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We Found Love (Thread 2):Ch.38 - page 129

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Firstly to my new bestest friend in this world Aashima (Dhoxi). I know a lot of you guys got PMs from her asking to comment more because I wasn't happy with the response. She sent to as many people as she could and didn't specify at a certain person so don't take it personally Tongue That's the sweetest thing anyone could have ever done for me, and it made me the happiest girl in the world. You are my Kryan partner in crime and I can't go one day without talking to you. You are my person and I love to have all my Tacker moments with you, sooo thank you very very much Heart

Another happy thing that happened to me was this morning when I check how a bunch of you spammed me like crazy!!! I can't tell you how happy I was seeing that so thank-you ktloversera, vijika, elmwizard5015, virika11, mariarauf48, virika_luv! Sorry if I'm forgetting anyone Embarrassed

Also there's a few more people I need to thank and that it amritaluvskryan, avni_19, girl97, jeevi7, jenna_p, latika, aliya, kushalkideewani, romanticgurl070, sanjana, surbhi1994, syed695, sarah(aa_mnhs), cutiepie. 

I know there's a lot more people to thank and I will thank you all with personal messages in a few weeks when I become a Goldie Big smile Sorry if I forgot anyone, but I truly love you all. So hope you enjoy this update. I really really love it. Also if you want a PM send me a buddy request and PM me if you want an index to my work Tongue



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Kays94 IF-Sizzlerz

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plz read my post above Wink

chapter 26

Virat - "Bhai look at Veera, I think she's starting to get sick"

Viren - "Yeah, the ship is finally moving now so she's getting nauseous but she won't say a word"

Virat - "If I tell her to go to her room, she won't listen to you or me actually. She'll only listen to one person"

Viren - "I'll go tell her"

Viren walks over to the other side of the indoor pool area where everyone was reclining and relaxing enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean"

Viren - "Jeevs, I need a favor from you"

Jeevika - "It's already done. I'm taking Veera back to her room right now"

Viren - "How did you know?" he said shockingly

Jeevika - "Veera and I were observing you and Virat and she had already told me she was starting to feel a little sick. She doesn't want to go, but she will only because she hates seeing you all worried" she said as they both looked over at Veera sitting on a recliner talking to Shlok.

Viren - "Let's all go to the room. Even I'm tired, we will drop Veera in her room and then we will go to ours"

Jeevika -  "Viren Vadhera, we are not spending the night with each other as we still aren't married. I'm sleeping with Veera tonight"

Viren makes a sad face and Jeevika gives him a small and light kiss on his cheek which turned that frown upside down. 

Viren - "Let's go drop Veera in the room and then we can walk around"

Jeevika - "Okay" she said smiling. 

Veera - "Ohhh so someone's making a plan to leave me alone so they can go romance together. Wow what days have come in my life. No one cares about me anymore"

Viren - "Very funny. Everytime we want to hangout you come in between us"

Veera - "Hangout? Bhai what do you mean by hangout? Please be specific" she said in a naughty funny way

Viren and Jeevika's jaw dropped and Viren slapped Veera on her shoulder. Veera couldn't control her laughter seeing both Viren and Jeevika emberassed and red. 

Viren - "Veera, you have such a dirty mind. Something needs to be done of you"

Veera - "I just said be specific like do you want to go swimming or go watch some movie with bhabhi? You both are the ones with dirty minds"

Viren - "Oh really?"

Veera - "Yes really! Now are we going or not?"

Viren - "Jeevs lets go drop this insane girl so we can go hangout"

Veera - "Yeah yeah"

They all started walking towards the rooms which was quite far away from the pool. 

Veera - "I'm so excited for tomorrow. Goshhh I can't believe someone's finally going to marry my idiotic brother"

Viren - "Yeah I can't believe someone so gorgeous is going to marry me too. I'm with you on this one Veera" he said giving her a hi-five

Jeevika had an "awww" moment and hugged Viren from the side. They continued walking towards the rooms with Viren's arm around Jeevika's waist. As soon as they got to the room Veera went inside. 

Veera - "You guys can go "hangout" or whatever. I'll be taking a nap"

Jeevika - "You sure you don't want me to stay with out? Especially if you're not feeling too well"

Veera - "Don't worry, I'll call ma if I'm not feeling well. And Shlok said he's coming in a little bit too"

Veera started getting really really sick now and was about to throw up. She ran back inside the room and went straight to the bathroom. Viren and Jeevika followed her inside. She was bending over puking into the toilet and Viren and Jeevika were rubbing her back. After sometime Veera got up and brushed her teeth. They walked her out to the room and put her down. Viren got her medicines out and gave it to her. 

Veera - "I'm fine now, you guys go"

Viren - "You're mad. Go to sleep"

Veera - "Bhai I'm fine, please Im okay now. I'm going to fall asleep now anyways"

Viren - "Close your eyes and sleep Veera"

Veera didn't have it in her to argue back now so she shut her eyes and slowly fell asleep. Viren covered her up with a blanket. Jeevika went on the bed right next to Veera's and lay down just looking at Viren patting Veera's hair. He then turned around and saw Jeevika smiling at him. He got up from the bed and went and lay down next to Jeevika. As he lay down next to her she slowly placed her head on his chest and hugged him tightly. 

Jeevika - "I love you"

Viren - "I love you too" 

Jeevika - "Viren, I think tomorrow after the wedding we should tell Veera"

Viren - "Yeah me too. I don't want to push it any longer. I honestly get freaked out when I see her like this Jeevs. She's like my baby, and I can't let anything happen to her"

Jeevika - "We won't. I know how to convince her, I've thought about it already"

Viren - "Really, how?"

Jeevika - "You'll see later" she said smiling

Viren - "Don't you think we have a lot of planning to do now?"

Jeevika - "Like what Viren?" 

Viren - "Well now that we'll be married, don't you think we should find a new place? And I mean your dorm apartment, we gotta sell that place"

Jeevika - "Wow that never even hit me. But I like your house. You still wanna move from there?"

Viren - "Yeah. We need a better and bigger house with more rooms for all our families. Plus we need it in a very safe area with a good school district?"

Jeevika - "Safe area with a good school district? What are you talking about Viren?"

Viren - "For our kids dumbo" he said giving her a kiss on her forehead 

Jeevika - "Kids already?"

Viren - "Why you don't want?"

Jeevika - "I always did and always will, but I didn't know about you. We never discussed it"

Viren - "Then lets discuss it now. I want one boy and one girl"

Jeevika - "Hmm thats actually a good balance. I want to have a girl first though"

Viren - "No a boy first. So then when we have a girl, he will always protect his sister"

Jeevika - "Like you bossing around Veera in other words"

Viren - "I don't boss her. Do you know how I love her Jeevs. Even though she's younger than me, I feel she is so much wiser. She always gives me the best advice anytime I have any problem. I wouldn't be half the person I am without her"

Jeevika - "I know that. And you know what I can really proudly say that our kids will be the best because the way you've raised Veera, theres no way our kids won't be like you"

Viren smiled and gave Jeevika a light kiss on her lips. She responded, but with more passion. They were so into each other, that they totally forgot Veera was asleep on the bed next to them and they realized when she turned around in her sleep. 

Jeevika - "Oppsss"

They both started giggling and then Jeevika lay her head back on Viren. 

Viren - "So I guess tonights our last night to be free"

Jeevika - "I guess it is. Are you and Virat doing something?" 

Viren - "Nope" Viren said lying to her

Viren - "Are you going to be doing something?"

Jeevika - "Nahhh" she said lying to him again. 

Viren - "I can't wait till we reach Hawaii. Veera is going to be so excited, the beach is like her thing"

Jeevika - "Me too. I haven't gone there in years"

Viren - "You've been there before?"

Jeevika - "Yeah for a friends bachelorrete party"

Viren - "Wow you know we don't even get a bachelorrete party"

Jeevika - "You want one"

Viren - "Who wouldn't? I mean cute girls dancing around, who would want to miss that"

Jeevika's jaw opened shocked at what Viren said. 

Jeevika - "You know, bachelorette parties are much more fun for girls"

Viren - "And why is that?"

Jeevika - "Because we do a lot more than seeing sexy boys just dancing around"

Viren - "Alot more. Jeevika what rubbish is this"

Jeevika - "I'm not joking. Let me tell you"

Viren - "Please don't. My ears will start bleeding. I can't believe you ever went to those kinds of things" 

Jeevika - "Well obviously. How could I not go see such sexy boys in tiny shorts. You know they were less of shorts more like speedos"

Viren - "Oh my god Jeevika I can't believe you're still talking about that. I'm like disgusted by you. We should give it sometime before we have kids. Wait for you to mature a little"

Jeevika - "Very funny. I mean you didn't go to any parties where girls were in bikinis and danced all around you"

Viren - "Uhmm no"

Jeevika - "LIAR! I remember you went to one and you lied to me about that. You said you were going to the library to study"

Viren - "Wait how did you find out?"

Jeevika - "I've got my ways. Yeah I agree we should wait to have kids otherwise they'll take these bad habits from you"

Viren - "Okay okay we both are at fault"

Jeevika - "Much better. Okay well if we're being honest right now, I need to tell you something"

Viren - "Mee too. You go first"

Jeevika - "What do you have to say? Is it about that Maya b****? Did you do something with her Viren?" Jeevika said getting angry

Viren - "Calm down babes, its not about her. Well me and Virat were actual going to the club tonight"

Jeevika - "Me and Veera also" :p

Viren - "What? You think I'm going to allow that girl to go to a club?"

Jeevika - "Girl? She's an adult"

Viren - "No she's not going"

Jeevika - "Are you commanding me?"

Viren - "Maybe" he said with a smirk

Jeevika - "And you think you're going to be allowed to order me like that?"

Viren - "No, I'm sorry. You are the boss of me" he said innocently

Jeevika - "Much better, she said giving him a kiss on his cheek"

Viren - "I'll always says that especially if I get a kiss from you"

Jeevika - "Accha? I'll give you a kiss anyways"

Viren - "Then give me one now" 

Jeevika - "No, you need to get more romantic"

Viren - "We both are lying down on one bed. How much more romantic can we be?"

Veera - "OHHH MY GOD!!!! Both of you seriously. I've had enough of your romance and your talks. I'm so disgusted right now and I feel like you both have sucked out the innocence of me" 

Jeevika and Viren were both laughing

Viren - "You heard us?"

Veera - "I bet you the people next door heard you two. Seriously both of you go get a room"

Viren - "Why would you listen to us Veera, jeesh"

Veera - "Bhai you really used library as an excuse. I don't even wanna know what other things you've done bhai"

Viren and Jeevika couldn't control their laughter. 

Viren - "We were here just because of you"

Veera - "It would have been better if you both would have done your disgusting talks somewhere else. Like OMG I'm scarred for life now"

Viren - "Chill Veera, anyways you feeling better?"

Veera - "No I feel disgusted. You two are so dirty"

Jeevika - "Veera we should get ready soon to go for dinner"

Veera - "And for partying tonight"

Viren - "I thought you heard me say you're not going"

Veera - "You'd think a lawyer is smart enough, but you aren't. Didn't bhabhi say she was the boss?"

Viren - "Ohh yeah, right. I had totally forgot"

Veera - "Short-term memory loss much?"

Viren - "Couldn't you like not pretend you were asleep instead of eavesdropping into our conversation?"

Veera - "Couldn't you not talk so loud or be considerate that someone is trying to rest?"

Viren - "Okay okay my bad. Go back to sleep now. Rest a little more, we can go for dinner late anyways its 24 hours on the cruise"

Veera - "Sleep? I can't sleep anymore"

Viren - "Close your eyes and the both of us will shut up and hopefully you'll sleep and not listen to us and our conversations"

Veera - "Thank You!"

Viren - "Actually Jeevika, when we have kids we will make Veera babysit all the time, with whats that boys name again? Ohh yeah ARMAAAN. And she's always going to be on diaper duty. How does that sound?" he said real loudly making a point that Veera hear. 

Viren and Jeevika were laughing so hard. Veera took one of the pillows from the bed and threw it at Viren.  

Veera - "You're so annoying"

Viren and Jeevika continued to laugh while Veera actually went to sleep now. 

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for the first time i am the first one partyyy dhoxi sorry

congrats for a new thread

coming to the updats

still laughing

seriuosly faimly planning OMG damn cute

the small kissess in between awww shpoo romantic

sams bed n d gestures u rocked it

viren n his excuses lol

veera heard everything lol

super duperset awesomest update

clapping whistles standing ovation for u

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I'm so happy right now Big smile I cant even express it. When i first looked the note the only thing i saw on the first was Firstly to my new bestest friend in this world Aashima (Dhoxi) 

you just made me dancing on the floor Dancing" oppa Gangnam style "

oh yah pm thingy Tongue some people told you pufff pufff even i told them to keep secret . very bad LOL
I remembered you called me "you little" dude we both are same ROFL 

"kryan partner in crime" lol is there any conversation where we dont talk about Tacker or Dsouza ??? No, LOL the only thing we are waiting now is Tacker iv answering all the question LOL 

Tacker moments is just just amazing. haha we are always in tacker wonderland Embarrassed

pufff pufff we can never stop talking about tacker Smile

awww Love you so much. Thank YOU so much 

About update-

Seriously you have made me totally speechless right now ... I'm trying to use some word but i think infront of your update it's nothing :/ 

Veera Big smile I love they way she say to viren. It seems like she is the boss... haha "get a room" i think we should give a room to virika LOL "you two are so dirty" awww I love veera so much ... i think this FF wouldn't be much beautiful if veera wasn't here Clap

Kays Remember something "S--" ROFL you should have included it LOL

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Just too good.

Woww two updates back to back.
I'm so excited , Eeeksss.
okay coming back.
This was just fabulous. Romantic much? LOL
Lol i was shocked to read them discussing about their babies and club nights out.
Hahahha hangouts ya ehemehemEmbarrassed
Veera is so adorable.
Hope she gets well soon.
I hope notihng happens to her.
HAye kissie Star
This story keeps getting better and better.
I am speechless though i have blabbered a lot.
Thanks for the pm of this blockbuster updateBig smile
Love you
Congratulations on the new threadClap

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Firstly, Congratulations on the second thread. :D

"Hangout!" ROFL Loved that thing!

And then VirIka's conversation and Veera eavesdropping. That was totally hilarious! ROFL

I couldn't stop laughing at the three. I swear! ROFL

Fantabulous hilarious update. LOL Awesome! :D

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Dhoxi IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by mariarauf48


Someone took my place Tongue i'll hunt you now be ready LOL

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Congrats for the new thread.

Wht an update totally hillialious n hangout ROFL

loved it so much was having so much fun reading it.

Awww the kiss lol Embarrassed

Hawww virika were discussing babies,boys in shorts thank god verra woke up ,if nt wht more they would hav discussed lol Wink

such an fobulous update.
Cant wait 4 the next update.
So update soon update soon

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