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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Mg os-Happy Rose day..

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Hello all...
This os is an excerpt from my previous story "Colors" however there are certain modifications and additions...!!!
I know i am posting it on a day after "Rose day",but its valentine week atleast...
Hope you all would enjoy it..
ps-not proof read..please ignore the mistakes...

Dedicated to "Susegad" and "The Brat"...!!!!

                                       HAPPY ROSE DAY...

The Red Crayon felt smaller than its size in his large hand. He picked the pink one now from the crayon box kept near the Sheet having sketch of Rose
"Which one I should use,Red or pink???" He asked his wife after spending much time to decide the color.She was a painter herself and could suggest him the best.
She gave an amusing smile as she adjusted the pillow behind her back.."Stop it maan..Painting is not your cup of tea..."She remarked.
"I know that geet,,thats why I am using "Crayons" like a five year old kid...You should  atleast appreciate my efforts .."He answered in a dejected voice.
"ohk ohk..I am sorry..Do continue your wonderful painting but let me sleep peacefully please.."
"No you can't sleep with peace as I am not going to turn off the lights till I complete coloring it..."Maan exclaimed adamantly..
Geet felt herself falling for her husband once again who never let her feel that she was blind, who loved her beyond limits,however It also brought the sadness of not being able to see that love reflecting in his eyes..
"It does not matter to me whether Room lights are on or off maan..You know it very well.."
He could feel the sadness and despair in her words.."It would matter to you in due time geet.."Maan said in a confident voice.."Right now just tell me,which color I should use for coloring this rose,Red or pink???"He spoke further to change the topic of conversation.
"Use different color for each petal maan.."Geet gave her weird suggestion,however maan did whatever his wife suggested.
"Done..!!!"He gave a victorious smile as he finished coloring the last petal in violet color..
"It must be looking beautiful.."Geet said after some time tracing her fingers on the sheet.."I love doing such experiments with colors..Only colors can support and materialize your weird imaginations sometimes.."She spoke further..
Maan was able to see the twinkle on her face but soon the sadness was back there,"I mean I used to love doing such experiments earlier..You know when I have not lost my eye..."
He did not let her finish the sentence as he intervened..
"Yes,this multicolor Rose is looking beautiful however now I have to find some plant biotechnologist instead of a florist"..
"What do you mean maan???"Geet asked utterly confused with this biotechnologist thing.
"Its none of your concern geet..lets sleep now.."He said covering her with duvet as he adjusted on his side of the bed.
He looked at the serene expression on geet's face while she was floating in her dreamland..Thank god we don't need eyes to see dreams atleast..He thought as his gaze fell on the rose sketch kept on the side table.
He had purposely done this "Crayon painting" as he wanted to know what color Rose he should bring for his wife on the Rose Day tomorrow.He was confused between Red and Pink and on the basis of geet's choice of crayon,he wanted to take the decision..His plan failed quite miserably as geet chose all the colors one by one to paint single rose..The Rose,her imagination painted was impossible to find in this universe..Only a plant biotechnolgist might grow such rose in his laboratory after performing a number of gene transfer experiment..
His plan did not serve his first purpose however it did something more important which he wanted to do since a long time..After that accident,it was the first time when he had seen that "spark"back on geet's face when she was talking about colors.
"I know what color Rose i should bring for you tomorrow.."He spoke with a smile with his finger lingering on the green colored petal on the sketch...
She felt something velvety crawling on her cheeks.NO matter,her eyes has lost their ability,she could recognize those early  morning hours when sun sprinkles its red hue a little in dim blue skies.She had painted that scenario several times before.It was not because of breeze which entered in her room,caressing the light blue curtains.It was not because of chirping of birds outside.It was not because of slight sounds of bells in temple nearby.She could guess it was 6 am  because of fragrance of his aftershave that filled her nostrils.He was near her,trying to wake her up in a cliched romantic style.How much cliched his style was,her morning could not be more beautiful.
"Good morning..."Geet said catching the rose on her cheek.She knew he was caressing her cheek with a rose.
"Good morning.."Maan replied helping her to get up and adjusting himself besides.
"So finally you chose red.."she said leaning her head on his shoulder.
"what???"he asked..
"what do you think,i am not understanding what you were trying to do last night.."She scowled cutely.
"what i was doing madam???"
"First of all,you wanted to know my choice of Rose and then you were trying to bring colors in my almost black life with that "crayon painting"..."She said now caressing the flower in her hand.."or i should say,you are trying to make me wish for colors once again in my life.."
"hmm..i am trying that..."he admitted.
"but i don't want them..."She sighed.."I don't want my eyesight back..."His heart cried.He had never imagined that he would get to hear this from a girl for whom colors were her life once.She was a girl who loved to paint and he knew that her love for painting was not dead.It was just dormant."But why???"he asked.
"You know there are people who are blind by birth.God is not that much cruel to me.I have seen this world once.I know,how does blue and yellow looks.I can imagine how our room is looking right now.How these curtains must have been looking when air makes them flew..I am done with my share of sight and i am happy and content with that.If light was present only on this much pages of life then its ok..I am ready to cope with absence of light ahead.."just absence of light.."it won't be dark because you will be always there for me..and there is nothing left for me to see in this cruel world"Words were escaping her lips with a far away look on her face."I don't want you to keep high hopes from my operation"she said now turning her face towards him.
"But i want that hope in your heart when you will enter in operation theater.i want you to fight for getting your eyes back.."He said with a little anger in his voice.She knew,by the hard squeeze on her shoulder,that a tiny part of his anger has been reflected in his voice.He was furious inside."so tell me Why did you choose Red???..."She said trying to change the topic.
"Its not red Rose.."
"Then it would be pink,right???"she asked.
"This rose is not red..its green.."He replied.
"Green rose..."Excitement was evident in her voice."I have not seen a green rose before.."
He was looking at her face.First amaze,then excitement,then joy, appeared on her face.Soon all three emotions were masked by despair.He saw the helplessness on her face,when she brought the rose near her rose and sniffed it.But there was no difference in fragrance.Her fingers caressed the petals with more force now to find some difference.But still there was no difference.Difference could be registered with eyes only.
"There are still many things left to seen by your beautiful eyes.."He whispered in her ears and picked her up in his arms.
"Where are you taking me???"she asked.
"to garden.."
"but why???"
"I have brought a green rose seedling..we will plant it together..."he replied."and we will see its first blossomed green rose together.."he continued.
She pressed the wet soil in pot with her palms.A smile was present on her face.She had planted a rose today.But he had planted something else.He had planted hope in her heart..He had planted "yearning to see the world once again.."in her heart..Today he had understood why god had given green color to "fertility"

After one year...
Geet was amused beyond limits as she saw the things maan had gifted her on this rose day.. There was a watermelon, a paan, a packet of heena along with bunch of green roses.."Whats all this maan???"She asked little confused , little amused by his choice of things..
"I know "Green Color" has a special place in our hearts..It gave you the "hope" to get your eyes back..but I wanted to add "red,color of love" too in our celebration this year,however it was impossible for me to get a Rose with green and red petals,thats why i have brought the things which have Green and Red color together in them..."He explained in a one breath which brought a serene smile on geet's lips.
"This green rose also has "Red" in it maan.."Geet said caressing the petals of the flower..
"Hmm???"Maan asked in confusion..
"You know about photosynthesis maan???"She asked.
"Not much geet but I know,It is essential for growth of all the plants..and Sunlight plays a very important role in it..."
"yes maan..Sunlight has very important role in photosynthesis..The visible spectrum of sunlight is made up of seven colors,the colors of Rainbow...Among these all seven colors,Red light contributes to ninety percent of photosynthesis...That means All these roses are blossomed because their plant's leaves absorbed Red light..."
"That means Red was there to blossom this green"..Maan said in a thoughtful manner..
"Right maan,Red is essential for blossoming this "green"..just like Red color of your "love" was essential for rejuvenating my "hope" to get my eyesight back through this green rose,last year..!!!" She spoke as she embraced her arms around his neck..
"Happy Rose day geet.."Maan spoke pecking her lips slightly.
"Happy Rose day maan.."Geet replied to him looking in his eyes..It was all because of her husband she was able to see the "love for herself" in his orbs...!!!


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it ws really beautiful
Shonameet IF-Dazzler

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It brought those beautiful memories of "colors" back pallu!
How each day we used to learn entirely new n intresting facts abt all the colors by ur beautiful writing!
"paan, water melon & heena"...really good observation n nicely used here!
And geets explaination abt the presence of red color in green rose was intresting!
And their roseday together filled with their luv & happiness!

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Loved it very thoughtful n informative ff :) being a bio student i love to read your ff :D u know a week before i was attending my bio lecture n we were studying palindromic sequence which reminds me you n after that i was in your ff's world n didnt concentrate on the lecture :p

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Wow dear. Thats was just beautiful.
You left me spechless with the dept of ur writing *clap*
Love how u matched the photosynthesis process to the process of their love and hope.
And the sentence " he planted a hope in her heart "
Wooow. Really dear. Beautiful OS.

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i bow to you

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nice story.

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