Aaj Ki Housewife Hai - Sab Jaanti Hai


Aaj Ki Housewife Hai - Sab Jaanti Hai
Aaj Ki Housewife Hai - Sab Jaanti Hai

Housewife Hai..Sab Jaanti Hai Promotional Thread

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Tiffin for hubby.  Homework with the kids. Picking and dropping them off at school. Scolding the dhobi for late deliveries. Papa' s High BP pills on time. Bargaining with the grocer. Supervising the bai's work. Handling the Bank accounts. Maa ji's special diabetes food. She pulls off all this and more in a day ' yet you think it's only you who deal with a "To-Do" list, deadlines and pressure because you go to office and she sits at home! Her tasks probably outnumber yours. But being a housewife is NOT a job, just because she doesn't bring home a paycheck?

It's time to give that notion a re-think! Waking viewers up to the fact that being a housewife is not just a respectable choice but a challenging job that calls for resourcefulness, creativity and tact is Zee TV's latest launched show "Housewife Hai..Sab Jaanti Hai" 

Welcome To 

 Aaj Ki Housewife Hai...
Sab Jaanti Hai
Promotional Thread
By : lovekaran_abha (Jesh) & -Amanda- (Mandy) 

Suhasi Dhami started her journey in 2006 with StarPlus Antariksha the another StarPlus "Ek Chabhi  Hai Padoss Mein as after which she earn her self an household name after playing young and aggressive Swarn Abha in ZeeTv, Rajshri Production Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli, while Anirrudh Dave came into the spot light in 2008 with NDTV Imagine in&as Raajkumar Aaryyan, then SaharaOne Woh Rehen Waali  Mehlon Ki as Deven "Dev", afterwhich he played Rajveer in ZeeTv Mere Naam Karegi Roshan then to ColorsTv Pulwa as Lakhiya and recently StarPlus Ruk Jana Nahi as Indu Singh. After 3 years, he is now back with ZeeTv in Housewife.

Paired together for the first ever time on indian television the beautiful Suhasi Dhami & the handsome Aniruddh Dave in
This show marks Suhasi second show on Zee while this is Anriuddh second time with Zee as well.

Produced by Gulshan Sachdeva, Directed by Saavir Mustafa, started on 31 December,2012 replacing Asfar Bitiya and taking the 7:00 pm time slot. Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai is based on Saas Bahu Family Drama Genere but still it has got light hearted fun in it. The show is popular called Gaziapur Ki Housewife by a certain section of the media.


The story revolves around Kanhaiyya a dabang cop (played by Aniruddh) and Sona a journalist (played by Suhasi) and how the two get married and how Sona (Suhasi) decide to quit her job to be a Housewife. The show is set against the backdrop of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.


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A woman is working from Morning till Night,

And do you think that being a Housewife is easy? 

In today's society there is an evident competition to be economically sound and independent. The only one criterion for being successful and to earn respect within your family is to earn.

Bending the prevailing pre-conceived notions, our story's protagonist - Sona will essay the role of a housewife. A character who will carry out her household duties even after being a 'working woman', and at a certain juncture she will be seen as a full-fledged housewife giving shape to her dreams to make her home beautiful. In the onset, she will face hurdles as a housewife, but eventually emerge as a successful homemaker who will resolve family issues, confusions, discrepancies, imbalances and chaos with utmost intelligence and dignity. She will prove that housewives are important and they lead the family to the path of bliss.

Sona's way of functioning will inspire millions of housewives who aspire to get noticed and lauded within the family. She will establish that the mantle of a 'homemaker' is no less important than that of a 'working woman'.


Sona Kanhiyya Chaturvedi - (Suhasi Dhami)
A feisty and spunky journalist who consciously decides to leave her job and be a housewife on getting married. Sona know how to applies her intelligence to being a smart housewife, plays her cards well and sets an otherwise dysfunctional family back on track
 Kanhiyya Chaturvedi - (Aniruddh Dave)
The family youngest son who is a topper of his batch and the loveliest son of the family. He sport a Dabang look. 
Suhniana Chaturvedi - (Himani Shivpuri)
The head of the Chaturvedi family, Suhnaina who has raised her four sons as per her rules. She is Sona mother in law who will be seen as her greedy, self-centered, dominating mother-in-law, ever brimming with snide remarks and sarcasm who only worried for money. She thinks that housewives r only to serve the house and have no importance. She does not respect Neelam because she is housewife but feels good about the working bahus Renu and Bindiya. Suhnaina is a widow and after her husband's death she managed everything by her own and so she is always worried for money. She has a big locker in her room for all money and has also purchased one more for Sona's 40000 per month...her bahus always have a fear of her and even their husbands. Everyone says that mummyji is always right but Kanhaiyya thinks from heart.
Girija Devi - ( Rita Bhaduri)
She plays the role of Sona's grandmother. She has given Sona the ideals and values which she should follow in her sasural.   
Gyaneshwar Chaturvedi - (Parikshit Sanhi)
He  is the devar of sunaina, called chachaji in the house and is around 7 years more old than suhnaina. Chachaji always wanted to bring change in suhnaina's mindset but he failed and now expects it from sona. He also feels bad for neelam. 
 Chaturvedi Family eldest son and his family
Govardhan, the head postmaster with his wife Bindiya who runs a beauty parlour N earns Rs. 20,000...The couple has two daughtersJulie and Dimple...Julie is a clg going girl who always uses boy's for phone recharge or gifts and Dimple knows everything about Julie but she doesn't says this two family but asks for some share always. ...Bindiya and Govardhan always have normal husband wife fights.
Chaturvedi Family second son and his family
 Manohar who is a mechanic and wife renu who is a teacher and her english is out of the world, really bad and has their son chiku who always tries to help sona. Renu earns Rs 25000.
Chaturvedi Family thrid son and wife
Uddham,the army officer who is really strict and does not loves his wife neelam who is a housewife..they married 4 years back. Firstly neelam was to get married to someone else but due to dowry prlm she can't and sunaina's devar who knows about her family brought uddham's rishta for her. Uddham does not wanted to get married till 2 years but he had too. After marriage he left for army on same day and returned after 2 years. Neelam feels bad. They do not have kids.
Chaturvedi Family only daughter and husband
Darshana and her husband durgesh. His husband is a commission taker man who even does not leaves his own sasural members for commission. Darshana and durgesh live together in sunaina's house to save their money and darshana knows that her mom suhnaina will never ask her to leave the house. Darshana always gives orders to her bhabhi's for every work.

Sona and Kanhaiyya enters the family after marriage and Suhnaina is happy that Sona will learn Rs 40000 per month and give it to her. Dadi's shadow saves Sona and she pretends to have headache on her wedding night. Next day Sona sees that everyone asks for even small work to neelam and that housewives are not treated well in house. From Sona's office her incentive cheque of Rs. 1,20,000 comes and Sona knows that her saas is greedy but still give her the cheque. The best shagun including money comes from Sona's house but Suhnaina thinks to save everything and exchanges everything with inexpensive items. Everyone was shock and taunt Sona for the inexpensive gifts but Kanhaiyya supports her. Sona comes to know that Suhnaina exchanged gifts but still she says sorry if shagun is not worth. To take care and help Neelam, Sona decides to resign from her office and Suhnaina asks Kanhaiyya to talk to Sona. Sona makes Kanhaiyya understand and he supports Sona. To teach Sona a lesson, Suhnaina in front of her and everyone from family sells all the shagun item to make Sona feel bad but Sona doesn't. And also Suhnaina says that from today not Neelam but Sona will be doing all household work till she does not make her mind set to leave for office and no one will help Sona. Next Suhnaina asks Sona to prepare food for around 70 people for bahu boj knowing it well that there was no gas cylinder in house and if Sona fails then she has to leave for office. Since it was black-marketing of gas cylinders in whole allahabad, it was difficult to manage a cylinder. Even Kanhaiyya tries everything but he fails. Sona asks her office person about the black-marketing and she gets to know of a place...Suhnaina asks darshana's husband durgesh to keep into account that no cylinder comes inside the house and Suhnaina gives commission to durgesh for it. Sona sends a letter about it to DIG and sends a msg to every housewife of locality to come to that place to get free cylinders, Sona cuts all vegetables but is disturbed for not having cylinder...Sona also informs Kanhaiyya and he reaches the spot and arrests the black marketer and every lady gets a cylinder. Sona comes from behind to Kanhaiyya and both are happy and the whole event is telecasted on tv...with gas cylinder Sona prepares the food well and everyone is impressed. Suhnaina's plan fails.  

Next Suhnaina does not let Sona's dadi to talk to her making excuses of Sona busy in work. Dadi comes to Suhnaina to say to her she has made her grand daughter Sona do the work of house like maid earning 500 to 1000 dollars. Suhnaina mind got idea and she asks Kanhaiyya to bring a maid. Suhnaina now wanted to explain Sona that housewives are no less than maids of house and Sona knows her sasuma's intentions and wants to prove her wrong. A maid laxmi is set to do the work in house and to get paid Rs 5000 per month...laxmi made poor half cooked food, washed clothes badly in colour on every cloth, badly cleaned house and makes excuse everytime to leave for home fast. Laxmi had worked for one day only till now. Neelam and Sona together prepared the lunch again made by laxmi by adding ingredients to it. Hungry family because of laxmi's poor food is served by sona's delicious kheer. Sona also removes clothes stains and Suhnaina knowing all this is still not happy...laxmi damages everyday while washing dishes and chiku makes a list of every damage...the plates, glasses, washing powder and tells the same to chachaji. Chachaji asks chiku the kid to keep an eye on laxmi and make a list of every damage. Sona thinks that she can join office anytime but firstly she has to well settle everything in house.

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Because of promotion one get hooked to something, And promotion is where everyone across the world get to about a show and about its concept and so much more.

Like Suhnaina and Kahnaiyya, Being a mother she shows her son what the do and how the convince Sona is being a housewife not a working wife and he agrees.


That's how promos are, We only learn a bit about the show, but we are convince it will be worth. So there are so for this show promos.


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Pictures make our breath sip a beat, as we just caught them at the right time at the right moment. We can never have them those time back, we are only left with memories and those memories live on forever.

Like Kanhaiyya & Sona & there romance, those wonderful moment only last once, Those moments can never be repeated.

 So here is a few scene till date on the show.


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We get to know people more by asking little questions

Like Inspector Kahnaiyya, He doesn't know anything until he questioned someone and they answered his question, then he would know what is what, and what is not.


Here are some interviews with Suhasi & Anriuddh and other Housewife Hai cast.



Suhasi Dhami have recently had an interview with IANS, to which she agrees on being a homemaker is a challenging job. To which she also admits she is not a Housewife and also says "we often take housewives for granted, but the fact is that they are smart in their own way. It is very difficult to take care of small and pitty issues. Through our show, we want to send out a message that housewives shouldn't be taken for granted. It is a light-hearted show, which will also put light on various social issues".

Suhasi also added that the television industry have make her learn her to have patience."This industry has taught me to be patient. And whatever I have done, I have always given my best in it. Even if it is a small role, you should give your 100 percent and leave the rest to others: she said.

Anriuddh Dave told IANS the show Housewife Hai comes with a message, while the show will provide full-fledged entertainment, it will also convey the importance and potential of a housewife. "The show is entertaining, but comes with a serious message. It is on the existence of housewives and how they are not less than working women," said Aniruddh.
He also added "Housewives have thousands of responsibilities. They have so many things to do at home too. In fact, I feel housewives can do much more than what working women can". The actor say he is not nervous about the and hopes the viewers like it. Fingers crossed.
Suhasi Dhami feels that housewives play an important role in keeping everything in the house intact and they should not be underestimated.

"Households that run like well-oiled machinery will come to a standstill and families will fall apart if these hardworking women stop doing the job they do! Yet, they are constantly made to feel like they do not make a significant contribution," she said.

As part of the wedding sequence in Housewife Hai, Dhami wore a 52 kg lehnga that is heavier than herself, she had 4 attendants to help her out during shooting. Here is what she had to say about wearing such an elaborate ghagra who had to put extra effort to retain her balance during hershooting, "It was quite a challenge to walk or even stand still in a costume as heavy as that lehnga. As a bride, there's so much more to focus on in terms of emotions ' one has to smile coyly, giggle, be respectful and touch the feet of elders. I found it very difficult to balance myself. But I'm happy with the end result."


Suhasi Dhami recently had an interview on which she was quizzed about her show Housewife Hai, and this is what she had to say.

How different is your character in 'Housewife Hai ' Sab Jaanti Hai' from Abha?
Playing the feisty and spunky Sona will be quite a departure for the actress from her previous portrayal of the Rajshri-style idealistic beti. Sona is a journalist who consciously decides to leave her job and be a housewife on getting married. The show wakes viewers up to the fact that being a housewife is not just a respectable choice but a challenging job that calls for resourcefulness, creativity and tact. In fact, the show captures how housewives can teach even the world's biggest CEOs the art of multi-tasking! The show will explore how she applies her intelligence to being a smart housewife, plays her cards well and sets an otherwise dysfunctional family back on track! 

Does the show emphasise the importance of a housewife?
Yes, it does. Tiffin for the hubby.  Homework with the kids. Picking and dropping them off at school. Scolding the dhobi for late deliveries. Papa' s High BP pills on time. Bargaining with the grocer. Supervising the bai's work. Handling the Bank accounts. Maa ji's special diabetes food. She pulls off all this and more in a day'yet you think it's only you who deal with a 'to-do' list, deadlines and pressure because you go to office and she sits at home! Her tasks probably outnumber yours. But being a housewife is not a job, just because she doesn't bring home a paycheck? 'Housewife Hai ' Sab Jaanti Hai'  proves once and for all that there's nothing easy about being a housewife, that it is perhaps more challenging than most jobs people do.

What made you accept the show?
The very premise of the show excites me as I feel strongly about the subject. It's sad how a lot of people say ' Oh, she doesn't do anything, she's a housewife! I find that statement ridiculous because people fail to realize the mountains most housewives move in the course of an average day. Households that run like well-oiled machinery will come to a standstill and families will fall apart if these hardworking women stop doing the job they do. Yet, they are constantly made to feel like they do not make a significant contribution. I am extremely glad to be a part of a show that highlights the dignity that exists in being a housewife and gives them their due respect. 

Who are the other actors?
 Himani (Shivpuri) ji will be seen as my greedy, self-centered, dominating mother-in-law, ever brimming with snide remarks and sarcasm. We have Anirudh Dave as the male lead and Parikshit Sahani as an elder in the boy's family.

Any last words?
Yes. I would like to thank Zee TV and the Rajshris for giving me name and fame ' and its been a pleasure working with producer Gulshan Sachdeva on Housewife.


Anriuddh Dave plays a cop, where he adapt Salman Khan Dabangg 2010 get up. The actor have drawn inspiration from Chulbul Pandey for a bindass, street smart and good natured cop. Right from the body hugging clothes to the aviators hanging from his belt. Anriuddh said "No one beat Salman Khan when it comes to style and swagger. And for this role Chulbul Pandey has been a reference point, while he is inimitable, I have tried to add my own personal touch to the role". 


Preeti Puri Choudary who earlier worked in Zee's shows Somnath Ki' Somnath Ki' and Mamta also in Naagin is now back with Zee in Housewife, here is what Preeti had to say about her character. 

'Yes, im doing Zee's new show. I am playing the 2nd daughter-in-law of the family and my character's name is Renu. Besides being modern and stylish, Renu is also a working woman who earns a handsome salary. She believes in the rat race of the world and strives to get what she wants. But there are times when she fails to fulfil her desires. All in its a fun loving character'.

Parikshit Sahni is a man who stay upto date with the latest technology and even doles tips to others, during  breaks he can always be seen on his iPad, iPhone or iPad mini.
"Be it games or the latest app (application) to hit the app market, Parikshit ji is the one person who would have tried and tested it out within the first few days of their launch," Anriuddh Dave, said in a statement. "In fact, I often go to him for advice on the best apps to use for whatever I need. Not only does Parikshitji help me out with getting the best apps available but he also shows me ways in which to make the best use of the apps," he added.

Okay, here are some brief facts about this show and about the stars. As there is so much that no one probably didn't know, but now we will.


Like Sona & the Chaturvedi Family, they are her family but yet there is so much that she doesn't know.


Do you know these facts?


Fact # 1

Did you Suhasi Dhami wasn't the first choice for Housewife Hai?

Who was?

It was Ragini Khanna, she had already signed the contract but due to date issue she was replaced by Suhasi

Fact # 2

Did you know Suhasi Dhami isn't a housewife real life?


 Becauseshe have such a mother in law that she just live her life freely.

Fact # 3

Did you know Suhasi Dhami also thinks being a Housewife isn't easy?


Her grandmother and mother who were also home maker and they manage all the chores very well, so she also believe being a housewife isn't easy. 

Fact # 4

Did you know Suhasi Dhami was very excited to be back on ZeeTv "Houswife Hai"?

Wonder why?

Because she thinks the concept is just great and housewives do have an important role.

Fact # 5

Did you know Suhasi Dhami wear a 52 kg ghagra in the show wedding sequence?

How did she manage?

She had to get 4 attendant to help her hold up the 52 kg lehnga, so that she could walk without losing her balance. 

Fact # 6

Did you know Anriuddh Dave had to gain weight for Housewife Hai role as Inspector Kanhiyya?

Why? How much weight?

Because he claims a cop have to look healthy. He gain 5  kilos to fit Kanhiyya.

Fact # 7
Did you know Parikshit Sahni (Chacaji) is keeping pace with the latest techonolgy
Yeah, He is. He stay abreast with the latest applications.LOL Oh, he is 70 yrs old.



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There are certain things that we love so much and when we add a little texture to bit, a little bit of colours, a little bit of brightness, and then merge them together they comes out so wonderful, so beautiful, which make us love them all over again. That's how creations are like, we love the show, we add text to a few images, we add more colours, we brighten it and then merge a few image together and our end result is breath taking. 

Like Kanhaiyya & Sona, a little sweet word from Sona brighten up Kanhaiyya's Day. A little touch from Sona make Kanhaiyya weak. A little joke from Kanhaiyya made Sona laugh.

That's how creations are like, So here are some creations on the show.



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Everyone have there own likes & dislikes, Everyone see things differently. I may be something bad, while Jesh may see that same thing good. I may not like something, while Jesh will just love it.

Like Suhnaina & Sona, both with different views. Suhnaina believes being a working wife is better that a housewife, while Sona believe being is housewife is better that a working wife.

With that in thought, we catch with a few fans so that they will tell us what they think about this show. Here is what they had to say. 


I think Suhasi Dhami as a Housewife is worth watching especially paired opposite Aniruddh Dave for the first time. There chemistry seems to be working quite well.

However, the role of Kanhaiyya seem quite confusing, as he think his mom is always right, Sona just give him a few sweet words and he thinks she is also right...  I totally love that, but it that will surely be a problem on the show progresses. One thing that really like with Aniruddh as Kanhaiyya is the way portray his dabbang look, he just got it so right.. Well, i will say no faults

Himani Shivpuri as Suhnaina is just a wonderful choice, As Hamani is a very talented actress and her role as a greedy saas. She just works her way well that role.


On whole,Suhasi looks as beautiful and stunning as she always did especially in YMGGK, portraying double role (Ahba, Albeli) was a challenge and now here a housewife Sona.

I can't say much about Aniruddh as i have never seen him, however i do look forward to see him in Housewife.

Together, I do hope these two chemistry make Magic.


I do like the idea of this show, as it does come with a message, We must not underestimate a women who is at home day and night, 24*7. As she may be worthed more than anything else.

What if one day she is not at home?

Will it still be a home?

No it will just be a House, as it takes a special person to make a house a home, and only a housewife can do that.

And a salute to all those woman who manage both the home and there work. How the hell do you guys do it???

Housewife is a serial portraying a working girl turned housewife to make everyone realize that housewife also holds a respectable position...however the story is same old but its a plus point that serial has a comedy takda in it and it attracts viewers to it...i am enjoying the serial and i am even more enjoying AD on screen...

About jodi...i am so used to watch AD with her previous lead pair but its life and i can't look back. I am already trying to like the new leads bound together and i hope the jodi together will make a 2nd place for it in my heart...suhasi is a gorgeous actress and she is the best choice for the role of sona...and AD is the handsome hunk and a king of expressions...both the leads r talented and hardworking and i like there onscreen jodi and offscreen masti and i truly wait for sonaiyya scenes...the dialogue writing of the serial is really good and i can say its dialogud writing is the true match to AD's old serial...all dialogues in rhyme...i enjoy and learn them

In the starting the serial was too comic which i didn't enjoyed much but since kanhaiyya's role got stability with less of comedy, i am liking it and yes i truly hate sunaina and julie and i feel bad for neelam...but no more sad when sona is there...renu, bindiya, goverdhan and uddham really make me laugh and serial is moving in a good way with curiosity for me everytime an episode ends

I do not believe in saas bahu serials but in shows who faces the real world issues...still housewife attracted me...may be because of my darling AD but i am keen to watch it and praise the show...i hope with time my review grow better and housewife sets its place in everyone's likes of serials...



The show haz two thingz : Information + Entertainment = Infotainment.
I waz watching this show jst for Aniruddh ... but now the whole cast  n the idea of the show is my favorite... Being a Saas , Sunaina iz the best typical saas... Sona'z decision to quit job waz really a brave decision bcoz being a housewife is very very difficult job.

Aniruddh as Kanhaiya ... OMG .. what to say... I saw him as Indu Singh in Ruk Jana Nahin... that's y it waz difficult to accept him as soft spoken Kanhaiya... but now i have understood the idea of this character... so...now um loving him.. i dont have much to say... I love this show...


I look at this show and I wanted to watch a few more episodes before I give a review of what I think this show really is. For me, it's going at its own pace and for a starter to the zee channel; the show has given us some cute romantic scenes. Overall it's a great show and I know it has a great potential to go very far and all characters have their part and I'm so happy to see everyone is being used in this show and not just the leads. I hope they keep bring in this art because it helps the story a lot. Even if it's for a few seconds, I hope they continue to show each character.

About the character, overall their acting seems mature and very outstanding. Starting with Sunanina, she is a great person but I'm gradually started hating the character being portrayed. Anyways, this is what helps build the story so I'm looking forward to see how Sona changes this MIL of hers. Devarji, seems quite understandable and he seems to fir good with Sona and Neelam. Neelam I must say is a great but I wish Neelam starts to show some sort of control to them but I guess this will only change until Sona becomes a housewife. Bindiya, Darshana and Renu ( evil people) **laughs** there character are great and I can see much use of them in this show and their acting is above rated, considering the fact that they are the ones who will be giving Sona some hard times. I forgot the male's names, but the sons look fit and good for their role. Neelam husband, he is great and portrays some good ethics. Coming to the children, Chicku is a great, he will be one of those children who help a lot and his character is well played by that individual. He adds some humour and some relief of tension to this show. I'm glad to see such a character. The two other girls sure have some potential and their character seems important in coming tracks. One is already reading a love letter (I think). Nice to see the contrast amongst the children.

Coming to the lead characters ' Suhasi has always been adorable in what she do. She is fine is portraying Sona but she seems a bit suffocated in her character. I hope to see her come out. But as a start, she ash been good and the character blends well with others. Kahanaiyya does a wonderful role and his little foolishness and flirts bring humour and it's indeed a light to the show. Both leads make this show a wonderful aspect and I hope it continue to shine and glitter and gain great importance.

In concluding, it is one of the best shows I would say. On a scale of 100 I would rate, at this point in time, of 85 with an outstanding batch of characters binding the family and contrasting each other, I will be looking forward to see how can a family of so many characters with different personalities and roles blend together to catch the team of Housewife Hai, Sab Jaanti Hai. I surely don't missed an episode now viewed in my country, and when I do get time I come to the forum and try to be active. So HHSJH continue to rock and keep moving. Love to see what this show has in store. Best of luck!

Saw a couple of episodes and the initial promos of the show. Although I believe even a housewife should get respect and they do get that except in some households. The serial is mostly based on a premise that career women don't do a good job of running house... Also in most homes people are not so easy on working women. They actually work in office and come back to work at home... some smart ones make the men roll up theor sleeves and help them, but then that requires manipulation.
Haven't seen any MIL who allows her working bahu to sit easy after coming from office. something tells me that sunaina would have hired a full day maid if Neelam was a career woman too!
However, most of the household jobs that Neelam is made to do are many times over exagerated. Which affluent household makes the women of the house sweep and clean it in India... not a common scene.
i am bit happy watching this serial in ZEE tv ...almost with more expectation i  started this serial and am happy that CV's made this happen Big smile 
 i am damn hard fan of AD ...i love his acting as kanhaiyya and his fuss with sona are quite remarkable ...i il feel happy wen he is completely out from his indu singh character coz i can quote some actions are so close to indu  which i can never forget ...i want kanhaiyya style not indu singh in AKHHSJH...
and sona is so wonderful to watch... her charming face makes me smile whenever she is on screen ...am seeing her for first time in serial ...her character has so importance she is having more potential ...
i love her smile ..so dashing ...i want sonaiyya to spend more intimacy moments ...they both are dabangg couple that is sure ...
apart from this so many characters playing their role in a good way ...many are new for me so guessing all turns well without affecting sonaiyya.
Still reserving judgment. I like the premise of the story, but it bothers me that Sona seeks to manipulate her husband and that he is portrayed as being less intuitive than her, unable to perceive that he's being manipulated. 

Sunaina's character seems very unkind and domineering, plus very caustic. 

I guess I didn't reserve judgment! ROFL

Please excuse me if I've stated my opinion too strongly. Love Suhasi and I do want to see the show succeed. 
Took the words right from my mouth (fingertips?)(Refering to MahikaL post^). I'm also quite unhappy, to say the least, that Sona has chosen to give up work in order to teach the family the value of a housewife. Surely it would have been equally, if not more, effective to show that external careers and domestic responsibilities can be balanced and are equally important?

There's something about her choice that puts forward the impression that working women cannot simultaneously manage a household and that idea does not sit well with me.
With so much said about this show Housewife Hai..Neelam was the one who handle everything yet no one respect her and treat her as a servant instead of a Bahu and Sona is quitting her job to be a housewife because she wants to set the family well, i.e to respect a woman who stay at home all day. But do you think being a Housewife is easy, is it because you stay at home all day,or is it because she doesn't brings home a paycheck and you do. What about those who juggle both. Anyways, here is how a few members of our forum answered that question.
. . .Discussion. . .
Is being a Housewife Easy?
Well being a housewife is definitely not easy the wife has to clean, cook, look after the kids and etc all the responsibility is on her to take care of the household! People take her for granted and you hardly see them complaining they also have to be up early and start doing their chores early to late it is difficult being a housewife and hats off to them.
Lots think the housewife doesn't have to go and work they are justa at home all day such an easy life but that's not how it is she has so much responsibility and working non stop looking after their whole family plus looking after whole household how do they do it all alone.

I am truly liking the serial not because my actor is working in it, but also because of the fact that i feel bad for every single housewife who is only considered as a working material in their houses...dunno why people do not want to see that they are the reason creating bonds in the family. She not only takes care of the home, husband, children and in laws but they smartly take care of the other works related to outside world. Even my mom is a housewife but she manages her work well. She considers everything as her duty. She takes care of my house, of us children and my father. she also does other works like paying electricity bills, managing the requirements of house, tutions for my small sis...she manages everything so well. She does not earn but saves the money...i can relate my mom to the character of sona. Sona is not only a fiction character but it signifies each and every housewife of india and the world

They r appreciated but its also a truth that EVERYONE DOES NOT THINK THE SAME. AT MANY PLACES OF WORLD, HOUSEWIVES ARE TREATED BADLY BY THEIR OWN INLAWS...when the day will come when they will be equally respected as the working ladies...i am lucky that where i live housewiver r respected for their everyday effort.
People should understand that Housewife is someone who runs a family and is running a family easy? That is why a Housewife is also called a House Maker, i wonder what would a house be without them. In my opinion, respect should be given to them and they should be really appreciated for what do they in a family. In most family, the housewife also manages the house expenses. So they also have an accountant in them .
When people say housewife it sounds oh you are a housewife like people straight away think that it is not an important work at all but think again as being a housewife is the most difficult job of all as after marriage a person has to become a wife and then a DIL and then a mother so it's one role after another and it doesn't stop there after that there have to take care of the husband and the in-laws and children one thing after another and being a housewife means she must be caring,loving,understanding and above all have patience and that makes a great housewife.
As i think, in my opinion, housewives r not only neglected, mistreated, but also thought to have little knowledge abt outside world, like someone who cannot cope up with the present modern world & technology. Sometimes, i have come across people who r ashamed to admit that their mother/sis is a housewife. 

If it comes abt study, or using any device, or having idea abt something, housewives r told like-U DON"T KNOW THESE...but y??

These type of comments & behavior shall have to be changed...
Of course being a Housewife is not easy. A housewife  takes care of a home and manages other things as well.People underrate housewives which is not good and housewives deserve to be treated better. They way  Neelam is treated in the show awful. Just because housewives do not earn a salary at the end of the month does not mean they should be treated so bad. Being a housewife is not easy and housewives definitely deserve to be treated better .
being a housewife is very hard because a housewife never gets leave or holidays. She never gets a bonus and she never receives any kind of medal or degree.and the saddest part is that many people don't appreciate the work that a housewife does. If a housewife wants then she can also go to work and earn money, but its her love for her family that makes her run a home so efficiently and tirelessly.
A HW is a multi tasker...she's the one who bonds the family well & 2gether...she's a wife, a DIL, a mother, a SIL & she's the only one makes the smooth functionin of a family with her tender luv & care  Embarrassed... i always felt proud 2 say that m a HW...m a teacher by profession but quitted job for the well being of my family... & i've no hard feelings at all Approve ... wat ever u do...do it with some passion & dedication...nobody won't neglect u...that's my POV... m lucky 2 b a part of a family who gives due respect 2 their DIL...no matter she's wrkin or nt.. this saaz bahu drama is happenin in the real world too but in this materialistic world , majority r well educated so i think, now it's  lil less as compared 2 wat v views in shows ... in conclusion, i wud like 2 say that bein a HW is nt at all easy Tongue... if she's wrkin outside or nt...earnin herself or nt... but watever u do...be yourself ...do it with passion ...hav self respect !!  Smile
No its Not easy But I think woman should be a housewife Just for her husband and Kids and why I say
as A kid when u return from school and your mom is away U miss her or feel alone ... but when u find her at home u really find a good reason to come home running ..

Housewife job is not easy and top of that she does not get paid.  she will do all the things with an invisible tag "no charge".

yet when she asks her children to do something, first thing they will ask is what's in it for me???   If she asks her s-i-l (nanad etc), they will say the time you spent asking us,  you yourself could have done it yourself in that time.
A housewife job is very hard..she has to cook, clean, wash, see about the kids etc etc..I work part time in an accounting position..I can tell you that housewife is a more fulfilling and satisfying role than an employee in a company..I would'nt mind being a full time housewife...but only for my family which includes my hubby, 2 kids and myself...any in laws can go to hell !!!! I am sorry but my in laws cant even get me to do anything for them lol.
Being a housewife is not easy and I for one know that I would not be able to last. They do everything for us cooking, cleaning, managing the house and what not and then there's us who take advantage of it. They have a life of their own buh they chose to take of us all. My mum used to work however when she had my younger siblings she decided to stay at home and take care of us all. She didnt have to buh she did.

If I ever was a housewife I would never be able to be reach that position let alone be as good as her. She's my inspiration and one day and I would like to have a family like hers.

They all do this for us and they don't even get a thank you from most of us.
I salute each and every housewife out there. Without them most of us would be no one.

I'd say being a woman itself is not easy. 
Being a housewife well doomed if you don't and damned if you do!!
Gosh, I chose to be a housewife for like 2 years and actually felt bored with too less work so decide to go out and work!
I am sure the other housewives you are talking about have loads of work... My life hasn't been touchd upon by any housewife as my mum and all my aunts worked. But yeah my MIL is a housewife, but offcourse she did not impress me for obvious reasonsLOL
I'd say a home with a housewife is definitley a better place to come back to. This woman would serve you and welcome you with a smile, like I did when I stayed home as I was well rested and refreshed.
But after taking on a career, I am much too tired just like my hubby and kid and come back grumpy and with my own set of issues.
first i should thank u all for taking housewife as a serious profession like doctor,engineer,etc... i should definetly appreciate each and every mom for doing their work in a clean way without even complaining or hesitating ...as of much thought even they are fell with ill they do their part in a good way ...
i should thank my mom for this and also all mothers...but there are some cases were they are not considered into a profession so this serial is much really needed for the society ...
certainly the respect doesnt come at a instance unless all experience and feel their pain wen they are not there for us to help ...Smile
so i really feel proud of my mother Big smileand also as a girl who is going to turn to be a house wife any day.

That was our forum members answer to the question "Is being housewife easy".
Do share you views also.

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Aaj Ki Housewife Hai.. Sab Jaanti may be just another indian serial on ZeeTv, But the show does come with a message. Just become a woman chose to stay in the house and do everything, we should underestimate her, we should just treat her a servant. Just become she doesn't get a salary at the end of the month that doesn't mean she isn't worth. Just become chose to do all the work like maid that doesn't make her one. Afterall, if she wasn't there to do all those little things that we just fail to see, would everything go smooth. If she wasn't there would a house still be home. What would we have done without the one who handle everything in a house. Our House would have never ever become a Home without her, who would have never got food, our clothes would have never been wash, our rooms would have never been pack, when we are sick we would have to help self. Without her, Life get impossible.

And yet there are woman who manage both, You guys are just mind blowing. And with this show, many final will realise the worth of a woman who keeps to house together.

A salute to all the working woman who manage there homes very well and work. To all the woman who stay at home to make everything extra special for all members.
Our Aaj Ki Houseiwfe Hai Forum is always open to all members to visit and be part. I can assure you we have some very friendly members there, so do visit Aaj Ki Housewife Hai - Sab Jaanti Hai Forum while you are there catch up on some of the latest news, discussion, promos, video update, written update, DOTW, GOTW.
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Without them, I would not have been able to complete this thread.
So here I would like to Thank.
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Character Sketch and Story till now was by (Sonali) sonali.singh.
Special Thanks to my darling partner Jesh (love_Karanabha).
*Thank You All*

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