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The Forbidden fruit of loveCh5 pg7 4/24

Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 6:20am | IP Logged
hey guys here is a new ff based on Arjun cast and Ariya and FizmeerLOL

Note :  there is and will be added mature content  16 + 

Ch 1

At the grand lotus resort goa

Riya was taking off her earrings and was about to get ready for bed when Arjun came and wrapped his strong arms around her tiny waist, scaring her for a moment.

Chuckling at his jaans innocence, he whispered into her ear, "Happy valentines day !", and bent his head to leave a trail of soft kisses on her nape.

Riya closed her eyes as he kissed her, and let it numb her senses, as it usually did.

"Aapke liye ek gift hai!" whispered Arjun, as he made her turn around and look at him.

"Yeh lo! Open it!" said Arjun, as he handed her a wrapped gift.

Riya looked up puzzled, but started working on the gift to unwrap it. 

Arjun  breathed in sharply at the way her hands were touching the gift, and said in a teasing voice, "Aye haye! Kabhi humein bhi aise unwrap kiya karo, jaan?", earning a blush creeping up his jaan's cheeks and a small chuckle.

Shaking her head in disbelief, she slowly unwrapped the gift and was shocked as she held it up in her hand.

"Arjun ! Yeh kya hai? Yeh kaisa gift hai? Tum bhi na!", as embarrassment clouded her face, while she put it down and looked away.

"Come onRiya ! Don't over react. It's hot! Wear it na? Waise bhi jo gift dena tha mujhe bhi useful hona chahiye! Kyun?", wiglling eyebrows at her, to make her accept it.

"Arjun ! I'm not wearing this!", shaking her head in negative, said Riya

"Come on now! Why are you so shy?  Mere samne kyun  main bina kapre bhi dehka hoon  tume", said Arjun she looked at him badmash she said  , as he turned her to face him. "Now go!", pushing her towards the washroom to change.


 She walked out of the bathroom he pulls her close to himself you look beautiful ,extremly sexy he whispers she looks away and blushes he turns her to face him  and takes her mouth in his and gives her one passionate demanding kisshe slowly French kisses her it was if there toungs were doing the tango

he slowly slips off her negligee as it drops to the floor with one hand he unclasped the remaining material on her and as he kisses her plays with the sweet peeks pointings around her beautiful mounds with a tumb he could hear the affect he had on her he picks her up in his arms and takes her to the bed

after a while romacing they were cuddle in each others arms until they fall sleep each others arms



a few weeks again at the lotus resort goa


"Arjun ek baat bole ni haan aap ko." says riya

"Haan meri jaan bolo." he says


"Arjun im ' arjun aap papa bane wale ho." she says


"what riyaaa riyaa riya im soo happy."( he spins her around )


"kab pata chala  kal i found out "


they left from there




Later that eveing in a huge house


(the phone rangShe picked it up)  hello she said

Hello may i speak to mrs. Rawte please


"this her may i know who is calling?


"yes mrs rawte its me mr. roy"


"Who? Im sorry i didn't recognize you" ?


"Mr. roy from the lotus resort goa madam i just called to infor you that you forgot your mangalsutra and your husband forgot his watch".  "The maid found it while cleaning your bedroom."


 "we will send it  to you tommrow morning don't worry" ."I hope you enjoy your stay mrs.rawte it was good seeing you again do come again."


She droped the phone in her hand and tears began to flow .

She wiped her tears picked up her cell

"Chotu meri liye ek kaam karo." she says

"Haan di? Bolo "

"Tumhare imformer ko bole lotus resort goa jaane and haan yeh baat tere jiju ko nahi pata hona chaiye."

"Informer? di par baat kya hai? Says chotu

"Ill tell you later abhi just get the work done." She says

A while later the door bellrang

She was in the kitchen cooking

"Hello my lovely wife (WRAPED HIS HANDS AROUND HER WAIST) I missed you."  he said

"Really? muhje laga ki aap hum ko bhool hi gaye." she says

"bhool gaye ? No Wifey how can I forget you" ?, and how are you feeling?

( turns facing her and bends and talks to her tummy )

"Did our lil rock star worry you too much huh"?

"Oye  papa ki lil  angel mama ko worry kiya kya", " mood thoda off lag ra hai" ? says arjun

She  turned around and continued to cook

"Haan mood off hai mera." she said

"Kyun kya hua wifey"? he said

"Muhje dard hua arjun  bhoat dard hua."  (she  was in tears but  she controlled them  )

"Kya kahan ill call the doctor rest karo na wifey, servants hai na yeh sab karne yeh  halaat main itna kaam"?

(in a Cranky upset  mood) "Arjun please im fine im just 4 months pregnant bas"  

"Acha baba sorry I know I said I would be back in 2 days but 5 days hoge par kaam tha na, ab baanda hasar hai" ." Main yahi hoon aap dono ki  pass jaanu Maaf kardo jaanu please."  Says Arjun

"Maaf karo? Kaise how arjun just forget it" ? She said   

"let's see how many  lie's   you will tell me arjun" she thinks ?

"Investigation kaisa tha" ?

" And jaan did you meet  chachu  in  Hyderbad"? She asks

"It was great jaan just missed you kam main itna busy tha na I didn't get a chance to meet chachu ".

"Next time baby ki baad we  will go and meet him together"  he says and kisses her cheek

"I'll just change and come then I'll spend all my time with you promise (he smiles)and jaanu   ek cup mere chai jaan please" and goes upstairs

"No arjun how easily you lied if I didn't know I would have belived you, im not your maid" she thinks to her self.

She off's the stove "Tarun' Tarun"

"Ji bhabi" he says

" saab ki liye ek chai  room main send karo"

"Im not feeling good im  going to relax on the sofa and haan muhje disturb nahi karo".  she said with tears in her eyes .

Bhabi Bhaiya ko boloon?

Nooo ! nahi I just want to be left alone aap jaao and saab ko baad main dinner de do she said

And went to the sofa and layed down


Same night in same city dehli  a few blocks away in huge house

The door opens "Baby your back missed you"(he kisses her forehead ) he says

"Hi babe yup' missed you too."  She says and hugs him

"Itne din maayke nahi jao jaan I feel lost with out you, dil nahi lag tha aap ki bina".   (he snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her close )

She smiled

"So how was Lucknow? How's chamkili now? ab uski shaadi main koi problem nahi hoge na?" says rathore

"Nope everything is fine now " says riya

"Good now my saali saiba will be just as happy as we are right"?

"Riya baby you look so tired go freshen up and we will eat dinner" she nods


After dinner in the room

 he was looking for a file for the case

He opens one he has a big smile on his face

She was near her cupboard  unpacking her suitcase

He  wraps his hands around her waist & kisses her neck

"Yeh sab choro babe come rest ,you need all the rest can". He said

"No im fine babe just a lil tired from traveling but im ok itna kam hai you get ready for bed I'll just finish this all." she said

"Arre nope you sit down." he pulls her to the bed and sit her down

(he bends down  on his knees and holds her hands )

" im so happy! Why didn't you tell me"? he says

"Huh kya babes"? she says

"Arre yeh (he holds the file) that your pregnant"

He (cups her face ) "itne shocked kyun ho I should be shocked." says rathore

" Huh .. A.. um'No actually um ' baat yeh hai 'ki'. um ..I.. I  wanted to surprise you. " says riya

"Oh ho tho kya hua.. I'M very surprised  and  im very happy finally do se theen".  he kisses her fore head

"How far along are you"? He asks

" Um '2weeks" she says

"Ab I want you to just be happy and rest koi kaam nahi, and do you feel like eating anything jaan"?

"Should I go and get anything for you"?

"No im fine." she says

"Jaan when every you want anything , or feel sick any time no matter what the hour is tell me"

" main hoon na I will take very good care of you both I promise " .

"God Riya I still can't belive it main papa, Thank you sooo much jaanu" *he kisses her cheek*

"HP HP" yells rathore

"Ji Bhaiya "he says

"Here is some money go to ragu halwai and get  meetha ,

*looking at Riya*

"no Rasgula's"  bring it now and sab ko do jaldi" he says

"Kyun bhaiya" asks hp

"Arre kyunki main PAPA bane wala hoon"! he says

"Mubarak ho bhaiya Bhabi abhi jaa tha hoon"  he says 

(He takes out more cash)  Rako HP yeh lo HP this is for you enjoy khush raho ab jao go get the  meetha fast"

Says rathore

"thank you bahiya, haan jaa tha hoon" says hp  

" Babe yeh kya hai itna sab kar ne kya" she says

"Shhh arre itne khushi hai yeh why shouldn't I, jaan kar ne do na abhi se moods huh?

"Haha koi baat nahi nakhre tho you always have  kyun"?

"And you know what jaan I want a lil girl just like  you  with just as many nakhre."  he says and smiles

"Now rest" he lays her on the bed and covers her a blanket and kisses her tummy

"Good night Mommy dear" he says  


Next morning Rawte House

The bell rings arjun is in the shower the hotel boy delivers the watch and mangal sutra

She holds it in her hand "How could you arjun  enough  is enough" she thinks

Arjun comes out

 He is ready she brings breakfast in their bedroom at table near their sofa

"Good morning wifey how you feeling today kal you went to sleep early Tarun said you weren't feeling well".

" I came to check on you par you were fast a sleep so I jus carried to our room" .

"Yeh badmash is worrying  you too much na" ?

"lets go to the doctors jaan I'm worried about you " he said

"No arjun yeh badmash nahi badmsh iske  papa is worrying me" she said annoyed

"Arre jaan abhi gussa ho sorry na "he says 

(She gives him his breakfast)

"Breakfast room main aaj kyun"? He asks

"You were busy with studying your case tho I thought" she says

"Oh haan good jaan you to come eat, yeh badmash must be hungery that's why he is worrying you". He says   


"Jaan  aap ki watch kahan hai ? the one I got you on our wedding anniversary" ?

"The mavado" ? arjun realizes he doesn't have it?

"Um who" before he can finish

"Khair  jaane do suno"

(putting butter on the bread places it in his plate)

"Actually jeevika viren are getting married ,  na so I thought viren ki liye a watch like yours and jeevika ki liye A nice magalsutra what you think" ?she says

(pouring more chai)

"Yup that's a good idea those will be useful" (sipping his chai)

"I want show you the ones I got  for them if you have time" she says

( puts the cut fruit in her plate )

"Eat jaanu he" says

"Arre Wifey ofcourse I have time show me na "says arjun

"You sure you want see them"? She says

Haan jaan show me buy first drink your juice

(pours her juice)

 "wiase your choice is always perfect you chose me na "he says with a naughty smile

*she rolls her eyes*

She shows him

"How  are they jaan?"

(He doesn't pay much attenion just glances at them and

goes to reading his case file  and sipping his chai)

"Nice good choice whats this eat na " says arjun

"Jaan you want know where I got these"? She says

" No jaan it's perfect" says arjun(going back to reading the file )

"I got them from the manger from the lotus restort goa arjun"

He spits out his chai and looks up at her shocked

"What happened hubby dear chai was bitter or the truth"?

"Why are you so shocked arjun"?

"kal tum and me  your Wife mrs  Fiza  arjun rawte were at Right"?

" I supposedly  forgot my magalsutra and you forgot your watch"!

"Oh but how could I have  when I was here in dehli sick  in bed with morning sickness huh"? Yells fiza

"Jaan calm down please you shouldn't yell its not good"

 Chup ek dum Chup just anwer my questions "kiska hai yeh ! bolo answer me she yells again

Arjun is shocked

(puts hand on shoulder)

"Fiz please calm down don't stress baby kiliye theek nahi hai"

(pushes hand away)

"don't touch me "!

"Theek nahi hai , you should have thought about that before damn it"!

Fiza throws the Manglasutra and watch on his face and  runs down the  stairs

"Jaan wait careful" says arjun

She looks at him while walking "DON'T YOU JAAN ME ARJUN"! 

"AHHH  " she screams

" Jaannn "he runs down


Rathore residence


DOING HUH" ?says rathore

"Did you get any sleep jaan you feeling ok na "? he asks

"Im fine babe please don't worry" she says

"Here is your breakfast"

He sits near her

"Leave your cell come on eat"

"Let me cut a apple you shouls eat fruit "

"You still haven't touched your food? "

"Open  your mouth  chalo  omlete  is getting cold (feeds her), and I read online last night  protein is good for the baby" ?

"Where did you read that"? She asks

"Oh last night you feel asleep I was up reading online, what you should be doing  during your pregnancy" he said

"You didn't sleep Kya? and please don't worry "

"Arre worry ? ofcourse I will jaan I have such a huge responiblity now you both our my life"  he says

"Riya tum  na just rest karo baby , and jaan where is your manglautra"?asks rathore

"Um jeweler ki paas hook broke" she says

"Ok tum rest karo muhje kaam hai ill see you at lunch ok love you if you need any thing call me " (kisses her forehead)


At the hospital

 "Hello doctor  actually I was on my way to the office but  came to find  out what meds and all.

" Riya should be taking and wanted know how her and baby are doing ".

"Haan here are her meds and vitemins and haan no caffeine baby ki liye theek nahi hai".  

"everything is fine mr rathore baby is normal its 7 weeks   but so far everything looks good" says doctor

"What 7 weeks you mean 2 weaks doctor I think your mistaken kis aur patient ki saath"  says rathore

"No mr rathore 7 weeks  im sure of it, I know my patiences very well" she says 

Nurse runs in

"Dr. kerti  ,Dr.  fiza  fell down the stairs  her husband brought her"  

"What ' ok get  the OT Ready

"Im sorry but emergency hai "

" no I understand ,Thank you" says rathore

"How 7weeks but riya tho 2weeks bole  riya jhoot kyun bole gi" ?

He is walking out of the room thinking about what doctor said  he   bumps into a guy a  crying with his hands folded

"Im sorry" says rathore

"Its ok" says arjun 

"Nurse how is she and the baby " asks arjun

"There is  lot of blood loss abhi kuch nahi bol sak the"  

He has tears in his eyes and is leaning on the wall" yeh sab mere galti hai"

"Water"? Says rathore

"Hey dont worry she will be fine  drink some water you have be strong for her" says rathore


"Thank you" says arjun Rathore leaves


He goes home

"Kya mera manglasutra wahan nahi hai?"

"You sure god ab ka karoon" says riya

" OMG Kahin Goa tho nahi chor re  main"

Rathore hears this


He calls Shree

"Haan bhaiya" he says

"Riya ki phone records chaiye and uska phone tap karo abhi and find out if she went to her maayaka or not  and don't let her know. Jaldi karo  

"Damn it yeh kya ho ra hai"? Says rathore

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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chapter 1 pg 1
chapter 2 pg 2
chapter 3 pg 3
chapter 4 pg 5 
chapter 5 pg 7 

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Wowww didoo
440 volts ka jhatkaShockedShocked
Yeh kya ho raha haiLOL Extra marital affairShocked
Though the Ariya part was tooo hottBlushingBlushingBlushing
Aur Rathod...ufff ye hamesha phone hi tap karwata rehta hai...bechara ShreeROFL

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Sorry Double post
Queen.Bee IF-Sizzlerz

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riya is rathod's wife... n fiza is arjun's wife... n ariya is romancing...


sorry... couldnt stop from posting!!
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Di thoda shocking ho gya lol
nyc concept di..
kgmu IF-Dazzler

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confusing dear make it little crisp

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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