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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

FF-12 saal baad-MM ke nayi kahani (EPILOGUE Pg23)

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Part 1
"That's enough Ms. Vyas!"

Navika stopped short, as she gaped at the figure in front of her. She looked into Mohan Bhatnagar's eyes, not seeing the pain in his eyes, her mind filled with the hatred she had nurtured for the last twelve years. She shouted "mera naam Navika hai. Bas Navika!"

Mohan: jaanta hoon. Lekin aapko mei warn kar rahi hoon. Mere saath batamizi karne ke koi zaroorat nahi hai. Aapko jo kaam diya hai, wohi kijiye. Mujhe aaj shaam tak wo report chaiye.

Navika turns on her heels and angrily leaves the office, once again, not having had the chance to tell that hated man exactly what she thought of him. Every time she tried, he cut her off. And despite her anger, she knew she couldn't afford to loose this job. Besides, she thought, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of driving her away! She flops at her desk, angrily switching on her computer. As she waited for her computer to come on, she looked towards the office where that hated man was sitting. She noticed his head in his hands, and somewhere inside, there was a wince of pain. He had called her Ms. Vyas, not Ms. Bhatnagar. It felt like he had turned his back on her again.

In his office, Mohan buried his head in his hands, his mind reeling with the pain of having to talk to his beloved daughter like that. But he had no choice. She was becoming increasingly rude, and unprofessional. If Anupama had heard her, she would not have hesitated to throw Nanhi out and Mohan could not afford to let that happen to her. Even though he was not looking at her, he could sense her eyes on him, and had to steel himself not to react to the hatred he saw in her eyes every time she looked at him. His mind goes back over the last couple of days and how he had landed up in the same office as his beloved chavanni.

***FLASHBACK***  Mohan, having landed in Indore following the newspaper article that Guru had taken so much pains to hide, had researched the article, talked to the boy and once again, despite himself, his investigative instincts kicked in. He sensed that there could be a clue in the boy's story that would lead him to Addu. While talking to the boy and his family, he watched as this young chit of a girl barged in on him. The moment the girl had seen him, he noticed her entire demeanour had changed.

As Mohan watched, he could sense the intense anger from this girl, who looked at him balefully and when he tried to take his leave of the boy and his family, had spoken insultingly to him. Puzzled, Mohan made his way out of the house, and was about to climb into the car he had rented when the girl came out and shouted "stop Mr. Bhatnagar!" Mohan turned to her and watched as the girl ran up to him and said "Mr. Bhatnagar, aap kahan bhage jaa rahe hain?"

Mohan: excuse me?

Navika: kya aap phirse bhaag jayenge, buzdil ki tarah

Mohan: excuse me, lekin tum ho kaun? Aur aisi kaisi baatein kar rahe ho. Mei to tumhe pehchanti bhi nahi

Navika: pechanenge kaise? Aap to bas kayaron ki tarah bhagna jaante hain!

Mohan, incensed, says "mujse aisi baat kaise kar sakte hai jab mei tumhe jaanta bhi nahi hoon."

Navika: aap to pehle bhi hame jaante nahi the. Isiliye to bhag gaye, apni family ko tabah karke, chod kar chale gaye!

Mohan looks at her shocked and says "ye kaise baatein kar rahe ho? Mere baare me kya jaante ho?"

Navika: kyun? Aap hi wo the na, jo ek maa ko uske bete se juda kiya phir kaayaron ki tarah bhag gaya jab unke aap ke sabse zyada zaroorat thi'

Mohan stares in at the spitfire in front of him, shocked beyond word and asks "ye kya kahe jaa rahe ho? Tum ho kaun?"

Navika: haan, aap to itne kaayar hain ke pehchan bhi nahi paate jab aap ke saamne khare ho

Mohan: kaun ho tum?

Navika: mera naam jaankar kya karenge? Kya in bara saalon me hum log aap ko kabhi yaad nahi aaye?

Mohan looks at the girl in front of him and as he takes in the long hair, the pink glasses and the accusing look in her eyes, his eyes moisten over as he whispers "chavanni?"

Navika: khabardar! Aap ko koi haq nahi hai mujhe chavanni bulane ke. Mei aapse kitna nafrat karti hoon, aap ko aandaza bhi nahi hai

Mohan looks at her pleadingly and says "chavanni'" but is unable to continue as his tears overwhelm him, looking at his beloved daughter who had grown into the elegant beauty in front of him. Navika turns away and takes off as if the devil was behind her while Mohan watches her departing back, unable to follow her as he remembered the hatred in her eyes. He slowly climbed into his car, and the phone goes off. Guru was calling to have him talk to Rimjhim. After a short conversation where he convinced Rimjhim he would be back soon, Mohan returns to his hotel.

He lays down, unable to forget the accusing face and the hatred filled eyes, and cursed his luck that of all the people in Indore, the first person he had to run into was her. His mind's eye remembered her. His lips curved into a soft smile as he recalled how grown up she was. His Chavanni had grown up, he thought, and had become quite a young woman. He could see the fire in her, and even though it was directed at him, he could sense she would go places. His pride increased as he thought of his daughter. He closed his eyes, remembering her hatred, her angry words, and knew that she was justified.

After a fruitless effort to sleep, he rises and goes over his notes, and decided to do some research. He worked long into the night, and finally came to the reluctant conclusion that if he wanted to continue his search, he no longer had a choice. 12 years had gone by while he depended on others to do what he should have done himself. Despite the clues he had sent to the police, they had always been unsuccessful in following up the clues. His own reluctance to step into the city where he had lost everything had delayed matters even more. Mohan knew that he could no longer avoid it. He had to return here.

Mohan lay down, reflecting on both the information he had obtained as well as the meeting with his past. So, he thought, they hate me. Well that was to be expected. It was my fault that Addu was lost. He remembered the promise he had made 12 years ago, and come what may, no matter what happened to him, he would fulfil it. But it was obvious that sitting in Bhopal, it would not be possible, so he reluctantly had to make the decision to return to this city where he had lost everything. As he was lost in his thoughts, his phone rang again and he saw the call from Anu. As he took the call, he knew that he had no option. When Anu repeated her question, Mohan, finally, defeatedly, says "thik hai. Mei wo job karunga."

Anu, who was preparing mentally to continue the argument, stopped short and asks "kya kaha?"

Mohan: meine haan kaha. Mei editor in chief ban jaunga. Lekin meri apni terms and conditions hoga

Anu: absolutely. Tum jo chaho, jaise chaho. Tum mujhe contract papers bhej do, mei sign kar doongi

Mohan and Anu discuss some further details and once the conversation is over, Mohan prepares for a very difficult conversation with Guru. Guru, he knew, would be completely against the plan, but Mohan also knew that Guru would support him no matter what. He makes the call, and after the tears and arguments, Mohan convinces Guru who reluctantly agrees to close up the Bhopal house and come to Indore with Rimjhim. After the conversation was over, Mohan goes to bed, refusing to think of anything else.

In Vyas house, Navika silently goes about her evening. Megha looks at her worriedly wondering why she was so quiet and reserved, but for once Navika did not meet her eyes. She seemed lost in her own world but Megha could sense the seething emotions just below the surface. In spite of her pleas, Navika didn't say anything to Megha about her hated spiderman returning to Indore. Megha watched over her before reluctantly lying down, unable to shake the feeling of something momentous about to happen.

The following morning, Navika makes her way to work, mulling over her interview of the kidnapped boy and his family, and takes her seat, and begins to work, not paying attention to the discussions around her, till she hears someone say "good morning ma'am." She looks up and freezes as she sees Mohan Bhatnagar accompanying Anu into the office. At the center of the room, Anu claps her hands and says "good morning everyone, your attention please."

The staff all look towards Anu who says "allow me to introduce the new editor-in-chief of Awaz India, Mohan Bhatnagar" and pulls Mohan forward. She makes a short speech telling everyone that Mohan was in charge of the news section of Awaz India, and had full authority on that area. She starts making introductions and when they approach Navika's desk, Anu stops and says "Mohan, this is Navika. She is the latest reporter to join us, and I am sure she will be very successful."

Navika, who was listening in horror to Mohan's introduction as her boss, stands up as they approach and reluctantly meets Mohan's eyes. Mohan who was shocked to see her, simply nods his head, and looks away, unable to sustain the hatred he could see. As soon as they leave, Navika sits down, and quickly types up her resignation letter and marches to Anu's office where she knocks the door and when she hears "come in" she enters.

She stops short when she sees Mohan sitting on Anu's desk while Anu was on her chair. They look up as Navika comes into the office with the letter and Anu asks "Navika, any problem?"

Navika: maam, ye aap ke liye

Anu: ye kya hai? (taking the envelope)

Navika: mera resignation. Mei yahan aur kaam nahi kar sakti hoon

Mohan, who was silent, raises his eyes and looks at her. Anu takes the resignation letter, and asks Navika why she was resigning to which Navika says she can't work with someone like Mohan. Anu looks at Mohan shocked while he doesn't react. Anu looks at Mohan who signals her to refuse the resignation and Anu turns to Navika saying that she had signed a contract and per the contract if she left the job within 3 months of joining the job, she would have to pay an early leaving fee. If after 3 months she wanted to leave, Anu would accept her resignation at that time. Till then, she could either honour the contract or she would make sure that Navika never had a journalist's job in Indore again.

Navika angrily turns around and returns to her desk while Anu tries to prod Mohan on why he told her to refuse the resignation. Mohan shakes his head and says "Anu, kuch cheezen bata nahi paunga, lekin thanks." Anu takes him to his office and Mohan settles down to work. After a short while, Navika, who was still steaming, barges into Mohan's office and Mohan looks at her startled. Navika shouts "mei apke saath kaam nahi karungi!"

Mohan (leans back on his chair): contract ke mutabik tum kaam chod nahi sakte ho aur tum mere saath kaam nahi karna chaate ho to koi problem nahi. Tum apne articles kisi aur ko de dena aur mei dekh kar haan ya naa kahunga. Iss tarah, tumhe mere saath kaam karne ke koi zaroorat nahi.

Navika looks at him suspiciously but sees him focussed on the computer. He then continues, "tumhe mere saath kaam na karna ho, to email ke zariye bhi apne articles submit kar sakte ho. Mere saath koi contact ke zaroorat nahi hai."

Defeated, Navika turns around, not seeing the moist eyes watching her departing back. Mohan realised the moment he saw Navika, that somewhere inside, his chavanni still existed. Otherwise his daughter would not have turned to journalism which she knew was his first love! He knew he couldn't get back the daughter he had left behind and he could see the hurt and pain with every word and look. He wouldn't try to win her back, but at least she was here with him, at work. He could take comfort from the fact that he could see her. He no longer had any expectation of getting them back into his life. He was fine with Rimjhim and Guru. But he couldn't deny that his feelings for his other family were still as strong.

Back in the present, turning back to the computer, he wipes his eyes, and focuses on the research he was doing. After an exhaustive search, he finally calls it a day, and packs his bag, getting ready to return home when his phone rings and his lips curve into a smile as he hears Rimjhim on the other side. He chats with her as he makes his way out of the office, not seeing Navika who was still at her desk. She was completing her assignment when she saw Mohan leave, talking on the phone. Her curiosity piqued when he used the word "jaan" and she watched him leave the office, and was not able to stop the tears that formed.

Navika angrily wipes away the tears and rises, the office suddenly seeming too constricted. She grabs her bag and runs out of the office, and reaches the door as she watches Mohan driving away. Navika makes her way home and once again, silently goes about her evening without much conversation, lost in her thoughts. She falls asleep, unable to stop the tears that were falling as her mind goes back to the way he had talked to her. ***END FLASHBACK***

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grt concept... Plz pm me whn u update d nxt part.. Waitng fr it
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Part 2

Nanhi reluctantly started working with Mohan, and at her desk, Nanhi begins to research per Mohan's instructions and reluctantly admits to herself that he was the best at what he did. He knew exactly how to pinpoint what he was looking for, and had patiently explained it to her so that she could also understand. However, it galled her that she had to even talk to him. She knew the effort it was taking her not to lash out at him again, but she wanted to wait for the right moment. She wanted to exact a painful revenge for what he had put her family through.  

She was going to turn his strength against him. He was a well known journalist. Though he had not been practicing journalism for the last number of years, he obviously still was an expert. Therefore, she would have to hit him where it hurt. His reputation as a journalist. She was waiting for the right opportunity. So she bided her time.  

A couple of days later, Mohan stumbled upon something else, and started working on it, and involved Nanhi, getting her to help him with some research and fieldwork. He organised a sting operation, and had called the police to the area to be ready for the arrest. He went into the building where he was sure he had traced some drug dealers, leading the police. As they went in, Mohan's instincts tell him something was wrong. When they reached the spot that the drug dealers were supposed to be, it had been cleaned out. The police and Mohan search but to no avail.  

They come out of the building where Nanhi was waiting with a camera man and some other members of the press. When the police come out, they stop Mohan and say "Mohanji, hamaara waqt kyun barbaad kiya? Jab wahan kuch tha nahi, to hame itne log ke saath yahan kyun laya? Saara police force yahan aagaya, aap ke khel me budhu hone ke liye."  

Mohan turns to them and apologises, and turns away, wondering how he could have been so wrong. He had all his facts right before he had involved the police and he had in fact even been to the warehouse the night before, and had seen the activities. He was not paying attention as his thoughts churned, and then stops when he hears "so Mr. Mohan Bhatnagar, Indore ke famous journalist, aap ek story ko bhi anjaam nahi de sakte hain ab, hai na? Kya hua? Aap ke contacts aap ko daaga de gaye?" 

Mohan looks at Nanhi who was saying "waise daaga dene me to aap mahir hain, to aap ko ye kaisa laga jab aap khud daga kha gaye?"  

Mohan turns away and starts walking to his car when he stops as Nanhi says "kyun Mr. Bhatnagar, aapko kuch kehna nahi?" he continues walking to his car when he stops as she says "Mohan Bhatnagar, aaj to bas shuruat hai. Aage dekhiye mei aap ke saath kya karti hoon."  

Mohan turns to look at her, and after a few moments, goes to her and says "mei nahi jaanti tum ye sab kyun kiya. Agar tumhe mujse koi problem hai, to its ok. Lekin tumhe shayad ye nahi maloom ke wo drug lords kisko apna shikar banate hai."  

Nanhi: hai, mujhe aapse problem hai. Aapse kitna nafrat karti hoon, aap ko andaaza bhi nahi 

Mohan: thik hai. Nafrat karte ho, to mujpar utaro. Un masoom bachon ne tumhara kya bigara jo wo drug lords ke shikar hai? 

Nanhi: I don't care Mr. Bhatnagar. Mujhe usse koi matlab nahi hai. Aap ko mei kaise jeetna deti? Aap to hamare sabse bare haar ke vaja hokar jeet kaise sakte hain? Aap jaise insaan to insaan kehne layak bhi nahi hai. Aap bas nafrat ke layak hai. Mei aapse nafrat karti hoon Mohan Bhatnagar. Aap ko andaaza bhi nahi kitna nafrat karti hoon."  

Mohan looks at her steadily for a few seconds, then turns away, returning to his car, and takes off, numbed at the vitriol that she had spewed on him. He had known that they would probably be angry but that they would hate him to this extent? He drove away, like the devil was behind him, his heart splintering into pieces. Finally unable to see due to his tears, he stops the car, and gets out, bending over in the intense pain he felt. He stayed for hours, trying to control the pain, ignoring the calls from Guru and Rimjhim, till he was dried out of tears. Mohan realised in that instant, that his dream of finding Addu and reclaiming his family had gone. He didn't realise his Chavanni could hate him so much, then he had little hope for anything from anyone else.  

Mohan's memories go back to that fateful day. He remembered his chavanni hitting him, sobbing desperately as she asked him where her brother was. When he had no response, she had used that hated word on him, distancing him from her. He had understood her pain, and had tried to comfort her, but she wasn't ready to listen. A few days later, Megha had given him his biggest pain, and he had left with the promise to bring Addu back. Her words had remained imprinted on his brain but he had held out a tiny hope that if he could find Addu, things would be different. Now he saw the reality. There was no future here with them. They hated him with an intensity he couldn't fight.  

Wearily, Mohan climbs back into his car and makes his way back home. He tried to be normal with Rimjhim, listening to her tales about her kathak classes, but he finally gave up. He told her he was tired, and escaped from her. He needed time alone to accept the devastating loss of the thing that had kept him going for the last twelve years. Guru realised something significant had happened, but seeing the expression on Mohan's face, he refrained from asking.  

Nanhi returned home, not understanding why she was feeling sick. She went to the bathroom, and washed her face, unable to get rid of the feeling of dirtiness that enveloped her. She still wasn't able to get rid of the feeling, and so she took a shower, hoping to wash away the feeling, but it didn't go away. After her shower, she joined the family for dinner, but for some reason, the food didn't go down. In fact she found herself feeling nauseous and ran to the bathroom, throwing up. Megha ran behind her worrying about what was wrong, but Nanhi didn't respond. In the bathroom, Nanhi descended in tears, huge sobs racking through her as her ears rang with the words she had said.  

Each word she'd said replayed itself in her mind, and her mind's eye kept seeing his face. Finally, spent, she goes to the bedroom where Megha was worriedly waiting for her. Nanhi shakes her head and lays down, trying to sleep, but couldn't get his expression out of her mind. She had let loose twelve years of hatred and anger, but he had not responded. He had left, but she had seen his face in the car. It was that of a broken man. She should have been satisfied and happy so she didn't understand why she felt so devastated.  

Megha looked over at Nanhi worriedly, wondering why she was so upset. She tried to hug Nanhi, but Nanhi scrambled up and runs out. Megha follows her, and finds her standing in front of the water fountain. Nanhi watched the fountain, her mind going back to the day Mohan had fixed it, and their happiness. She had run around it, dancing around with Mohan as the fountain started flowing. Megha tried to comfort Nanhi, who was sobbing like a baby, but couldn't tell her mother the reason for her tears. Nanhi finally stopped crying and tells Megha that she had worked on a story that had brought forward the plight of some people and it made her sad. Megha knew she was lying, but didn't insist.  

Megha and Nanhi settled down for the night, and Megha couldn't help thinking about Rimjhim. There was something about that girl that reminded her of someone, but she couldn't place it. However Megha felt intensely drawn to Rimjhim, and she would spend as much time as she could with her. The truth was that Megha had fallen in love with this little girl. She would listen to Rimjhim talking about her paapu, and it was obvious that her father doted on her yet she didn't appear spoiled. In fact, she was very balanced.  

The following morning, Nanhi slowly made her way to the office. She slowly sat down, seeing Mohan's office door closed. She couldn't figure out if he had come to the office or not. She settled down to work, and after a bit, the office door opens and Mohan comes out with Anu. They were discussing the sting that had gone wrong, and Mohan said he would find some other way of exposing them. Anu nods, and returns to her office while Mohan heads out. He returns a few hours later, and settles down in the office. Nanhi watched him, and to her amazement, he came out and asked her for some files. He said thanks and headed back to his office while Nanhi remained stunned that he was behaving normally with her.  

Nanhi sat down, flummoxed at his attitude. She had expected some kind of reaction from him, but he had not reacted. The day passed without any further contact between them, and at the end of the day, Nanhi returns home, still amazed that he had not reacted.

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Awesome chapters! Loving the way Mohan treated Nanhi. Update soon. Smile
rinku-b Groupbie

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Thanks Mohankimeera! Couldn't help myself - after two weeks, I had to try and put my own spin on how I hoped the story would unfold. You seem to be the only person to have read it!!!
I'm a bit wordy, I know, but hope that you enjoyed reading. Next chapters coming up shortly.

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Great story! Loving the way its rolling out. Please update soon.
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Originally posted by rinku-b

Thanks Mohankimeera! Couldn't help myself - after two weeks, I had to try and put my own spin on how I hoped the story would unfold. You seem to be the only person to have read it!!!
I'm a bit wordy, I know, but hope that you enjoyed reading. Next chapters coming up shortly.
People didn't notice it I guess. You need to promote your story too naa? Wink 
No problems, I'll do it cause I loved it and the way you wrote it...please do continue Embarrassed
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Btw call me Bidzie, and yes, don't be disheartened. The parallel tracks are setting up the stage for the grand meeting of our Meghan. Have patience, and it will be fruitful. Hug

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