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~Dilbar Dilpar~Arhi FF* Thread 1*

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(A special thank you to --Ratna-- for this beautiful siggy)

I hope you enjoy this story as much as you have liked IWY! Khushi is inspired by Sridevi in laadla:

Chapter One


The mere panic of the staff in India's biggest fashion designing company was alarming. Gupta Fashions Industry. Everything had to up to scratch otherwise either you were demoted or fired without fail. A company set up by Mr Anil Gupta a business tycoon and run by his ambitious niece, Khushi Kumari Gupta. Mr Gupta had no children of his own and decided to not marry after his sister and brother-in-law had passed away. But Khushi called him 'dad' and listened to his every word. Though he kept a mother like maid called Samita Devi. She was the lady that had bought up Khushi and Khushi considered her like her mother.

9am. The staff began putting the finishing touches to their files and quickly stood behind their desks waiting for their Managing Director. A white Mercedes stopped abruptly outside. A guard quickly opened the door. Promptly a high heel stiletto came out and she pushed herself out of her car. Wearing a knee length black skirt and a white ruffled blouse with her hair all in a pony tail she looked sternly at the guard. This was Khushi Kumari Gupta.

The guard quickly saluted her and her entourage accompanied her inside.

"Payal who is my first appointment with?" she said formerly and abruptly.

"'s with Ms Neelam from the Daily news". Payal was a little afraid of her boss and who wouldn't be. All the staff never dared to even look at her properly.

"Payal get all the staff in the conference room I need to talk to them, understood?"

Payal nodded and walked off to make an announcement to all the staff.

All the workers huddled together while Khushi Kumari Gupta had her back to them. Everyone looked at each other because Khushi only called her staff either to tell them off or fire someone.

"You must be wondering why I have called you here..."

She turned around and began pacing the space around her.

"Soon we are going to launch a big fashion show...the biggest india and the world has ever seen...all the big Indian designers will participate and will showcase their creations...the reason I have called you all is to remind you the reputation Gupta Designs has...I want every one of you to put 110% in this venture...I want no mistakes and no carelessness...this is India's number one company and anyone putting our position down will not be forgiven by me, understood? Now leave!"

Like headless chickens they all dispersed. Khushi always spoke in a stern and serious way. She had such a demeanour that even men felt fear from her. She was well educated and was fiercely independent. She respected her dad but even he felt floored by her control. The only one lovingly showed her the faults in her, was her maid who she respected wholeheartedly. Hot headed, arrogant, educated, sophisticated are the best ways one could describe her.

Khushi sat in her cabin working on her new project which was going to be seen internationally. Sometimes work seemed a lot to bear but she being very ambitious she hated being number two in this rat race. She looked at the picture of her deceased parents she lovingly picked the frame.

"Papa mummy I hope your happy with your daughter". Her eyes welled up. She began remembering their house in the village of Sangat. Her childhood memories of a simple lifestyle she had. Waking up with the birds chirping and the rustic smell of the village. She belonged to a wealthy family which were farmers by profession. Her life was ruined and she became an orphan when a mysterious fire broke out in their house while she was at school killing her parents and younger brother. Getting up from her chair she tried blocking the bad memories of the burnt house and the ashes of her family.

Someone knocked at the door and she quickly pulled herself together.

"Yes Payal..?"

"Mam can I go home please?"

"Home?" she said in a mocking tone.

"Yes's 8 o' mother is waiting for me".

"Okay..ask my driver to take my car out I need to go too" she said shocked at how she didn't even know that it was so late. Payal took her permission and went. She quickly put her files away and picked her mobile and made her way.



Khushi was sitting at the back and reading her magazine. Her mobile rang.

"Beta where are you?"  asked Samita Devi.

"I am on my way Ma"

"Is this a time to come home...? How many times I told you to not work so hard?"

"Ma I'm sorry I just had so much to do...I did not even realise it was so late... I..."

The car jolted due to a collision with a car from the front.

"Ma I will call you back!" she said keeping calm.

"What is this driver?"

"Ma that man rammed into our car".

Khushi angrily got out of the car. She paced towards a man dressed in a black suit looking at the damage to his SUV.

"Have you not got dare you damage my car!!" she said angrily. Turning around he mouthed.

"What the!"

Arnav Singh Raizada. Arrogant, smart, intelligent, wealthy and dashing. The owner of Raizada Designs. He took his shades off and looked at the enigma in front of him.

"Mr whoever you are!"

"ASR" he said with no nonsense attitude.

"Mr ASR I will take you to court for driving so carelessly" she fumed.

"Excuse me it's YOUR driver that was driving carelessly...and on the wrong side of the street".

Khushi looked around and saw it was a one way street. She gave a stern look to her driver. He shivered looking at the wrath of his employer. Khushi retaliated.

"Yes he made a mistake but you could have avoided the accident...Ah I get it you on purpose bump into good looking girls"

"Can you look over here Miss?"

Khushi looked at the handsome stranger angrily.

"You seem fine to me but you have a little too much anger for a girl".

Khushi made an O shape with her mouth.

"How dare you...speak to me like don't know who I am...otherwise you would have never spoken to me like that..You will regret messing with me" she mocked him.

He arched his eyebrow and tilted his head. "Oh Really?"

"And you Miss don't know who I am...ASR...just remember that". He walked off and got into his SUV. Khushi stamped her feet and got into her car.



"Chote...what happened to your car?" asked Anjali a little worried.

"Di don't worry a little accident with a mad woman!"

Anjali giggled. "Chote you seem a little annoyed with this woman".

"Don't ask Di she was just say a one piece item I have ever seen".

Cupping his face she asked him. "So some girl ruffled the feathers of the Arnav Singh Raizada?"

"Whatever! No one I can't tame...anyway how's Jijaji?"

"Shyam ji is fine just gone for court hearing".

"Chote Nani is looking for a girl for"

Arnav angrily got up and began pacing.

"Di tell Nani I don't want to get married...not now not ever".

Anjali got up and touched his shoulders.

"Arnav we all know Lavanya is just a cover up for your true feelings...till when are you going to expect her to turn up?"

"Who Di?" he feigned innocence.

"Chamkili...chote you have lost much has nani and Mami looked for her. So much has changed it has been over 15 years. You need to forget her and move on. She probably has too".

"What the! Di

+you're just worrying for nothing. I have moved on".

Arnav went inside to have a shower. His sister looked on knowing her chote had not forgotten her. Switching his shower on he began remembering his Chamkili. He had not forgotten her at all. Brushing his memory he came out and got dressed. His mobile rang.

"Yes Lavanya" he gritted his teeth.

"ASR I want to go to a nightclub want to come?" she excitedly.

"No! You go!" he said feeling irritated. He gritted his teeth. His so called girlfriend was irritating.

"ASR you always say never want to come with me".

Arnav saw his Di standing and looking worried.

"Lavanya...I will ready by 9 I will pick you up".

Lavanya got happy and Anjali came and kissed her brother.

"Chote move forward".

As Anjali left Arnav looked at his wallet with Chamkili's photo and began brushing his hair. Forgotten that was impossible and moving on was highly unlikely.


Precap; Khushi gets a proposal

Please give me a buddy request for furture updates.


Part 1 scroll above

Part 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

 Chapter 9

Chapter 10

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*dancing like paah haha* ;) am I actually d first one to comment? :)

Ohhemmmgeee!!! Nadia i was so waiting fr ur comeback...kuch aur was needed u see! ;)

U hv given i want you update n upar se see we got kuch aur ...means ur new ff...lolz

laldla sridevi was a bomb...khushi vl b lyk dat? Interesting...:)

Can you plz mk khushi say "understand? U better understand !! " ;)

Waiting eagerly for d next part...*updateee* :-*

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>> Edited <<

Nice title and loved the chapter!

Khushi will be like Sridevi of Laadla? Shocked Superb.. can't wa8 for the story to progress! Embarrassed

T&hanks for pm!

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Dilbar Dilpar : awsm title Big smile Star

First prt was awsm & very intrsting Thumbs Up It sound so cool & amazing!!
Looks like khushi here is diffrnt , moderne , runing fashion businss Smile & she is just lik ASR , I can see her here as ASR female copy LOL Double ASR in this story so I think double dhamaka LOL
Aftr reading this prt its seem thr are alot of secrets to come out in this storyyy !!!

Am very excited to read more Smile so waiting for nxt prt ..update soon baby!!
Now aftr show ending Cry we can only revive arshi in FFs & u are my fvrt writr Star , so  am happy u come up with a new story , we will strt togthr a new journey with arshiSmile 
Best of luckk Naddz.

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Yay a new FF :) Really liked the prologue :) Love this fiesty and authoritative Khushi :) It seems like Khushi is Arnav's chamkilli? Looking forward to reading more :)

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shan68 Groupbie

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A very good start. Waiting for the next chapters.

laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome start, loved it.  so khushi is his chamikili and he has not forgotten her, 
allegro IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2013 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Awesome start.
So he hasn't forget his Chamkili yet.
Continue soon. Big smile

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