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Happy 20th Birthday Yusra <3

mcdreamy. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
 Thank you Tashu for being such a sweetheart to us and making us these beautiful siggies muaah<3
Radhika - HELLOOO everyone we are to celebrate my birthday :D come on everyone wish me


Noma - RADITZ get off the stage your birthday isn't until one month -_- and no one cares about you


Tooba - sab pagal hogaye hai -_- why am i stuck with these people


 Rosh - SHUT UP SHUT UP EVERYONE today is YOU KNOW WHO'S BIRTHDAY, the most special person ever!

Noma - omg omg is it SRKs birthday?


Radhika- ITS KAJEN'S BIRTHDAY TODAY :O why did no one tell me :(


Tooba - the most special person so thats me? but it aint my birthday today :S


Rosh - IDIOTS no its _____'s BIRTHDAY


Radhika - omg omg omg HOW COULD WE FORGET :O its humari anjali ka birthday :O


 Noma - its all your fault raditz you have such a bad memory


Tooba - its not like you remembered Noma

Rosh - SHUT UP and lets give her a little INTRO


Noma - ek ladki thi deewani si


Radhika - KaJen aur DD pe woh marti thi


Tooba - nazre jhuka ke, sharma ka KaJen AT se guzarti thi


Rosh - khelte khelte, haste haste sab se baat karti thi


Noma - kuch kehna tha shayad usko na jaane kyun log us se darte the


Radhika - jab bhi milti thi hum se, hum se pucha karti thi dosti kaise hota hai, ye dosti kaise hota hai


Tooba - aur mein sirf ye keh paati thi


Rosh - KaJen SE PUCHOOO :D

Tooba - Have all you still not guessed who it is?


Noma - woh meri anjali hai <3

Radhika - aur meri LG hai

Tooba - woh meri pyaari yusry hai

Rosh - aur meri fiance/majnu hai :D



HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY YUSRYYY! We all love you and had so much fun planning your thread :P Especially Noma, we think she had too much fun and wanted to give your birthday thread a gothic theme :| We convinced her that it was your birthday today and not Halloween but we think she got upset :(


ANYWAYYY you are such a sweetheart and we're glad to have met you! Our lives would be incomplete without your pagalpan and all your LOL'ing!


Always keep smiling and REMEMBER sarhad paar aise shaqs hai jo aap ke liye apni jaan bhi de denge! LOL okay that's too cheesy but TRUE and we had to include Veer Zaara cos of all the stories we made up about veer, zaara and anjali ROFL. Rosh don't get jealous, she still loves you the most you're her fiance DUH


Now we will stop our rambling LOL and let you read the messages all your friends wrote for youuu <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN!


And here's a little something that we made for you and we hope you like it :))


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chainreaction. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 1:09pm | IP Logged

Thank you Marj for the beautiful siggie <3



HAPPYY BIRTHDAYY meri Yusri kameeniii!! Today is your day so I won't dimaag kharab you :) ...well okay maybe a little but kya karun, jab bhi main tere se baat karti hoon toh dimaag kharab toh banta hi hai na :( it's namumkin to not dimag kharab you psht. Tu bhi mereko bohot dimag kharab karti hai sighs liken ab mujhe aadat pargayi hai tumhari :( LOL okay enough of this, I have to say good things about you...liken there's nothing good about you :| toh main kya tareef karun :| lmfaooo I'm kidding. You my friend, are amazing! You're such a sweetheart at times and then other times I just feel like slapping you but HEY this all comes out of love :$ we met on kajen at and then you added me to the wacko CC lol or wait..was that you or jessy who added me? LOL yaaad nahi :| but I'm pretty sure it was you. ANYWAYS, you always make me laugh! Whenever I'm having a bad day or if I'm upset you always cheer me up with your baatein. You have such a funny personality lol. OH I almost forgot, tu drawing bohot acha kar leti hai ;) hahahaha. That was such a fun day on msn lmaoo. Sighs I miss talking to you on msn :( and now it's shutting down :( kameena! But that doesn't stop me from talking to you and dimag khrabing you :p btw I miss you :( we don't really get to talk that much like how we used to talk before! We should deff. Catch up! And I still have to find a raqesh for you hahahhhaha ;) I love making you mad it's so funny LOLL! So now imma end it here by saying I hope you have a wonderful day kameeni!! May Allah bless you with all the success and love and happiness in life! Party hard! And eat a lot of cake but not that much that you have to sit in the bathroom for like hours :p LOL. I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH ? and I hope we stay friends forever! And happy birthday once again kameeni!

Love, your chudail!


HAPPYYY BIRTHDAY MERI LG <3 I hope you have the bestt day today and that you're blessed with all the success and happiness in the universe :D okay so i screamed at everyone to write your message or i would kill them and i'm the last person whose writing the message LMFAOOO IDK where to start :|

Our friendship has come a long long way! I won't write much about when we first met cos i think i said that all in last years message LOL but you were one of my first friends on IF and I am so happy that i met you throughhh Shasha! Without you my life would've been adhoori :$ When we first met on AT you kept on LOL'ing and i kept ROFL'ing and we all did so much masti then, our whole weird family LOL. i miss those days haye we had so much fun :|

We've definitely had lots of ups and downs in our relationship, i can say that much ROFL but what makes our friendship so special is that we've made it through all of those obstacles and we're still friends now :| if anything, they have just made our friendship so much stronger cos we now understand each other so well! i think we are now at a phase of our friendship where we've both stopped being childish and understand each other so well! You're one of my oldest friends and will ALWAYS be very very very special to me <3 You've been with me through the initial days when i joined IF and was a psycho upto now when i'm still psycho but just try to hide it LMFAOOO!  Can you believe its almost been 2 years since we first met? Time really flies, it feels like yesterday when both of us first met and you were annoyed with me cos i was too similar to you ROFL!

You are one of those people who i know will always be there for me, and i can always come to you to vent about anything! I want you to know that i will always be there for you too <3 After all you are my behna tehe! BTW i already went to Rosh's ghar to ask about your shaadi but they kicked me out :( OH OH this behen talk reminds me of how you thought of calling me sony just cos i called you LG LOL tu unique piece che. i laughed so much when you told me that was gonna be my nickname :| I LOVE your pagalpun and how you always talk about such random things! you can cheer me up when i'm in the worst of moods -_- and i love how we always have random converstaions when i'm nangi or how i talk to you when i'm wearing my monkey pajamas LMFAOOO me and the monkey pajamas have a purana rishta JUST LIKE ME AND YOU <3

I honestly think the song TERA MERAAA RISHTA PURANA is so perfect for us :| okay well not all of it cos its quite depressing but we have a purana rishta and no matter what happens THIS will never change :D you will always be my behna and no matter how many arguments we have we will ALWAYS make up! Cos whats meant to be always finds a way and you and meee baby WE'RE MEANT TO BE <3 okay now i'm rambling and i wanna say so much more but i have to be done in one minute :| okay let me type as fast as i can!

We have so many arguments but we only argue with people we love the most so yeah you love me the most in the whole world ^^ i LOVE any time i spend with you, whether its talking on WA with you and Rosh or on FB or on the AT or on msn with Nomat LMFAO i love those stories we made up about veer zaara rahul anjali and Raqesh :) DON'T WORRY we haven't forgotten we will definitely find you a Raqesh! But omg nomats stories were so pakao -_- you have to admit mine were better << BUT we had so much fun and and and i love talking to you about BW and how we love old actresses like kajol, rani and preity and we miss them all cos they were our childhood :( i will send you an audio note later cos i think otherwise Rosh will murder me :|

BUT I LOVEEE YOU and omg i can't believe you're 20 :O humari yusry toh buddhi hogayi! and didn't you love how me and rosh confirmed that you were 20 without you knowing by saying we're so choti LOL! we had so much fun doing everything for your birthday and you'll see cos we're gonna add you onto that fb group ;) BUTTT have a great day my sisterrr and eat lots of chocolate cake and have fun! ALWAYSSS STAY KHUSH :D

Lots of Love, Your Sony


Since I suck at starting a message off lmfao :P I'll use the traditional way as always cos that just gets me blabbering LOL so just imagine me singing okaayyy :$ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MAJNUUU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU <33

OMG now that you're 20 :O I seem like a right bachi in front of you :| but hey it's tradition for the guy to be older than his fiance anyway LOL so yeah that's all good :)) but still tu buddhi hoing :( ahh so I shall reminisce the CRAZYYY times we've had together tehe omg omg it just struck me while writing this :O it's our 1st year anniversary :O :O :O OMG OMG THIS IS THE EXACT DAY WE MET LAST YEAR ON YOUR BIRTHDAY AND THAT TOO ON YOUR BIRTHDAY THREAD :O OMGGG TIME LITERALLY FLIES MAN :| I can remember Rads told me to come to your birthday thread saying how it was her behen's birthday LOL and we got talking there and it's just amazing how we instantly clicked on with each other and were talking like we've known each other forever, like there was no awkwardness at all :)) I think I'm gonna go and have a look at your last birthday thread again after this LOL :$

After that meeting on your birthday thread we didn't interact with each other for a while :( cos you were kinda inactive I think until we bumped on FB again lol and ahh how can I forgot that was the night I was really pissed off and was about to leave net life and all and you were the one to bring me back and I'm so glad you did that otherwise I would have been long gone from here :| and oh that night you also did your pyaar ka iqraar to me and we were officially in a relationship :$ HAAYYYEEE that was a good night <33 I'm feeling all nostalgic haye :')

And then we became super close and talked like so much and even though I went MIA for like 2 months cos I was on a holiday, it's amazing how we still managed to stay in a relationship <33 LMFAAOO :P anyway I think we got more closer since I came back in like september and we have been talking like every single day in our little group and I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE talking to you, phangurrling with you and texting you and sending you voice notes! You're just an amazing friend to have, so bubbly and beautiful and such a bundle of joy and I can always talk to you about anything and vent to you about life and I know you're always there for me no matter what! Though you can have your moody phases at times too LOL :P but I love how you always listen to me eventually but I have to do a LOT of hardwork for that like write long essays and then you finally get my point psshtt -__- LOL but nevertheless I LOVEEE YOUUU SO MUCCHHH and I'm so glad to have you in my zindagi <33

You're turning 20 today like omg you don't seem like 20 at all :| NO ONE can tell your age by just talking to you cos you seriously seem young LOL it's so hard to believe man but sach hai that you're no longer a teenager anymore! That must be so depressing haye << Btw I'm apparently your fiance now erm even though I have no idea when our engagement took place but you behen says that we're engaged but the bitch she is won't talk to my family for our marriage :( so we have to wait for her!

ANYWAYY this one year has gone so damn fast I didn't even realise and my life is seriously incomplete without you meri majnuuu <33 and soon it'll be 5th of feb again and you will be 21 haye haye :O OKAAYY I'll cut my bakwaas short now and Rads will probably kill me for writing such a long essay :| lmfao so have a lovely day and a great year ahead, may you be blessed with all the love success and happiness in the universe and may all your dreams and wishes come true :)) PARRTYY HARD and eat lots of cake but not too much cos you're on a diet remember and that work out in the gym will go to a complete waste if you eat too much and I don't want a fat fiance! OMG remember when I used to call you fatty lmfaaoo and you started calling me yucky cos you got so annoyed lol ahh them names have now been replaced by laila and majnu which is kinda sad :( ROFFLL :P


Lots of love your Laila <33


HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY YUSRA PUSRAAA <3 I hope you have a KAJENISH one tehe <3 you are a really really close friend of mine and I wish you all the best for your future and I hope you get everything you wanttt <3  I just want to tell you i love you and you are like a sister to me AND I HOPE WE COULD TALK MORE :| May this be the best birthday ever and may you have many moreee <3 oh and sorry for not wishing at 12 psht i wanted to but kameeni powercuts came in the way like ALWAYS :| HAPYY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAINN<3

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chainreaction. IF-Stunnerz

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Happy birthday Pagal!! We're supposed to be sisters and you're kinda AWOL right now so thats not helping but doesn't mean main tereko bhool gayi! You lucky lucky girl! You have me in your life even this year so damn right it is a happy birthday! I remember back in the wacko days when you were such a weirdo (still are but y'know what I mean :P), that's when I entered and made your life jannat! Seriously though God knows how we became friends :| I usually steer clear from loonies :P

But yeah I gotta say nice stuff since it's your birthday so I'ma sugar coat now! :D

You are one of my first and closest friends in virtual life (JAI HO) and I hope you get everything you want in life. Have a great year ahead which I'm sure you will (thanks to my presence) and just keep being the amazing person you are.
Whatever you wanna do today it's all good but stay cool and happy, y'know why? BECAUSE IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! Whoohoo!!! Have loads of choco cake and party hard! Off note, be sure to send me some and for f**ks sake be ACTIVE again!!!

P.S hope you love your gift, not like or I'ma freak :))

P.P.S don't forget to pray to God to keep my beautiful presence in your life :D


My dear MMKB, A very Happy Birthday !! ?
Ahh today is a perfect day to tell you that you are a wonderful friend. Wishing you all the best throughout the coming year. May all the good things come to you. May you get all the happiness in this world and May all your wishes come true. It's been great knowing you and talking to you all the time (well that was ages ago) omg remember how I used to talk to you like every second of the day or atleast I told you what I was doing, I miss you !! :( I hope we start talking like that soonish.
Today is your day so you can eat alot of cake (don't start with the dieting and stuff it's lame and stupid -.-) and you can also act crazy (as of you're not already lol just kidding )
Enjoy your day !!
Lots of love MBKB ?


Happy birthday Yusra! I hope you have an amazing day. May all your wishes and dreams come true. I miss you a lot :( We haven't spoken since ages because we are both very busy but I hope you're doing well in life and I wish you all the best in the future! Enjoy your dayyy! Love youuu ?



Nai rehna nai rehna nai rehna tere naaal vee. This is the somg which comes to my mind when i think about you ghusdi. And today is your khas khas vala din where you be the queen hehe. I just wanna wish you a very very very VEEERRRY happy birthday. I hope you have a dhin chak day because you completely deserve it. I've spent some amazing memories with you remember those msn games we used to play that uno one? ROFFFLL i swear those were made to make us lose and i love those lambi lambi conversations we had on msn or AT. You're an amazing, awesome super best person and i swear we need to talk more often cuz trashy misses you man :( anyway once again happy birthday eat loads ofcake and mereko bhi bhejna even i want cake lolz. I love you and miss you loads
Your trashy ;) muaaah ?


Happy Birthday god bless you  ..god bless you ,..have a great day may this birthday brings lots of happiness in your life..I really wish all your dreams & wishes come true ..YUSRA (called as GHUSDI ..*giggles*OMG I wonder ye naam tujhe mila kaise*laughs*) I have had some awesome fun days chating with you on AT discussing kajen & having completely mad time their ..you are lovely person & a very humble friend ..enjoy yourself have fun lots of love ..


Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To Moi Dear Bahu
Happy Birthday To You
6th February one of the most important day of my life , Meri Pyari Bahu ki Janamdin.Bahu wishing You Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Happy Birthday
Ermmm where do I starts der so much on mind to write but I guess I ll keep it sweet and small bcos i knw the hardship on replying all the messages one by one lol
Omg unbelievable it's already two long years since we know. I will always be thankful to Wacko CC , without whom we would nt be that close and urghh I won't forget u wanted me to be a cow in the family rofl hayye our gabbu and basanti will always be remembered lol i missed those days now you rnt active on FB either I miss us . Through we have been so door door lately but my love for you still same you will always be my favorite nyway hope we catch up soonish .
May God bless you with loads of happiness and fulfill all your dreams . Have a wonderful, amazing birthday & a great year party hard
lotsa of love,



Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear YUSRA Happy birthday to you "claps" Wish you all the success in your life and may you achieve all the happiness. Let the God decorate each golden ray of sun reaching you with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity for you. Ok thats a classy line Party hard and enjoy^^
-Salwa Mehrin


Happy Birthday chiikkiii! LOL  .. don't worry aaj tera chikka nahi banaungi! Tongue
Love you lods lady, hope your year ahead is awesome.. and you get whatever you wish for! .. Big smile
Hope i get to talk to you more! LOL mostly my fault lol..
Lods of fondles.. from your kangaroo! TongueEmbarrassed




Happy B'day Yusra..!! God Bless u .. Have a KJlicious B'day enjoy n have blast... May God Gv u all d happiness u desired..<3


Happy birthday Yusiii ? Have a wonderful year ahead. Wish you all success and happiness in life. May al ur wishes and dreams come true. Have an amazing day.Its been quite long tht I spoke to you.Hope to catch up with you soonish.
Enjoy! Have fun.. :)
Lots of love and best wishes <3

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Yusieee! Happies To U!!!! Haww ur old now :O jjk u are shooo young! Anywho I hope you have an amazing day and that all ur wishes and dreams come true. You are one amazing friend and I love to talk to you whenever we can. You make me laugh all the time even when I'm down so for that I just want to say ILY<3 Happy Birthday!!



Happiesss burrrday Yusra ((: I hope you  have the best birthday everrr ? May you be blessed with loads of love, happiness and success! OH and I hope you get a KaJen intvvv soon as a burday gifttt!
Lots of Loweee,
Sahar ((:


Happy birthday Yusra...May God bless You & hope your all wishes come true...
Have an awesome Bday


Yusraaa Happyyy Birthday..May God bless you wid all the happiness love and success..Have a Rocking Birthdayy ?
-love Naaz


And you are so lucky. You know why? Coz u get to share ur bday with ME. I mean like you must feel so great to know that nahi? Lol
And we didnt really interact much which is all coz of u as u never come to FB.
Anywaysss You are an amazingg person and really fun to be with. May you get all that you wish for.
Get urArmaan/ Karan.
Get a chance to meet KaJen soon.
And also may god also give you that patince to listen my Bakwasss :D
Happy birtday Again.
God Bless


Hey Yusra aka Kankhajoori..;P wish u a very happy birthday..May god bless u and fulfill all ur wishes.!! Have a fab day :D


Hey yusiii
wishing u a very happy b'day ?
may god bless u wid love,succes,happiness and luck.
May all ur wishes come true. u hv a gr8 day ahead .party hard.
Loadz of love mwahhh ?


Dear Yusra,

Happy Birthday girl..may god bless you with loads of happiness and success on this day...enjoy tc :)


Dearest Yusra,

Happy birthday dear...may you always be blessed with lots of happiness and success. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest dear!!


Happyyy birthdayyy Yusra
we never chatted before .. hope we get to chat in future
God bless you with love , happiness , smile , and good health
take care and have fun


Happyyy Birthday Yusra hope you have a great day and year ahead :) You've been really adorable and sweet, all through out, leaving messages trying to be in touch :) and hopefully we can always. Hope you get all you wish for and the year ahead is amazing for you.


Happpy Happy Happy Birthday...May the entire of God's bounty be showered upon you. Ily ? ? God Bless ...? ?


Happy Birthday Yusra :)
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day :)
God Bless You :)


Hey yusra ?
its ur birthday..eeekkksss ?
happpie b day darling
God bless you
wish u all the happiness in life

With love


OMG you are my age! I never knew that Shocked Anyways so how does it feel to be out of the teens? << Its the same believe me! :P But getting into 20 is a different feeling all together << ye bhi sach hai Big smile
So what should i say! OMG you've given me weirdest of names! Though people use to call me chudail and stopped now, you still call me that without fail << ab toh Koi aur naam soch le that name just got old! :P And that name bhootni? << eww that's such an eww name! Vamp was a nice name but you didn't want to call me by a name that i liked! << weird reason che. So think of a name and tell me fast! Mujhe apna naam bhi toh pata hona chahiye na! ;)
Anyways so I just wanted to say how awesome you are! And Rosh is really lucky to have you as her fiance. You'll keep her happy << OMG i am talking like a mother here :O ROFL So yeah stay like that! And be a little active so that we could have fun like we had the few times we talked! Hug Enjoy yourself today! And party ache se! Big smile 
Lots of Love xx


Wishing you a very happy birthday Yusra. May God Bless you always May all your wishes come trueHave a amazing birthdayBest wishes & love from Ayesha

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Happpyyy Birthdayyy bahuuu PartyPartyParty
Love youuu  Heart

edited i wanna be first ROFL

Beautiful thread guys <3
Hayye Baby JJ DD AND SRK VOICE OVER Day Dreaming

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mcdreamy. IF-Stunnerz

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HAPPY HAPPY HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAAYYY MAJNUUU :) OMG you're so old haye but we still love you muaaahh <33 and we had a blast planning all this for you!

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Oh and we hope you like your wishes from SRK KSG JJ AND DD TOO teheee Embarrassed

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Edit! as my msg has now been inserted. =)


P.S-Amazing job with the thread ladies! And marji ur siggie that u made is so hot!

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