Arnav assured him with a smile.

Just then arnav's mobile rang. He looked at the caller ID n the smile vanished on his face.

Oh shit, I am gone now told arnav.

What happened ? asked maan.

Arnav asked him to be quiet n picked the phone.


Bro.. what is this I am waiting for u since 1 hour near college n u didn't turn up. Do u even remember do u have a sister n she is waiting for u.

Sweetu, calm down I am so sorry I came to meet maan.

Oh now, u don't even care for ur sister. Be with your friend. I don't wanna talk to u told that girl n cut the call angrily.

Sweetu.. sweetu listen listen..

Arnav chod na. ur sister don't have a habit of listening fully.

Yaar, she is hell angry. Ufff sighed arnav.

Don't talk with me about her told maan.

I don't understand why u don't like her.

Drop that topic here itself n if u go from here I will do my work.

Ha ok ok I am going now. Bye dude. 


Arnav left from there. Maan closed his eyes n thought.

Where r u dear? Missing u a lot. I searched u each and every where. But..

His eyes filled with pain n anger.

I don't leave them once I came to know where r u, they have to face maan singh khurana. I will take the REVENGE. Its my promise.


Part 1-18: Page 1,2,3

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Chapter 1

Arnav left from there. Maan closed his eyes n thought.

Where r u dear? Missing u a lot. I searched u each and every where. But..

His eyes filled with pain n anger.

I don't leave them once I came to know where r u, they have to face maan singh khurana. I will take the REVENGE. Its my promise.

His eyes are splitting fire n he can burn anyone now. He took the intercom n called adi, KC's accountant and maan's friend.

Adi come to my cabin told maan.

Ye.. yes sir co.. coming told adi.

After 5 min adi entered maan's cabin.

Sir u called me? Asked adi.

Yes adi, give the advertisement for my secretary. This time appoint the one who will do work sincerely. Understood??

Ye.. yes sir told adi.

Ok u may leave now told maan.

Right sir told adi n literally ran from there.

Maan got busy in doing his work. He is working like a machine to forget his pain which he is suffering from past 10 years. In very tender age when he needs his parents the most he lost them. From that day he is living in pain, he cant share with others. Now his only family is his DADIMAA and his brother DEV. If they come to know about the pain which he suffering from 10 years they cant tolerate. He is suffering, this suffering made him strong, rude, arrogant. All feared his anger but no one understood him except 2 people.

Here arnav went to college to pick up his sister who is hell angry on him now. Finally he reached college n got down from his car in his typical ASR style. He went inside the college and spotted his 2 sisters in the canteen.

Hii sweetu, hi gudiya wished arnav.

Hii bhai wished gudiya but sweetu glared at him angrily.

Oh seems someone is angry on me told arnav while taking his seat.

He made a baby face at sweetu n looked at gudiya for help. Sweetu is very dangerous when she is angry.

Sweetu sorry baba, next time I wont be late told arnav.

Di maan jao na told gudiya.

How can she remain angry when her both behen n bro r making those faces.

She smiled at them. They both smiled back at her.

Waise gudiya how was ur class today? Asked arnav.

Bro don't ask her I will tell. She wont listen anything in the class. I don't understand how she get marks told sweetu.

GEET di nothing like that today I was not interested in the class told gudiya.

Really ANJALI I don't know told geet angrily.

Bhai' called anjali for help.

Sweetu' called arnav.

Ok ok I am not scolding ur sweet sister. Waise from tomorrow I don't take classes I have to go to my clinic. So u don't need to worry gudiya told geet.

She is GEET SINGH RAIZADA, a famous PSYCHIATRIST in INDIA. She completed her studies in London last year and now working in a hospital. In this one year she took so many cases n is successful. She is beautiful, bubbly n a very caring girl. Geet is a very lovely sister for arnav. He wants her to be happy always. She is a reserved person but dev is her best friend. She lost her bubbliness when she lost her best friend  at the age of 12. It took more than one year for geet to come out of her depression. She came out of her thoughts when anjali asked her.

Di u came only to take 2 days class?? Asked anjali.

Hmm yes.. told geet.

Ok sweetu, gudiya come on we will go home told arnav.

They all left from there and settled in the car while arnav is driving. Anjali and arnav r in front seat talking something, while geet sat in the back seat and listening to their talk.

After sometime they reached RM. They entered n got freshened up.

Geet went to her room n closed the door. She took her clothes n went inside the washroom to take shower. She took shower n came out ready. She took the pic which is on the dressing table n smiled sadly n told why u left me dear. Missing u a lot.

Suddenly someone entered her room, geet kept the pic aside n smiled at arnav.

What took u so much time geet. R u alright? Asked arnav with concern.

I am fine bhaiyya, don't worry told geet.

Arnav understood that she is missing her friend, she never calls him bhaiyya unless she needs someone.

Immediately arnav hugged geet.

Sweetu, don't worry dear. We r there for u na. hmm??

Geet broke the hug n told bro I am perfectly alright, u don't worry. Chalo we will have lunch.

Arnav smiled at her but he knows that how much she is missing her friend. They both are like inseperable souls. They both use to enjoy together, play pranks on dev, maan n arnav n use to get gifts from them. At that anjali is so small so she dont remember geet's friend. But its been 10 years she lost her friend n even today she is not able to forget her.

Sweetu where r u lost? asked arnav.

nothing bro.. chalo we will have lunch told geet.

They both headed downstairs and saw anjali waiting for them.

Atlast u came.. come fast i am hungry told anjali and made a baby face.

They both smiled at her n geet served them n had lunch together. Suddenly geet remembered some thing and asked.

Bro hospital construction ka kya hua ? asked geet.

Hmm geet have to talk to maan about that. R u free now, so that we can meet him now? Asked arnav.

Me?? In KC?? U go n talk bro told geet uncomfortably. 

Sweetu, u r doctor not me n u should explain about all the things. How can I know? Told arnav understanding her situation. But he is not a doctor so geet should be there. 

Geet sighed n told ok bro. ask him whether he is free or not?

Ok I will ask him now told arnav n took out his phone n called maan.

Maan who is working on his laptop saw that his cell is ringing n got furstated but when he saw the caller ID he became normal n picked the phone.


Hey maan..

Bolo arnav told maan.

Dude r u free now? Asked arnav.

Why do u have any work?

Hmm yes I told u before about the hospital construction na?


Have to talk about that. If u r free main aur geet abi aana chata hu told arnav.

He closed his eyes hearing geet's name but composed himself and told

Come after one hour yaar, I have meeting now.

Ok dude will meet u after one hour. Bye..

Hmm.. told maan n cut the call.

Sweetu after one hour told arnav.

Ok bro, I have some work I am going to my room.


Bhai, can I come asked anjali.

Tum kyun asked geet who heard her.

Nothing di I didn't meet maan bro for many days, so?? Told anjali.

Ok come told arnav while geet went to her room.

Geet went to her room n was reading about some case. she is making points which she have to explain to the patients. 1 hour passed n arnav shouted from down.

Geet r u ready??

Geet saw the time n told coming bro.

She closed the laptop immediately and made her way downwards. She saw arnav and anjali ready. She smiled at them n 3 of them were about to go suddenly someone shouted.

Gudiyaaa shouted that person.

Anjali widened her eyes in shock n told oye teri yeh yaha kya kar raha hain?

Arnav and geet glared at her and asked what u did?

Me nothing, plz tell him that I am not at home told anjali n ran to her room n shut the door.

They both rolled their eyes seeing their sister's nautanki.

Gudiya where r u? come out shouted that person coming inside RM.

Arey what happened? Asked arnav.

Arnav bhai don't ask me, ur sister is making my life a living hell told that person.

Listening this anjali came out of her room running and shouted what?? I am making ur life hell? What r u doing then?

U?? where is my mobile? Tumne mera mobile chori ki  Asked that person.

What do I know?

U don't know, ha? Really?

Dekho DEV bhai don't come warna main'

Warna kya?

Warna main apni bhabhi ki photo'told anjali n smirked.

Shut up, keep my mobile with u I will buy new one told dev immediately.

Dev bhai buy the new model.. what is that ha.. **** model. Then i will u ur mobile n take that told anjali.

Ufff bhai, for god sake dont give her laptop with net connection nahi tho yeh mujhe roz phone karke naya naya models ke baare mein bolke mera dimag kayegi told dev.

All laughed at his comment and anjali made a gol-gappe face. But suddenly something stuck geet and asked.

Anjali what r u saying? Bhabhi… Asked geet.

Arey geet nothing, I think u r going some where? Asked dev.

Ha dev, we r going to KC told arnav.

Oh ok bhai, I am going to office come we will go told dev.

Ok chalo told arnav n all left for office.


Chapter 2:

 Dev, geet, arnav and anjali settled in the car and headed towards KC. Geet is all nervous as she is meeting maan after 6 long years. When geet went to London for her studies that was the last time they met. After that they didn't even talk on phone or through mails.

Geet (st):Maan we both are going to meet after 6 long years, I don't know how will you react but I did what you told, ab aur kitne din maan hum darr darr ke jeyenge. Mujhe aap par poora bharosa hain maan. The way you are thinking is nothing like that maan, I am not able to understand how should I convince you.

Geet closed her eyes in pain thinking about what happened 10 years back and how their life changed completely main maan n geet's life.

In office:

Maan completed his meeting and he is reading some file and his thoughts went back to geet.

Maan (st): why geet why u r coming into my life again? I told you that I cant let anyone enter into my life, its not good for them. This life is only to take REVENGE on them, iss revenge ki wajah se meri jaan bhi jaa sakti hain. Why don't you understand geet. My life is only to find HER geet. I cant tell you the truth and I cant lie too. Why you are making my life complicated geet.

Thinking all this maan closed his eyes and remembering those happy days with HER and geet.

Soon geet and others reached office. They came out of the car and reached 10th floor.

Just then sasha came there and smiled at them.

Hi sasha, how r u? asked arnav.

I am fine arnav, how r u? hmm now u remember us rite geet? Asked sasha faking anger.

Geet made a baby face n told sorry sasha di.

Don't make those faces dear, I am very angry on u this time told sasha.

Aww my di is angry on me, but I know how to make her happy told geet.

Geet went to her n hugged her n told sorry di.

Sasha smiled and told chal u r forgiven.

Geet broke the hug but sasha asked geet how come u r here?

Nothing di came here to talk about the hospital construction told geet.

Oh ok.. but maan is not there in his cabin told sasha.

Geet went silent but arnav asked not there? But when I asked him he told to come after some time.

I think he went to meeting without telling anyone told anjali.

No he don't have any meeting now told sasha.

But geet just left from there and went to terrace. She know when he is upset or in the foul mood he will be alone in the terrace its his habit. Today is the most worst day in his life how can he be happy. Ofcourse no one saw his happy from past 10 years. When geet went to terrace there she saw maan standing there alone and looking at sky. Suddenly he closed his eyes feeling her near him. Her scent, her aroma is filled in his lungs. Geet kept her hand on his shoulder n called him.


Oh.. her beautiful voice and his name is musical from her lips, hia name from her lips is worth listening. He heard her voice after 6 long years. A small smile crept on his lips, a invisible smile because he forgot to smile 10 years back,  he turned back and saw her angelic face. He was so lost in her that they both are just staring at each other. As if they are making sure that she is here with him n geet too making sure that maan is with her. He is so lost in each other that unknowingly maan hugged geet tight. First geet is shocked with him sudden action but she gave in happily and hugged him tight.

Both are so lost in each other ki they don't know for how much time they are in that position. But maan came back to his senses n his eyes are spiltting fire and his face became red in anger. He harshly jerked her away and she was about to fall but before she hit the floor maan caught her by her waist and geet clutched his shirt tight due to fear and closed her eyes. But maan caught her and their bodies  are glued to each other. His breath is falling on her lips and her lips are shivering and just inviting him to taste them. But he is MAAN SINGH KHURANA no one can play with his emotions.

Maan angrily held her by her shoulders n geet opened her eyes. But when she saw his eyes which are red due to anger she got scared not took a step back.

What u need now? How many times I told u never come into my life again. Ek baar bolne se tumko samaj nahi ata hain kya? Asked maan angrily.


But maan jerked her away and made sure that she wont fall this time.

But he moved close to her and looked into her eyes and told I hate u geet, never try to come into my life and mess with me. You have to face the consequences of messing with MSK. Durr raho mujhse samjhi tum?

But when he saw her eyes there is no expression, as if his words didn't effect her. He was shocked seeing her but he shrugged his shoulders.

U know geet, u look more sexy and damn hot even in traditional attire, he went near her ears n whispered ahh without these u look more hot and inviting told maan and smirked. I would love to see you like that.

Geet looked at him in disgust but she composed herself and moved close to him and told well Mr. khurana I would love to be with you like that and I know that I am hot and sexy. Would you like to try me asked geet with a smirk on her face.

After all she is a psychiatrist and she know how to deal with people mentality. And coming to maan who knows better than her. This is called reverse treatment which now maan needs the most.

Maan just looked at her shocked seeing the audacity of this girl. He is now super angry on geet for talking like, the shy girl now talking so boldly that was really unexpected.

Oh what happened Mr. khurana why u r so silent now asked geet.

Maan smirked and told well Ms. Raizada I think u r very eager to be with me. Yeah no one can resist MSK's charm.

Really Mr. khurana I don't know, but a correction here u asked me first to be with u not me told geet and smirked, but inside she is dying talking with him like that. But what can she do when he is playing with her emotions.

Correction Ms. Raizada u came here to meet me darling told maan with attitude and moving dangerously close to her. 

Yeah its because my brother is waiting for his friend but he is nowhere, then I had no other option to come here. And ha he too has his business to look after whole day he cant be in his friends office told geet with final verdict.

Maan then realized that he has meeting with arnav, he just started at her and left from there.

When geet saw his retreating figure closed her eyes in pain and a lone tear escaped from her eyes.

Here maan walked into his cabin with attitude and saw arnav and anjali are waiting for him. When maan entered his cabin anjali saw him and smiled widely and got up.

Maan bhai, how r u? asked anjali and hugged him.

Maan smiled a little and hugged her back.

How is my gudiya? Asked maan.

Fit and fine bhai, I am angry on u told anjali and pouted.

Why gudiya? Asked maan.

You are always busy with your business, u didn't come and meet me since one month told anjali faking anger.

Awww sorry gudiya, I will repeat from next time told maan.

Noo.. pouted anjali.

Hmm what u want? Asked maan.

Anjali smiled and told we all should go for a holiday.

Holiday?? When it is? Asked arnav.

Next month my exams will be over then we will go told anjali smiling widely.

I don't think so told arnav looking at maan. He knows that maan never enjoy his life. He will be immersed in files and all.

Maan looked at arnav and told ok gudiya whatever u say. We will go.

Really bhai, wow wow wow.. I am so happy told anjali.

But first concentrate on exams ok?? Warned maan.

Anjali nodded like a obedient student.

Now where is geet di asked anjali.

I am here gudiya told geet coming inside.

Well u continue with ur meeting I will go and talk with sasha di told anjali.

Miss. Anjali raizada this is not any park to talk with others told maan seriously as he don't like delay in any work.

Sorry bhai told anjali and sat in his cabin silently.

Maan, geet and arnav settled and started with their meeting. Geet is telling how should be the hospital and what are all the needs n other things.

Maan n arnav are really impressed with her choice. Arnav gave her a proud smile whereas maan just nodded as he don't to show any feelings.

After 1 hour or so the meeting completed.

Well Ms. Raizada with in a week we will complete the blue prints once you r ok with it we can start the construction told maan in his bossy attitude.

Ok Mr. khurana told geet and shook hands with him by finalizing the deal.

Just then maan's mobile rang.

Hello dadimaa I am in a meeting now told maan.

Maan, I didn't ask u where are u and what you r doing, I called you to inform that tell arnav, geet and anjali to come to KM for dinner told dadi sternly.

Ok dadimaa told maan and cut the call.

Arnav dadimaa called u all for dinner told maan.

Arnav smiled and told oh wow ok dude we will come.

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Chapter 3

Arnav dadimaa called u all for dinner told maan.

Arnav smiled and told oh wow ok dude we will come.

Its already evening and maan too completed his work for today.

Arnav why don't u come now only to KM, I completed my work too asked maan.

Before arnav answer anjali excitedly told wow bhai, cool idea I too want to meet dadi.

Arnav and maan looked at each other maan gave a small smile.

Chalo as u say told arnav.

Here geet is silent she don't want to face after the terrace incident but when arnav and anjali are decided she has no other option to go with them. If she say nothen anjali will eat her up with so many questions. But one side she is happy that she is gonna meet daadi.

Just 5 minutes i will adi and inform him told maan.

Arnav just nodded and took his seat.

Maan called adi, after sometime adi knocked maan's cabin.

Come in told maan.

Adi entered the cabin and asked si.. sir u ca.. called m.. me stammered adi.

Anjali giggled seeing adi's condition. Arnav gave her a warning look. She shut her mouth.

Adi did u gave the advertisement for new secetary? Asked maan.

Ye.. yes sir I gave day after tomorrow I will conduct interview told adi.

Ok fine, is the accounts file for tomorrow's presentation is completed? Asked maan.

Yes sir its completed told adi.

Ok.. u may go now told maan.

Yes sir told adi and left the cabin.

Advertisement for new secretary? You fired again? Asked arnav unbelievably.

Hmm answered maan.

I cant believe this, she is the second one in this month told arnav.

She is NOT capable of being my secretary, I hate those who neglect work told maan seriously.

Ok ok lets go told arnav.

All the four left from there. Maan and arnav settled in their respective cars, but geet came to arnav and askedbro.. wo.. wo..

Do u want to drive alone? Asked arnav.

Geet looked at him surprised. Arnav got out of car and caressed her hair and kissed her forehead and told be careful.

Thanku bro told geet.

Di should I come with u asked anjali.

No gudiya I want to drive alone told geet.

Di r u ok? Asked anjali.

Geet smiled at her and told yes dear I am fine. U go with bro, I will follow u.

Ok di told anjali.

Arnav and anjali got into maan's car, geet settled in the driver seat and both headed towards KM. Geet is thinking of todays incident maan's words are ringing in her mind (I hate u geet, never try to come into my life and mess with me.)

Geet didn't care about herself and driving in full speed, she even overtaked maan's car. All are surprised seeing her driving the car so speed and at the same time worried. Suddenly geet pressed the brakes and maan too, they all got worried. But geet got down of the car and saw that a girl is running in the middle of the road if she didn't put the brakes by now that girl might be in the pool of blood. But the more shocking is that some goons are chasing her. Geet immediately caught that girl before she fell down.

That girl's face is so pale and she is sweating and breathing heavily. When she saw that some one caught her then she got scared amd told that plz save me plz save me.

Maan, arnav and anjali saw this scene but they are happy that nothing happened to geet. By this time the goons came to then and tried to get hold of that girl but geet is fast and slapped one of them. That girl hid behind geet all scared. But the goon s enraged and tried to get hold of geet, but what can they do when maan and arnav are there. Before that goon touch geet, maan gave a blow on his stomach, blood oozed from his mouth and he fell down wincing in pain. Seeing him other goons tried to attack maan but arnav gave a punch on their face and maan too joined him. Finally all the goons fell on floor.

That girl who saw all this hugged geet and thanked her.

Thanku ma'am thanku very much said that girl while sobbing.

No its ok told geet.

U saved my life and my mom's life today said that girl. Geet made her stand straight and anjali held that girl's shoulder and geet went to her car and took a water bottle from it. maan and arnav looked at that girl in concern.

But before geet give her water she fainted, when she was about to fall arnav acted fast and caught her.

Geet' called arnav, fear written all over his face.

Hearing geet turned and saw that girl fainted. She rushed there and saw that she is burning with temperature.

Bro we should take her to home, she needs rest told geet worriedly.

Fine we will take her to KM told maan. Arnav took her in his arms and placed her in the back seat in geet's car. Anjali sat there and she took that's girl's head and placed it on her lap.

Within minuted they reached KM and arnav took her in his arms and went inside KM.

They all rushed to guest room and made that girl sleep on the bed. Geet checked her temperature and she is burning with high fever. Immediately she took her forst-aid kit and gave her injection and cleaned her wounds.

How is she now? Asked maan concerned.

She is fine now but she needs rest, I gave her injection so she is unconscious told geet without looking at geet.

Ok I will ask nakul to get some soup told maan.

Meanwhile dev and daadi rushed to guest room.

Maan beta what happened? Asked dadi.

Nothing dadi told maan and explained everything what happened.

Dadi went to that girl and caressed her haor and told pyaari bachi hain.

By seeing that girl in that condition all felt sad. That girl is unconscious but in the middle  she is whispering plz save me, save my mom. They will kill mom plz save mom.

Geet felt bad seeing her condition.

Dev was feeling something hearing that and he immediately left from there and went to his room which is beside guest room. Maan saw that and know what he is thinking.

After some time all of them left from there and went to hall.

Hey dadi, how r u? asked anjali sitting beside her.

I am fine bet, how r u? asked dadi.

I am cool dadi told anjali and smiled.

Dadi saw geet is lost in some thoughts.

Geet beta r u fine? U look tired? Asked dadi.

No dadi I am fine told geet and smiled slightly.

Here arnav and maan are in maan;s room.

Who is that girl? Why they are trying to kill her? Asked arnav.

Before maan could tell anything they heard a loud sound from dev's room. Maan and arnav rushed to dev's room. They saw the flower vase was broken and his hand is bleeding. Maan rushed to him and shouted r u mad dev? What the hell do u think u r doing?

Maan relax, first we should do first aid told arnav and called geet to come to dev's room.

Geet went to dev's room and was shocked to see dev's hand bleeding. She got tensed and asked dev what happened?  And started cleaning his hand. But dev jerked and told no I don't need any treatment I deserve this.

Oh shut up dev shouted maan.

Geet bandaged his hand and asked what is all this dev?

Dev fell on floor and told I deserve this geet di, I deserve more than this.

Maan closed his eyes seeing his brother in this condition, he went near him and placed his hand on his shoulders. Dev got up and hugged maan.

I am sorry bro, its all because of me. Jo kuch bhi hua I am responsible for that.

No dev u did nothing told maan.

No bro, its all because of my shararat I am repenting now. If I didn't call HER that day then we all would happy with HER told dev.

Dev plz calm down, maine kaha na'

No bro, mere wajah se mom, dad, dadaji and '..

Stop it dev shouted maan and broke the hug.

Why bro let me tell jaane anjane mein maine bohot badi galti ki 10 saal pehle told dev.

Arnav knows where it is heading to, he tried to stop dev, nahi tho maan will be out of control today.

Dev chalo dadi will be waiting for us told arnav.

No bhai, I don't want to come anywhere told dev dipping his head low.

Oh god how should I make him understand that dev did nothing. Why he is making all complicated thought maan.

Dev took some pic from his table and told I am sorry baby, its all happened because of me. We lost u 10 years back. Hosake tho mujhe maaf karna KHUSHI'

That's it maan lost all his control and held dev's collar and looked into his eyes and told HAMARI KHUSHI, HAMARI BEHEN ZINDA HAIN.

Chapter 4

Dev took some pic from his table and told I am sorry baby, its all happened because of me. We lost u 10 years back. Hosake tho mujhe maaf karna KHUSHI'

That's it maan lost all his control and held dev's collar and looked into his eyes and told HAMARI KHUSHI, HAMARI BEHEN ZINDA HAIN.

Saying this maan left his collar and closed his eyes in pain. Hearing this dev and geet are shocked and don't know how to react. Finally dev came back to his senses and asked b'bro what are u saying hamari khushi zinda hain par kaha?

I don't know told maan bluntly and when he was about to leave the room geet held his wrist and stopped him.

What are u saying? How can khushi be alive? Asked geet.

Didn't u hear what I told? Asked maan furiously.

Geet had enough, she held his collar and her eyes filled with unshed tears and asked what are u saying is truth maan? For god's sake speak out.

Maan held her wrist and told with fury mujhe jo kehna hain keh diya, ab aur nahi.

Ha bro we want to know the truth now told dev with determination.

Just then anjali came there to call everyone for dinner but she froze in her tracks seeing her di and maan bhai arguing on something.

What u both want to know ha bolo? Ki our sister is alive and I don't know where is she? Told maan not able to control his pain.

Par in that accident aunty, uncle, dadaji aur khushi' geet stopped there not able to continue further.

Arnav placed his hand on maan's shoulder and nodded his head. Maan looked at him with helplessness.

Speak out maan, u cant be silent today. 10 years maan we all are suffering ab aur nahi told geet.

What you want to know? Ha? U cant listen the truth dammit. I am dying each and every second thinking about khushi and her safety.

Safety?? Asked dev confusingly.

Ha geet aur khushi ki jaan ko katra hain told maan.

Dev is shocked to hear this and asked wh.. why?

10 saal pehle jo accident hua wo accident nahi tha wo ek pre-planned murder tha. I too thought that khushi was also killed in that accident but they didn't kill her told maan and punched the wall in helplessness. Being such a big business tycoon he is not able to find his sister. The main reason is that if that people come to know that maan is searching for khushi they may do anything to her.  

Ho.. how do u know? Asked dev with shaky voice. He is not able to believe that his parents are murdered.

Wo.. driver yaad hain na, seeing them he ran away from there. After 2 months or so when I was going to college he saw me ad told what happened there told maan.

But why geet di is in danger? Asked dev.

Because I saw them, I know who killed them but to my bad luck the saw me but didn't kill me I ran away from there. Kaash uss din main mar jaata told geet with pain in her eyes.

Geet what the hell u r talking? Shouted arnav.

Geet smiled sadly and told kyun bro? what I told is right na? atleast maan could have lived happily without my tension. When I was small my family throwed me out of my house. My parents didn't care for me. Agar aap log nahi hota tho geet singh raizada kaha thi bro. I would have died long back but its u people who saved me from my own parents torture. What I did bro hamesha mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hain. I am like a burden to all told geet and looked at maan

Nothing like that geet, u r my sister dear told arnav softly.

But geet nodded in a no and turned to maan and told hain na maan aap bhi yahi sochte ho na. don't worry maan that day I was small so I couldn't do anything but today I am not weak. All these incidents made me strong. I will search for my friend, my sister. Raizada family and khurana family did a lot for me, they gave me a new life. My family who thought I am just their burden and they dis-owned me. Now its time for me to do something. Maan now no need to worry about my safety I don't care even they kill me. Par main khushi ko dhoond kar hi rahungi, I will go to hoshiyarpur.

Maan who listened all this want to tell that she is not alone and he is there for her. How can he be silent when his geet is in danger after all she is his childhood love. But he don't express his feelings he want her to be away from him so that he can do something. That's the reason he sent geet away from him for 5 years on the name of MBBS. But she didn't ask any question, she just obeyed his word. Maan saw the pain and longing in her eyes. Till today she don't know that khushi is alive and there was no problem but today except dadi everyone know about khushi. That day even maan was small so he couldn't do anything, now how can he let anything happen to his geet. He love geet more than his life but revenge for them who killed his family is overpowered his love. But by listening geet what will he do? Will he be able to express his love to geet. But some how he composed himself and spoke.

You cant do that geet told maan.

Why so?? Asked geet.

If that people know where khushi or if khushi is with them then they might kill her and if u go there ur life will be in stake told maan.

No they cant do that' when geet was about to tell something dadi called them for dinner.

Bacchon come for dinner called dadi.

Anjali who listened all this had tears in her eyes. She don't know who is khushi but they all are suffering. Without anyone notice she went down smiling and told dadi that they are coming.

Guys lets go nahi tho dadi will get to know that something is wrong told arnav.

Geet wiped her tears and left from there living them behind. Here dev is in shock to listen all this. He is happy that his sister is alive and his blood boiled when he is thinking that his parents are murdered.

Maan, dev and arnav too went downstairs. But they all don't know that one person is listening all this. Her heart broke into million pieces listening to geet and maan. Her eyes are filled with tears and rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. She sat on the floor and hugged her knees tightly and is crying her heart out. She don't know what to do? She don't know how to react?

VJ' a sudden whisper escaped from her mouth.

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Chapter 5

Maan, dev and arnav too went downstairs. But they all don't know that one person is listening all this. Her heart broke into million pieces listening to geet and maan. Her eyes are filled with tears and rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. She sat on the floor and hugged her knees tightly and is crying her heart out. She don't know what to do? She don't know how to react?

VJ' a sudden whisper escaped from her mouth.

When all others settled on the dining table for dinner when she whispered VJ, maan felt like someone called him, someone need him, a sudden resrlessness, a sudden urge to know who is that and he looked here and there to confirm that anyone is there. Dadi saw his restlessness and asked maan bera r u fine?

Maan looked at her and told ji dadi.

Then why u r not eating anything? Not only u but all others also asked dadimaa.

Arey DM nothing, we all are tired. Aaj kal office ka kaam bohot hain told arnav.

Waise arnav and maan don't u think that u all are taking so much stress on the name of office complained dadi.

No DM work is important na told arnav.

Maan kept quite because he knows where this discussion is heading to as this is not new to him. All the best arnav thought maan.

Then when u guys think about your future asked dadi.

Matlab DM? asked arnav.

Mera matlab hain beta when u guys get married? Har waqt office office iske alawa aap log kuch sochte bhi nahi told dadi.

Mera kya hain DM, geet ke shaadi ke baad mera told arnav smiling.

Good, atleast u decided something, par aapke friend jo hain na jab bhi main shaadi ke baat karti hu he wont even listen to me told dadi making sad face.

At that moment maan and geet looked at each other and they had eye lock. Arnav looked at both and smirked.

Maan what is ur decision? When u r gonna bring GEET as khurana bahu? Asked dadi.

All looked at maan for answer and geet didn't dare to look at him because she knew the answer is NO. when geet was 6 years old maan's dad brought her to KM. as raizada's and khurana's are family friends Raizada's adopted geet as at that time anjali was not born and they don't have any girl child. They gave her all love and arnav was so protective over her from the brginning. Maan, geet, arnav are best friends from childhood. They are even partners in crime too. But the relation between maan and geet grew stronger. All were happy seeing them. So Mr. khurana took a promise from Mr. raizada that geet will be khurana's BADI BAHU. At that time maan too don't have any objection. But they both are small to think about marriage. It was Mr. khurana's last wish which dadi want to fulfill.

As u wish dadi, jaise aap kahe answered maan and looked at geet who looked at him blankly.  

Dadi is very happy for maan finally he agreed for marriage even dev too. But it was a shock for all 3 raizada's. anjali is not able to believe that her di and her maan bhai are gonna get married. Arnav was also shocked that maan agreed so easily but what is the reason behind it. but geet has so many questions in her eyes. She is thinking why maan said yes. But the thought that she will be maan's forever made her happy but if he is marrying her for some reason then she is ready to break the marriage. She is not puppet to act like what others say.

Here the girl who is crying her heart out composed herself and wiped her tears and stood on her feet.

Girl (st): that means VJ, DB, DM are alive. They didn't kill them, that means they lied to us. What should I do now, should I keep quiet or go and tell them that I am KHUSHI. Mere maan VJ ka KHUSHI, mere DB (dev bhai) ka KHUSHI. Main tho apne vj, db ko pehchana hi nahi. 10 saal hogaya na. Hey babaji kyun aap hamare zindagi ke saath aisa khel rahe ho. Tell me what should I do now. I am not able to understand anything. Those people are searching for me, if they come to know that I found my VJ then all our lives will be at danger. No I will not let anything happen to VJ, DB, DM.

Suddenly she turned aside and saw maan there. She is shocked to see him there.

Khushi (st): hey babaji, kahi VJ ne mere baat tho nahi suna na.

Khushi smiled at him weakly.

aa.. aap?

Hi.. how r u feeling now? Asked maan.

Khushi sighed in relief and told I am fine V' sir.

That's nice, come and have dinner told maan.


Khushi and maan went down. All of them smiled at khushi. Geet got up and made her sit.

Thanku told khushi.

Beta how r u now? Asked dadi.

Here khushi is very happy to see her DM after a long time. She want to go to her and hug her tight and tell to the whole world that she is their khushi but she cant do that now. Khushi smiled at dadi and told I am fine ma'am.

Aapka naam kya hain beta? Asked dadi.

Mera na.. naam.. babaji ab main kya kahu thought khushi. Vj tho mujhe pari bulate the na..

Beta??? Called dadi.

Ji.. sorry ma'am mera naam pari hain told khushi.

Hearing the name pari, maan went back to his childhood. Those days when he spent with his little sister, his pari. Dadi looked at maan sadly because she knows how much he is missing her.

Dadi smiled and told dinner kijiye beta.

All of them had their dinner in silent. Khushi is thinking about geet's words. "I will go to hoshiyarpur."

Khushi (st): Geet di ko hoshiyarpur jaana acha nahi hain. If those people came to know that she is searching for me they will definitely kill her. These many days I was like a slave for them. I don't want anyone to harm my family. Geet di aapko kuch karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hain, mujhe pata hain aap mujhse kitna pyaar karte ho and now u r caring about your life. But how will I stop her.

Ji.. ab mujhe jaana chahiye told khushi/pari.

Pari but u r having temperature still and raat bohot ho chuki hain, u should rest now told geet.

No I am fine now, actually mom is alone in the house told pari.

You call her inform her that u cant come now told geet.

Wo.. wo.. fumbled pari.

Kya hua pari? Koi problem hain? Asked dadi.

Nahi.. mom is paralyzed she cant talk or move told pari with tears in her eyes.

All felt bad for her condition, first some goons tried to kill her and now her mom.

Pari why don't u give police complaint against them those who tried to kill u told arnav.

Pari smiled sadly and told then they will know where I am and they will come directly and kill us. Main tho sirf intervies attend karke aarahi thi, pata nahi when they saw me? Sorry I am disturbing u all. Thanku very much for ur help. I will go now.

Hearing this both maan and dev's anger rised but they dont know why they are reacting that way. She is just a sranger who met them few hours back. They both felt some kind of relation with this girl and they want to save her.

We will drop u told geet for which arnav nodded.

Nahi iski koi zaroorat nahi, I will go told pari.

Dekhiye iss waqt akele jaana acha nahi hain told maan.

How can she say no when her VJ told. She nodded in a yes.

By the way I am geet, he is arnav, anjali, dadi, dev and m.. maan introduced geet.

Pari smiled at all. She is so so happy finally she met her family today after 10 long years. But suddenly someone came inside shouting.

Maan bro, maan bro came someone shouting.

Maan rolled his eyes by seeing his extraordinary nautanki younger brother. He is twin of khushi/pari. He is prem singh khurana. The most nautanki khurana brother. Even thought loss of khushi has broken him from inside but he want to see all happy. But he is happy in his life with his mischief.

Maan bro.. called prem and came near him.

What u did now? Asked maan sternly.

Seeing his stren face he pouted and told bro just now my friend called and told that tomorrow I have exam. Plz will u explain me the topics now. Plzz.

Prem tum tho gaya aaj thought dev.

What?? U even don't know when is your exam? Asked anjali adding mirchi to the wound.

But prem is prem he didn't care her comment and wished her arey anji darling. How r u? aww meeting u after so many days told prem and smirked at her.

Anjali looked at him angrily.

Maan bro plz help na requested prem making baby face.

Here khushi is rooted seeing her prem. Oh god they both are really tom and jerry in childhood. She just want to shout that she is their khushi. Prem is 5 min elder than her so he use to ask khushi to call him as bro. she want to scold him for not going to college. But least she knows that her identity will be out in very less time.

Chapter 6

Here khushi is rooted seeing her prem. Oh god they both are really tom and jerry in childhood. She just want to shout that she is their khushi. Prem is 5 min elder than her so he use to ask khushi to call him as bro. she want to scold him for not going to college. But least she knows that her identity will be out in very less time.

Just then prem turned to other side and saw a new girl pari there. Maan saw his questioning look and told prem she is pari.

Ohh hi I am prem introduced prem to pari.

Hii prem wished pari too.

Now we have to leave told arnav.

But prem didn't remove his gaze from pari, once she looked at all and was about to go prem stopped pari.

Excuse me Ms. Pari one minute told prem.

Pari looked back and looked at him questioningly. Then prem went to dadimaa's room and asked her to come down who went to rest for some time.

All of them looked at him confusingly.

What happened prem? Asked maan.

Prem went to maan and told HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO.

All of them are shocked to listen this and maan's eyes became red in anger and roared his name PREM'

Its been 10 years maan didn't celebrate his birthday. Its been 10 years that he forgot his birthday, that day remembers only pain. Maan closed his eyes to control his anger and his hand turned into fist.

Prem what u r doing? Asked dev.

What am I doing? Why bro how many years bro. enough of this suffering, come out of that past bro, when there is no mistake of yours then why u r hurting yourself? Asked prem.

Prem just shut up and go to ur room told maan seriously.

No bro not today, I don't want u to suffer anymore told prem.

Maan held his collar and roared like a hungry lion how? How do u expect me to celebrate ha? Don't u know what happened today? We lost our mama, papa, dadaji and khushi. This day is the most worst day in my life. From the year khushi born she wished me first then others. When my pari is not there with us then what is the use of celebrating this day.

Khushi/pari who is listening all this is shocked, her VJ didn't celebrate his birthday and all these years he is living in pain because of her and that incident. Tears formed in her eyes so as others. The most effected are geet because she loves maan more than her life.

I promised mom that I will never anything let happen to u both and khushi but but I couldn't fulfill her promise. I failed MSK failed.

Prem is trying very hard to hide his tears but he told bro u promised mom, but there is no mistake of yours then why u r punishing yourself.

Prem bas bhi karo abhi, bro knows what he is doing. We don't have any right to question him told dev.

But prem didn't listen and he made dev stand beside maan and told maan bro and dev bhai u both don't know anything. Infact we all are fools.

Maan and dev looked at him questioningly. Prem took out some paper from his pocket and showed to maan and dev.

U know what is this? I will tell this is the one of the new student application form of my college. And you know what is the applicants name KHUSHI SINGH KHURANA told prem.

Maan and dev's eyes widened in shock so as khushi's. khushi is literally shaking. She turned back and took some steps. Then prem shouted pari ji rukhiye kaha jaa rahe ho aap?

I have to go my mom will be waiting for me told khushi.

Prem smiled sadly and turned to her and told why don't u say OUR MOM.

That's it now khushi understood that prem knows who is she. She closed her eyes and tears rolled doen her cheeks.

Prem held her shoulders and asked when u came to know that who are we? Then why u r hiding it from us? 10 years kya kam tha?

Khushi couldn't control herself and hugged prem tight and started sobbing in his arms. Here maan, dev, geet rooted in their places. They cant believe this ki their sister is back, that too infront of them. Today is the happiest day in their life.

Prem caressed her hair and told don't cry khushi now we all are there na.. hmm??

Khushi broke the hug and looked at maan who is now in tears.

VJ' called khushi.

Now the tears in maan's eyes flowed freely and he called princess'

Khushi ran and hugged him tight.

VJ.. whispered khushi once again and cried her heart out in his arms. Maan broke the hug and cupped her face and asked tum.. tum.. meri princess ho?

Khushi nodded in yes with teary eyes.

She then hugged dev and told DB'

Dev had tears in his eyes and whispered princess.

Khushi broke the hug and went to maan and held his hand and told HAPPY BIRTHDAY VJ' 10 years lag gaya mujhe aapko wish karne mein.

Khushi saw DM who is looking at them and she registering things what happened just now. Khushi went to dadimaa and took her blessings and told main aapki poti hu DM.. khushi.

Khushi whispered dadi with tears in her eyes and hugged her tight.

Khushi beta aap? Kaha the beta itne din aur aapne humko bataya kyun nahi? Asked dadi and broke the hug.

Main darr gayi thi dadi kahi meri wajah se apko kuch hojatha tho. Par prem ko sab kuch pata chal gaya told khushi and looked at prem and smiled.

All of them became emotional and geet hugged khushi and told I am very happy gudiya, tum wapas aagayi ho.

Di main aaj bohot khush hu, I cant express it in words. I am back to my family now told khushi.

Geet kissed her forehead and told always be happy gudiya.

Di aap VJ ko wish nahi karenge? Asked khushi.

Geet looked at maan and then to khushi and told pehle family wish karna chahiye, main tho parayi hu.

Suddenly khushi came out of her thoughts when she heard the car horn. She opened her eyes and saw outside, she then realized that she is dreaming all that.

Pari, we reached ur house told geet.

Pari smiled at them and told thanku very much, you all helped me today. I cant forget that in my life.

Anjali, geet and arnav smiled at her. Anjali told hey pari leave all that, agar aapko kuch bhi problem ho tho humko bolo. We r there for u. friends?? Anjali extended her hand.

Pari smiled at her and she too extended her hand and told friends..

Ok bye.. thanku told pari and got out of the car.

Good night.. hey one minute called anjali.

Pari turned back and looked at her questioningly. Here is our card if u have any problem u can call me told anjali and gave her the card.

They left from there and pari went inside and went to her mom's room. The house is very small with just 2 rooms and one kitchen. Pari and her mom came to delhi just 1 month back and she applied for a college for fashion designing. Unknown to her even prem is also studying in that college in architecture 4th year.

Pari went to her mom's room and saw her staring at the ceiling. She went near mom and beside her and held her hand and told mom u know what today I am very very happy. If I tell u the reason then u will also be very happy.

Mom opened her eyes and looked at her curiously because she never saw her daughter this happy.

Today main aapse laadla beta maan VJ ko dekha told pari and looked into her mom's eyes to know what she is thinking.

Here mom heard what she told and was very very happy she tried to tell something but her voice is not coming out. But her eyes are glowing and her face is showing the happiness.

Mom I didn't tell them who am I told pari.

Mom's face fell and looked at her questioningly as if asking why she didn't tell. Pari saw that and told how can I tell mom today again BADEPAPA'S goons followed me and tried to take me to hoshiyarpur but u know what? Told pari excitedly.

Hamari geet di saved me, yes mom geet di saved me. Pata hain I saw DM, DB, prem, arnav and hamari choti si gudiya anjali. Pata hain anjali tho bohot badi ho gayi hain, wo tho bohot sweet hain. And geet di is a doctor now. Pata hain mom prem tho badi nautanki nikla he came shouting maan vj's name and told that he has exam tomorrow and asked vj to help him. Par dukh ki baat yeh hain ki DB is blaming himself for what had happened and vj is in pain. I just want to shout that I am their khushi but I cant, eventhough they are in pain but atleast they r living without any danger, and when they will come to know who am I then all our lives will be in danger. Pata nahi hamare kismet mein kya likha hain told pari and closed her eyes and a lone tear escaped from her eyes.

pari (st): VJ ka birthday ke liye sirf 2 weeks hain, and the dream. Hey babaji what u want to tell me. Am i going to meet them again god i am not able to understand anything.

Mom (st): Babaji meri bachi aaj uska bhai ko dekha par iski kismat tho dekhiye wo kuch bol nahi sakti. Nahi main apni beti ki zindagi mein khushiyan dekhna chathi hu. iski naam tho khushi par iski zindagi mein koi khushi nahi hain. Par main kar bhi kya sakti hu.. na kuch bol pati hu ya na kuch kar sakti hu.. babaji mujhe kuch raasta dikhayiye.


In KM:


Maan and prem went to study and maan started explaining the topics. Prem is trying very hard to control his sleep.

Bro yeh sab kitna boring hain, don't know how u studied all this told prem.

Maan glared at prem and told ek baat bolo what u do without going to college. This is the last warning I am giving u if u repeat this again and again then I will forget that u r my brother and I will make sure that u will fail in ur examination.

Seeing his brothers anger prem gulped and made a sorry face. After some time prem went to his room and slept. Maan too went to his room and laid down on the bed and closed his eyes and thought

What will geet think of me now? Now she came to know the truth. Now she wont listen to anyone and I don't have any other option. If she is not with me then I cant do anything, if she is with me I will make sure that she is safe. Even I can tell to arnav about this and he will sure take care of geet. But I cant live in peace if she is not around me. I told yes for marriage but what will be geet's decision. I know how much stubborn she is, don't know whats going to happen.

Just then maan's mobile rang and saw geet's name flashing on the screem. He know why she called him. He immediately picked the call.


Hello Mr. khurana..

Yes geet bolo? Asked maan.

Well I want to talk t u something important we cannot talk on phone. So I want u to come to my clinic tomorrow at 11 am told geet in a authorative voice.

What if I don't come asked maan with attitude. Ofcourse who can order MSK.

Well then meet u in KM in the evening in dadimaa's room. U know what I am talking about told geet and smirked.

Tum MSK ko dhamki de rahi ho? Asked maan with anger.

Sorry MSK ji I have no other option other than this. Will meet u tomorroe. Either in my clinic or KM told geet and cut the call.

Maan looked at his phone with a smirk on his face and kissed her photo which is his wall paper and told I will come geet and slept.

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Chapter 7

Maan looked at his phone with a smirk on his face and kissed her photo which is his wall paper and told I will come geet and slept.

But here geet is tossing in her room from one side to another restlessly. She is not able to understand maan's intension between saying yes to marriage. These many days she is confident about maan's decision but today his yes is like a bomb. Ofcourse she loves maan and she has no problem, but the main matter is that maan till now who is trying to distance himself from her. But why suddenly. Her brain is filled with several questions. She laid on the bed and took out her mobile and saw the smiling face of maan and thought when will be normal as before maan.

Geet closed her eyes but she is not able to sleep. She kept thinking about their happy moments with each other and with their family. She is thinking about her family who hated her.  

~~ flash back ~~

That was the most unfortunate day for geet. A 6 years little geet is playing outside her house in hoshiyarpur. At the same time maan, dev and 2 years prem and khushi, arnav and maan's parents came for holidays to hoshiyarpur. When geet is playing outside suddenly her mom came and shouted on her.

Geet' what are you doing here? Come inside scolded her mom.

Mama I am playing here told geet cutely.

Her mom got annoyed and told tumko khelne ki alawa kuch ata bhi nahi, who will do house hold work. U didn't see your brother is getting ready for school. So go and help him told her mom.

Mama I too want to go to school told geet.

U and school, no way if u go to school then who will do the house hold work. Pata hain this time too all expected a boy but you r born and all started to hate me. I don't understand what is my mistake in this. And because of you all started to ignore me told her mom and jerked her away. Just then geet's dad came there and shouted on rano.

What the hell is going on here. There is lot of work at home and u both are playing here shouted mohinder.

Nahi nahi ji we are coming told rano, but she didn't see that due to the sudden jerk geet fell down and her head got injured. The khurana's who came just then saw the whole scene and felt bad for geet. But when they saw geet injured maan and arnav rushed to her and made her stand and called her.

Geet.. geet.. open ur eyes told 8 years old maan.

Listening to the noise geet's parents turned and saw geet injured. Mohinder didn't care but rano got worried. She immediately rushed to geet and took her in her arms.

Geet beta what happened? Oh no she is bleeding told a worried rano.

Elders in the house came outside hearing the noise. They saw geet bleeding but alas no one cared about her.

Anyone take her to hospital and come fast told geet's dadaji.

Khurana's are shocked to see this. Poor girl no one is caring about her. But mr and mrs. Khurana is not able to take all this. They took geet from rano and rushed to the hospital followed by 8 years maan and arnav.

Not even a single member in the geet family wen to hospital. Rano who is worried about her told to mohinder that she want to go to hospital.

No need to go anywhere, I cant tolerate her infront of me even for a second. I hope that she'

Before he completes he received a tight slap from dadimaa (maan's dadimaa).

Maaji.. called mohinder in shock. He never saw her this angry.

Chi.. don't call me like that. Sharam aaraha hain mujhe, koi apni beti ke saath aise harkate karte hain kya? Choti si bachi hain, iski kya dosh hain usko tum jaise maa-baap mile told dadimaa in anger.

hum bhi kya kar sakte hain maaji, geet is our daughter we also love her but no one in the family cares about her. We are helpless maaji told rano with tears in her eyes.

Without thinking anything dadi told thik hain aaj se geet hamari beti hain. Forget that you have a daughter. We will adopt geet and she is geet singh khurana from today declared dadi.

Mohinder and rano folded their hands in front of dadi with tears in their eyes and told take her with u maaji. Atleast she will be happy. We are not that lucky to take care of our child told mohinder.

Dadi and rano looked at him shocked till today he never cared about geet but today. He saw their questioning eyes and understood what is going on in their mind and told haa maaji how can I hate my own daughter. But I cant go against my family so I just behave that I hate my daughter.i dont have to love my daughter maaji.

Dadi smiled at him sadly and left from there.

Rano and mohinder broke down completely but they are happy atleast she will be happy with them. Dadi is waiting for them to come from hospital. Just then she saw that rishab and pooja with geet, maan and arnav.

Geet smiled at dadi but her head is bandaged and she is having little pain.

Geet beta how r u feeling now? Is it paining? Asked dadi.

Yes dadi, here it is paining told geet showing where she got hurt.

Aww you sleep for some time then you don't have any pain, and after that you have to play with maan and arnav na? asked dadi.

Geet nodded her head smilingly and maan and arnav took geet to their room and made her sleep.

Later dadi told what happened in handa mansion and ranbir is angry as well as happy.

Ji maa, hum holidays ke baad bachon ke saath geet ko bhi delhi le chalte hain told ranbir. Maan who came for water heard that and asked papa, geet hamare saath aarahi hain? Asked excitedly.

Pooja smiled at him and told ha maan, ur friend is coming with us.

Yay.. then we can play daily na asked maan curiously.

All the 3 smiled at him and nodded in yes. Immediately maan ran to their room to tell the news to arnav.

~~ flashback ends ~~

A lone tear escaped from her eyes. After coming to delhi ranbir told what all happened to arnav's dad and he felt very bad. As they don't have any girl child they adoped geet and gave her their surname. And now she is geet singh raizada. After that day her life filled with happiness and whenever she asked about her parents they use to tell something or other. When she grew up she understood what might happened. Thinking all these geet drifted to sleep.

Next day morning:

Geet as usual time she went to her clinic and maan went to his office. All others are doing their respective works. The clinic of geet and dev is same and they both met in clinic and engrossed into their work. Even though geet asked maan to come by 11am but she is waiting for maan. She want to talk to him as soon as possible.

Here maan completed his meeting and decided to go and meet geet. Maan got into his car and he drove by himself. Soon with in half an hour he reached her clinic but didn't get down of the car he is in deep thought and thinking that what to answer geet.

Who should I tell to geet? If I don't tell the truth she will surely reject for the marriage and I don't want to happen at any cost. For the first time in my life I am helpless in the matter of geet. She I lie then she can read my eyes easily.

Finally he got down of his car and maintained a straight face and went inside the clinic. He went to the reception. The receptionist who saw maan got tensed and told si.. sir mam is waiting for u inside.

Maan nodded and went in without knocking the door as it is his habit. He never knock geet's room door and enter. Here geet is stood near the window and is in deep thought. When maan entered his cabin she sensed him and closed her eyes.

Maan saw her and went close to her. He touched her shoulder and without any delay geet asked him what is all this maan? Why u r playing with my life?

Maan closed his eyes feeling her pain and thought how can I geet?

He opened his eyes and asked sternly what u r talking about?

Don't act maan warned geet.

Did u ask me to come here for argument? Asked maan.

Geet faced him and anger is visible in her eyes and she held his collar and asked what r u doing maan? U hate me right? Then why u want to marry me? I am not able to understand what u want? Once u only told there is nothing between us? Then why u r doing this for the sake of dadimaa? Then its better to tell her truth that u don't love me. She will understand told geet in one go not giving chance to maan to speak.

Here maan is looking at her but she is no where to stop. So with no other option maan held geet by her waist and slammed his lips on her and made her shut. Geet is shocked with his action. She tried to move away from him but his grip is strong and she is helpless. Maan bit her lower lip and geet moaned and still trying to get out of his grip.

But maan is maan his grip tightened and geet too stopped to protest. Seeing her maan deepened the kiss. Maan bit her lip again and she opened her mouth. Maan entered her mouth fully. He pulled her more towards and their chests are glued to each other.

Maan is tasting every corner of her mouth and enjoying the juice where as geet is not reacting anything. She just stood there numd allowing him whatever he want to do. But she is so much lost in his passion that she don't know what she is doing and she started to unbutton his waist coat. Seeing his effect on her maan smirked and his hands automatically went under her kurti and unhooked her bra. Unknowingly geet removed his waist coat.

Due to lack of breath maan broke the kiss and unzipped her kurti. Geet looked into his eyes and started unbuttoning his shirt. Maan took geet in his arms and placed her on the couch and he laid on top of her. He unzipped her kurti and slid off the shoulders. He kissed her shoulders and and geet removed his shirt fully. She kept drolling his bare chest. Maan slid her kurti and finally he fully removed it. he kissed her between her b*****, geet moaned his name in pleasure. He cupped her br***** over her b** and gave her a love bite.

Geet digged her nails on his back and she arched back giving him more room and closed her eyes submitting herself to him. Maan finally removed her b** and both their upper bodies are glued to each other. Her ni***** touching his chest and made his go more crazy. He cupped her b***** with his both hands and giving her pleasure with his kisses. He is biting, licking her buds and geet started kissing his broad chest. Both are out of their senses. Maan untied her bottom and removed it in one go. She is almist naked infront of him with only a single barrier. Geet's hands automatically undid his button and maan helped her to remove his pant. He is only in boxers now.

He once again slammed his lips on hers and this time geet too reacted with same passion. Slowly they both are free from their barriers.

Chapter 8

He once again slammed his lips on hers and this time geet too reacted with same passion. Slowly they both are free from their barriers. Both are different world, feeling peace and pleasure. Maan broke the kiss and hugged geet tightly, geet too hugged him back. Both stayed in the same position for a long time. Feeling each other after a long time.  

Suddenly maan felt his shoulder is getting wet. He beoke the hug and looked at geet who is in tears. Maan kissed those tears away.

Both are not regretting for what happened sometime back. Infact a confidence build in them that they belong to each other.

Mishty' called maan.

Hearing that word from his mouth geet broke down completely and hugged him tight and cried her heart out. Maan didn't stop her because he knows she has to pour he heart out. If not both of them cant live in peace. Finally when she stopped crying maan slowly got up and gave her dress and maan too took his. Geet slowly got up and went to the washroom which is attached to her cabin and got dressed. Maan too dressed himself.

Finally geet came out after some time and saw maan sat on the couch with his eyes closed. Geet came and sat beside him silently and placed her head on his shoulder. Now she has full confidence that maan is only hers. Without any delay she asked maan,

Maan why u said yes for marriage? Asked geet.

Because of u. what are you thinking of yourself? Ha? How can u go to hoshiyarpur when you know that ur life is at stake? Shouted maan.

Geet distanced herself and looked at maan with pain in her eyes and told I can do anything for u and ur family. I told already' before geet say anything further maan cut her.

Cut the crap geet. Don't tell all these things for the sake of gratitude. All of them loves u and no one think that u r a burden. Stop thinking all these non-sense retorted maan.

Tum' asked geet.

Maan looked at her shocked as she is indicating him as 'TUM' because from the day she went to London for her studies they didn't talk. But they just talked once in all these 5 years of MBBS and that day her life is shattered listening to maan. But she never hated him she knows there is some reason behind it and her brother arnav knows it. and on top that arnav is supporting maan in his decision that means something big is happening in their life and how can she hate a person whom she loved more than her life.

Main kya? Asked maan as if he didn't understand anything.

Don't act maan warned geet.

Hearing her maan came dangerously close to her and whispered huskily still u don't know the answer after witnessing what happened few minutes back.

Geet looked down blushing and told I don't know.

But maan's hands went to her back and tied the dori. When his fingers touched her skin, geet voice ditched her to speak further.

Bolo geet asked maan.

Geet came to her senses and sat on her seat and looked at him with attitude. Maan smirked at her.

U r so complicated maan, I am not able to understand anything. Till yesterday u were angry on me and accused me for no reason and today all of a sudden asked geet not able to understand the person standing in front of him.

Maan understood her inner turmoil and he also knows that he owes and explanation to her. Maan smiled slightly at her and shook his head. Geet saw his smile and was shocked, surprised and happy too. She is seeing him smile after a long time. But geet looked at him suspiciously.

Maan went to geet and made her stand infront of him and cupped her face and told yes geet what u r saying is right. Galti tho meri hi hain. But I am helpless mishty, I died 100 deaths saying those words to u. After dadaji, dad and mom's death our company was lost geet. Those people took all our property yeh tum bhi jaanti ho.

Geet nodded in a yes.

Again dadimaa started construction company with the help of raizada uncle. But even after that our company faced lots of losses but dadimaa did everything for our happiness. When I joined college I even started helping dadimaa. I don't want to burden her more and I want dev and prem to be happy and not face any problems. Soon KC became a top company, media hype increased and maintained dev and prem as low profile. And at the same time I started to distance myself from u and sent u to London for ur studies.

Geet listened all this and asked why maan?

Mishty if the media came to know about u, then the whole world will come to know that u r MSK'S fianc.

Tho kua hua maan? Asked maan.

Geet you are not understanding the point here. You are the eye witness of the murder if they come to know that u r the same geet then they try to kill u or harm khushi told maan with a fear in his eyes.

Geet looked at him with all love but asked then why now? Now also they will come to know na? and they may harm khushi maan.

No geet now they cant harm khushi told maan.

How?? Asked geet.

Now khushi is not there in hoshiyarpur, she escaped from them told maan.

How do u know? Asked geet and immediately she asked that means that means u know where is khushi?

Maan didn't answer anything. Maan plz don't lie. U know where is khushi right? Asked geet with tears in her eyes.

Maan wiped her tears asked will u come with me to a place.

Geet nodded for a yes immediately. Maan saw and asked wont u ask me where we r going?

I trust u told geet.

Maan caressed her cheek and told we should take dev with us.

Ok told geet. Both maan and geet headed to dev's cabin. Maan again came back to his MSK style.

Maan knocked dev's cabin door.

Come in told dev.

Maan and geet entered his cabin. Dev is surprised to see his bro here.

Bro aap yaha? Iss waqt asked dev and got up from his seat.

Maan kept his hand on his shoulder and told we have to go to a place.

Where bro? asked dev confusingly.

You will come to know told maan.

Ok bro, when? Asked dev.

Now.. told maan.

Maan took out his mobile and dialed prem's number. Prem who is in the college just finished his viva and came out saw his bro's number and got tensed.

I gave my viva well then why he is calling now. God plz save me prayed prem to god and picked up the call.

Hey bhai, what a surprise u called me. Bhai u don't worry I gave my viva very well. All thanks to u because of u I gave my exam well. U called me to ask this na blabbered prem non-stop.

Maan got pissed off as he is not allowing him to speak and shouted chup..

Prem shut his mouth immediately and gulped his saliva.

Ohh sorry bhai told prem.

Hmm.. listen I need u to do some work told maan.

Me bhai, wow tell me tell me asked prem excitedly as maan is asking him to do something for the first time.

Maan rolled his eyes and told I have messaged u something show it to ur principal sir. He will give u one envelope take it and keep it with u.  

Prem listened to him carefully and finally asked why bhai?

Premmm shouted maan.

Ok ok bhai. Bhai I thought u r giving some big work. Itna chota sa kaam complained prem.

Maan got annoyed and told thik hain if u don't want to do don't do. I will come directly to ur college and do my work.

Chillax bhai. your work will be done told prem.

Ok I will be outside ur college within 15 min told maan.

Hey bhai, ur work is done told prem.  

What? how? Asked maan.

U told u sent me some message and I forwarded it to my friend and he came with the paper told prem and smiled.

Didn't u read the message? Asked maan.

No bhai told prem.

Ok.. wait outside ur college I am coming in 15 min told maan.

When maan was about to cut the call prem asked bhai, can I see that paper?

Ur wish told maan and cut the call.

Challein? Asked maan to dev and geet. They both nodded and followed him. Here prem is waiting outside his college on his bike with googles and looking dashing.

Here maan, geet and dev are in maan's car and the drive is silent. All the 3 are in deep thoughts. Maan looked at them and he knows what they must be thinking. Here geet and dev are thinking where they are going and they observed some change in maan.

After 20 min drive maan reached prem's college and saw prem waiting for maan. Maan stopped the car infront of him and got down from the car. Prem smiled at him and gave that envelope to him. Maan took that envelope and thanked him.

Come with us told maan.

Where bhai? Asked prem.

Maan glared at him, prem smiled at him nervously and told ok bhai coming. Prem parked his bike aside and got into the car and surprised to see dev and geet.

Hey u both what are u doing? Asked prem.

Playing volley ball answered dev.

Geet giggled and prem gave angry look to dev.

Kaisa hua tumara exam? Asked geet.

Ek dum mast di told prem and side hugged her. Di where are we going asked prem.

I don't know told geet.

This time the was not silent due to prem. Geet may serious with maan but when it comes to prem she will tease him, crack jokes and do full masti.

Di where is your sister? Asked prem.

Anju is in college. Why is there any work with her? Asked geet.

Ahh nothing much, just want to tell her that new mobile piece is launched in the market told prem.

Oyy shut up. She will sit on my head now if I wont buy it to her told dev.

That's why I want to tell her. So that u can buy one for me and one for her told prem smiling cheekily at him.

Dev and maan rolled their eyes. Geet slapped his forehead and told stop it now.

Hey bhai switch on the music system atleast told prem to maan.

Tumare bhai ke car mein muic system. R u joking prem whispered geet.

Yeah true di told prem and made a sad face.

Finally maan stopped the car in front of a house. All of them looked at maan and then outside.

Maan this is..

Maan nodded in a no telling her not to talk anything. Dev and prem looked at maan questioningly asking where we have come. Maan just told them to come with him.

They opened the gate of that house and knocked the door. A lady in her 50's opened the door.

Ji aap? Asked that lady seeing them.

Maan took out a photo from his pocket and showed to that lady and asked ji kya hum iss ladki se mil sakte hain?

That lady looked at them suspiciously and asked bit sternly aapko kyun iss ladki se milna hain?

Ji kuch kaam hain told maan.

Geet, dev and prem are confused what maan is upto. That lady has no other option allowed them in and asked to take seat.

Ji she went out she will come in half an hour. If u want u can come later told that lady.

We will wait told prem and looked at maan and smiled. Maan looked at him with confusion.

Bhai your answer is the same na told prem and smiled cheekily at maan. Dev and geet giggled.

Just then maan asked that lady kya hum iss ladki ki maa se mil sakte hain?

She is not well, wo andar so rahi hain told that lady. And when she was about to go inside but turned and looked at maan. She is feeling that she saw him somewhere then her eyes widened in shock. Even maan and other didn't miss her face expressions.

Aap aap maan babu'

Maan got up and smiled at that lady and hugged her tight. He broke the hug and told haa main aapke maan hu.

That lady had tears in her eyes so as maan. She cupped his face and kissed his forehead and asked kaha the maan itne din? Mujhe maaf karo beta..

Here at the same time a another lady in her 50's who is lying on the bed in other room opened her eyes and she is trying to move but she is paralysed from past 10 years. But today her heart is telling that she should get up its high time now. And she is feeling that someone has come to meet her.

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Chapter 9

Here at the same time another lady in her 50's who is lying on the bed in other room opened her eyes and she is trying to move but she is paralysed from past 10 years. But today her heart is telling that she should get up its high time now. And she is feeling that someone has come to meet her. She is trying very hard to get up with the help of bed support. She moved her legs and tried to keep them on the floor, today even god is with her today after 10 years she was able to move her hands and legs, finally her legs touched the floor and she was able to sit. She clutched her bed sheet tight and was trying to stand on her feet. Slowly she stood up by gripping on the wall. She finally stood up and taking baby steps to come out of the room while taking support of the wall. She slowly came out of the room and stood near the door and she can have the view what is happening in the hall. She got to see 4 people with khushi's nanny.

All are watching maan and nanny hug each other and she immediately came to know he is her maan. She smiled a bit due to her weakness and now she is standing all of a sudden, she has no energy. But one person saw her and was shocked to no limit. He dont know how to reach was he dreaming or is it for real?

But the next minute he realized that he was not dreaming. Tears formed in his eyes. He is not able to believe what is happening. But suddenly he panicked because he saw hat lady is moving with great difficulty and she was about to fall. He panicked and shouted

MOM' and ran to her and avoided her from falling. He hugged her tight and making sure that he is really meeting him. All others in the room are shocked to see prem shouting MOM and hugging a lady.

Mera bacha.. whispered that lady and fainted in his arms. Prem saw that and called her with tears in his eyes mom.. mom.. open your eyes.

By this time maan, dev and geet rushed to prem and saw that lady. Dev and geet are shocked to see her but maan is extremely happy and a smile, a pleasant smile formed on his lips. But all are worried seeing her faint and maan took his mom in his arms and placed her on the bed carefully and all the four are in tears seeing her condition. Their mom, their friend is in this condition.

Bro, mom how?? Asked dev in shock as he is not able to believe that his mom is alive. Maan wiped their tears and told we should be happy na, if maa see us like this she will be angry on us.

Bachon u guys are very lucky, these many years ma'am was not able to move or talk with any one but today she got up. Even she too came to know that her children are waiting for her told nanny.

Par nanny where is pari? Asked maan.

She will be coming beta told nanny just then they heard door bell ring.

I think pari baby is back told nanny and went to open the door. Here maan signaled others to follow him and they 4 hid behind the curtain so that pari don't see them. Dev and prem looked at him confused and asked what happened bro?

You till come to know told maan and smiled ar geet and side hugged her.

Ohh so geet di and maan bhai ka patch up hogaya thought prem. But prem is prem even hiding behind the curtain, didn't leave any stone to annoy maan.

Bhai.. called prem.

Kya hain? Asked maan.

You didn't tell me anything pouted prem.

Maan asked confused what?

Wahi aapke aur geet di ka patch up. When it happened? How it happened? Asked prem with the most funniest way ever.

Maan smiled a little and caressed his face and told batata hu beta and slapped on his forehead. Prem looked at him fake angrily but he got typical MSK deadly glare and he shut his mouth.

Bhai aap PREM SINGH KHURANA ke panga liya. Main nay eh baat dadimaa ko batata hu thought prem and smirked inwardly.

Just then they all heard a worried tone.

Nanny what happened to mom suddenly, when I went out she was fine. Then what happened now? Asked a tensed khushi.

Maan whispered in geet's ears meri pari'

For which first geet smiled at him, then reality stuck her meri pari matlab she is khushi. She widened her eyes in shock which is now filled with tears.

Here prem and dev looked at khushi.

Dev bhai, she is the same girl which geet di saved asked prem.

Ha she is pari told dev.

But why she is calling mom, mom? asked prem confusingly.

How do I know why she is calling maa as mom told dev.

But then it struck them and looked at maan. Maan smiled at them with tears and asked who is she?

Both dev and prem at a time GUNDI'

Maan nodded at them and prem and dev are on cloud 9 that they met their little sister today and their mom. itseems that what all they suffered from past 10 years is all vanished now.

Finally they all came out of that hiding place and stood behind khushi who sat beside her mom worried.

Khushi felt someone standing behind her she stood and turned around and was shocked to see her brothers and geet di there. She smiled nervously at them and asked aap log yaha?

Maan came forward and told we are here to meet OUR mom, that day you told she is not feeling well. Kyun khushi cant we meet her?

Khushi is shocked to listen to him and don't know how to react. By listening to him she came to know that he knows who is she? And they are inside the house that means they might have seen mom by now.

Khushi came forward and hugged her maan VJ tight and broke down completely. She is sobbing furiously and maan hugged his sister, his pari tight and soothing her. Even today he is not able to control and his tears rolled down his cheeks. All of them in the room are having tears.

I am sorry VJ, main hi aapki khushi hu VJ told khushi and sobbed in his arms.

Shhh don't cry main aagaya hu na told maan.

Khushi broke the hug and looked at him and told VJ, mom. mom is not well she fainted told between her sobs.

Geet kept her hand on khushi's shoulder and told maa ko kuch nahi hua khushi. She will be alright. Khushi looked at geet and hugged her tight.

Geet di'

Ha gudiya main tumari geet di hu told geet and caressed her hair trying to calm down.

Geet broke the hug and kissed her forehead and told don't cry khushi, we all are there and tumari VJ tumko kuch naho hone dega.

Khushi smiled at that and told geet di you plz don't go to hoshiyarpur plz.

Geet is really touched with her concern, even now she is worried for her safety. What a family is this? They don't care for themselves but care for others more. Geet once again hugged khushi and she silently sobbed. Maan knows how geet will be feeling now. He kept hand on her shoulder and geet broke the hug and looked at maan and her face covered with tears.

Khushi saw dev and prem in tears.

DB' called khushi and hugged her dev bhai tight. Dev too hugged her tight.

I am sorry khushi, this all happened because of me. I am so sorry khushi told dev.

Khushi broke the hug and wiped his tears and told nahi DB u did nothing. Its our fate which played with our lives. The whole atmosphere became so emotional and even nanny had tears.

Its great that our prem babu was so silent till now. But now no way.

Khushi came to prem and stood infront of him and was about to hug him but prem stopped her.

I am 10 minutes elder than you. So call me bro and hug me told prem to lighten the situation.

All others didn't help but smile at their fight. But khushi is so emotional that she didn't help but call him bro.

Bhai' called khushi.

Now prem too became emotional and hugged his twin tight. He sobbed like a small kid with khushi. Prem broke the hug and kissed her forehead and told I am so happy gundi. Where were you all these days? Tum kal ghar ayi thin a tho hame bataya kyun nahi?

When he asked her a fear ran through her spine and she started shivering. Her face lost its color. She held prem's hand tight. Prem looked at her worriedly and asked

Khushi what happened?

All of them rushed to khushi. Maan cupped her face and asked what happened pari?

VJ wo.. wo.. they will kill me. Mujhe darr lag raha hain told khushi and hugged him. Her whole body is shivering due to fear. Maan kissed her forehead and told nothing will happen khushi. No will will come here. Kisi ne bhi tumko kuch karne se pehle they have to face your VJ told maan with full attitude and anger in his eyes.

Just then mom opened her eyes and whispered maan'

Maan looked back at his mom and sat beside her taking her hand in his.

Maa.. called maan with tears in his eyes. Even maa too smiled at them through tears. Maa caressed his face and told kitna bada ho gaya mera beta and kissed his forehead.

Maa tried to get up but maan helped her to sit and she hugged maan and maan too hugged his maa. Later dev and prem hugged maa.

Maa.. mom called dev and prem respectively.

She kissed their forehead and smiled at them. All are so happy maan's happiness has no bounds he got back his maa and his sister khushi. All the 3 sat beside maa and maan held her hand tightly as if don't want to leave her. Geet saw them with a smile on her face. Mainly maan, he is smiling whole heartedly after a long time. His smile reached his eyes. Suddenly maan looked at geet and they had a small eye lock, even maa too looked at maan and followed his gaze. She then saw geet. How can she forget geet. Looking at maan and the love in his eyes, she can easily guess that she is her BADI BAHU.

Geet beta' called maa. Maneet eye lock broke and geet took the blessings of maa. Maa kissed her forehead and asked how r u beta?

I am fine maa told geet and saw that maa is tired. Geet came back to her sherni mode and told oye hello you 3 (maan, dev and prem). Cant you see that maa is tired, get up and let her sleep.

Maa chuckled seeing her and thought she didn't change at all.

Obeying geet all of them got up and made maa sleep for some time.

Maa maa maa ek minute you totally forgot me told arnav who just came now making a sad face.

Arnav beta.. called maa delightedly and hugged him.

How r u maa? Asked arnav kissing her forehead.

Fine beta.. tum kaise ho? Aur bhai aur bhabhi? Asked maa.

All are fine maa, mom and dad are in London now. They will back in 2 months told arnav.

Now you take rest maa, we will talk later told arnav. Maa laid on the bed feeling happy seeing her kids. But a fear in her eyes and she want to talk to maan about something important and she don't want anyone to be tensed regarding this matter. So she decided to tell maan after wards. Even he is also happy after long time. Let him enjoy with his sister and all of them some quality time. But MSK is MSK how can he not see the fear in her eyes. He too decided to ask her later.

All of them settled in hall. None of the brothers left khushi even for a second. They kept on asking she needed anything. Khushi is so happy after a long time. Oh how much she missed them. How she yearned for love. But she never got any from past 10 years. But she want to know how they came to know about her.

Here arnav side hugged geet and they both are smiling at maan. How happy he is today with his sister. How much they missed this maan. Ufff prem and khushi met just few minutes back and started their jhagda.

You never change prem, yesterday I saw you in KM you were asking VJ to explain for your exam. Chi.. tum kabhi college gaya hi nahi. Kya kar rahe ho tum ha? Bolo.. asked khushi.

Hey gundi, tum apna gunda garzi phir se shuru kiya na. prem pem kya hain, call me bro warned prem.

Main aur tumko bro. not even in my dreams told khushi.

Oyyy" warned prem.

Oyyy kya ha? Asked khushi with her hands on her hips.

Arnav is amused by her talk. Maan and dev rolled their eyes seeing their cat-dog fight. Ufff again started but they are enjoying.

Maan saw arnav and geet stood at one corner and looking at him. He raised his eye brows asking what?

They nodded in a no telling nothing. Maan got up and went to them.

What happened? Why u both are looking at me? Asked maan side hugging geet.

Now geet is in the middle of two important people in the world.

Nothing dude, happy to see you smiling told arnav.

Ha dude I am happy today, my family is back today. My little sister is happy after a long time. How much I dreamt of this day told maan and looked at dev, prem and khushi happily talking with each other. A lone tear escaped from maan's eye. But geet wiped his tears and nodded in a no.

Maan we will take maa and khushi to KM told geet.

Ha geet I am also thinking the same told maan.

How cum you are supporting my sister today? Asked arnav smirking.

Badlav duniya na niyam hain bro told geet and smiled at maan. Maan too smiled back.

Hayeee' bro today some one has a plan to kill me today told geet dramatically keeping her hand on her heart. Arnav and maan laughed whole heartedly seeing her antics. Ahh how much these 3 missed their talks.

Dude tonight, what about we 3 hang out asked maan.

All the hi-fied each other and shouted YES'

Just then maan's mobile rang and its adi. Maan picked the call and asked whats the matter adi?

Sir, the interviews for your secretary is completed. And I have selected a girl told adi.

Ok adi I cant come to office today, tell her to join from tomorrow told maan.

Ok sir told adi and cut the call.

Later geet prepared lunch for all of them and maa too joined them. They all laughed, cracked jokes and had lunch. Maan, dev and prem fed maa and khushi with their hands. Maan offered a spoon to geet. Maan fed geet with his hands. Geet happily had it.

After lunch all of them decided to go to KM and khushi jumped in that she is going to meet her DM. as maa is still weak and not able to walk they took her in wheel chair. They all got into the car and travelled to KM.

Here in KM dadimaa is waiting for dev and prem but they didn't turn up. She sighed and was about to go to her room but she heard a car horn and thought that dev and prem are back.

All of them got down of the car. Khushi is so happy that she is back to her house and she is jumping like a small kid with excitement. All of them smiled at her excitement and maa had tears in her eyes thinking about her life in KM.

Chapter 10

Here in KM dadimaa is waiting for dev and prem but they didn't turn up. She sighed and was about to go to her room but she heard a car horn and thought that dev and prem are back.

All of them got down of the car. Khushi is so happy that she is back to her house and she is jumping like a small kid with excitement. All of them smiled at her excitement and maa had tears in her eyes thinking about her life in KM. how happy they all were with their children then one day everything changed. But today seems everything is in normal.

 Dev and prem went inside first as they know that dadimaa will be waiting for them. Dadimaa saw them entering into the hall followed by maan. Dadimaa is surprised to see maan at this time as he never comes to KM at this odd time. Dadimaa literally pinched herself to see her grandson smiling. Dadimaa immediately got up and went to maan and checked maan's forehead.

Maan and others looked at her confusingly and maan asked what happened dadimaa?

Even I am also asking u the same what happened to u? u came early and on top of that u r smiling. Everything is fine na? asked dadimaa with a mischeiveous glint on her face.

There is a surprise and good news for u dadimaa told maan.

Hey don't tell me that you got married asked dadimaa.

Hahaha.. dadi r u dreaming? Asked prem while laughing at his brother.

Maan shot him an angry glare which made him shut.

Omg.. how much you 3 will talk, here I am waiting to meet her from long told khushi frustatingly and excited to meet her DM.

Dadi looked at the entrance and saw khushi there and was surprised to see her here and that too shouting on her grand son's mainly maan.

Pari beta.. called dadimaa.

Khushi came forward and hugged dadi. Dadimaa is surprised to see her hugging.

DM' called khushi. Hearing that dadimaa's world almost stopped. Is she hearing right? Did she hear DM which only her khushi and arnav calls her. Is she khushi. Khushi broke the hug and looked at dadimaa who had lot of questions in her eyes. Khushi understood her turmoil and held her hand and asked her to come out.

Dadimaa just silently followed her and came out. She saw someone on the wheel chair. She went close to her and was shocked to see her BAHU. She could not believe her eyes. She is definitely not dreaming. Mom saw dadimaa and smiled at her with tears in her eyes.

Maaji' called mom.

Dadimaa had tears in her eyes, she went near her and cupped her face and kissed on her forehead.

Sangita.. whispered dadimaa. Sangita hugged her by her waist. Dadimaa slowly caressed her hair. Sangita broke the hug and told maaji, she is our khushi and pointed towards khushi.

Dadimaa turned back and saw khushi smiling through tears. She ran and hugged her DM.

DM' cried khushi. Dadimaa too hugged her back and caressed her hair and asked kaisi hain meri bachi?

They broke the hug and and khushi told what happened to me DM, now I am back to u and I am very happy.

Dadimaa smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

You both wait here outside I will come just now told DM and went inside and geet followed dadimaa and she expected why dadimaa told them to wait outside. Later they came with a aarti ki thali. Geet took aarti for both sangita and khushi, then they entered into the house.

Dadimaa's happiness have no bounds. Though she has many questions lingering in her mind she thought of asking later as they need to rest now.

Sangita, aap thik tho ho na? I will call doctor told dadimaa seeing in the wheel chair. She then remembered khushi's words. 'my mom is paralysed and I have to give her food'.

Sangita is paralysed. Hey bhagwan what is all this happening. At least now let all of them be happy thought dadimaa.

Dadimaa and mom rested in dadimaa's room. As mom is very weak and her eyes are dropping. Due to her weakness she is not able to talk properly.

Here all the children are in the hall talking with each other. Seems that they forgot everything and lost in their world. Khushi sat between maan and dev and prem sat opposite to her. On the other couch geet and arnav sat. while talking with each other khushi rested her head on maan's shoulder and closed her eyes. Maan held her on hand and other dev, they don't want to leave their sister for a second. Maan kissed her forehead and smiled seeing her sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face. Omg.. aaj kal prem kyun emotional ho raha hain babaji.. prem had tears in his eyes for 2 reasons. One seeing his sister after 10 long years and seeing his big bro smiling, who forgor how to smile is now happy. The atmosphere was so silent till now but suddenly it became not less than a jhagda mahaal.

Anjali came shouting for prem.

Premmm shouted anjali on top of her lungs. Due to the sudden shout of them jerked and looked at her with horror. Emotional prem became nervous prem and thoughtmar gaya.

Prem, u idiot where r u? shouted anjali again with this even khushi too got up who is sleeping. All of them saw prem as if asking what u did now.

Prem looked at them nervously and told bhaiyon aur behno plz save me yaar. That anjali will kill me today. Plz plz.. requested prem.

Kya kiya tumne? Asked khushi. But its late now already anjali entered into the hall and looked at prem with anger and she can kill him at any time.

Anju.. called prem sweetly.

Anju.. my foot shouted anjali and started chasing him with hockey stick. U wait there I am coming..

Oye teri thought prem and started running in the whole hall and anjali chasing him shouting at him to stop.

Maan is watching them as if they are some aliens because he never saw them fighting actually chasing.

Gudiya.. stop what happened? Asked maan.

Maan bhai, plz don't let me hit him first and dev bhai or geet di treat him for his wounds and then I will tell you told anjali.

Ok.. told maan casually.

Bhai.. what ok instead of saving me u r saying ok.. shouted prem so that maan can hear.

All of them laughed at them. Finally arnav caught angry anjali and stopped her.

Bhai.. leave me told anjali.

First tell me what happened? Asked arnav.

Wo.. gadha prem today he told he will come to college and pick me up. But but I waited in the college for whole 2 hours and he didn't turn up. I had to come by cab told anjali furiously.

I am sorry yaar, I am so sorry told prem.

Anjali turned her head and saw pari/khushi there.

Hey pari, hi how r u? asked anjali and hugged her.

I am fine gudiya told khushi.

Gudiya, she is our sister' but maan was cut off by anjali.

Kya aap khushi hain?? Asked an excited anjali.

Ha.. par tumko kaise pata asked khushi.

Wo.. wo.. fumbled anjali nervously looking at maan. Maan looked at her suspiciously.

Wo.. I he.. heard maan bhai's talk with di and dev bhai that day told anjali making a baby face to khushi asking her to help.

Maan and others smiled at her but khushi hugged and told no problem gudiya, we both are same. I too heard their talk and then came to know they are my brothers.

Thanku di' told anjali. I am sorry maan bhai.

Maan hugged both his sisters and kissed their forehead.

Later at night all of them had dinner. Dadimaa and mom looking at their children happily. Dadimaa is very happy to see her maan smiling. She was worried that her maan can never come to his original self. But today its like her dream came true and even she came to know that he loves his sister more than him. Indeed she is really khushi for him.

All of them retired to their rooms except maan, geet and arnav, as they decided to go for outing today. 10 years back it was their habit that when ever they are happy they use to go out at night and enjoy. But today they decided to go to pub. Maan attended pubs only for office meetings but today he is going to pub to enjoy. And today they are not going by car but they are going on their bikes.

Maan and arnav are dressed in black and black looking extremely hot. And their hair is gelled up and rolex wrist watch and googles are on and they both are on their respective bikes. Here geet came dressed in tight jeans and casual t-shirt and small ear rings, baby pink lip gloss and pointed heels. Her hair open and looking extremely sexy. Arnav accelerated the bike so as maan, and they know that geet will come on maan's bike. As usual geet sat on maan's bike and hugging him from back.

Kodak moment teased arnav.

Lets go dude told maan and they both accelerated the bike. The whole scene didn't miss by dadimaa who is shocked to maan and arnav on bikes and geet too joined them. She smirked as she got a chance to tease her grand son.

As it is 11 pm at night and no one is there on road, its some what deserted. So they are going in high but not so high speed. Geet's started shouting and both laughed at her.

Sweety careful, maan may loose balance told arnav and smirked.

Don't worry dude ur sister will be safe told maan with same smirk on his face.

Soon they reached pub and only couples are allowed, oops arnav ka kya?

Can I join u? came a voice.

3 of them turned back to see khushi and the whole gang. They are shocked and asked hey what you guys are doing here? Asked arnav.

Well, how can you enjoy leaving us? Asked prem.

Ok.. come on join us told maan and all of them went inside in couples.

Maan-geet, arnav-khushi, prem-anjali, dev-NT (dev's girl friend).

They settled themselves on the couch.

Bro we didn't thought that u will come to pubs told dev.

Patch-up jo hogaya ab told prem and looked at maan.

Yes guys, I came with my girl friend any problem for u two? Asked maan.

Ohhh'.. shouted all.

I will get drinks, girls wait here told maan and boys got up.

Hey girls what drink u need? Asked arnav.

Anjali, khushi and NT told soft drink. Geet didn't answer anything.

Maan looked at her and asked what u need?

Geet told hard drink only visible to maan, maan is shocked but nodded ok. But geet still has doubt whether he will bring hard drink for her or not. Its her dream atleast in her life time.

All the boys ordered drinks and waiting. Here girls are having their time laughing, teasing each other and giggling. Finally all of them brought drink for their respective partners. Maan gave geet her so called hard drink and boys themselves brought a beer.

Geet took a sip and made a yucky face, maan saw that and smirked.

Shall I bring soft drink for u? asked maan.

Geet nodded in a no and drank the drink in one go. All the boys looked at her in shock. Geet kept the glass on the table and told chi' its so yucky how u guys drink?

All of them smiled at her and her head started spinning as it is her first time. She got up and told hey guys chalo lets dance.

Geet no, u r not in ur senses told maan.

Come maan told geet and pulled him to dance floor. And she started dancing madly and jumping and giggling.

It's the time to disco' started geet singing.

Geet come, we will go home told maan and tried to pull her.

No maan we will dance come na told geet and started dancing around him. Maan is trying to control her she is not and her proximity is making him loose himself.

Hey maan its better to take her home told arnav.

Ha' told maan and took geet in his arms.

Chodo mujhe I want to dance' it's the time to disco' woo lalala

Geet looked at maan and told maan u r so hot. I want to kiss u and she made a baby face.

Shut up geet told maan not able to control himself. Maan went out and geet is singing and giggling in his arms. Dev came and gave car keys to him as it is not safe to go on bike.

Thanks dev told maan and placed geet in the car and seat belt on. Maan sat on the driver seat and started driving to KM. but geet is asking all kind of questions and singing and blabbering continuously.

Ufff' yeh ladki sach mein pagal hain. Wonder how she became a doctor thought maan.

Suddenly to his luck it started raining.

Oh god.. baarish bhi abhi hona tha thought maan.

Geet got excited seeing rain and shouted maan stop the car.

No geet I wont.. told maan sternly.

Geet got angry but made a puppy face and told plz maan. Seeing her face maan stopped the car and taking this as advantage geet got out of the car and started dancing in the rain.

Geet shouted maan.

But geet didn't care his shouting and continued playing in rain. As it is a deserted area no one is there on the road. Maan came of the car and made geet sit in the car. But she is hitting him on his chest but maan didn't care. Maan sat back in the driver seat and today his luck is too good. Car didn't start and maan literally banged his head on the steering.

What should I do now? Thought maan and looked here and there. He just found a small hut. With no other option maan got out of the car and took geet and went to that hut. No one is there and he found a small cot. He placed geet on the bed gently. Both are now fully wet and her dress is hugging her skin making her curves visible. Maan turned the other side trying to control himself. But he saw geet is half conscious and she is shivering. Maan sat near her and he is calling her name but she is shivering badly due to cold.

Geet geet, get up love u r catching cold tried maan to wake up geet but no use.

And on top of that her dress is fully wet. Maan don't know what to do and he is worried for geet. He touched her forehead which is now turned very cold. Her body is loosing temperature and she is shivering badly. He kept his mobile in the car itself and he now cant call anyone. Maan is rubbing her hands and legs so that heat will be produced in the body. But geet didn't open her eyes.

Geet open ur eyes dear.

Maan removed his shirt and hugged her tight and he started rubbing her bare skin. Maan closed his eyes thinking what to do now.

Then he remembered something. One day maan is in KM and dev is asking some doubts to her as she completed her studies. Maan remembered those words. That if any persons body is turning cold and not getting heat by any means we should give the heat of our body.

Maan first hesitated a bit but nothing is more important for him than his geet. So slowly he made up his mind to give his body heat.

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