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SS: THE NIGHT to forget Pt 13

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Links to previous parts: Part1

THE NIGHT to forget

Part 13
''Hi'' ''What are you doing? Let me go'' ''Khushi, you haven't given me a chance to talk to you yet and i know, i know i don't deserve a chance. I don't deserve anything from you really but i need to do this and i'm not taking no for an answer. I won't let you go'' Arnav begun to slowly walk towards Khushi. Uncomfartable Khushi begun to step backwards looking over her shoulders, breathing heavily, heart pacing with her nerves going out of control. Khushi's back reached the ledge of the rooftop and Khushi, not stopping, almost tipped backwards, but Arnav immediately grabbed her hands and pulled her back and into him. Khushi squeezed her eyes tightly shut and said ''What are you doing?'' Arnav breathed in Khushi's scent from her hair and replied ''I've missed you much'' Khushi trembled out of nerves ''The-the baby needs me'' ''The baby's with Nani'' ''I need to go'' Khushi tried to let go of Arnav and tried to step back before Arnav tightened his grip on her and pulled her back. Khushi looked up into his eyes ''Khushi...I...'' Khushi let go and moved back. She clenched her teeth and her voice wavered as she said ''Arnav ji, don't...don't try to apologise, i don't want to hear it...there's a limit to how bad you can treat a woman and that too a pregnant one, but just became the defenition of that extent! I don't think i can ever forgi...'' ''Please don't say that Khushi'' Khushi's eyes begun to pool with tears and Arnav's heart struck with pain. ''I don't want to make you cry Khushi, please don't cry. I can't stand to see tears in your eyes...'' ''yes you can!'' Arnav looked to Khushi, shocked with her reply. ''Arnav ji, you've  been the main reason for my tears. Ever since i met you.'' Khushi became serious and let out everything she was feeling inside along with pools of tears. ''I'll admit, before we got married i thought we had something...something special? I don't know...I was happy. But that night when you forced me into marrying you, everything changed, everything.'' Khushi's voice wavered with pain and fear all the way ''I had to force myself to look at the positive side to everything. I woke up each morning and just kept happy, counting the days, waiting for the 6 months to be over... You know growing up i always dreamed myself finding a man who loved me to the core and beyond. Some one i can call my prince'' Arnav looked at Khushi with so much guilt in his face, unable to bear to hear Khushi's dreams that HE ruined. ''...I imagined we'd have a big indian wedding where my whole family would be there to give me away... But then you forced me to marry you...and the truth is i thought i could handle it after a while. But a few months into the marriage i found out i was pregnant...'' Khushi took a long pause as she tried to recover her broken voice whilst Arnav was frozen, taken aback with Khushi's outburst of feelings that she had kept inside for a long time. ''...Finding out that i was pregnant scared the hell out of me, especially not knowing who... Uh... but then i saw the scan of my baby...and i was okay. I didn't need anything else. Just knowing i had my baby with me was enough for me...'' ''...Khushi stop'' Arnav had tears in his eyes and was feeling nothing but guilt and pain for this broken woman stood infront of him. He held onto her arms ''I'm sorry Khushi, I'm so sorry'' Tears slid down Arnavs cheeks but not as much as Khushi who was crying a river. ''You've hurt me so much Arnav ji, but you don't know the half of it...just let me go'' Suddenly Khushi found herself struggling out from Arnav's hold, but he wasn't letting her go ''Khushi why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me about my daughter?'' Khushi looked at him with tears in her eyes and worry struck across her face. ''Y-you-you know?'' Khushi's breathing increased in fear. ''Yes Khushi, i know...I'm SO sorry i accused you of the baby being Shyam's...I can't believe how disgusting i thought of you...'' ''H-how.. did you find o-out?'' Khushi panicked and her heart begun to pace at the speed of light. ''Khushi, everything came back to me. I remembered that night we spent together...i'm so sorry i forgot'' Khushi chuckled in thought ''I forgot too'' Arnav was surprised and his expression softed. ''Khushi why didn't you say anything?'' ''...But i remember on the night i told you i was pregnant, i was going to tell you everything...but you..'' Khushi's tears began to run down her face again ''..You immediately accused me of cheating with Shyam?!'' ''I know, I know. I'm so so sorry Khushi, I'm so sorry I swear...I can't...I don't...'' Arnav clenched his teeth as he recalled how he mistreated her and bad mouthed his unborn child. Arnav's anger suddenly rose and he turned and rapidly punched the wall behind him, hard. ''Arghh'' Khushi jumped in fright looking at Arnav going out of control ''Ar-Arnav ji...?''  Arnav took a deep breath, but his anger kept rising and he begun to continuessly punch the wall bruising and bleeding his knuckles and hands ''I'm sorry Khushi! I'm so sorry...'' Khushi immediately held her hand out to his shoulder and turned him around ''Arnav ji, stop!''. Arnav slid down to the floor and Khushi bent down with him and held his cheek as tears fell from his eyes. ''Khushi, hit me, punch me, do anything, do something... but don't just do nothing...I've hurt you so many times, knowingly and unknowingly...What can i do to make your pain go away? I'll do anything for you Khushi, just name it.'' Khushi smiled with tears flowing down her face and she wiped Arnav's tears away ''Bhass, aur kuch neh...Arnav ji I can see how sincerely sorry you are... I don't want to hurt you.. I don't want to see you hurt..I really don't... I now know that you're really sorry and that means alot more to me than you'll does hurt, but it will heal in time'' Arnav looked up at Khushi and shook his head '' Khushi that's not enough, it's not...please, there's got to be something? I can't see you hurt'' Khushi held onto Arnav's hands and they both got up. She looked up at him, wiped his tears and said ''No'' shaking her head ''Arnav ji...'' Arnav suddenly pulled Khushi to his embrace and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tight. ''I love you Khushi!'' Khushi was taken aback and smiled widely letting out a breath of relief and shut her eyes taking in the beautiful moment. Khushi had her arms wrapped around Arnav and tightened her grip. Arnav felt relieved and smiled at Khushi's reaction. They let go of each other and Arnav gazed at Khushi with awe. ''Khushi you're unbelievably amazing. I just love you to bits. You're so damn innocent. You're beautiful, positive, understanding, forgiving, caring, loving, cleaver, funny and beyond so much more. I love everything about you'' Arnav looked intently at Khushi ''I don't know why i was so afraid of these feelings for you. Khushi i've never loved anyone before, but these feelings...they're just... indescribable. This time i need you to know how much i love you'' Khushi couldn't keep the smile off her face which kept getting wider. She cupped his cheeks with both hands and said ''Well why wouldn't you love me? Who doesn't?'' Arnav and Khushi both laughed before Khushi let go and Arnav's hand caught her eye making her eyes widen with worry. Arnav looked down at his hand as Khushi's reaction confused him before Khushi rapidly took hold of his hand bringing it gently up to her. His hand was swollen and was bleeding to the pulp. ''Arnav ji! Your hand!... Give me the keys, now!'' Arnav handed the rooftop door keys to Khushi and Khushi unlocked the door and led him back into the house, and they both walked in hand in hand.

Khushi led Arnav into their room and sat him down on the bed whilst she went to get the first aid kit. She came and sat beside him and begun to attend to his hand, bandaging it. She shook her head at him ''Arnav ji, i don't want to see you do anything like this again...I don't want you to hurt yourself'' Khushi looked more down as she bandaged Arnav's hand trying to hide her tears. Arnav held her cheek, lifting her head to make her look at him and wiped her tears with his thumb shaking his head ''And i don't want to see tears come out of those eyes like this again. Especially because of me''. He then gazed at her for ages, tenderly smiling at her ''Khushi why didn't you tell me the baby was mine?... I already knew, but why didn't you want me to know? Why did you want me to stay away?'' Arnav looked at her almost hurt and Khushi knew she had to be honest. ''Arnav ji i couldn't trust you...You said Horrible things about her, really horrible things. I won't lie, it was partly because i was hurt at first and i didn't want you near her. But i knew that wasn't fair... I guess i just didn't know how you'd react. I knew you wouldn't believe me...But over all i couldn't trust you to treat her right'' ''Khushi...'' ''I know you Arnav ji, you hate kids. Just the mere thought of kids makes you uncomfortable...'' ''Khushi...'' ''BUT...I've seen you with...OUR daughter and i've got to admit, you're amazing with her...i never expected it'' Khushi widened a smile ''Khushi i only kept my distance from her out of respect for your decision, but it killed me every second. But i also knew you needed time...Khushi, i'm really really sorry, you do know that don't you? I'm sooo sorry'' ''Arnav ji, i know...'' Khushi smiled at him and cupped his cheek as she finished bandaging his hand ''...I'm so proud of you Arnav ji'' Arnav looked at her with confusion ''Why would you be proud of me? I've not been so good for a while'' ''No Arnav ji, you've come a long way...remember how you were at the start? So arrogant and self reserved, cooped up in your own little world. But slowly you let me in. Yes, you retreated a few times, but i understand it was your fear and misunderstandings. But now look at you. You've got a beautiful daughter and you're not afraid or regretful about that. You're not even afraid to share your feelings anymore. I am immensely proud of you.'' Arnav listened intently at Khushi's words and thought deeply about them, realising they were true. He looked at her lovingly with a gentle smile and thought to himself ''She understands me so well...better than i understand myself even.'' ''Khushi i'm going to change. I'm going to be a better man for you and my daughter. You deserve the best and the best only.'' Khushi frowned, got up and walked towards the door. Arnav creased his eyebrows in confusion. Khushi then turned around and winked at him, producing a wide grin on her face. She reached her hand out to him and said ''Come, lets go give our daughter a name'' Arnav smiled in relief and got up to take her hand, standing beside her. Khushi kneeled up, landing a sweet, gentle kiss on his right cheek then whispered ''I forgive you'' Arnav widened his eyes and couldn't help but smile with shock. He turned to her and said ''What did you say?'' Khushi smiled at his reaction ''I didn't think i could, but i don't know why I just can't stay mad at you any longer especially after your apology'' Arnav pulled Khushi into a tight hug saying ''I don't deserve you Khushi'' Khushi replied joking ''That is true'' Khushi laughed ''Now come, we're going to be late for the ceremony''. Khushi took Arnav's hand and they both made their way downstairs.

''It is time for the Namakaran puja'' Nani smiled and put the baby in Khushi's arms as they all sat down. Arnav was sat right beside Khushi gazing at his baby. Everybody else, the family and friends were excited and joyous. The priest then asked Khushi ''What name have you picked?''. Khushi's eye's widened and she yelped ''Oh Devi Maiya!'' ''Khushi, Kya hua?'' Arnav turned to Khushi confused. Khushi nervously smiled at Arnav and said ''Uh-um...I haven't picked out a name'' ''What do you mean? You said you've already chosen one.'' ''I'm sorry Arnav ji, i lied. I was angry...'' ''Khushi''. Nani and Anjali looked at Arnav and Khushi suspiciously and Anjali asked ''What are you two whispering about? The Priest is waiting'' ''Uh, Di, Khushi hasn't picked a name'' ''Di, Nani ji, Why don't you pick something?'' ''No Khushi ji, this is your first child and we want you two to decide a beautiful name together'' ''Yes Khushi bhetiya, surely you must've thought of some names'' ''Um, i did but they don't feel right''. Khushi bit her bottom lip and thought to call out one of the names to the baby ''Misha?'' Khushi then waited for a few seconds for some kind of response from the baby. The baby just continued to look into the distance past Khushi's arm. ''Naveena?...Samira?...'' Still no response. ''Arnav ji, they're not her name. It just doesn't feel right.'' Anjali then asked ''Chote, what about you? Have you thought of anything?'' ''Yes, Arnav ji. You said you thought of some names'' ''Me?... Really Khushi, are you sure?'' Khushi expressed a yes to him with her wide eyes, smiling. ''Um okay...Well then i guess, everybody, you should meet...Anisa'' As soon as he said the name the baby turned her face looking at him smiling. ''That's it, that's the name Arnav ji. Anisa...Anisa Singh Raizada. It's beautiful'' ''Anisa...Chote, that's a gorgeous name''.
They performed the ceremony, the Priest blessed the baby and before everybody, Khushi was ecstatically clapping in full joy, then everybody joined.
The ceremony was over and Khushi was over the moon. ''Arnav ji, she's got the perfect name. You gave her the perfect name. I'm SO happy i can't tell you'' ''You really like the name?'' ''Like it? I love it!'' Anisa was in Arnav's arms and Khushi looked over to her and rubbed her cheeks. ''I wasn't expecting you to ask me, let alone pick the name'' ''Yeh, about that...I'm glad i asked you. I was angry then, i just didn't want you to have anything to do with her...I'm sorr'' ''Khushi you don't need to apologise for anything. I don't blame you for any way you reacted. You had full rights''. Khushi smiled at Arnav then turned back at Anisa who was now fast asleep. ''Look at her she looks so peaceful. Our little ASR junior'' Arnav laughed at Khushi ''ASR junior?'' ''Yes. Anisa Singh Raizada...Let's just hope she hasn't inherited your angry side'' ''And if she has?'' ''Well then expect me to be in a mental hospital in a few years'' ''Khushi, you're hysterical''
Arnav and Khushi took Anisa back to the room and Khushi was about to lay her down on the bed. ''Uh, Khushi...Why don't you put her in the cot? I've fixed it completely'' Khushi took the baby towards the cot and put Anisa in. Arnav tucked her in and lay a sweet kiss on her forehead after Khushi ''Good night, sleepy head'' ''Sweet dreams Anisa''.

Precap: Khushi was beguiled as she gaped at her beautiful scenery. ''We didn't actually complete what i brought you up here for before...''

Thank you for reading, please do comment, I always love hearing from you all Wink
**Updated: Part14
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Oh my that was an AWESOME update
Just loved it the way he asked for forgiveness and the way khushi forgave him so like her:) pls update soon

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Loved d update
am so happy tat she
forgave Arnav
hope to read some romance
in d next update
update soon

U didn't send pms???

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ths dear...
its really nice and amazing...
finally khushi has forgiven arnav thats great...
pls continue soon

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awesome  and continue soon 

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WOW...beautiful update...
Khushi forgive himSmile now no more MU between them...
little angel got a perfect name...Anisha...such a beautiful name...

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Excellent Clap loved it Smile Khushi forgave Arnav Smile nice name Anisa Smile continue...

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