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FF:Love. Sex. Aur Dhoka?TD4 CH104 Pg142 4/13

everydayirabave Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2013 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
since the other thread has reached 140+ pages, i decided to start a new thread.
but omg! i can't believe that this is happening! fourth thread?! HOLY SHEEIZ! 

thanks especially to my IF buddy Chandni! Embarrassed

also thanks to my fave authors like Appy Di, Ravneet (TouchofArhi), Vani, Hrideyy, Zara, and many more! if it weren't for you guys, this wouldn't have happened Smile

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everydayirabave Goldie

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everydayirabave Goldie

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Posts: 2174

Posted: 08 February 2013 at 5:26pm | IP Logged

Chapter 87

A whole bunch of guys came in and everyone was confused.

"Raghav bitwa, what is all this," Deviyani asked.

"You'll see Nani," he smirked and then looked at Chutki.

Chutki looked at him confused, but she was determined to find out. Raghav gave her a simple smirk and left to join the guys.

Chutki went over to her sisters. "Khushi Di, what's going on."

"I don't have a clue," Khushi replied. "Pays, Seemz, do you two know anything."

They simply shook their heads, not having a clue. The four girls were trying to figure it out together when music went off:

"Ye Kudiyaan Nashe Diyaan Pudiyaan"

Just from the first two words, Chutki had realized what was going on and knew how to play back.

"Ye Munde Gali Ke Gunde"

Raghav was impressed and continued with the guys.

"Ye Kudiyan Nashe Diyan Pudiyan

Ye Munde Gali Ke Gunde

Nashe Diyan Pudiyan

Gali Ke Gunde"

All of a sudden, the guys groups split into two, to reveal a mans back.


Two more guys came out with their backs faced towards everyone.


The girls' hearts fluttered and they couldn't believe it.

The three men turned their heads a bit, but not enough to reveal.

"Mehndi Lagake Rakhna,"

The three men turned to reveal Akash, Arnav, and NK, going from left to right.

"Doli Sajake Rakhna"

The Raizadas and the Guptas were in shock as the boys danced.

"Mehndi lagake rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori
Aayenge tere sajna"

The other men joined in, as well as Raghav.

"Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna"

Raghav went up to Chutki, along with some of the men and have her a challenging look.

"Oh.. ho..."

Chutki rolled her eyes.

"oh.. ho..."

Chutki had no problems cause she knew we sisters well, unlike anyone. And if she knew her sisters, she knew that this would be easy as pie because her sisters had danced to this song a bajillion number of times. No prob! And as expected, Khushi went with the next verse.

"O.. aa..

Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna"

Khushi blushed.

"Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Yeh dil ki baat apne
Dil mein dabake rakhna"

The Gupta girls' friends were here and they had all danced to this song had a wedding of their friends, so having moves were no problem and they had joined Chutki, who also knew the moves.

"Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna

Mehendi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna"

The beat went off and everyone had the beat flowing in them. After all, you know how we Desi people are ;-)

The four Raizada boys, along with their group danced.

"Hoye.. hoye.. hoye.."

And Chutki and her group wasn't any less.

"Hoye.. hoye.. hoye.."

Raghav went up to Chutki to show off his moves, but Chutki was way better and thumped him away.

Akash and NK were game and went along with the song.

"Ud udke teri zulfein
Karti hain kya ishaare
Dil thaamke khade hain
Aashiq sabhi kanware"

Payal and Seema's mehendi was done, so they had gotten up and played back.

"Chhup jaayein saari kudiyaan
Ghar mein sharamke maare
Gaanv mein aa gaye hain
Paagal shehar ke saare"

Arnav gave Khushi a sneaky, sexy smirk.

"Nazrein jhukake rakhna
Daaman bachake rakhna

Nazrein jhukake rakhna
Daaman bachake rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori
Aayenge tere sajna"

And all the guys joined.

"Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna"

Payal and Seema joined Chutki and the girls.

"Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna"

The music went off again and at the sounds of the ukulele, the boys snuck their girls a glance. And then the whole boys crew went running and grabbed everyone up and everyone

Arnav had gotten Khushi up, whose mehendi was done, and they danced together, not removing their eyes off of each other, Payash (Payal and Akash) and Naeema (NK and Seema) doing the same.

"Oh' ho' aa'.
Oh' ho' aa'"

And then the groups split, Arnav being the lead to the next verse.

"Main ek jawaan ladka
Tu ek haseen ladki
Ye dil machal gaya toh
Mera kusoor kya hai"

Khushi went with the next.

"Rakhna tha dil pe kaabu
Ye husn toh hai jaadu
Jaadu hi chal gaya to
Mera kusoor kya hai"

Arnav walked behind his brothers.

"Rasta hamara takna"

He stood in between Akash and NK.

"Darwaaza khula rakhna"

And the boys danced together.

"Rasta hamara takna
Darwaaza khula rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori
Aayenge tere sajna"

And the boys got down on their knees before their girls.

"Kuchh aur ab na kehna
Kuchh aur ab na karna
Kuchh aur ab na kehna
Kuchh aur ab na karna
Yeh dil ki baat apne
Dil mein dabake rakhna"

Arnav and the boys danced with their whole group.

"Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna"

Khushi and the girls danced with their group.

"Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna"

And then the music went off and everyone was dragged in and they all danced.

"Shava hoyyi.. hoyyi.. hoyyi.. Shava!"

The whole room was heated up from everyone dancing. Once all the dancing stopped, everyone held onto each other to catch their breaths, giving each other a hug. Raghav and Chutki bumped into each other, but Chutki rolled her eyes and moved away. Each of the boys held onto their girl from behind and gave them a hug.

The boys were to busy enjoying, when their ears were all of sudden pulled on.

"Ah," all the screamed. "Let go."

Anjali was holding onto Arnav's ear, Manorama was holding onto Akash's ear, and Padmini was holding onto NK's ear, all three ladies pinching really hard.

"Di," Arnav exclaimed. "Let go!"

"Why should I Chote?"

"Ma, please," Akash said. "Please let go."

"Par why? Eh? Hello hi, bye bye!"

"Ma! Let go," NK exclaimed. "Please Ma!"

"Why should I? Why should any of us? Feeling embarrassed in front of your bride to-be?"

All three boys' faces flushed and the girls tucked their lips in, holding back a laugh. The boys noticed and gave them a threatening look, which wasn't missed by the three Raizada ladies, so they pinched harder.

"Giving my sisters in-law a threatening look, are we," Anjali exclaimed.

"Di," Arnav exclaimed. "You're hurting me!"

"Good! You deserve to be punished! You knew you weren't supposed to be here. ALL THREE of you did!"

"We came because we couldn't resist," Arnav exclaimed, and managed to get away from Anjali and he went running to Khushi and held her from behind, hiding from his Di.

"Chote, come here," Anjali said.

"No way," he said, snuggling into Khushi.

"Arre Anjali betiyan," Deviyani said, "Chote aap ki baat ab tori soniwale hain."

"Haan," Akash and NK agreed, and the two freed themselves as well and ran to their girls.

"Hello hi, bye bye! Akash bitwa! Come herez!"

Akash shook his head and hugged Payal.

"Nanhe, come here," Padmini said.

NK pouted and shook his head and held onto Seema tightly, resting his chin on her shoulder.

All three couples looked adorable and all the Raizada and Gupta people were in awe. They had called the cameraman over and took a picture of each couple individually, and then all the couples together. Then they took a huge family picture of the Guptas and Raizadas together.

Eventually the Raizadas had to leave and when the boys got their chance, they kissed their girls goodbye, and then left.

Raghav have Chutki one last glance. "Bye Rehana."

Chutki slightly gaped. No one had called her that in years.

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everydayirabave Goldie

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Chapter 88
Gupta mansion was getting highly decorated. There were workers all over the place, placing tarps, curtains, lights and a whole bunch of things.

Same thing was going on at the Raizada Mansion. People and workers were all over the place, getting the mansion decorated. Lots of buzzing and hustling all over!

The boys were all hanging out the gym, since they were doing their daily morning routine.

NK let out a deep groan, stretching out. "Gosh, I can't wait anymore," and he stretched even more.

"Tell me about it," Akash breathed out as he ran on the treadmill.

NK leaned back on his arms and sighed. "Once she's here, I won't care about another thing! Life. Will be. AWESOME!"

Arnav looked up at his brother, still doing his push-ups, mentally counting.

174' 175'.

"Day and night' it'll just be her," NK sighed again.

His brothers just shook their heads.

"What? I'm sure you both are boiling up inside!"

Akash gave a crooked grin. "Of course. Like you think I can wait any longer. I just want it to be D-day."

"More like W-Day."

Akash just shook his head and completed his run and got off, taking a drink of water from his bottle and wiped his sweat away with a white towel.

"What about you Nanav?"

Arnav said nothing and continued his pushups.

186' 187'

"Cummon Nanav! We know you're excited," NK said as Akash walked over to his side, his towel hanging around his neck.

Arnav didn't say anything.

191' 192'

"Come on Bhai," Akash said. "We KNOW you're excited. You're just trying to look all normal and what not."

196' 197'

"Come on Nanav! Stop b*llsh*ting!"

198' 199'

NK gave Akash a look and Akash understood immediately. NK quickly went to Arnav and before he could sit up, NK dived on top of Arnav, Akash coming on top of NK.

"What the?! Get of you two," Arnav exclaimed.

"What Bhai," Akash said innocently. "Can't we mess around with you?"

NK chuckled and Arnav groaned.

"Fine! What do you two want," Arnav asked, irritated.

"Answer our question," NK said.

Arnav sighed and leaned on his arms. "Of course I can't wait for her. I wish she was here now. ' I just want to hold her in my arms all day." He smiled. "In fact I'll do that all day when we're married."

Arnav was stuck in daze and his brothers looked at him, raising their eyebrows.

Arnav was still stuck in thought. "I will never, EVER' let her go," and he smiled.

Akash and NK slowly got off of him and got down on the floor in front of him, on their tummies, just like Arnav was.

"What else Bhai," Akash said.

"When I have her, all I'm ever gonna do is keep her happy."

"And," NK asked.

"And I'll mess around with her," he smiled.

"And," Akash asked.

"And I'll love everything about her."

"Like," NK questioned.

Arnav rested the right side of his face on his right arm. "Uske baal' uske ankhen' uska smile," and he smiled even more.

Akash and NK held back their laughs. NEVER had they EVER seen their brother so lovesick. NOT EVER, in their life. Before any of the problems happened with the girls, Arnav was chill, hitting on girls and especially flirting with girls. After all the problems and before the makeups, Arnav was as stiff as stale old bread from a century ago. Yup. Hard as a rock. He would always find something, even someone, to let all his anger out on. But now with Khushi back in his life, he was back to the person he once was. Charming, happy, and devilish Wink Blushing

Arnav realized what he had said and gave his brothers a threatening look. Akash and NK got up and burst laughing, holding onto each other for support as they laughed.

"Dude, it's NOT that funny," Arnav defended.

But the two boys had no words, still laughing.


Arnav was about to charge at his brothers, when Anjali came in. She looked at Akash and NK as the two tried to stop, but they ended up holding onto their Di's shoulder for support.

"Arre? What's so funny," Anjali asked. "Chote? Why are these two laughing."

Before Arnav could speak, Akash spoke.

"Di' you should hear how your "Chote" speaks all grown up."

"Uske baal' uske ankhen' uska smile," NK quoted.

"Classic," Akash said.

Anjali looked at her Chote, who was slightly blushing, fuming at the same time. She shook her head and hugged her brother. "Kyun tum dono humare Chote ko bother karte hoon?"

But Arnav could see his sister trying hard not to laugh. He shrugged her away. "Oh please Di! I can see you trying not to laugh!"

Anjali couldn't help herself and joined the other two and laughed. "Im' I'm sorry Chote," and she giggled.

Arnav shook his head. "I can't wait till she arrives," Arnav said, grabbing his towel and putting it around his neck. He grabbed his bottle and left the room, the three following behind.

"Chote wait," Anjali said, still somewhat giggling.

Arnav paid no mind and continued walking. Padmini was right ahead and he went over to her and got her blessings.

"Morning Choti Ma."

"Morning beta." She stepped away. "Ugh! You're so sweaty! Go take a shower."

"I will-"

"Now Chote. I will not stand it seeing my son looking like a mess."

Armav just smiled and held her hand. "Love you Choti Ma."

"Love you too Chote," she smiled.

"Aur hum?!"

The two turned to see Anjali, Akash, and NK pouting.

Padmini just chuckled. "Of course I love you three too!"

The four KIDS looked at each other sneakily and then gave Padmini a group hug.

"Kids! Let go," Padmini exclaimed.

But none of them did. They just hugged her more.

"Bacho please! Well, it's okay of Anju hugs me, but you boys no!"

The boys let go. "Kyun?!"

"Kyun," she mimicked. "Because all three of you are extremely sweaty! Now go take a shower! As for me, now I need to shower."

The boys just chuckled and gave Padmini and Anjali a kiss on their cheeks and then left to their rooms, Arnav hitting the other two boys before leaving to his room.

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vandana1965 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 February 2013 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
its pretty good. do continue. thanks.

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wildandsweet Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2013 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
sweet update
the boys chilling missing their girls
cant wait for the wedding

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Navimalik Goldie

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awnn... cute update ... arnav is sooo lovesick types...but adorable... continiue soon..

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Arhi87 Senior Member

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loved... both updates were awesome!!!!!!

can't wait for their weddingsBig smile

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