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 Gayathri came towards taani and stood by her side , " beta  ab tum donom ko shaadi kar leni chahye… mein chaahti hu ki tum jald se jald is  Ghar ki bahu bane … "… she smiled back and replied.. " mein janti hu maa , but before that we want chaahat to accept rey  as her father.. uske baad hi hum shaadi k bare mein…aap  .. aap..samaj rahi ho na ma??"

" ha beta … like you both wish …" she held taani's palm in assurance and left after a while..


Rey's room

The little dolls small brown balls popped out of her tiny eyes "Prince itnae sare awards!!uooo aapka hai ?"

"ha ha … kyu" he bent down on his knees near her and smiled replying her

" prince ek baat poocho? [she went near the wall were the awards were arranged ]Apke pass koi magic wand hai "

" wand??"he  curved his brows and went near her

" haa"she tried to reach the awards but they were above her height.. the cute doll started jumping to reach them . he lifted her up in his arms and moved towards the wall … she touched the awards , her tiny brown balls were sparkling in amusement "haa prince bolo .. apke pass koi wand hai ??itne sare awards ??" she made a curious cute face and looked at him

He ruffled her soft hair  and said " aww meri princess [he hit his forehead softly on hers] awards achieve karne k liye koi wand ki zaroorath nahi hai … zaroorath hai toh sirf hardwork aur passion ki" chaahat smiled "so chaahat  can also get them ?"

"ha .. kyu nahi… my princess is the best , only thing is thodi mehnath karni hogi"

"vo toh chaahat  kar lungi .. anything for dance"

"haa guys anything for dance"they all joined in a group hug and screamed…

He smiled remembering himself with his friends "prince .. aap kya soch rahe ho?? Aur aap smili kyu kar rahe ho?"chaahat asked looking at his face

"kuch nahi princess .. ab hum practice kare.."

"haa .. chalo" he was about to walk when " prince ruko… vo photo" chaahat pointed to a photo still in his arms.. he tilted his head to the direction she pointed .. he walked towards it..

" are nahi yaar yahan nahi .. wahan.."vicky said irritated

"ha neha thinks babu  telling right" Vicky lifted his index finger as neha extended her approval

" Guys!! Stop it!!! What s there to argue so much.. " Sharon said in her usual tone

"okk .. okk.. guys[swayam took his usual moderator role].. I think vicky's point is right we will go to that side"

"ha chalo" everyone said in approval now

He was however busy with her in their  sweet talks  " rey sab log ja rahe hai .. hum bhi chale" taani asked with a smile  " ya lets go" he extended his palm and she put hers in it and they walked along with the gang

" mein yahan"  nil said

" but neha standing  babu's right" neha frowned

"and me here" simi stood by rini's side

" me?? always by your side" swayam said softly in sharon's ear and she couldn't help but smile a little ..

Soon they arranged themselves some how after all fights  bharat,rey, taani , swayam, Sharon and ashi  stood on the small rock and  simmi,rini,neha,vicky,amarand neil on the bigger one and all of them started screaming "wooo" and CLICK

 He stood smiling … chaahat  caressed the photo with her tiny palm and suddenly exclaimed " MAMMAHHH!!???!! Prince maamah apke saath  kya kar rahi hai ??? aap log ek dusre ko jante they?? Aur yeh sab [she made a curious face and looking at the photo touching everyone in it].. ye kaun hai jo mammah k  left pe hai?" she pointed to swayam

 He was almost traped now . he didn't know what to tell .. " voh princess kya hai na .. hum log friends the college pe…" he turned back and started walking with her in his arms … but her eyes were still on the photo fixed at the new faces she had found " co.. college? Voh kya hai?" she asked still looking at the photo  that was slowly disappearing from her view as they walked out/

"college??hmmm… Jab aap badi ho jayegi na tab school k baad aap college jayegi padne k liye " he made a reply

" padne k liye .. so aap aur mammah saath mein padte the??? Matlab aap donom friends the … chaahat aur karan ki tarah???" she  made a wide smile

" karan??? Eh karan kaun hai ?? madam? " his eyes widened [he smiled to himself  yaar meri gudiya eh kaisi sawal pooch rahi hai mein aur taani … he smiled murmuring to himself] " bolo princess .. eh karan kaun hai? Aapka boyfriend??" he giggled … she chuckled  " ha mera best friend " the little doll  gave a big smile  ..soon they reached taani's room  .. "aa gayi meri pari … chalo ab jaldi se ready ho jayiye … we have to go for your competition na .. mamma has packed  everything ab  sirf meri pari ko tayyar karna backi hai .." she smiled and went near them

" taani .. tumne suna nahi .. tumhari eh choti piece kya keh rahi thi… iski boyfriend hai.."taani widened her eyes as he giggled looking at chaahat… chaahat made a frown  " mammah isme bura kya hai.. aap janti ho na ..  ki karan is chaahat's best friend hai" she  made a cute face …taani gave an angry glare to rey " Rey !!! ap bi na ….aap bestfriend ko boyfriend bana diya aur meri pari ko pareshan kar rahi ho… [he gave a naughty smirk…she turned to chaahat ] come chaahat lets get ready"  she grabbed chaahat from his arms looking at him angrily

" mammah abhi aap kya keh rahi thi …. [chaahat scratched her head] eh bestfriend aur boyfriend mein kya faraq hai?? Aur prince aap ki kaun the bestfriend ya boy friend ???" chaahat asked with a cute curious face… she bit her lips as he chuckled .. she gave him an angry glare … " bolo .. bolo… " he whispered in her ear … chaahat kept looking at her … she  turned her face .. "  chaahat…abhi ye sab discuss karne ka time nahi hai .. apko dance competition k liyae jana hai ya nahi" she made a stern face

" ha mummah , chalo ready ho jaate hain.." chaahat slid down taani's body and ran to the bed were taani had kept her dress

" intelligent!!" he smirked  and she gave a stern smile

" mammah avo na .. chaahat ki madad karo" chaahat yelled

" k so  both beauties get ready .. I will be waiting down" he smiled and turned  to walk

Soon both of them got ready and went down .. they left for the studio


His car made way through the  crowd   gathered outside as the shoot was outdoor today because it was the semifinals . a stage was made in the middle of a big stadium. he stopped the car in the parking lot outside the stadium " maamah chaahat ko dar lag raha hai… semifinals hai na aaj …" chaahat said bitting her nails looking at the crowd through the window of the car

" no princess dar k naam bhi mat lena.. kyunki  sirf cowards darte hai .. meri princess toh winner hai na … winners darte nahi… "  he said assuring her as she hugged him leaning towards him " thank you prince …mein jeetungi na?" she asked

" ya sure  my angel will surely win" taani leaned and placed a peck on chaahat's face

" thank you mammah… than you prince"

 They got out of the car… taani arranged chaahat s dress and looked up when she found glares from all sides on them

" yeh chaahat aur uski ma rey k gaadi mein" a lady murmured to the other

" ya Mrs Gupta , I had been noticing from last week onwards, zaroor kuch gadbad hai" another one joined them

" suniye ji , [a lady said to her husband] voh dekho  chaahat aur uski ma rey k saath  uske gaadi mein"

 Some even started taking videos and pictures .. she was feeling bad , very bad!!, she clutched her sari tightly not able to face the crowd as all eyes were on them .. why didn't she think about this… how could they forget he was a celebrity and  she was a single mother….how could they forget  what the society will think….aur ab …

" aaj kal  log fame k liye kya kuch nahi karte" two ladies  spoke

" haa.. akeli thi toh apni beti ki jeet k liye judge ko fasaya.. chiii" the talks  started getting bigger… he too  stood not knowing what to do … people were making talks of all kinds .. their was silence only between them and chaahat was the one to break their silence " mammah … mammah .. hum yahan kyu khade ho… hume andhar jana chahye.. we have to go to candidate room na….[but taani was standing like a rock … she was frozen]… mammah ye sab log hume kyu dekh rahe ho??? Aur aap aise kyu khadi ho… come mammah.." the little doll dragged taani

"dekh kaise   sabse nazar churake bhagne ki koshish kar rahi ho… neechi aurat ,…chiii chiii" the talks were now getting worser .. he advanced towards the crowd in anger … but she held his wrist … he looked towards her … his face blazing in anger … his fist  tightened in fury…tear flowed from her eyes uncontrollably .. she shut her lids " nahi rey… "

" dekh kaise public mein bhi  rey k haath pakad kar khadi hai… lagta hai sharam naam ki cheez  uski dictionary mein  nahi  hai" some ladies started laughing mocking ly…

He was loosing his temper … he tightened his fist and shut his eyes… he couldn't bear it any more …

" pati nahi hai toh celebrity ko fasaya …pati ka kami bhi puri ho jayegi[ they gave evil laughs] aur fame bhi mil jayegi…"

"are madam agar pati k kami tha  toh hume batate …" a group of men started circling them

" re yaar hume kyu  batate ..isko pati ki garmi k saath fame bhi chahye [the man bent down and pinched chaahats heeks roughly "ahhh" chaahat gave a cry] tabi toh ye choti maharani  ko competition mein 1st  milega " he was hurting chaahat when he felt a strong grip on his hand that pulled him back … chaahat started weeping … his baby's tears was making him go mad in fury " HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY DAUGHTER???? HUUHHH?? TUMARA HIMMAT KAISE MERE SAAMNE MERI BETI KO HAATH LAGNE KA" he slapped the man hard on his face … taani held chaahat close to her .. " mummah … eh prince kya keh rahe ho…  daughter….mammahhh bolo na…"

The crowd rushed to the spot hearing the hot news … people started taking pictures and videos of chaahat and taani and rey beating the men … chaahat and taani were sobbing badly .." mammah eh kya ho raha hai… chaahat ko dar lag  raha hai… sab log hamara photo kyu keech rahe ho .. aur wo aadmi chaahat ko hurt kyu kiya??? Aur vo aapse kya keh rahi thi?? Aur aap ro kyu rahi thi?? Aur … aur prince .. mammah vo dekho vo log prince ko beat kar rahe hai … mammahhh.." taani lifted her head to see the men beating him hard  and she ran leaving chaahat behind …." Mummahhh" chaahat also ran behind her…

 She pushed the crowd apart and went and stood before him "ehhh aurat … hatiyae .. warna maar khani padegi…" he was badly beaten and he lay on the ground … she knelt down to him " rey… rey.."

"eh dekho reyaansh singhania ki naajayasth beti " someone pointed to chaahat  and everyone started looking at her .. the little soul started sobbing badly …. People crowded around her and started taking photo's  .. soon from somewhere media people also rushed in … the camera flashed at the baby's face " mammahhh… mammahhh.." she started sobbing badly looking around but she was in the middle of the crowd  and could not see her ma.. she went near the people and tried to make way pushing them in vain … taani stood up from rey's side .." rey utto chaahat akeli vaha…." She ran to the crowd and went to chaahat and embraced her …" " mammah eh kya ho raha hai…"

" ha ha javab do apni beti ko.. bol do usse apni prem kahanni" people started mocking her

The media people crowded  around  her 

" miss taani kya  ye sacch hai ki chaahat  is reyaansh singhania's daughter?"

" miss taani kya aap reyaansh singhania k saaath uske ghar pe rah rahi ho?" the people  crowded around her camera flashes from all sides on her and chaahat … chaahat sticked to her ma in fear holding her tightly

" miss taani kya rishta hai aap k  Mr reyyansh singhania k saath?"

" bolo miss taani is it true k chaahat reyaash singhania k beti hai?"

" YESSS ITS TRUEE !!! CHAAHAT MERI BETI HAI … I AM HER BIOLOGICAL FATHER  did you get that " he roared in fury and dragged taani along with him to the car .. he opened the door and made her and chaahat get in … people tried blocking the way .they crowded in front of the car … he drove the car somehow through the crowd to his house…


Singhania mansion

 The car stopped … chaahat got out and ran in…

" chaahat rukho…" taani yelled from behind sobbing

Gayathri came running to the entrance  " beta kya hua …chaahat aise  ro kyu rahi thi? " suddenly she noticed rey and taani  all beaten up and bruised … " beta kya hua tum logon ko ??"

She came and helped them to get in .. taani ran towards the room …" chaahat … chaahat darwaza kholo .. tum andhar kya kar rahi hooo..beta plz…. meri pari mamma k baat nahi manoge??... chaahat  darwaza kholo beta…"

"princess … open the door …"

" aap mujhe princess mat bulayiyae …[the little doll screamed from inside ] chaahat aapko nahi dekhna chahte … I HATE YOU, DAD….. CHAAHAT HATES YOU…..  mujhe nahi dekhna …. Aur mammah chaahat  aapse bhi naraz hu…. Aapne chaahat ko kyu nahi bataya…. Kyu hum is aadmi k saath reh rahe ho??[he shut his eyes hard] mujhe yahan nahi rehna … mammah promise karo mujhe ki  that we will not stay here …. Chaahat ko yahan nahi rehna ….." she screamed from inside…..


"Sharon remote mujhe de do …." He tried to grab the remote from her

"no swayam I want to see this program " Sharon said playfully as she moved back

"no I want to see the news … tum program baad mein dekh lena now give me the remote.." he leaned over her .. but she hid the remote at her back..

Swayam pulled her towards him in a swift movement and she came crashing on his chest…she was lost in his eyes while he snaked his arm over hers  to her back and slowly removed the remote from her grip still looking into her eyes …she was lost in him … he changed the channel still looking into her eyes

Aaj k sabse taaza khabar….dance master and choreographer Reyaansh singhania k NAAJAYASTH BETI… CHAAHAT….

The voice of the news reader  pulled them away from their trance…. Both turned to the tv….

 A girl of 5 crying badly standing in  the middle of the crowd ….

Swayam walked towards the TV Sharon rubbed her palm in fear seeing chaahat in that condition … her breath was turning erratic…. Soon the scene changed and Rey was shown roaring at the crowd " YESSS ITS TRUEE !!! CHAAHAT MERI BETI HAI … I AM HER BIOLOGICAL FATHER….. "rey advanced forwards with taani sobbing badly

Swayam dropped the remote from his hand as he stood frozen in front of the tv … the scene flashed again showing taani sobbing badly holding chaahat close to  her…

"TAANI!!!..REY K SAATH !! USKI BETI???!!!!"  he stood still at the same position… it was like his blood was freezed all off a sudden…..

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09cutie Groupbie

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Posted: 12 February 2013 at 9:11am | IP Logged
hey loved it ya plz continue soon
Smile nd congo for the second threadClap

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nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2013 at 9:29am | IP Logged
And super excited that I guessed right about Swayam!!

Forget it!Wink
The best part was Rey thinking his friends...Big smile. I loved that part..And chaahat's feeling were portrayed well!Smile

Great Job yaar!Smile

Waiting for your next update!Smile

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aksha2812 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2013 at 9:45am | IP Logged
 wow amazing update DEAR lovely chaahat

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.PixieBunnie. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 February 2013 at 9:46am | IP Logged
indu...u r awesome ...u r the best taarey story writer the update ...rey remember his friends and chahat asking difference between best friend and cute...omg sabko pata chal gaya and now chahat hates rey...oh no...swayam will also come to know...plz update next soon...

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dh19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2013 at 9:52am | IP Logged
awesome as always..
made me cry along with Chaahat and taani..
Chaahat finally came to know that rey is her father...
hope vo jaldi se rey ko apna father accept kare..
precap is scary dear.
Swayam ka reaction , didnt know vo kaise react karega...
aur rey use kaise manage karega...
pls. do update sooon.
and pls. do pm me.

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aparabosecarmel Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2013 at 9:55am | IP Logged
it really awesome di very ggoodClap ye media wale statements ko bohot badha chadha kar bolte hein bloody losersAngry    ok di bye good night sleep tight sweet dreams see u tomorrow byeTongue

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Andy_Dynamite IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 February 2013 at 9:56am | IP Logged was amazing!! poor chahat..and media!! damn!! Poor Rey,. chahat hates him!! m feeling bad for Rey! 

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