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CEZANNE KHAN doesn't need any introduction to the loyal TV viewers who was followed the  series KASAUTI ZINDAGI KI on Star plus.
Cezanne khan is very private person so we hardly get to know about his personal details.
His good looks and impressive aura have won Cezzane Khan rave reviews and made him arguably one of the most popular actor on the small screen.
Early life

CEZANNE Khan went to boarding school at Barnes in Deolali. He earned his Bachelor of Communications from M.M.K. College of Commerce & Economics in Bandra, Bombay.

Khan was born into a Muslim family in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His father is Ustad Rais Khan, a famous sitarist. His mother, Tasnim Khan, is an interior designer. His brother, Suhail Khan is a singer, composer and a sitar musician. Khan's paternal and maternal grandparents are originally from Afghanistan.

During his college days, he was involved with modelling for 8 years and then theatre. After Khan completed his B.Com, he was supposed to join NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies) for MBA when he was offered a film. This film never released but it made him leave his MBA to pursue a career in acting. Then television happened. Anubhav Sinha offered him a role in his TV serial Hasratein on Zee TV and he accepted the offer. And soon after, he got Neena Gupta's Palchhin and Balaji Telefilms's Kalirein. He also did a bit of acting in B.R.Films' serial Dushman. Meanwhile, he was offered the role of Anurag Basu. KZK catapulted Khan into a household name. As the shy and meek Anurag Basu in KZK he had gained immense popularity. KZK is one of the top serials of Star Plus.

He got his name from the famous French painter Paul Cezanne.

after Kasautii Zindagi Kay, he was soon known by a different name altogether - Anurag Basu.
Month Year Show Character Channel
1997?1998 Hasratein Yogesh Zee TV
2001-2002 Dushman Rahul DD METRO
1999 Pal Chhin Rajesh Star Plus
2004 Hum do Hain Na Season 1 Veer Sony TV
2001?2003 Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat - Kab Kyun Kahan Kunwar Sujit Singh Sony
Oct. 2001-June 2007 Kasautii Zindagii Kay Anurag Basu Star Plus
June 2007 - Sep. 2007 Ek Ladki Anjaani Si Dr Dhruv modi Sony
June 2009-Sep. 2009 Seeta Aur Geeta Ravi Suraj NDTV Imagine

Pakistani TV serials

    Piya Ke Ghar Jaana Hai
  1. Silsilay Chahat Ke


 Special appearances

  1. Khulja SimSim (2 episodes, aired on Star Plus)

Kandy Floss (1 episode, aired on Sony)
    Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand (crossover with Kasautii Zindagii Kay, aired on Star Plus)
  1. Gulnaar Bano (Pakistani TV serial)


Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Kasautii Zindagii Kay was aired on Star Plus which was a TV serial in which Khan played the role of Anurag Basu for seven years. Anurag Basu is an obedient son of Moloy and Moni Basu. As a career, he handles Basu Publication with his father in which he broadcasts a channel on TV and organizes a newspaper for the public. In his personal life, he loves a talented young girl, Prerna Sharma. And then he married with her but soon they got divorced; he married Komolika and later on with Aparna and Sampada.

Ek Ladki Anjaani Si

Ek Ladki Anjaani Si was aired on Sony which was a TV serial in which Khan played the role of Dr.Dhruv Mehra for almost 5 months. Dr.Dhruv Mehra is a rich Neurosurgeon, who will add major twists and turns to Nikhil and Ananya's life. He is an atheist who does not believe in luck but in himself and is arrogant enough to think that he is the one who grants life to his clients. He feels that he has magic in his hands and when he saves the life of a patient then all the credit should be given to him and not God. He is an overconfident doctor who thinks that he can do anything.

Seeta Aur Geeta

Seeta Aur Geeta is on air on NDTV Imagine in which Khan is playing the role of Suraj, the proverbial Prince Charming. He is the suave, sophisticated owner of an advertising agency. Despite being surrounded by the glitz, glamour & beauty of the fashion world; Suraj longs to fall in love with a simple Indian girl. Sparks fly when he comes across the lovable tomboy Geeta who instantly steals his heart with her refreshing wit & attitude

TV Awards
Award Show Catagory
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor - Popular
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Pita
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Actor
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Jodi with Shweta Tiwari
Indian Telly Awards Best TV Personality - Male
Star Parivaar Awards Best Actor Jury
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Pita

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Anurag Basu is an obedient son of Moloy and Moni Basu. As a career, he handles Basu Publication with his father in which he broadcasts a channel on TV and organizes a newspaper for the public. In his personal life, he loves a talented young girl, Prena Sharma.
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Interview with actor Cezanne Khan
"I can't get into the next scene until I am satisfied with my previous one"
Posted on 24 July 2003

Cezzane Khan. Arguably the best looking guy in telly world, he made his debut in Hasratein - the superhit serial of the 90s. He followed it up with small roles in Dushman and Palchchin. He could have been easily forgotten had he not landed a role in Ekta Kapoor's Kalirein. So impressed was the Queen of Soaps by his performance that she offered him the lead role in Kasautii Zindgaii Kay.

It's said that initially, people who hadn't seen him and just heard his name mistook him for Hrithik Roshan's wife Suzanne Khan. But today, there's no identity crisis. His face is everywhere- on hoardings, at bus stops, railway platforms and also on car stickers.

Excerpts from an interview with Vickey Lalwani:


How did you get into television?
I had finished my B Com and was supposed to join NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies) for my MBA. Out of the blue, I was offered a film.


You look quite sweet. I am not surprised. Then?
Well, I had to make a choice between the two- MBA or film. I opted for the latter. I thought... (pauses).

"TV has given me money and adulation both. Still, I would like to do films at some point of time"

You thought that you could make a career in films?
Sort of. You see, I had done two years of theatre during my college days. So I knew what acting is all about. It was not a case of 'a man jumping into the swimming pool without knowing the 's' of swimming' (smiles).


Which film was that?
Unfortunately, it got shelved. Please allow me to keep the name of the film under wraps.


So how did film aspirations change tracks?
Anubhav Sinha offered me Hasratein and I took it up. Soon enough, I got Neena Gupta's Palcchin, Balaji's Kalirein. Also I did a bit of acting in B.R.Films' serial Dushman. During those days, Ekta Kapoor was doing the auditions for Kasautii Zindagi Kay. The rest, as they say, is history (smiles).


Looking at the tough times which today's heroes are facing, aren't you happy that you jumped into television at the right time?
It has given me money and adulation both. Still, I would like to do films at some point of time.


Have you had any formal acting in training?
Just my theatre experience is seeing me through. Once you act on stage, you shed all your inhibitions and become a natural artiste. I never joined any professional acting class. Most of my friends used to say, "If you want to swim, don't take the longer route. Jump right into the deep end. Take a few shots. The verdict will not take long to be out."


Without training, is it easy to perform the difficult scenes?
My biggest teacher on the sets is Dipak Kazir. He helps me out if I am not getting it right. We have a great equation going.


Can you elaborate on the help provided by Kazir?
As and when I don't get it right, Kazir helps me to get into the mood of the scene. Then, he tells me the dialogues I am supposed to emphasise on. The results are there for you to see. The director Ravindra Gautam is a genius, but just in case he is not present on the sets, Kazir can do the trick for me.


What about the romantic scenes with Shweta Tiwari (Prerna)? Are you comfortable with those?
Yeah. No problems.


That reminds me about the 'Best Jodi' Shweta and you received at the 'Star Parivaar' nite. Congrats!
Thanks. Besides, last year I received two awards one of which was the 'Most Poular TV Actor' in ITA and another as the 'Best TV Male Personality'.


Romance takes me to female fans. Do you have plenty of them?
Yup. They call me up from far and wide. At times, they go over the top and I refuse their calls. And do you know that sometimes, I have even got calls from another number saying that the girl whom I avoided has slashed her wrists?


Are you comfy with emotional scenes?
Very much. I love doing the scenes where I have to portray anger.


How easy it is to memorize the lines?
Cool. I am not ruffled. I am quite good at it. Most of the times, I don't goof up my dialogues. And thank God, else that would really exasperate me. I am very particular about rushing to the monitor as soon as my scene is over. I carefully observe each and every movement. If something nags me, I clarify with my director. I can't get into the next scene until I am satisfied with my previous one.

"If you are trying to ask me whether I would allow my wife to work in her previous husband's office, the answer is a vehement 'no'"

Which are the actors you look up to?
Smriti Malhotra Irani is damn good. Dipak Kazir is an actor par excellence. Urvashi is great. In the film industry, Sanjeev Kumar is my all-time favourite. Amongst the younger crop, Akshaye Khana and Kajol are highly talented.


Going to KZK. God forbid, but if you met with such a situation in real life - you marry a girl and discover that her previous husband who was believed to be dead is still alive and kicking?
Anurag and I have only two things in common. One, like Anurag, I don't believe in moving ahead in life by trampling on someone's toes. Two, like Anurag, I am very honest; I hate lying, and of course therefore, I hate liars. But... (pauses)


But what?
But if you are trying to ask me whether I would allow my wife to work in her previous husband's office, the answer is a vehement 'no'. I would be a possessive lover. I am confident that I would be able to convince her of what I wanted.


How else would you be bothered?
Let's put it this way. I wouldn't bother a damn. I have married her and she is mine.


Any other difference between Anurag and you?
My way of talking and dressing is totally different.


So you are dominated by the channels when it comes to attires, etc?
That's a wrong way of looking at it. It's just that I am not bothered of how I look and what I wear. My entire being goes into the character. But looking at the recent trends, I guess I must start becoming conscious of what I wear and how I look.


Don't worry, you look good anyway. Who is the lucky girl in this handsome guy's life?
I am single and ready to mingle (winks).


Your forthcoming projects?
I am doing another project for Ekta, wherein I die after a few episodes. It's a great role. I am getting lots of films, these days.


So what's preventing you from cashing in on it?
I don't want to move ahead in life by trampling on one's toes. It is my responsibility to take KZK to its logical conclusion

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Audiences are used to seeing characters dying and coming back"

Cezanne Khan as Anurag Basu in Star's Kasauti Zindagi Kay has been well appreciated by his fans. In a twist of events, Anurag's wife Aparna murders him in the serial only to resurface later this week. Prashant Golecha caught up with the dashing actor to find out what makes him click.

What was your first reaction when Ekta Kapoor told you that you will die in the serial 'Kasauti Zindagii Kay'?
I didn't react. I had met the writer and he had mentioned about it. I took it as a part of the story.

Did you know if the character would resurface in the serial?
I didn't ask. Ekta and I are friends so there was no need to ask for any sort of clarification. I was and am confident of my character and my show.

Why was your death not able to generate the hype which Mihir Virani's death was able to generate for Kyunki?

Probably the death sequence in case of Mihir Virani, happened for the first time in a TV serial in a big way. Now-a-days audiences are used to seeing characters dying and coming back.

Are you aware that the plot was created to counter Sony's 'Aayushman' in the same slot?
I am not aware. I am curious to know. Tell me more.

Are you happy with your role in 'Hum Do Hain Na'?
Ya. My character "Veer Singh" is flamboyant and very different from the Anurag of Kasauti who is serious & sober and always follows his heart. "Veer Singh" is a rich business tycoon who's a flirt. The storyline and set up is different.

'Hum Do Hain Na' also has a child star in a double role. So where do you fit in?
I am the only male lead in the serial.

How's the experience of anchoring 'The Good Health Show' on Zee?
It was something I had never done before. I shot 3 schedules. In each schedule we shot for 13 episodes. Anurag's popularity was the reason for which I was offered the role.

The buzz that you and your co-star Gitanjali are contemplating marriage. Is it true?
It's silly and baseless rumour. There is no truth in it.

There was a story doing the rounds that you were dating Shweta Tiwari and Gitanjali at the same time.
I was very cheesed off, when I came to know about it. Such stories disturb personal relations unnecessarily. Everyone has a family.

You mean to say you were not involved with Shweta Tiwari and you are not seeing Gitanjali?
They are my co-stars and as well as friends. Just because they happen to be women, people have linked us. I am also friendly with guys but people don't link me up with guys.

If you are offered a film how you will take it, as you are so busy?
I would like to work in a film. I will have to adjust dates and re-schedule. But I am loyal to my current projects. I won't leave just like that. I will finish my projects first.

Interview with Cezzane Khan

Monday, January 08, 2007 | 12:00:00 AM
Interview with Cezzane Khan

Most popular and impressive actor of Indian television Cezanne Khan aka Anurag basu sharing his words with India-Forums

How did you get in the television industry?

Cezanne: I did modeling for a long time and was going to get in for my MBA, when I suddenly joined the theatre workshop and got a serial called Hasratein. I had an option of doing my MBA or serials. I actually wanted to do films, even got a couple of films in hand but they shed so I started my carrier with Hasratein, went on to Palchin did a bit of Dushman and Kasauti came on. So that's my journey.

Kasauti Zindagi KayWhat's the best time you have had on the sets?

Cezanne: There are lots of good times, on the set but it is nothing like a best time I mean if you have a good scene to do that's always the best time for you. If the scene is really good, you enjoy yourself but we have good times. As you know that Kasauti has gone to Malaysia, Singapore so we had there also. Out door was really fun. Apart from that earlier year of Kasauti was much better. You really enjoy your self. We do work like 16 to 17 years. We have to keep the show running so it was a great feeling and those were the good time other wise apart from that all the times are good times because you make friends and basically be with the people. So it is fun all the way.

So is there any particular thing that you remember which makes you smile when you think of it even now?

Cezanne: I was shooting for a Diwali promo and was wearing a dhoti kurta and trust me it got burned. I was running around by burned dhoti and lucky Kiran Karmakar who is playing Om in Kahani had to put on the flame and I had to shoot the whole day in the same dhoti. So, I remember this moment. When you look back at it, it really does, I mean out of all the people I have to get burned.

It's said that there is a woman behind the success of every man. Who is the woman behind your success?

Cezanne: The woman behind me is my mother. She is the person I love the most in the world and I think her prayer really worked for me. She really prays hard for me and I guess nothing is stronger than that.

When you were going to do your MBA then you switched over to television, film so what was the reaction at your home?

Cezanne: Actually my mamu's and all were really against it so were my other relatives but my mom believed at me and she said that I should go ahead with it and do what I think is the best. So, I guess that was really encouraging. Many kids do not get to what they want to but since my mom was with me I got to Cezanne Khando what I wanted to do.

Can you tell us about your other ventures?

Cezanne: It's not finalized yet. There are things which I am doing but nothing is finalized yet but I know that my fans are really going to be disappointed, if I give them one news that by Jan end I am leaving Kasauti, but tell them not to get disappointed they will definitely be seeing me around and I will definitely come back wait and watch. It is a part of a deal because it has to happen Kasauti might be going few years ahead. I don't want to do but definitely I will do something and people will see me so just ask them to pray for me.

Are you planning to make any website for your fans because it would be much easier for the fans like us to share our views on your day to day performance?

Cezanne: I am so sorry. I am ok with the computers but not so well that I can make my own website but I will appreciate it you do it.

What is the reason behind that key you always wear around your neck? Why do you wear it?

Cezanne: It doesn't denote anything. It's just a pendant but I love wearing it because I love jewelry and people haven't seen me like that they have seen me normal but they will be surprise to know that in real life I don't have a single pair of formal shoes, pant or shirt. I am very casually dressed. I am very fond of wearing earrings, bracelets which I don't wear in the serial so probably they will be surprised. You might say its fashion but I really like wearing it. I am use to it, I don't wear rings but I definitely wear bracelet which I have been wearing for more than 10 years from now but I don't show it on the project but I wear a bracelet, I wear a silver chain with a key pendant which you see but I keep changing my pendant. Its not that it really say something but it is just a pendant.

In all your years in television industry is there something very particular which comes to your mind which you would like to share with us?

Cezanne: There is nothing good or bad in the industry the only thing is that if I had to advice someone whether they should get in to it, I will tell them to work something which is more secure. Our line is very in secured, I mean if a person wants to take a chance it's basically more of luck, definitely hard work does come. If I had to ask someone or if I had to advise someone then I would say that definitely you are talented also I would advice that you should do something which is more secured and you can catch on to the job but I feel nothing is impossible in this world. If you have the time and if you think that you want to do it then you should do but I mean it's better to pick up a safer job.

Where do you think yourself 5 years from now? Cezanne Khan in Kasauti Zindagi Kii

Cezanne: That's too long, I really don't know exactly but definitely I want to be somewhere, to make a name for my self even in films and that doesn't mean that I am going to leave television. I am definitely going to do television and would want to make a name for myself. I don't know where, but definitely want to be somewhere.

Any plans for you to venture in to producing, directing anything which is related behind the scenes?

Cezanne: As if now nothing, no such plans but I think I will be very bad producer or director because I don't have that attitude. I won't be able to do it, so I won't plan unless somebody really comes up and help me but I am not sure about that, nothing is planned as yet.

What's the most ridiculous rumor you have ever heard about yourself?

Cezanne: I don't remember anything specific. I have hared lot of rumors but nothing specific as such. I can't specify on this which is the most ridiculous rumor I have heard.

What do you do in your free time if you have some?

Cezanne: Usually I don't get free time because I am been working but if I do get free time I love listening to music and I practice Marshal Arts. I am very fond of Marshal Arts, I love watching television, eating. These are a couple of things which I love doing. If you see me at home you will either see me practicing or listening to music or watching a lot of music channels. I love watching English movies.

Do you watch anything other than Kasauti on television?

Cezanne: I don't watch serials, I only watch English movies.

Which the most important thing in your life without which you can't stay?

Kasauti Zindagi KayCezanne: 1st most important thing in my life is my mother, I don't think I can stay without her and 2nd is definitely food. I can't stay without food, I loveeating food. I hope god never makes me to do dieting because I can't diet, I rather exercise but I can't diet.

What's your personal opinion about men in general on Indian soaps today?

Cezanne: I think that men cry a lot. As my personal opinion I feel that we just cry and I am totally opposite from what you see on screen. I definitely take my own opinion. I don't dress like them the only thing which match with Anurag is I am very punctual about things and I am very honest. I don't lie at all.

Yesterday you slapped a lady in the serial so when something like that happens and there is something that many people don't like men hitting female. So why?

Cezanne: I won't go with that, I would definitely say that a man should not hit a woman but as far as a script demands, as an actor I have just to do my job but we don't really slap its just I pretend to slap.

If you could be an animal for an hour or a day what animal would you choose to be and why?

Cezanne: You will find it very reared but I would like to be two animals. I love the horses which run in a wild; I would love to run in a wild open and 2nd is the snake. You might find it very reared but I love snakes. I am sure that people find them very creepy but trust me they are beautiful animals and I love them. I would love to be a snake. It's not in negative sense but the way they move they are very graceful and these are the two animals which I would love to be.


What are your plans for marriage?

Cezanne: As if now no plans for marriage. I definitely need to do a lot in my carrier, once I reach the position where I need to be tend definitely much more than what I have I would because each day is the learning experience for me. So I just want to concentrate on my carrier. My priority is carrier, marriage is not on the cards but when the day comes my fans will definitely know about it.

Can you a sing your favorite song Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam from DDLJ for your huge fans on IF?

Cezanne: This goes for all my fans Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam??.

Jaate Jaate I would ask you that do you ever log in to India Forums?

Cezanne: I don't get the time but I would love to. This is a New Year message from me be good, be nice and do what you have to do. Believe in your self because remember one thing, "Nothing is impossible in this world". If one person can do it so can you because everybody deserves the best and you should try for everything you want and remember that nothing is impossible. Thank you so much.

There are numerous reviews & articles on Sweet Heart & it is impossible to post all the articles & reviews...so only few reviews with relevant portion posted here...

I don't know Veena Malik: Cezanne Khan

May 22, 2011, 12.00am


    It is certainly food that excites actor Cezanne Khan. So when we agreed to speak to him as he gorged on his non-vegetarian fare, Cezanne was too ecstatic. Calling himself a foodie at heart, Cezanne told us he has never had faith in the concept of diet plans for weight loss. "I don't believe in diet, fiet and that is precisely why I don't mind eating even five times a day," he chortled and enjoyed the lip-smacking Chicken Tikka.


    Cezanne Khan is shooting for Pakistan

    Dated : May, 26, 2011 BY Sujeet Mahto
    Cezanne Khan, do you remember him? Arre the main lead guy from Kausati Zindagi Ki. Yeah you remember him now. Ever thought where is he? Well we know why will you anyways think about him, but he had some ardent fans of his who were concerned about Mr. Anurag aka Cezanne Khan and to tell you that he is surely alive and kicking. But he is not doing Indian TV shows because he busy shooting for Pakistani serials in Dubai. Cezanne in an interview spoke about his whereabouts and told that he is currently in Dubai where his shoot is happening and when queried which shoot he replied that he is shooting for a Pakistani serial. And how on this earth did he land up for a role in a Pakistani serial. He says that his role from Kasauti was a very popular in Pakistan and had a very big viewer ship and a offer came and he grabbed the offer. Cezanne also speaks that he accepted the offer because he got the chance to bond with two cousin's who are from his mother's side who reside in Karachi. Well he also adds that he has never shot in Pakistan but recently he had been to Pakistan. Cezanne Khan was last seen in a Indian TV serial called Seeta aur Geeta. He also adds that he was getting offers back in India too, but mostly were Reality shows and as he is a very private person he did not want to come out and show his private life in public. And when asked about does he meets Shweta Tiwari whom with he had an affair or allegedly had an affair, he speaks that he has never met her but will have no problems working with her again and he still meets Ronit Roy of the Kasauti team as he is friends with him. And as tabloids had reported about Cezanne that he is a Ladies man and he had dated every girl he has worked with, has he found someone special he says that he his very much single.

    cezanne khan new interview - YouTube

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRcXP4xaXS831 Aug 2009 - 7 min - Uploaded by mehaknoshi
    cezanne khan new interview. mehaknoshi16 videos. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 125 ...

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    amazing work dear.. i m also a big fan of cezzanne ..
    I m still waiting For his show..

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    Cezzane always best..
    I like him soo muchh From Kzk.. I also watch him in Pakistani Serial.. Bt Nowadays I dont know where is he???

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