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SS: THE NIGHT to forget Pt 12

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Links to previous parts: Part1

THE NIGHT to forget

Part 12

Khushi ran into the bedroom and to her disbelief, making her jaw drop, she saw Arnav constructing something that looked like a baby's cot. Arnav was holding a nail to the cot and a hammer. He started banging again before he went and hit his thumb again ''Ow!'' ''Arnav ji!'' Khushi quickly but gently put the baby down on the bed and ran to him. She grabbed his hand and begun to rub his thumb looking at it intently ''Arnav ji, are you okay?! Did you hurt?!'' Arnav saw the intense worry on Khushi's face making a half smirk rise across his face. He thought to himself ''How could i have ever believed that she could be harmful?...She looks cute when she's worried'' Khushi looked up at Arnav and saw him grinning ''What are you smiling at?... What are you even doing?'' Arnav was looking at her, lost in reverie, still smiling. ''What are you looking at?! I thought you hit your thumb not your head!'' ''Khushi you blow me away'' Khushi looked at him impassively, immediately stepping back. ''Don't do that!'' ''What?'' ''Pretend everything is okay'' Arnav's face turned apologetic, he knew exactly how Khushi was feeling. ''Khushi i...'' he clenched his teeth and shut his eyes in dissappointment with himself. He then looked at the baby asleep in bed of which made him feel worse with himself because of everything he did. He walked out of the room shaking his head leaving Khushi drained of her emotions.
Arnav stormed out to the roof top in rage with himself. Everything horrible he ever did to Khushi was running through his head in a loop, playing over and over again. He was reminded how everything begun from this roof top- all of the misunderstandings. He let out an overdue roar ''Aaarghhh!!!'' He threw the stools there, with great might, out of his way. ''Dammit! How could i do that to her?!'' Arnav paced around the roof like a mad man, running through his thoughts for a whole hour. ''I've got to do something!'' He nodded his head ''I've got to do something...No way can i live with myself, knowing Khushi's hurt inside''
As he made his way back to the room he bumped into Nani ''Chote, have you spoken with Khushi yet?'' Arnav's eyebrows creased in confusion ''Well tommorrow we will be officially naming my Grand daughter, so be sure to think of some names Chote'' Arnav was surprised Khushi didn't say anything to him. He walked into the room finding Khushi fast asleep with the baby cuddled in her arm beside her. On Khushi's other hand, resting along side her was an opened book. Arnav spotted the book and took it in his hand; to his surprise it was a book of names. He sat down by the other side of the bed with the baby inbetween him and Khushi. He intently begun to read the book ''Nadia, Naina, Naisha, Neha... Ishita, Isha, Ikshu... Zara, Zaina, Zeenat...'' Reading the book Arnav slowly fell asleep.
The next morning Arnav and Khushi woke up at the same time. Arnav's arm was around the baby and Khushi together. ''What the!...Arnav ji?'' Khushi fully woke up, opening her eyes and whispered shoutedly ''What are you doing on the bed?! What's your arm doing over us and on my waist?!'' ''Khushi calm down'' He got out of the bed and lifted up the book ''I was reading this'' ''Where did you get that?'' ''I think you fell asleep reading it, as did i last night too...Khushi why didn't you tell me about the naming ceremony? I'd like a part in this too'' Khushi looked at him impassively ''I've already picked out the name'' ''But i've looked through the book and...there's a few that caught my eye'' Khushi raised her eyebrows in surprise then replied in a stern tone ''I've picked out the name'' Arnav could see Khushi was still angry and he wasn't surprised; she deserved to be. Arnav just knew he had to do something and fast to convince Khushi of his sincere apology, of his love. No matter what he had to apologise this time. He couldn't back down.
It was early in the morning and the atmosphere was damp. It had been raining all night and into the morning. Khushi loved the rain and loved the cool refreshing feeling. She picked up the baby into her arms with complete joy and sat down to feed her ''It's your naming ceremony today! Are you excited? I am... I haven't actually picked out a name yet, but everybody will have suggestions.'' The baby finished it's milk then Khushi held the baby up infront of her face ''Don't worry i'll be looking through the name book again. I can't wait...soon we'll have a name to call you by'' Khushi let out a wide smile and the baby begun to smile back at her. Khushi felt so overwhelmed ''Oh you look so beautiful'' ''Just like her Mum'' Khushi got up and turned around to see Arnav stood there leaning by his side against the side of the door way. He had a soft smile on his face and the baby begun to giggle. Khushi looked at the baby then back at him in sudden surprise and shock. ''W-what are you doing?'' Arnav smiled as the baby begun to giggle. He then casually left the room leaving Khushi in utter confusion. ''What the...what was that?'' As Arnav left, the baby begun to mildly cry ''Oh, what's wrong?'' Khushi started rocking her up and down, trying to calm her down but nothing was working '' i've understood. You just want...that man don't you? Hmm? Am i not enough?'' The baby begun to cry even more until Arnav stepped back in and came infront of her. The baby settled making Khushi scowl at Arnav. ''She seems to calm down when i come around... I wonder why'' Khushi looked sharply at Arnav, trying not to give anything away ''She's a baby...I-I don't think there's reasons for her upsets and happiness'' Arnav raised his eyebrow at her and thought to himself ''so she's not planning on telling me that the baby's mine...I've really hurt her.'' Arnav nodded at Khushi as if as though he understood her, making Khushi more confused. Arnav left, leaving the baby calm and Khushi bewildered.

The afternoon just arrived and the rain had stopped. Khushi was downstairs and was sat out in the sun by the pool side until a deathening smell reached her nose ''Ooft...looks like it's time for a nappy change'' Khushi took the baby inside and lay her down to change her nappy. Nani and Anjali walked in and saw Khushi struggling to change the baby's nappy which made them giggle. ''Naughty baby, you're deliberately doing your dirty business to trouble me aren't you?'' Khushi looked up to see Nani andAnjali looking at her. Khushi struck embarrased ''Nani ji, Di...How do i do this? It's so complicated'' Nani came and sat beside Khushi reassuringly smiling at her and changed the baby infront of Khushi ''Now that you've seen me do it once, you should try to remember for next time, hm?'' Arnav came down and ordered Hari Prakash to go get him tea. ''Nani ji, could you watch this naughty little madam while i go take a well deserved bath? If it's not too much trouble?'' ''Khushi bhetiya, i would really love to, but I have to go to the doctors for a check up and Anjali's taking me.'' Nani looked around and spotted Arnav, so she took the baby in her arms and called Arnav over ''Kya hua Nani?'' ''Here take the baby. Khushi has to take a bath and you have to look after your daughter'' Nani handed the baby over to Arnav making Khushi squirm. Khushi snapped ''No problem Nani, I'll just ask Jiji'' ''Neh Khushi bhetiya, Payal is in the kitchen preparing the food for this evening and well, it will be good for Arnav to bond with his daughter, don't you think?'' Arnav held the baby with surprise and looked at Khushi for some indication of permission. Khushi looked at the baby, then Arnav, then Nani who was smiling at Khushi like everything's going to be okay. ''O-okay.. Arnav ji i-i won't be long in the bath'' saying this, Khushi reluctantly made her way up to take a bath, constantly looking back at Arnav and the baby with worry.
Arnav was left with the baby in his arms standing awkwardly, not knowing what to do. The baby just stared at Arnav with wide hazel eyes, fluttering her long eyelashes as she blinked. The baby didn't make a sound, but just smiled at Arnav, overwhelming him. ''So...'' Arnav let out a small laugh as he looked at his beautiful baby gazing at him with the widest smile. ''YOU are definately like your mother, that's for sure, you beautiful little creature'' Arnav took the baby upstairs and to his room whilst Khushi was in the bathroom busy with her bath. He lay the baby down on the bed and thought to himself ''God, this baby has me bewitched, how on Earth does Khushi expect me to stay away?'' The baby was still grinning and Arnav couldn't resist pinching her soft chubby cheeks. Arnav was gushing with love ''Oh you are the most beautiful little thing ever. Just like your Mum...'' Arnav frowned as he recalled how Khushi told him to stay away from the baby. ''...Listen, i'm actually not sure if you understand this or not...but i might not always be around. I'll always be looking over you, but you might not always see me...That doesn't mean i don't want to see you...uh..'' The baby suddenly begun to weep feeling uncomfortable. Arnav begun to worry and quickly got her in his arms ''Why are you crying? Why are you crying? Shh-shh... no-no, don't cry. Come on Daddy didn't mean to upset you, sorry..Shh...shh...'' Arnav rocked the baby up and down gently, calming her down and very slowly restoring her smile. Suddenly a horrible smell reached his nose. He twitched his nose and begun to sniff around until he sniffed the baby and realised where the smell was coming from. ''Nice...So what am i doing here? Where does your mum keep the nappies around here, hm?'' Arnav looked around and looked in the cupboard to find everything he needed to change the baby. He then lay the baby down on the bed and begun nappy changing. ''This shouldn't be hard, should it? How hard can it be? It's just changing a nappy, right?'' The baby giggled at Arnav and Arnav nervously smiled and struggled to change the nappy. Khushi finished with her bath and opened the door seeing Arnav trying to change the baby's nappy. Khushi gaped at her view; she could see how tenderly and lovingly he was treating the baby and thought to herself ''He's great with her, he really is'' Khushi teared up in happiness. As Arnav tried changing the baby's nappy he begun to pull different faces, twitching his nose as the smell was getting to him. The baby suddenly begun to giggle even more, catching Arnav's attention ''Are you laughing at me, young lady?''. He then purposely begun to pull different funny faces to the baby making her giggle even more. Khushi laughed at her view and Arnav turned in surprise ''Khushi?'' Khushi then walked to him and smiled down at the baby. She stood beside him and showed him each step to changing a nappy and they both changed it together. ''Nani ji showed me just a while ago...I think you do that...yes then this...okay...'' They finally changed the nappy together and Arnav lifted the baby up in his arms saying ''That wasn't so hard'' The baby grinned at both her parents and Khushi begun to feel awkward with Arnav holding the baby. ''Here, give her to me. I should take her down now, it's time for her feeding'' Arnav frowned; he was left feeling satisfied but highly inadequate, still.
It had just passed evening and the moon was full and out sparkling. There was a few hours left till the naming ceremony.
Everyone was in the living room arranging everything for the naming ceremonny ''Nani ji, look at my daughter. She's so happy, Hai na?'' Nani smiled at Khushi ''Why wouldn't she be happy? She's getting a name today and..well her mother's Khushi afterall'' Khushi giggled. ''Oh no, i have to feed her in a while but i've left her bottle back in the room...Nani would you mind watching her while i go to get her bottle?'' ''How could i mind being with my beautiful Grand daughter?'' Khushi smiled a thank you and made her way up. As she reached the room, she noticed rose petals on the floor leading somewhere. She picked up a few petals into her hands and took in the bewitching smell. Khushi, being Khushi, couldn't help herself and had to follow the path of petals. The petals led her to the roof top door before the path stopped. Khushi looked around herself, confused. She opened the door and walked out to the rooftop, finding herself fascinated. ''Wow'' The rooftop was lit up with wires of lights over the top and around tall white pillars. There were other pillars with white roses wrapped around them adding to the beauty of the rooftop. Khushi was breath taken; her view in particular was like it was from a movie. Khushi twirled as she took a look at her surrounding before she suddenly slipped from the rain water left from the morning. Naturally, to her rescue, came Arnav who immediately caught her in his arms. Khushi gripped onto his muscular biceps tightly as he caught her and was in his hold for minutes as she was looking into his deep hazel brown eyes. She suddenly realised that she was in his arms and immediately got up and out of his hold. ''Khushi are you okay?'' Khushi stepped back, feeling uncomfortable, looking down and anywhere but him. ''So what do you think?'' Khushi knew what he was trying to do and so she clenched her fists. Arnav took a step towards her and Khushi suddenly quickly walked towards the door to get back in. Arnav immediately walked towards her and before she could open the door fully, Arnav shut it back from behind herand created a lock in his hands. Khushi looked at him with wide eyes looking at Arnav lock the door. He then put the keys in his pocket and turned to Khushi with folded arms and a raised eyebrow ''I'm not letting you get away this time, Khushi''
Precap:  ''...Khushi stop'' Arnav had tears in his eyes and was feeling nothing but guilt and pain for this broken woman stood infront of him. He held onto her arms ''I'm sorry Khushi, I'm so sorry'' Tears slid down Arnav's cheeks
Thank you for reading, please do comment, I always love hearing from you all Wink
**Updated: Part13
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yay!cant believe i am first to comment Big smile
your updates are amazing...n simply love arnav's bond with his daughter since the past chapter
his daughter loves him so much inspite of the hurt khushi suffered
i hope he suffers a bit more before khushi forgives him Wink
update soon!

p.s. felt really bad khushi did not allow him to choose a name Cry

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awesome update. loved arnav's bonding with his little angel!

wondering wat name they ll chose for her!

really hope arnav's idea to win khushi back works:)

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Poor khusi

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hw could u end it here
update asap i cant wait
waise bhi i hv serious patience issues
update was great
i hope they mend their differences soon
arnav ul have too woo her back u hv been toO harsh wid her and hv heart her a lot
darling thanks a ton for d pm
i m on d first page yipee Smile Star

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Clap Smile

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amazing update
khushi seems quite insecure about the baby and arnav
and bet the next update will be brillant

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Wow. Excellent update. Naming ceremony and hope Kushi forgives Arnav.

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