Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OS ~PAAP~ EPILOGUE pg/18 feb 21st!!!

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She was fishing for the money which has to give to the driver, god dam where the heck this money is!! Geet squealed with an irritation as her fingers started to search purse very carefully. She fell down holding the purse unable to grasp herself back anymore and the alchohol bottle broke into pieces. The cab driver got annoyed waiting for her to give the money as geet drifted to unconsciousness.

Lady you did not pay the amount you will have to give something else to me now, saying this the driver started to pick geet in arms and place her in the car when a man shoved the money on his face. He said sorry, but that wasn't enough he received a tight blow from the man, with that blood started to ooze out from mouth. He again punched the driver this time to pay double the amount!!


Nahi maan yeh paap hai why don't you just understand this is wrong I never loved you, she said covering her body as much as she could ... Kya kaha tumne?? Yeh paap hai?? how dare you geet!! don't dare hide anything from me you love me I know the infact jitna pyar main tumse karta hoon usse kahi jyada tum mujhse and I really don't need to know this from your mouth which can never reveal the truth about the love you have for me maan dipped his head in the crook of her neck to nibble onto the soft skin of her while somebody knocked the store room door in the college.

Meera: geetu baby kaha ho tum?? Kitni der ho gayi come out she nudged ... aayi bus give me ten minutes she tried to shove maan away from herself please maan leave me meri shaadi tay ho gayi and you cant touch me I am somebody else's to-be-wife she wriggled while maan's hold went tighter around her body. His one hand reached the zip of her back, he was about to pull it down when geet's tearful eyes began to hurt him further. Maan looked away and pushed her making geet to fall down

Yeh paap karke tumhe main ek min mein apna leta lekin no against your will. Damn with your Indian feelings, that is your weak point haina?? What if I touch you?? what if I do a PAAP by breaking your virginity?? What if I ... geet backed off as maan started to step towards her bolo geet jawab do?? Shaadi karogi mujhse?? He said bending down, pulling her lips between his fingers making geet to get scared.

Please maan mujhe kuch mat karo try and understand I cant be yours geet strived her best to be stern not letting him realize that she LOVES HIM too, which he knows just wanted to hear out her confession.

Thik hai shaadi karna hai karlo, kisi aur ki banna hai banlo lekin tum aaogi toh mere hi paas, tumhe main khud se alag nahi karsakta he left the room saying this while geet fell on the floor crying I LOVE YOU maan lekin tumhe main apna majboori nahi bata sakti I just cant

Geet went out towards the classroom fixing her dress and duppata, she feared maan will definitely do something as this is the last day of their college. He had already taken up the business of family as CEO and from the next day she will not see him.

A day ago,

Meera: dev bohut acha ladka hai uncle and I know him since long, he is the son of my dad's friend maanti hoon we are a middle class family lekin dev geet ko bohut khush rakhega trust me on this meera held geet's arm while her heart expected his dad would say yes to the alliance moreover she loves maan, probably a secret thing which only she knows. Meera and geet are friends from childhood, geet lost her mother but never remembered her for once with meera being her side all the time.

Mohinder: betaji hum kuch de nahi paayenge dahej ke roop mein, you know we don't have anything to give but still if you insist I don't mind waise bhi tum logon ki padhai ko khatm ho hi chuki hai

Meera: aap maan gaye papa iske aage main dekhlongi she said side hugging geet, meera knows geet was not happy with this alliance so was meera. What to do?? Meera wanted to marry dev but dev's family were very particular about the CASTE of her and geet is the one who will help her out from all this. Once dev and geet will marry she will enjoy with dev throwing geet away, meera smirked when geet said yes as mohinder was geet's life. She loves her father a way too much.

That evening dev met mohinder and at the very moment mohinder was impressed with his looks and the property, job he has of all his behavior seemed quite dazzle. He felt blessed to have meera on his side, least did he know what PAAP he was doing!!


Geet looked at the mangalsutr that dev was about to tie it, her heart began to bleed literally, how cruel can the fate be she thought. But the when all the rituals finished, she feared the next!! Suhaagraat!! God how would she give into a person whom she can never ever love in life?? To her luck maan was in newyork for six months on a business trip who was unaware about the marriage. Who would expect geet will get married in just two days?? Geet's pupils dilated when the door opened with a click, next was something least she expected. Dev changed himself and slept beside her ... so jao geet its late now.

A whole month passed, geet was pampered in the family like a child everybody loved her so much, slowly geet thought dev was in a feeling that she is unable to accept this sudden marriage. Probably she needed time, how good her husband is!! And how mean she is that she cant love him. A guilt started to crop up inside her body, even though she cant love dev, she can atleast live like he wants her to. That night geet prepared dev's favourite food and was waiting for him to come back home.


Geet do you have a passport?? Dev asked eating the food and changing the channels in tv... ji I have it par kyun?? She asked doubting that he had something big to say

Dev: woh we will have to move to newyork I got a promotion and we are moving there permanently ... par dev how can we move to newyork leaving the whole family here she sounded disappointed.

Its my job geet and you are my wife, tumhe aana ho toh aao nahi toh yehi reh jao with the family I don't mind saying this dev left the food in between and went into the room.


In a month geet had to settle down in an unknown city god it was too difficult with people so modern around her. The way they dress, she had seen such things only in movies and tv. Slowly she started to forget about maan and decided to bound herself to this marriage, least did she know what she will have to face that night.

Geet started to work in a school, as a teacher. After coming to newyork that was the only thing which would give her peace. She returned early today as the heavy snowfall made them to give a holiday in the afternoon session and when she arrived home the main door was left open strange she thought, might be dev was here she guessed and then she heard some sounds from the bedroom. A vase broke making it into pieces, she got frightened, kahi chor toh nahi hai babaji!! She feared, geet took out the knife from kitchen and went towards the door to open it then the voice that struck her ears left her dumb... oh dev faster please

Meera!! The knife from her hand fell down automatically, geet bent down to look into the room through the slit of the door and the sight that caught her... dev aur meera!! She sank down on the floor unable to comprehend as to what plight they were upto. She closed her eyes with shame and sat on the sofa in the hall waiting for them to come out after their so called session. And they didn't even till evening, by then they knew geet was home and now it mattered least as they no more wanted to play a hide and seek game. Atlast they dressed up and came out to find geet lost in thinking. Meera had no guilt at all for whatever she did with geet, its her own life that was important to her.

Meera: I did all this to just to have my love with me all my life geet, dev never wanted to go against his family they were blackmailing him that they would die if he marries me coz they were particular about the caste of the girl whom he would marry that's the reason why I used you. But then you are free to do anything you wish for!! You can move on, as we have decided to life here we will provide you with financial support after all we are friends from childhood. Dev aur main aise hi rahenge tum chaho ya na chaho and where will you go from a place like this?? Your passport is with us, kahi nahi jaa paogi tum!!

That was a shock geet could never cope up at all. Maan was right damn with her Indian feelings, she changed herself into a western outfit, into a knee length dress and left for the pub to drink. She cant go back to india no never. Her father will die, it would be better is she stays there and earn a living. Anyway she had a job which will fetch enough money why bother to go back and give pain to her father?? She became alchoholic, every night she goes to pub drinks heavily and comes back home. Her mornings would go in the school and then nights in the pub with drinks.


Geet woke up from the deep sleep, her head began to ache badly with the amount of liquor she had consumed last night. She looked around to find where she is, but then she fixed her dress properly getting scared with this place. But some faint images of her talking to a man flashed infront of her eyes, she recollected who it was.

Somebody in?? she got up and walked towards the washroom to freshen up then come back as her dress started to stink with liquor just then two strong arms pulled her and slammed her on the wall nearby to take her lips into his and kiss her madly knocking breath off her!!

Geet did not protest knowing who it is, she kissed him with equal fervor raising the power of the blood of hers growing more and more to flow with double rate of speed. A passion collided their body causing the inexplicable feelings to come out like a hot molten lava bursting out. Their tongues danced against each other and then started the tug of war, the saliva mingled with each others. An euphoria overtook with naked desire, maan pulled her closer squeezing her waist with his palm. He didn't know when his hand untied the towel from body, leaving him an access of her body. Maan bent down to trail kisses from neck to her cleavage when suddenly he stopped to look at geet soaked in aspiration, still he feared she might term his love to be paap again. He wanted her to accept this relation but will she. Maan bent down to pick the towel and cover geet with it, he tried to walk back... yeh paap nahi hai maan, I am sorry I gave you pain bt please trust me I was forced to...woh toh

Jaanta hoon sab jaanta tha, sab jaanta tha ... I knew meera and dev love each other and they were using you he said sternly

Jaante the?? Phir bhi nahi aaye mere liye?? Mere paas??.... geet was shocked with the revelation maan gave, main tha tumhare paas hamesha lekin tum jaanti nahi thi geet. I was with you to protect you but didn't know with your feelings you would have felt guilty. I was waiting for the right time.

Badla le rahe the?? ... Haan badla le raha tha tumse for leaving me to sulk alone even after loving and I did not do anything coz I wanted you back in my life remember what I said that day?? Even if you get married you will remain mine. Yakeen tha mujhe you will come back to me, meri nazar kabhi tumse hati hi nahi thi

He received a tight slap for saying that still she did not regret loving this man unconditionally. She hugged maan with all might ... Mujhe paap nahi pyar chahiye from you today...I LOVE YOU she said throwing the towel off her body to commit a sin!! A paap!! Which is love!!

Things I want to clear is the one sin!! One paap!! Every single person did here!!

Geet not confessing her love to her father knowing how much maan loves her

Maan who was watching the game of dev and meera they were playing on with geet as he wanted her to realize what mistake she did by agreeing to the marriage

Geet's father, who did not find about dev blindly believed meera

Meera and dev who used geet for being together

Family of dev who cannot use their commonsense that it is the blood group one has to consider for marriage not caste or kundali or any else thing. Blood group is necessary because both the male and female should have either +ve or 've group incase if the male has +ve and female has  've group then that MAY lead to the death of mother with the reactions due  to the different groups of blood at the time of child birth this is the logical reason for as to why mother dies during the birth of child!! This fact I came to know few days back so thought of letting you all know it.

Here I want to ask you all who is the biggest sinister here?? All of them are but who do you feel did the large crime?

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yuppiieee me 1st again...DancingDancing
awesome mindblowing teaser...Wink
intrestng.. n im excited 4 diz new story...
w8ng eagerly 4 1st part...

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wonderful teaser

pls continue soon..

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congo on new story...sounds really good... looking forward to read more..

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Congrats dear for your new OS

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Wwow...New story from u...Waiting Sweety Jaldi dena...

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