Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

:: NT #32 Main aur Mrs. Ghodpade ::

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Anchal walks into the NL office and finds Dimple watching Lavni [Marathi dance] - Wassup with u Dimple..?

Dimple - Huh?? Who dimple.. m Mrs Ghodpade.. 

Anchal u got married? Whose the Bad-naseeb err Khush-naseeb?

Dimple - Mr. Ghodpade.. u know.. the one u saw outside.. dancing on Hud Hud Dabang with his Dhoti? *blushes*

Anchal - But that Mr. Ghodpade.. already has a Ms. Ghodpade.. our very own SHIVU..

Dimple  whattt...

Anchal - *smirks* lol ..yeah.. n they are dancing on 'Bindiya Chamkegi' right this moment...

Dimple - *jumps out of her seat and rushes outside*

Anchal - Ufff .. these two.. jab dekho tab RK ke peeche.. par inhe kaun samjhaye.. ke RK hai.. MERE PEECHE 

Well time to rule the NL now... presenting the issue..

Introduction: Armu4eva
Sub-Headers: -Stutz-
NL head Banner- Marsh
NL Heads: -Dimple- , SilentPromises and --Shivu--

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(By Armu4eva  )

'Kas ke pakadna... chodna nai' 

Total FEVICOL moment ...of Rishbala..with Hubby grabbing his super sexy Biwis KAMARIYA  n Wifey ... nestling her arms.. around Pati Parmeshwars neck Embarrassed This moment.. at the Village Leaders one which is a total Hubby-Wifey moment.. of Rishbala.. in its most authentic sense..and attire.. [the whole dhoti n saree mix Wink] ! Loved how.. Madhu old RK he looked cool n he corrected saying..he looks hot n dashing Tongue

No wonder my heart sings.. 'Dil ki kashti par hun likhti. .ISHQA .. Rishbala ka' Embarrassed


(By jnawaz   )

Once again...this week...we had some amazingly well done "nailed it" scenes...many of which i could watch over and over and over it was really hard to choose Ermm...i am i supposed to choose between Madhu acting like a mad woman when she finds out RK was in the hospital Embarrassed...or the cute si nok-jhok regarding the picnic...from stuffing her into a suitcase to running around the breaking the bed LOL...and i mean...HELLO...RK doing the Dabang dance this week...i had to go with the one scene...the one scene that got a typical Bengali response out of me...let me explain...when im watching the show it gets the typical "aye haye"..."bechara"..."kamina kahin ka" types of emotions...however...there was one scene that got the "ahare baachata"  (poor baby Embarrassed)type of feeling out of me...aab poocho kaunsa scene was the confrontation after Madhu come to know that RK is the one that brought Ballu (the kamina Angry) into their lives...yes Madhu was understanding and awesome...but RK...amar gol gol baachata (my round round baby ROFL its more endearing in bengali)...*jaz pinches cheeks*...Tongue...he was outstanding...he was so cute when he asked her..."iss baath ke liyeh tum mujhe..."...poor guy couldnt even finish the sentence...he was afraid of loosing her...afraid of loosing the one thing he loves most in life...his Biwi!! Embarrassed ...the relief on his face...haye!! beautiful i is very...VERY rare...that a shot entices a full on Bengali response from me (know what i mean Tanu!? Wink)...but this scene totally did...WinkWinkWink...

Of course...this week there are two nailed it scenes of the week...did you guys thing i'd forget Madhu's monologue? Shocked no way!! what can i say about that scene that will be enough...the answer is NOTHING...DD absolutely did an amazing job in that scene...and i agree with everything she said...Clap...i get so pissed when i watch shows, movies or especially in REAL treating women like they're a piece of crap...AngryAngryAngry...yeh mard log samajte kya hai aapne aapko...they kill babies when they are girls...they dont allow them an education...they expect them to be subservient...i mean...HELLO...what century are they living in!! CensoredCensored...ridiculous...and Madhu gave them all a muh tod seem to forget that they came from the womb of the women the curse...the grew and lived because of their mothers...their families go on and on for generations because of women...their lives have meaning because of women...and as Madhu said...the day that women stop being women...the world will end...lets see these guys try and keep the human population going...Angry...amazing scene...just...superb...Clap...Star



(By   M.Hurr  )

Has to be hot'ndashing  RK:even with a bandage on his head he managed to look super duper hot for getting padmini and malik married and for winking at madhu lovingly for admitting in front of madhu that how much he has hurt her in the ,RK for arranging picnic for madhu's and his family,for putting madhu in suitcase and laughing too,and for wearing the dhoti in the village and showing his super star attitude to all make him a shining star of the week he was looking amazingly and unbelievably hot in white shirt,coat and blue jeans.


(By  Phoenix.Xeelan   )

This week worst character has to be Trishna Mallick. She showed heights of selfishness and blindness towards her own benefit this week. After such a big mishap when her biological father Balraj was about to kill Trishna's sister Madhu and on self defense Padmini had to kill her first husband, Trishna won't even admit she played a huge part in the fault of bringing Balraj back into their lives. she was drown in greed and got blinded by her dream of becoming an actress that she hid it from her family Balraj is back and the producer of her film is none other than Balraj. and still after so much happened when Madhu confronted her she was trying to play blame game and shove it towards RK knowing RK had no idea who Balraj actually IS but Trishna did know.

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(By  MjhtFan_Mahima )

The beginning of the week was quite a serious one while the end was full of funny scenes. Almost all of R.K.'s scenes in the village were quite humourous. It was difficult to choose the funniest of them all. But i guess i will go for the scenes where R.K danced in a dhoti for kids and also the way he was handling the dhoti.


(By  Armu4eva   )

Oh gosh ... *no caps* but... who needs a cap of Sikky n his WIFEY?? LOL Sachi mein.. what a jarring presence thru out the week..! No heads no tails... playing cricket.. as if out on the roads!..D'oh But gotta hand it to him for doing tai-tai phis of Dips DRINK-ing plans.. by knocking the Pepsi bottle with a shot...! Howzzzaaatt .. indeed..!  ROFL 

(By Phoenix.Xeelan  )

Sadly this week there are more than one fashion disasters. First Deepali, her animal print night gown was appealing until she wore the green net colored coat on that. so not happening.
Second Madhu, her multicolored anarkali wasn't looking good with the bright yellow dupatta. the anarkali ws mostly bluish and green colored with only yellow bordered but the fabric was too flashy and so was the dupatta. too bright in contrast of the third.


(By  Armu4eva   )

Another memorable week ... another memorable Rishbala-filled moments... lets have a look at the scenes of the week! Embarrassed

>> Tu muskura...

Guilty with his actions... as RK sulked n repented..! Madhu cheered him up n said.. the pasts long gone...n its ..just US time..from hereon! Embarrassed

>> Packing time

Jab Biwi kahe.. chalo kare pack Hubby bale.. utha lun tumhe aaj Embarrassed Embarrassed ! What an adorable couple...RK picks up Madhu n packs her up.. in a suitcase.. making his point clear..that she was for him..his most important possession ..! This is what makes our Rishbala.. better n different from the lot! Clap

>> Mr. & Mrs. Ghodpade 

Aww man ... do we even have words to describe this beautiful ..super romantic moment?? Hum-Tum-ek-kamre mein band ho ..and Palang Tod romance ho jaye Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed and thereafter..jhappiyon da mausam..aa jae..! 

Truly memorable..Rishbala scenes!.. May they be together..forever.. Day Dreaming

But . but ... before we wrap it all up ... heres a big shout out to the LADY in RED...who took matters in her hand.. n ensured that Evil ends...! Yes.. yes..its Paddo... who took Durga Avtar..n ended Ballu ka Atyachar..Clap Clap Clap

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(By -Dimple-)

29th January 

"Par Kaun Kambakht tumhe bacha raha tha, Main toh waise hoon hi selfish, Main toh apni zindagi bacha raha tha... Agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh mera kya hota... Bas ek hi baat ka afsos hai ke woh Balraj Chaudhary mere haaton se nahi mara. I wish woh zinda rehta.How dare he.. Tumhe marne ki dhamki de raha tha"LOLDay Dreaming

Kisi ne sach he kaha hai men are selfish. But very few people understand how and why men behaves so selfish, Why they are always so greedy.Confused For RK his selfishness was his BIWI,TongueClap if something had happened to her then its very true how would he had survived. With whom he will fight. He loved his BIWI more then anything now. And that he said it with full confidence. HE wanted to kill Ballu as he just said, in his own language was giving him "Dhamki" that he will kill Madhu. And that thing really made RK mad, that how dare he said something like this about his BIWITongue

1st February

"Poori Duniya jiske peeche pagal hai, woh apni duniya chodke mere saath aa raha hai"

Ahaan, now this BIWI is saying so much true. For Madhu only he is doing that, for her happiness he is doing that.

(By Armu4eva)

RK --- Saree me bilkul Mrs. Ghodpade lag rahi ho Wink LOL

Madhu --- To aab tum andar jao..aur Mr. Ghodpade banke aao Tongue LOL

Oooh maaa.. these two... Miya Biwi.. are a killer lot.. ROFL  Ek sher to dusri sherni ...24 hours.. totally HIGH on each other..! Embarrassed  Super awesome punchline... shall i say .. 'Mr & Mrs. Ghodpade' Clap

(By -sweetgal19- )

So the latest rumour we hear from our grapevine aka the Rumour Mill is that RK has a twin brother more of that fraternal twins!Shocked OMG Isnt it ?Wink Well now who would that be ? Well,Its none other than Rutamber of course ! Rutamber,Who ? If you cast your minds back,you would remember that Kaka ,the old man hobbling around in the house where Madhu and RK have taken temporary shelter,kept calling RK as Rutamber since he thought he was addressing his adopted son !, Hence he got RK and Rutamber confused ! SillyRK and Rutamber were Identical twins at birth but Radha Kundra gave him away to an orphanage since one RK was becoming more than enough to manage ROFL Now Rutamber Kundra is none other than the Bullock Cart man who came to Inform RK about the PCO ! Yaad Aaya ? Tongue Yahi hai Woh,Mahan Insaan ! 

Zor Ka Jhatka Laga ? WinkLOL Well,So to know more about what's circulating the Rumour Mills,Tune in Next week for more such "Hot News"Wink
Asta La Vista ! Wink


(By jnawaz  )

This week...amazingly...we have 5...thats right...5 winners...all with 31 votes...

 -Dimple- pg 88pg 88


--Shivu-- pg 88


-AmyHeartzNoah- pg 88


--Shivu-- pg 95


MarshP pg99


Congrats to all the winners!! Clap

Here is your Gift



 Its a tie Big smile

BY saher_90 (Saher) >>18 Likes

By -Babycakes- (Preeti) >>18 Likes

(By bubblygal1711 )

VM of the week

IF Link

Likes on YT 11
and IF 26


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(By : SilentPromises)






(BY : Deepali88)

By:  Armu4eva

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Non Sticky

(BY : Deepali88)

SS: The Fault in Our Stars pg29


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( By deboleena.manna)

There has been some good fashion on MB this week but the one taking the cake is RK's Marathi attire ... He was looking beyond adorable in white totally different from the RK we know.


(By Jyo_Ksg)

RK and Madhu to indulge in romantic moments!

Source: TellyBuzz Views : 16000+ Comments : 530+ Rating : (400+) Votes

The article this week has got some sizzling moments between our favourite RishBala..Blushing As seen, RK and Madhu got stuck on their way to the picnic and end up going to a village and that too in a bullock cart..Tongue We saw Madhu helping RK wear a dhoti..LOLEmbarrassed RK even milked a cow and later RishBala shared some romantic moments together, with Madhu seducing RK on the song 'Bindya Chamkegi', followed by a passionate hug full of coziness.Blushing Wow! they have surely had some much needed awesome time together! Didn't theyDay Dreaming


( By deboleena.manna)


Hey guys m back again with this weeks Twitter/FB Updater Of The Week...n this week we got many tweets but the winner tweet is...Big smile

Guys ! I m tireddd n sleeppyyy ! Workin everdayyy ! Sob sob ! Hope u guys r enjoying MB ! all of us were super excited while shooting

and the post is.. new tweet from drashti..  and the winner is... tabby999

this thread got 60 likes,32 replies and 1594 congrts dear...ClapClap...
now m going...will b back next week with the new winners..till then keep tweeting..LOL..byeee

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(By -Dimple-)

By Dimple



(By M.Hurr)

By M.Hurr



(By --Shivu--)

Yay! Important day for me today! My first Board Practicals starting... Wish me luck people. Physics... I hope it goes well...

Superstar RK Of The Week: -Deepali88-

Your Gift: 

Glycerine Of The Week: DDbiggestfan

Your Gift:

RishBalian/DVDian Of The Week: Phoenix.Xeelan

Your Gift:

Chatterbox Of the Week: memad

Your Gift:

Heroine Of The Week: *Shifali*

Your Gift:

Watch this space the NEXT WEEK... Coz you never can be ONE of the above! Any WEEK!! I don't know if I will be there next week... but wait for me!



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Congo on all the winners!!!!Party

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Sujal.Kashish IF-Sizzlerz

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congratulations For another edition..
rocking like always..
Congratulations to all the winners..

deeps..superstar Rk of the week..Stern Smile
Anyways..Congratulations..Khush hoja..kuch din K liye.

Congratz tanzie Rishbalian of the week..Hug

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