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The Onstage Lovers (Arsha os)

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 8:40am | IP Logged

Hi guys,

This my first os 

Hope you like it

Do like and comment 


The Onstage Lovers


    Just like every other Saturday, she was nervous as 

she was being dolled up by her make-up artist for 

her performance. And like always she prayed to God to help them perform well today, and also that she does not hinder his performance. More than being scared of not being able to perform, she was scared that she would let him down.


   Then she walked towards the door trying to calm 

herself down and like always he was there waiting 

for her at the door. She walked up to him. He gave 

her a warm side hug and said "Don't be nervous, we 

will give it our best shot and most of all don't forget 

to enjoy dancing there, okay?"Then as usual we 

entered and sat in our usual place beside the other participants. Their choreographers then came to them and again briefed them on their performance.


    The Nach Baliye stage was flooded with lights 

and with their signature intro the show began. She wrapped her arms around him. For some reason that she didn't know it felt very uncomfortable, rather a feeling of unexplainable insecurity. On the other hand, he who had no idea of what is going on in her mind. He thought she was nervous so he comforted her.


      It was decided that they would open the show 

today.  Hence the MC's of the show called them 

forth in their own funny way.


The soothing classical piano music intro of the song 

Kuch Kum Roshan Hai Roshani, set the romantic 

atmosphere with the entry of the beautiful lady in 

blue who was then escorted by her partner and they 

danced, without missing a beat. It was indeed a very 

visually appealing dance. All the judges sang praises 

in their names and they scored the highest. Not only 

had they scored the highest today but also they were 

on the top position according to audience poll. 


Finally, they had regained their position.


But still the girl felt uneasy, she faked a smile and 

then walked towards their seat.


Something was going to happen, her intuition told 

her, but what? What could it be?


The program followed as per the schedule and the 

couples put their best in their performance. When 

there were four more couples to perform the mc 

announced the arrival of a guest, to which all the 

participants were pretty surprised. Because, as per 

the schedule they were handed before the program 

they weren't expecting any guests today.


       Then Terance Sir turned towards the 

participants and said" This one is a surprise for you, 



       Amar's face instantly lit up like a 100 watts 

bulb, and the girl who was obviously none other than Charlie was a little surprised. Not at Terance sir's sentence but at Amar's reaction. It was almost as if he knew who it was.


    Shilpa too was curious at Amar's reaction and 

hence questioned him of what he knew. With complete confidence answered that he did know who it was. He announced it was none other than 

"Shakti Mohan."



      He was right it was her. She walked in with the 

grace of a swan in her white grown, beautiful yet 

subtle and decent. She first greeted the judges and 

audience and then participants. Then without 

wasting a millisecond she went to greet him 

personally and he came down and both shared a 

friendly hug.


     Charlie, rather than being surprised, she was 

shocked as to why Shakti was here. That aside how 

did Amar know? Especially, when the crew took the 

pain of not telling any of the participants to make 

sure it was a surprise.


      Shakti was mainly there for promoting her 

upcoming music video.



      Then both of them were invited on the stage by 

the MC and then the MC described about their 

journey together. That's not where it stopped. The 

MC's also called Jay down who was the comparer for DID to shed light on their relation, who described their relationship as the purest friendship he had ever seen.


           And when the topic of their remarkable 

chemistry came up, Shilpa and Sajid demanded to be 

able to see this chemistry with their own eyes, that 

Terance had been singing praises of since they were 

told that Shakti was invited for the show. Terance 

supported them since he too had been waiting a long 

time to see two of his best students to perform 



      Amar and Shakti exchanged glances and were a 

little nervous about this performance.

A solo performance was fine, but a duet''.


     They hadn't danced together for so long and 

suddenly they had to give an impromptu 

performance. That too on show which was being 

telecasted throughout the country.


     Terance realized as to why his students were 

hesitant. Hence announced they could go in and 

decide the song and dance they had to perform.

   They were really thankful but uh, uh' uhhh'.

But now we all know he isn't so kind, is he?


How could he leave his students without any 

challenge? So, he put the condition that, it should be 

a duet that he hasn't seen.


      Then they went backstage. Before doing so Amar looked at Charlie as if to seek permission. Charlie was upset but she managed a smile of approval. She convinced herself that she had to trust him and that Shakti was a very precious friend to him and she had to respect their relationship. But she was still uneasy about this whole situation. She wondered as to what was wrong with her. She was completely fine with all the actresses who Amar was a fan of. She was even perfectly fine with Deepika Padukon kissing his cheeks but, when Shakti was involved, she just couldn't take it. Even though she was one of his best friends. 


Anywhere, Shakti and Amar were to perform at the 

end after the remaining four couples.


       They went to the backstage practice room, neither of them spoke for while because of the condition that their mentor had put forth. Both knew well that Terance sir had followed up on them and had watched their every performance, even the ones they had performed in D3.


 One thing both knew for sure that they would do 

either contemporary or ball room.


         On the other hand the program regained its momentum. Four couples had finished their performance. And now was time for some interesting gossip, the topic being whether Amar and Shakti would have finished their preparation.


          First it was the choreographers turn to answer and most of them said it was possible which was the same as Shilpa's and Sajid's. However, their mentor had a different reply "There is no way they could have finished choreography the only thing they could have done by now was to select a song and it would exactly 8 minutes before their performance that they will choreograph."


                His preciseness and confidence of how much he knew his students overwhelmed everyone present there,

              On being asked what they would be doing now, Terance replied "Oh why of course arguing over the pettiest reason existing on planet earth. " To which everyone burst out laughing. But well they saw the CCTV (these two people just can't be given privacy even to practice dance) so that they could witness exactly what Master Terance had said. "They were arguing with at most dedication to win the argument of whether " Pizza is better or Burger."

            And approximately nearing 8 mins to their performance, realization struck them that they had to perform.

            Amar put the song, Everyone thought they were going to practice but to their surprise they closed their eyes and started talking steps i.e they were discussing they steps they were going to perform by talking in technical dance terms.


           One said one step and the other completed the next step it was as if they were visualizing the same dance and at the end they said together "choreography completed." And saying so, they burst into laughter.


              Unaware of the fact they were being watched they enjoyed their jolly time talking about all the new steps and dance forms they had learnt in the past few months as they walked towards the stage.


              Every one present in the crowd was so impressed by this they wondered as how they would perform just having talked not even practised steps.


          And as obvious as it may seem as soon as Amar and Shakti approached the Stage the CCTV cameras were turned off.



Finally it was time to perform, The lights went off ''''''.


As the music (Anjana Anjaani sad version) began, the dim light focused on the girl in the white dress lying on the ground whose eyes were blind folded.


She did marvelous floor work and then at the glass crashing music she got up on her feet.

The light then focused on the white cloth tied to her leg and then followed it till where it was tied to his leg who was also blind folded and then both were brought into focus.


            Their legs were tied and they danced keeping the distance between them as much as the cloth could offer to.

Each step with unquestionable synchronization


             The split, the cartwheel and the jumps, each and every step they took set an unknown feeling. Throughout the first half of the song the cloth tied to legs remained stretched to it maximum capacity.


             They depicted the song so well with their dance, especially the concept of how one does not need to see or feel to fall in love also. How the unseen thread bound them together.

            But this was what the audience saw, they saw the oozing chemistry, Their dance had changed the atmosphere, almost everyone present there felt the goose bumps of amazement, of perfection.


              As the dance proceeded to the next part of the song they came close to each other and Amar picked Shakti for the lifts and she held her graceful posture.


              But this time it was different unlike all their dances, their first contact send shivers down both their spines. Or maybe not, It was just that they never really concentrated on this, they did feel something different but they concentration was always on their performance but this time they didn't need to. Rather they couldn't since they were blind folded all they could do was feel each other's overwhelming presence.


                 The song made them go back into their memory lane. How they met, they performed, they acted and then all of a sudden they had to part ways. And now they were together performing together again.


                   They were quite but every moment of their body spoke volumes. They danced as if they were two moieties (identical halves) moving to the rhythm of each other's beating hearts.


                  They wondered why. This feeling which was more popularly known as the Arsha megic, seemed much more magically intense.


                 The one fact that they couldn't deny was that they too knew that somewhere there was a connection between them. Yes, they had termed their relationship as that of best friends but was it really just that? These chills they felt at every touch did they not have a meaning? Did this spark between them have no reason? Did the feeling ecstasy have no origin?


           Neither of them knew what this feeling meant. They had experienced it but never did they feel its intensity to the extent they felt at the moment but still they accepted it and danced with all passion to their hearts' content.

            Finally, the music ended and they ended in a beautiful pose where Shakti was in Amar's arms.


           Silence prevailed for an entire minute, finally when it struck the audience the performance was over. The silence and the couples thought process was broken by the applause.


          Amar then placed Shakti on the ground helping her balance. As they removed their blind fold they saw that they were being given a standing ovation not only by the audience but also the judges and the participants. 


             They looked into each other's eyes and saw that they were moist. Realising that, they wiped their tears. But, what were the tears for? Neither of them knew.


            All the judges expressed their wonder and joy to see them dance. Even Master Terance did because he never expected they would actually go for a blind fold without practice. Nevertheless he mentioned how proud he was of them.


             He said, "Charlie, I'm sorry but I have to say this, if dance is the form of expressing love then this is how it is done. Not only do you both manage to amaze me every time with your performance but also the way you are able to complement each other is marvelous. Hats off to you guys. Both of you are like true lovers onstage. Yes, the onstage lovers"

 Both blushed a little on his comment, Neither of them were offended nor did they try denying him.


            Charlie however was really upset by all this. Not because of what Terance sir had said them but because of what she saw.


         Since theirs was the last performance the show ended, As soon as the show ended, they were about to disperse, Terance questioned Amar as to how he knew that his surprise was Shakti and well everyone seemed equally curious to know the answer.


        Amar told them that Terance sir's statement was reason he caught the hint to which Terance was very surprised because as per his knowledge he hadn't given him any hint. In reply, Amar restated  Master Terance's statement "This one is a surprise for you, Kunwar."


                He then explained everyone that Shakti was the only one who used that part of his name and declared that this right belonged to only her. To this she blushed a little without anyone noticing.


             Terance then laughed along with the others as to how he had been foolish to give him such a big hint. 


             Then finally everyone dispersed to change. Shakti was very happy. Firstly, because of the fact that she had danced with Kunwar after so long. Secondly because of what he had said. The right to call him with the name Kunwar solely belonged to her. She was confused concerning her feelings but she decided to cherish them without ever letting him know even if it turned out to be love. She know knew that no matter how much she tried she could never deny the fact that there was something more to friendship between them and she had decided to cherish it even if it meant staying alone all her life.


         As she walked out, she decided to go visit the stage once more. After all this stage had made her realize a very important truth.

        As she went, she saw someone sitting on the stage. And on closing towards him, she realized it was none other than Kunwar. He sat there staring into space, holding a piece of paper in his hand.


        She sat beside him, she could clearly make out something was wrong. So, she asked him what the matter was and he replied that, this day's performance was his last on this stage. This shocked Shakti and she immediately started asking him multiple questions without giving him a break to speak.


Finally, she stopped to let him speak and he said 

that they broke up.

When Shakti asked him what the reason for the 

break up was.

He told her that he didn't know as well and she was 

the one who broke up with him.


   "Sorry Kunwar." she said expressing her sympathy.

          He told her that she didn't need to be sorry and he knew it was his fault so now he was going to make up for it.

          When Shakti asked whether he was trying to get back together with her, to which he answered that it wasn't possible and anywhere he wasn't going to do that to begin with since he knew that it was the end of their relationship,


        Then he started walking in the opposite direction leaving her feeling sad for him. She knew somewhere deep within her heart she wanted this to happen but she didn't want to see him sad as well.

Just then she heard him say" Will you come with 



As she turned she saw him extending his hand waiting for her to take it. On being questioned where, he said he could make good use of his best friends company for dinner if she was willing to which she gladly agreed and took his hand.


He asked her another question" Shakti, will you ever leave me alone?"

She was first taken aback but then she answered 

truthfully in a jovial way though


"I'm going to haunt you all your life even if I have to become a ghost and probably after that too.

Ab dosti ki hai, nibhani toh padhegi na".


Saying so both burst out into laughter and walked 

arms in arms.


While leaving the paper piece in his hand fell on the 

ground which Master Terace picked up


The letter :

           Amar, today I realized something very important. I have no idea whether you know this or not but I'm going to tell you this because I love you and I want to see you happy.


            You and Shakti have something more than just friendship and that is a fact. And trust me, from where I'm looking, I can only see myself as a barrier between both of you.


          I hope someday you would realize as to how much you love her. But please don't forget me and if you have ever thought of me even as your friend, never try to contact me.

Hope the both of you realize how you truly feel for each other and get together soon.

Because, no matter how much both of you try destiny will again bring you back on the same path because you are meant to be._____ 



                                                                 With love,



Terance sir looked up " Well, I too wish they realize what they mean for each other soon. Hope my On Stage Lovers soon become Real Lovers."   


Woah that became pretty long Smile

Anyway guys hope you all like it 

Please do let me your views on my first Os

Also I tried writing in little different view from my normal style

Do at least let me if you like the story line kkk

So if you want me to write more Os 

I hope to receive more than 80 likes k

And if you want pms for my other works plz add 

my pm id


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i got d first placeDancing

awesome awesome awesome...
each moment was so beautifully describedSmile
loved ArSha's bond n trust on each other...
dance sequence was superb...
n last scene padh ke toh maza aa gya, kaash champa reality mein bhi aisi hotiLOL...
i loved it n really wish this turns into realityWink...

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how i wish if this was real!

every word every sentence seemed so true at the points..!!

ArSha.. sigh.. forever and ever the best pair!!! <3

awsum job.. keep it up.. beautifully written :))

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--RAINA-- IF-Dazzler

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awsome os...
Luvd it
hope ye sab real hota
thankx 4 d pm

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anjali22 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome os


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awesome OS...loved it very much
missing the megic og ARSHA

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OMG it was jus so beautifulll...

u have written it so beautifully...

i jus loved it...

u know whenever i see Amar in NB...

i so wish k shaks uske sath hoti...*sigh*

fab jus fab...

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wat was tht????????Shocked

it was not jzzz


it was




WOWWW (like remo says...)Embarrassed

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