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PV Valentine OS Contest_Voting Rounds

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 Hello All AarYaHug

We are here at the Voting Rounds for the ::.. PV Valentine OS Contest ..::
Wow,What must I say. I had fun a great time reading each and every OS. Everything entry was different for one another in every sort of way. They were well written and well set out.
In total, there are 10 awesome entries, all relating to Valentine Day in a special way. All showcasing some form of love on Yash & Aarti.
So grab yourself a cup of coffee or just settle in your favourite chair with your lappy and enjoy reading these wonderful One Shots all written by our fellow Punar Vivah-ians.
R u l e s
- - -> Each member is allow to vote for 4 entries.
- - -> Participants cannot vote for their own entry.
- - -> DO NOT  advertise your entries through PMs or any other medium.If found doing so your entry will be disqualified.
 - - -> Don't create MIDs to vote for any entry.
 - - -> If your entry is missing then please PM me (-Amanda-)  ASAP.
 - - -> Date Due for voting 16 Feburary, 2013.
Happy Voting Members...

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Entry # 1
Simplicity Is Beautiful

"You're so lucky Paridhi , Prateek bhaiya is finally taking you out for the honeymoon. That too in Switzerland! But the best part is--"

Paridhi interrupted Aarti as she cheerfully said , "The best part is that we'll have our first valentines day there."

"Yeah--" , Aarti said halfheartedly.

"Aarti! Aarti! Pari!" ,Vidhi came runingly .

"Calm down bhabhi! Whats the matter?"

"You wont believe it! Vedant's papa is taking me to Goa." , Vidhi blushed.

"Wow bhabhi! Thats unbelievable!" , said Aarti.

"Isn't it!" , Vidhi nodded , "By the way whats Yash bhaiya's plan Aarti?"

"He has an amazing plan for our first valentine's day bhabhi ," Aarti said sarcastically , "He has this very *important board meeting* to attend tomorrow! He'll be dancing with some hot colleagues & I'll be rolling on the bed because of anxiety! Uhh! Your bhaiya is cruel Vidhi bhabhi!"

"Don't lose heart Aarti bhabhi!" , Paridhi said tenderly.

"Yes Aarti! Don't you know our prankster Yash bhaiya? Im sure he has a plan !"

"I don't know bhabhi! He is too much into this meeting. We haven't even talked properly since a week." , Aarti said with a long voice. Vidhi & Paridhi patted her back then left dejected Aarti alone.


"Ok Aarti Ji ! Im leaving for the meeting." , Yash said mindlessly.

"What! Wait! You're leaving? So early?"

"Early? Are you alright Aarti ji? Its 9!"

"I know--but--" , Aarti wanted to wish him but her ego was coming between. 'Why should I wish him when he doesn't even care. He wasted whole day! Three hours won't make any difference!' , she thought.

'Alright Yash ji . You may leave." , she said with a straight face.

"Ok. Oh by the way I forgot to tell you. After the meeting Mr. Bakshi is holding a party & only couples entries are allowed."

"Im not coming."

"Ya I thought so. You're busy , you look tired too! Im sure there'll be many bachelorettes. I'll get a cool company tonight!" , Yash winked.

"I'll get ready in 5 minutes!" , Aarti rushed to her wardrobe.


"Nice hotel Yash ji! How long will your meeting take?"

"I can't say Aarti ji."

"Its alright I'll wait at the reception ." , Aart smiled as Yash left for the meeting.

Aarti was still reading her first magazine when Yash appeared before her. He was looking very well pleased. 

"Meeting over already?" , stunned Aarti asked.

Yash nodded at a leisurely pace.

"So! Will head to party now?"

A beam of contentment fell on his face & he held his hand before her. Aarti clasped his hand & managed her hairs & sari . Her dejection refrained her to see Yash's gaiety & she kept walking holding his hand with her head bowed down. Out of the blue , Yash stopped outside a room & swiftly took Aarti inside and shut her eyes tightly with a drape.

Aarti shouted in annoyance , "What is this Yash ji!"

Yash whispered in her ears , "L-O-V-E" and made her move some steps. Yash clutched Aarti's shivering hand and made her lie on a squashy couch & lied near her.

"Open my eyes." , she said softly in a frail voice as he trailed his finger on her neck & his fingers reached the knot. She slowly slowly opened her eyes , her eyes locating the surprise , the roses , wine , hearts---but there was nothing. They were just lying on a large pliant couch in a plain room . Yash realized Aarti ain't happy yet.

"Are you waiting for me to say *Happy Valentines Day* ?"

"Scrooge" , she teased him.

Yash laughed & walked towards the gallery , Aarti followed.

"I didn't know we'll have such dry valentines" , she sighed as she leaned over the grill , they were standing on the 40th floor , "Uff height scares me!"

Yash looked into her eyes & smiled innocently. His smile sent chills down her spine. "Look there Aarti ji" , he pointed to the sky. The sky looked like a sparkling sea inscribed with gazillion stars . The fuzzy clouds were embellishing the sky & the divine moon light was further beautifying the scene. The hotel was located near a small man-made water fall & the sound of water was giving the background score.

"Oh my god!" , stunned Aarti cried out , "This is so beautiful"

"Aarti ji! I thought & thought..I just couldn't understand what special shall I do for you  . There is nothing as aesthetic as my celestial beauty."

He made her stand at the corner where the moon light was directly falling on her 'This is perfect' , he whispered & bent on his knees , "Will You Be My Valentines?"

Tears of happiness started flowing from her eyes & she nodded vigorously. Yash got up & hugged her.

"My every complaint , every displeasure has vanished. You have made up for the the day , and so beautifully. I don't know what pleasure was I trying to locate in flowers , balloons , gifts! You'e made them look so small & futile in front of this! This is unsurpassed beauty."

"But its not as beautiful as my wife." , he whispered , still holding her tight in his embrace.

Aarti giggled & asked , "Dance?"

"Without music?"

"Dance to my heartbeats" , Aarti winked while Yash started tickling her. Her giggle turned into a loud heartfelt laughter , "Yash Ji" , Aarti said trying hard to control her laughter , "Yash ji please stop Yash ji."

"At one condition!" , he smirked.

"And that is?"

Yash made a pout & closed his eyes. Aarti stepped forward .

Curtains Fell. 

Entry # 2

"And then?"

"And then love & faith trumped the curse , Dushyant & Shakuntala got united." , Yash narrated as Aarti lied on his laps listening to the story. "Aarti ji , now slowly slowly close your eyes & dream about us'" 

Aarti forcibly shut her eye lids only to open them again , "Why did they got separated on the first hand Yash ji? Was there love weak?"

"Love is never weak Aarti ji. Sometimes its get dominated by fate. But true love stand strong through thick & thin." , Yash said as he caressed her hairs.


"Shh!" , Yash placed his finger on her lips. "Aarti ji. You don't have any exam on love. No need to get into the details. Its already 3'please sleep Aarti ji."

"One more story Yash ji." , Aarti pleaded.

"Oh god ! Aarti ji you have really become so stubborn. Why don't you sleep & let me sleep."

Aarti got up from his laps making a pout & pretended to sleep on the other side of the bed. Yash smiled & dugged his chin on her shoulder. 

"Aarti ji." , Yash whispered , "We need to sleep early tonight." Aarti raised her eyebrows , Yash continued , "So that we can keep awake tomorrow , whole night." , Yash winked.

"Tomorrow?" , curious Aarti asked , "Whats tomorrow?"

"Our very first valentine." , Yash said as he pecked her forehead and engulfed her in his embrace.

The night passed before one could snore. Aarti woke up with a pleasant surprise. The whole room was adorned by rose petals. Yash grabbed Aarti's waist to moisten her with a peck when he heard someone knocking. Both sighed & headed to the door , It was Maya.

"Yash Beta! Are you ready?" , Maya shrieked. 

"Ready for?"

"Ohh you forgot? You have to go to DholakPur for Minister Sahab's daughter's wedding?"

"Ohh I forgot. I'd like to take Aarti ji along."

"What? Oh You can't! The trek isn't smooth enough for her. Be quick , the car is ready." , and she left with a smirk on her face.

Yash lamented in anger & tugged his hairs , Aarti immediately pulled his hand to her & said, "What is this Yash ji? Don't be upset? Why do we need a special day to celebrate love? When we are together , everyday is a festival." , Aarti smiled but didn't get reciprocated , Yash left home with a long face.

The day was long drawn out & Yash was more than upset. The marriage had got over but it was 10:30 & he was very far from his house. He stared his watch & started ranting ," I have to reach! I have to reach there at any cost! For Aarti ji , and for us!"

He sat in his car & escalated his car with the jumbo speed. Seemed like whole town was getting married , the unmoving traffic was unbearable. He heard a loud horn of a running train from the near platforms , the train moved swiftly but he could read that Bhopal was one its destination. He swiftly got out & started running madly behind the train.The speed of the train was extremely high , so was his will. He kept running & finally caught the handle of the last coach & the train dragged him mercilessly for few seconds but the speed declined & finally it stopped at a village , Mangalpur which was the mid point of Bhopal & DholakPur. He was exhausted & his right foot was mangled but this didn't hinder fervent determination and he got up to chase his destination again. He was trying but his hurt foot wasn't allowing him to  race , he was walking briskly on base of his left foot. After a few minutes he reached near a beautiful garden filled with red roses , he paused there , sighed , "How I wish Aarti ji was here." 

"Yash ji?"

Yash couldn't believe his ears . He turned around for a shocking but an extremely pleasant surprise. Aarti was standing near a punctured car in a beautiful white sari , a gift he had placed in her wardrobe for this special day.

"This is too wonderful to be true" , he whispered 'What a beautiful dream."

She moved toward him & run her fingers slowly on his face then stepped back & burst in laughter. Yash was too stunned to say anything. He cupped her face & saw the pearls of tears in her eyes. Aarti hugged him , very tightly & he hugged her back with equal passion.

"When I stepped out of house , I was not thinking anything. I just had the strong belief on your belief. Your sad face was coming in my mind again & again Yash Ji. I did lose some strength when the car punctured but I don't know why , but I knew we'd meet."

"I can't thank lord enough for granting me you Aarti ji. Your love kept me going. Thank you for filling my life with so much of love & happiness. I love you Aarti ji." , He said as he embraced her again. 

"I love you more than my life." , she soughed.

And , it began raining.

"Wow ! This can't get more beautiful! " , Aarti said cheerfully.

Yash clasped her hand & took her inside the garden. It was absolutely secluded & was brightened up by street lights . Aarti's eyes fell on a swing & she ran to sit on it , Yash joined in. His eyes fell on his watch , he said , "Aarti ji its 11:55. Only five minutes left! Hurry up!"

"For?" , she asked curiously.

He cupped her face & pulled her to him , "Valentine day doesn't get complete without valentine kiss."

Aarti blushed as Aarti tucked her hairs behind her ears to clear the obstructions. As soon as their faces brushed , the street light went off making the garden absolutely dark.

"You don't need light for it " , Aarti whispered , "Shut eyes are more preferred in the art of kissing!" , she chuckled.

Merry Yash pecked her forehead in delight then headed for the big valentine kiss.

The End

Entry # 3
Confession Under The Moonlight

Aarti Dubey entered in Hotel which was decorated beautifully b/c Pankaj Scindya organized party in honour of his brother Yash Scindya winning the Businessman of the Year award.Her eyes were searching for one person atlast her search ended when she saw him chatting with his best friend Akash khanna.She went towards him.

Aarti(Gave him a pack of dairy milk chocolates):Hi Yash! Congratulations.

Yash:Hi Aarti ! awww Dairy milk Thank you soo much u knw na how much I love them.

Aarti: Yeah I knw how much crazy u r abt these chocolates that's why I brought them instead of bouq...

Yash(Looked at someone):Aarti I have to go.I will meet u again.

Aarti saw him going towards Arpita.Arpita was Yash's friend from Business school.Akash started to chat with Aarti while she kept glancing at yash and arpita.Akash,Yash and Aarti used to be classfellows.Aarti and Yash were childhood friends and neighbours too.Akash saw his friend Ishita and he excused to Aarti and went towards her.Suddenly light became dime and song tonight I'm loving u started to play.

Everyone started to dance.Aarti was looking around for Yash but could not search him when someone tapped on her shoulder.She turned around to find Prashant standing there.

Prashant: Hi Aarti!

Aarti(Smiled slightly): Hi Prashant!

Aarti met with Prashant during one of yash's business parties.

Prashant (Extended his hand): Hmmm lets dance!

Aarti(Hesitated): Prashant I'm sorry I'm not feeling'. Well.

Prashant (Looked around): Why don't we go outside for a while?U will feel good outside.

Aarti(Last time looked around for Yash): hmm I guess u r right.Lets go outside.

They walked out of the hall.Prashant led her towards the garden.Garden was little far as noise of music was not coming here.They both sat on the bench.

Prashant: Aarti I want to talk to u something important.

Aarti looked at him.

Prashant: Aarti I really'.like u.My parents want me to settle in England.They want me to get married before going'..So I was thinking to propose u..What do u think abt me?

Aarti(Hesitatedly): U r very nice Prashant but i'.have not thought abt marriage yet.I'm really sorry.

Prashant: Its ok.But can u do me a favour?

Aarti(Looked at him): What?


In the hall,Yash was smiling looking at arpita and aman.They were looking so cute together.Yash was happy that he has somehow helped them to get together.He remembered abt Aarti.

Yash(Worried): I could not give time to Aarti b/c of my mission for lovers.She hardly knw people here.

He searched for her and then he saw akash.

Yash: Akash! Have u seen Aarti?She was with u na?

Akash: Yeah she was with me but then ishita came so I went to her but I have seen Aarti going out of hall with Prashant.

Yash(Confused): She left before meeting me.She must be angry with me for not giving her time.

Akash: I think so they just went for walking or else I'm sure that Aarti must have met u before leaving no matter how angry she was.

Yash(Smiled): U r right!

Yash came out of hall.Party was going on full swing but yash had a feeling that something was wrong.He went towards garden side.He saw a glimpse of aarti's dupatta.He smiled and went towards it.He saw her sitting with Prashant.He saw prashant trying to kiss Aarti.He clutched his fingers with anger.

Aarti(Controlling herself): Leave me alone Prashant!

Prashant(Gripped her waist):I'm just asking for goodbye kiss.Can't u give this to me.

Yash(Angrily): She said leave her alone.

Prashant looked at yash.

Prashant(With stern expression): This is none of ur business.So stay away.

Yash punched him on his face. Aarti lost her balance.She was abt to fall when yash gripped her.

Yash(Concernly): R u alright Aarti?

Aarti nodded.Prashant got up and cleaned the blood which was coming out of his nose.

Prashant (In rage):What the hell ! How dare u hit me that too for this ugly and filthy B..

Yash punched him few more times.Aarti stopped him.

Aarti: Stop it yash!

Yash saw her trembling.He looked at Prashant angrily.

Yash: I'm leaving u just b/c of her.U better run away before I lose my temper once again.

Prashant looked at Aarti.Yash came a step ahead.Prashant went away.Yash looked at Aarti.He knew that she was controlling her tears.He came to her and hugged her.She started to cry while trembling.

Yash(Consoling her): Don't be afraid I'm here for u.

He wiped her tears by his thumb.He took her to the bench.They sat there.There was just silence between them.After sometime,Yash started to talk.

Yash (Looking down): I'm sorry Aarti.I could not give u time b/c of arpita and aman.

Aarti(Confusingly):Arpita and aman?

Yash: Yeah they both really love each other but could not say to each other.So I played cupid between them.

Aarti: I thought u were interested in arpita.

Yash: What? No she is just friend and also u knw na she is not my type.

Aarti (Looked at him): What exactly is ur type of girl?

Yash(Looked at her while his eyes were sparkling):Hmmm actually aarti..I wanted to say it to u on a special day for me but I guess today is the right time'. (He bend on his knees infront of her)  I really.. love u aarti for a long time but I wanted to achieve something before saying it'.R u willing to spent whole life with me?

Aarti nodded her head while controlling her tears.Yash gleefully picked her up and twirled her.He put her down.

Yash(Embarrassed):I'm sorry I don't have the ring with me.

Aarti(Smiled): Its ok.

Yash gripped her hand and led her towards hall.They could hear the music from the distance.

Yash: Lets dance Aarti.

Aarti (Looked around): Here?

Yash(Extended his hand): Yes here b/c no one will disturb us here and also we can hear music too.

Aarti put her hand in yash's hand.They started to dance on the music. 

Yash: I wanted to confess to u properly by arranging special dinner but I guess this unplanned confession was not bad.That too with a full moon shining on our heads.

Aarti: From our childhood days I never thought of any boy except u.I really love u yash'.hmmm and abt planning,I think so today is the perfect day.Since today is valentine's day.

Yash(Surprised): Valentine's day?

Aarti: Yes b/c the clock has strike 12 and after 12 new day starts so today is 14th feb.

Yash(Blushed with embarrassment):Sorry I forgot that yesterday was 13th feb anyways Happy valentine's day Aarti.

Aarti: Happy valentine's day!

Yash:Hmmm waise I have heard that its tradition that u should give a kiss to ur lover on valentine's day.

Aarti (laughed): Ok close ur eyes.

Both of them come closer.Yash gripped her waist and kissed her''.

Entry # 4
Signum Amoris
Calm breeze was flowing in night of resting hearts! Their room seemed so quiet tonight! Open window was letting long white curtain to dance with breeze strokes! Yash had her hand in hand while sleeping! Aarti was in her deepsleep world! After the storm of events, they finally had a morning to wait for some serenity!

Aarti's face had drops of sweatin this cool weather! And she chocked! Her eyes were wide open and feared! She woke up! Her hand was on her "Mangalsutra" and her hand clutched Yash's hand more tightly! She looked at Yash and she found some tranquil! He was there sleeping in his deep sleep with a little smile on his lips! Aarti's feared face turned all tender while looking at his angelic face! Her Yash was safe and she just had this bad dream where he was going far away from her! She cleansed sweat from her face and saw him holding her hand in sleep!

Aarti leaned towards him and whispered "Yash ji! You won't let me face even a nightmare alone! You can pull me out of every trouble, fear and pain!" Won't you?! Aarti's forearm was on his coffer and eyes were on his seraphic face! His perfect lips which always gives her hopes of sunrise, his eyes which always give her oceans of serenity! Aarti brushed his hairs with her long beautiful fingers and then rested her head on his chest! Calm breeze was getting wilder! Curtains were touching the ceiling! She looked at the window and got up for closing it!

Faster wind strokes were caressing her soul, flesh and senses! Her pink night saari was adhering to her skin! She was happy! She turned around and looked at him! His face was still facing the side of bed she sleeps!

Clock was indicting 1:30 in morning and Aarti's eyes were far away from sleep! She had a lot to recall! Her diary was calling her! She took it from her cupboard! Study table was awaiting her! Table lamp was now torrid with that dim light which was strong enough to follow the floor till their bed! She started writing:

Yash ji! My Yash ji!

(Her face had that color of blush and joy of eon!)

I still wonder that how you are destined to be in my life. I thought I knew what love is! But no! Before you came in my life, I didn't know the meaning of love! Now I realize it! On every step the way you lead me, the way you accompanied my lone journey, the way you seized all  my pain and sorrows, the way you remitted all my mistakes, the way you took away all the burdens of mine, the way you preserved our marriage, is beyond every limit of love! This is our undying love!

A lot happened in past few months! You got to know about my most dark secret and lie! You in your most hurt state stood as knight in shining armor for me! And again you redefined the definition of love! You love me! Those were most precious words for me! For our love and for our kids, we both sailed through stormy sea of distress! And you always took the first stroke of harsh waves on you to protect me and our kids!

Your unconditional love to my parents and forgiveness to Bauji for his darkest sin! I never felt standing alone in any crucial moment! You were always there to strengthen my beliefs and values!

I can't thank you enough for being in my life because our love is beyond these words! I shall not thank you! But I have a lot to endow you! I have a lot to say!

Aarti looked at table calendar and it was 14th of February! Their first Valentine! Her face was shining with happiness! She turned off the table lamp and closed the window! It was their first Valentine! Aarti couldn't miss this golden chance to make Yash feel that how special he is! Aarti had a lot to tell him that what he means to her! Confessions were there to make!

She returned back to her cozy bed! She put her head near his chest on bed and embraced him in her arms! This tight clutch made Yash little awake! He felt her touch and heat complimenting his skin! Yash smiled and grabbed her more tightly! Yash pulled the Blanket on them to make sure she is warm! Aarti like a naive kid kept pretending that she is asleep! Yash's brims were on her forehead touching it gently! Aarti was well squeezed in his muscular arms! Her heart beats were drumming fast! She never was that close to him! His heat and blaze was entering each pore of her skin! She smiled with her eyes closed on the fact that how every time she is the one left astonished and numb!

Yash too was relishing her proximity! They never found that time to let their love explore! That tickle in stomach was there like any newly wedded couple has! Their wedding is almost one year old but in real sense they have just started living the love!

Morning knocked the sky with sunshine! Aarti was awake with first sun-ray in their room! Feeling proximity of their love with open eyes was too much for her to take at this moment! She with her fingers collected her sprinkled hairs from his cheek! She got up with a small Valentine plan where she has a lot to do before he woke up! She got ready in her fuchsia color golden border saari! Matching bangles and vermilion on, she was perfectly ready for a wonderful morning! While making bed tea for Yash, her eyes adored her glowing self in each utensil. Her wet hairs were tickling her back! And tea was ready! She put that red rose in tray and treaded towards their room! Eyes were trying to mask her jumping joy from everyone who could encounter her! Now she had that big thing to do "wake him up"! It wasn't the hard task but wishing him "happy valentine's day" was! They never were eloquent in their relationship!

Aarti tinkled her bangles near his ear. Yash moved a little but didn't wake up! She with that blow in his ear said "Yash ji!" and this time Yash with his electrifying speed got up! What happened Aarti ji? Yash asked! Aarti smiled and said "nothing Yash ji!" "Everything is fine"! Yash sighed! I thought someone puffed in my ear! Aarti ended up laughing! Yash had the clue of her mischief now! Her eyes were lowered now with shyness! She offered him tea and hided that rose in her saari! Her breaths were upbeat down! Wishing him "Happy Valentine day" was indeed tough for her!

Aarti got up and said "Yashji! I need to wake up the kids!" She turned to leave but felt like she has floundered her saari somewhere! She turned around to see and saw Yash holding her Saari's edge! Aarti's already nervous heart was now drumming the rock- beat! Yash pulled it fiercely ending Aarti in his arms and was about to say "Aarti ji! Happy'''.! Rose in her hand was squeezed! And thorn wounded her fingers! She whimpered out of pain! Yash loosened the grip and said "what happened? Did I hurt you Aarti ji?" Aarti got up quickly and said "no! Yash ji! I think it was just my bangles! She left the room with excuse of waking up kids!

She was nettled with herself! How she couldn't wish him! How she didn't let him wish! How she ran out of room with excuse! She band aided her wound and sat quietly with pouting face in kids' room!

Their Valentine day had reached the evening! Yash was home! He had posy of red roses in his hand and was searching for Aarti in entire house! She wasn't anywhere! She didn't attend his calls entire day! Yash was worried now! He checked Kids' room! They were playing there! Palak asked "are you searching for Mamma?" Yash said "yes! Palak! Ansh said "take the stairs and reach the terrace Papa! Mamma is there!

Yash was surprised what Aarti ji is doing on terrace in this hour of day! He opened the terrace door and could see nothing but darkness! He called Aarti's name! And lights went on! A beautiful table for two and lanterns hanging on edges of terrace! Music was playing on! Yash was astonished! Roses were spreading fragrance with wind strokes! Small lanterns on floor were like small aerostats moving here and there! Beauty was at peak but Yash's eyes were finding for ultimate serenity! Aarti in red saari with her pallu well settled on shoulder and her hairs blowing in air walked from behind! She hugged him from behind and said "Happy Valentine day Yash ji!" Her voice had that warmth which brought smile on Yash's face! He turned and said "so this was the reason you weren't talking to me since morning!" Happy valentine day Aarti ji! He kissed her temple! Yash opened his mouth to utter more but she put her palm on his lips! Shhh!! Today you won't clean bold me with your druggy talks! I will do the talking tonight! He teased her "only talking"! She blushed but answered "you never know!" He held his hand and took him to table!

She turned towards a table full of roses! His eyes were on his beautiful wife! Aarti's hairs were getting wild in this wild breeze! She held them and settled on her right shoulder! Yash could see beautiful nape of Aarti from where a "dori" was hanging touching her spine! Yash could feel that rush in his breath! He reached her and held her scapula bones firmly leaving her anxious! Yash gently bestowed a kiss on her nape! Aarti turned around and looked at him nervously! Yash adjusted her wild hairs behind her ear! His eyes had that desire and craving! Yash slowly brushed her lips with his fingers and left them shivering! His slow bent towards Aarti could tell her address of his destination! She put a rose on his lips! Yash's eyes were wide open! Aarti said "here is my first rose for you"! For always standing beside me and for being my life support system!! Yash took it and said "Aarti ji! Rose day is over! Today is Valentine day! The day of love! He grabbed her in arms tightly! I know Yash ji! She answered! Yash placed that rose behind his ear! Aarti was smiling on this romantic husband of hers! She took another rose and said "This rose is a token of apology for that every time I hurt you"! Her voice had a strong depth! Yash kissed that rose and kept it in his pocket near his heart! Aarti put her finger on his lips and said "don't you dare trying to speak! She said in strong words!

Yash's hands were now wrapped around her waist! Those dancing fingers can plead on his behalf! Aarti again offered a rose and said "this rose is for our eternal love which sailed through every storm." Yash took it and placed behind her ear indicating how this crown belongs to her! She hugged him tight! Aarti's hot breaths were touching his collar bone! Aarti put her weight on her toes and reached his height! Yash's arms were there to support her! Their brims were few inches away from each other! "Enough of my talking Yash ji!" She said with that naughty smile! Yash grasped her tight in arms and their brims met for exploring the unexplored oceans of love!

Their first valentine brought key to the portal of desires for them! They had a long night for bestowing love and life on each other.

Entry # 5
Wish Fulfilled
 "What the hell Yash! You sent someone here just to pick me up? How stupid!"

"Whats stupid in that Aarti? I was just tired of your false promises. You have been fooling me since five years. I had informed you that I want you with me this valentines."

"I was just waiting for you to respond to my marriage proposal Yash." 

Yash didn't reply back. 

Aarti continued , "Anyways! Who is this silly girl who agreed to travel seven oceans far just to pick me up? Ohh I feel like a school kid."

"She is Arpita , " Yash said in a tenuous voice .

"Arpita. Oh! You never told me about her before Yash! Who is she?" , Aarti's possessive nature was influencing her. Furthermore , though Yash & Aarti were daily in touch by virtue of phone  & would share every little thing , Yash had never ever talked about Arpita. " Answer me Yash why are you quiet!"

"Did you give me a chance to answer?" , Yash chortled a fake laugh , "Arpita is--she is a friend. Now no more discussion! I just can't wait to see you here! Come soon--" , he paused as he soon as he feared he'd start crying.

"I'll be there soon Yash." , and she kept the phone.

Aarti glided to the guest room where Arpita was resting , following a tiresome flight and preparing for the another one . Aarti wailed sarcastically , "Wake up big lady! I suppose you have to caretake me through my flight." 

Arpita kept mum. Yash had told her that Aarti would be hostile as the consequence of the dilemma surrounding Arpita. And as expected , Aarti didn't take this kindly that her childhood sweetheart has got such a close faithful friend .

Throughout the journey Aarti kept pondering about it . They have been seeing in each other since a decade , even Aarti's job in America didn't obstruct their relationship . They had not seen each other in last five years , Yash always requested her to make a small trip but his plea turned into a zealous one since a few months. And finally he sent someone , a stranger to pick her up.  

They finally landed in India , Bhopal--Yash & Aarti's land. There he was , waiting for his lady love. Yash-Aarti , both looked at each other . Aarti couldn't believe her eyes. Yash wasn't the same bawdy greek god who'd send chills down any girls' spine just by a mere glance. He had miserably changed. He had lost many strands of his hairs , skin had gone pale & his face reflected his illness. Aarti didn't want to upset him , all she said was , "Missed you" with a warm hug. Yash embraced her tightly and they headed to the home , Arpita followed.

They reached home & Aarti saw Arpita too getting out of the car with her bag and entering the house. She wasn't liking this surreptitious scenario. She asked Yash bluntly in front of Arpita , "Does she live with her?"

Yash didn't reply back but kept taking out the luggages .

"Anybody cares to answer?" , annoyed Aarti asked again. 

Seeing Yash unable to make a response , Arpita barged in , "Aarti! I live here as a tenant. I actually..I actually work for discovery , making a documentary on this city. I---have been---living here since few months---in that room" , she pointed at the guest room , "I'll be leaving soon."

Aarti nodded though she wasn't satisfied while Yash didn't react to Arpita's lie. Arpita moved to her room & Yash took Aarti to his. 

Aarti showered him with moist kisses all over his face , "We finally met."

"Its all because of ME" 

"Yeah Yeah Yash! "

"Im so happy Aarti. I really wanted to celebrate this valentines day with you!"

"So! Big plans for tomorrow?"

Yash kissed her & said , "Yes!"


"Dinner was fabulous Yash." , Aarti said.

"Yes Yash it was fantastic." , Arpita followed.

Yash smiled & said , "Anyone for ice-cream?"

"Ohh yes!" , Aarti cried , "Strawberryy----"

"Alright! I'll be back in five minutes ." , Yash said & left for the ice cream parlor.

Both Aarti & Arpita were sitting opposite to each other on the dining table & there was a chilling silence . 

"So , you were telling me that you have been living here for months." , Aarti asked dryly.  

Arpita nodded.

Aarti asked again , "Then you must have been present at the New Year eve that happened here in the lawn."

"Oh yes!" , Arpita nodded mindlessly.

"The New Year eve that didn't even happen. Yash was in Goa that time ma'am." , Aarti said sarcastically. 

"Look Aarti. I know you have some huge problem with me but please for the sake of Yash , keep calm. He yearns to have a peaceful valentines day with you tomorrow."

"You don't have to preach me. Just tell me who you are! Why are you living with my Yash? Why did you blindly obey him & came to America to pick me up ? "Aarti's voice kept escalating & she was on the verge to hurt Arpita."  WHY! Why are you so bothered about him!" 

Arpita couldn't handle it longer & she spit out , "Im here only to fulfill his last wish god damnit!"

Arpita's haunted words pierced her heart , she couldn't believe what she just heard. She sat on her chair , stroking her hairs , sweating profoundly. Arpita stood beside her & patted her back. "Im his cousin not a tenant . We all are aware that you have been dating each other since your college days. Yash wanted to pass away silently , had no courage to divulge this news to you."

Aarti hugged Arpita firmly , choked up with the news she had no courage to utter a word.

Arpita continued , "Make this valentines day his best day ever Aarti." Arpita joined her hands before her.

Aarti wiped her tears & nodded , "Tomorrow will be our best day ever!" , she whispered.


"Music-Check , Dinner-Check , Whine- Check , Valentines Kiss , "Aarti blushed as she said , --Check!" , Whats left?

Yash bent on his knees & rose his hand before her , "Dance--Left! May I?"

Aarti vigorously nodded as she clasped his hand.

"Thank you Aarti! This is my best day ever. You have given a meaning to my life. I can now peacefully---" 

Aarti placed her hand on his lips befre he could finish his sentence & dug her head in his chest. 

She looked into his eyes & asked innocently , "Would you marry me Yash?"

"Yes!" , tears of merriment flowed from his eyes.

"You may now kiss the bride."


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Entry # 6

it was raining outside...the sound of thunder waked aarthi from her deep thoughts 

why is he not here yet??..she thought

he said he will be here in 15 mins..but now its almost an hour.what is taking him so long??

new new thoughts came up as she hugged her pillow for comfort..

hi sweet heart!! are u waiting from me??..came a voice from the entrance of the room..

aarthi looked at him in anger..after all he is so perfect in everything which also includes punctuality..what happend to him now??

no i think i was waiting for a jerk named yash scindhiya..she mocked angrily...

aww..sweet heart sorry i was in this meeting and one of my colleague dint leave me at all...yash said apologizing

if he dint leave u ..then why dint u leave him..she said annoyingly..

im sorry..

im sorry too yash..she said angrily

sorry for what??..yash asked confused 

im sorry but ur apology is rejected..here take ur pillow and quilt and sleep in sofa...

what?? are u kidding me??...he was surprised by aarthi's anger...he never saw him this much angry before..

pati devji..she said seriously..dont u dare talk anymore..im katti with u...

yash controlled his laughter..he understood the fake anger of aarthi after she said she was katti.. 

 fine..if u r katti with me then im katii with u too..yash said with fake anger...

heloo excuse me?? u can put  katti with me after u fulfill ur promise..

yeah since u r katti with me im not fulfilling any  promises...if u want to go to theater with me then u must obey my condition..

what condition??

umm..hug me..no no..kiss me ..no no do both...

what?? u want me to hug and kiss u even when iam angry with u??

if u want to go for movie u have to do it..

well better this be the last condition...she moved towards him and hugged him and kissed him in his cheek..

deal done..now lets go.. 


yash was driving ..it was raining lightly...

yash where are u taking me???...the theater is this way..aarthi said confused

sweety..im thinking of taking the short route..

the answer satisfied her..she turned on the radio..she was surpised.

hello INDIA!!! a familiar voice screamed...

huh??!!..im not dreaming am i yashji??

the voice matches exactly paridhi's

i can see people being suprised to hear me ...but it is true..ur RJ pari is back  

RJ pari??!!

yash saw aarthi who is in suprise...

aarthi..i guess paridhi is back in job...

its a good news yash...i cant wait to see pari..

no worries u will see her soon..yash said in a playful voice... 

so im going to dedicate this song for my pyari yash bhaiyaa and aarthi bhabi... 

pari is so sweet yash...

suddenly aarthi saw yash..taking her somewhere else..

huh..where are u taking me??? we have come outside the city...screamed aarthi.

hahaha...im going to kidnap u ms.aarthi yash scindhiya...he said laughing 

ha ha ha..very funny..husband kidnapping wife?? what type of plan is it?? mr.yash??

u will see..ms.aarthi just be patient..

they arrived in some  haunted looking palace...he got out from the car and opened the door for her

ok shall we proceed..mylady..said yash romantically..

the place was looking all dark and ghostly... aarthi was afraid..she started shivering..

y..y..yashji..u have not taken me to fearflies studio na??

sweety are u scared??? 

no not at all..im all happy and good and..just tell me why have u taken me here??aarthi shouted not able to bear yash's playfulness

cool down sweetheart...just calm down and hold my hands if u r afraid..yash said making an evil grin 

yash u have broken ur promise..how dare u take me somewhere all ghostly.. 

so u want refund of my condition??..im ready to give it..

mr.yash scindhiya..i want to go back...take me now.and i mean now..right now 

suddenly there was a scream.. 

aaahhh..aarthi screamed back hugging yash 

im so disappointed yash bhayia do we look like ghost?? said pari.. 

suddenly lights were on.. 

suprise!!!...said pratiek. 

pratiek bhaya..paridhi??..u guys are here??..arthi said suprised 

it is all yash bhayyia's plan..he is the mastermind for all this.. 

wow yash..it beautiful...who did it?? 

my girlfriend.. 


seriously aarthi..doesnt this decorations say u yash scindhiya did it..

we helped him too..pratiek said.. 

great job guys!!..pari how are u here when i just heard u in the radio.. 

its recorded bhabi..and it is a long story..will tell u afterwards.. 

ok ok..so where are u taking me?? 

aarthi realized she is in some type of ball room.. 

wow!!..yash u are really good at suprises 

can i have this dance  my lovely lady..said yash 

sure my man..laughed aarthi.. 

pratiek can we dance too?? 

sure my love why not.. 

they dance together ..for so long untill bunch of flowers fell on them.. 

wow yash..i never thought u would plan this much...

happy valentines day my love...he whispered softly .. 

okay this was not part of our plan...

u are my valentine pari..suprising u is my duty darling..now lets all dance 

aww..yash scindhiya..thanks..it more entertaining than movie theater.. 

he hugged her and kissed her in her cheeks... 

watch it mr..


ur beard is itching me..aarthi said as she broke into laughter..

pratiek u are the best...i love u i love u i looove u so much 

aww..pari..u r so cute

and they lived happily ever after...so everyone tell me how is the story??? 

superb pratiek bhayyia..it is so romantic ...said vidhi dreamly

aww..pratiek bhayyia..u just rock with the story.. 

yeah i wish it would happen for real... 

everybody laughed ... 


Entry # 7
Love In A Silence
February 13

The morning started so bad. Aarti was whining at Yash for them not to work today but he was impassive saying they have so many clients to attend today as tomorrow is Valentine's Day. That's it! That's the reason why i want to take this day of! Aarti wanted to shout. I wanted to prepare something especial for us tomorrow, but she lost it. On the other hand, she understand Yash's dilemma. The kids are needing so many things at school and they were also preparing for the one on the way that every client counts. It was a blessing that most old clients looked directly for Yash though they have no idea that he was cut off from the Scindhia All-occassion Planners business. Even recommended clients specifically ask for him leaving no choice for SP but to give those calls to Yash. 

Yash was only too happy to do it as SP has seriously put them in a very tough situation. They haven't been accepted yet by SP and continues to rue them while being at the room upstairs. The children have handled the indifference so well. To them, the whole thing seemed normal and they never said a word everytime they greet the people below and it went unreturned. In the terrace upstairs, the world belongs to them. Feeling the baby movement in her belly, Aarti stopped for a while from the presentation she was completing. Putting a hand to her stomach, a tear fell onto her fingers. Maybe Yash do not find me sexy, lovable and romantic with my growing belly, she thought. Of course not, the angel advocate within her argued, he still loves you and you know that. See how he tries to talk to the baby everytime he comes home even when he himself is tired and very late after supervising an occassion. And every morning, the first thing he does is plant a kiss on your belly. She tried to assure herself of all the awry thoughts creeping in. 

With a sigh, Aarti went back to finishing the 2nd to the last of the presentation and sent it to Yash who is currently meeting with a client detailing another preparation for an upcoming wedding. It was nearly time for the kids to be dropped by the school bus. She got up and readied some after school snack for them.

"you're my pumpkin pumpkin, hello hunny bunny, i'm your dumpling dumpling, hello hunny bunny...feeling something, something..hello hunny bunny, hello hunny bunny..toco, tocooo..." went the ring tone of her phone. Aarti rushed to answer it and saw it was Yash calling. 

"Hello Yashji, tell me.." 

"Aartiji, did you sent me Mr. Khan's Valentine's party presentation for tomorrow?" 

"Ji, Yashji, i just did 10 mins ago.."  

"Ok thanks, bye."with that he ended the call.

"Wait, Yashji..hello! hello!.." the line went dead. She let out a heavy sigh, she only wanted to remind him not to forget lunch with all the running and meeting that he is doing outside. Last night, he came home late and ate ravenously admitting that he forgot to have lunch during the day. Aarti is worried that he is working himself to death with all these dedication.

February 14 

The kids have gone to school and Yash left early too. He said he did not want to disappoint Mr. Asaad Khan and so he himself will see to it that only the best of all the needed materials will be delivered. Aarti nodded in goodbye, feeling a little sad. No heart's day greeting, no good morning and no baby belly kiss today. She tried pushing those unhappy thoughts but she couldn't help a tear or two from falling every minute she remembers this morning.

She desperately wanted to talk to someone but the Dubeys have gone to Indore and it's silly to call them over a little issue as this. Little issue? really? you are husband and wife, for goodness' sake, not stranger. You deserve a greeting, even if it is just a note, the devil in disguise somewhere in her thought smirked out. Oh shut up! Just look to the future, the angel advocate countered.  

Mansi was back in town with her husband for a month vacation. Call her! replied the devil in disguise. Have you no shame? She's probably planning something with her husband too. Why bother other people? the angel advocate scolded, besides you had an hour long chat with her just the other day. Mentally trying to shake her unhappiness, she set about cleaning the morning rush's mess. 

Before she was even aware, it was already afternoon. All the more that her heart felt heavy. No calls from Yash today. No surprise flower delivery. No clues fo a romantic evening. Nothing! She finally burst into tears by the terrace, looking at the beauty of the afternoon sun but not appreciating it. After a full five minutes of letting her unhappy feeling out, she remembered the children will be home from school anytime soon. She turned to go when she noticed a red car come into the driveway. It was Mansi's car. As soon as the car parked below, kids started to scramble out shouting, "mumma, mumma, mumma..". Surprised, she gave them a wave and saw Mansi's husband step out of the driver's set. She saw him reach in the backseat of the car for a white signature paper bag. He waved back and followed the kids to go inside. 

The noisy chatter of excitement and running shoes  by the children could be heard by everyone at the main floor. Gyatri, Vidhi and Pari were at the kitchen preparing for the evening meal. The Scindhia men were having tea at the saloon but the happy sight did not escape them. Buaji, doing her 4 pm prayer, suddenly stopped and rounded her eyes in disbelief by the disturbance. Under her breath, her "meri Bagwan ki kasam" was drowned by the children's footsteps racing for the stairs. Vidhi and Pari pretended they did not see the the tears trickling on Gyatri's cheek who was trying hard to wipe it with her pallu. For the first time, today, the children did not say their usual second of good afternoon before heading upstairs.

Vijay nodded his head in silent greeting when he passed the Scindhia clan. Once upstairs, Aarti ushered him to the terrace and hurriedly fixed some tea. She shooed the kids to the room but they insisted on staying, saying uncle Vijay has something important to say and they are part of it. Vijay already knew what happened  with the elders so did not ask much. 

"I'm sorry Vijay, had i known you would drop by, i would have prepared some sweets for  you." she apologized. 

"Aarti please, don't apologize. In fact, i should be the one to apologize because Mansi and i have decided to hi-jack you and the kids for a group Valentine date." he answered while sipping tea. 

"Yipeee!.." the children jumped in unison waving their arms up in the air upon hearing that they are going out too.

"But Yash might.." before she finished what she was about to say, Vijay waved her away while swallowing some hot tea. 

"Don't worry, we already asked for his permission and he agreed as he said he is too busy for anything. It's actually Mansi's idea. She wanted to inform you before i come but i decided to do it in person. Right now, i am sure she is picking out a place for us to dine."

Aarti's heart sank and her face did not hide it. 

"Mumma, we should go with aunty Mansi and uncle Vijay. Papa said it's okay." Payal was pleading. 

"Please agree to it Aarti. We would love to spend this Mumbai valentine with you and the kids." interjected Vijay. 

Aarti let out another heavy sigh, " i suppose i have no choice.." she admitted with a wan smile.

"Alright!," Vijay let out a clap," kids, you have an hour to get ready. You too Aarti,and this was picked out especially for you," he said handing a signature bag for her. "No, please don't refuse or Mansi will kill me. Now go, go, go and get ready. I'll be waiting here."  

Aarti thanked him and took the kids to their room to change.

20 minutes later, the children came out dressed in their best traditional wear, Palak and Payal had on anarkhali suits with dright kiddy colors in green and yellow with matching shawl. Ansh had his favorite purple suit. Vijay had a big smile and thought what a lucky man Yash is with his kids. Aarti came out also dressed in anarkhali suit in the softest baby blue, the blouse made of shimmering satin, trimmed in curved v-neckline and the edges of the matching shawl bordered with Belgian eggwhite lace. The pleats attempting to hide the bump but gave off a cute view side ways. She decided to forego any accessories. Vijay had a respectful admiration on his lips and a knowing look on his eyes. 

"Wow, Mummaaa...," the trio gasped in praises. 

While they were on their way to leave, Aarti noticed that there was no one on the first floor. Everyone has always avoided them, she thought unhappily.Once inside the car, she tried Yash's number to say she accepted the invitation but his mobile was unavailable. Vijay assured her that all will be well. Still she can't help wanting Yash to be with them.


It was past 6 when they arrived at a well-known high end hotel with a reputable restaurant, where diners are only accommodated after booking a day before. The place was already bustling with Valentine activities. Vijay was glad he asked a parking reservation before fetching them or it would have taken another 30 minutes to find a space. The children behaved their best and even latched on to Vijay's hand. 

"Uhmm Aart, i'm sorry to ask you but could you go to the front desk and ask the lady about a package left by Mr. Vijay Mukesh. That would be me." he winked."Don't worry with the kids, i'd rather take them with me than have you bothered by three heads." he added in a jest. 

"Sure, lucky Mansi to have a surprise gift." she added as a joke. 

"Alright, we'll go ahead to Cafe Delight." the table should be all set by now.

Already, she felt the unhappy feeling being lifted out. She had a smile on her face as she approached the receptionist for the package. The receptionist had an appreciating smile for her when she handed the package. The package turned out to be a deep blue velvet  jewelry box the usual size used for the necklace and earring set. She had an even bigger grin as she made her way to the lift to follow Vijay and the kids. She have never been inside the famous restaurant but occasionally passed it a few times. 

Once outside the premise, she saw through the glass walls the beautiful decoration. The feeling of love was definitely in the air. She heard soft music playing. The room was dim, lighted only by the many candles on holders made of glass set  on every dining tables with a single rose laying beside it.. The costumers seem to be low-bent in discussing some things while others were looking at the menu. She remained outside for a few minutes trying to figure out where Mansi, Vijay and the kids are seated. She finally spotted them across the large hall, seated near the mini-stage that was pushed to the far left. She had to cross the full length of the area to get to their table. A rather attention-seeking way to go. Ah, expect Mansi to arrange something dramatic even in a family gathering like now, she thought. 

The automatic sliding glass doors opened as she entered. Halfway through thier table, a spotlight beamed on her, momentarily blinding her and she heard the voice she had been longing to speak this morning coming through the blare of the sound system," Ladies and gentlemen...Mrs. Aarti Yash Scindhia... my wife.." and all the costumers stood up clapping, while the ladies were making their way handing her the single long stemmed roses of different colors previously lying on their respective tables. Many thanking her for the beautiful presentations and excellent team she and Yash have made with every occasion prepared. 

Aarti, at lost, felt her eyes brimmed in tears looking at Vijay and Mansi, smiling naughtily at each other. They knew it all along! As the well-wishing ladies parted, she saw Yash with his killer smile come out behind a heavy curtain, dashing in his baby blue sherwani matching her anarkhali. She could not speak or even move, only that the tears were now flowing freely running down her cheeks. The bunch of roses cradled in her right arm and the jewelry box on her left hand

The clapping of the crowd became even more thunderous when Yash came to a full stand in front of her and reach for the jewelry box. He opened it to reveal a diamond-set of earrings and necklace. He lifted the necklace carefully and went around her to put it on. Through the micpiece he spoke," i will stop loving you when this diamonds lose their shine," taking the earrings to put it on her too, he continued," and these earrings are handed to our first female great-great-great-great grandchild." 

That did it. She spunned around and embraced him hard hiding her face on the crook of his neck not bothering that the Holland roses were crushed between them. Yash hugged her closer and continued to speak."Dear clients, you have always wanted to see my wife. Again," pointing at Aarti's back who was still clinging to him sobbing," Mrs. Aarti Yash Scindhia." Planting a soft kiss to her forehead, he whispered," Happy Valentine to the breath of my heart.." and lead her for the first dance.

The piano guy'crooner chose that moment to walk to the mini-stage..

"there's a moonwind blowin',

and it feels like heaven,

and it lights your eyes tonight..

My greatest blessing is just to see you smiling,

Why, it is me who gets to feel so right.

Couldn't get much better (much better) right this moment,

This precious moments in our lives.

All the magic lights on this starry evening

Never ever will be a better night..

I can see the tremble in your eyes..

Now we share a promise and we know the meaning,

We will be happily married for the rest of our lives.

Doesn't get much better than right this moment..."


Entry # 8

    All Is Well..  


"why did you do this to me?you promised."Aarti said to herself.. 

She had read the letter Yash has mailed during his business trip.She kept reading the lines that meant the whole world to her."I can't promise you the Sun, Moon,Stars etc, may be one day i can, but today I promise you that whenever you in trouble i will be superman & whenever you need love I will turn into me & on that day we two will become one. Such words of Yash Sindhia she fell in love with.

She didn't sleep thereafter,she wandering to the past. Aarti was just 6 years old when her dad Mr Dubey got transferred to Delhi.where she met Yash, her neighbor,1 year senior. Aarti still remembers how everyone at school teased them as 'The Infamous Couple' because of their skin complexions  as Aarti blackish & Yash whitish & how Yash hate to hear it.so Aarti asked him "why do you visit me if you hate it" "i can't help it" he replied "we are neighbors"..at the time of SSC exam Yash got malaria & could not attend exam so failed for SSC.. then he has to study with Aarti for next exam..

Soon completed school Aarti went for medicine nearby Yash's engineering college... their colleges were far from city so their parents suggested to live to nearby colleges..so both had two separate rooms in a apartment 

As the college years passed by their naive thinking slowly replaced by love but resist to tell eachother..Aarti thought that first boys should propose & even told to the friends & Yash..but Yash thought ' why boys? ladies first' & their argument never ended.    

Both were enjoying college days & one day Yash received news that his parents met an accident & were no more. so Yash became orphan. He would have gone into depression if Aarti had not taken care.She used to tell him be strong & this incident drew them more close.

One day Yash graduated with distinction & also got decent job far from city, he preferred to live in same place close to Aarti... Both used to party with friends every saturday till late night. & every Sunday Aarti used to prepare lunch for both as his day started from afternoon..

One Sunday she went to call him for luch he was not in the room..but found one note "I will  be back after couple of hours" Aarti was thinking"Where chould have gone so early?" 

Couple of hours Aarti's doorbell rang.She went to open it & to her amazement Yash with bouquet full of roses in his hand & asked "are you going to make me stand here or calling me in" recovered from shocked she asked "why  suddenly?" he replied "Just take a look at calender.Today 14th Feb a Valentine Day" ..

For Aarti 14th Feb was just another day of the month nothing special..though she was always expecting from Yash. So she delighted to see the roses bouquet, she forgot Yash's presence.

"Ahem" said Yash.."Oh! I am sorry..but thanks for beautiful roses" Aart smiled."but  suddenly?"

"You see I am going for business tour for 6 months tomorrow" Yash said" So I said myself'six months i will not able to see you' & coincidently today 14th Feb.Valentine day so I rush to bring these beautiful roses for you & wanted to see happy look on your face which i would remember for six months" saying this he went close to her took her hand in his, kneeled on one leg..looked towards emotions on her face & said"The second time I will kneel before a woman is when" Yash stopped while..Aarti's eyes were watery.he added "when i tie shoelace of our princess..will you help me?" he completed .Aarti bent towards Yash with tears & kissed him.that was first time both had kissed. Yash & Aarti were cherrishing the moment as both were not going to see eachother for next 6 months.

They spent whole day together & went for shopping, restaurant & returned in the evening  with happy mood & before going to bed he called Aarti & put one beautifull diamond ring of his initial 'Y' to her finger as his fiancee.& went to his room to sleep to catch early morning flight. "How will I spend these 6 months without him" she in thought & went to sleep.




At last the morning came when Yash has to go for his business tour for six months. Both got ready & went to airport .Aarti bade goodbye to Yash & returned to home with sporting a smile as his fiancee.

"Idiot" she said herself"why did he leave now & How could I live for next six months without him?"

But time flied when you are in love  Aarti was no exception to it. Six months had passed by now & Aarti was at the airport ready to receive him.Though hours early, but she was so excited that she was going to see him after six months that she could not stay at home. As his flight landed & she started look around. 

Taking paces to & fro everybody passed by her but there was no sign of him. "how is that possible" she mumbled "he was to come by this flight". Yash had mailed her his flight schedule three months ago. she was growing restless She went to ticket counter to check if he had boarded at the same time or was he coming by any another.

"Sorry M'dam. But we have nobdy of that name" the lady on the other side of counter said

"How is it possible? you are saying he didn't board the flight" Aarti was perplexed.

"Where is he?why he didn't he come?where could have he gone?" this & many questions were hovering in her mind.She left the airport went home & called his office where she receive the news that he had resigned a couple of months ago she couldno't get any answers of her questions.no one even his friends,his colleagues knew anything about him. confused,angry & tears in her eyes .

She used to say herself "God can't be so mean to me. I'll find him one day no matter what" she never lost hope in finding him days in & out. she used to cry at night.

One day she was travelling to college by train. She got down at station & started walking towards exit & then suddenly a man snatched her purse  & started running fast so she started chasing him by shouting "catch him,chor chor catch him"  & she bumped into a man & both felt down soon aarti got up & started searching for thief but thief lost in the crowd. 

Aarti was so angry that the  man that she was going to give him a piece of her mind then suddenly she realized that he had no leg.She was disappointed & she helped that man on his crutches.. she hurriedly help the man stand up.

"Thank you, Aarti" said the man. But Aarti was so engrossed in the following that man, that she didn't say anything & started following the thief. She just went a couple of feet then she realized "how did he know my name?' suddenly started searching for the disable man. Aarti ran & stopped that man at the exit

"How do you know my name?"Aarti asked

"Name?I don't know your name m'am" the man said hiding his face.

"Yes! you know my name..just now you call me Aarti..tell me how & why hiding your face..show me your face"

He slowly raised his face..Aarti was aghast seeing him..She didn't know what to do it was him who Aarti was waiting for six months..It was Yash her fiancee.  All the emotions flowed at once from her face.. She forced him  & took him with her home. He washed up while Aarti was making food with thoughts 'now i will get the answer why did he do this to me?'

He started" My work was progressing very nicely & completed project handled to client within 4 months as i wanted to give surprise to you by visiting early. Before coming here i went for shopping & met an horrible car accident so admitted in the hospital with amputated leg..

I wanted you to live a happy life rather than living with the crippled like me who is a burden only..So I was going another city for another job..as my train halted to the station so i got down to have drinking  water & bumped into you" he stopped with tears flowing down..

By hearing this Aarti hugged him & cried.. As promised, Aarti taking care of yash thoroughly.. He has found job in the city not great pay but enough to keep him busy & Aarti is currently a doctor in reputed hospital..

They happily married on THAT day 14th Feb- Valentine's Day as promised by Yash. 

All is Well End is Well..


Entry # 9

My Valentine

Nervousness choked me and anxiety hindered my feet as I stepped out my house  just a couple of hours before the valentines day would end --- in his search . Four years had passed since we had met , I had no idea where he was breathing but that day I had finally gathered courage to fight all odds , rise above the fright of my family & the society. My aim was clear , to find him & to be with him. Finally I reached the bridge where we used to meet. 

The time was moving swiftly . An hour had passed but I didn't lose any hope. I was confident that I'll met my love. I gazed the bright moon & shut my eyes tightly. I bend down my head & slowly slowly opened my eyes. I was stunned . He was a stranger and so absolutely beautiful that one glance deprived her of oxygen and brain power.

 He had gorgeous eyes, dark, deep set and bold, and when he stepped below the cliff where the moonlight was directly reflecting on him ,  they looked like dazzling diamonds.His enchanting face penetrated my heart as soon as I caught a sight of him. But I was standing there waiting for someone else , and then I had fallen for a stranger at the first sight. I'd be called a harlot , I was scared. But I was just not able to keep my eyes away from him. 

"Hey are you lost ?" , my heart started to hammer as if I was sprinting. 

His virile voice sent chills down my spine. I couldn't reply. 

"May I help you ma'am?"

I shook my head & bent down my head. 

"What are you doing here? Its 11! The city is not well guarded. You should have been with someone." , The brilliant ebony eyes screened by dense black lashes rested on me and I honestly thought my heart might stop beating altogether. I turned around trying to conceal my helplessness . I don't know what wrenched me but I began crying.

"Hey Hey don't get me wrong ma'am! I won't harm you. I mean ---" 

"Leave me alone" , I said in a frail but stern voice. 

He calmly said , "Take care" and vanished. 

I stood waiting for few minutes when I heard blood-curdling dog barks. Dogs , my biggest dread ever . My steps escalated as the wild dogs came into my vision. My speed increased rapidly and I ran into bushes . The frantic sound lessened and as I  tried to move there my dress got stuck there. The spiky plants pierced my skirt & wounded my legs madly & I still wasn't able to move. I heaved a deep-felt sigh of relief when the same guy turned up again but my ego didn't let me ask for help. It wasn't needed either. He didn't care for his already injured hand & helped me getting out of the mess.

He kept his wide smile intact but I could see that His poor hand was bleeding , without holding back I tied my pink scarf on his hand and he gave me passionate amorous looks. I was flustered. Butterflies were fluttering in my tummy and I didn't know what to do with My hands that were still holding his . I felt ridiculously like a schoolgirl, self-conscious , submissive , helpless and silly and awkward, all at the same time.

I had never believed in love at first sight. But those powerful emotions were assailing me? I don't know what came to my mind & I leaned forward & hugged him with all my soul. Being deprived of love since years had take away the basic conscience from me. After he loosened the hold I fell back on the sack like a hollow object.

"You don't seem fine." , he was concerned and his voice showed that. 

"I think my head is paining." 

"You think your head is paining?" 

I ignored his questions and asked him mildly , "Whats the time?" 

His ebony eyebrows were winging distracting me to core . "Its 11:45."

'Thats it' , i told myself & tried getting up. 

"What happened?" 

"I should leave now."

"But you didn't tell me what were you doing here!" , his curiosity was rising. 

"I was waiting'" , my shaky voice began clogging , "Five years back he promised me that he'll meet me here every valentines day. Im still waiting."

He wasn't surprised , just asked me suspiciously , "And when did you meet him last?"

"Told you , five years back."

He stared me for some seconds then burst into a hearty laughter. I knew he was mocking me but I found it too alluring to condemn. I just gazed the devil's laughter show.

"Done?" I asked sarcastically.

"Im sorry.." , he said controlling his chuckling. He cleared his throat and gave me some serious looks , "You know something , he is never coming back. He himself would have forgotten his words. Move on." 

"I thought we loved each other." , I said naively. 

"No you never loved him or else you wouldn't have fallen for me?"

"Whaat..huh no'I mean we just met..How can--I?" , I retorted in a surge of grudging candor. 

"How is it wrong if we have just met? Weren't you just think about me when I left you on the bridge?" 

"I was--" , I uttered mindlessly , "No I mean I didn't." 

"You did Aarti." 

I was stunned , "Who are you? How do you know my name?" 

"I think you don't know about me or never bothered to know me'our families wanted us to get married but you always declined the proposal , even without looking at my photograph. Your childhood crush was the reason maybe." 

I just nodded , vigorously as he chuckled. 

"So , Aarti..will you be my valentines?" , he asked as he lend out his hand gently.

I moved my hand forward that pulled it back , "Will think and answer." , I chortled. 

"Be quick madame you just have 5 minutes left! See my watch." 

"Omigod! Yes yes yes."  

"Fantastic!" , he said as he opened his arms to engulf me with his warmness.

Entry # 10

A Valentine's Day To Remember

As soon as Aarti's eyes opened that morning, her hand moved across the bed to her Yashji. She wrapped her arm around his waist and inched closer to him. His eyes were already open, staring deep into hers. He also had on a smile that made her want to melt. She lifted her hand and let it brush his cheek gently, feeling heavenly beside him. She loved Yash so much that the thought of it brought so much desire that it hurt sometimes. 

She breathed in his early morning scent as he edged closer to her, smiling naughtily. "Aartiji," he whispered seductively, placing a firm hand on her back. Aarti felt butterflies enter her stomach when he touched her. She closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around him tightly, burying her face in the crook of his neck.

"I love you," she breathed out into his skin.

She knew Yash was smiling into her hair. She wanted to spend all of eternity in his arms, being held protectively just like this. 

Yash pulled away from her and looked into her eyes again. He tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek. "Wake up," he whispered.

"I don't want to," she replied back softly.  

"What do you want to do then?" he asked her, a hint of playfulness in his eyes.  

He leaned forward and placed his lips a mere inch away from hers.  

"Yashji," Aarti pleaded, feeling her heartbeat get stronger and her breathing get heavier.

She could feel his breath on her lips and soon after, his lips were on hers. It was only for a moment though, because before she knew it, he got off the bed and walked without another word to the bathroom.  

"Yashji," she groaned. She hated when he did that to her. But it was common in their relationship; they both left each other hanging just when they wanted more.   

"Aartiji I have a meeting today, I won't be home the whole day," she heard him say from inside the bathroom. "Don't wait for me in the evening, go straight to sleep."

Aarti frowned. "Today Yashji?" she asked, feeling upset. Today was their first Valentine's Day together, and Yash wouldn't be there to celebrate it with her.  

"Yeah, I'm sorry Aarti. I'll try and come home early." 

 Aarti got off the bed and quickly put on a red sari. She might as well be in the Valentine's spirit at home, right?

The next few hours passed by with doing housework and helping the kids study. It felt like a fast day, and she was kept so busy that she didn't really have time to herself. As soon as she finished packing the kids' schoolbags, she received a text on her phone from Yash.

Aartiji, the driver's waiting for you outside. One of my clients wants to meet you, please wear something nice (preferably red) and come fast.

She read it over a few times before running to her bedroom and putting on a red sari with silver embroidery on it. She quickly put on jewelry and makeup before rushing out the door and into the car that Yash sent.  

"Ma'am, we're here," the driver said from the front seat.

"Thanks," Aarti told him and opened the door to face a big building in front of her. It looked like an elegant five star hotel. She didn't know that Yash had his meetings in hotels.

As soon as she entered the building, she received another text on her phone.  

Come to the hotel restaurant, it said.  

Aarti held on to her sari and walked over to the restaurant. As soon as she entered, she noticed that the room was lit by some candles.  Feeling her pulse increase, she called out for her husband. "Yashji?"  

She slowly made her way into the room and heard the door close behind her. Clutching her mangalsutra, she squeezed her eyes shut. What if something happened to her Yashji? What if someone else called her here? Unpleasant thoughts ran through her mind as she fearfully held on to her mangalsutra.  

"Aartiji," someone suddenly whispered into her ear, causing her stomach to do the somersaults.  

A smile reached her face immediately and her eyes sprung open.

"Yashji," she said happily, gazing into his eyes.  

She looked around the room and took in everything in detail for the first time. Along with the candles, there were floral decorations everywhere. On the wall, a banner displayed the words "Aartiji, Will You Be My Valentine? 

Aarti felt her cheeks turn crimson red. "Yashji," she said ecstatically, "You did all of this for me?"  

She was absolutely delighted and amazed that anybody would do such a thing for her.

"Of course I did it for you," Yash told her perkily, "I didn't do it for anyone else, now I'm not sure how much you'd appreciate that."  

Aarti playfully hit his chest and lay her head on it.

He wrapped her arms around her back and whispered softly in her ear, "Will you be my Valentine Aartiji?" 

His low voice in her ear sent shivers running down her spine. She moved her head back and looked directly into his eyes for a second before she flung her arms around his neck and happily responded, "Of course I will Yashji!"  

He held her tightly in his arms, and she didn't want to let go of him. This was perfect. Just him and her.  

"You reserved the whole room?" she said breathlessly, in awe.  

Yash nodded and smiled, "All for you."  

Aarti felt deeply touched by this action of his. She felt her eyes get teary. Aarti leaned forward and pressed her lips on his, wanting to feel him close to her. She needed to capture this moment in every way she possibly could.  

His lips replied to hers and they both kissed each other slowly, but passionately.

Once they broke apart, he took her hand and led her to the table. The table had a candle and a single rose on it.  

It already had their dinner, a perfect pasta dish. They quickly finished it with some light chatter.  

Yash then got up from his seat and bent down in front of Aarti, extending his arm for her to take his hand. "May I have this dance?" he asked her. 

"But... music?" Aarti questioned curiously.  

He chuckled, "We don't need music to dance, do we?"  

Aarti blushed and took his hand. He led her to the dance floor, where she placed her free hand on his shoulder and he placed his on her waist. Her head accompanied her hand on his shoulder and she moved with him.  

"I love you," he murmured in her ear.  

She felt the butterflies enter her stomach again. "I love you too Yashji," she replied, breathing in the scent of his shirt, feeling light-headed in his arms.  

"You know, I have an even bigger surprise for you upstairs," he told her mischievously.  

Aarti felt her insides blaze with desire. She pressed her body as close to his as possible. "And what might that be?" she asked him with an impish smile.  

He removed his body from hers and looked into her eyes. "Something that isn't appropriate here," he told her with a smirk.  

Aarti felt her face turn red. She looked away from him, feeling shy. Normally she would be the one saying suggestive things to him, but right now she was allowing him to seduce her with his innocent talks and it felt so good.  

"Can I have a demo?" she asked softly in a playful tone.  

With that, he cupped her face, leaned down and kissed her passionately. 

This was the best Valentine's Day with the most special man in her life. Aarti knew that she would never forget the beauty of this night, where it was just her, her Yashji, and this incredible surprise.

Entry # 11
Unexpected Valentine

It was a bright and windy day the shone in all its glory as the trees gently swayed in the wind. It was the beginning of the semester for Aarti she was in grade 11. Aarti didn't want to go back to school but she knew she had to go if she stayed home her stepmother would have made life a living hell. Aarti was in her room, getting ready for school just then she found a black fitted Levis skinnies and a fitted white shirt and her black and white converse she quickly wore them and then went to the mirror and started applying foundation and kajol, just then her stepmother, Priyanka came and started quarrelling

Priyanka: "Aarti! Why is it every time you are getting dressed for college you have to apply so much make? Applying so much make-up isn't going to help you look pretty, for that you need plastic surgery!!!" and she started laughing.

 Aarti didn't say anything she just quietly wore her big silver hoop earrings and shabbily tied her hair up in a messy bun. As she was about to walk away, Priyanka held Aarti's shoulder.

Priyanka: "this evening I am taking Prithi with me after you return from lessons I want you to come straight home and finish all of the chores, is that understood?"

 Aarti's temper was rising.

 Aarti S.T.: "Oh god this annoying woman! why does she always has to take her dunce daughter out with her and leave me to do all the chores and when her daughter fails her exams she blames me and says its my fault for not helping Prithi in her studies!!! Urghhh!!"

 Aarti turned around and smiled

Aarti:"ok mummy, anything else?"

 Priyanka slapped Aarti

Priyanka: "Are you trying to be smart or something? How dare you answer me like that?!"

Aarti: Aarti had enough, she turned to Priyanka and said " I was just trying to be nice you know I don't tell you anything, because I know my father loves you a lot, if I want I could go tell him right now how you behave with me but I won't because I know he would slap you and throw out of the house and keep Prithi and I with him, but he would be lonely all his life and refuse to re marry, and I don't want that for my father so I'm bearing with your nonsensical behavior just for my dad's sake. I don't like you and I know you don't like me so when we are not around dad, have nothing to do with me and I too will have nothing to do with you!! Ok? Anyway I'm going now, I'm getting late now, bye!!"

Aarti stormed off leaving a fuming Priyanka.

Aarti sat in the backseat of the car, she badly wanted to cry because she felt like she wasn't able to put up with her stepmother's foolishness anymore she just took out her I pod and shoved the earphones in her ears and started listening to Evanescence songs her songs always seemed to calm  her down. Suddenly the driver stopped and Aarti saw that she had reach to school Aarti grabbed her bag and stepped out of the car, she saw her major crush Yash Scindia. Aarti immediately bent her head and walked away trying to not let him see her; she had already embarrassed herself in front of him so many times she chuckled to her self as she remembered how she once rolled down the stop while he was at the top of the stairs and she blushed as she remembered how he had ran down the stairs to pick her up making sure she was ok while his other friends just laughed at her, but Aarti was too embarrassed too answer so she just got up and walked away without saying anything. Aarti just shook her head trying to get out the embarrassing thoughts and walked to the cafeteria and sat next to her friend Sanjana started talking to each other about their weekend.

Little did Aarti know there was someone looking at her from the table across her. Yup u guessed it right, it was Yash, Yash had liked Aarti ever since she had fallen down that step, but Aarti was always a crazy girl and he went into flashback mode as he remembered Aarti chasing his best friend Jameel all around the school because he loosed her hair and took her hair tie. Aarti was running so fast that she had brushed Yash's face, and Yash went crazy for her hair ever since that day. He then remembered how Aarti was continuously sobbing cuz she got low marks on her Math test. Yash wanted to go hug her but was scared of what other people would've thought so he just went for a walk with his "posse". Jameel just then punched Yash in his arm

 "dude are u busy dreaming about Aarti again?"     

 "What? Who me? No, why do u ask?"

Jameel shakes his head in amusement and lets out a chuckle

"can't fool me dude I'm your best friend and I don't understand why  u can't ask her out, and Valentines is like right there and we have a program for all the valentines in the hall y don't u ask her to accompany you"

"Jameel are you crazy y would Aarti want someone like me to be her boyfriend I'm so dull and boring compared to her, and she is always so cheerful and crazy and she easily gells with anyone, she's always able to make people laugh unlike me who barely even say two words to people unless they force me to talk"

"Yash u are hopeless"

Aarti sat their talking and laughing with Sanjana just as she looked across from her table she saw Yash and immediately got lost seeing him talking to Jameel. Talking about what? She didn't know but all she knew was that she could've just stood there and stared at him for hours.

Just then Sanjana waved her hands infront of Aarti's face

"Aarti, what is up up with u man? U always keep staring at Yash why don't u go speak to him?"

"No!! What if I go talk to Yash and I don't know what to say he barely talks and I'm always so nervous around him, I can't do this and don't u see how he always looks serious what if I go talk to him and I say something stupid and he and his friends laugh at me, no way I'd die"

"Stop being such a baby Aarti, go talk to him I'll come with you for moral support and if u say anything stupid we'll tap all of them, deal"

"I don't know I'm still scared?"

"C'mon let's go nothing will happen"

"Fine I'll go but if I say anything dumb and they laugh at me don't bother talking to me"

"That's more like it, now we just have to wait for the perfect time"

Meanwhile Yash too was busy defending himself

"look I'm not gonna speak to her or ask to be my valentine, she and her friends may laugh at me."

"No they won't, I'll come with besides there's only Sanju sitting with her and Sanju is my buddy she would never laugh at u if I'm with you"

"But I'm still scared"

"Yash u are a real pu**, ok get this let's flip a coin, heads u'll talk to her, tails sit here like a dummy while some other dude asks her to be his valentine"

Yash fumed at the thought of some other guy asking Aarti to be his valentine. Jameel took out a coin and flipped, unfortunately for Yash it landed on heads. Jameel smirked at Yash, while Yash flashed his middle finger at him.

"woah that was uncalled for, but anyway get ur butt up let's go talk to Aarti"

Aarti and Sanjana too was getting up to talk to Yash, Aarti became panic stricken when she saw Yash walking her way

Aarti s.t " oh god, oh god , oh god"

"Aarti calm down beta he doesn't have a knife on him he won't kill you"

"shut up"

"huh well sorry"

Aarti and Yash met halfway

"H-h-I Yash"

"Hi A-a-rti"

"How r u?"

"I'm fine What about you"

"I'm good"

"oooh tht's good"


there was awkward silence between both of them, when Jameel whispered in Yash's ear

"remember our bet"

Yash angrily whispered back "yes I remember"

Aarti was bewildered when she suddenly saw Yash knelt to the ground

"Aarti Sharma, Will you be my valentine'

Aarti blushed and looked down


Yash got up and they both hugged this really turned out to be an unexpected Valentine afterall.

Sorry, its 11 entry as I have receive a late entry but can't change to first post as the topic is already sticky.If i change then the topic won't be unsticky.
Did you enjoy reading..,I know I did!
Too you are the one voting not me or else I woud have pick allLOL

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..Comrade4eva.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2013 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
I am voting first...YAY!!!

All entries were fantastic. I literally spent hours thinking about this. I loved all the entries and I have to vote for only 4. You are killing me!!

***Sigh*** Here goes!!!

I vote for...Entries 3, 5, 8 and 9!!

Can we like maximize votes to choosing 10?LOL

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I loved them all but my favorites are entry#3, 4, 7, and 10.

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Wow! Brilliant entries!!! Clap

Good luck to all participants! Hug

#3, #5, #9 and #10.

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I'm voting for number 7

Lol. Don't be mad AmmyEmbarrassed. I turned my original thingymajig into a SS/FF. LOL

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it is tough to choose 4 out of THESE 10.
ALL are outstanding.

My vote for
1 4 7 9

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