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Nayi Umr Nayi Chunauti - Parvarrish - Agla Padav
Nayi Umr Nayi Chunauti - Parvarrish - Agla Padav

*!Khatta-Meetha Express #8 - Pretty Dangerous Woman!*

BubblyR IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 2:32am | IP Logged

Khatta-Meetha Express #8
Pretty Dangerous Woman!

Ridzzi: Waah, what a start to the week's episode, na? Embarrassed
Stuti: Yes, indeed it was a fabulous start. With, Raavi coming back home and Pinky ji coming to her consciousness. Star
Ridzzi: Few emotional scenes Cry and going ahead with Rocky's moti LOL
Stuti: Na Na, not moti anymore Wink His Pretty Woman Tongue
Ridzzi: Ohh Really? But, his pretty woman turned out to be Dangerous Stern Smile
Stuti: So, this one sided love of Rocky will be called "Dangerous Ishq" Geek
Ridzzi: Lets not discuss her Pinch Did u like the bhagra people dancing when Rocky was drooling at Rinku CoolROFL Rinku jiya.. Dancing
Stuti: It was damn hilarious LOLROFL 3 Cheers to the Bagra people ClapLOL
Ridzzi: Okay, so yeah, without wasting time lets do what are we here for, present the Newsletter! Big smile

Ridzzi: Without much delay!!!
We Welcome Everyone to the

Stuti: Parvarrish Newsletter Issue #8 Party
Which is the well-known and famous 'Khatta-Meetha Express'

I would Like to thank all the NL-Team Members, for their Help and the Entire Forum Members' for their endless Support. Great Stuff by everyone!

Enjoy Reading Everyone! Hope U Like this Issue, and I would like to know ur Feedback on this NL, So that we can Improve and do better in the upcoming NL issues, as always!

A Big thank You to the Members of the NL-Team

> Summary Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Dialogue Of the Week: 100prabh
> Picture Of the
Week: Aruna_ST
> Emotional Scene Of the
Week: MaaNeeTLuV
> Funny Scene Of the Week: 100prabh
> Boring Scene Of the Week
: -Ridzzi-
> Best Scene Of the Week: cool127
> Irritating Character Of the Week: AhsaanBaig94
> Best Character Of the Week: Aruna_ST
> Rating Of the Week: Freethinker112
> Best Costume Of the Week: Natasha...
> Best Episode Of the Week: Freethinker112
> Filler Episode Of the Week: Freethinker112
> Gayab Character Of The Week: AhsaanBaig94
> Relationship Of The Week: ..nisaluvrk..
> Boring Character Of The Week: ..nisaluvrk..
> Best Siblings (Bro-Sis) Of The Week: ..nisaluvrk..
> Avi Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Siggie Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Sony for the thread: *Khushii*

> Winner Siggie/Avi: Sublime Fantasy (FB)
i.e sweet_shagun (IF)
> Newsletter Banners/Logos: -Ridzzi-
> Post Layout/Idea: -Ridzzi

Loads Of Love,

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BubblyR IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 2:33am | IP Logged

This week's episode begins with Raavi coming home and and emotional scene between the mother and daughter. Raavi truly behaves like a matured and well-mannered girl, along with that speaks about her bravery and the way she fought with the kidnappers.

There is a cute scene between the children and a sweet one between brother-sister, Rocky and Raavi.

Later, at the ahluwalia house. Lucky gets a call from his old pal, Mr. Chadda and he requests whether his daughter can stay at his place because she is going to complete her medical studies.

For the same, Lucky helps out Sweety so that he can take permission from her. Sweety, at first says no, but later agrees. Rocky is very upset since he feels this is the same girl, who is fat and keeps taking and keeps making him feel bored. Sweety-Lucky decide that Rinku will stay in Ginny's room and Ginny will be shifted to Rocky's room.

The police comes at Ahuja place and tells Raavi to come to the police station to identify the kidnappers. Jeet-Pinky tell the police that they don't want Raavi to see their faces.
Later on, Raavi decides to go to school and she is being honoured and appreciated with a medal and certificate. Raavi's friends talk about Raavi as a responsible citizen and her duty will be complete if she helps the police catch the kidnappers.

Raavi hears this and decides to identify the 3 kidnappers. She points out to the 3 and those 3 are taken in the lock-up. Jeet-Raavi come home with pizza's and all enjoy eating.

There is a parcel delivered with all gifts for the kids and a letter for Pinky, its a romantic letter written by Jeet. Kids go inside the room. Pinky reads the letter and There is cute Pinky-Jeet scene and Raavi captures a moment of that.

Next day, Rocky is really upset since Rinku is coming to their place. Finally, Mr Chadda and Rinku get off the bus. Rinku is kinda talking in sign language to a unknown guy and gives the address to Ahluwalia bungalow. This guy is her BF known as MY LOVE.

Rocky see's Rinku and is left drooling and staring at her. He has a different feeling all together. Rinku gets her new sim in her cell-phone and speaks to this guy. Later, Ginny-Rocky see the contacts as MY LOVE. Rocky is hurt, when he asks Rinku about the same, she denies saying that she saved this number since this person is very irritating or something like that.

WU 28th Jan 2013 - Raavi safe.

WU 29th Jan 2013 - Raavi Identifies the 3 kidnappers.

WU 30th Jan 2013 - Rinku's entry. Rocky totally flattened by her.

WU 31st Jan 2013 - Rinku's Boyfriend.

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BubblyR IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 2:33am | IP Logged

It HAS to be none other than the scene between Raavi-Pinky.

The mother-daughter bond each ones reaction was just enacted flawlessly and was really emotional. Pinky gets back to hosh only after seeing Raavi and then they cry and hug, kiss was truly the highlight and i m sure it was really emotional<3

Was there any boring scene? Erm? Ermm

Yeaah, I remember Big smile Rocky drooling at Rinku was quite boring. Then, that chat/call with MY LOVE was terrible and made me literally yawn. I felt the new girl Rinku boring  =|

When raavi returns and pinky is in shock and the way raavi behaves to get her in reality when she does the mother daughter moment that they have.

The scene where Rocky wants to leave but Raavi doesn't let him and he tells the kids that he hasn't changed his clothes since yesterday and he smells. And then Ginny says that let him go or else the smell will go around the house and we all will fall unconscious. The way Ginny said her line was just awesome and funny.

Another funny scene is when Sweety is telling Lucky and the kids about how the auto taxi people are and how we have to fold our hands and ask them where they want to go, instead of them asking us where we want to go, and how we have to plead them to drop us off to a location and that we will also pay them if they do so. Sweety was just too funny in this scene.. the way she expressed herself was great.

Well another scene that is funny is when Rocky is looking at Rinku for the first time and Rocky calls her hot but then sneezes and changes the word.. and then how Rocky imagines the bhangra ppl randomly coming in the bak and dancing was pretty funny.

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BubblyR IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 2:34am | IP Logged

The one and only, Rocky, due to his tharkiness in the last two episodes, the way he was drooling at Rinku.(Sharam kar Rocky, woh tere ghar rehne ayee hai.LOL).D'oh
That irritated me alot and I'm sure all of you. So, he becomes the no.1 candidate for the ICOW.Wink

Well, there was not one, the whole Papajee family got disappeared after this weeks first episode.LOL

The new character in the show, Rinku. Her conversations with her Mylove are very boring and i am seeing her to be a trouble for the Ahluwalia's in the future. Lets see when Sweety puts her right!

"Best Character of the week"  goes to 'Raavi Ahuja'..Raavi totally stole the show. How bravely she fought with the kidnapper! And identifying the kidnappers was also appreciating.Though the salute was over done but she acted so bravely.

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BubblyR IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 2:35am | IP Logged

The Monday Epi [28 Jan 2013] made me so emotional over mother daughter bond so guys this week's "Best Picture of the week" goes to Pinky & Raavi hugEmbarrassed

Really guys they just made me so emotional with their speechless emotions. Rupali Ji & Aanchal really lived that moment as mother & daughter affection.

The title of Best Costume of the week goes to Sweety in her White and Red Salwaar with a beautiful necklace.

The salwaar she was wearing was really pretty and made her look the best among all.

With no doubts Pinky and Jeet as they shared some beautiful moments this week. when Jeet was making Pinky understand about Raavi it was emotional and especially the letter scene, Jeet was feeling embarrassed as he never thought that this letter would be read in front of him! pinky read the letter and went into her la-la land and in Raavi's words behaved like a 16 year old girl but it was really cute and showed their love and chemistry. also the scene where they shared a romantic moment when Pinky said after so many years you are doing something romantic for me. lets see what is the reply of Pinky to that letter!

It has to be Rocky and Raavi for that one scene! Rocky so lovingly and proudly said that he considered himself to be a hero as he played football but he realized that the real hero is Raavi for dealing so bravely with the kidnappers. he is lucky to have her as his sister. Well said!

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BubblyR IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 2:37am | IP Logged

-Raavi-Pinky: "Yeh puraana hai mama, gudaon mein jo dukh mainae dekha aur saaha hai na.. mama us kae muqaablae..yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai.."
Raavi is saying this to Pinky when the doctor is checking her leg. This dialogue really shows all the pain Raavi had to go through and how strong that incident has made her!!

-Rocky- Raavi: "Main hamesha footballs player ko aapna hero manta tha.. lekin sach bataoo toh asli hero toh tu hi hai.. bahut proud feel karta hoon ki tu meri bhen hai.."
Rocky is saying this to Raavi when he is about to leave from her house and is saying good bye. This dialogue really shows the love and respect Rocky has for Raavi.

30th January/Wednesday - Episode #278

Nothing happened except that Rinku got dropped off here. It was a light hearted episode, I am not complaining, but basically a filler.

28th January/Monday - Episode #276

A great episode overall. The aftermath of a great track was handled really well, reconciliation of family was too good. Gave a positive feeling and was emotional without getting melodramatic. We saw Raavi's mature side too. Mother's love was portrayed well. A complete episode.

Rating:- 8/10

Overall a good week, began great. Monday was the strongest point. One of great episodes, with all elements in great mix. Gave good family vibes.Tuesday saw slight melodrama at the end, although the rest of the episode was great reminder about duties. Rest have been fun but maybe they got slightly carried away. Although it was fun at first, but repeatedly doing the same slow-breeze isn't funny. But Tapasvi's comic is good.

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BubblyR IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 2:38am | IP Logged

In this Section we have the Avi and Siggy of the Week, in which the creators of our forum, their creations will be shown and they will be given a small gift. Big smile

Best Siggy maker of the Week Goes to MaaNeeTLuV

Here is the Signature Made by MaaNeeTLuV

This is the first signature made by this member on the forum, its colouring and text is really pretty and deserves this title FOR Sure.

Here's Your Gift!!

Best Avi maker of the Week Goes to Zaryab-Khan

Here is the Avatar Made by Zaryab-Khan

With Cuties at the back [Sweety-Lucky] and Ginny-Rocky with the Frooti bottle along with the colouring on the avatar is really very pretty<3

Here's Your Gift!!

Totally dedicated to the bagra people in the BG and Rocky  LOLROFL

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BubblyR IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 2:40am | IP Logged

Hello People Big smile

I am really Very Very Happy with all of your contribution towards the Newletter of our forum and making this possible.

Thank You to ALL who sent in their categories on time and also being the first time you all have done a great job and hats off to your hardwork too.

Enjoy the NL and do give your feedbacks.
Comments & Likes & Criticism, all are Welcome.

Thanks all from my side.

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