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love is alive after death also (ff)(updated 21/3)

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hey dearies i m with my new ff love is after death also when a person is not with u the person whom u love to the extent will be always with u ...Wink
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so its day of roli and veeru wedding roli is coming down the stairs veeru ready to marry her prem and family members standing behind the rope and all giving cold looks to roli  everyone was really angry at her she has certain kind of pain in her eyes then her problems increased when sid entered the house he saw roli there with veeru looking as beautiful as an angel coming from heaven she came down from stairs walked towards the mandap priest was there the marriage started she sat in mandap the priest started with all mantras sid was all heart broken he in his heart was feeling pain that there is no hope that he will get his roli back now then suddenly khushi entered the house she shouted stop! everyone shocked then she came veeru stood up and said eyy billo why do u came here to spoil my and roli's wedding khushi said veeru i came because i love u and care for u roli is making fool out of u she loves sid so much that she can never marry u, sid shocked sim and manno has a little smile on there face then veeru said if she is cheating me then why she is marrying me khushi says saala only that i want to know that why she is marrying u then roli stood up and said i ll tell u both with the smiling slightly she said khushi and veeru i was waiting for this day from so many past days i have made a fool out of u then veeru shocked and then roli explains to everyone how she has manipulated veeru against khushi how she has taken anjali and then she opened the suspense that how she took veeru's sign on papers everyone shocked including veeru and khushi and veeru then asked roli if u wanted the property then why u waited till the marriage day to reveal this truth u could have conquer all the property that day so why u did all this drama roli said i want to give u tit for tat like i did with khushi how dare she compared me with the bar dancer like her and veeru u tried to touch me na u tried to separate me from my husband my life so how can i leave u this easily u have to pay for your deeds u have done and how did u think that i will love u leaving my husband... sid is all becoming happy including everyone then roli said u know what???? love is not loving someone with conditions it is loving someone unconditionally and for me my life is loving my husband, my sole mate, my best friend my siddhant ji i love him a lot and can't live without him veeru all heart broken khushi shocked and then simar get the property papers and veeru khushi saw it khushi took the property papers from sim's hands and tried to tore it but roli clapped khushi u are so dumb that u can't even take lessons from what i did with u in past then also u are repeating your mistakes again and again how could u think that i will give these papers to u this easily like i made copies of ur voice recordings i made the copies of these papers also everyone came from behind the rope everyone said to roli to forgive them that they misunderstood roli and then sid hugged roli and then hold her face from her hand and said my roli never cheated me she still loved me and roli  said yes your roli always loves u and i m sorry na yaar i hurted u so much but i m happy that i again got u with more love for me in ur eyes then veeru shouted eyy roli u made me fool i ll never leave u i love u  so much i can't live without u can't leave me... khushi said eyy veeru what u are saying u still love roli then veeru says to sid u want the property na u can take i ll give u everything but don't take my roli away from me then veeru holds roli's hand roli pushes him and then said u can't understand i  don't love u and then sid agrees and said eyy u stay away from roli sid tries to fight in anger that due to him roli has to go through such pain and humiliations and gave a punch to veeru on his face veeru fell down then roli stopped sid and sid said sorry i always have been with u in tough times but when u needed me so much i was not with u... roli said no u were always with me your love was with me i always knew that when u will come to know the truth u will accept me with more love in all this situation your love was the only thing which give me courage to go through all this and restore my family's happiness and then mataji came and said bharadwaj family will never forget ur sacrifice never and then veeru says saala i did so much for u and u dumped me saying that u don't love me how could u, everyone was seeing him sid was standing in front of veeru and roli was standing beside sid and sankalp called the police and then veeru said if roli will not be mine i ll never let her be of anyone else never and then he took out gun and everyone shocked he shot someone...

so veeru shot someone when he was pointing sid and shot him roli came in between and hugged sid tightly sid couldn't understand what is happening and was shocked after listening guns noise roli leave him she turned at veeru's side slowly sid still in shock and she was about fell then sid suddenly hold her veeru also in shock he just gain back his sense that he shot roli while shooting sid veeru all broke police enter the house veeru did nothing he was all shocked they took veeru and khushi both to police station sid was holding roli he said why did u do this again roli for saving me roli had a slight smile on her face and tears fell down from passing her cheeks she said how can i see u getting hurt again because of me i hurt u so much na think its a com pulsation for the pain i gave u and then she closed her eyes and was shouting roli open your eyes please open your eyes and then prem came and said sid ambulance is waiting outside we have to take roli to the hospital hurry up!!!!  than scene shifted to hospital everyone tensed outside the ICU waiting for the news that roli is saved then sid is all in state of shock he remembers the day when roli was came in between him and the gun and saved his life and suddenly he shouts roliii... then sujata came and to him and said what happened sid... sid gain back his all senses doctor came out sid the ICU he said mr. bharadwaj i m sorry your wife has really less time all shocked ...
sid sat there only then everyone went inside the ward to meet roli sujata was consoling sid outside to face roli he was not having courage to face her at all... inside the ward roli tries to talk to sim nurse took away her oxygen mask sim was crying roli said don't cry why are u crying i know u love me alot but u have to start a new life with anjali don't cry roli says jiju and then she says now i can call u jeeju na prem back offs thinking of the day when he said roli died for him that day only when she handled divorce papers to sid and roli's eyes for searching for sid... then sid came inside he sat near roli everyone walks outside leaving them alone sid keeps his hands on roli's forehead  says why u always leave me alone can't u see me happy roli smiles i m not leaving u alone u have such a big family why u will be alone sid says what about we two roli u never stayed with me our life was about to start and now see what u did ?????????????? i love u roli and i ll not let u go away from me anywhere roli says i m not going anywhere we are always with each other and i ll always with u after death ... and sid keeps his hand on roli's mouth he says no don't dare to say that i ll not let u happen anything u will be always with me and roli says ya i will be sid says u are ok roli says u will start a new life after me na sid says no i ll not... u are one and only person for me in my life and sid says don't leave me na yar i can't live without u don't leave me alone please stay with me, who will be there to guide me u are my everything who will show me right path when i will be wrong roli says i have an idea an smiles roli says whenever u will close your eyes u will always find me there with u and i will the one who will guide u and roli says promise me u will always stay happy sid says how can i when my life and happiness will not be with me and suddenly roli closes her eyes sid shouts roli open your open your eyes don't leave me and he shouts for the doctor...

part 3
so the doctor came inside the ward bharadwaj family also came inside  they all were crying seeing roli like that and then doctors says oh my god she has gone in comma... everyone shocked but doctors said we all have gave up that she will not live for long but its just a miracle that there is a still hope if she can come out of comma... they called roli's parents also when they see roli they came and saw her so they returned hopelessly ...
2 days passed everyone at home worrying or sid as he did not came from hospital from two days he is there with roli and she is in comma he is in still hope that roli will wake and then premar say that they will make sid to come back at home in hospital sid sitting near roli he said roli speak something have been waiting for to listen your voice from so long to see your smile and hug u tight from so long why u are not responding i know i made mistakes why u r giving me such a big punishment and why u are suffering for this why roli say something at last i can't live without u yaar and then sid kisses on her forehead and hold her hand i m still waiting for u to come in my life and i know u will come back
at other side in office naina waiting for sid and is totally lost in sid's dream's she made some mistake and that too a big one which can harm the position of there office and the staff's called the boss they all at first made fun of naina but her boss suspended her from job for every time making mistakes which harm there company's profit and naina went out from her office crying...
in hospital premar came and tried to console sid simar says siddhant ji u remember u have made a promise with roli that u will always stay happy only for her come please come with us and prem says ya siddhant simar is saying right what will roli think when she will come back to us and i know one day she will be back that because of her u were so depressed and sad now its your time to prove your love to roli just for her please come with us...
sid not in a mood to listen and says simar roli always obey you please say her to get up and talk to me she will never ignore if u will say simar crying and says to sid siddhant ji please for roli's stake come with us some how they made sid to come along with them at home ...
when sid reaches home he did not met anyone he just went to his room he saw his and roli's photograph and was remembering her when he went to the cupboard to take his night suit he remembered that moment when roli was about to fall but he catches her then after getting fresh he came in front of dressing table he remembered that moment when roli weared pink saree and asked sid how she was looking and  while imagining that sid suddenly said that very beautiful then he gain his all senses back and saw no one was there tears fell from his eyes then he took roli's vermillion box which was kept there and remembered that day when he married roli than he remembers that roli said whenever u want me if u close your eyes u will always find me sid closes his eyes and he saw roli he saw roli sid suddenly says roli u came u came back to me i knew it that my roli can never leave me alone and he was about to hug her but she disappeared sid cried that u are big lier roli u lied to me u are not with me ... and he went to sleep he put roli's photo near his heart and slept in morning he was getting ready for the office because he promised roli so that he forget all this pain he started with his work he shouted roli have u seen my file and documents but stops and realizes roli is not here he says u have become my habit now how will i manage all this he took that vermillion box with him and went out of house without facing any one first he went to his office were he was working and gave resignation letter and it was excepted he did n't saw naina anywhere so he asked from a staff he told him everything that  naina was suspended and all sid felt really bad for her and wanted to help as she was alone and has no family so while he was driving he thought why not he give naina a job in his own office so after coming to office he called naina and her to become sankalp's personal he did not asked her for himself as he did not wanted that instead of roli any other girl manages his files and all which roli did for him at home... naina was confused why sid did not asked for becoming his secretary but she agreed sid told him that he is a business man and has his own company and all and due to problems he has to work in anyone else business but he didn't told naina about roli so naina was happy that now she can at least stay close to sid so she said she wil join from tomorrow only and sid in office informs sankalp about that and then at after noon he walks out of office and he went to hospital for seeing roli he enters the room and then he take out the vermillion from his bag and puts it on roli's head and says now my roli is looking complete he says i have started again but not the new roli as my life is still yours and i ll wait i will also see that for how long u will stay away from me but he couldn't stop his tears and walks out so that his promise doesn't break and he cried after he went out side from there ... after controlling himself he sat there till evening then went home...

part 4
1 month passed and sid followed his this routine daily he everyday went to office in afternoon he visited hospital put vermillion on roli's head be with her till evening then return to home and on other side naina's height for her love was increasing with every moving second she noticed sid going outside everyday in afternoon but didn't tried to bother just ignored it on top of that she was planning to confess her love to sid and sid was unaware of her feelings...
that day she visited his home as mataji invited every office member due to some jagraata in there house sid was not present there he was with roli in hospital naina also visited his home just to get close to his family also karuna met naina she found her decent not like khushi she found her different and all sankalp introduced her and karuna and family members also liked her it was late night that jagraata was going late night at 2 o clock sid still with roli in hospital in home karuna stopped naina that night in there home only as it was too late and naina waited for sid late night and pooja was going so no one bothered also ... uma pari were serving drink and by mistake drink fell on naina's dress karuna shouted at pari ... pari can't u see u spoiled her dress naina says don't worry its alright karuna says come with me i ll give u some thing to wear and karuna gave her roli's saree at same time sid returned from hospital it was too late naina changed and came out from karuna's room jagraata ended at 3:00 clock sid saw naina in that saree he was shocked and was angry first he shouted on naina who gave u this saree naina a bit scared said karuna chachi and he shouted karuna chachi ...karuna chachi ... karuna came and said why are u shouting like this siddhant everyone asked him why he was shouting like that then he said u gave this saree to her u know na its roli saree and i don't like anyone to touch her stuff other than me or simar so why did u give this saree to her karuna said this is just a saree why are u being so hyper for it ... sid replied its not just a saree for me these are things in which i see my wife now and no one has right to wear all this except her and simar says siddhant ji please be calm i ll give her another cloth to wear please leave this topic here only sid and everyone moves to there respected room simar says to naina on behalf of siddhant ji i apologize to u its roli's saree he is so possessive about her stuffs so hope u don't bother it naina says i know he loves roli very much and i know what happened with him sim was shocked how come she knows as sid never told this to anyone in office she was about to ask prem called her as anjali was crying so she gave her something else to wear and went from there two days passed...
two days later she came to office wearing a red saree she was looking ok she reached office before sid and everyone to give him surprise and when sid entered his cabin he saw his cabin a little decorated then he saw naina in his cabin he was a little shocked he asked naina what is happening here why u decorated my cabin its not my birthday or anyone else and i don't like anyone to touch my stuff without my permission so better u tell me why all this... naina said sir why u are sounding frustrated i just decorated it due to a special reason... sid replied special reason????? can i know what was that special reason
naina  came closer to him hugged him and said i love u sir ...
sid didn't touched her at all and don't tried to hug her too but he just moved away and said don't dare to came close u better be away from me it will be good for u and u better know that i m married and i love my wife very much naina said i know u are married but what about your wife sir she didn't love u and she even don't live with u sid said how do u know she is not with me naina said i know u are divorced and so many days passed i never saw your wife your wife is present only in your mind no where else and sid said u know where is my wife sid was not in about tell about roli's comma state so he just take out his valet and showed her roli's photo and said this is my wife Mrs. Roli Siddhant Bharadwaj and u know what she is with me every time in every good and bad situation now also she is with me and naina all miffed can't understand what sid was trying to say she all shouted what are u saying sir i know u love your wife very much but it doesn't mean that if she did so much wrong with u then also u will love her and never move forward in your life u should move on in your life like she moved sid said she never moved on in her life she is there where she was in past naina and said u want to see where she is come with me sid hold her hand and forcefully took her to the hospital and naina all shocked why sid took her to hospital and when she entered the ward she was all shocked too see roli like that and sid said now also u will say that my roli is not with me naina said sir i know u love her so much that u can never forget her but what she did with u this is a punishment for her from god that she hurt u  so much sir nothing else u can move on in your life sid suddenly slapped naina and said just shut up ...just shut your mouth i thought that u are decent innocent girl but i was wrong u are no less and what u think by wearing this saree and all u can win my heart not u nor even any other girl can win my heart except my roli she is one and only person whom i love and will love for rest of my life and u know what its not punishment for her its punishment for me by god that i never tried to understand her and suspected her u know what she is in this stage all due to me no one else she sacrificed her life for me she saved me and sid told her everything about what happened at that roli veeru marriage day and then naina said sir but now what she is in comma and she can never wake up why don't u move on in your life for how long u will wait for her to come out of this stage i love u very much and i want to marry u and i can ensure u that i ll give u so much love that u will forget everything and sid in his anger said u dumb girl can't u understand that i can love only my wife and your love will never matter for me u or any one else can never matter for me what u think u can take roli's place in my life never u are wrong u cannot match roli u are a person who can only spoil homes but my roli is a girl who can destroy herself for saving anyone else home please for god sake and if this little shame is left just leave... naina goes out crying and then sid all broke sat there and then hold roli's hand and said did u saw roli what that girl was saying that u are not with me please everything is going so bad without u in my life please come back and suddenly roli moved her hand's a bit sid just noticed it and roli opened her eyes also and sid shouted for doctor that roli moved her hands and opened her eyes also but when doctor came she all closed her eyes not responded further sid said i m saying true she responded... doctor said we know Mr. bhardwaj u are saying right and this is all the good sign just pray from god everything will be alright ...
at home sid informed everyone that roli responded everyone especially simar was happy ...
sid stayed in hospital in hope that roli will respond again he just hold roli's small finger with his small finger which they did earlier as the sign of unbreakable bond of love and marriage between that and sid said just waiting for u now i m sure that u will be back soon with your smile and love to blossom my life again and in morning he returned home and then got back to his work again he went office naina was also there naina tried to talk to sid but sid just ignored her but naina stopped him and tried to say but sid said don't dare to say anything and mind u... u can never take a little place also in my heart and leaves in home karuna all set to make naina sankalp's wife so she asked family members for it and they all agreed seeing naina a decent and good girl for him but mataji said to ask first sankalp and naina before taking any decision so they planned to invite naina to BW house at evening sid , prem & sankalp returned from office and karuna asked sankalp what he thinks about naina as her life partner sankalp says i have no problem but from how many days i know her its just have been few days i guess siddhant bhai will tell how is naina for me he knows her from quiet long and so karuna asked sid how is nina for sankalp without wasting time sid was about to say no for naina but he stopped and agreed that naina is a good and said they will make a good pair together so they all were happy but sid was still thinking that he did right with sankalp he was confused and then he thinks what will roli do if she was in that situation her dicisions never fails so he tried his best to think but he can't as he then decides to go to hospital and meet her and  think in front of her and he did that only he went to hospital sat in front of roli and then holds roli's hand and asked that what u think i m doing wrong with sankalp i think naina is a decent girl and its just a crush she will come out of this with time and be happy and then he closes his eyes and remembered that day when roli divorced prem for simar and married got married to him and then suddenly he imagined roli and then roli said to him we were not lovers nor we were friends but our life took a turn that now our love grows with every passing second for each other then he opened his eyes and then said i got my answer roi thanks the very next day naina visited there house for dinner so as per plan karune asked her indirectly as if she loves someone she was about to say yes but see saw sid in front so she said no there is no one in my life and and karuna in no time gain confidence and asked her about sankalp's marriage proposal and naina shell shocked said what are u saying me and sankalp sir's marriage and karuna says do u havee any problem or u love some one else she said no no i don't have any problem but things are happening too fast for me too believe so i want some time karuna said that's ok take time as it is decision for your whole life and naina leaves after dinner she met siddhant outside and she asked him whether he suggested them for marriage and sid said no i didn't but its good for u as sankalp is a very good person he will love u and keep u happy for life long naina grab this opportunity before its too late and what u think about me is only a crush and first sight attraction nothing else i m married and i love my wife very much and some day u will also find love in sankalp and sid leaves and naina also leaves being all upset after some time sid got a call from a hospital that roli gain consciousness and then sid all happy and excited too meet her first he told to family and then they all were happy too listen about roli they were on way to meet her in hospital roli was waiting for all of them especially siddhant then she was moved her hands on her head and saw vermillion red colors came on her hands she asked nurse for that how this vermillion on her head and nurse said u know Mrs. bharadwaj u are really lucky that u got husband like sid he daily visited here to meet u and put vermillion on your head everyday at same time sid and other family members entered the ward they spent some time with roli doctor came and checked roli and said she is alright and u can take her home tomorrow early morning but take care as now also she is weak so take care and sid says ok thanks doctor and then all BW family members returned home and sid stayed in hospital he hold roli's hand and said u know for hoe long did u made me wait roli and tears felled from his and roli's eyes for 1 month this month was as long as 30 life roli and said from how long i waited for this smile and roli said but i have one doubt and smiled and said i think u have found some one else another than me and sid all angrily replied that u are making fun roli i ll never talk too u and then roli said ok don't talk and then u  will wait for life long then it will be your fault ha if i would die... and sid suddenly put his hands on her mouth and said eyyy shut up never say it again hope god gives u my life also and roli keeps her finger on his lips and said no i don't want your age i only want your support in every situation and u always with me and they hugged
in morning nurse came with discharge papers and said sir discharge papers are ready plz sign here and sid signs them then nurse said u also can change mam and then nurse walk's out with discharge papers sid also was going out so that roli can change and roli stopped him i want help as i can't stand properly also and sid said i ll not nurse will help u and wait for that day when we will be one and then he walks out at home everyone preparing to welcome roli and waiting for roli sid to come and in hospital roli changed and sid entered the ward he said what happened are u ready roli said were is my mangalsutra and sid said i lost it and then roli started what siddhant ji u can't even keep my mangalsutra safe what is this and sid said
just calm down roli i was just kidding how do i can loose your mangalsutra and take it out and roli says give it too me and sid says let me make u wear this and he puts mangalsutra around roli's neck and put vermillion as he did everyday from 1 month then they leave and then in house BW family welcomes roli with all rituals arti and all and then it was evening and sankalp and karuna thought to show naina's photo to roli as she didn't saw naina yet so they went there in rolisid room and then they showed photo to roli... roli was super happy but she asked sankalp did he told her about the his past and sid was also there he said no i didn't and karuna said no we didn't but what is need too tell the past too naina it was just the bad phase of sankalp's life and roli said no chachi ji i know it was sankalp bhaiya's past but he should tell naina about that so that he never faces any problem in future when naina gets too know about it from someone else and sankalp agreed and said he will definitely tell his past to naina and then they walked out sid sits and said your suggestion's are too good roli and they always help don't know how do u do all these and handle the situation and roli says i handle situation's as u support me always and that's why i can solve any problem and sid says eyyy cheater and roli said why and sid said i find out solution as i think u support me and u said the same line roli and roli said can we create a theft in thief's house itself and laughed and then they started off with there nok jhoks and after fighting for a while they laughed on there childish behavior
part 6

after few days sankalp invited naina for dinner with him naina agreed to him naina wanted to tell sankalp that she don't want to marry him  on other side sankalp asked roli and sid to come with him and help him and sid was about to say no but roli agreed sid asked roli why u agreed we should not go with sankalp to disturb him and naina they should spend time with each other before marriage roli says siddhant ji naina has not said yes for marriage till now what if she said no after listening to sankalp bhaiya's past and if she said no then his confidence will again broke i think for once we will join him and after she agree then we can leave them alone and from so many days we have also not went out and then next night sid said sankalp to pick naina from his house he and roli will come directly so sankalp went to pick her and reached the dine spot were all arrangements were done and in car roli and sid talking sid says roli leave the plan to join sankalp we will go some where else and roli says ek bar jo maine commitment kardi  to phir mein apne pati ki bhi nahi sunti (if i did commitment then i don't listen to my hubby also) and sid stops car as they reached there and sid punches roli cheek lightly and says no one can win from u in hotel sankalp thinking where is roli and sid and then he says i have to tell whatever happens and then he says i want to tell u something and naina says i also want can i tell first sankalp says yes u can and naina was about to say no for marriage proposal but she saw roli sid coming and then she was shell shocked seeing sid with roli  as she didn't knew that roli was know fine and was not in comma and then roli came roli says hi naina and naina was not able to speak something and then sid says naina she is my wife roli and then roli says why are u so shocked i guess we didn't disturb u both naina says no not at all and then roli sankalp says naina i wanted to tell u something and naina say what u want to say sankalp all open his past in front of naina and then roli's says naina will u marry sankalp bhaiya as he will keep u happy and its just a past everyone has a past and if its bad we should come out of it will u and naina sees sid and says yes i don't have any problem with this marriage i ll marry sankalp sir and roli says sankalp sir !!! naina just remove sir from this name as soon u will be his wife and then naina smiles and then sid messaged roli as he don't want to talk in of  front of naina sankalp that roli  now our work is finished can we go form here plz and roli says sankalp bhaiya u guys carry on siddhant ji and i are leaving as we have to go some where else and they moved out sid and roli were in car sid was driving then suddenly it started raining and sid's car stopped suddenly it was raining heavily and roli sid moved out of car and they all got wet they saw one lounge there and they went there sid informed at home as due to rain they have to stay in that lounge at night and sankalp reached home already so roli sid moved inside lounge and took one room there to stay they were all wet and they were not having clothes at that time so in room sid removed his shirt and roli was drying her hairs with towel and sid was looking at her (candles were lighted in lounge room just for show case) sid was moving towards roli slowly and then he  touched roli's hand and roli was blushing he kissed on roli's neck roli moves away from him but sid came more close and then he pulled roli in his arms by holding her saree and then he opened roli's knot of blouze she was wearing and then roli again moved away blushing but suddenly due to bad whether electricity was gone due to noise of lightening roli got scared and she runs towards sid and hugged him tightly and then sid lifted her in arms took her too bed and then his hands were on roli's waist and then he kissed on roli's forhead then on cheeks roli turns her face other side and sid kissed on her neckBlushing and then turns her face towards his side and then he touches her chin and then he kissed her on her lips while holding roli's hand and roli's bangles also broked and then candles also blows off so it was dark
next morning they both were wrapped in blanket and sid wake up first he saw roli was sleeping and her head was on his chest she was hugging sid and sid slowly made roli sleep on pillow and then again kissed her forehead and smiled roli also waked up and she blushed and then she hugs sid and sid again goes in his romantic mood and was about to do lip lock but roli keeps her hand on his mouth and says we have to go too home also so get ready and sid in anger says roli u spoiled my mood and roli smiles and go sid also got ready there cloth were dried over night sid called home so that driver can come with any other car to pick them roli came she was still blushing and she was not seeing in sid's  eye she was looking in mirror and saw one mark on her hands and she remembers the moment when sid holds roli's hand and the bangles broke she blushed again sid saw that and he smiles there was complete silence and then call came and it was driver's call he said to wait they wil come sid says are u ready then we should leave and then they leave from there otside hotel sid says to driver to give car keys to him and get his car repaired he wil drive and go to home so roli sid left from there in car there was still complete silence both were smiling and blushing and sid then started the FM in which on some ones request RJ played the song bahon ke darmiyaan and then roli was still remembering those moments and sid was driving and then sid broke the silence and says roli what has happened to u why u are not talking roli says what can say i have lots of things in my mind but don't know how to tell u how to express my feelings i have no words to describe but i can say the only thing that today i m feeling really special and most beautiful in world everything around me is looking beautiful today don't now why i have some special feelings but what can i say more than that and sid cracks the joke to irritate roli that one day a wife says to husband on there first night that do something that i start sweating and then husband moves out of bed and switched off the fans and wife starts sweating at that joke the roli doesn't laughed and didn't got irritated also sid says where are u lost roli, roli suddenly gained back her senses and says what u said and sid says nothing ...

in home roli and sid returnd home with blush look Embarrassed roli's hair were open her ear ring fell on ground so she bends down her hair came at a side mausi ji saw a love bite and uma pari also and they started to make fun seeing that roli blushes and runs towards her room and sid says i see what happened and he also goes from there after some time roli was seeing her self in mirror and smiling thinking of the night she spent with sid and sid came locks the door and hugs her from behind and roli was still blushing she says mataji and sid leaves her suddenly and roli runs away from him and says please every one is waiting be fresh and come down fast sid goes to take bath but the door knob was jammed so he didn't locked the door properly that it would be permanently locked and just closed the door and rooms door also but didn't locked in hall by mistake tea fells on roli's saree she goes in room to change it washroom's door was open so she went inside the washroom without locking the room's door and by mistake locked washroom's door and it got jammed in hurry she takes off her anchal but suddenly she saw sid and he was standing under shower and roli puts her saree's anchal again and
sid also sees roli
sid : roli u shameless girl don't u have manners how u came inside bathroom
roli : i m not shameless u are shameless u didn't locked the door correctly why ?? i m going u come outside then u say something and when roli was about to go sid pulls her in his arms and says now if u came then go after having shower with me Blushing
roli : siddhant ji leave some one will comeShocked and i will be wet let me go leave me na
sid : ok u wanna go then go...( he says smilingly as he knew door got locked and will not open )..
roli : i m going and when roli tries to open the door she was not able to open the door  ... its not opening
sid : u wont be able to open only some one else can open it from outside door is jammed thats why i didn't closed it
roli : what ?? now how we will go out
in hall simar thinks to call roli as it has been quite a while she went to change ...
in washroom
sid sitting and roli walking here and there tensed and she slips when sid holds her and deep eye lock happens between them ... but roli breaks the eye lock and she stands up ... roli said i have phone let me call didi she tried but no signal sid says ok there is ventilation we can try it from there
roli : but how ?? its so up
sid : i lift u up and u call simar
roli : but
sid : no but if u wanna get out then its the only way...
sid lifts roli up and roli takes the phone near ventilation she got signal so she messages simar that she got locked in washroom
simar receives it  and went to roli's room
sid frees roli ...
and simar tries to open the door but she was not able to
simar : roli u are ok na wait i call siddhant jii
roli : wo didi no need to call siddhant jii
simar : why ???
roli : we got locked together he is with me inside
simar : smilingly what u both are locked inside
sid : yes simar u call prem na
simar calls roli and prem came he unlocks he door and rosid came out prem and simar came out
premar were laughing seeing both there condition
roli : didi plaese don't tell this to any one
sid : yes bro don't tel this to any one please we just got locked by mistake
premar ok we wont tell this to any one just chill and come down soon

after one month

sankalp and naina's engagement day when every one was happy and naina jealous seeing rosid together ... engagement when roli faints sid took heer to the room and they calls doctor ...
doctor checks her and asks every one to go out sid was getting more tensed with each passing second he was just tensed ...
doctor comes out after checking roli and she said to take care of her as she is pregnant ...
every one was very happy
every one rushed to the room ...
mataji gave her blessings to her as well as sujata ... every one leaves as well as sim
rosid alone in room sid hugs roli and thanks her that she gave him so much happiness he is feeling like he is the most happiest person of this world ... u made me the luckiest man of this world y making father yaar love u na yaar
he kisses roli on her forehead and asks her to take rest and he is here only
 sid : roli u know this child is really special for me
roli : yes for me too its our child our first child i couldn't believe that i will be a mother now ... its all just like dream come true our own child Embarrassed

naina watches all this and hears all convos from outside ...

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delsi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 March 2012
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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 12:39am | IP Logged
Wonderful start of the ff DearSmile
loved it Sid understand Roli and accepted her with lots of love was really niceSmile

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savkatika Goldie

Joined: 13 April 2012
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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 2:43am | IP Logged
dear it was really good i cried dear what beautiful words by sid and roli!yar plzz dont kill rosid!rosid will never be seperated even after marriage!their love is really eternal and strong!thank u so much dear for writting such a wonderful ff!

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tweety8 Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 3:14am | IP Logged
First things first thanks for the pm. :)
I loves it, and how well the emotions of everyone were portrayed.
It's moving along nicely, and quickly. The next update will be Rosid marriage! Yay!
I loved your update! Do update soon though! Rosid's marriage is a must! ;)
(my guess veery try to shot roli..sidd stops bullet goes on kushi..Dancingkushi died and veeru go to is it?Wink)

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hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 4:28am | IP Logged
ohhh myyy goood,
ClapClapClap this is all what we want, to see this love, no matter what roli does , she only loves sid, and sid should not wait long he should see this...
my dear, very well written ..
im really proud of you
hope to read more, continue soon..

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hangok IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 July 2012
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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 4:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tweety8

First things first thanks for the pm. :)
I loves it, and how well the emotions of everyone were portrayed.
It's moving along nicely, and quickly. The next update will be Rosid marriage! Yay!
I loved your update! Do update soon though! Rosid's marriage is a must! ;)
(my guess veery try to shot roli..sidd stops bullet goes on kushi..Dancingkushi died and veeru go to is it?Wink)

oh dear, i think you should write a ff too, like your ideaLOL

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wamavasant IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 5:14am | IP Logged
@delsi thanks first one to comment love u dear i also want that sid should understand roli like this only

hey mishu di love u and don't forget i m waiting for your ff too so please update and sorry i don't wan't to make u cry such a sweet heart like u

@tweety8 your comments will surely encourage me for writing in future and i l update it soon and you should write an ff too dearWink

and bennu meri behen ye i ll update it soon and i m back with my positivity hope cv's don't break it again and dear i m proud to be your friend Smile

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hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 5:21am | IP Logged
im so happy to hear it , hope the cvs wouldnt break my little sis hopesWink,
im not simar, who will watch this only by crying,Angry

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